Down the alley

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It was a late, autumn evening. Rei and Minako were walking down the street, returning home from a club. They had had some fun, dancing and drinking, but now they had to head back home. Sailor Scouts had their night duties, after all. They finished high school few years ago, but they were still doing their demon fighting stuff to protect people around. They were already late for meeting, so Rei decided to take a shortcut. None of them wanted to listen at Sailor Moon yelling at them, saying they had to protect the town, not to spent their time dancing in the night clubs. Rei wore tight trousers and a red blouse along with a black jacket. Minako had a yellow mini skirt and a pink blouse.

Rei wasn’t sure about this shortcut, although she thought it’d be best way to come back home as fast as possible. It was a barely lit, smelly area. But she decided it was worth some risk. After some steps she became even more uncertain. The alley was getting darker and Minako suggested that they might better return to their usual way before something bad happened. Rei just smiled encouragingly, saying that there’s nothing to be afraid of. They were Sailor Scouts after all.

In the same moment they noticed two big men. One of them, with big scar running across his face, walked in front of them, smiling and looking with glaring eyes at raven haired Rei, while the other, bald one, walked from behind, placing his big palms on the Minako’s arms, immobilizing Sailor Venus instantly.

„Hey Akira, we have two quite tasty sluts here, don't we?“, grinned the bald one, holding Minako tightly and reaching down to nuzzle her face. She couldn’t reach her disguise pen hidden in her handbag. Despite her struggle, he held her with ease.

„Sure, Kuno, they knew where to come to get some fucking,“ his comrade pushed surprised Rei to the wall. He was surprisingly fast. Sailor Mars, shocked from the speed of his attack, made a cry of despair, but he bitchslapped her. His hand grabbed her breast, pinching it hard through the jacket. Both girls were doing their best to free themselves, but they had no chances against the strong males. The guys immobilized them without much effort and dragged them deep into the alley. When they were far enough from the light filled areas, they started molesting the helpless scouts.

„You’re a feisty one, cunt“, man named Akira pushed his hand into Rei’s trousers, cupping her pussy and fondling it roughly. She was still struggling, but two more hard slaps calmed her a bit. Kuno, the bald yakuza, forced Minako to kneel on the cold, moist and dirty ground. Blonde girl was afraid, she could guess what his plan was. And she wasn’t wrong at all. The bald man took out his semi hard dick and pushed it right into her mouth.

„Do your job and suck me, slut!“, he said to the Sailor Venus. Tears shone in her eyes as she began to do what he wanted, caressing his cock with her pink tongue.

„See? Your pal is natural born cock sucker,“ sair Akira, still fondling Rei’s pussy, „Guess you’re the same. Your cunt is already wet“, his fingers were squeezing into her womanhood under tight trousers. While fingering her, he started to lick her neck and then her red cheek, leaving wet trails of saliva over her face. Finally he begun to kiss her in the most demanding way. Sailor Mars couldn’t believe it. It all happened too fast. She should be able to defend herself, not to submit to such low thugs. But hand inside her panties was doing it’s job, causing her to moan from waves of unwanted pleasure.

Minako’s blonde hair was moving back and forward as she was forced to suck Kuno’s manhood. He groaned as the blonde haired beauty was polishing his cock. Strings of her saliva dripped from her mouth and his dick. He doubled his speed, forcing his stiff cock even deeper, almost making her choke.

„This bimbo was born with a cock in her mouth! Damn, she’s a great head doctor!“, he grunted as his hands sunk in her golden hair, holding it tightly as he fucked her mouth.

Akira ripped Rei’s black jacket, causing buttons to fall down and roll on the ground. Yanking up her red shirt, he grabbed her breasts, groping them though the material of her red bra.

„Nice, big tits, babe,“ he grinned, pinching her nipple with his fingers, making Rei to cry from sudden pain one more time. Despite her best efforts, she could feel her body respondin to his actions. His fingers were stabbbing her gaping cunt faster, making her panties wet. Juices were running down her legs, staining her trousers. Eventually, he forced her to cum. A dark stain formed all over her crotch as she gasped.

