My Girlfriend is Kate Takayama

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I couldn’t get my mind off her. There was an unspoken agreement in the Neighbors’ Club that until we were able to make friends with each other, there wouldn’t be love within the club. She was an exception. I think I was falling in love with her.

Kate Takayama, the older sister of Maria, our “club advisor.” That’s what the paperwork said. Kate thought it was good for her sister to learn some people skills, and trusted her to us. I had first encountered her resting on a bench when I was walking across the campus. She and Maria frequently got into fights, but there was a real sense of sisterly love there. It was something that Yozora and Sena didn’t quite grasp.

Sena treated Kobato like a little sister, but she was always basing her perceptions of how she should act off of eroge. Rika only thought of little sisters as a potential fetish that she could string Sena along with, and Yukimura was too interested in becoming manly to consider a little sister as anything of worth unless I told her to. Kate, having her own little sister in the club, knew what it was like to have that responsibility.

Maria and Kobato had been growing closer, and that meant Kate was coming over to my house more often. I had already seen her naked in the shower. Her breasts were nearly as big as Sena’s. She teased me about it the next day at school, offering me the chance to sneak into the supply closet so she could show me more. I was uncertain about romance, used to being rejected because of my supposed delinquent looks. That’s when I started to notice that Kate didn’t care about her looks.

She was known as “Mother Kate,” she who guides the younger students and teaches them how to be good people for the future. When she was off duty, a side that only her family and myself knew of, emerged. She was always ordering junk food from the vending machines and the restaurants just off campus, happily gorging herself. She paid her compliments to the chef in public, and though I found it disgusting at first, I slowly came to be charmed by the ways of this dirty nun.

Is this what they call gap moe? She lived boldly, and if anyone asked her why she behaved that way, she reminded them of all the good she had done for the school. They would brush it off as Kate being herself, and she continued to sin to her hearts’ content. Everything changed when I walked into the clubroom one afternoon, and came across Kate changing out of her nun’s robes and into her casual clothes. Her navy blue bra and panties contrasted against her light, silvery purple hair. They emphasized her figure.

Mother Kate had been assisting the school during the track and field club’s practice, and, unable to resist a challenge, had raced against the school’s most promising runners in her nun’s robes, leaving them soaked in her sweat. The air conditoning of the Neighbors’ Club was turned off. The windows were open. It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for allowing the natural air from outside to blow into the room.

All this meant that not only did I get a glimpse of Mother Kate in her underwear, the only remaining part of her nun’s robes being her habit, I caught a strong whiff of her sweat. The sweat dripped down her body, pooling into her cleavage like an oasis in a desert. Kate dropped her clothes and coyly waved. When she raised her arms, the strong scent of her armpit overpowered my nostrils, filling them with a brief burning, then a somewhat pleasant sting.

“Kodaka!” she called out. She had started calling me by name in the past week. It was only when I was around. Otherwise she stuck with “brother”, which raised no less suspicions in Sena and Yozora. “Anything you want to talk about?”

“Sena’s father said she left one of her fandisks in here, and asked me to pick it up. It should be with the other games. I won’t be long,” I said. “Aren’t you supposed to be embarrassed?”

I looked around the room. Wrappers and a half-finished soda from Kos Burger were scattered across the desk. A bag of potato chips dangled from Maria’s sleeping hand. They were a limited edition kind, too. The setting sun danced across Kate’s sweat-drenched skin, making her shine in the faint light of the club room.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about?” Kate said. “You’re like family.”

She pulled up a chair and turned around the back rest. She spread open her legs, exposing the light purple patch of pubic hair sticking out of the top of her panties. Even from looking at the top of it, I could tell it was thick. Her soft breasts pushed into the frame of the chair, squeezing them against her body. The sweat drained from her cleavage, dripping down her stomach and sliding into the folds of her belly. It gathered around her belly button, leaving a transparent trail across her body in its wake.

This girl would make Rika blush with her perversion.

“I’ve been feeling something ever since I met you, and I think it’s more than family. Maria’s...” I started.

“You can say she’s bratty,” said Kate. “I’d call her out on it, too. She’s family, and I’ll always be glad to support her. Kobato can come over to our house sometime, if you want to free up your bedroom for the two of us.”

“B-b-bedroom?” I said. “I wasn’t saying anything like that!”

“Your trousers are telling a different story,” said Kate. “While you were looking at my tits, I noticed you were pitching a tent. Tell me, when did you start getting wood?”

“It was your sweat!” I shouted. “Your sweat makes me think of you, and when I think of you, I get hard! Is that what you wanted me to say?”

I looked over at Maria. Thankfully, that outburst hadn’t woken her up. Kate stood up from her chair and walked over to me. She pushed me onto the rug and straddled my body. Her armpits and her cleavage were closer to me than ever before. I couldn’t escape the smell of Kate’s curves, every hair on her loins and her armpits capturing the potent, bitter-smelling sweat dripping from her body. The ceiling fan couldn’t cool her body down. This sweat wasn’t coming from the track and field meet. Her face, too, was lighting up until she nearly matched the color of the horizon.

“Come on and be honest,” Kate said.

“I love you, Kate,” I whispered.

“Say it louder,” said Kate, pressing her plump, sweaty ass into my groin. She rubbed up against the zipper, staining my pants with her slick body.

“Kate Takayama, I love you!” I said. “This doesn’t feel right. I haven’t been able to make friends yet, and you’re outside of the club, so...”

“If the club’s accepting applications, why not let me join?” said Kate.

“That’s not it. It’s because you’re outside the club. I don’t want to betray the purpose Yozora created this club for.”

“You can call it love, or you can call it friends with benefits. The relationship between us isn’t going to change,” said Kate. “Thanks for finally telling me. I’ve been interested in you for a long time. You look like such a tough guy, but there’s someone sweet inside there. The way you care for Kobato made me interested in you.”

