Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina

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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, that belongs to Nintendo. The only things I own are the Human Characters in my story. I do not make money off of this.

Extended Disclaimer: I want to thank Slash_Firestorm, megadeth425, and Felix for writing their wonderful stories. Due to you three, I am going to try my hand at writing fanfics.

Part of this chapter was inspired by what happened in Luca's Saga, by Felix.

Chapter 1: The Journey FINALLY Begins

Littleroot Town, Hoenn Region, Daelin Taiyo’s home…

The sun starts to shine through the window as the alarm clock starts to go off. Daelin Taiyo reaches over to turn it off, noticing that it’s 7:00am. He then cuddles back up to his Combusken, Pyrosis, rubbing her slit to wake her up. “Pyrosis, it’s time to wake up… sexy bird.”

Pyrosis yawns and chirps, then begins to moan as her slit starts to get wet. “Combus… comb…”

“Oh dear… looks as if I’m turning you on…” Daelin chuckles, “Whatever shall we do?”

Pyrosis rubs against Daelin’s cock, getting him nice and hard, and causing him to moan. Pyrosis then turns her head to face Daelin and smiles mischievously.

Daelin grins from ear to ear and says, “As you wish, my Fire Queen.” He then kisses her softly on her beak and gently slides into her slit…

Meanwhile, at the home of Gina Mer…

“Ugh… I hate the sun… why does it have to be SO bright all the time?” Complains Gina Mer as the sunlight wakes her up. She then rubs against the Marshtomp holding her from behind. “Hey Swampy, wake up!”

“Marsh…” Swampy yawns and licks his trainer’s face, causing her to giggle.

“Oh Swampy stop, you’re going to make horny.” What Gina doesn’t say is that she already is a little horny, but she’s also kind of hungry.

Swampy gives her a look that pretty much says “And your point is…?” causing Gina to giggle more.

“Oh alright… I’ll give you some love…” Gina says as she rolls on top of Swampy and slides his already hard cock into her wet kitty, causing both of them to moan in pleasure…

In the house between Daelin’s and Gina’s houses, aka, the home of Leila Green…

“That feels so GOOD, Tarzan!” Leila Green screams at her Grovyle while they’re in the shower.

“Gro, grovyle gro.” Tarzan pants as he pounds his trainer in the backdoor, while her front is pressed against the wall, rubbing her hard nipples with his fingers.

“Oh yes… more Tarzan, more! Make this the best shower EVER!!!” She screams as she cums, causing her muscles to tighten around Tarzan’s cock inside her backdoor, which causes him to fill her.

They stand there panting, before they start washing each other, which occasionally causes the other to cum again…

Later, at the entrance of Littleroot Town and the start of Route 101…

“Gina, Leila!” Daelin yells as he finally makes it to the edge of Littleroot Town.

“Daelin! It’s 11:00am, you’re over an hour late!” Gina yells at Daelin, noticing the fact that Daelin is wearing his normal carpenter style blue jeans, orange shirt, and fedora, but also notes that his fedora isn’t quite sitting on his head properly and that he’s carrying his bright red backpack in his right hand. She also notices that his Combusken, Pyrosis, is limping slightly, causing her to smirk a little. “What happen, did you and Pyrosis try the backdoor finally?”

Leila starts to giggle and blush a little.

“I… uh… sorry I’m late, ladies…” Daelin mutters softly, blushing a bright red. Then notices that Gina isn’t wearing her normal outfit, but instead blue jean shorts, a blue and brown plaid shirt, and a brown handkerchief on her head, he also notes that her breasts aren’t sticking out as much as they normally do and that she has her dad’s camouflage backpack.

As Daelin opens his big mouth to ask Gina what happened to her breasts, Leila asks “So Daelin… how do I look?” Leila spins around, showing off her short green skirt and tight green tank top, and almost dropping her pink hat. Daelin also notices that Leila has her grass green backpack with her.

“You look… great, Leila.” Daelin smiles at her, causing both of them to blush slightly.

Gina and Swampy roll their eyes while Tarzan stares daggers, knives, and even swords at Daelin. “Ok you two, you can go at it like animals AFTER we’ve made camp for the night, ok?”

Both Daelin and Leila jump, having forgotten about Gina and Swampy. “We’re just friends!” both of them exclaim at the exact same time, causing them both to blush even more.

“Ugh, let’s get going before I decide to just go on this journey alone.” Daelin and Leila nod, and start to follow Gina down the path.

