Dark Pleasures

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Dark Pleasures


It was once said that a man could die of boredom in heaven. Nothing seems to be going on to interest a man in place that is considered perfect. There are no crimes that require investigating or sinful pleasures that would drown a man in happiness as in Down There.


Then again, gods cannot die.


So the mundane unexciting things in heaven could only serve a slow and painful existence. There was nothing worth living for, nothing to forward to. It was even more torturous than the lives lead by those Down There.


However, once someone has his/her mind fixed on something, then there have something worth loving for, something to look forward to. And in the mind of one brilliant strategist, field marshal Tenpou Gensui had found his something.


He had thought in his endless years of existence that things would just keep going on the same. When he closed his eyes and night and opened them in the morning, there was nothing more to look forward to. To fill that void, he had turned to books. Books were filled with ideas that those Down There came up with. Books were his constant companion. They filled his mind with the most wonderful things that is very unlikely in heaven. A perfect example would be a war.


Those Down There seem to have excellent reasons for waging a war and their strategies both amused and exasperated him. He studies them and picked out whatever he thought was ridiculous and filled his mind with the endless possibilities and strategies.


It was during one of his visits Down There that he found quite a controversial and interesting reading material.


A love story.


A romance between two men, forever trapped by the prejudices in the society they lived in.


It was a wonderful story, so poignant, so moving and so befitting.


Yet it wasn’t the book or his experiences or even his feelings that made him finally realize that things can change and has changed and will continue to change.


And he was counting on that change.


It was the appearance and presence of Goku.


Word travels of course. He had heard it, the rumors that the Goddess of Mercy had handed over a creature taken from Down There to the care of her ever elusive nephew, Konzen Douji.  It had piqued his curiosity.

It came as quite a surprise to see that the young heretical creature was a young boy (as far as Konzen was concerned, he was a monkey), with a great big smile and boundless of energy. He also had a name. Goku.


Tenpou was shocked but he kept his feelings coolly masked. For some odd reason, this young boy had done something Tenpou had failed to do for many years. He had broken through the mask and wall that Konzen had insisted on building and touched his heart.


He had never seen anything but papers in Konzen’s room. Now, there was a small vase with a flower. He had never heard anything but silence or the faintest sound of paper rustling from Konzen’s room. Now, there was laughter and shouts.  He had never seen anyone spend much time in Konzen’s room (or in Konzen’s presence for that matter). Now the group of four had become accustomed to each other’s presence.


Things change and so do gods.


It gave him hope but he knew better than to charge in full power. He was a strategist after all. He could be patient. For to finally have his heart’s desires, he could wait. Really, there was no hurry.


None at all.




Tenpou was walking back from a meeting with Gojun. He was really wondering what the Dragon King meant by asking him to keep a closer eye on Kenren. Honestly, he knew how controversial his general was but he had no heart to stop Kenren from doing all he wanted. After all, life in heaven can be quite boring.


The flowers were blooming so beautifully nowadays. Tenpou wondered secretly if it was because they were all celebrating Konzen’s finally coming into society. The blonde had started to show his face more and more outside the safety zone of his office.


Tenpou chuckled silently as he thought of Konzen. He wanted to see his childhood friend soon. He had been so occupied by a new book he found that he had forgotten everything else. The desire to see Konzen heightened and he quicken his steps.


Just as he was about to walk around the last corner to the other building, Tenpou stopped short. Before him was a sight he had never seen and never wanted to see.


Konzen and Kenren were in the garden and the flowers were blooming all around them. Kenren had his arms around Konzen and he was kissing the blonde senseless!


Tenpou watched Konzen throw his head back and the red flush across his cheeks. His eyes were glazed and unfocused. It was a sight Tenpou had seen many times in his dreams (but none came close to how tempting Konzen looked at that moment) but the person he saw Konzen with was definitely not his general!


Just for a moment he was tempted to march down there and beat the hell out of Kenren. But he schooled his feature, adjusted his glasses and walked away. If anyone noticed the chill in his eyes, they mercifully did not comment.


Maybe Gojun was right. Kenren was getting a bit too wild.



Before the appearance of one monkey, Konzen had spent his time mostly in his room. He rarely bothered to go out. If his aunt caught him, there would be more trouble. There would be more work. Konzen preferred to avoid all those unnecessary things. He was not by any means content but he had long ago accepted that things in heaven never change. There was no need to.


Why did he need to change? Was he going to go anywhere? He doubted it. His job was to stamp official letters. Those letters did not change. They never did. When he looked out of his windows, the sky was the same. The flowers were the same. The people were the same. There was no reason to change.


He had accepted that.


Then, she had to go and change everything by throwing the monkey at him.


Goku’s cheerfulness and innocence tugged at his heart. He had wondered how the monkey could do that. Due to Goku’s insistence, he had come to view the never changing flowers as something else. Now, he could see their beauty. The clear sky seems to promise something more. Goku made him see that too. Goku had also got rid of these feelings of loneliness. He had been lonely but only because he felt no one really deserved his attention. Now, he had Goku, Tenpou and Kenren. It was odd what a group they made. They attracted people’s attentions. It was unnerving.