Kuno came in Minako’s mouth, filling her with a river of semen. Her eyes grew wider as suddenly she found her mouth full of sticky, salty goo. She did her best to swallow his disgusting load, but she couldn’t drink it all, some of the thick semen dripped from the corners of her mouth and landed on her pink blouse, staining it with dark spots. Kuno pulled his cock out and shot his last load on her face, splattering it over her nose and cheeks. Sperm was now plastered all over her face.

„Now you’re officialy marked as my fuckmeat“, he said to the sobbing blonde, „Time to take care of your other holes“.

Despite her pathetic cries and pleas, he pulled the struggling Sailor Venus to her feet and spun her around. Wasting no time in taking care of her mini dress, he ripped her white panties, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. His fat fingers started to probe her bare womanhood, causing Minako to moan softly. Making her lean against a dirty wall, he grabbed her hips and forced his hard dick into her wet, soaking fuckhole, ramming it deeply. Her loud cry echoed in the walls of the dark alley.

„What a tight pussy she has!“ he grunted, while his fingers clenched around her hips. Minako moaned helplessly as her pussy was attacked. It was like having burning red metal pole between her legs. She was the soldier of love and justice, but she couldn’t do anything to prevent that brutal rape. It was all wrong and she suddenly found her secret, submissive side being revealed. Despite her efforts to always be strong and brave, a natural born leader, she was secretly hiding her lust for being dominated by someone else.

„Isn’t your friend a nympho? She moans like a whore“, Akira pulled Rei’s shirt over her head, baring her tits. Then he forced topless girl on the ground, making her kneel. She was lucky to have her trousers. Akira unzipped, revealing his cock and letting it smack Rei’s face two times. Then he started to rub the tip against her red lips, leaving a small string of precum on them.

„I said, isn’t your friend a nympho!? Answer me, bitch!“ Rei didn’t want to call her friend a nympho, so she pressed her lips together and shook her head.

„Isn’t-your-friend-a-nympho?!!“ the brutish Akira shouted at the helpless Sailor Mars and raised his hand to slap her.

„It’s, ngh, okay!“, Minako cried in a quivering voice, „Just tell him whatever he wants to hear! I don’t care!“

„Now?“ Akira kept his hand raised, ready to strike in every moment.

„Okay, okay,“ Rei sobbed, „My friend is a nympho!“ Both men laughed. Minako felt a tingle in her spine after being called a nympho by her friend. She bit her lip to avoid moaning with pleasure.

„Open you mouth and show me what you can“.

Rei had to struggle with her urge to bit his dick. She could guess that he’d do something cruel to her or to Minako if she did. She was still far from surrendering, but there was no way she could do anything to defend herself or her friend now. So she closed her dark eyes and opened her lips, accepting his manhood. The kneeling Sailor Mars started to suck him, reluctantly rather than eagerly.

„Well done, you cocktease, you know how to please a man“, he smiled, letting her do her job and humping her mouth with pleasure. His hairy ball sack rubbed against her chin.

Kuno reached to Minako’s bouncing boobies, groping her firm tits as his cock was digging a tunnel inside her. Tears ran down her face as she bobbed against the cold wall in the dark alley. Her moans were louder and harder. Kuno already managed to push almost his entire cock inside her tight cunt, fucking her without mercy.

„Tell me you’re my fuckslut!“, he said and when she didn’t answer, his fingers pinched her caramel nipples painfully.

„I’m... your... fuckslut!“ Sailor Venus moaned loudly as she helplessly bucked between big mobster and dark, dirty wall. Saying such things made something break inside her. She had to accept that she did nothing to defend herself or Rei against rape. She really was a slut.

„Surely, you are. I’m gonna make you my personal whore. You’ll make lotta money for daddy“, he slapped her buttock, laughing as she sobbed.

Akira grabbed Rei’s black hair, forcing her to work faster on his cock.

„Suck harder, you sorry excuse of a whore!“, he commanded, „Use your slutty tongue! I wanna feel it around my dick!“.

Those words were as painful for Sailor Mars as his actions. She was the most proud of all Sailor scouts and despised all men. Being forced to kneel in front of man and suck his dick while being called a names was the ultimate humiliation for her. But she could do nothing, just suck his cock with her drooling mouth.

As he held Rei’s head with his hand, he used his other hand to play with her round mammary, squeezing and pinching her dark nipple, making the helpless Sailor Mars groan. Tears shone in her dark eyes as he closed her hand on her breast, cupping and fondling her, while his cock was completely stuffed inside her watering mouth.