Five hours later, at the end of Route 101 and the southern entrance of Oldale Town…

“Finally we’ve reached Oldale Town!” Daelin exclaims seeing that they’ve reached the town. “Let’s go to the Pokemon Center to get our Pokemon healed up, and then head over to the PokeMart to get Pokeballs, Potions, and Antidotes before heading west to Petalburg City.”

Gina nods her head and Leila yells “You’re so smart Daelin!” Causing Daelin to blush and Gina to roll her eyes again.

“Get a room…” Gina softly mutters under her breath, just quiet enough that her traveling companions don’t hear her, but Swampy does, causing him to chuckle softly.

The six companions, three humans and three Pokemon, run to the Pokemon Center and get there just in time to see a spectacle that none of them were prepared for….

“All of you commonfolk, listen to the words of the great King Richard!” A woman yells out to a crowd of about a hundred people. Her clothes resemble that of a priestess or nun, and she has whitish blonde hair, almost no tan, and stands just over five foot. “The great King Richard is looking for recruits to help in the fight against the thieving Team Rocket from Kanto and-“ She notices Daelin, Gina, and Leila walking up. “You three, you all look like talented trainers why don’t you join the fight?”

The three stand there, surprised that anyone would call them "talented", especially since they look like they just got started on their journey.

“Sorry… but we don’t have very many Pokemon yet… but if what you say about this Team Rocket is true… then we’ll keep an eye out and let you know if we see them.” Daelin finally says after a couple minutes, the woman’s words finally sinking in.

The woman pushes through the crowd and stand before Daelin, studying him before smiling and introducing herself, “I am Cardinal Claria, the Bishop of Team Chess.”

“I am Daelin Taiyo and this is my Combusken, Pyrosis” Daelin introduces himself before letting his companions introduce themselves.

“I’m Leila Green and this is my Grovyle, Tarzan.” Leila introduces herself as well.

“My Marshtomp here is Swampy, and I’m Gina Mer.” Says Gina, finishing the introductions of our young party.

“Well… you three seem to have a certain quality that I haven’t seen in a long time not since-“ Claria starts to say.

“Claria, who are these three children?” A man says, coming up behind Claria. He stands at just under six feet, has a nice dark tan, blonde hair, and mystical blue eyes, and he wears an outfit that looks just like what Robin Hood would wear, but only blue.

“Oh, Sir Collins, there you are. These children are Daelin, Leila, and Gina, and their Pokemon are Pyrosis, Tarzan, and Swampy.” Claria responds to the man, smiling softly and looking up at him. That’s when Daelin and his friends notice that Claria’s eyes are almost purple in color. “I was just talking to them about Team Rocket and they seem to understand that we can’t have Pokemon thieves running around our fair country of Hoenn.”

“Ah, it is very nice to meet you three.” Sir Collins tells our three heroes, then notices a glint in Daelin’s eyes and pulls out a Pokeball. “You there, Daelin right? You remind me of me when I was your age… I’d like you to have this Pokemon.” He hands Daelin the Pokeball, who looks at the man in complete shock.

“Are… are you sure, sir?” Daelin stammers, looking into the man’s eyes, but seeing no deception.

“I am, Daelin… the Pokemon in that ball is a Riolu, a Pokemon normally found only in Sinnoh, and her name is Silna. Take good care of her.” Collins smiles before turning to Claria. “Now Claria, we should go, it’s almost time.”

“Of course, Sir Collins, but first…” Claria pulls out two Pokeballs and hands one to Leila and the other to Gina. “I wish you both to have these Pokemon. Leila, that is Belle, a Ralts, and Gina, that is Rex, a Larvitar.”

Claria and Collins turn around and walk away, leaving our three heroes completely dumbfounded, even Gina, who is normally not prone to being surprised.

The three snap out of it just as Claria and Collins turn a corner and yell all at once, “Thank you Cardinal Claria and Sir Collins!”

“Wow… a Riolu… talk about rare! I was actually going to go see if I could go find one after I get a couple badges… I love Fighting types, after all…” Daelin tells his companions.

“And I was wanting a Larvitar… and Leila, didn’t you just yesterday tell me that you wanted a Ralts, specifically a female Ralts?” Gina asks Leila while studying the Pokeball in her own hand.

“That’s… that’s right, Gina. Why is your memory so good?” Leila responds.

