Fight Me, Bite Me

BY : Rhov
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Disclaimer: Fairy Tail is the property of Hiro Mashima. I make no money, I just do this for my own pleasure.

A/N: Written for Gratsu Week 2013.

Day 5 - Theme: [-18] (AKA, "lemon day," yay!)

READ THE WARNING: This story contains elements of BDSM, fetishes, past abuse, blood, violence, and actions that may be disturbing to some people. If you are triggered by absolutely anything, just go ahead and assume that thing will be in this story. There will be no further trigger warnings.

DISCLAIMER: Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail, and he will murder me if he knew I wrote this. Then Natsu would burn my soul, and Gray would encase it in ice and toss it into the 9th level of Hell.

Fight Me, Bite Me

a Fairy Tail fanfic

by Rhov


Chapter 1

Ice Play and Bondage

Natsu twisted in his sleep, moaning, flinching, struggling against some invisible monster that haunted his dreams. Sweat glistened on his tense brow, and occasional fiery flickers lit the night as he fought a nightmarish demon. His nocturnal terrors woke Happy, who rubbed his massive eyes and walked over to the bed. In the darkness, he saw Natsu twitching, his breathing fast, his body stiff as it pulled against some horrific fantasy.

Before the Exceed could rouse him—and Happy had learned in the past that waking a sleeping Dragon Slayer was a dangerous thing to do—Natsu bolted upright with a scream. His eyes bulged, and flames shot out his mouth, scorching the wall across from him. He was pale with fright as he stared into the darkness of his bedroom.


He jolted and looked down to those huge eyes of his best friend. "Happy? What…?" Natsu felt his throat, and then his wrists.

"It was another nightmare."

Slowly, Natsu's breathing calmed down. He swallowed hard, gulping the terror down his dry throat. Happy hopped up onto the bed and patted Natsu's leg comfortingly.

"Was it that dream again?"

"Yeah," he mumbled, ashamed that he, of all people, would be plagued by nightmares. "I'm gonna go for a walk. I'll probably see you in the morning."

Happy watched silently as Natsu pulled on his clothes, wrapped his scarf around his neck, and held onto that scarf just a little longer, drawing some comfort from it. Natsu never spoke about his nightmare, but Happy knew that somehow the scarf was a comfort.

Natsu usually sneaked into Lucy's place when he felt like this. Her bed was comfortable, her smell soothed his mind, and it was usually the only way to fall back to sleep. So that was where he headed. When he turned onto Strawberry Street, he heard Lucy's shouts. That worried him, and he rushed forward. Fearing for her, Natsu leaped into the closed window, only to see something he never expected.

There was a man on top of Lucy. That horrified Natsu at first—surely he must be an attacker—until he saw the green Fairy Tail crest on the man's back. Then in the moonlight, he saw orange hair, and as if there might still be confusion, Lucy moaned his name.

"Oh God, Loke!"

The Lion's haunches tensed as they thrust against her, making her bed creak. "Order me, master. What more can I do to please you?"

"Touch … more."

With a lilting tease, Loke asked, "Touch where? Show me, Lucy. Point to where you want it."

Natsu moved away with flushed cheeks. Seeing those two made him aroused, but he still felt troubled by the nightmare. He thought about seeking out Lisanna—he used to snuggle in her bed after nightmares before Lucy arrived—but he figured he probably should not be around women while horny.

"Loke! Yes, there. Oh … oh God. I can't…"

Natsu ran away as the grunts and moans made him tingle. He needed a place to stay. Going back home led to more nightmares. He thought about just crashing in the guild's infirmary, but he really wanted someone to talk to. He shivered as the memory of the nightmare returned.

Who could he go see? Not a woman, not with how he felt after seeing Loke and Lucy. What man did he know well enough to seek out?

There was one, but he would be furious if Natsu woke him up. Then again, pissing off the popsicle was a good reason to go bug him.

Natsu raced through the dark streets to Gray's apartment and hopped up to the window, partly climbing some ivy to reach it. Looking in, he saw Gray's bed in the center of the room, away from the window. Natsu lifted the windowsill, and it slid up noiselessly. He slipped inside and rubbed his arms. Gray always kept his apartment icy cold. Natsu crept up to the bed and gazed down at the naked wizard. Gray was curled on his side, the sheets cocooned around him, his arms and knees curled up in a fetal position. Natsu had to smile. This was the only time that Gray looked so cute.

Natsu pulled the blankets aside just a little and slipped into the bed. The Dragon Slayer spooned against him, sidling up against Gray's chest and letting that iciness cool his back. Gray's breath tickled his neck. He smelled like a snowy forest, and Natsu decided that it was a reflective scent, something quiet and peaceful. His mind eased, and he felt the night terror fading.

Gray felt warm. He kicked off the covers, but still he felt hot. It annoyed him. Why would his bed be so warm? His eyes opened just a crack, and he saw a lumpy shadow in bed beside him.

Did he get drunk and pick up some chick at a bar? He did not recall drinking too much, but then again, he never recalled the details after a drunken party. He wondered who she was, if she was at least a little pretty, and if they actually had sex. He felt a slight nighttime arousal, so he guessed sex was not an issue. That was good. He hated using someone like that.

Gray reached forward and stroked the hair. It was soft, and in the dark he guessed it was either red, orange, or maybe an exotic pink. He wouldn't mind a pink-haired little sakura!

The sleepy moan was deeper than he expected, though. Gray's hand drew back fast. Only then did he notice the white muffler.

"What the hell!"

Gray leaped back, got wrapped up in his sheets, and tumbled out of bed onto the floor. Natsu rolled around and looked down at him.

"Oh, did I wake you?"

Gray pointed a shaking finger. "You! What … what are you doing in my bed? Oh God, don't tell me I got that drunk!"

"You're not drunk, or at least I don't smell any alcohol on you," Natsu said, stretching and yawning. "I wanted a place to sleep."

"Then go bother Lucy."

"She's busy."

"She's probably asleep, like any sane person would be."

"No, she's … busy. With Loke."

Gray blinked in surprise. "Her … and Loke?" He looked aside, stunned by the news. "Wow! I knew he's been after her skirt for ages, but I didn't think they were like that."

