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It's amazing how much the future can be changed by the most insignificant things.

In one timeline, when Kunzite faced off against the Sailor Senshi above Tokyo Tower, Kunzite absorbed the energy of Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder attack and used it to attack Sailor Moon with a blast of magic.  The mysterious Tuxedo Kamen (secretly Mamoru Chiba, the reincarnation of Endymion, prince of Earth) took the blow for his lover and died in her arms, and her tears of grief unsealed the legendary Ginzuishou, part of which was accidentally absorbed into Tuxedo Kamen's body.  Kunzite brought Mamoru's body to the Dark Kingdom, where he was revived and possesed by the evil Queen Metaria.  After a failed assault on the Sailor Senshi's base by the possessed Mamoru, the Senshi followed him back to the secret location of the Dark Kingdom, leading to its eventual downfall and the destruction of Metaria.

However, in another timeline, Kunzite's energy-absorbing shield was struck not by a single attack, but a combined assault from all five Senshi.  As a result, when he lashed out at Sailor Moon with the collected energy and Mamoru blocked the attack, the reincarnated prince was completely disintegrated by the overcharged blast.

The shock of watching her lover and close friend burn to cinders before her eyes, screaming in agony the whole time, lit a fire inside of Usagi that should never have been lit.  For the first time in her life, the reincarnated Moon Princess felt pure, undiluted, animalistic rage.

It was three days before the youma sent to recover Kunzite's body were able to retrieve the deceased Dark General's mangled form from where it had been impaled on the spire of Tokyo Tower.

Upon learning that her beloved Endymion had been vaporized beyond any hope of resurrection, Queen Beryl had thrown a massive tantrum - a tantrum that Metaria soon joined in, upon discovering that Sailor Moon had found and completed the Ginzuishou.  Not only did this keep the incredible powers of the crystal out of Metaria's grasp, but it effectively gave the Sailor Senshi a massive power upgrade.

With the Ginzuishou in their possession, and the memory of Tuxedo Kamen's death burning in their memories, the Sailor Senshi began a scorched-earth campaign against the Dark Kingdom.  Any youma foolish enough to challenge the Senshi was either swiftly disintegrated or left begging for death.  Beryl's forces were forced to resort to lengthy, subtle operations in order to gather the energy needed to keep Metaria alive.

As time passed, the youma grew better and better at concealing themselves from the Sailor Senshi, and the war quickly became a stalemate.  The youma couldn't make any decisive moves without revealing themselves and being killed, and the Senshi couldn't find the Dark Kingdom to cut the youma infestation off at the source.

However, all that would eventually change due to the poor choices of one youma.

Zeta, the most recently promoted Dark General, was a handsome male youma with spiky black hair, a reasonably muscular figure, and a jagged scar running diagonally across his face.  Unfortunately, he was also extremely arrogant, with a touch of misogyny thrown in for good measure.  Believing the Senshi to be nothing more than weak little girls, he decided to launch a full-scale assault on Tokyo to lure the Senshi out of hiding, kill them in combat, and prove he was truly the strongest youma.  To make sure the Senshi took the bait, he began his attack on the 10th anniversary of Mamoru's death.

Needless to say, things did not go well for him.


As Zeta slowly regained consciousness, he cursed himself for underestimating the Senshi.  The "weak little girls" had not taken kindly to him rubbing Tuxedo Kamen's death in their faces, nor had they been amused by his descriptions of how he would violate their helpless bodies once he defeated them.  The last thing he remembered was his nose being driven into his brain by the gloved fist of Sailor Jupiter.

However, he was astonished to realize he was not only still alive, but completely healed.  The cuts, burn wounds, and frostbite he had suffered from the Senshi's furious assault were no longer there, and his bones were back in their natural, unbroken state.  Even the neck-ache he had been experiencing after a training accident two weeks ago had completely vanished.

Zeta's happiness at this was tempered as he realized he had been stripped naked and chained to a wall in a dark dungeon.  Furthermore, a steel collar was padlocked around his neck.  The collar gave off a faint white glow, having been charged with Sailor Moon's purifying magic to prevent him from performing any of his own magic.  A few quick yanks revealed that the chains were made of an incredibly strong material that not even his enhanced strength could break.

