Scouts Honor Awards

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„I’d like to welcome all of you at the first edition of the Scouts Honor Awards,” said tall man, dressed in black cape, as he entered the long, round scene. Audience welcomed him with applause. Numerous demons, monsters and other enemies of Sailor Scouts were sitting there, awaiting the show.
“Just like promised, month before all of you here get a poll. Today we’re gonna announce the results and you’ll be pleased to see them at your own eyes. We were able to gather all Sailor Scouts. It’s been few years since they finished their career, they’re bit older than they were, but sill hot, you’ll see. You don’t have to be afraid, they’re powerless and none of them is threat for you anymore. They’ll be here only for our fun tonight.

Another long applause filled the hall. When the last clapping silenced, caped man looked at the audience, saying nothing but building the pressure. Noticing that they’re burning from impatience, he smiled.
“All of you were waiting for that moment, I’m sure of that. So, let’s welcome our first guest. According to your votes, Sailor Mercury!”
Blue haired girl walked on the stage in her white and blue uniform. She smiled and waved to the gathered crowd. Everything was totally against her will, but none cared. She was told to behave or she’ll be simply murdered. She had no other choice then but to do what she was told. Just behind her was tall, muscular African man dressed in trousers and white shirt.

“Welcome, Sailor Mercury” said caped man “You don’t know it, but here I have a card with the voices that came for you. You’re smart, but today you’re gonna learn another lesson. And…” he waited for two more seconds “You were chosen to be…” two more seconds… “Anal slut!!”

Black man grabbed surprised Mercury. She was struggling, but his arms were strong as steel. Without any problems he ripped the lower part of her uniform. Soon audience could listen to the pain-filled cries as his mammoth size cock filled her ass, slowly making its way inside. Mercury was crying, tears were running down her cheeks as the black man was slowly fucking her ass. His hands were clamped on her body like a metallic handles, forcing her to move according to his will.

Audience started to whistle, clasp and root for a man who was butt fucking most intelligent of the Sailor Scouts. Cheers were almost as loud as her screams. Caped man stood in the corner for few minutes, letting audience enjoy the view of the blue haired girl being mercilessly sodomized by this big man’s dick. They were clearly enjoying the show. But it was just a first part. So he walked on the centre place of the stage again and lights turned to him.

“Our next winner… or rather winners, are none else but the Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus!” he made a wide move with his palm, introducing two well known lesbians. They walked together and both were stunned when they saw Sailor Mercury crying with the big, fat cock invading her smooth ass.

“For public demand, those two lesbians gonna learn how is to make sex with real men! Ladies, if you please…”

Lights moved on the two chairs that appeared on the stage. On each of the sat tall man. Hesitantly, both scouts approached those men and sat on their laps. Soon after they were riding their cocks hard. Men hugged them and started to kiss Uranus and Neptune. Having no other choice, they were kissing men back. Their bodies rocked against men’s. In the same time Mercury was moaning, as she was moving up and down huge pole, having her ass royally fucked.

Audience cheered, having more and more fun, seeing three scouts being fucked stupid. For Neptune and Uranus it was double humiliation, because they were lesbians and had no sex with males in their lives. But since they had simple choice – obey or be killed, they were doing the best, no matter how deeply they hated it. Lights again turned to the caped man who stood in the centre of the stage.

“Thank you, thank you, two more to go, but even more are waiting. Can you guess who’s gonna be next? Probably no. So, let’s not wait anymore and welcome Sailor Jupiter!”

Green clad Scout entered the stage with two women, both dressed in, leather dominatrix uniforms. She stopped, seeing what happened to her friends. Before she could do anything to help them, one of the women kicked her with her shining heel. Jupiter fell on the stage.

