Rise and Shine

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Warning: story contains forniphilia (turning humans into objects). If you don't like it, stop reading now, for your own good.

Sailor Jupiter - Rise and Shine

Everything was returning to her, but very slowly. She could feel, she could smell, she could touch… but she couldn’t move. Opening her heavy eyelids, Sailor Jupiter saw the ceiling. She was laying on the some kind of the table. No matter how much she tried, her body was numb. She could breathe and look, but no more.

Gathering her memories, Jupiter tried to understand what had happened. She had been on a date. That man, what was his name? She couldn’t remember. They just met yesterday. He was older than her, maybe five or six years, but she had always had a thing for mature guys. Her teenage crush was an upperclassman, after all. They met by accident, but found surprisingly matching each other. When he said that he’d love to meet her again, she blushed and agreed. So, they had a date, and then…

The more she tried to remember, the harder it was. Yes, they went to the café, they had chat, they danced and then he offered to drive her home. She loved the way he talked, he danced. He treated her like a real lady. A younger guy would probably have tried to steal a kiss, but he was a true gentleman. She accepted his offer, went to his car and… What happened then? She couldn’t remember. There was a black hole of oblivion in her memory.

She heard steps. No matter how hard she tried to move her head, she couldn’t do it. The steps were getting louder and soon she saw a face lowering above her. His face. Sailor Jupiter tried to say something, but only a wordless groan left her mouth. She couldn’t say a word! What happened? Was it his work? She cursed. Why did all her romantic interests have to end so wrong?

“Welcome, Makoto, or should I say, Sailor Jupiter?” he said, looking in her green eyes “Yes, I knew that you were one of those Sailor Scouts. I’ve been following you for some time and found a perfect opportunity to catch you. Forgive me for playing on your feelings, but it was just the easiest way to get you. You would probably like to rise, to smash me and ask some questions then? Well, it’s impossible. That drug I put into your coffee has immobilized your body for 24 hours. It’s much more than I need.”

Lowering his hand, he placed his palm on her thigh and slowly moved it up, brushing her delicate skin. Sailor Jupiter groaned. His hand touched her womanhood, protected only by her white uniform. Brushing her body, he went to her belly, then up, to her perfect, round breasts, tracing his finger between them. It climbed up the left mound and pushed her nipple.

“You have a perfect body, Sailor Jupiter”, he said, “Way too perfect to be disposed. I'm happy that we meet now, when you're 18, true flower in the full bloom.  I have to admit that I almost fell in love with you. Your amazing shapes almost made me break my work code. Almost. I had to struggle with all my strength. You’re an object of art. So, I can't simply kill you. It’d be a horrible waste to give you cement shoes…” his hand touched her green boots “or to slit this pretty throat”. With those words his fingers danced on her neck.

She was shocked when she heard that he talked about killing her. It sounded like he was talking about making dinner or playing a game. Was he a madman? No, she always imagined mad guys as giggling, salivating maniacs with big eyes. And this one looked very normal, way too normal to be a madman. But it didn’t make him less dangerous. This man was a threat to her life. But she couldn’t do anything, even move a finger to defend herself. She could only listen to him, to those terrible words spoken with such a calm voice.

“I’ve been wondering what to do with you, Jupiter. I was paid to get rid of you, to kill you. But when I saw you for the first time, I had doubts. No, killing you wasn’t an option anymore. But I’m a pro too. I can’t just go to my employer and say that I refuse to do what I was paid for. It’d ruin my reputation. I’m sure you understand me. So, I’ve been struggling with options. And I think that I found the best way to deal with this problem. I won’t kill you…”

Jupiter sighed in relief in her mind. She had been sure that he was about to kill her. She had almost gotten used to that terrible idea. And now he said that her life would be spared.

“No, I won’t kill you…” he continued, “But I’ll make you stay with me forever. How, you ask? I learned that you’re a strong woman, independent and brave. If you’d have a smallest chance to escape, you’d try, right? Of course, there are ways to tame even the strongest women. I even know some slave trainers. But I want to keep you like that. And I don’t really care about slave training. It won’t be necessary to keep you with me forever.”

Bad thoughts returned. She was just happy that he wouldn't kill her, but now he gave her another reason to feel unsure. What was his plan? She was sure that he’ had some wicked idea. But in her worst nightmares she couldn’t imagine what would happen next…

 “Let us start. I already prepared everything”, man smiled and turned back, to present long, metal pole. He spread Jupiter’s legs a bit and placed it between them. Producing a knife, he tore the lower part of her costume, carefully enough not to hurt her skin. The hole was rather small, barely visible. His fingers slid inside, playing with her cunt, making it wet quickly. The whole situation was dangerous yet strangely arousing for her. She watched with growing horror as he took the pole and pushed it inside. The dildo shaped end went smoothly up her pussy. He moved it deeper. She wanted to cry, because it started to hurt. Finally, he stopped. She could feel cold metal inside her body. What was his plan?

The man took a big metal wheel and screwed it to the other end of the pole. Then he took some kind of collar. He snapped it around her left ankle and fastened it. It was really tight. Using a short pole he connected the collar with the main pole. After doing the same thing to her right ankle, he produced two more collars, much wider. They came to her thighs. Finally, the main pole was secured and attached to her body.