There was a loud clang as the steel dungeon door slammed open, and Sailor Jupiter stepped into the room, Sailor Mercury following close behind her.  Jupiter glared furiously at Zeta, clearly still angry about his actions and taunts.  However, it was Sailor Mercury's face that truly terrified Zeta.  Her gaze was clinical and dispassionate, as if she were looking over a lab rat in a cage.  From the looks of it, she didn't even consider Zeta on par with a living thing.

Without a word, Mercury crossed the room and jabbed a large syringe full of a clear liquid into Zeta's arm.  Seconds later, an intense burning sensation flooded Zeta's body, causing him to scream in pain as whatever was in the needle did its work.

Once Zeta had stopped twitching, Jupiter drew her hand back and shattered the chains on his wrists with a single swing, causing Zeta to drop to the floor, landing on his hands and knees.

"What... the fuck.. did you... do to me?" Zeta asked, gasping for air.

"Just a little insurance policy, in case you decided to try and escape," Mercury explained as Jupiter bent down and clipped a leash onto Zeta's collar.  "That injection gave you the physical strength of a toddler.  Now, come along.  We've got plans for you."

Standing up, Jupiter turned around and walked briskly out of the dungeon, the leash forcing the weakened Zeta to crawl after her through the dungeon tunnels.  Mercury followed closely behind Zeta, giving him a hard swat on the rear whenever he veered off course or laggeed too far behind.

"Captured, stripped, and led around like a common house pet!" Zeta fumed, trying his best to maintain an air of superiority despite his present situation.  "How much more humiliating can this get?"

Little did Zeta know, the answer to his rhetorical question was "very".

Finally, Zeta and his escorts emerged from the tunnels into a gleaming white room covered in complex-looking control panels and large monitors.  From the look of the place, Zeta assumed this was the Sailor Senshi's control room.  As a result, it wasn't much of a surprise when he saw Sailor Moon herself seated in a crystalline chair at the center of the room, flanked by Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars.  All of them were smirking at Zeta, the evil glint in their eyes promising to make the captured Dark General's life a living hell for what he'd done.

Not wanting to appear inferior to the Moon Princess, Zeta tried to pull himself to his feet, but found that his reduced strength prevented him from assuming a standing position for more than a moment.  Not that it mattered, as Jupiter responded to his actions by grabbing his hair and pushing his face into the ground.

"Show the Princess some respect, you lousy bastard!" Jupiter snarled.

"Let him up, Jupiter," Sailor Moon said.  "After I went to all the trouble of healing this guy, I don't want you to kill him by accident."

Reluctantly, Jupiter released Zeta's head, allowing him to resume his crawling position.

"So, you're the one who healed me?" Zeta asked dismissively.  "I should have known a stupid girl like you would be too soft to kill her enemies."

From behind him, Zeta heard the sounds of Mercury physically restraining Jupiter from crushing his skull.

Sailor Moon, for her part, simply sighed and rolled her eyes before speaking.  "Maybe, in another life, I might have spared you out of the kindness of my heart.  However, that changed after you monsters killed Mamoru.  The only reason you're still alive is because we've got something much more entertaining in store for you."

Zeta scoffed.  "Please!  Bring it on!  What are a bunch of girly-girls like you going to do to me that's so horrible?  Play dress-up?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes!" Sailor Moon said, grinning evilly.  "Venus, would you mind bringing out the outfit?"

"With pleasure!" Venus said eagerly, immediately turning and rushing into a hallway at the back of the room.

"While we're waiting for Venus, do you mind if Jupiter and I get this little bitch prepared?" Mars asked, glaring at Zeta with contempt.

"Go right ahead!"

No sooner had Sailor Moon given Mars and Jupiter the go-ahead, than Mars had grabbed a nearby box while Jupiter flipped Zeta onto his back and seized his arms.  Zeta began to protest his treatment, but his angry shouts were replaced with pathetic mmmphing as Mars pulled an enormous ball gag from the box and forced it into Zeta's mouth.

The next items out of the box were, to Zeta's horror, a pair of oversized rubber breast forms.  Suddenly, he realized what the Senshi planned to do to him, and shouted angrily into his gag as he tried in vain to pull his limbs out of Jupiter's iron grip.

"Looks like the bitch boy's finally put two and two together," Jupiter remarked.  "Since you're so dismissive of us Sailor Senshi, it's pretty fitting you're about to become one!"

Despite Zeta's best attempts at escaping, Mars was able to press the fake breasts onto Zeta's chest.  To his surprise, they stuck firmly in place without any form of glue.