It also came with its own set of problems. He had sensed that Litouten did not like Goku and was keeping Nataku away from his young charge. It unsettled Konzen. He could not help but wonder why. The dejected look in Goku’s eyes whenever he returned without being able to see Nataku made Konzen feel for him. He did not like to see Goku unhappy. As much as the monkey annoyed him, Goku belonged to Konzen and Konzen always took his responsibilities seriously.


It was those responsibilities that brought him to Litouten’s room.


It was not a very impressive room, in Konzen’s opinion. He never really cared much for guards. The guards standing by the door seemed overdone somehow. Yet it suited Litouten. Litouten craved attention and power. Konzen could see that in his eyes. He could also see the satisfaction in Litouten’s eyes that the nephew of the Merciful Goddess had come to him.


“What may I do for you, Konzen Douji?” Litouten asked as he sat stood before Konzen, leaning against the table, a hip propped there for balance. His eyes took in Konzen’s appearance, studying him closely.


It took all of Konzen’s efforts not to say something sarcastic and walk away. The instant dislike he felt seemed unjustifiable somehow.  The man had not done anything yet…


“I was wondering if you have any reservations regarding my charge?” Konzen asked straight to the point. He noticed the surprise in Litouten’s eyes and filed it away.


“Your charge? Ah, you mean the problematic heretic that walks around shackled? Why do you ask me that?” Litouten asked instead as he took in the golden strands falling softly against Konzen’s face. He had always noticed the beauty that was Konzen but was never in the position to do anything about it.


“It seems your people have kept Goku from meeting with Nataku Taishi. Is there any particular reason?” Konzen said as he remained standing, unwilling to sit on the seat offered to him. His body was on high alert. Something made him feel like running away.


Litouten just shrugged, looking vastly amused. “Nataku is a fighting god. He needs his rest. Your charge is only disturbing him. For future reference, I do not like Nataku wasting time on your charge. He has other obligations.”


Konzen frowned. “Nataku Taishi is but a child. Goku is of the same age. I do not think spending time once in a while is hazardous to them. It might actually help Nataku. Anyways, I only wanted to ask you to tell your people to stop refusing Goku entry or permission to see Nataku. If the fighting god needs to practice or has work to do, all is fine. Otherwise, I believe it is pointless to keep them apart.”


Litouten laughed as he looked at Konzen. “I suppose your hereditary position makes you think you have a right to make that demand. Perhaps you do but I will not allow it. Unless…” Litouten allowed the sentence to hand making Konzen almost shift as the other man’s gaze fell on him. Litouten lifted a hand and brushed it across Konzen’s cheek making those amethyst eyes snap wide open. “Unless we can come to a certain agreement.”


Konzen reflexively pushed Litouten’s hand away with a curse. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Litouten?”


Litouten smirked as he took a step towards Konzen. The blonde took one back but suddenly his arms were grabbed and he was pulled in front. Litouten gripped the bare skin above Konzen’s gloves and pulled him against him. He leaned against Konzen’s ears and whispered darkly, “I am willing to give you some leeway if you are willing to fulfill a fantasy of mine regarding you, Konzen.”


Anger and disgust burst inside Konzen. With a violent oath, he tried to push Litouten away. Yet before he could do anything, Goku burst inside.


“Konzen? You okay?” Goku asked as he ran in. Goku stopped short when he saw Litouten grip Konzen tightly. “Hey! What are you doing to Konzen?”


Litouten wisely let Konzen go. The latter took a few steps back and glared at him, anger obvious in his eyes.




“If you think for one moment that I will give in to your sick fantasy, you are crazy. Come, Goku.”


Goku turned and looked back at Litouten as he followed Konzen out. He would never forget the hatred in those eyes that looked at him and Konzen. It made Goku worry.


As he fell into step beside Konzen, he noticed the tender flesh exposed to the air. He remembered Litouten gripping Konzen.


“Hey, Konzen, are you okay?”


The worry in Goku’s voice made Konzen sigh. He stopped and turned to regard his young charge. His eyes softened a bit and he absently placed a hand on Goku’s head.


“I’m fine. I have some work to do. Go and disturb Tenpou or Kenren for now. I’ll see you later.”


There were no arguments from Goku. He knew instinctively that something was wrong but he did not know what to do. However the name Tenpou gave him an idea and he went to find his favorite friend.   


The moment Goku left, Konzen hurried to his room and slipped inside. The moment the door closed, he slid down the floor and hugged himself. His whole body was trembling. The disgust and horror he felt when Litouten gripped him and made his suggestion came rushing back in full force. Konzen had never engaged much with people.


He was starting to regret leaving his safety zone.




Goku ran all the way to Tenpou’s office. He was very worried about Konzen. He hoped that Tenpou would be able to help his guardian.


As he reached Tenpou’s makeshift library, he saw Kenren approaching the marshal’s office.




