Burning Desire

BY : Imasuky
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Burning Desire

Delphox sighed deeply as she watched the flame at the end of the stick she always carried. Normally, looking into it would bring her comfort, showing her visions of things that would, or could be. But as of late, she had been unable to divine the answer to one question that was far more important than any other, and for one who was so used to having answers for every issue, this was a deeply unsettling feeling.

“Something troubles you, sister.”

Delphox looked up to see her elder half-sister Blaziken. The two shared a father, and had been raised side by side with both of their mothers. For a moment, Delphox mused on the fact that to a human, such a family would be very strange, but for Pokemon it was very common. Her current problem, though, was strange for human, Pokemon, or anything else.

Delphox chuckled softly. “Yes, and a very complicated one, at that,” she answered, tucking her stick away. She stood, looking up at her sister. Blaziken stood a few feet taller than her, and her figure was much more imposing, due to the fact that she, like all of her kind, was gifted with great physical strength. And her sister in particular was very strong; even through the thick layer of downy feathers, her powerful muscles were clearly noticeable.

Delphox could feel a distinctive heat building in her belly, a very different kind from the flames that she controlled so naturally.

“I...I have something I need to take care of," Delphox suddenly declared. Before Blaziken could question her, she left.

Entering into a clearing, Delphox gathered a new batch of sticks and lit them all, creating a small bonfire. Sitting down on an old tree stump, she began gazing into the flames. She began to speak. She was not reaching out to any source, talking more to herself than the fire itself.

“I know it is strange, perhaps even wrong, but I have fallen in love with my own sister.” The flames merely crackled. “We are siblings, and female in addition. Any union between us would bear no fruit.” She sighed heavily. “And aside from that, I do not think I would be a good match for her. While I do possess great power, I lack the same kind of strength.” Again the fire merely popped and sizzled.

Picking up a twig from the edge, Delphox twirled it lazily through the air, tracing shapes, thinking back to when they were younger. She couldn’t remember exactly when it was that she had first realized that her feelings for her sister were so much more than normal sisterly affection. She knew she had felt this way even as a Fennekin. As far as she could tell, she may very well always have been like this.

Without thinking, she began to draw pictures of Blaziken in the air with the glowing ember. As she did, she could feel that strange and familiar heat building up in her belly.

Delphox extinguished the twig and looked around, even extending a bit of her power just to be sure that no one was near. Once assured of her solitude, she brought one paw up to her mouth and gave it a quick lick to get it damp. Dipping down to her waist, she parted the thick fur of her “skirt,” and soon enough she revealed her cunny.

The fur right around it was already staring to get a bit matted from dampness. She began to slowly rub herself. As she did, she pictured Blaziken...the other day, she had seen her sister practicing her moves, her sleek, powerful body moving so gracefully, powerful bursts of flame accompanying every strike.

“So that’s why you’ve been acting so strange,” her sister’s voice suddenly snapped Delphox out of her pleasured haze. Her mind raced for something, anything to say; she was so confused that she didn’t even think to move her hand away from her quim.

“How...” she finally managed to speak.

“Fighting types like me aren’t good against Psychics, but I’ve spent enough time around you that I know a few tricks, like how to hide my presence,” Blaziken said, walking toward her sister, who was still frozen on her seat, paw between her legs.

“How much did you hear?” Delphox asked, still unable to bring herself to move her paw.

“Everything,” her sister answered, leaning down. Her large, rough claws gently brushed Delphox’s paw away, and then over the sensitive area. The vulpine gasped sharply. “Truth is, I’ve had the same kind of feelings for you myself. I think it might partly be because I was picking up on your feelings...but trust me, this is something I want, too,” she continued, as she gently stroked a single large digit over her sister’s cunny.

Reaching up Delphox, wrapped her arms around her sister’s neck, pulling her in close. She cooed weakly as her sister continued to stroke her delicately. She had already been fairly worked up, and the roughness of Blaziken’s scaled hand was incredibly stimulating against her flesh. Combined with how gentle she was...it made it far too good, and it was only a few minutes before Delphox let out a whining yelp as her muscles seized up, and she came. As she climaxed, her sister pressed her thick finger very firmly against Delphox's furry pussy, letting her orgasmic spasms violently rub her against said finger, increasing her pleasure through her climax.