"These puppies were specially made by Mercury," Mars explained.  "Not only are they permanently affixed to your chest, but you'll feel every sensation you would if they were real tits!"

To illustrate, Mars roughly grabbed onto Zeta's newfound nipples and twisted them in opposite directions.  To his embarassment, Zeta screamed like a girl into the rubber ball in his mouth, waves of mind-blowing pain and pleasure wreaking havoc on his nervous system.

"Huh, didn't think he'd scream nearly that loud," Mars mused.

"Well, I may have 'accidentally' made it so the breast forms are 10 times as sensitive as normal breasts," Mercury admitted.

Mars shrugged.  "After everything this guy said and did, I'm not complaining!"  She punctuated this with another painful tweak of Zeta's nipples, causing him to scream again.

However, Mars wasn't done humiliating Zeta yet, as she pulled a pair of lacy pink panties out of the box and slid them up Zeta's legs onto his waist.  As she did this, she made sure to position Zeta's cock and balls so they were pinned between his legs by the panties.

As soon as the panties were in place, Zeta felt a painful squeezing around his waist and crotch as the panties suddenly constricted, plastering themselves to his body.

"Mercury and I added a special spell to the panties," Sailor Moon explained.  "As soon as you put them on, they become magically stuck to your body and impossible to remove by any means.  Of course, they can still be damaged, but I helped build in a safeguard for that.  Want to give him a practical demonstration, girls?"

Suddenly, Jupiter flipped Zeta over onto his stomach and kept him pinned, while Mars withdrew a pair of scissors from the box and cut a large hole in the back of Zeta's panties, providing access to his asshole.  Realizing what was probably coming next, Zeta clenched his ass as best he could, trying to keep whatever intruder the Senshi of Fire had planned for him out of his rear entrance.  Unfortunately for him, it was no use, as Mars was easily able to slide a lubed-up rubber tube into his anus.  Seconds later, a ball of light flew from Sailor Moon's hand to Zeta's ass, and the hole in the panties sealed up, trapping the tube inside.

"What do you think?" Sailor Moon asked, smirking.  "Even if they're ripped completely to shreds, all it takes is a single spell from me, and your panties are good as new!  Now, we just need to wait for Venus to show up with your new uniform - and there she is!"

Wearily raising his head, Zeta saw that Venus had, indeed, returned, and she was carrying what looked like a cross between the usual sailor fuku worn by the Senshi and some sort of fetish outfit.  The fuku was made of hot pink latex, decorated liberally with lacy white ribbons, and sported a neckline and skirt length that made the usual sailor fukus look downright modest by comparison.

Unfortunately for Zeta, his stunned shock provided Mars and Jupiter with ample time to haul him to his feet and shove him over to Sailor Moon, who grabbed his arms and forced them into the sleeves of the humiliating outfit Venus held.  Zeta tried to pull his arms out, only to find that the sleeves had tightened around his arms, trapping them inside.

"Crap!  The outfit's got the same spells on it!  If they get this thing on me, it's never coming off!"

Calling up as much strength as he could, Zeta pulled himself free of Sailor Moon's grip and made a break for the door.  Unfortunately for him, in his haste to escape, he had forgotten just how much faster the Senshi were than him.  In a flash of movement, Sailor Venus had crossed the room and swept his feet out from under him, sending him skidding into a table.  As he sat up to regain his bearings, Venus grabbed the back of the latex shirt and forced it over his head and onto his torso.  Immediately, the spell activated, sealing the garment in place.

"Nice try, sweetie," Venus teased, flipping Zeta onto his back and sitting down on his chest.  "If you weren't so pathetic, you might have even made it to the magically-sealed exit door that only opens for Senshi."

His hopes of escape dashed, all Zeta could do was struggle weakly as Jupiter walked over and slid the miniskirt onto his legs.  With a little help from Venus, she managed to pull it into place, allowing the garment to constrict around his waist.

"Now, we were going to give you some standard Senshi boots at first, and ease you into our heavy-duty inventions later," Venus said.  "However, since you tried to escape, I think we'll skip straight to the punishment boots.  Mind bringing them over, Mars?"