Both men came at once. Rei’s cheeks balooned as her mouth was filled with warm cum. She started to cough, spitting the semen mixed with her saliva. A solid portion landed on her bare tits.

„Bad slut!“ Akira slapped her face hard „You can’t waste the semen!“

She looked at him with hate and contempt. Moment later Minako was tossed on the ground next to her. Cum was dripping from between her legs. Some semen was still plastered to her cheeks, while Rei’s mouth, chin and boobies were all covered with sticky liquid.

„This one knows better than to waste sperm!“ Kuno grabbed Minako’s head with his hand and pointed it to the globs of cum Rei had just spat on the ground. He pressed her face down on the filthy alleyway floor. Obediently Minako licked the sperm from the moist, dirty asphalt with a disgusted look on her face. When she was done, Kuno tossed her down beside Rei again.

„Are you okay,“ Rei whispered to her disgraced friends, „I’m so sorry about that“

„Don’t worry about me“, Minako replied. Secretely she was kinda angry because of that, but it was no time for show it, „I’m sure they’ll let us go now“

Both Sailor Scouts trembled. They hoped it was the end. But they were terribly wrong.

„Let’s check their butts“, said Akira, grabbing Rei and forcing her down. Minako joined her soon. Strong hands spread their ass cheeks and soon both Sailor Scouts could feel a dick poking their tight, unfucked assses.

„Please, not that!“, begged Minako and Rei joined her, but their pleas were fruitless. Rei could only grit her teeth as her rapist pulled her cheeks apart and pushed his big dick to her backdoor. Minako made a loud cry of sheer pain as Kuno’s dick was forced into her stretching analhole. Soon Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars started to cry and moan in unison.

Minako was weeping and moaning constantly while yakuza’s dick battered her poor ass. Rei did her best to not cry much, but it helped her little while big cock was making its way down her butt. The guys slapped their asscheeks from time to time, laughing and yanking their long hair.

„Good sluts know how to do anal. You have to learn it, babes! Anal sex is much safer!“, said Kuno, clenching his palms around Minako’s hips. Her eyes were glassy as yakuza rammed her sore ass. Rei, despite her tries to keep her brave face, was moaning in agony, begging them to stop. There wasn’t anything as painful and humiliating as anal rape. She’d rather prefer them to fuck her face more.

„I want both you scream 'anal!' now! Show us the spirits of true anal whores!“, Akira yanked Rei’s hair painfully, while Kuno smacked Minako’s back with his open palm.

„Anaaal!!!! Aaaaanaaaaaal!“, they started to scream in unison to avoid more torment. Rei’s face went red as a brick, but she did what they wanted. Minako moaned as a whore in heat, her blonde hair was flying around. Sailor Mars wasn’t sure if her friend was only acting or if she really was horny. Her own ass was one big hell. She was sure she woudln’t be able to sit for some time.

„Anaaaaaaaaal!!!!!“, moaned Sailor Venus with her lust-filled voice, „Ooooh!!! Anaaaaaal!“.

„Damn, this slut is a devoted analwhore!“, laughed Kuno.

„How about you, cunt?!“, Akira yanked Rei’s black hair, „Tell us how you love anal!“

„Aiiiieeee!!!!“, cried Sailor Mars. She wanted to keep some dignity. But she couldn’t struggle that much. „Aaaah!!! I loooove aanaaaaaal!“, she finally cried in desperation with her anus being stretched to the point of breaking.Their humiliating moans and confessions made both men even more aroused and eager to fuck their asses hard.

Akira was first, he blasted Rei’s ass with big load of warm semen, filling her entire anal hole with his load. As he tugged is dick out of her tight rectum, cum started to pour from her well fucked ass. Soon after Kuno did the same. Both girls were tossed on the ground like a couple of broken toys, gasping and crying. Their asses hurt so much. Rei felt like she was about to puke. She swore a long and painful revenge for all these horrible things. Minako simply groaned and sobbed.

„I’ll make us escape, don’t be afraid,“ whispered Sailor Mars to her gasping friend. She hoped that these two retards would give her some time. She needed to locate her handbag, because her transformation pen was inside. With her Sailor Mars powers she’d kick the shit out of them with ease. But there was not time to relax for them.