“Goku! What are you doing here? Where’s that grumpy guardian of yours?” Kenren asked as he took a deep drag from his smoke. Goku frowned when he called Konzen grumpy.


“Konzen’s not here. I’ve come to see Ten-chan. I need his help!” Goku replied as he rushed in. Kenren frowned.


“About what?”


Tenpou looked up as two familiar voices and a name broke his concentration.


“Hello Goku, Kenren. Why are you here? Where’s Konzen?”


Goku instantly went over to Tenpou and looked him right in the eye.


“I think Konzen is having problems, Ten-chan!”


That instantly grabbed Tenpou’s attention. “Problems?”


Goku nodded his head enthusiastically. “You see he went to see that mean guy that you went and saw when Ken-niichan was hurt. He left me outside with the guards and told me he will only be awhile. Then I felt something was wrong. It was as though Konzen was scared!”


Tenpou frowned as he adjusted his glasses. “Scared? But Konzen does not get scared.”


Goku nodded over and over. “That’s what I thought. So I pushed past the guards and went in. Guess what I saw! That evil man was gripping Konzen’s arms really tightly and he was saying something near Konzen’s ears. Whatever it was made Konzen really furious and frightened! Then just now, he told me to leave him alone and he wanted to do some work but he was really pale and all…I don’t know what to do!”


Kenren rubbed his chin. “Looks like Litouten had found an interesting toy.”


The golden-eyed boy turned to look at Kenren. “A toy? I did not see one anywhere.”


The general laughed easily and rubbed Goku’s head. “It’s a special kinda toy that Konzen has, saru. Trust me, it is something many people want.”




They turned towards the annoyed marshal and Kenren felt something amiss. Tenpou ignored him and looked at Goku.


“I’ll check Konzen out and see what his problem is, okay? Meanwhile, I want you to stay with Ken-niichan. Can you do that for me, Goku?” Tenpou asked with a smile. Goku nodded happily.




“Well then, I’ll be leaving now. Kenren, watch Goku.” Tenpou ordered as he walked past them. Even as he walked past Kenren, he whispered, making sure Goku did not catch what he was saying. “I’ll deal with you later.”


It took the general three seconds to realize that the look in Tenpou’s eyes mirrored the day he went to confront Litouten on Kenren’s behalf.


It made the general feel a bit uncomfortable as he wondered what his marshal could have meant.




He wanted to march over to Litouten’s and beat the hell out of that man but he did not. He had a more important person to meet and whether that god wanted him there or not was not his concern.


Konzen’s door was closed but that never failed to keep Tenpou out. However, as it was unlocked, he did not need to force it open.


Konzen was sitting by the window, his eyes closed and his head resting against the cool glass. Sunlight danced across his skin, creating a halo like image around him. In his hands he was holding the flower Goku had picked up the other day. His fingers stroked the petals gently as though he was trying to memorize its texture.


A very sudden and violent jealousy snuck up inside of Tenpou. He was jealous of Goku. He was jealous of Kenren. He was jealous of Litouten. He was jealous of everyone.  


As though he sensed Tenpou there, Konzen opened his eyes slowly. Tenpou just watched as purple orb were slowly revealed and focused on him. Then, Konzen frowned before sighing in agitation.


“I should have known better than to send the monkey to you.”


Tenpou shrugged and leaned opposite Konzen, eyeing his love interest with a look in his eyes that made Konzen squirm.


“He is very worried about you. And frankly speaking, so am I. What were you thinking, Konzen?” Tenpou admonished, still keeping his feelings in check.


Konzen shrugged carelessly. His eyes had an almost faraway look. “He seems so lost. I’ve never wanted to do anything for anyone before. But he seemed so sad and so lost…”


The clutch around Tenpou’s heart tightened and the green monster only increased his rage. “Is that so?”


The blonde did not catch the fake mildness in the marshal’s words. He was thinking too much about his pet. “Litouten would never let Nataku near Goku. How am I supposed to explain that to him? Damn kid is always so hyped when he says he is going to see Nataku.”


“Is that so? Then can you please care to explain why Litouten had his hands on you, Konzen? Or are you going to tell me it had something to do with Goku as well?”


This time, Konzen looked at Tenpou. He stared at the brunette before looking away warily. He felt so tired suddenly. “I knew there was a reason I preferred my solitude. Litouten made an interesting proposal. One that he knew I would not accept and yet…”


Curiosity spiked, Tenpou listened carefully. “Proposal?”


“Aa. He wanted me in exchange for Goku to meet up with Nataku. Interesting…and downright idiotic. He should have known that someone like me would never agree…Wonder if he was trying to find out how deep I got it for the saru.”


Tenpou’s mind had shut down somewhere between ‘proposal’ and ‘wanted’. He could not believe Litouten had the cheek to even suggest something so outrageous. He looked at Konzen but the blonde was so focused elsewhere.


This really has to stop.


It seems as though everyone he knew is making a move on the ice prince except for him. It was unacceptable.


“You really like people’s hands on you, don’t you Konzen?” Tenpou asked, his voice darkening. Konzen frowned and focused on his friend.