Out of the corner of his eye, Zeta saw Mars approaching Jupiter's position with a pair of thigh-high latex ballet boots, which were quickly slid onto his legs, keeping his feet in an en pointe position.  At this point, Zeta wasn't surprised when the boots tightened uncomfortably around his legs.  He was, however, surprised when Venus, Jupiter, and Mars each fired a small orb of magic at the boots.

Suddenly, what felt like a million tiny electric toothbrushes sprouted from the soles of Zeta's boots and began spinning at varying speeds.  By the time he even realized he was being tickled, Zeta was thrashing around and laughing madly into his gag.


"Mind if I take the gag out?" Mars asked.  "I want to listen to him beg for mercy!"

"Go right ahead!" Sailor Moon said, waving her hand.  "After all, we need to take out the gag anyway for the next step."

In one quick movement, Mars tore the ball gag from Zeta's mouth.


"You know," Venus interjected over Zeta's laughter, "who says the auto-ticklers should have all the fun?"  Shifting position, Venus seated herself on Zeta's thighs and began tickling his armpits.

"You know, she's got a good point!" Mars admitted as she grabbed Zeta's wrists, preventing him from covering his armpits.  "I'll hold his arms, and you two can play with him!"

"Sounds good to me!" Jupiter said, grinning.  "In fact, I know just what to do!"

Jupiter kneeled down next to Zeta's thrashing body and tore open the fabric covering his chest.  Zeta gasped as his nipples were once again exposed to the cool air of the control room.  The cool feeling didn't last for long, however, as Jupiter leaned in and began sucking tenderly on his right nipple while massaging his left breast with her hands.  Soon, a chorus on lusty moans joined the melody of laughter already filling the air, as Zeta was once again reminded just how sensitive his new breasts were.

Finally, after nearly 20 minutes of tickling, groping, and sucking, Venus noticed Zeta's face was starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen, and decided it was probably time to take a break or risk having to hunt down another Dark General for their project.

"I think he's had enough for now, girls" Venus said, reluctantly standing up and firing another small energy blast at the boots.  As soon as it hit, the tickling slowed down immensely, allowing Zeta a few gasps of air in-between spasms of laughter.  Jupiiter and Mars soon folowed suit, and the tickling stopped completely.

"Wh - What just happened?" Zeta asked, desperately trying to regain his breath as he sat up.

"They're called 'punishment boots' for a reason," Mercury explained, casually activating the repair spell for Zeta's shirt as she did so.  "At any time, any of us can activate the brushes in the boots.  If another Senshi uses the activation spell while the boots are active, the speed and number of the brushes is doubled.  If a third activation spell is used, the intensity doubles again, and so on.  If all five of us activated the brushes at once, your mind would probably snap like a twig in under a minute.  Just a reminder for the next time you think about escaping.  Also, what's that on your right shoulder?"

Instinctively, Zeta turned his head to look, leaving an opening for Mercury to inject another syringe into his neck.  Cursing, Zeta braced himself for the pain, but was surprised to find that the opposite was happening.  Less than a second after the syringe entered his body, his head and hands went completely numb, and wouldn't respond to any efforts he made to move them.

"That should keep you from moving around too much during your makeover," Mars said, picking Zeta up by the collar of his shirt and dropping him into a nearby chair.

Zeta's eyes widened (or at least they would have if his face wasn't paralyzed).

"Makeover?  Please, tell me she doesn't mean what I think she means!"

His hopes were dashed as Venus showed up with a large make-up kit in hand and sat next to Zeta.

"Alright, girls!" Sailor Moon cheered as the Senshi crowded around their helpless victim.  "It's make-over time!"

A multitude of hands descended upon Zeta, all of them holding various beauty products.  He didn't even bother struggling against the Senshi: between his reduced strength and the drug they'd injected him with, even he knew fighting was pointless, especially with all five Senshi in such close proximity.

Finally, after five minutes of forced beautification, the Senshi stepped back to look at their unwilling dress-up doll.

At this point, not even Zeta's own mother would have been able to recognize the personification of sluttiness presently occupying the chair.  The Senshi had coated his lips in a thick layer of hot-pink lipstick, and his eyes had been completely transformed by a combination of false eyelashes and bright peacock-blue eyeshadow.  His spiked hair had been styled into a pair of short pigtails with large, heart-shaped barrettes, and his trademark facial scar was hidden by a liberal application of foundation.  One of the Senshi had clearly gotten to Zeta's hands, too, judging by the sparkling pink nail polish that decorated them.