“As you know, she was quite a tomboy. According to your votes, we’ll teach her obedience!” man had to stop, because audience wanted to see what’s going on. First dominatrix grabbed Jupiter’s hair and moved her on her knees. She revealed her pussy and pushed Jupiter’s face to her crotch.
“Lick me, slave!” she commanded and Jupiter had no other choice but to use her tongue to please the woman. In the same time other dominatrix showed huge, spiked strap-on to the crowd. Minute later she used it to nail Jupiter’s pussy. Imprisoned between two women, Jupiter could only lick pussy, while her own pussy was rammed with long plastic pole.
Uranus and Neptune already lost their tops and their naked boobies were rubbing against men’s chests. Both scouts were riding cocks like whores in the heat. Mercury’s ass was spread to the painful degrees, but man that fucked her was far from finish. Her cries were more silent now.

“Four down! Isn’t it great show?” caped man once again took his place in the centre of the stage, looking at the audience “Everything is getting hotter, so let’s make it burn! Please, welcome hottest of all Sailor Scouts, warrior of fire, Sailor Mars!”

Black haired girl in red heels entered the stage, lead by the short, fat man. Symphony of cries and moans welcomed her and for a long time she stood there, watching debauchery of her friends. But man who stood beside her just put his palm on her head and forced her to kneel in front of him.

“You all know that Sailor Mars is famous because of her foul mouth. So today we’re gonna make a good use of her mouth. I bet you know what I mean!” caped man withdraw to the corner of the stage again, letting the audience enjoying the show.

Sailor Mars did her best to hide disgust, when the fat man made her to suck his cock. Well, it was better to give head than to lose head, she thought while taking the dick between her lips and sucking it. Fatty stroked her long, black hair, while she was working on his pole, sucking it like a vacuum cleaner. Her eyes were burning with anger, but she couldn’t do anything to prevent it.
In the same time man that sodomized Mercury, finally came. He moved her up, his cock withdraw from her tormented ass and torrent of sperm started to run on the stage from between her buttocks. Uranus and Neptune were moaning loudly, men were pinching their nipples while they were fucking two lesbians. Jupiter could only groan silently, because her face was pushed deeply between her mistress’s legs. Second woman was now not only fucking her pussy with strap-on but occasionally spanked her ass with her gloved palm.

“This gives us five scouts down. I know you’re waiting for more, but first, let’s have a word from them!” caped man approached Mercury who sat on the man’s lap. She was breathing hard and sperm was still dripping from her ass. Man’s hands were on her tits.
“How do you like it?” asked caped man, moving microphone to her mouth.
“Please…” she said with pain in her voice.
“Be a good girl and say “anal”, or I’ll rip those nipples” whispered her rapist to her ear and pinched her dark nipples with his fingers, twisting them painfully.
“Aaaaahhh!!!! Anaaaaaal!!!! Anaaaallll!!!!” cried Mercury.
“As you can hear, she already wants more” smiled caped man and moved to the Uranus and Neptune. Sweat shone on their faces while they were riding cocks like a good whores.
“Cock good, isn’t it?” he asked Uranus. Dyke’s face shown her mixed feeling, but she finally agreed.
“Yes, very good!!!” she moaned.
“Nice fuckee-fuckee?” he asked Neptune next.
“Fuckee-fuckee!!!! I luv fuckee-fuckee!!!” she moaned to the microphone with delight in her eyes. Smiling, he moved to the Jupiter. Dominatrix freed Jupiter’s face from between her legs and grabbed her by the ponytail.
“Say how much you like it, whore” she said with cold tone.
“Yes… I like it a lot!” Jupiter confessed to the microphone, being afraid of what might happened if she’ll say otherwise.
“Say you’re a worthless, submissive slut” added dominatrix behind her.
“Yes, I’m a worthless, submissive slut!”
“I guess this explains everything” caped man bowed to the crowd and moved to the Sailor Mars. He moved microphone to her working mouth.
“Slurrrp… gulp… gulp… slurrpppp” everyone could hear wet sounds of Mars’s blowjob.
“This is better answer than any word” said caped man and returned to the centre of the stage.