“Because her head is always in a book… while Swampy has his way with her.” Daelin smirks, whispering so that only they can hear him, earning a smack upside the back of his head from Gina.

“Very funny… now let’s go inside and get our Pokemon healed.” Gina growls at Daelin, while blushing softly, wishing that he only knew how she felt about him…

Our heroes go inside where they’re greeted by Nurse Joy.

“Greetings, how may I help you three?”

“We would like our Pokemon to be healed, Nurse… I’m sorry, but I don’t your name.” Daelin says, completely missing the fact that the Nurse has a name tag.

Nurse Joy giggles softly, “You must be new to traveling, I’m Nurse Joy, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“And you as well, Nurse Joy.” Daelin says, handing over his Pokeballs after withdrawing Pyrosis. Leila and Gina do the same.

“It will be about an hour before your Pokemon are healed up, feel free to take a look around or something.” Nurse Joy informs our heroes.

“Thank you Nurse Joy, we’ll be back in an hour then.” Gina responds before heading to the door.

When she reaches the door, she realizes that Daelin and Leila aren’t following her and turns around, finding them both staring at Nurse Joy’s ass. She groans, rolls her eyes, and walks over to them, grabbing their respective ears. “Ok you two, let’s go to the PokeMart and stock up on supplies.”

5:45 PM, at the PokeMart…

“Hey Gina, how many Potions do you think we need?” Daelin asks over the top of the shelves, while Gina is looking at the Pokeballs, figuring out how many they’ll need.

“How much are they?”

“Three hundred PokeDollars.”

“Alright… make it six, for now.” Gina yells back, grabbing a dozen Pokeballs at two hundred PokeDollars each.

Right at this time, Leila comes flying around the corner, almost running into Gina. “Gina, look at this ADORABLE Teddiursa doll I found!” She exclaims, holding the doll out for Gina to see.

“It’s… cute, I guess…” Gina says, as Daelin walks around the corner.

“Leila, did you find any Antidote, Parlyz Heal, or Awakening?” Daelin asks, before noticing the doll and realizing that Leila wasn’t even looking for the medicine. “Don’t tell me you were only looking at the PokeDolls.”

“Fine… I won’t.” Leila smirks, before running off to put away the PokeDoll and grab two of each of the three items.

“Now why do you have crush on her, Daelin?” Gina asks Daelin.

“I… uh… what do you mean, Gina?” Daelin stutters, blushing.

“Oh give me a break, I see how you stare at her ass…” She says, then softly mutters to herself, “I wish you’d look at me like that…”

“Well… she has a nice body, is it wrong for me to appreciate that…? I do the same to you some-“ Daelin instantly stops speaking, realizing what he was about to say, and blushes profusely.

Gina blushes, catching what Daelin was about to say, she then stands on her toes, giving Daelin a soft kiss on the cheek, blushing even more.

“I have the medicine, guys… uh… what’s wrong? You’re both as red as Tamato berries.” Leila returns, while carrying the medicine they’ll need for the road.

“We… nothing… Daelin was just telling me about his relationship with Pyrosis… and the perverted things they do at night…” Gina mutters, regaining her composure.

“Yeah, that was… hey now! What about the things you do in the forest with Swampy, Gina?” Daelin retaliates.

Gina realizes that Daelin saw what she and Swampy did the night before, and kicks herself for doing it so close to his house… Though she was kind of hoping he'd see and join them...

“Uh… anyway… I have the medicine… and it’s been over an hour… so shouldn’t we check out and return to the Pokemon Center?” Leila says, deciding to break the tension.

“You’re… you’re right, I’ll go pay…” Gina grabs the baskets from Daelin and Leila, heading to the counter, Daelin and Leila following her, both of which are now staring at her ass…

“Your total is… 5300 PokeDollars. By the way for every ten Pokeballs you buy, we’re also handing out a Premier Ball, which is essentially just a differently colored Pokeball.” The checker informs Gina.

“Ok… so we have twelve Pokeballs, at 200 PokeDollars each is a total of 2400 PokeDollars… eighteen more would be… 3600 PokeDollars, bringing our total to 8900 PokeDollars…” Gina says, doing the math in her head, before looking at Daelin.

“I’ll go grab another eighteen, then. Be back in a flash.” Daelin runs and grabs another eighteen Pokeballs before returning, without breaking a sweat. “Here you go.”

