Sailor Scouts VS. The Mad Doctor

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Ami Mizuno had just graduated college and was awaiting an important job interview. After what seemed like years battling evil, life had mostly gotten back to some semblance of normalcy. The scouts still battled the occasional daemon but nothing compared to the vast empires and organizations of her high school days. Naturally she graduated at the top of her of class and was offered a research job at the relatively new Siren Pharmaceuticals, a major up an coming medical corporation. Their CEO was also their head researcher, the Doctor something of a celebrity with his breakthroughs in curing several diseases. If the interview went well, she would have her own department and a generous salary, really what more could she ask for?

Dressed professionally in a pale blue business suit and matching dark skirt, Ami appeared every bit the brilliant young woman she was. Despite being extremely attractive, Ami regularly dressed to downplay her looks, too often her friends exploited the natural gifts their abilities gave them in their daily lives and appearance, she would do no such thing. Despite this, she was nervous about the interview, public speaking was never her strong-point.  Her nervousness had been somewhat subdued by the free flavored water, it was delicious and a minty taste and just seemed to settle her nerves so well. 

Hearing the door open, Ami smoothed her skirt and stood up, hand out ready to shake the man's hand. Seeing him entered the room, Ami was surprised at how....normal he looked. Well not unprofessional in his lab clothing....he just seemed so bland. Shaking his hand, Ami was startled at its strength, she blushed at how dominant it seemed, her lack of focus had clearly made her forget how powerful the man was, she desperately hoped he did not notice how flustered she just was.


Hello Ms. Mizuno, I must say it is an absolute pleasure to have you here. I know you came here expecting an interview but I had already decided to hire you before you even responded to the job offer, rarely does a mind like yours come along and I would wish nothing more than to have you working here as fast as possible. If you are still interested in the job, follow me to the elevator and I will show you to your lab. I suggest you take a bottle of water with you, a series of experiments currently operating have made the floor quite hot to work in." Extending his arm for her to grab, Ami locked her arm around and followed well grabbing the water, its wonderful taste only adding to her joyous mood at the news of her getting the job. She was so happy with the news, she was oblivious to how unprofessionally she had latched on to the Doctor's arm, more like that of a woman in love than employee and boss.

Casually running her hand up and down the doctor's arm they stepped into the elevator. "Forgive the wait but your lab is on the 40th floor, this will take a minute." Ami just nodded well taking another few sips of the water, when she got to her office she would have to ask what company made the drink, it just tasted so good, not mention making her feel great. Some soothing elevator music kept on playing as the elevator passed the 35th floor and Ami was almost disappointed when they started moving again, just being alone with the Doctor had been such a wonderful experience.

Leading her lab, Ami immediately realized it was at hot as the Doctor had warned, with a smell she could not quite remember ever having in any lab she been to in University. Taking a big gulp of the water, Ami's eyes were droopy by the time the Doctor sat her down on a reclined chair  in the middle of her lab, before she even realized it headphones were on her head and a video was playing.

Ami smiled as a picture of the Doctor appeared on the screen, his posture was so much more dominating and his voice had a tone of command in it that completely focused her mind on his words.

"Employees at a Siren must follow the rules at all costs, failure to obey will only cause pain to yourself and others. Good workers obey and productive workers are happy when they obey. Follow the Doctors orders and you will be a good worker. Bad girls will be punished, until they learned to follow order like a good worker and obey."

Ami nodded at the Doctor's words, they were so simple, so true, those who did not follow orders were obviously bad people. A good works obeys and Ami knew she was a good girl who does what she is told.

"This company is at the forefront of several fields of medical science, there may be times when orders may seem odd, orders that cross a moral line, whose effects seem dangerous, you must carry them out. We are successful because the employees who came before you understood the rewards of obedience and the necessity to obey the orders of their superiors in knowing what was right. You may feel uncomfortable at first but be assured the company knows what is doing. If you cannot obey the orders of a Doctor, who can you trust?"

