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Iris leaned back in the chair, sighing comfortably as she reflected how nice it was to be wearing her old traveling outfit again. While her costume was great and fun, it wasn’t too practical.

“So you’re going over to Kalos soon?’ the darker girl asked, watching as Roxie tuned her guitar. As she waited for an answer, she picked up a magazine on the floor next to her foot, and began thumbing through it. It was a catalogue of instruments, sound equipment, and other stuff that bands would need.

Roxie was sitting cross-legged on her bed. She was wearing a baggy tee-shirt that left one shoulder bare, as well as a tiny hint of her petite breasts. “Yeah, we’re picking up a lot of steam lately,” Roxie said, giving her guitar an experimental strum. To Iris it sound fine, but apparently it wasn't not good enough, as Roxie went back to tweaking the strings a bit more. “If we’re lucky, we might get picked up for one of Diantha’s movies!’ she said with a loud laugh.

Iris grinned. “Or they might deport you,” she teased. "Or never even let you travel there to start with. You look just shady enough to be a part of whatever Team is trendy right now."

Roxie shot her a glare before flicking a guitar pick at her. Trying to dodge, Iris only ended up getting it stuck in her hair. Grumbling as she removed it, something caught her eye, something sticking out from under the bed. It looked like the corner of a box.

“What’s that, porn?’ she asked jokingly, gesturing at it.

“Yeah," Roxie answered as she gave her guitar another test strum. Nodding in approval, she set it back on its stand. “You wanna watch some? It’s all super hardcore lesbian stuff," Roxie offered, pulling the box out. It was a plain cardboard box with ‘PORN!’ scrawled across it in thick black marker.

Iris’s eyes went wide “I...I was joking! Why do you have a box of porn?!” she asked, feeling her face flush. She had been friends with Roxie for quite some time and knew that she was openly interested in other girls, and that she was pretty perverted sometimes, but keeping a big box of porn under the bed was more than the young Champion would have suspected.

"Because I just love the artful cinematography in it," she said, rolling her eyes. "Why do ya think I have it, you dope?” She opened the box and pulled out a DVD. “It's for when I wanna jill off to something other than my imagination.”

Iris was just sitting there, looking stunned. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, trying to find something to say, Roxie was way too blunt. That was part of why they were friends, it was a brash honesty that Iris usually liked, but still, hearing it put like that had caught her off guard.

“Well, I'm counting that as a yes. Here, this one’s my favorite!” Roxie said, popping open a case and heading over to her TV.

“H-Hold on! We’re a bit young to be watching porn, aren’t we?’ she asked, voice trembling.

"Oh my god, you're right! Damn, I guess I'll have to return all of these." Roxie chuckled. “Come on, you know that no one really cares about that. It’s not like anyone's making me do anything. I got these for myself,” she said, sliding the disc into the player.

“And don’t even deny that you're interested. I know you’ve been checking me out every time you think I wasn’t looking,” Roxie said with a coy grin.

Iris’s heart nearly stopped as she blushed up to her ears. It was true that she had looked at Roxie the way Roxie looked at other girls, but she was the only one that had ever interested Iris. Gulping, Iris shook her head. “Well, that...that doesn’t mean I want to watch other people having sex,” she said, shaking her head, trying to get her pulse back under control.

Roxie’s smile grew wider. “Well if ya don’t want to watch, how about doing it with me?” the white haired girl asked, standing up. The movie’s menu was on screen just behind her. Iris was in a deeper state of shock than ever. Roxie’s suggestion, combined with the images flickering on the TV, still images of half naked women kissing and touching each other...Tearing her eyes from the screen, she looked at Roxie, who was standing there with her hands on her hips, smiling ear to ear.

“A...Are you serious?” Iris asked meekly.

To answer, Roxie walked over to Iris, leaned in and kissed her, a tiny peck, hardly enough to really call a kiss, but Iris nearly fainted. “That tell you how serious I am? Damn, I can’t believe someone as dumb as you is the Champion,” she said, leaning in for another kiss, slightly longer this time. “I mean thinking you could hide your crush on me, and not realizing how I feel about you!” she snapped, sounding more annoyed than angry.

“Huh?” Iris cocked an eyebrow. Everything was happening faster than she could really process. She had come over to hang out like always, and now all of this was hitting her all at once!