“Ok, that will be 8900 PokeDollars.” The cashier says, after adding the new Pokeballs to the order, and starts packing everything into bags, then puts in three completely white Pokeballs.

Gina pays the man, while Daelin grabs the bags, heading out of the PokeMart, with Leila right on his heels, and Gina pulling up the rear, thinking about what Daelin said… “Well… she has a nice body, is it wrong for me to appreciate that…? I do the same to you-“ Gina blushes again before asking, “Hey guys… it’s almost six o’clock… why don’t we see if we can stay at the Pokemon Center tonight?”

Daelin and Leila stop and turn around.

“Why not, how does that sound to you, Leila?” Daelin responds.

“Sounds good to me…” Leila agrees.

At the Pokemon Center, 6:10 PM…

Our heroes return to the Pokemon Center, and while they retrieve their Pokemon Daelin asks, “Nurse Joy, is there any open rooms so that we could stay here for the night?”

Nurse Joy looks up nervously and says, “Well… we only have one room that only has two beds available, will that work?”

Daelin looks at Gina and Leila.

“That will be just fine, Nurse Joy.” Gina states, drawing surprised stares from both Leila and Daelin.

Nurse Joy shrugs, puts their information in, and hands them the key to room 203. “You’ll be staying in room 203 tonight, check out is at noon tomorrow.”

Ordale Pokemon Center, Room 203, 6:20 PM…

“Ok, what’s wrong Gina?” Daelin asks as soon as they enter their room and lock the door behind them.

“I… noticed you were both staring at my… my ass when I went up to pay…” Gina states, blushing, also causing both Daelin and Leila to blush, realizing they were caught. Both of them open their mouths to respond, but then Gina speaks up, “So… I decided that, since you’re both my oldest friends, and that we’ve known each other for almost nineteen years now… that I’d like you both to be… my firsts… I mean, my first humans… since you both already know about Swampy and me…”

Daelin and Leila look at each other, then rush over to Gina, giving her a big hug at the same time.

“If that is what you want… and Daelin is ok with doing the same thing with me… then I would be more than happy, Gina.” Leila says, giving Gina a small kiss on the cheek.

Daelin blushes, now fully realizing that his two best friends had been appreciating his body this whole time, and wanted to share him. “I… think we should talk to our Pokemon first, though… I don’t want Pyrosis to think that I don’t care about her anymore…”

Leila and Gina nod agreement, and the three of them release their Pokemon.

The three seventeen year olds hesitate, seeing their respective first Pokemon staring at them.

“Pyrosis… Gina and Leila have informed that they would like to try to do the same things with me that you and I do…” Daelin tells his Combusken.

“Combu, combusken.” States Pyrosis, running up to both Leila and Gina, perfectly ok with sharing her trainer with them. Both of them sigh with relief.

“Gro… grovyle!” Growls Tarzan, not at all happy, thinking that he’s going to lose his trainer to this… human.

“Now Tarzan, you realize that this means we can do the things that we’ve only seen on those sites if this happens, and I thought you wanted that.” Leila tells Tarzan, slightly hurt.

“Gro?” Leila nods to Tarzan.

Tarzan walks over to Daelin and punches him in the shoulder. “Gro, grovyle, gro grovyle!” Tarzan warns Daelin.

“I promise not to hurt her, Tarzan.” Daelin responds, rubbing his shoulder.

“Marsh, marshtomp?” Swampy simply asks.

“Swampy, of course I love, and you’ll always be the one I love the most… but I want to know what it feels like to have a human partner…” Gina whispers into her Pokemon’s ear, hugging him close.

“Comb… combusken, busken…” Pyrosis says to Tarzan and Swampy, winking at them, then climbs onto one of the beds and lies down expectantly.

Daelin stares at Pyrosis, dumbfounded, for a minute before he is able to speak. “Pyrosis… have you been wanting to have sex with both Tarzan and Swampy for a while now?”

Pyrosis nods, causing both Swampy and Tarzan to look at each other, then both of them jump onto the bed with Pyrosis. Tarzan cuddles up to Pyrosis from behind while Swampy does the same from the front.

Leila and Gina start giggling like a couple of school girls, then Leila asks, “Should we get something to eat before we have some fun and let those three enjoy themselves for a little bit in privacy?”

Daelin snaps out of his surprise and looks at Leila, then at Gina, then back again. “That’s fine with me… I guess.”

Gina nods and the three humans leave the room to the sounds of their Pokemon going at it like a couple of sex crazed animals.

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