“But, like I said, this is five down and leaves five to go. We gave another duo now. They were both very bad girls in the past. Let’s welcome, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi-Moon!”
Youngest scouts entered the stage, but to the audience surprise, they were both in their mature age. Chibi-Moon looked like Dark Lady, while Saturn had shapes of Mistress 9. But they wore Sailor uniforms. They were accompanied by the two tall, dark skinned women. Both scouts were looking with shock and disbelief at the stage, listening to the cries and moans of their fellow scouts.
“Like I said, those two were very bad girls in the past. I think all of you knew what’s best for bad girls and your votes says it clearly. Ladies, if you please…”

Yanking two scouts by their long hair, women moved to the two chairs. They sat on them and made Saturn and Chibi-Moon to lay on their laps with their asses exposed. Woman that owned Saturn had a paddle, while Chibi-Moon’s mistress had a belt. Audience welcomed double spanking session with loud cheer. Paddle and belt were falling on their asses, leaving red marks on their soft skin. Both girls tried to act bravely, but soon they were both screaming from pain.
Mercury, thanks to her public declaration of love to anal sex, had to accept another round of rough butt fucking. Uranus and Neptune made their men came and were forced to clean their dicks with their mouths. Jupiter’s face was covered with juices, but she was still licking pussy. Woman with strap-on forced her to come two times, but she could hardly feel it, although her own juices were running down her thighs. Mars was too busy with cock sucking to even notice what’s going on the scene.

Audience couldn’t take its eyes of the scene, following debauchery of the seven scouts now. Symphony of the cries, moans, groans and slaps filled the hall, mixing with cheers. “Fuck her”, “Suck!”, “Spank her!” were heard from the crow.

“If you counted well, we have three scouts left” caped man entered his place once more and lights focuses on him again “Our next guest is bit unlucky. She lost her planet status few years ago. I guess you all know who I’m talking about. Let’s welcome minor planet, Sailor Pluto!”

Tallest of all scouts, dark skinned Pluto entered the stage. She opened her mouth from shock, seeing her seven friends in various, yet always degrading positions. Dressed in sweatpants only, tall man who looked like bodybuilder, approached her and without any words grabbed surprised woman and pushed her on the scene. With loud “rip” he torn upper part of her uniform, revealing her large breasts.

“As you can see, she might be a minor planet but I doubt if anyone would call such boobies minor” caped man said and withdraw to his corner, letting the audience enjoy the view. Man sat on the Sailor Pluto and revealed his huge cock. Pushing it between her big breasts, he grabbed them and started to tit fuck her in the most rough way, causing her to cry from pain as her mammaries were brutally massaged.
Mercury moaned during her second butt fuck. Her ass was now in better shape but it was still painful. She was saying “Anal! Anal!” from time to time when man pinched her cute nipples. Uranus and Neptune switched their men and rode the cocks again. Jupiter’s face was now buried in her mistress’s ass. Other woman used her strap-on to penetrate Jupiter’s cute butt. Saturn and Chibi-Moon had their ass all red and some could notice wet stains on the lower parts of their uniforms. Both girls were still crying from pain. Sailor Mars received her first mouthful of cum. She was forced to swallow it all. Man gave her few seconds to catch her breath and then made her to lick his sweaty balls.

“We’re slowly coming close to the final. Let’s invite one of the most popular scouts, the one who get so many votes that we could hardly guess which award will be best for her. Ladies and gentlemen, Sailor Venus!”

Cute blonde entered the stage. She always loved being in the centre of attention, so despite her situation, she blinked and blew the kiss to the crowd, causing even lauder cheers. But then she stopped, noticing whole show on the stage.

“Being popular has good and bad sides” continued cloaked man “Being so popular like you means that you have lot of fans. We decided to let some of them meet you… deeper”

After those words whole gang of black men entered the stage. Sailor Venus found herself caught and for a minute or two audience could see nothing, because men gathered around her. Soon audience heard her cries and sounds of ripping material. Her heels and pieces of her uniform flew into air and fall between the crowd gathered around the stage. Minutes later everything was done and audience could see Sailor Venus being literally gang banged. Her ass, her pussy, her mouth, her tits, even her feet – black men paid attention to each part of her body. None could ever hear her cries now, because her mouth was gagged with black cock.