“Oh come on, how much more obvious did I need to be?” Roxie asked, frowning. “I mean I’ve been practically naked every time you visit,” she said, tugging at her shirt’s hem showing off her purple and black striped panties. "I actually DO own skirts, shorts, and even some pants, you know! You've never noticed that they're all suspiciously absent whenever you're around? Not to mention the last song I wrote, and half a dozen other things!” she said, crinkling her nose.

Iris though for a moment. The most recent song that Roxie had written was a lot more ‘touchy-feely’ than usual, as her band mates and fans had put, though Iris had liked it. As for the other stuff, it did make sense now that she had been told like this. “ like me...?” Iris asked, rubbing her hands together nervously. Roxie just glared in disbelief. Rubbing the back of her neck, Iris chuckled. “Dumb question, but why didn’t you just say so?’

"Cause I'm always the one taking the lead with everything we do when we hang out!" Roxie huffed in frustration. "Just once I wanted to get to be the girly one, and have someone who likes me make the first move." She gave Iris a small flick right between the eyes. "Instead, I had to end up shoving a porno in your face for this to finally happen. Real romantic."

Rubbing her forehead a little, Iris sighed. “Well, sorry for not taking the clue. I just thought you were being...well, you,” Iris said.

Roxie chuckled as she flopped back on her bed, giving Iris a good eyeful of her pale thighs and dark panties. “Well, I guess that makes no one to blame but me, I guess,” she said, sounding slightly melancholy.

"Well, it might be a little late, but...Roxie, I really like you, as more than a friend," Iris told her, trying to put as much affection and romance as she could into her words. She'd lost the chance to do this the way Roxie had wanted, but at least she could try to give her friend a little of what she'd missed. Although she had no idea how she was supposed to do it. "I'd like, well, I think I'd like to be your girlfriend."

Roxie smiled up at her with unusual gentleness. "Aww...thanks, Iris. I like you the same way. I want to be with you, too," she told her softly, filling Iris with a happy, tingly warmth. A second later, Roxie sprang back up. “So, back to the question: you wanna do it or not?” she asked, her usual cocky grin plastered across her face.

"Wh-What happened to romance?" Iris asked, taken aback.

Roxie shrugged. "I got it. It was nice! I liked it. And now we can get back to normal. So anyway, we should totally pork. I've heard from very reputable sources that that's what girlfriends do."

Iris sighed as she shook her head. “I really should have known that’s how you'd be...”

"Aw, don't be like that. Come onnnn, it'll be fun!" Roxie told her, sitting on her knees and practically bouncing up and down. She began to chant, "Do me, do me, do me, do me!"

"Okay, okay already, you nut! I'll have...I'll make love to you! Just stop being so annoying about it!" Iris said, laughing, getting Roxie to shut up and grin triumphantly. In spite of how big a moment this was right now, Iris couldn't help but giggle and feel strangely comfortable and happy. Only Roxie could make something like this seem silly and fun, even as both their hearts thrilled at what they were about to do. No wonder she liked her.

Getting up from her chair, Iris picked up the remote and turned off the television, before sitting on the bed next to Roxie. “I’ve never watched anything, so I know less than you,” she said, grinning the same way Roxie always did.

“Well, I’ve watched a lot, but before I kissed you a few minutes ago...well, I’ve only got solo experience,” Roxie confessed, blushing a little, her freckles standing out more.

“Well then, I guess we’ll both have some fun learning,” Iris told her.

The fair-skinned girl took her dark friend's hand and leaned in, kissing her. The two simply held their lips together for a few moments, before parting. Both girls looked into the other’s eyes for a moment, before moving to kiss again. This time Roxie added her tongue. Iris was a little surprised, but went along with it quickly.

The two began to explore each other’s mouth, moaning softly as each began to get turned on by it. After nearly a minute, they parted, both breathing heavily as they blushed. Each silently though about how cute the other was. “Well, I’m kind of wet. How about you?’ Roxie asked, licking her lips.

Iris blushed. “Y...yeah, same for me.”

“So which one of us strips first? Or should we do it at the same time?” Roxie asked, gripping the bottom of her shirt.

“I’ll go first, since I have more on,” Iris said, getting off the bed. She pulled her shirt off first. She was still flat enough that a bra was quite unnecessary, so her hardened nipples were fully exposed. Slightly darker than the skin around them, they stood out rather proudly from her chest.

Roxie gave a small whistle. “Wow, I knew you were flat, but I still thought you had at least a little something!” she said in a teasing tone.