“What are you saying, Tenpou? You know I do not like people pawing me!”


“So you say,” Tenpou said as he moved closer to the blonde. Shocked, Konzen moved away from the window and began to shift backwards. This situation seems eerily familiar.


“Stop this, Tenpou! I have had enough shit for today! I do not want to deal with you.”


Tenpou’s eyes sharpened on Konzen and he reached out to grab the blonde, hauling him against the marshal’s long lean form. “Well, looks like you have to deal with me whether you want to or not. Frankly, Konzen, I am tired of putting up with your walls. If you can let everyone else in, you are going to damn well let me in as well!”


“What the hell are you going on about? Damn it! Get your hands off me. Why the hell do you people keep doing this?” Konzen yelled as he struggled against the tight grip of Tenpou’s hands. Tenpou only tightened his grip further.


“If you keep struggling, Konzen, it will only hurt more. Stop struggling.”


Konzen stared, mouth wide open at the careless suggestion in Tenpou’s voice. “Stop struggling? You want me to stop struggling when you have your hands on me? Are you out of you fucking mind?”

Tenpou only frowned. He reached over and pressed Konzen’s body against his, one hand trapping both the blonde’s wrists behind his back, pushing Konzen’s chest against his own. Konzen hissed from the slight pain of discomfort.


“ Tenpou!”


Tenpou’s eyes narrowed. He leaned in and saw Konzen trying to back away. Anger and resentment filled him at the obvious reluctance.


“You allow Kenren to kiss you but you can’t stand my kiss. You allowed him to hold you and resent my touch. What does he have that I don’t, Konzen? Do you find his philandering ways more attractive than my faithfulness to you?” Tenpou asked furiously.  The blonde met his eyes, shock clearly reveling in them.


“What are you talking about?”


“You think I did not see the two of you, in broad daylight, under the cherry blossom trees. For a god who never appreciated beauty, you sure know where to choose to have your stolen kisses.”


The memory of Kenren’s forceful kiss awoke in Konzen’s mind and he growled. “That general of yours forced himself on me. It was never requited.”


Tenpou only arched a perfect eyebrow. “You would think I would believe that. But really, Konzen, years of knowing me would show you I do not simply take others words in faith. Yet, maybe after so many years, you really still do not know me. Do you want to know me, Konzen?”


Konzen struggled against Tenpou’s hold, knowing full well what the brunette meant. He wasn’t ready for this, dammit! He was still new to this whole socializing thing. Getting involved with someone was not in the agenda. He had more pressing things to do.


“Tenpou, right now, I have no strength to handle you. My mind is full of Goku’s problems and how I am going to deal with that. I do not want to deal with you as well. Unhand me and we’ll forget about this.”


“Goku, Goku, Goku! That is all you talk about nowadays, Konzen. How has that child bewitched you? Or do you see him more than a child, Konzen? I am sure he will do exactly as you say.”


The implications in Tenpou’s words hit Konzen hard and he became instantly furious. “How dare you!? I never thought of him as anything else but a child and my charge. If I am worried about him, it is because I do not want him to get into trouble! Let go of me, Tenpou! You are going too far with this madness of yours!”


Tenpou sighed and eyed the flushed blonde in his arms.


“Looks like we have to do this the hard way. Really, Konzen, I thought by now you would know me better. I never give up and I never give in. Fight me all you want, you stubborn fool, but in the end, you will submit to me!”


Konzen glared at his childhood friend. “I will not!”


“We’ll see.”


He dragged Konzen easily towards the next room and locked the door. All the while, Konzen’s struggling amounted to no use. His hands were firmly secured in Tenpou’s grip and the more he struggled, the more painful he got. Never had Konzen realized how strong Tenpou was or how large his hands were. It made him panic that he could not figure a way out of this. The look in Tenpou’s eyes also showed that he had no intention of stopping until he had what he needed.


For many years, Konzen had prided himself with the spare room he decorated beside his office. It had a large bed, comfortably stashed with pillows and a warm quilt. The headboard of his bed was decorated with complex wines and flowers.  Across the bed, leaning against the wall was an armchair. A huge comfortable one where Konzen would curl whenever he felt like it. There was a small coffee table at the side with some documents on it. The room was carpeted and the curtains were often closed. However today, the curtains were wide open, allowing the sunlight to fill the room, brightening up the usually dark place.


Today, Konzen wished he never created that room. It was his secret place but if Tenpou manages to go ahead with whatever plan he has, Konzen doubts he could look at the room the same.




“I really do not plan on gagging you. I like it when my partners get vocal. It stimulates the atmosphere, don’t you agree?”


“Whatever happened to faithfulness, huh?” Konzen snarled as he tried helplessly to escape.


Tenpou just looked at him, an unreadable expression in his eyes. “You better be grateful that there was someone else warming my bed. Otherwise, this would have happened a long time ago.”


“It does not need to happen at all!”


“Not true, Konzen, not true. You see, everyone seems to have their eyes on you. I need them all to know you belong to me.”


