Absol-ute Zero

BY : Imasuky
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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Candice tugged her jacket tighter, shivering as she struggled to move forward through the snow that was quickly building up to ankle-deep, soaking into her socks. “I can’t believe I got caught in a blizzard like this,” she mumbled through her chattering teeth. She had gone up into the mountains for a nice walk, like she always did. But today she had left her Pokemon at the Gym. She had just felt like they might like some time to themselves. It figured that it would just happen to be today that a freak blizzard would kick up out of nowhere.

Looking around, Candice frowned. The landscape was a uniform white in every direction. Though she knew the area very well, this was a pretty intense storm, and with all the snow whipping up around her, it was pretty disorienting. Stopping to try and spot any familiar landmark, she bent down to rub her legs. Being a tough, ready girl raised all her life in the constant cold, her shorts were usually enough for her, but this time she really did need more.

The storm had been completely unexpected and sudden, so everyone in town was probably too occupied dealing with it themselves to concern themselves with anything involving the Pokemon Gym. Candice had no one special in her life, who would yearn for her return...if things went really badly for her now, no one would think to look for her until long after it was too late. Exhaling into her hands, Candice saw the frost forming on her breath.

Continuing on her way, Candice realized that the storm was only growing worse, and herself further lost. Thinking quickly, she tried to recall if there were any caves that could be nearby to where she thought she was. Just getting out of the wind would be a tremendous relief. Lost in thought, Candice hardly had time to catch herself when she tripped over a fallen branch that was hidden by the snow.

Falling face-first into a deep pile of snow, she quickly pulled herself up, violently shivering with the cold. Her entire outfit was already damp. "Cold and wet, great...” she murmured, knowing that she was in serious trouble if she didn’t find shelter soon.

A sharp howl suddenly caught Candice’s attention. Looking toward the source of the sound, she saw a rough outline of a Pokemon standing off in the distance. Most of its body blended into the area surrounding it; however, the face and oddly shaped horns made it clear just what Pokemon it was: an Absol.

Smiling, Candice began to head toward the Pokemon. She knew that the stories about Absol causing disasters were just that, stories, and that they in fact helped people. And right now, she needed help. The Absol stood still, waiting until Candice was close. Then it began to run, stopping a short distance away again. This went on for a few minutes, with Absol stopping every little bit, always staying in sight. Finally Candice saw it standing in front of a cave entrance. Making her way up to it, Absol entered first, with Candice following a few moments later. The cave was pitch black, but at least it was somewhat warm, and away from the wind and snow.

“Hey, thanks for leading me here. You probably just saved my life!" Candice said, glancing around in the darkness.

Knowing that she needed to get out of the wet clothes, she began to strip, first her jacket and shirt, then her shoes and socks, which were completely soaked through, worse than anything else. Her entire body was covered in goose-pimples. Rubbing her hands over her body to try and warm herself a little, she couldn’t help but moan slightly when her fingers brushed against her nipples. They were hard and almost painfully sensitive from the cold. Slipping out of her skirt and panties, Candice curled up against a wall, hugging her arms around her legs. She looked in the direction of where she thought the Absol might be.

“I don’t suppose you know any Fire moves, do you?” she asked, her voice still trembling. Though getting out of her wet clothes made her feel slightly better, being naked wasn’t great, either.

The soft sound of claws against stone made her cock her head as it grew closer. All at once she felt something soft and warm pressing against her side. “Sol.” The voice was low and kind sounding.

“Well, you are pretty cozy-feeling. Guess this’ll be good,” Candice said, wrapping her arms around the Pokemon.

Nuzzling close to the Absol, Candice could feel the Pokemon’s warmth taking the chill out of her body, and the silky softness of its fur was wonderful against her bare skin. “You really don’t deserve the bad rap everyone gives you,” she muttered softly, stroking her hand along the Absol’s back.

“Ab...So." The Pokemon gave Candice a small lick against her cheek. She wasn’t sure if it had really understood her or not, but she was definitely happy for the affection.