Iris crossed her arms over her chest. “Hey, I thought you wanted to have sex, not make fun of me,” she said, narrowing her eyes. She wasn’t really mad or even annoyed, though. She knew that Roxie liked lithe girls, and she'd even heard Roxie say more than once that she loved smaller chests most of all. “Besides, it’s not like you’re a D-cup yourself!" she added, looking down Roxie’s top.

“Compared to you, I am! Man, I’ve actually got cleavage by comparison!” Roxie said, tugging her shirt down and squeezing her small breasts together.

“Freckled cleavage!” Iris retorted, making Roxie blush. She was always a little sensitive about her freckles. “But frankly, that makes them better. Once we get you undressed, I’m going to kiss every single one of them,” Iris declared, feeling a surge of boldness. Roxie smiled broadly.

“That a promise?” she asked excitedly. Iris merely nodded as she grabbed Roxie’s shirt and pulled it off, leaving her girlfriend in just her panties. Just as Iris had suspected, Roxie’s entire body was covered with a light spattering of freckles, her chest and arms, down her belly even her thighs.

True to her words, Roxie had a noticeable damp spot in the middle of her panties. Iris was suddenly much more aware of how wet her own panties were. Not wasting any more time, Iris pulled her pants off. Her own panties were a light shade of blue that stood out nicely against her dark complexion, the wetness in the center all the more obvious due to how light the fabric was.

Roxie licked her lips and grabbed Iris by the waist, pulling her into the bed. She quickly rolled the other girl onto her back, straddling her.

Looking down, Roxie traced her hands along Iris’s sides. Iris cooed and giggled a little as Roxie’s fingertips brushed against some rather ticklish spots. “Hey, stop laughing. You're supposed to be moaning!” Roxie said, pouting.

“I can’t help it! That tickled,” Iris replied.

“Yeah? Well tell me if this tickles," Roxie said, scooting back slightly, rubbing her cunny against Iris’s stomach and leaving a few droplets of arousal on the girl’s skin. Once her crotch was pressed against the other girl’s, she leaned in and took one of Iris’s nipples between her lips. The moment her tongue flicked over the nub, Iris gasped sharply, arching her hips.

“Ah...that...that’s a lot better...” she panted as Roxie continued to swirl her tongue against her nipple.

Staying on it for only a few moments longer, she quickly moved over to the other and began to give it the same treatment. Iris was writhing and moaning softly. She had never realized how good her nipples could feel. Whenever she masturbated, she went straight for her clit. But the way Roxie was teasing and nipping her nipples was a whole new sensation that was close to making her cum already.

“Alright, enough foreplay! I want to get at your pussy now!” Roxie said, suddenly jumping up and moving to the foot of the bed. In one quick movement she yanked Iris’s panties off and tossed them aside. Leaning in so close that her face was nearly pressed against Iris’s smooth and wet cunny, she took a deep sniff, exhaling a cool breath over the highly stimulated skin, making Iris shudder.

“I’ve seen a lot of porn, but up close it’s even better than I thought,” Roxie mused, tracing her fingers along Iris’s labia. Roxie’s fingers almost felt cool against her hot cunt, and the steady flow of breath only added to that. Sniffing again, Roxie chuckled. “Oh, I could really get hooked on that smell!” she declared, pressing her nose right against the skin.

Iris blushed furiously. “Pervert,” she muttered. Something about just being sniffed like this felt far more lewd than it should, and it was turning her on far more than she wanted it to.

“I’m sure you’ll be saying the same for me soon enough,” Roxie shot back, purposefully blowing right over Iris’s clit, causing her shriek and give a twist as a small orgasm hit her. Roxie didn’t even seem to notice as Iris's body trembled and her insides convulsed, and plunged her tongue into Iris’s throbbing cunny, her upper lip brushing against that super sensitive bud of pleasure. Iris bucked her hips hard enough that she nearly knocked Roxie off the bed, but the fair-skinned girl held herself in place and began to loudly slurp away, her tongue exploring inside of her lover’s body. Iris’s eyes were closed tight as she gasped and dug her fingers into the sheets. For someone with no real experience, Roxie seemed to know all the right spots to hit.

Breaking away for a moment, Roxie grinned. “You taste as good as you look,” she murmured, licking her lips before latching onto Iris’s clit.

Sucking hard on Iris’s clit, Roxie slipped her fingers into the girl’s tunnel, stroking her inner walls as she attacked the center of pleasure. She soon had Iris screaming, almost painfully loud. But she knew full well that Iris was enjoying every second of it. Iris reached down with both hands and grabbed hold of Roxie’s silvery hair. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to push her partner away or pull her in closer.