„Ok, sluts, time for some lesbian action! Good whores know how to clean each other.“, commanded Kuno and soon Sailor Mars found herself on the ground with Sailor Venus above her, but head over feet. Her sperm soaking cunt was above Rei’s face and cum was still leaking from it. The girls started to protest, but few more slaps „helped“ to change their minds and they started to do 69. Kuno and Akira lit cigars and begun to inspect insides of the girls bags, taking all money, documents and so. They found their sailor disguise pens too, but tossed them away in a big trash can thinking that they were some girly gadgets. The girls were licking each other, first reluctantly, then more eagerly. After all, it was much better than painful rape. Minako orgasmed twice from Rei’s tongue. Sailor Mars came once. She was still shocked, but had to say that Minako’s tongue was making her wet and hot.

„You!“ Akira pointed at Rei, „Sit on your nympho friend’s face!“ Rei did as she was told and silently whispered an apology to Sailor Venus. She was surprised to see Minako’s eyes widen with expectation though. Minako lay down on the dirty alley while Rei squatted over her face.

„Dump the cum in you fat ass in her fucking, slutty mouth!“ Akira commanded with evil grin on his face.

„No, please!“, Rei begged, she didn’t want to humiliate Sailor Venus in this way. She already had feeling that it was all her fault. She just hoped to spare Minako more torment.

„Just do as they say,“ said Sailor Venus silently, „Don’t worry about me!“

Sobbing and red faced, Rei started pressing the thick cum out of her aching ass and into her friend’s mouth. To her surprise, she felt Minako’s tongue starting to lap at her sore asshole twirling around just inside of her bud as if to help the flow of the filthy white stuff.

Despite her terrible predicament, eating cum out of her friend’s asshole had a strange impact on Minako. The taste was overpowering and the feeling of being actually dominated by her own friend was making her pussy twitch unvoluntarily. Sailor Mars herself found Minako’s tongue soothing against her burning ass and despite being terribly ashamed for doing this, she felt kind of good.

Too bad that this precious moment of comfort was soon broken as two brutes finished their cigarettes and parted both girls. Sailor Mars had to kneel in front of Akira, while Sailor Venus was made to kneel in front of Kuno. This time they had to open their zippers with their teeth and lick their rapists’s balls first.

„They’re good, aren’t they? Little more training and they’ll make a pair of fine street hookers“, said Kuno while Minako licked his ballsack.

„Sure thing, bro. They’re walking... I mean, sucking money makers“, smiled Aira and both guys laughed.

A month later

Sailor Mars stood on the corner of the street. Heavy mascara covered her face, glossy lipstick made her lips look even more juicy. She had hoop, silver rings in her ears. A low cut, black strapless blouse was her top. She also had a red mini dress and fishnet stocking. Red high heels were on her feet. There was also big tramp stamp on her back. Looking around, she noticed a middle aged man. When he was passing by, she approached him.

„Looking for some fun... daddy?“, she said, smiling seductively to him. She already noticed that this man was her teacher when she was at school. Luckily, he seemed to not recognize his previous model student under the heavy make up. He just looked at her and nodded, wrapping his hand around her waist.

They weren’t very far from her home. She could return home easily, escaping from the hands of those mobsters who were pimping her and Sailor Venus out. But she couldn’t. While one of them was whoring, the second one was kept in their house, serving, doing laundry, cleaning and fucking. If one would escape or return without enough cash in her panties, the other one would be punished hard. They said that they might even cut their faces with a knife. So they had no choice, but to earn money with their bodies...

She was afraid Minako had gotten the worst of it. Her brain seemed to have changed. Oh, poor Minako, they rarely got enough time to chat freely, but in her desperate attempt to stay alive it all seemed she was pretending to like her new life. She fake orgasms all the time when Kuno and Akira fucked her and attempted to spare Sailor Mars by always begging for herself to be fucked. The things they did to her were disgusting, but Sailor Venus took it all like a true heroine.

Sailor Mars stopped thinking about it when she reached the place behind some trashcans. She knelt in front older man and started giving blowjob to her former teacher. It was her fifth blowjob today. And she needed to earn twice more to avoid spanking after returning home tonight...

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