"And let me guess," Zeta spat out.  "All of this shit has those 'never come off' spells you bitches love so much."

"Got it in one!" Sailor Moon chirped.  "Normally, I'd punish you for your language, but after we add the final accessory, there'll be no need for that!"

With a flash of white light, a golden tiara decorated with a pink jewel appeared in Sailor Moon's hand.  Mars grabbed Zeta's head from behind and held it still whiie Sailor Moon forced the tiara onto Zeta's forehead.

"A tiara?" Zeta chuckled incredulously.  "That's your ultimate discipline device?  What the hell is this piece of tin supppo - AAAGH!"

Zeta was forced to his knees as the pink jewel glowed, sending crackling bolts of energy coursing through his body.  With each surge of the magical energy, his body changed bit-by-bit.  His body hair dropped out, his skin became soft and smooth, and his body gradually reshaped itself into a curvier, more feminine form.  Even his voice was changing, judging by the increasingly high pitch of his pained screams.

Eventually, the magical assault ceased, and Zeta struggled to his feet.

"Ugh, my head is killing me," Zeta grumbled.  "What was that?"

To his surprise, instead of his complaint, a bubbly, feminine voice came from his mouth with a very different set of words.

"Like, my head feels all, like, funny, and stuff," Zeta giggled.  "Teehee!  Maybe I really am airheaded like people say!"

Zeta tried to cover his mouth in shock, but found that his body refused to move.

"It looks like the 'Sailor Drafting' experiment worked," Mercury observed.  "Better check.  What is your name?"

Once again, Zeta's response was nowhere near what he intended for it to be.

"I'm Sailor Sissy, the Senshi of Buttsex!  Like, how can I serve you, Mistress Mercury?  My body is yours to use!"

Sailor Moon grinned at the newly named Sailor Sissy.  "Not bad!  I have to admit, Mercury, when you told me your idea, I didn't think it would work!  But the end results are just like you said: all the powers of a Senshi, but unable to disobey any orders we give!  Now, what should I do to him first?  Maybe a spanking?  Or how about playing with his ass for a while?  Or maybe-"

"Uh, Moon?" Mars interrupted.  "As much as I want to break this bitch-boy in, isn't there something we need to take care of first?"

"Oh, right!  Sailor Sissy, where is the Dark Kingdom's main base?"

Zeta tried his best to resist the overwhelming urge to betray his entire race, but in the end, his will was no match for the legendary magic of the Moon Princess.

"Uh, isn't it at that place really far north?  The place that's, like, totally covered with ice?"

"It's called the North Pole, sweetie," Venus teased, ruffling Zeta's hair.  "Well, we have a job to do, Senshi.  But first, let's make our new member nice and uncomfortable!  Sailor Sissy, lay on the floor, put your hands behind your back, and keep your feet together."

Against his will, Zeta followed Venus's instructions.  As he did, Jupiter grabbed a roll of clear packing tape from a nearby table.  Once Zeta was in position, she wrapped the tape tightly around his wrists and ankles, before lifting his legs, forcing his ankles to touch his wrists, and used the remainder of the roll to hogtie him.  Next, Mercury produced two massive sponges, which she wadded together and worked into Zeta's mouth.  Mars followed this up by cramming a thick knotted cleave gag in to keep the sponges in place.

"Hmm, I think we need one more thing," Sailor Moon added.  Moving between Zeta's hogtied legs, she used a small pair of scissors to cut open his panties, exposing his anus.  Zeta moaned lustily as Sailor Moon slid a large, vibrating plastic phallus into the hollow tube still occupying the hole.  A quick pulse of magic sealed the panties back up, trapping the dildo in place.

"Well, we're off to end this war," Venus said, wrapping a roll of black electrical tape tightly around Zeta's eyes.  "I wonder how many times you'll cum while we're gone?  Fiifty?  A hundred?  Who knows?  Have fun!"

With that, Zeta found his ears being stuffed full of cotton wool, leaving him blind, deaf, dumb, and writhing with pleasure on the floor of the base of his most hated enemies.  Part of him clung onto the hope that he would eventually escape, that the Senshi would be defeated, that something would happen to let him escape the Hell he was occupying.  Deep down, however, he knew that he was doomed to spend the rest of his unnaturally enhanced life as the sissy fucktoy of the Sailor Senshi.  And, more likely than not, the majority of the youma would soon join him in his fate...

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