Grinding her hips against Roxie’s face, Iris could feel a strange pressure building up in her belly. It was different than a normal orgasm, but she couldn’t figure out just why that was. “Roxie...S...Stop...I...I think...I’m...I’m...AhhhHHHHHAAAAAHH!"

The moment Iris’s voice hit that peak, Roxie felt a sudden and powerful gush of feminine juices spray out all over her face. Pulling back, she could see that Iris’s entire body was twitching, hard, small spurts of cum splashing against her thighs.

“No way, you squirt!” Roxie gave a clap of sheer delight. “I never thought I’d get to see that! I’ve tried to make myself do it, but I can’t. Oh my god, you squirt!" Roxie said, rubbing her hand over Iris’s mound, drawing out her pleasure. “This has gotta be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Roxie kept going, licking her fingers clean.

Iris didn’t hear a single word of Roxie’s surprise. She was far too gone with pleasure to have even the slightest trace of awareness. Lying on the bed panting, Iris’s senses slowly returned as her orgasm faded, and the moment she sat up, Roxie caught her in a kiss, giving her a good taste of her own cum.

When they parted, Roxie gave her a slightly concerned look. “Hey, if you want to rest a bit more, I don’t mind. After seeing that, I can take care of myself for a while, no problem,” she said with a chuckle.

Iris immediately shoved Roxie down onto the bed. “Oh, I think I’ve recovered enough,” she said, giving the other girl a small kiss. “Now I’m going to make good on my promise.

“I’m going,” Iris paused for a moment to plant a kiss on Roxie’s cheek. “To kiss every,” another quick peck on the other cheek, “single,” the next was on the bridge of her nose, “Freckle you," moving down to Roxie’s neck, she gave a light nip, “Have!” With that, Iris began working her way from one shoulder to the other, leaving a trail of feather light kisses all the way. Roxie shivered, entranced by the pleasure of this romantic barrage. The way Iris was letting her tongue dart out every now and then as she kissed was so unpredictable that Roxie had no way to prepare for each next time it happened.

Making her way all around the faint curve of Roxie’s small breasts, Iris moved in on her nipples, giving each one a single solid lick before moving on. Down at Roxie’s trim belly, Iris smiled at the blush on the girl’s face. She doubted that the punk had any idea how much she was trembling, or how cute her little squeaks of pleasure were. When Iris finally reached Roxie’s thighs, she saw that the damp spot had grown considerably. The panties were nearly soaked through at this point. Taking a deep sniff, the heady, musky scent of the girl’s arousal sparked something in her. She gave a long, low breath.

“You’re right, that smell is great,” she said, taking another deep inhalation.

Gripping Roxie’s panties with her teeth, she pulled them off, slowly savoring the faint taste that had soaked into the cloth. With that pesky bit of clothing out of the way, she got her first good look at Roxie’s pussy. Unlike herself, the other girl had a few faint wisps of downy hair around her pussy, which were the same pristine shade of white at her head. Suddenly feeling a bit naughty, she decided to tease Roxie a little.

“It’s a good thing I got over my fear of Ice types,” Iris said, brushing her fingers over the light hairs. Roxie looked confused. “Because you’ve got a little snow patch here!” Iris concluded, lightly brushing her thumb over Roxie’s clit. Roxie’s face went bright red. Just as she was about to say something, Iris gave her clit another flick, shutting down any retort that Roxie may have had.

“Anyways, there’s a few freckles I missed,” Iris said, running her hand along Roxie’s thighs. While gently playing with the few hairs Roxie had, Iris worked her way along both of her legs, kissing every speck she could find. Only once she was happy with that did she finally move in, taking Roxie’s clit between her lips and lashing it as she sucked gently. Roxie buried her face in a pillow, muffling her cries as she came in only a few seconds. She had been teased to the very limit, and couldn’t stand much.

Iris lapped away her juices, savoring the taste, so close to the taste of her own cum but so very different at the same time. She had to agree with Roxie on how good it tasted. Iris kept going, working Roxie's little buzz button relentlessly, and brought Roxie screaming over the edge again and again in quick succession, four times more in all, before it was clear that the rocker had reached her limit.

Lifting herself back up to the top of the bed, she kissed Roxie the same way she had been after her own pleasure had ended. Wrapping her arms around Roxie’s neck, she nuzzled against her.

“I’m going to make you pay for that snow joke,” Roxie said in a low voice.

“I look forward to it,” Iris replied, kissing her on the forehead.

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