"Yeah, they definitely are," Natsu muttered.

"You saw?"

"Too much!" Natsu sat up in the bed and pulled his knees up.

Gray scrambled up and discarded the twisted sheets, exposing his fully naked self. "Don't tell me you had a crush on her, and now you're depressed, so you came here to sulk and annoy me."

"No, nothing like that. It's just … weird, seeing someone you know like that."

"I bet! So, what is the reason for you being here?"

Natsu gave a petulant shrug. "Bad dream."

"Bad dr-… Wait a moment! You had a nightmare, so now you need to sleep with someone?"

"Got a problem with that?"

"When I'm your security blanket, yeah! Why not Lisanna or Erza or … or some other lady who'd hold you through the night?"

"After seeing Loke and Lucy, I couldn't go to a girl."

"Sheesh!" Gray exclaimed, running his hand through his hair. "So you're scared of the dark and horny now? Great! Just great!" Gray flopped back onto the bed and glared at Natsu. However, that pensive face was something he could not hate for long. Gray's lips twisted up. He hated to see any friend looking sad. "Do you need to talk about it?"

Natsu looked over in confusion. "About Lucy? It's not a big deal, really. I wasn't in love with her or anything."

"I mean the nightmare, idiot!"

Natsu looked away again. "Just something I dream about."

"Something bad? Was it something that happened to you?"

Natsu shivered and his brow tensed.

"Hey, it's fine if you can't say. Just stay here. Whatever." He sighed and stared around at the dark bedroom. "Do you need anything? Some warm milk?"

"I'm not a frigging kid!"

"I'm just asking. Sheesh! I've never calmed someone from a nightmare."

Natsu and Gray stayed quiet for a while, both staring into the dark night.

"Hey, Gray," Natsu finally muttered. "You thought I was a girl you picked up while drunk, right?"

"Something like that," Gray admitted.

"Have you done that before?"

"Gotten drunk?"

"Had sex?"

"Sure. Haven't you?" When Natsu did not answer, Gray understood. "Hey, we're still teens. You don't have to have sex this young. Lots of people wait until they're married."

"Yeah, but you have, and Lucy's at it now, and there are rumors about Erza and Jellal—"

"Never mention them to her. She hits hard!"

Natsu had to laugh at the idea of Gray getting hit for prying into Erza's business.

"So you feel left out, huh? Is there any girl you're interested in?"

"Not really," Natsu mumbled. "I thought about Lucy, but I found out she isn't that way."

"What way?"

Natsu choked a little and went pale. Gray heard him breathing quickly as he tried to think of an excuse.

"So what sort of girl do you fantasize about?" asked Gray.

Natsu squirmed a little. "Not so much girls, necessarily."

Gray jolted again. "You're into guys?"

"I wouldn't say that either. It doesn't matter if it's a guy or girl, although I guess it depends on the situation."

"Situation? What sort of weird fantasies do you have, anyway? I totally can't imagine you thinking about sex."

"Of course I do! I'm a guy! It's just…" Natsu shrank down into his muffler. "Maybe it's perverted."

"They're sexual fantasies. Of course they're perverted."

"Do you have any weird fantasies, stuff you know is probably impossible?"

"You mean like tentacles and identical triplets?"

"Eww, seriously?" Natsu cringed.

"No! I'm just saying as an example. Eww, no! Well, not tentacles, at least. Triplets would be fun."

"Then what about … you know … being restrained?"

"You mean tied up?"

Natsu gave a meek nod.

"Not my sort of thing, but it's pretty normal for masochists." It took Gray a moment for it to dawn on him. "Wait, you? You have sexual fantasies about being tied up?"

Natsu squirmed away to the edge of the bed. "It's stupid, isn't it?"

Gray gulped hard, and his hands began to sweat. "Tied up how? Ropes? Handcuffs?"

"I dunno. Each dream is different. Once, it was a dream that you restrained half my body in ice."

Gray choked out a cough. "Wait, you had an erotic fantasy about me?"

"Oh, come on! Don't tell me you've never had a fantasy about your teammates."

"Well…" Gray blushed, feeling decidedly uncomfortable with this conversation. "Sure, but … but sheesh, did you have to tell me?" Gray squirmed and pulled the covers over his naked legs and torso before Natsu noticed that he was getting aroused. "So, I restrained you in ice, huh?"

"In the dream, yeah. And I used to have dreams about Lucy and her whip, or Erza in that Seduction Armor she has, or—"

"So just about anyone?"

"Well, mostly they were just—you know—people you don't know, you can't really see them clearly, they're just … there."

"And they … they tie you up?"

"Or just restrain me somehow."

"And do what?"

Natsu paused for a very long, very awkward moment. "Stuff…" He twisted his hips as he felt himself hardening. That nightmare was long gone now with memories of erotic fantasies. "Not always sex. Sometimes they just tease me, you know. Or sometimes they make me do embarrassing things."

Gray gulped hard again and fisted up his hands to keep them from touching himself. "Like, what?"

"I'm not telling you that part!" Natsu frowned as he realized Gray was acting weird. "It's perverted, right? It's strange and not normal."

"Maybe," Gray whispered hoarsely. "But it's not that weird. Some people have fantasies about being submissive, and some … have dreams about being dominant over someone else."

"Yeah, but I've not met a girl like that. I thought Lucy was, what with that whip, but when I tried hinting around, she wasn't that way at all."

Gray felt heat coursing through his body. "Does it have to be a girl?"

"Nah, but no one would want me like that. Girls are always 'Oh Salamander, you're so strong, give me babies' and shit. They have no idea just how messed up I am inside, what I want … what I need."

Gray forced his breathing to be calmer. "Do you really want it?"

Natsu looked over quizzically. "It's just a weird fantasy."

"But…" Gray could hardly control himself. His eyes gleamed dangerously. "Do you want someone to tie you up, have their way with you, make you tremble and beg to stop while screaming for more? Do you really want that?"

Natsu shivered at the hesitant offer. "You … you do that stuff?"

Gray held back from answering as he spent a moment to fortify himself. "No, not with someone else. Not yet. Only light bondage. I've never met a girl who wanted to go as far as I wanted."

Natsu's heart raced as his mind swirled with fantasies. "How far is that?" he asked breathlessly.