Ami nodded at the words, the message being buried deep into her mind. The video continued reinforcing the message as the Doctor began placing restraints over her ankles and wrists well cutting away her suit, the first of two pivotal moments arriving, the drugs and subliminals up until know being potent but temporary. The next step would begin pushing Ami to a point of no return from his control. Ami barely twitched as the last of her suit fell to the floor, she was ready.

"Now that you are working for Siren, you must prepare your body and mind for the chemicals and compounds you will be working with, this may seem unpleasant but remember all employees are ordered to do so, and they were all the happier for obeying. Every employee goes through this and in the end they feel so good about doing so." Ami just continued to nod as a pair of large phallic devices were lowered onto over her body. The Doctor injected a needle into Ami's neck relaxing her body as the specially prepared dildo's entered her pussy and mouth.

Ami began to protest at the sudden intrusion but was quickly distracted by the doctor massaging her breasts well the dildo's settled into position. Any more protests were cut off as cum-tasting compound was forced down Ami's throat. Gagging Ami was almost shocked out of her trance until her the second device came to live and began vibrating in her pussy, the stimulation was too much for Ami and she relaxed once more, barely remembering that she was told this would be unpleasant and she would feel better before it was over.

"Once you build up a tolerance, you will not even remember it being unpleasant, you will understand how it all leads rewards in the future. A little pain for pleasure, even the pain goes away if you only focus on the pleasure and how good it tastes to have your body accept the changes it is exposed to."

Ami just giggled at how right the Doctor was, the two specially designed dildo's repeating the action dozens of times until Ami received as much euphoria from the cock in her mouth spewing as she did the feeling in her pussy. Eventually the vibrations in her pussy stopped and Ami continued to lick around the dildo is her mouth, the very action now synonymous with pleasure. Ami gasped as the devices were removed and whimpered in protest at their removal. Ami was placated as a a specially designed mask with a phallic attachment was placed over and into her mouth and nose, her lips instinctively  sucking the drug filled tip in reaction. A pleasant smell flooded her through her mind from gas through the mask, leaving her hopelessly stimulated and suggestible.

"What I'm now going to show you is important and your eyes should focus totally on watching it well you remember to obey the words completely. After this is done, your orientation will have only one more step. Remember Listen, watch and obey.

The video began to pulse with lights and sounds as the Doctor was joined by two woman on the screen. The two woman a brunette and a blond were dressed in nothing but fetish gear and lab coats, black shiny vinyl undergarments showcasing every curve of their bodies, their faces utterly enraptured by the touch of the Doctor along their bodies. They did not protest as he positioned them onto x-shaped tables, nor the insertion of the vibrators into their pussies. Both girls were squirming in pleasure as the Doctor began to caress their bodies. Each was begging him to enter them personally. They got their wish as a second copy of the Doctor appeared on screen and moved into position.

Ami barely registered her arms and legs being pulled by metal limbs until they the formed the x-shape, her body now upright and the Doctor holding her from behind. Her entire being quivered in anticipation as she felt his rock hard cock along her ass.

The two woman now began chanting in unison as the doctor began entering them from behind:

"The Doctor Know best, the Doctor knows best, the Doctor is strong, we can do nothing but obey, the Doctor is strong we can do nothing but obey, we work for the Doctor, we love and obey, we work for the Doctor we love and obey, we are sluts for the doctor who work and obey, we are sluts for the doctor who work and obey, whores are sluts and whores obey, whores are sluts and whores obey, sluts work and sluts cum, sluts work and sluts cum, sluts cum and sluts obey, sluts cum and sluts obey, cum and obey, cum and obey, CUM AND OBEY!" 