“Like hell I do!”


Tenpou smile, an eerily confident smile. “You do belong to me. By the end of this day, I will make you say it.”


Konzen felt his heart hammering violently. He could only yelp when he was suddenly and unceremoniously flung on the bed. Before he could more, the marshal quickly pulled up his tight shirt and bound it over his wrists. He then slipped his belt from his pants and looped it over Konzen’s hands and firmly tied it on the headboard. The wines and flowers that used to pride Konzen, now only served to annoy him. Damn this man! He was just too fast!


Tenpou looked at Konzen, arms tied above his head and the top half of his body bare to his eyes. He licked his lips and hummed in appreciation at the fragile beauty before him. Truly, Kanzeon Bosatsu’s nephew was a beauty. Long soft golden strands were spread wildly on the bed. Konzen’s lean body was fair and his skin unblemished. His nipples were pink and his bellybutton was perfectly shaped. It reminded Tenpou of a small cup and he wondered if he would ever get a chance of drinking sake from Konzen’s bellybutton. It was quite a thought.


Konzen struggled once more without success. His eyes widen when he saw Tenpou slip out of his robe and removed his clothes. When he was butt naked, he turned and stared at Konzen, revealing his hard length. His friend did it with such ease and quiet patience that Konzen could not help but shiver in both anticipation and fright. Yet the sight of Tenpou scared him. It only brought his current problem to the surface.


He had never done this before.


What if Tenpou thought he had experience? How was he going to handle that? He had never been in this position before. He did not know what to do! Urgh! People complain when he isolates himself but if these things keep happening, is that much of a wonder?


The tall, naked brunette leaned on top of Konzen, smirking when he heard the blonde’s breath catch at the feel of their unclothe bodies rubbing against one another.




“Shh…it’s going to be alright,” Tenpou murmured as he caught Konzen’s lips in a searing kiss.


It was different that Kenren’s kiss, Konzen thought as he struggled against Tenpou. It was darker, more passionate. Tenpou kissed him as though he was dying and Konzen was his lifeline. His lips moved roughly against Konzen’s drawing out a moan from the smaller man. His lips were sweet and slightly chapped. Konzen tried to avoid allowing the kiss to get deeper but Tenpou kept a hand firmly on Konzen’s head. He then softened his kiss, allowing him to taste the blonde. Bright emerald eyes watched as shocked amethyst ones fluttered close.


Needing more, wanting more, Tenpou drew a hand down and caught Konzen’s nipple. Instantly, the long haired man opened his mouth to cry out and Tenpou took the opportunity to sneak his tongue inside. The feel of Tenpou’s warm weight on his own tongue, tasting and feeling, and the feel of his hand playing with his sensitive nipple made Konzen cry out and his body arched into Tenpou’s hold.


Tenpou had not countered on the oversensitive body of his friend. He marveled at how the simplest touch made Konzen react. It just made him think of all the things he could do to the man. Tenpou continued kissing Konzen, distracting him so that the blonde would cease his fighting but he had no such luck. It seems Konzen still had his wits about him.


Leaving the blonde delectable mouth, Tenpou kissed Konzen’s jaws before moving up to his ears and bit the delicate skin there. The untouched blonde squirmed at the odd sensations he was feeling and moaned even louder before he could stop himself.


Konzen could not believe it was actually happening. The feel of Tenpou on him excited him. He had never indulged in the pleasures of the flesh and wondered if it was normal to feel so turned on. As it was, he could feel Tenpou’s hardness on his stomach. It only served to arouse him even more. It was these new feelings that caused him to panic.




Tenpou drew back and frowned. “If you are still able to think and still able to say ‘no’, I am apparently not doing a good job.”


‘Oh, hell!’ Konzen thought as Tenpou continued to kiss his face and neck.


The sudden bite on his neck caused him to cry out in surprise and pain. He had truly not been expecting that. The sound of Konzen’s voice only spurred Tenpou’s actions.


He slowly licked and nibbled on the skin before him until he came to the two hard nubs on Konzen’s body. With a satisfied smirk, he touched the tip of Konzen’s right nipple with his tongue. He watched as Konzen bit his lips from crying out, his body writhing under Tenpou’s. Tenpou continued to these the nipple with light flickers of his tongue and then very suddenly, he closed his mouth over the bud and suckled. Konzen screamed. The intensity of the feelings he felt only made him lose his composure. Tenpou continued to suckle and taste the tight but before biting down gently on it. He heard the blonde whimper and smirked against his skin.


Without licking to cool the biting sensation, he turned his head and paid equal attention to the other neglected nipple. He licked and sucked and bit. All the while, his finger played with Konzen’s right nipple, pinching and tugging it. The mixture of pleasure and pain brought tears to the blonde’s eyes.




‘Louder! I want you to scream louder!’ the field marshal thought as he finally worked his way down. Even then, he left his hands on their original targets, turning, twisting and pinching the two tight buds now reddened from his rough ministrations.


He wanted more.