“Hey, once the storm is over, how about you become my Pokemon? I'm normally an Ice Type of gal, but it’s not a rule,” she offered. Absol gave her another lick, this time on the neck.

“Can I take that as a yes?’ Candice asked.

Absol’s answer was another lick, this time much lower, along the top of Candice’s breasts. Gasping at the sudden feeling of the Pokemon's moist, heated tongue brushing against her bare skin, Candice jerked. “Hey, what are you..."

She was cut off as that wet, warm, and slightly rough tongue brushed against her nipple. Moaning at the stimulation, Candice was completely overwhelmed as the licks continued, short, sharp lashes against the tender nub, preventing her from forming any thoughts. The Absol gave a very light nip to the sensitive bit of flesh, then a soft bite, before moving over to the other, licking it in the same way.

Finally catching her breath, Candice reached down and grabbed the Absol’s head, trying to pull it away. “Hey...ah, ohhh, that feels...no, you--you need...you need to sto...to st, stop...” she gasped in between moans. As freaked out as she was by this, she couldn’t deny that it was more than pleasant. With no one in town who caught Candice's eye and her only release being a bit of casual sex on the extremely rare occasions that her friend Maylene would trek all the way through the snow to see her, Candice was sexually frustrated enough that even a clumsy partner could have reduced her to almost helpless lust with this...and this Absol was definitely not clumsy!

With a weak shake of its head, Absol broke her grip and started licking down Candice’s belly, leaving a damp trail. Strangely, the spots that were licked still felt warm even after they were left. A sudden thought entered Candice’s mind. “Wait, are...are you trying to warm me up?’ she asked. She had never heard about this, though that didn't necessarily mean anything. Few people told stories about good, helpful Absols, and she doubted many of those few would go around telling everyone that getting licked by an Absol would make you feel warm.

Giving into what her body wanted and deciding to just let it happen, Candice relaxed and let the Absol work its way down her belly, until it reached her thighs. The moment that rough, wet tongue met her pussy, Candice cried out sharply, “Whoa, hold on...!”But just like before, her thoughts were completely killed by the sharp wave of pleasure that tore through her body from head to toe.

Absol kept licking away at Candice’s slit, moving all along, hitting every spot and setting off new jolts of pleasure every few seconds. Not wanting to fight against how good it felt, Candice reached down and began to stroke the soft, warm fur, digging her nails in. All of this was so surreal that she wasn’t sure if she hadn’t collapsed out in the snow and was just having a freaky dream, but no matter what, she was feeling so good that it hardly mattered to her!

Absol’s tongue slipped in between Candice’s pussy lips and rubbed against her folds, making her quiver with delight. Gripping Absol’s oddly-shaped horn, she could feel a soft warmth pulsing through it. Stroking her fingers along the length of it, she heard Absol making a low sound, almost like a growl, though it was clear that it was from pleasure rather than aggression.

Moaning, Candice began to grind her hips. “I’ve heard of a few people who like to have sex with Pokemon...always thought it was weird before, but I think I get it now!” she managed to get out, between panting moans. She had never considered it before, but now that she was getting eaten out by an Absol--and it was the best pussy-licking she'd ever gotten, at that!--she was certain that she should reconsider. Gripping Absol’s horn harder as she felt herself nearing the edge, Candice closed her eyes. She hadn’t had sex in quite some time, and the Pokemon between her legs seemed to know just the right spots to lick. It was coming, that hot, blissful release, surely and steadily it was reaching her...!

After several minutes, Candice could feel herself reaching the peak of her pleasure. She threw her head back and cried out loud as she came. Her clit throbbed and her pussy twitched as she heaved and moaned while the orgasmic pulses surged through her, and Absol wouldn't let up, drawing out more and more of that wonderful climax. When at last the orgasm ended, Absol slowly lifted up from Candice’s cunny and moved in, licking at her lips. Opening her mouth, she began to kiss the Pokemon. It was a strange, awkward kiss, as mouth and jaws met and interlocked, but it was also pleasant, new and exciting and delicious after that wonderful orgasm. She could taste her own cum in the kiss, which only made it better.