As the they climaxed so did Ami, her mind rocked by a massive orgasm, only the metal arms preventing her knees from buckling. The doctor reinserted the vibrator into her pussy and steadied the  mask onto Amy's face as the headphones kept on imputing commands into her brain, the mask periodically forcing her to swallow more of the artificial-semen in time with the vibrator. Hours finally passed before the Doctor deemed her ready for the second phase, her mind was shattered, now her will must be as well.

As both devices were removed Ami felt a hand under her chin, a look of absolute delight as she realized the Doctor was still there to help her understand what she needed to do. The Doctor was so powerful and dominant and he was willing to let her work so closely for him, she was so lucky, she would be his slut....his whore......anything to feel so good.

"Ami we can have no secrets, tell me is their anything that would prevent you from working, knowing that working under me and obeying my commands gives such a great reward?" 

"I have a secret Doctor but her power is yours to do command." Grabbing her wand she transformed into Sailor Mercury, her blue colored Sailor Suit pristine as she showcased herself for the Doctor. The subservient and sexual posture of the transformation completely at odds with the pure righteous power she represented.

The Doctor was momentarily panicked by the transformation: he had recruited Ami for her brilliance, not for her powers, still the brainwashing had clearly taken hold, no other choice but to follow though with the plan.

Grabbing Ami, he ordered her to place the vibrating dildo in her pussy and to crawl on her hands and knees, the girl shivering at the pleasure she felt and following his words. The Doctor led her to a doggie-bowl filled with the same drugged water she had earlier and than ordered her over to a trough of the same semen-like substance he been feeding her for hours. As she approached it, he swiftly entered her for behind, Ami's eyes going wide and her body and mind was rocked by the sudden pain and pleasure, a wave of white goo splashing all over her suit.

"We cannot have a uncleanly work environment Ms. Mizuno, you will have to strip naked until we find something more appropriate." Ami did as she was told, swaying her body as she understood the Doctor enjoyed every bit of her increasing nudity. Each piece of clothing that was removed was sucked dry of the semen she could no longer get enough of. She swayed her hips and gyrated until the the last piece of clothing hit the ground. As she removed the Tiara, the Doctor motioned to hand it over. Grabbing a chain from his box of toys, he attached it to the tiara and fastened it around her neck as a collar well leading her back to the trough. He motioned her to continue you eating as he massaged and grabbed her ass, receiving moans of pleasure in return.

"Do you like are newest supplement? It may look and taste like semen but it is actually a potent and addictive aphrodisiac derived from samples of various daemons that have been recovered over the years. The best part is the human body can only identify the taste of the drug so anyone who consumes it becomes addicted to semen just as much as they are the drug, but you love the taste of it and I know you love what the Doctor describes next."

Jerking her chain well grabbing her ass, eliciting another round of moans, the Doctor prepared to finish. Whatever resistance that may remain would be gone as soon as Ami came this last time.

"Ami, I want to you to focus on everything I have told you, I want to obey it without question, once you cum, you will be mine forever, you will work and obey as my slut and whore until you die. Focus on me, focus on pleasure, The Doctor knows best, the Doctor knows best Ami."

Taking out the vibrator he positioned himself, Ami's eyes rolled back into her head as he entered her pussy, all the conditioning up until this point making the feeling of his actual cock inside her utterly amazing. Every thrust was punctuated with a command, his order clearly in her mind and as he increased the pace it implanted deeper and deeper. All resistance had disappeared, only an employee, a servant, a slut, a whore for the Doctor remained. As his thrusts got harder, Ami's mind shattered, he would be hers with but a word.

Sensing his climax, the Doctor made his final command, "Who you do love, serve and obey?"

Feeling his seed enter her, Ami's body erupted with pleasure, she screamed her answer, "The Doctor!" Collapsing in exhaustion, Ami went near limp against the Doctor's chest, nuzzling sweet nothings as he caressed her. Her mind body and soul now his.

"This is only the beginning Ami, we are going to have so much fun." The Doctor smiled, he started the day hoping for the power of a young woman, now he had the chance for the power of the greatest heroines on earth.

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