“This might be painful and quite uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it, Jupiter”, he said, admiring the efforts of the first part of his work. Then he grabbed her and put the whole construction on the floor. Jupiter was forced to stand, her feet stood on the metal base attached to the pole. The dildo shaped end was deeply inside her and the collars were painfully clenching her skin. The man looked at her from all angles and once again placed her on the table, but this time she was on her stomach.

“We’re moving to the more painful part, but I’m sure that a strong girl like you will endure it”. He cut the material of her outfit once more, this time between her ass cheeks. Using his spit as lube, he pushed his finger inside, loosening her anus a little. Jupiter couldn’t see anything, but suddenly she felt something really big pushing inside her rear. She would cry like a hooter if she could. The man had to use more strength to force that thing all inside her ass. But he managed to do it and finally only a single wire came from between her ass cheeks. He connected the wire with the other one, coming from the stand of whole construction.

“See? We did it” he said, slapping her ass softly “I know it hurts, but you’ll eventually get used to it. You’re a strong girl, aren’t you?”

He turned her on her back again and once more produced a knife. Cutting the wholes on her uniform, he freed her big breasts. She was always proud of them since her boobs were biggest of all the sailor scouts. The man cupped them with his palms and caressed them a bit. He paid bigger attention to her nipples, playing with them till they were hard as rocks. He took them between his fingers, pinching them and making sure they’re hard and ready.

“Now, this might hurt too…” he said, taking a needle and using his lighter to make it red. Sudden, sharp pain hit her body when he drove the needle into her left nipple. Wasting no time, he placed a ring in the newly made hole. The touch of cold metal mixed with pain. Jupiter would have cried a river if she could. And then, without any warning, the same thing happened to her right nipple. When rings shone in both her nipples, he took a handful of wire. Soon both rings were connected with the stand.

Jupiter was more and more worried. This was getting terribly serious. Whatever his plan was, she became aware that she wouldn’t be able to escape. But what was his plan? To make her a statue or something? She had no idea. Still paralyzed, she could only witness his work, feeling that something very wrong was yet to happen.

“Ok, this ends the painful phase, I think” the man smiled, looking at her face. Sailor Jupiter would yell, curse or cry if she could. But she could only watch as he took a leather collar and placed it around her neck. It was tight. Then he planted a kiss on her lips.

“You have beautiful lips, Jupiter. So juicy and kissable. Let’s give ‘em something to work on”, with those words he produced big gag, with a penis shaped dildo. Opening her mouth, he forced dildo inside and then locked the gag around her head.

Involuntarily, Jupiter had to accept that big, rubber thing inside her mouth. Then the man once again took his whole construction and placed it on the floor, standing. Sailor Jupiter could see a wall in front of her. She also noticed some pages and pictures on the desk. She wanted to cry when she recognized photos of her and her friends. But she could do nothing to alarm them.

Her position wasn’t comfortable at all. Collars around her ankles and tights kept her safe from being impaled by the metal pole, but it wasn’t nice to have her pussy and ass stuffed with those big things. Not that he cared about it. Manipulating her with the collar around her neck, he pulled her head back till her eyes were finally pointed at the ceiling.

“We’re getting close to the point” he said, admiring her look. Her slim, beautiful body was in the full glory now. But it wasn’t end. There was still lot to do. He took a light bulb and put its end into the hole in her dildo gag. Her lips could feel the touch of the metal, as she was screwing the bulb into the gag.

“I think I owe you an explanation”, he finally said, “Since I admire your beauty, I want to keep it safe and for my eyes only. You will become a human lamp, Sailor Jupiter. Since your power allows you to create electricity, you will be the perfect energy source. Think about all those power plants – you’re much more ecological than all of them.”

She wanted to beg, to protest, to cry, to do anything that will stop him from making this terrible plan into life. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t even look into his eyes, because her head was forced up and she could only watch the ceiling. The man took a big piece of latex tape and started to wrap it around her body, hiding the whole construction under the shining wall of black tape. He left her boobs hanging freely and covered her all down her neck. Soon she was hid in tight, latex cocoon, only her tits and head were free.

“We’re slowly reaching the final stage”, he said, “So, it won’t hurt to explain you rest. Your only goal now is to produce energy to make light bulb shine. But since you’re known for your strong character and stubbornness, I doubt if you’ll do it willingly. Luckily, I found the way to make you do it.”

He produced remote and pushed the button. Sailor Jupiter felt a strange feeling inside her ass. That thing he pushed inside before! It was flat before but now she could feel spikes growing from its sides. She would cry like never before if she only could. In panic, she did what she was told and used her power to turn the light bulb shine. In the same moment the spikes returned inside the dildo.

“So, seems that you understand well. If you want to save your body from pain, just make the lamp work. Otherwise you will be punished.  If you are a good lamp, I’ll even reward you sometimes. But it all depends on you. That’s all you should know. Now, for the final touch…”

He pushed the button off and light went down. Then he removed the bulb and took a leather mask. It had holes for her mouth and ponytail only. He forced the mask on her head. When he did this, she couldn’t see nor hear anymore. She became deaf and dumb. Then he installed a green lampshade on her head.

Moving back, he looked at the effect of his work with growing pride. She looked amazing. Her green boots, brown hair and bare tits were the only visible signs that it was Sailor Jupiter. Someday he might cover them with black latex as well, but now he wanted to keep it like that. Turning his new lamp on, he sat in the armchair, studying the info about other Sailor Scouts. His flat was always empty, so it wouldn’t hurt to get some new furniture…

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