Those icy blue eyes gazed up under dark brows. "So far that I'd make you scream to stop."

A small gasp shuddered out. Fire raced straight down to Natsu's groin.

"So far…" Gray leaned forward and caressed that burning hardness hidden in Natsu's boxers. "…I'd leave you begging for more, and then deny it, until you'd do anything—anything at all—just to feel me touch you again."

Two fast breaths shivered out before Natsu steeled himself. Those eyes were dangerous, and he craved them! "Gray, would you … do you want … to hurt me?" He sounded uncertain about that.

"It doesn't have to hurt. I could do things to you…" Gray said in a sinfully sweet threat, "…that would feel very good, although you'd think it'd hurt. Or if you want, I could really hurt you. But if that's too much, I can just restrain you and fuck you senseless."

Natsu blushed at how bluntly he put it. "I think … I'd want … at least a little. Yeah. A little bit."

Gray eyed him up and down, lightly licking his lips. "Damn!" He shook his head and looked away. "This is crazy. I've gotta be dreaming. You're the last man on Earthland I'd thought would be a submissive masochist. Or are you just teasing me? Don't you dare tease me about this, Natsu. Anything else, you can fight me over, but not this."

"No, I … I didn't know that … you…" Natsu blinked and shook his head. His heart was racing so fast, it was making his head light and his ears ring. "You're not pulling my leg, right? I'll burn your whole apartment down if you are."

"I wouldn't tease about this. I never would have said anything at all, but you sound serious, and I've never met someone who might actually let me do what I've always wanted."

Natsu's breath caught at that. "What—?" His voice cracked at the unendurable sexual strain. "What would you do to me?"

Gray had a devilish grin. "Ideally? Anything I want. Anything that pleases me and pleasures you." Gray glanced down at the flame-print boxers. "You're excited just hearing about it. You're getting all wet down here." He fingered a moist spot on the boxers. "If we do this, there are a few rules."

Natsu quirked his head to the side. "Rules?"

"Number one: I'm an exclusive person. If you're with me, you don't do anything sexual with anyone else."

Natsu shrugged. "Yeah, of course." That seemed a given to him.

"Number two: you don't tell anyone about this. You can say whatever you want about us, tell people we're dating, or not and just keep it a secret. That doesn't matter to me. But not a word about anything kinky we do together. We do this only here, in this room, or in another room we agree upon. I'm not gonna act kinky in the middle of the guild or in some random alleyway."

"Oh, hell no!"

"Number three: we'll need safewords. If something I do is something you're not ready to try, and you want me to back off, say the word avalanche. If something I do is truly too much for you to withstand, say the word inferno."

Natsu looked confused. "Can't I say stop and no?"

Gray grinned fiendishly. "You'll be yelling at me to stop a lot, and you might yell no as an instinctive reaction without really meaning it. I can't let what you yell confuse me. Avalanche if you're not ready to go that far, but you're willing to try more of something else; Inferno, and I stop everything."

Natsu's breathing was getting deeper at the thought of it. This sounded far more than he had ever fantasied about … so deliciously more! "How far would you be willing to take it?"

"As far as you want to go, and I mean so much more than just sex."

Natsu tensed up at the sensual threat.

"Is there anything I absolutely can't do, anything you hate or that terrifies you?"

Natsu wondered what he was referring to. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, you're a virgin," Gray realized. "Well, is there any place I can't touch? Or any way I can't touch you? Can I touch your chest? Your nipples?" His fingers brushed over the stiffening nubs. "You obviously don't mind me touching your cock."

"I'm … I think I'm fine with anything like that."

"And inside?"

Natsu flushed heavily. "Yeah, that's fine."

"Can I hit you?"

Now Natsu looked suspicious. "How?"

"Can I spank you?"

Natsu lost his breath. He was dizzy again. "Y-yeah, that's … I think it's okay. I've never done it for real, but … but I think I'd like that."

"Can I use other things to hit you? Like a whip or a paddle?"

"I don't really know."

"Okay, we'll wait on that. Maybe later."

"There's one thing," Natsu said softly. "That nightmare I had … don't … don't choke me. Don't make it so I can't breathe."

Gray frowned at the fear in Natsu's eyes, but he knew not to push Natsu into talking about it. "That's good to know. Okay, no suffocation. What about blindfolding?"

"Yeah, that seems fine. Are you gonna have to make a checklist?"

"That would be ideal, but not tonight. You need to work off some issues, and now you've got me insanely aroused. We'll keep it light today. Maybe more later."

"And can you do one thing? Not at first, but … later on."

"A request, huh?" Gray looked amused, wondering what the naïve little virgin might want.

Natsu squirmed a little before getting the courage to say it. "When I'm built up, when I'm about to … to come…" Those narrow green eyes glanced up with feral passion. "Bite me!"

An eyebrow lifted in surprise. "Bite you?"

Natsu nodded fervently. "Neck, shoulder, doesn't matter, just … bite me. Hard. Try to break the skin, if you can."

"So, I can leave marks on you?"

"Lots of them!" Natsu breathed heavily.

"And it's okay if I make you bleed?"

"Well, not a lot, but … just at that point." He gave a meek shrug. "It's a Dragon Slayer thing. I want you to mark me. Bite hard and then lick the blood. I might want to do the same to you."

Now it was Gray's turn to be stunned. "That's a lot more than I imagined."

Natsu felt a little disappointment. "Is it something you don't want?"

"No, not that, it's just … I always figured not to leave anything permanent, but if that's what you want—"

"Yes!" Natsu answered quickly and eagerly.

Gray nodded, taking all this into his plans. When he felt ready, he leaned over into Natsu's ear.

"I'm gonna tie you up," he said in a sizzling simper.

Natsu's body tensed at the threat.

"I'm gonna bind your wrists in ice, restrain you to the bed, and then"—Gray leaned even closer—"I'm gonna ravage you!"

A whimper slipped out.

"Take off your clothes," Gray ordered, and he grinned mischievously. "I'll give you what you need."

With shaking muscles, Natsu rose from the bed and slowly stripped. Gray reclined, propping his head on a hand as he gazed upon the toned muscles with approval.

Ice did not caress. It bound! It froze things in place so they could not move.

