Through The Eyes Of Children

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Through the Eyes of Children

Chapter 3

Matsuda sighed.

Two weeks ago, Jykki and Kieli, L's twin sons had arrived in Japan – following their father despite the danger, and refusing to go back home despite Watari's and L's insistence.

Because of that, Matsuda was in the park babysitting the two. So much for helping to find Kira...

For the first time since the start of the investigation Matsuda was seriously considering quitting the force.

'All I'm good for is babysitting a pair of rugrats....'

Matsuda sighed again.

“Machi-san!! Come play with us!” Kieli called to the young officer, using the nickname he created for Matsuda. The seven year old hung down from the top of the jungle-gym, having climbed up it as quick as possible upon seeing it.

Jykki, on the other hand, sat at the base of the jungle-gym shifting through the woodchips scattered around.


Matsuda smiled resignedly and started toward the twins. It was the same routine – the moment he reached the twins, Jykki would say he was hungry or bored, then Kieli would insist on going to a nearby restaurant.

Matsuda exhaled and shrugged, knowing that what he wanted and his ability to do what he wanted were light-years apart. If he had the ability to be effective as a cop, he wouldn't be the de facto babysitter for Jykki and Kieli.

“You guys are hungry, right? Let's go....” Matsuda smiled at the two, hiding his self-defeatist attitude. He paused when neither twin responded, but simply looked at him then at each other. His smile shifted into a nervous grin.

“Machi, you're tired of us, right?” Jykki stared up at the young officer, his knees held firmly against his abdomen.

“Wha...? Nn....I'm in charge of watching you two, it's my job.....”

Again the twins exchanged a look.

Matsuda, curious and confused, knelt down next to Jykki, a friendly smile back on his face.

“Will you smile when papa prove's Yagami-san's son is Kira?” Jykki asked without preamble, his jet-black eyes searching Matsuda's face.

“'s too early to say Light-san is....Ryuzaki-san could be wrong about....”

“Papa's never wrong!” Both twins yelled in unison and glared at Matsuda.

Surprized by the vehemence in the twins' tone of voice, Matsuda fell backwards; since he was already so low to the ground, he fell backwards onto his butt.

“....I used to think my father was never wrong either, when I was your age. He seemed to have the answers to all the questions I asked.” Matsuda grinned, scratching the back of his head. He could still feel the glare of the twins. “But one time I asked him something and he told me to find out for myself – I found out later he didn't know the answer....”

Matsuda's grin faded as his rambling died out. He felt his own stupidity as his subconscious reminded himself that the children in front of him were L's children. 'Their father is L, the number 1 detective in the world. The one who solves all the cases he takes on, who is never wrong...'

Matsuda stared at the ground, feeling worse than usual.

After a few moments he felt a small hand patting him on the head.

“There. There. It's okay.” Kieli cooed, continuing to pat the officer's head. Matsuda looked up at him, surprized.

“Ah, why'ya comforting this idiot? Kii-chan, just 'cuz he stays with us each day instead of sneaking off like our other nannies, doesn't make him less an idiot.” Jykki grumbled at his brother, still sitting in a tight ball.

“Hu...huh?” Matsuda blinked.

'Nanny?! I'm a nanny now, not a simple babysitter? I....'

“That's....” Matsuda began, only to be cut off by Jykki.

“I don't care that you don't ignore us – papa is never wrong, so don't ever say that he is!” Jykki pouted, the lower part of his face blocked by his knees, while his eyes remained visible. Dark eyes that glowered at the officer.

Matsuda blinked, almost not processing what the older twin had said.

“Huh....are you saying that I'm the only babysitter you had who didn't ignore you?”

“Not just our nannies, everyone back at home ignores us.” The older twin grumbled, while the younger climbed off the jungle-gym. “Jus' cuz we're not as smart as Near or Mello. But what'cha expect? They've been alive longer!”

Kieli nodded in agreement with his brother. “We're smarter than all the other kids our age, but it only matters at home who's the smartest out of all the kids! It sucks!!”

“Yeah, sucks!! An' we're forbidden to tell any of the kids that L's our father....” Jykki grumbled, kicking at the woodchips scattered about. “If they knew, people wouldn't ignore us.....”

Matsuda stared at the two, then grinned nervously. “Surely there has to be someone who doesn't ignore you? I'm sure Ryuzaki-san wouldn't.....” Matsuda's voice froze as the twins flinched at his words, their faces darkening. His breath caught when he noticed the twins eyes were filled with held-back tears. “Jykki...Kieli....”

“Papa's always off solving crimes....”

“....even when he's not, he doesn't spend time with us....”

“He says it'd track too much attention....”