Mercury’s poor ass was clenched around the big dick that penetrated her cute bum. Most intelligent of the scouts had no idea how to stop it. Her whole world was reduced to the cock in her ass and cries “Anal! Anal!”. Neptune and Uranus were riding their cock so hard that none would ever guess they’re lesbians. Jupiter’s doms switched their positions, but it changed nothing for her. Once again she had to eat pussy while her ass was fucked with strap-on. Sailor Mars finished balls licking and returned to the cock sucking, bobbing her head back and forward. Trails of cum run down her chin. Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi-Moon had already their ass cheeks red as a bricks, but merciless spanking continued. Pluto had her face slapped numerous times, dick was placed between her boobies and men rode her hard.

“So, nine to go… It’s easy to guess who’ll receive final award of the Scouts Honor Awards!” said caped man, returning to his place “I know that all of you were waiting for this moment… So, let’s not make you wait any longer. Here she goes! She’s the one named Sailor Moon!”

Storm of applause and whistles filled the hall when Sailor Moon entered the stage. Tears shone in her blue eyes as she had to watch her friends being raped and tortured and she could do nothing to prevent it. Their cries and moans echoed in her ears.

“So, you’re the one who started everything, you’re the that get most votes and you’re the one who’ll receive ultimate Scouts Honor Award” said caped man to the Sailor Moon “there were so many of the suggestions about your award that we really had a problem to choose it. But we decided to stay with the classic. There’s nothing better and more classical for Sailor Moon than a good, old… tentacle rape!”

In the same moment out of the stage few tentacles appeared and grabbed surprised Sailor Moon, immobilizing her instantly. Crowd cheers as her uniform was torn into pieces and tentacles started their work, invading Sailor Moon’s ass and pussy, gagging her screaming mouth and twisting themselves around her firm boobs, squeezing them painfully. Some showed interest in her feet, ticking Sailor Moon soles. She was hanging in the air, being target of the typical tentacle rape.

Mercury get second load up her ass. This time her rapist made her lick his cock first, enjoying the view of Sailor Mercury sucking cock that was in her ass before. Neptune was screaming “Fuckee-fuckee!!!” as she rode dick like a cowgirl. Uranus was sharing passionate kisses with a man. Sailor Jupiter was licking her mistress’s heels, with strap-on in her pussy again. Sailor Mars get a facial and her face was covered with dripping semen. Some if thick stuff messed her hair as well, but she had to suck cock once again. Saturn and Chibi-Moon were only sobbing, they’d do anything to stop cruel, painful spanking. Sailor Venus was barely visible in the crowd of her rapist, some could see her legs rising high and her hands, as she was giving a handjobs. Sailor Pluto had already face and tits covered with semen and man forced her to service him with her lips.

Show continued for a good hour. Men and women were switching their prey, so each of Scouts get the same treatment: anal rape, skull fuck, spanking, gang bang, tit fuck, tentacle rape and more. After an hour of intensive sex show, all girls were left alone. They had to stand in the line, one beside another, although some had visible problems to stand on their legs. Cum was dripping out of their holes. Most of them were nude, some managed to keep their boots or some pieces of their clothes. Girls had to bow deeply to the audience and express their gratitude.
“Thank you for taking good care of our bodies” they said together, hoping that this is last part of their torment.

“So ends the first edition of the Scouts Honor Awards” caped man moved in front of the tired scouts “But please, don’t leave your sits. We’re gonna have a party now” as she was talking, some men moved stocks on the stage. Each Sailor Scout was locked in them, so their palms and head was at the one side, while the rest was on another.
“I know you’re waiting for it, so here you go! We have all night and you can have your fun with them now! Please, form the lines and enjoy them as much as you can” he said, pointing Sailor Scouts locked in the stocks. Loud cheer, louder than all previous filled the hall as the crowd moved from the sits on the stage, approaching helpless Scouts who could guess that this is gonna be really long night.

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