Everyone else needed to know that Konzen belonged only to him. They needed to know.


With that one thought in mind, Tenpou kissed his way lower, biting Konzen’s soft sensitive skin, marking the blonde.


When he came to Konzen’s pants, he did not immediately remove it. Instead, he nuzzled his face against the tight pants. Konzen groaned and raised his hips, innocently trying to get more contact. Tenpou’s smirk widen. With his teeth, he undid the buckle, but knowing he could not remove the pants without using his hands, he stopped his ministrations on Konzen’s abused nipples.


Feeling hands on his hips and pants, Konzen once more struggled, panicking even more.


“Tenpou, don’t! Stop, please! I’m really not ready for this!”


The field marshal looked up at Konzen and the blonde’s breathe caught on his throat at the emotion he saw in his friend’s eyes.


Tenpou was not planning to stop anytime soon.


“Don’t worry. You’ll have to do it sometime soon, anyway.”


Konzen could feel the blood cheerfully leave his face. “Tenpou, I have never done this before.”


Tenpou’s gaze softened at the unvoiced panic in the blonde’s words. Konzen was afraid and maybe…he had been too rough. His anger and jealousy had blinded him.


He removed the rest of Konzen’s pants and threw them on the floor before sitting back on his heels and admiring the view.


The sun touch each curve and dips in Konzen’s sexy body, making the sweat glisten and the saliva coated nipples glitter in its wake. Konzen’s semi-hard cock only made Tenpou lick his lips in anticipation but he knew better now than to simply take. He had to reassure his friend. This encounter is not worth the pain. The pain can come in later, with more experience.


That thought in mind, he leaned over Konzen, both of them instantly moaning at the feel of their cocks rubbing together. The friction and heat aroused Konzen and he was slowly getting hard. Tenpou smiled at that making the blonde turn his head away in shame.


Looking at the vulnerable look in his friend’s eyes, Tenpou tugged Konzen’s chin and forced him to look at Tenpou. He leaned then and kissed the blonde gently, assuring him with light kisses that slowly increased in passion. Konzen struggled against his bindings, the urge to hold on to Tenpou was strong but he could not do so.


Tenpou continued to kiss Konzen before moving south once more. By now, both men were hard and rugged breathing and panting were the only noises in the room.


Tenpou kissed each exposed skin reverently and when he reached Konzen’s nipples, he sucked on them gently and marveled at the lusty noises his friend made. He eased the pleasurable ache in both nubs before continuing his journey south, worshipping every expense of skin.


When he took Konzen into his mouth, he heard the blonde scream once more, just his name in his breathy, lusty voice that made Tenpou’s cock twitch with want and need. The pearly drop of pre-come smeared the bed sheet.


Konzen’s cock was hard and yet the skin was smooth. The taste of his pre-come in Tenpou’s mouth was bitter and yet sweet at the same time. Tenpou could only associate that taste with Konzen. He slowly took Konzen into his mouth and then slowly drew back before plunging in once more.


By now, Konzen was covered with a thin film of sweat, his eyes a deep dark amethyst shade and his mind was cheerfully blank. He could think of nothing beyond the amazing pleasure he received from Tenpou. Then, Tenpou slowly engulfed him once more before he sucked. Konzen cried out, his hands trying hard to free themselves and his hips rose up to meet Tenpou’s warmth.  He had never felt such intense pleasure before!


Tenpou sucked Konzen’s cock hard and hummed his approval at the noises Konzen made. The vibration only increased the sensations already flooding through Konzen and he threw his head back as he cried out in need. The sight of Konzen’s head thrown back in desire, his eyes wide and dark, hands over his head and body filmed with sweat made Tenpou’s cock pulse and twitch. Not wanting to end this encounter quickly, Tenpou stroked himself in time with his ministrations on Konzen’s cock.


Easing himself, he reached out and stroked Konzen’s balls and rubbed the sensitive skin under his sacs. Konzen choked and writhed under Tenpou’s masterful touch, begging without words for the release that would make this craziness disappear.


Tenpou himself was breathing pretty hard. He truly wanted to pound into Konzen’s ass but he knew he had to be a bit more patient. Now that they were here, why rush the experience? Once he felt Konzen was near his peak, he used his teeth and scraped lightly at Konzen’s cock and at the same time, he stroked Konzen’s balls faster. 


Feelings rushed inside of him and Konzen screamed out Tenpou’s name as he came in the man’s mouth. Tenpou did not back away. Instead he took in as much as he could and swallowed Konzen’s come. He rose from his position and smirked at Konzen, watching the blonde try to gain his breathing back as he licked Konzen’s come from his fingers.


Konzen closed his eyes and refused to look at Tenpou. He refused to acknowledge how wantonly he had acted and sounded. He had never been this unrestrained before. The knowledge was so new, so foreign that he did not know how to react.


“Do you think we are done, Konzen? It is far from over,” Tenpou grinned as he leaned over the blond.


“Let me go, Tenpou.”