Gray always wanted to bind a person with his ice. Not some random enemy, but a lover. The girls he had dated hated the pain of the ice against their skin. He had to resort to some kinky fuzzy handcuffs he bought at an adult store. Three girls let him try that, but without sex. Just handcuffing and teasing. Gray craved more! And he had a feeling that the only person who would—or could—let him do all he wanted was someone used to pain, someone who could handle his ice, someone who trusted him explicitly … someone like Natsu.

Years of fighting together assured him that even if he trapped half of Natsu's body in ice, the Dragon Slayer could handle it. He would brave the pain, and hopefully Gray could cull out pleasure from within that agony.

"The muffler too," Gray ordered.

Natsu choked up. Without his muffler, the nightmare from earlier threatened to rear up again. However, he knew Gray was there. He trusted Gray. Gray would not allow the demons of his dreams to hurt him. Only Gray would hurt him, and he knew it was a pain that would not agonize him too much. Gray's ice, his touches, anything he did: that was pain Natsu knew he could bear. With that implicit trust in his rival and teammate, Natsu unwrapped the white scarf and set it aside.

Finally, Natsu was naked and standing with a hard-on to be proud of. Gray licked his lips as he thought of all the things he could do with this body. Most of that had to wait. Natsu was a virgin. He had cravings and desires, kinky fantasies and wet dreams, but no actual experience. Push him too hard or hurt him too badly, and he would flee.

"Sit," Gray ordered, patting the bed. Natsu immediately obeyed, and Gray shifted over. "Lie on the pillow." Natsu scooted down over the sheets. "Hands together, like you're praying to God."

Natsu prayed Gray would really do this, and this whole thing wasn't some elaborate prank to humiliate him.

Roughly, Gray forced Natsu's hands back against the headboard of his bed and formed ice to hold them in place. Natsu hissed at the cold handcuffs, but the frigid pain only highlighted the intensifying desire building inside him.

"Yes…" Natsu whispered. "Make it strong. I wanna fight it."

Gray quirked an eyebrow. "Fight it?"

Natsu nodded with his eyes closed with anticipation. "I wanna struggle against it, be bound, that feeling of helplessness. You've felt it in fights, right? Some overpowering enemy, you know you can't win, you can't escape, and victory is impossible. Suddenly, all your nerves become alive. You feel and hear and smell everything."

"Strong it is, then!" Gray added an extra layer of ice, completely encasing Natsu's wrists and forearms, leaving only his hands to clench and claw at the headboard. "Now, what to do with you?"

The way he said it was enticing alone. Gray stood up, dominating over Natsu's prone body, and eyed him like a toy he wanted to play with. He tapped his chin, exaggerating his pondering.

"I could always start with this." Gray held up his hand, and with a brief spark of blue magic, an ice cube was in his fingers. "I always thought this hot body of yours could use some cooling off."

Gray began with the ice cube on Natsu's lips, rubbing around like he had seen Lucy draw on her lipstick. Natsu flinched away from the cold. The ice cube traced over his forehead, cooling his worries. Then it went down to the neck, trailing down his Adam's apple and across the ragged scar. The cube slipped wetly down his chest, lazily wandering over his skin, until Gray circled it around the nipples.

"Gaaah!" Natsu shouted, and he yanked at the restraints.

"That's a sexy sound," Gray purred in pleasure. "You have no idea how thrilling this is, seeing you bound up, under my control, mine to do with as I please. My own little flaming bitch."

Purely as a fighting instinct, Natsu yanked hard on the icy bonds. "You droopy-eyed bastard!"

However, Gray had made sure the ice was thick enough and imbued with a magic so it would not break completely. It cracked, but it did not shatter apart. Gray knew that, had the Dragon Slayer truly wanted to break loose, he could have flamed that ice into steam, or even broken apart the whole headboard to get loose. The fact that Natsu only pulled a little was encouraging.

Natsu felt that ice, so cold it burned, rubbing over his sensitive chest, around the pink dots stiffening with pleasure and pain. He yanked on the ice restraining his wrists until he felt an ache in his shoulders. He was trapped, helpless … well, not truly, but it was nice to give up control once in a while, stop being the person who always came to the rescue, and instead be at someone else's mercy. It felt thrilling to be the one trapped and needing to be rescued.

Subconsciously, he could not give up his control over his body on his own. He knew this from his own touches. Reaching that blissful peak meant surrendering to his own lust, and he simply … couldn't! It had to be forced, taken, stolen. That was what happened only in dreams. He needed to be tied up. He needed someone to force him to do what he did not want—what he desperately wanted—what he craved and feared. He feared the inner dragon, how it could possibly hurt someone. He feared his own lust. He needed to be restrained, or else who knew how he might lash out against his lover-victim.

He needed this!

Gray continued to slip the ice cube over Natsu's body, drawing a line straight down the taut muscles. His tongue followed, licking a hot stream that supplanted the cold. He circled the cube around the belly button, making sure some water melted within, and then further down.

"Don't you dare!" Natsu growled.

"On your dick, you mean? No. That might make you lose this delicious arousal."

Gray leaned over and licked from root to tip of the stiff member. That hot tongue, after so much cold ice, made Natsu's hips thrust up, seeking more of Gray's mouth. Instead, Gray backed away, and Natsu growled in frustration.

"No, I had something else in mind."

With speedy fingers, before the Dragon Slayer could figure out what he had planned, Gray slipped the ice cube up into Natsu's ass. The melty wetness, smoothed down into a bullet shape by Gray's cunning rubbing, fit perfectly inside, no resistance at all. Natsu jerked upward and yanked on the restraints so hard, he heard the wrought iron bars of the headboard creak.

"I want to challenge you, Natsu."

That caught the Dragon Slayer's attention. A challenge, eh?

"How many ice cubes can you hold inside your ass? If you can hold ten, I'll give you a special reward."

Natsu's breath was ragged from the icy pain inside, but as his body melted the cube, he figured he could tolerate this sort of teasing. "Bring it on, ice princess!"

Gray chuckled softly. Still so defiant! He would punish Natsu … later. He formed another cube in his hand, also shaping it into something like a bullet to fit inside easily. This time, he rubbed it around the puckered star. Natsu's eyes went huge, and he cried out at the coldness against the hottest part of his body. Then Gray pressed the ice cube inside.