Absol suddenly pulled away, leaving Candice momentarily confused. The cave was still pitch black, so she had only a few small sounds to go by. Suddenly she felt something bump against her chest. It was Absol for sure, but it wasn’t the Pokemon’s head. Reaching down, she felt along Absol’s body. Her hands were on the Pokemon’s hips, and when she moved them back along it, she felt something she hadn’t entirely expected.

“You're female, huh? Well, I like girls better anyway, so that’s good,” Candice said as she rubbed her fingers along the lips of Absol’s pussy. Since it was too dark to see, Candice had to go entirely by feeling. But she seemed to be doing well, for while stroking along the warm flesh, she could hear small whimpers and whines of pleasure.

Slipping a finger into Absol’s hot sex, she felt the Pokemon’s inner walls, much tighter than her own, coil and squeeze around her digit. It felt so similar to a human’s that she’d easily believe it was another woman's vagina if she didn’t know that it was a Pokemon’s. That made it a bit easier for her as she leaned in and gave a small lick. Absol let out a low howl as Candice’s tongue softly probed around her slit.

Working her finger slowly in and out of Absol’s quim, Candice traced her tongue along her savior’s slit. Absol's smaller pussy tasted quite different from a human woman's, as Candice would have expected, but she'd at a loss to describe its flavor...but then, she wouldn't really know how to describe how a human woman tasted, either. It was different, and mildly pleasant, and that was all that mattered. She was a tad disappointed when she couldn’t find a clit to tease and toy with, so she doubled up on her efforts with her tongue and fingers. Hooking her digits inside, she pumped them faster, while flicking her tongue more often against spots that seemed to get a strong reaction. The more she lapped away at Absol’s quim, the more she came to enjoy the taste. Strangely, it was becoming sweet and heady to her. It filled all of her senses with a sense of well-being and happiness.

“I guess everything about you is nice for us humans,” Candice said softly between licks, blowing against Absol’s cunny. Those words of praise seemed to give the Pokemon more pleasure than anything else Candice had done. Absol gave a sharp whine and came, her inner walls tightening around Candice’s finger as a soft spurt of feminine juice squirted out, splashing against the bridge of her nose.

Absol moved away once again, and returned to lick Candice’s face clean. Just like before, Candice did her best to kiss the Pokemon back. Slowly she felt a strange drowsiness overtaking her senses. Before she knew it, Candice was laying on her back, Absol moving on top of her, draping her body over the human girl for warmth while still licking her face and neck. Slowly Candice drifted off to sleep...

. . .

Rolling over on her side, Candice felt a chill that made her reach out for her partner to pull her closer for warmth, but she found only air. Opening her eyes slowly, she saw a few lazy rays of sunlight across the floor. Aside from her clothing resting in one of the beams of light, the cave was empty.

Looking around, Candice called out, “Absol?”

There was no response, but out the corner of her eye, something caught her attention...a glint of something in the corner. Moving over to it, she found a busted Pokeball. Smiling sadly, she looked outside. There was a fresh layer of snow that covered whatever tracks may have been left behind.

“Guess you didn’t want another trainer,” she murmured as she dressed. She felt sad to have lost her companion, but at the same time, Absol had left Candice with a glow of peace, happiness, and excitement over her. Absol had saved her life, but she had also shown Candice that she might not have to be lonely and frustrated in this out of the way burg...maybe she had a new place to look for love now. Candice found herself wondering about her pretty, dainty little Glaceon at home. They had always had an especially close bond...she wondered if Glaceon might be interested in exploring how far that connection could take them with her. The idea gave her a giddy sort of excitement...and even if her Glaceon weren't interested, even if Candice didn't find love with any of her own team, there were Pokemon all over in this wild, natural area, far outnumbering people. Sooner or later, Candice knew she could find love.

With the weather calmed, she was able to easily find her way home, a new joy at the prospect of the future keeping her warm all the way.

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