Tenpou sighed and pressed kiss on Konzen’s forehead. “Unfortunately, I can’t do that. If I do, you will probably find a way to escape. Just lay back and enjoy, won’t you?”


Konzen grit his teeth. He truly wondered if he was prepared for more.


“I don’t think I can anymore.”


Tenpou laughed easily as he pressed light kisses over Konzen’s body. “I don’t think so.”


He reached down and stroked the limp flesh to live once more. Konzen grit his teeth against making any sound as he found himself pushing upwards to meet Tenpou’s hand. He heard the husky laughter of Tenpou’s  but could not stop his actions. It was as though his body had a life of its own.


Once Konzen was truly hard, Tenpou went down on him once more. This time, as he sucked Konzen, he slipped a well lubed finger on Konzen’s tight hole. The blonde jerked against him and tried to wriggle away but a firm hand kept him in place. Tenpou kept his mouth on Konzen and his finger slowly eased its way inside the fragile blonde.


Konzen cried out in pain, his eyes watering once more and Tenpou had to grit his own teeth in order not to rush. He slowly pushed and pulled his finger from Konzen’s tight hole, waiting until the blonde adjusted to his intrusion.


“Are you okay?” Tenpou asked rather breathlessly. Konzen tried to glare at him but failed as Tenpou begin to move the finger around to stretch him.






“It hurts!”


“I know. I’m sorry. It’ll get better soon,” Tenpou murmured as he returned to the neglected cock. Konzen whimpered as he felt Tenpou’s heat around him once more.


Once he was sure Konzen had adjusted to him, he slipped in another well coated finger to scissor him.  By now, Konzen was both swamped with pleasure and pain, helpless to the feelings his body felt.


When Konzen was near to his release, Tenpou pulled back and let his cock fall noisily out of his mouth.


“What the hell!?”


“You are not the only one who gains pleasure from this, Konzen,” Tenpou admonished playfully as he spread Konzen’s legs wide open and hooked them over his shoulders. At the fear in Konzen’s eyes, his own softened and murmured nonsensical words into Konzen’s ears as he slipped into him.


The sudden penetration drew a scream out of the blonde. Tears fell on the pillow. His head fell forward and he wanted to push Tenpou away. Yet the knots on his hands kept his painful attempts at bay.


“Damn it! It hurts!”


Tenpou looked worriedly at the love of his life and made sure he did not move. He forced himself to remain still despite the overwhelming tightness and warmth he felt inside Konzen. Konzen was so tight and so incredible. He wanted to simply pound the man to the bed. Instead, he bit his lips, leaned forward and kissed Konzen’s tears away, aware that the blonde was unaware he actually had tears in the first place. Konzen whimpered against Tenpou, his pained cry muffled against Tenpou’s body. Perhaps it was his sadistic streak, but the brunette loved the sight of those glittering tears on Konzen’s face. As much as he wanted to see this face again, he was going to die if he didn’t move soon.


“Konzen?” Tenpou called out, his voice oddly strangled. “I can’t hold back anymore.”


Konzen nodded against Tenpou’s shoulder, the only permission the marshal had to move. Tenpou did not bother to think twice. He pulled out and then plunged in once more, amazed at the tightness he felt.


When he changed his angle slightly, he felt Konzen’s sudden cry of pure surprise and pleasure and angled there once more. Soon, the two of them were matching each other’s rhythm. Tenpou increased his pace, driving wildly in Konzen. The hiss of pleasure and pain, a feeling Konzen did not get tired of feeling, tore inside him. Somehow, during the whole encounter, it was the most intense thing he felt.






Their release came together. White pearly come shot out of Konzen’s cock to cover his sweaty body. Some landed on his face. Tenpou came inside him and held on to Konzen until every last drop was sucked out. Then, he fell limply on the tired man.


They lay like that for several minutes, their harsh panting and breathing once more filled the room. Feeling smothered, Konzen tried to get away but Tenpou’s hand tightened around him.


“Let go.”


Tenpou sighed but this time, he felt a certain level of smugness. “Is that all you ever say?”

Konzen clenched his teeth and knowing he was at Tenpou’s mercy, he said nothing more. Tenpou regarded the stubborn clench of Konzen’s jaw and laughed.


“You are a stubborn man, Konzen.”


He got up and walked over to the connected bathroom and returned with a bowl of water and a cloth. Slowly he cleaned Konzen up. Then, his eyes caught the bruises on Konzen’s arms and he frowned.


Seeing that frown made Konzen a touch nervous despite the bravado he tried to keep up.


“What?” he demanded.


Tenpou said nothing and stared at him. There was that look in Tenpou’s eyes once more. A feral, possessive look that made Konzen’s heart hammer once more.




Tenpou silenced him with a kiss. Konzen knew it was hopeless to resist and kissed him back. Their tongues warred for dominance. Tenpou was not about to give up. Realizing he had not achieved what he wanted he slid his hands and cupped Konzen once more.


Konzen broke the kiss with a curse.


“What the hell!? Isn’t it enough?”


Tenpou did not say anything as he expertly stroked Konzen. The blonde squirmed and writhed under him.