"That's two!" Natsu argued.

"There was hardly anything left of the first one. It doesn't count. One." Gray formed another ice cube, but instead of playing, he slipped it right inside. "Two."

Natsu flinched. Inside him, he felt the chill. As one ice cube bumped into another, it pushed the first one higher up within. He could feel the ice in there.

"Three," Gray said in a seductive whisper.

The third pushed the other two even further up inside, and Natsu's spine arched. His teeth clenched to keep from screaming at the icy pain wracking the inside of his colon.

Slowly, sadistically, Gray pressed another inside. "Four."

Now the ice hit his prostrate, and any attempts at holding back were lost. Natsu screamed.

"What are the safewords, Natsu?" Gray asked sternly.

Natsu's brain could hardly think. Ice was inside him, melting, floating, rubbing nerves deep within.

"Avalanche and inferno! You need to know this."

"Too hard to remember," Natsu shouted in sensual desperation.

"Fine. Well, I can't use cold and hot, since this is ice play, but … okay, yellow and red, like a street light. Yellow means slow down but you can handle more, you just need it slower. Red, it all stops, everything."

"Yellow, red, fine," Natsu yelled.

"You'll need to say yellow if it's truly too much for you. I don't know your limits."

Limits? Natsu did not even know his own limits! He had never done something like this before. He had never even dreamed of Gray using his ice like this.

He must have been numbed, because he hardly felt the next cube enter. "Five."

"I'm good," Natsu shouted, although his whole body was cringing. "More!"

"Damn," Gray hissed. This was getting almost too erotic for him. Women had let him enjoy his little ice play before, but most shouted to stop after three. Gray focused again and made another cube in his fingers. He thrust it up fast. "Six!"

Natsu screamed, and Gray's heart felt ready to explode, let alone the burning desire in his groin. To have this much control over someone, to force this much of his ice—a part of himself—inside, was beyond just kinky. It was intoxicating.

When Gray slipped the next cube in—"Seven!"—Natsu felt all those other cubes shift and squeeze together inside his body. His innards were quivering with cold pleasure. It hurt … horribly! Wonderfully! But then, an ice cube shifted wrong and wedged right against his prostrate.

"Yellow! Yellow!" Natsu shrieked. "Shit!" He swung his hips, trying to move the cube inside him to get that ice off such a sensitive zone.

Two hands rubbed over his body. They were cold, but nowhere near as chilly as the freezing liquid pooling in his ass. Gray suddenly leaned over, and much to Natsu's surprise, those chapped lips pressed against his in an uncharacteristically tender kiss. Natsu's eyes widened, but then slowly drifted down, enjoying the sweetness of this first kiss between them. Then Gray rose up, hovering over Natsu's body, and gazed down at him with lowered eyes sparkling with lust.

"We can stop," he assured gently.

"No, I just needed to wait. I'm good."

"Don't be stubborn."

"I won't be. I'll tell you if it's really too much."

Gray looked hesitant, but then again, Natsu had used a mild safeword. He at least knew the limits of his own body. Of course, he was also a stubborn flame-brain who would push those limits.

And Gray wanted to push them!

Slower this time, Gray pressed in the next cube. "Eight," he breathed, as if he had to listen for any discomfort from his partner. Natsu moaned a little, and his body flinched, but he seemed comfortable with that. Another cube. "Nine. Damn, Natsu, you're almost there."

"Quick," Natsu warned. "Make it quick."

Gray complied and slammed the last one in. "Ten. Wow! I can't believe you did it."

Natsu looked a little paler than when they started off, and he was oddly quiet. "Gray, they're … melting. Inside. It … it needs to drip out."

"I know," he said, wondering how he could express how immensely proud he was that Natsu managed to fulfill this longtime fantasy of his. "This is where shit gets kinky."

Natsu peeped an eye open. Wasn't this kinky enough? He had frigging ice up his ass!

"Can you stand?"

Natsu wondered if he could even move. He felt the ice restraint dissolve, and he slowly shifted. As he did, the ice in his colon moved, and he could feel some pieces floating up, while the liquid moved down.

"Gaaah!" Natsu yelled. The ice … inside him … moving, shifting. The warmer water further in got cold anew as the fresh ice cubes floated up.

Two arms grabbed him and lifted him. Natsu was stunned to feel Gray carry him—and fucking princess style at that—to the bathroom. However, he walked past the toilet and to the bathtub. He set Natsu down on his feet, and with a stern face, Gray yanked Natsu's arms up to the shower head. He used the pipe to freeze Natsu's hands above his head once again.

"The hell is this?" Natsu shouted. He felt cold liquid already seeping out his ass and dripping down his inner thigh. "Gray, seriously, I need to let this out."

Gray stood back with a cruel smile. "Then do it. Right here. You're in the tub, so it's fine."

"Hell no!" Natsu shouted. "With you watching? That's humiliating."

Gray leaned right up into Natsu's face. "I know."

The way he said it, with those cruel blue eyes, so cold and calloused, made Natsu's knees weaken. "Gray," he whimpered. He felt a little bit more leak out, and the cold stream was a horrific indicator of just how much trouble he was in.

"I want to watch," Gray purred. "Natsu, my ice is inside your ass. You're about to shoot my ice out of your body. Can you even imagine how erotic that is for me? When you come, that'll be your own liquid, but this … this is my liquid, my own. And it's inside of you, trying to escape. I want to watch."

"But…" Natsu whimpered as another drop slipped out. "It … it could be … you know, messy."

Gray gave him a sadistically evil grin. "I hope it is!"

Natsu gulped hard. He almost wanted to use a safeword on this, but … Gray looked really riled up by the thought of seeing this, of humiliating him this deeply. Natsu wanted to please Gray. For letting his fantasy come true, he could do at least this much in return.

Natsu's body shivered. The pressure in his ass was hurting, but natural instincts were to hold on, clench tight, and not release, not here, not in a bathtub, and not standing up. His thighs squeezed tighter together.

"Nu-uh," Gray warned. He forced Natsu's knees apart and used ice to trap his ankles on either side of the tub. "There. I can really see now."