“That sounds like family,” I said.

“That’s why I started loving you when I saw your schlong,” said Kate. “Maybe it’s because you seem like the protagonist of one of those games the Kashiwazaki girl loves to play, but your boxers can’t really hide your bod. Now hurry up and kiss me.”

Kate leaned close to my face. She opened her lips, welcoming mine. Just as our lips were about to interlock against the setting sun, as the standard is supposed to be for these things, Kate’s mouth opened wide and she let out a loud belch onto my face. It smelled like fast food. I coughed from the smell, a mixture of meats and sugars and all sorts of artificial things, and continued onward. I didn’t care. If Kate wanted to mark her scent on my body with her burps, than I would take them all, because I love her.

It started slow, with her tongue reaching into my mouth and overlapping with my own. Her breath, still smelling fresh from her belch, wafted across the bottom of my nose. We drew our lips together, and began passionately kissing, locking our tongues until saliva was drooling out of the edges of our mouths. My eyes were closed. The only thing I could feel was Kate’s body on mine, and her tongue in my mouth.

I moved my hands down her body, feeling the curves of her form. She was surprisingly slender for her age, but I noticed a small bit of fat poking out from the edges of her panties. All of the fat went to her bust and her hips. My hands traced themselves down the line of her stomach. I wanted to thrust my thumb between the point where my shirt and her skin touched, and stick it deep into her sweaty navel. The thought of her reaction only increased my libido further.

My hands wrapped around Kate’s waist. She had a cushiony, soft butt that was pleasant to the touch. The edges of her ass were sticking out of her panties. I freely felt around, getting to know the shape of her buttocks, feeling the sweat-soaked fabric of her panties nearly melting into her skin from the pleasure. I followed the curve of her butt, my fingers dangling at the edge of her ass cleavage.

Kate separated her mouth from mine. Trails of saliva linked our lips for a brief moment. Kate licked it up and faintly laughed. “You’re a decent kisser,” she said. “That was a lot of tongue.” She shook her ass back and forth, moving my arms along with it.

“You’ve got a big ass,” I said. “Maybe it has to do with all that junk food.”

“You like it big,” said Kate. She groaned. “All that moving around really shook up my stomach. This is your last chance to run away, or Mother Kate is going to give you a special surprise.”

She was playing coy with me. Kate reached back, placed her hand on mine, and gently ran her fingers across the flesh of her ass. Her stomach growled. Her butt twitched back and forth, gyrating on my hips, scraping my pants across my thigh. There was no sound, but the lace on Kate’s backside fluttered for a brief moment, and a foul smell, one that overtook even the vulgar Sister Kate’s sweat, drifted across the room, carried by the evening winds in the window.

“Kate...” I said. “It smells.”

“There’s no point if my boyfriend can’t hear it,” said Kate. “I’ve got one more in there. Want me to make it so loud it’ll wake up Maria?”

“You don’t need to show off that much,” I said.

I cleared out my nose, and grabbed onto Kate’s soft, fleshy ass. I squeezed my hands into her cheeks, enough to leave marks from my fingers among her folds. I heard Kate’s stomach grumbling just above my waist, and pulled apart her butt cheeks, exposing the whole of her back to the canopy of her panties.

“Here it comes,” said Kate. She leaned in and kissed me once again. Her lips overlapped with mine. Her drool flowed down into my mouth, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her panties rise.

A rank smell filled the empty room, a stench strong enough that it made my eyes water from the sheer, dense potency of my girlfriend’s gut. It sounded like an oboe, starting off with a low, wobbly noise before becoming a high-pitched squeal from her bum. Her ass vibrated in my hands, the pressure of the released gas coating my fingers in a fine mist of Kate’s scent. Kate released her lips from my own just as the bugle in her bum died down, with only a few faint puffs of her escaping her colon.

I sniffed the air once more. Kate’s sweaty body and odorous fart had left the room in such a state that not even the open window could take all the smell out of the room. Kate raised her arms, spreading the smell of her armpits towards the window. Her underarm hair shook in the wind coming through the window.

“That was amazing,” Kate said. “The mouth is the quickest way to the ass, Kodaka. When you kiss me, I feel like I could fart forever.”

Maria had already woken up. She stirred from her spot on the couch, and glared at her older sister with a petulant stare.

“You stupid old hag!” said Maria. “This is why I don’t take baths with you anymore. You keep farting in the tub!”

“Where do you think you got it from?” asked Kate. She climbed off my body and began tickling Maria’s underarms. Their usual sisterly quarrel began.

“Brother, why do you keep dating this old lady?” asked Maria, trying to escape from her sister’s sweaty tickling, her words broken up with laughter. “She doesn’t give me my space!”

“That’s why,” I said, getting up and adjusting my clothes. I felt like I needed to change into a new outfit when I got home. “We both know what it’s like to care for a little sister. You and Kate are lot like Kobato, actually. She was a devilish girl who enjoyed breaking chopsticks with her ass and lighting her farts before she discovered Necromancer.”

“A devil?” asked Maria. “That’s even worse! As a sister of God, I will not stand for this!”

“That’s...” Kate said, pausing. She was holding her habit in one hand, but looked ready to drop it at a moment’s notice. “So cute! I’d love to meet your little sister. Beneath that delusional vampire lies the heart of a better little sister than this brat.”

“I’m right here!” said Maria.

This is my life. I haven’t told anyone yet, but I plan to keep dating Kate for as long as my high school career continues. She’s not like every other girl. She may not be part of the Neighbors’ Club, but she is in spirit.

I walked home beneath the sunset, with Kate by my side and Maria trailing behind us. As we exited the school campus, Kate whispered something in my ear.

“Our mother’s even better.”

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