Shun's Past

BY : KarmaKazami
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Disclaimer: I do not own bakugan nor Ace or Shun but i do own Nicoletta and Dameon.Nor am i makinh profit off of bakugan New Vestroia

A young half bakugan half human girl named Hannah stood in the corner her black hair covering her light brown eyes which were watching her mother who was giving birth and Hannah took a look at her baby brother she was holding it was Jack the soon to be middle child of the Kazami household.Her father Dameon was nowhere to be found and Hannah ran from the corner to her mother.

"Mother!" Hannah said 

"Hannah call the hospital"Shiori a scream Jack ran over to his mother.

"Mamma" Jack said

"Its okay Jack your siblings will be here soon" Shiori said

A smling doctor lifted a black haired light brown eyed baby girl out of the womb of Shiori.Tears streamed down Shiori's face.

"There we go" Dr.Spedding said as he handed Kamryn to Dameon and reached in to grab the other baby but couldn't pull him out.and Dr.spedding called out to the nurse and toold were brought to him to bring the baby out.Finally the doctor got the boy version of Kamryn out and handed him to Shiori.

"Shun" Shiori said reaching her free arm out for Shun.Her arm went limp and it fell the sound of a flatline filled the room and the nurse took Kamryn and Shun from Shiori and went to Dameon.

"Names please"

"Kamryn Elise Kazami" Dameon said then his eyes fell on Shun and glared "Shun Kazami" he said finally then left the room.Worried the nurse took Kamryn and Shun to the ward

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