"No…" Natsu sobbed.

"There's no yellow on this, Natsu. You do it, or you go red."

Red. Red and it all stopped. Natsu did not want this to stop. Even the humiliation was thrilling in a sick way. He had wanted to lose control. Now, he did not even have control over his own body's functions.

He felt more cold liquid leak out. He clenched up instinctively, but he felt Gray's hand rub his back.

"Let it go, Natsu. I'm here. I'm not going to make fun of you or hurt you. I'm going to pleasure you, humiliate you, make you hurt, and make you happy. So just let go. Trust me."

Trust him? He did trust Gray, with his life! So why not with his pride as well.

Natsu gulped, and slowly he relaxed. He felt the liquid again, trickling out of his ass and down both thighs. He sniffled; he knew he could back out, but … he didn't want to! It felt … good. To let go. To be ashamed. To feel tiny and disgusting. It felt oddly good.

An ice cube popped out along with the water, and Natsu cried out, sobbing now. Gray's arms were instantly around him.

"You are so sexy, Natsu. So insanely erotic. That's my ice coming out of you. Mine! My ice and my water. Inside you. Leaking out of you." Natsu felt Gray shudder with intense lust. "You have no fucking idea how erotic this is!"

Another mostly-melted ice cube popped out and dropped with a shatter to the bathtub. Natsu shivering another cry.

"Shit…" Gray suddenly released the ice restraints. "Toilet. Squirt it all out, Natsu. Fast."

"Huh?" Natsu felt too dizzy to realize he was free.

"I need you. Now! Shit them out or they're getting rammed in with my cock."

Gray left the bathroom, and Natsu gladly raced to the toilet, where the last of the ice came out along with the water in his ass. He barely had time to wipe before Gray returned, ripping a condom open with his teeth.

"Do you want it?"

"It? Oh!" Sex? He meant sex, right? Sex with Gray! "Um, yes?"

"Good. Bed or bath, your pick."

Natsu realized playtime was over. "I'm still a mess."

"Bath it is."

Gray grabbed Natsu harshly and practically threw him into the bathtub again. Natsu just barely stopped himself from a face-first collision.

"Hey, bastard…"

"Shut the hell up," Gray growled. "Spread your legs. Now!"

Natsu saw him roll the condom onto his leaking cock. Being tossed around, manhandled, and ordered around … it made his heart race with salacious desires. So weirdly arousing! Then Gray took the shower head, detached it from its holder, and turned the water on hot.

"Turn around. I'll clean your ass."

Natsu did, and Gray changed a setting on the shower head to a high pressure pulse. Water jetted out and onto Natsu's rump. That hot water, after all the cold ice, burned his skin like no fire ever could. He shouted again, and then Gray's body pressed up against his.

"How are you this damn erotic, Natsu?" he whispered. "You're never like this in the guild. How are you so fucking hot?"

The shower head hit his ass again, like a fire hose against flames, and Natsu tensed up with a cry.

"So … fucking … hot," Gray repeated slower, growling insanely. "Just warning you, this is going to hurt."

"Make it burn," Natsu challenged.

Gray smirked. Still feisty, after all that?

He twisted the shower head until the water came out as a light drizzle and returned it to the clamp that held it up near the water pipe. It rained down on the two, a warm wetness that tickled Gray's body. Their hair, stiff from sweat, plastered down as rivulets of water streamed over Natsu's bronzed body.

"You're probably not prepped as good as you should be, but I can't wait," Gray warned. "Spread your legs more."

Natsu did, and he felt that stiff hardness press against the crack of his ass.

"No, wait," Natsu warned. "My hands. I … I need to be restrained."

Gray looked confused. "Even for this?"

"Especially for this," he whispered. "I can't lose control. You have to take it. You have to force it out of me."

Gray groaned at what he was asking. "Force it, huh? If that's what you need."

He grabbed Natsu's wrists with an iron grip and slammed him painfully against the tiles of the bathroom wall. The bathtub was right next to a window, and standing like this, Natsu could look out into the night. It was too dark to see much, but there was a street lamp that lighted a small orange circle of sidewalk.

"If someone comes by, they can see your face," Gray said in a low, dangerous tone. "I wonder what sort of face you'll show."

"Exhibitionist!" Natsu snarled.

"Damn right I am!"

Then suddenly, Natsu felt Gray enter him. It was hot, scorching compared to the ice that had been in him just a minute ago. Natsu cried out as that massive cock pierced into him. It hurt! It burned! It felt so … damn … good!

Gray did not wait, and he did not go gently, despite knowing it was Natsu's first time. He rammed in hard, stretching him, forcing his way in. The shower water and the lingering cold moistness within was all the lube he had. Gray did not stop. He pulled back, and then slid in deeper. Natsu cried out in what was surely terrible agony, but Gray no longer listened to the shouts. Only one word mattered.

Natsu had better not say red. Not now. Gray was unsure if he could stop.

His hips tensed as he thrust in, pinning Natsu's chest to the tile wall, his hands trapped above his head, and Gray listened with rapture as that sexy roar echoed through the bathroom. If there truly had been anyone on the street below, they would have heard the sound of a man losing his virginity.

And it was delicious!

Natsu pulled. No ice restraints this time. It was only Gray's hand, but his fingers crunched into Natsu's wrists. There would be nasty bruises come morning.

The thought of those bruises, those little badges of their lust, made Natsu quiver inside.

"So … hot," Gray snarled as he pounded in.

"Gray, touch me," Natsu moaned. The cold tile that pressed against his cock was annoying and did not give him the friction he needed.

"No," Gray growled.

"Please!" Natsu screamed.

"No, I'm … coming!"

Natsu shouted in protest. No! He was not anywhere near close. Yet he felt Gray's haunches stiffen, his cock rammed in hard, and hot—so hot—fluid filled that latex condom, expanding it. That heat was like a relieving balm to a sore pain. Natsu shivered as heat was allowed back inside his body. He felt Gray's head rest against his shoulder, and cold puffs of air frosted his back.

He was still horny. Hellishly horny! "Gray?" Natsu whined.

"I know," Gray assured him. "That was greedy, but I needed it, and I'm not done playing with you."

Natsu felt a thrilling spike through his nerves. Not done?