Once Delphox was done, and breathing heavily as she basked in the afterglow of her pleasure, Blaziken lifted her hand up and licked her sister’s juices away.

For a few moments, Delphox was in a complete stupor. Everything happening at once like this was more than she could fully process.

“I’ve talked with some of the older Pokemon, and it seems that siblings getting together isn’t that uncommon in some species, nor is it unheard of for two of the same gender," Blaziken said in a calm voice. Delphox was again brought back to reality by her sister’s words.

“Really?” she asked.

Blaziken nodded. “But was can talk about it more later. For now, let’s just have some fun,” she said, running her hands down her own body, parting the feathers between her legs to reveal her glistening sex. Pushing aside the more complicated thoughts for later, Delphox decided to just give into the lust that she had been fighting for so long.

Instantly she buried her snout into her sister’s quim, inhaling her scent as deeply as she could. The heady musk pushed her already lust-driven mind even farther over the edge. Lifting her head up ever so slightly, Delphox looked her sister in the eye before she began to lick. Bringing her paws up, she stroked Blaziken’s thighs softly, enjoying the downy feel of her feathers.

Blaziken gently stroked her sister’s head as she licked and slurped away at her cunny, making soft, cooing chirps as the pleasure washed over her. As good as it felt, the thing that she enjoyed the most was that she no longer had to hide her feelings for her sister, and vice-versa.

As Delphox explored every fold and crevasse of her sister’s pussy, she could feel her natural powers instinctively reaching out and connecting their minds, forming the same bond that all psychic types have with their mates. The avian girl gasped at the sudden sensation of her sister’s mind contacting with hers. Due to her Fighting Type, she was even more susceptible to it, and it made the feeling even more intense.

The bond was fairly slow to start, more physical than anything else at the moment. Delphox could feel her own tongue with every lick, as though it was herself she was licking, except that the spots of pleasure she hit were definitely Blaziken's, placed as subtly uniquely to her as they were to any woman. Using this, she was able to find the most sensitive spots more easily, letting out whimpers of her own to match the happy squawks her sister gave every time her tongue struck a particularly pleasing place.

It didn’t take very long before Delphox was able to bring her sister to climax, and herself, as well, from the wave of pleasure that hit her at the same moment. The pleasure was overwhelming for Delphox, greater than even before, and it was all she could do to hold onto her sister's back leg spurs to keep herself upright and in place to keep eating Blaziken's pussy through the orgasm, and drinking her hot, faintly sweet cum as she did so. Blaziken, to Delphox's amazement, managed to keep herself standing, even as her body quaked in pleasure and she screamed out in ecstasy.

(She truly is amazingly strong!), Delphox thought to herself, shaking in pleasure.

Breathing heavily, Blaziken finally lowered herself once she was spent, hugging her sister tightly. “That was...so intense,” she murmured softly, sounding out of breath.

“Well, the bond is still new. It’ll take time before either of us gets used to it,” Delphox answered softly.

Blaziken gave a clucking chuckle. “Well then, why don’t we take advantage of its intensity while we can?” Blaziken suggested, gently pushing her sister down to the ground.

Delphox reached out and gathered some moss and such to make a pillow for herself. Beckoning, she had her sister straddle her so that their slits lined up. Fur and feather rubbed against each other, creating a wonderful, intense feeling that echoed in each woman, doubling the lovely pleasure. As they ground together, both sisters began to create small flames around and upon them, that did little more than tickle each other pleasantly. Due to the bond, as well as how much each had wanted this, neither realized that their union hardly lasted a full minute before they came. To their pleasure-soaked, emotionally-overwhelmed minds, it seemed to last for hours, as did their joint climax.

Overwhelmed both physically and emotionally, they fell asleep in each other's arms, their mutual heat keeping them warm throughout the night.

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