“....” Kieli drew himself into a ball beside his brother; soon both their faces were hidden in their arms.

Matsuda's chest felt heavy as he watched the twins, though his sadness soon was overcome by anger.

“That's wrong of him! For a father to ignore his own children.....that's no better than abandonment!” The young officer seethed, not caring to think carefully about his words. Though proving himself a disappointment again and again, Matsuda's father never ignored him or treated him as anything less than a son.

“What are you saying, Matsuda-san?” Said a voice about four feet behind the young officer. “Surely Ryuzaki-san must simply be looking out for their safety?”

Matsuda inwardly jumped at the interruption, though he didn't know why. The voice didn't come from a stranger. 'Maybe some of Ryuzaki-san's paranoia is rubbing off on me...'

“Light-san, what are you doing here?” Matsuda turned his head toward the college student.

“Oh, I was just on my way to get something to eat before I headed to the hotel. I didn't expect to run into you guys.” Light replied in a friendly tone, though inside he laughed. He eyed the twins huddled behind Matsuda, barely changing expression as Jykki glared at him. “Maybe you could come with me since this is around the time you take the twins back to their hotel room, isn't it?”

“Well....” Matsuda glanced down at the twins, noticing that the elder had stood up and was now glaring at Light. “I don't think Jykki wants to....”

“Matsuda-san, if you're going to take care of Jykki-kun and Kieli-kun, you're going to have to start acting like you're in charge. If you give in to children all the time, that will only make them spoiled.”

“I'm not spoiled!” Jykki growled, his voice getting louder with each word. “You're spoiled, thinkin you're not gonna get caught, but papa's gonna prove you're guilty and arrest you, and then you won't be so smug, and....”

“Jykki, shhh.” Matsuda grabbed his arm. “You can't talk about the investigation outside, especially so loudly.”

“But....but....” Jykki whined, trying to twist his arm out of the officer's grip. “Machi--!” The seven year old whined some more, then grumbled, his eyes getting watery from frustration.

“Now that you've settled down, we can go eat.” Light replied smugly as Jykki's protests became nothing but growls and unintelligible mumbles. “Time to call your brother over....”

Without warning a shoe struck Light's face simultaneously with another that hit Matsuda's forehead. Both shoes that of a child.

“Nii-chan! Hurry up!” Kieli shouted at his brother after his shoes found their marks, the one that hit Matsuda caused the officer's grip to slacken around Jykki's arm.

Not wasting a second, the elder twin ran toward the younger and soon the two were hurrying in the opposite direction of the hotel.


“What?!” L glared straight ahead at the laptop in front of him, his cell-phone held to his ear. His face and voice were both expressionless, though his dark irises burned vehemently, and his quiet voice held an undercurrent of anger.

-“Jykki and Kieli ran off!” Matsuda's panicked voice spoke over the phone, reiterating the jist of what happened and their location. “Light-san and I are searching for them, but....I think they may have gotten on a bus or train so....” -

'Yagami-kun's with Matsuda? That's -' L pressed a button on his laptop, connecting him to Watari. “Watari, activate the GPS transmitters for Jykki and Kieli, they've run away from Matsuda-san.”


“Where should we go now, Nii-chan?” Kieli asked his brother as the two of them held onto the same pole on a packed train car.

“I don't know. I'm hungry....”

“Maybe we should head back to papa....” The younger brother mumbled and stared down at his feet. The only protection they had from the muliple feet around them was a pair of mismatched socks, one blue and one pink. Deliberately mismatched since they made him think of cotton candy.

Jykki shook his head violently against his brother's suggestion.

“Why? He doesn't care!”

“Nii-chan....” Kieli reached out to pat his brother on the head, only to be knocked backwards as the train stopped. “Ah...” The younger twin fell against one of the many adult's riding the train, and thus avoided injury, at first. But before he could grab back onto the pole with his brother, the doors to the train opened and out flooded most of the commuters in the train compartment.

“Kii-chan? Kii....” Jykki shut his eyes against the moving crowd and held tightly to the metal pole. He didn't relax until he heard the train doors shut, and then he slowly opened his eyes. “Kii-chan....”

His onyx eyes widened into two large round orbs at the sight of the nearly empty train car.

Kieli was nowhere to be seen.

“Kii-chan? Kii-chan?” He searched wildly around the compartment, praying that his brother was simply hiding and sulking under one of the seats. He paled considerably when finding Kieli proved futile. “Kii....”

He turned back to the train compartment door, realizing what must have happened. The mass of commuters exited the train at the last station must have forced Kieli off the train without noticing.

“K....Kuo....” Jykki trembled and sat down abruptly on the train compartment floor, whispering his brother's real name in his distress.

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