Gray pulled out. Blood now dripped down Natsu's thigh, only to be washed away by the shower. Gray grabbed a washcloth and, being as gentle as possible, he washed Natsu clean. Then Gray turned off the shower. They were both dripping wet, and Natsu saw no towels around.

"Go back to the bed," Gray ordered.

Natsu looked at his body covered with pearls of water. "Like this? Wet?"

"Yes." Gray eyed that toned body, and his gaze lingered on the aching erection. "Like this. Don't worry about it. It's not like you get cold."

He had a point.

Natsu padded back to the other room and laid down. Gray took a moment longer, needing to dispose of the condom first. When he walked back in, Natsu's breath caught. Gray looked devilishly sexy, with his wet hair hanging in his face, that sculpted body, the scars of battles, and the swagger in his steps. And his smell! Natsu knew Gray's smell well, like mint and pine trees and snow. Now, there was a deeper scent to his aroma. Gray smelled of…

Cinnamon? Campfire?

He smells like me! The thought pleased Natsu, but it also brought up the wild, animalistic, territorial side of him. He is mine!

Natsu shook his head. He hated that side of him, a deep inner personality that wanted to dominate, destroy, claim, ravage, fuck…

"Gray," he whispered. "Restrain me again."

Gray saw in those lowered eyes, this was more than just a kink. For Natsu, this was a necessity if he wanted a sexual encounter.

"Hands up," he ordered, and Natsu quickly complied. "Now, legs up. Hold your ankles."

Natsu was confused by this. Instead of being above his head, he had to reach down to get his ankles. Luckily, his years of missions and fighting left the Dragon Slayer shockingly flexible. He grabbed his ankles, and immediately Gray grabbed Natsu's feet. With a light blue glow, Gray formed bondage that not only trapped the wrists, but the feet as well.

"There." Gray smiled with immense pleasure. "You're helpless now."

Natsu shivered and let out a soft moan as he realized Gray was right. No arms, no legs, folded over himself, trapped…

Gray pushed Natsu's hips, rolling him upward, until Natsu rested on his shoulders. Then Gray bent down on the bed, spread Natsu's butt cheeks apart, and examined the tiny opening. "Nice and clean now. The only thing that's been in there is my ice and my cock. Mine!" He leaned over and kissed the tiny hole. There was still some blood, and Gray wiped it aside. "I hurt you earlier. Sorry about that. I promised you a reward if you got all ten ice cubes inside. So here it is."

Gray laid two kisses on each of Natsu's butt cheeks. Then he licked right over the bruised and sore hole. The Dragon Slayer flinched and squirmed at the moist, warm feeling.

"Whoa, wait … what?" he shouted. Gray is licking me … down there. He's kissing my asshole.

Natsu could hardly help but laugh loudly. "Oh my God, you're actually kissing my ass!"

Gray glared through the space between Natsu's legs, where his head was still on the pillows, although the rest of his body was contorted. "Do you think that's funny, bastard?"

Suddenly, Gray slapped Natsu's butt. The raucous laughter stopped sharply, and Natsu's eyes widened.

"Holy … damn," Natsu whispered.

Gray watched the reaction with puzzlement. This was something else he wanted to try, but he had figured to leave spanking and—oh, how sinfully scrumptious—maybe even whipping and paddling until a later time, after Natsu had a chance to consider the world of pain and pleasure Gray could offer him. However, those huge eyes and the stunned expression mixed with a deepening flush all showed that Natsu enjoyed it, but his brain had not fully registered how a hit could feel good.

"I'm trying to give you a special present, yet you laugh at it. That's very rude. You should be scolded."

Gray drew his hand back dramatically and slapped Natsu's ass again.

"Yaaaaargh!" Natsu cried out in a strained gurgle. "Damn … Gray!"

"You've been disobedient," Gray said in a dire tone. He spanked Natsu again.

Something like a hiss and a snarl bubbled out of Natsu's throat. "More!" he screamed.

"Che! Why should I give you something you want?"

Instead of spanking him again, Gray pulled his pinkened—and now tender—butt cheeks apart and licked again. Natsu jolted almost out of the rolled position Gray had folded him into. Then Gray pressed his tongue in. It was nowhere near as filling and scorching as his whole cock, but that lapping tongue gliding in and out of Natsu's ass made him cry out with ecstasy. It was smooth, slippery, wet, and warm. Instead of pain at being ripped open, this was pure and utter pleasure.

"Gray." He whinnied like an animal in heat. "Touch me!"

Instead, Gray spanked him again. With his tongue inside, he felt Natsu clench tightly at that.

"Gray!" Natsu shrieked.

"Maybe I should spank you until you come," he teased.

"No … touch … please," Natsu begged breathlessly.

Gray kissed Natsu's sack softly. Finally, he reached around and gripped the thick shaft. "It's hot," he hissed as his hand stroked the full length.

"Bite … bite me," Natsu gasped. "Not the big bite at the end. Little bites."

"Like this?" Gray asked, and he leaned over to his chest and nipped on the perky pink nub.

Natsu let out a string of cries mixed with profanity. "Mmm … Make me!"

Gray glanced up in confusion while still holding the nipple in his teeth.

Natsu was sweaty and flushed. "Force me." His eyes cracked open and looked down. "I … I won't … want to come. Make me!"

Gray's eyes darkened. The restraints on Natsu's ankles cracked apart, and Natsu unrolled from the awkward position. Before he could moan in relief, Gray slammed Natsu's hands against the headboard and roughly forced those hot feet apart with his own cold legs. Natsu felt ice creeping over his skin. Slowly, from his feet and his raised arms, the ice crackled inward, covering ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, on to his thighs and shoulders. Ice covered half the bed, leaving Natsu partially encased. Only his hips, torso, neck, and head were free.

"You are completely mine, Natsu," Gray said in heavy tones. "This body…" He rubbed his hands up and down the chest and stomach, avoiding all sensitive areas. "…is under my control. Do you understand? I will make you come when I want you to come. I will deny it if I want, or I will force it." He leaned right into Natsu's ear, whispering his velvety threats. "I will ravage you, and rape you"—Natsu gasped heatedly at that—"and make you beg. Fight me, Natsu. Fight me all you want. Your body is mine, now."