“Who do you belong to, Konzen?” Tenpou asked as he leisurely stroked Konzen and returned to tormenting his nipples.


Konzen’s eyes widened and he groaned as Tenpou bit him.




“No one.” The blonde stubbornly answered. “I belong to no one but me.”


Tenpou laughed against his nipple and reprimanding, bit it. Konzen moaned at the sharp feeling.


“Wrong answer.”


He continued to stroke Konzen, changing his own tempo again and again, denying the blonde the release he seeks.


“Who do you belong to, Konzen?”


Konzen wondered why Tenpou so stubbornly asked that question. He just could not understand why Tenpou wanted him to admit that. Even Konzen did not know what his answer would be. If he said yes, would it not be just because of sex?


When he was denied release once more, Konzen groaned and snarled before giving up, knowing it was useless.


“I belong to no one, Tenpou.” He forced the words out of his mouth. “But if I had to belong to anyone, I might choose you.”


Tenpou’s heart stilled at those words and realized how selfish it was of him to force his feeling so suddenly on Konzen. Ashamed, he moved down and took Konzen into his mouth. Without any further play, he brought the man to another crest.


Konzen’s head fell heavily on the pillow as he crested once more. He felt so tired but he had no idea what else Tenpou had installed for him. Before he could ask Tenpou once more, the brunette undid his bindings.


Konzen winced as he tried to move his hands down. Instantly, Tenpou’s warm hands were on him, massaging his tense muscles.


“I’m sorry.”


Those words, spoken so softly against his skin, made Konzen’s heart clench tightly with an unfamiliar feeling. He sighed and leaned against Tenpou.


“At least, you are a better kisser than Kenren.”


Shocked and amused, Tenpou laughed before drawing Konzen into his arms.


Yet Konzen turned to give him a warning glare. “Never ever associate me with the monkey sexually, do you understand? It is just so wrong in so many levels!”


Tenpou nodded and apologized solemnly.


“How mad are you?”


Konzen frowned and the sighed once more as he rested his head on the curve of Tenpou’s shoulder.


“Let’s just say…anyone else might have faced a different ending than this one.”


This time, the surprise was obvious. Tenpou hummed and hugged Konzen.


“Will you be mine?”


“Will you be insanely jealous?”




Konzen pondered about this for awhile and then making up his mind, he pressed his lips against Tenpou’s throat.


“I’ll think about it.”


“Good enough. I’ll take my time convincing you. I’ve got forever.”


Konzen kept quite at that.


“I wonder…about forever.”


Tenpou kissed him once more and cleaned the blonde. Satisfied, he slipped them both under the quilt and watched Konzen as he fell asleep.


Tenpou wondered about forever too, but he knew now that the wondering would be sweet.


Until then, he had some things to deal with.




Litouten was shocked when his guards fell in front of him, unconscious. Before him was Field Marshal Tenpou, his eyes cold and unforgiving. Before Litouten could say a word, Tenpou had him on the wall, his arm on his windpipe.


“If you ever touch any of my friends, especially Konzen Douji, you will wish you are never alive! Remember that!”


“Damn you!”


Tenpou increased his pressure, making Litouten lose his breathing.


“No, you will be damned if you do not heed my warning.”


With that, he turned and left, not bothering to see the man fall crumpled on the ground. It was really too bad he had to be satisfied with that. If he was given a choice, that man would not have been alive.




Kenren brought Goku back to Konzen’s quarters. He hoped whatever Tenpou set out to do was done. He did not want to be in Litouten’s place at that moment. As the two of them walked into Konzen’s office, they saw him sitting at his desk, checking the forms.




Konzen looked at Goku and fought the urge to smile. He did raise his eyebrow as an acknowledgement.


Kenren watched the blonde. There was something different about him. It was as though…the blonde looked sexier than usual…more relaxed.


Goku’s eyes caught something and he frowned.


“Konzen, what is that big red mark on your arm?” Goku asked innocently.


Konzen and Kenren instantly looked at the mark. Konzen felt his face heat up and hid it with his long bangs. Kenren reached over and touched his arm to examine the mark. A knowing look reached his eyes. Yet before he could do anything, he felt himself being yanked back and a near death grip around his neck.


“Ten-chan!” Goku yelled happily.


“Ten…” Kenren tried to chock the words out, his face turning blue from the lack of air.


Konzen just raised his eyebrow.


“Have you completed your business?”


Tenpou smiled. “Aa.”






“Ten-chan, I think Ken-niichan is suffocating!” Goku said as the said man flung his arms in a worthless attempt to free himself.


“Oh dear me, is that so?” Tenpou said lightly with a smile as he let go of Kenren. The latter fell on the ground as he tried to catch his breath. 


“What the hell?!”


“Honestly, Kenren. What did I say about taking what’s not yours? You should be more careful.”


Kenren frowned and then realization hit him hard. He looked at the flushed man behind the desk and the creepily smiling marshal behind him.


Things clicked in place.


‘Oh shit!’



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