He could see that his words, sweet as honey and dripping with poison, affected Natsu's body. Now, it was all about mental state. Natsu needed to think, on a subconscious level, that he was not in control, when in reality Gray had to watch carefully, judging every untold command. Right now, those eyes, like some feral creature, were daring Gray to keep the Dragon Slayer captive.

Gray reached down and stroked the stiff, hot cock. At the touch, Natsu's spine arched up.

"No!" Natsu yelled. "Stop!"

It was all psychological, and Gray had to remind himself of that. "I'm gonna make you come, Natsu."

"No!" he snarled, and Gray saw a flash in those narrow eyes.

"Whether you want it…" He grabbed Natsu's hair and yanked the pink strands up hard, snapping Natsu's head up. "…or not!" Gray licked from Natsu's Adam's apple up to his chin, over that, and to his lips.

Natsu yanked on the icy binds, and Gray watched with wry amusement. What a complex little dragon he snared! One minute he was begging for it, the next he was fighting against it. Gray released Natsu's pink hair roughly. Natsu surged at him, pulling forward, and his teeth snapped. Not even thinking, Gray slapped him across the face.

"You better enjoy this," he whispered darkly.

Then he slid down to the waiting cock. Natsu tried to shake his hips, but they were trapped. Gray smirked as he felt flames on Natsu's skin, yet his ice held. He had developed this particular type of ice to withstand Natsu's flames in their fights. It regenerated, so no matter how Natsu melted it, it froze again and became harder. There was no way Natsu could break free.

He wasted no time. Natsu had a need, and Gray desperately wanted to fulfill it. He took Natsu's cock into his mouth, sucking, swallowing, using his hand to rub the base, while his fingers occasionally stroked his balls.

"Stop!" Natsu yelled. "Oh God, yesssss!"

Needing release, yet not wanting to lose control: the two forces clashed in Natsu's mind as he felt that cold yet hot mouth pump him, that hard tongue stroking, those icy hands rubbing … all of it was Gray, and … forced! He had to let his mind think that. He wanted it, of course, but his body fought the release building inside.





Fight it!

Natsu roared out, and Gray's mouth pulled off.

"No!" Natsu gasped. So close … so very close…

"Didn't I tell you? I'll only let you come when I want it."


Natsu pulled more, but Gray's hand still held on to his dick. His body slipped up the bed and rested on top of that burning body.

"I believe there was a request." Gray sounded so arrogant, it pissed Natsu off … and turned him on!

Gray's hand was rough on Natsu's cock, yanking, squeezing, stroking long and fast. Natsu's hips bucked at the hand. He wanted more. He wanted harder. He wanted it to end. Now!

"Gray!" he screamed.

Suddenly, that cold head was against his neck, and Natsu felt teeth bite down into his skin. Being marked! Him! A Dragon Slayer! It was the ultimate form of humiliation, to be marked by another. Those teeth were not strong enough to break skin, though, and that was a small victory for Natsu because…

His teeth could!

With no warning, Natsu leaned into Gray's shoulder and chomped … hard! His canines pierced, and Gray's scream mixed with Natsu's snarl. Natsu sucked on the bite and lapped up the blood. He tasted the hormones of lust and sex in that blood. A delicious flavor! It drove him over the edge.

Need, greed, desire, passion: it all burst out in white ribbons of fluid.

Finally, Natsu released his bite, and Gray pulled back. Blood still streamed from the piercings, and Natsu licked his lips in satisfaction.

"Bastard! You didn't warn me about that part."

"I said I might want to. I didn't know if I'd do it or not." Natsu shrugged. "Never done this with a partner before. I only knew what I've always craved. That was pure instinct."

"Your instinct sucks!" Gray reached to his shoulder, but when he felt wetness, he pulled his fingers back up to see them shiny red. "Shit, I'm really bleeding."

"Release me," Natsu ordered. "I'll tend to it."

Gray let the ice go, and Natsu slowly moved his weary body. He turned Gray around to inspect the bite. Pride surged in him again. Gray had marked him, but he marked the Ice-Make wizard deeper. Natsu licked the streams of blood, and then licked over the punctured wounds.

"That's probably filled with bacteria," Gray grumbled.

"Shut up. It heals."

"Dragon Slayer saliva heals?"

"Only when we're like this. Igneel told me about it. Dragon saliva heals after sexual arousal so the dragons can tend any wounds given during the fight of coupling."

"Your dad taught you about dragon sex? Sheesh!"

"Igneel taught me lots of things." Natsu smiled fondly, lapping at Gray's skin. The wound had already begun to heal, but he liked the salty taste of Gray's skin. "I need to hold you now."

"Need it? I should clean you up. You have cum all over your chest."

"Lick it!" The tone in Natsu's voice left no room for argument.

"Che! And here I thought you were a perfect submissive." Gray did not argue, though. He licked Natsu's chest, cleaning away the sexual residue.

Natsu watched him eating up the cum, and warmth spread over him. A mate cleans up the mess, and the dragon protects the mate, cures any wounds, and stays with the mate until both recover. Maybe Igneel told him that too, or maybe these were instincts whispered into Natsu's brain. Whatever the case, Natsu stroked Gray's hair as he watched his mate clean him. Then Gray looked up, and he leaped on top of Natsu, forcing him down as his tongue thrust in.

That tongue! The tongue that licked his nipples, thrust into his ass, sucked his cock, and now it was bathed in Natsu's own cum. The Dragon Slayer moaned as that naughty, busy tongue shared all those tastes with him.

Natsu grabbed Gray and hugged him close. "Enough," he whispered tiredly. "I really need to hold you." Definitely, it was an instinct. To hold. To love. To protect his mate.

"You're a weird bastard," Gray muttered, yet he did not mind too much. Natsu's arms were a little too hot, but they were strong and comforting. Was it some pheromone Natsu was giving off that made Gray so immensely sleepy?



"Can I sleep here?"

"Mm-hmm," Gray agreed.

"Good. Gonna sleep. And Gray?"

"Gmmm," he moaned in annoyance.


Gray smiled, and he nuzzled into that hot chest. In under a minute, both were asleep, wrapped in one another's arms.

End of Chapter 1


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