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Unbelievable! Shingo thought annoyed. His stupid sister makes bad grades all the time and he fails one lousy test and his parents want him to get a tutor.

Usagi stuck her tongue out at her little brother as she left angering Shingo even more. It was just unfair! So he waited to see what tutor he would be stuck with for the day.

“Afternoon. Shingo” He heard a female voice saying as the door opened. It was a beautiful girl with blue hair a few years older then him.

“A-Ami!” Shingo stuttered. He went wide-eyed seeing her wearing a swimsuit. It was the same one he saw her wearing last time he saw her.

“I hope you don't mind. I plan to go swimming after we're done.” Ami explained.

“It's fine.” Shingo said looking away blushing. Ami sat down by him. She leaned over to see his paper. There was nothing the boy could do to stop his eyes from falling to her revealing cleavage. Then he felt her hand on his thigh making his heart skip a beat.

The study session was a bit awkward to say the least. But he managed to finish it all. Ami then made some tea and brought it to the table. But the pitcher slipped out of her hand and spilled all over the boy drenching his hair and clothes.

“Sorry Shingo!” The girl apologized quickly.
“You should wash that off. I'll clean up the mess before it stains.” She said before getting a towel to clean the floor.

Shingo went into the bathroom. He filled the tub before stepping in. He rinsed his hair then sat down in the warm water to relax for a bit. He conjured a mental image of Ami but before he could even take hold of his member he heard the door opening. He turned his head to see the very same girl entering.

“Ami!” He shouted surprised covering his privates.

“I figured I'd help you bath. It's the least I can do.” She explained sweetly.

“I can wash myself!” The boy insisted but she ignored him and climbed into the bathtub behind him. She took the damp rag and started washing his back. He began to relax feeling the warm washcloth move up and down.

When she stopped he saw her bathing suit landing on the side of the bathtub. Was she? He got his answer when he felt her breasts, nipples and everything, pressing against his back.

“Okay if I shower with you?” She asked still sounding innocent. He nodded his head slowly. She reached over him to turn the shower back on causing her breast to sit on his shoulder for a second.

The warm water rained on them and before Shingo knew it he felt her hands push his own away and take hold of his member.

“Ami!” He gasped wide-eyed.

“Wasn't this where you were before I came in? I can help you.” Ami said still sounding to sweet and innocent for what she was doing.

“I-” He tried to explain but was cut off by his own moan of pleasure when she started stroking him.

“Oh Ami...” he sighed overtaken by the pleasure. He rolled his head back and to the side to look up at her as she smiled warmly at him. Her hand speed up pushing him over the edge.

“Ami I-” He tried to tell her but she leaned down stealing his first kiss while his hips jerked back and forth and he cummed into the water. After he finished he collapsed back onto her gasping for breath.

After a moment's reprieve he turned around to face her. He stood on his knees and kissed her. She kissed back and her tongue sneaked past his lips and payed with his own tongue. At the same time she took his hands by the wrists and placed them on her breasts. He broke their kiss and played with her breasts running her hands all over them. He leaned forward and nuzzled his face between them smelling her female scent. Then he sucked on one of her nipples earning a moan from her.

When he pulled back again she stood up putting her crotch at about the same level as his face. He took the hint and took hold of her buttocks while leaning forward to kiss her womanhood. She moaned as he ran his tongue over it then parted it to allow his tongue to enter.

“Oh! Shingo!” She called. He was glad he could cause her to feel such pleasure. After a moment she cummed covering his face. The shower washed it off quickly.

Ami took his arm and helped him to his feet. Ami shut the water off and handed him a towel.

“If you would dry off we have one more thing to take care of today.” She said looking down him. He looked down to see he was hard again. She lead them to his bedroom. She leaned down and kissed him again putting her hands on his chest then pushed him backwards onto his bed breaking the kiss.

She climbed over him positioning her women over his waiting member.

“Would you guide it in?” She requested. He took his member and guided it in as she lowered herself down on him.

“Oh Ami...” He moaned feeling her insides pleasure him. His hips lunged up as she bounced on his lap. Her warm insides kept milking him. He reached up to grab her bouncing breasts. They both began to tremble as their climaxes approached. He felt her becoming tighter.

“Shingo!” He called as they came together. He was again left gasping for breath. She dismounted him and laid beside him.

“You were great Shingo.” She said running her hand through his hair. His eyelids felt heavy and he drifted off into sleep.

The boy woke to find himself in bed under his covers. Was it all a dream? But he realized he was still naked. He got dressed and ran back downstairs. Ami was nowhere to be seen but Usagi was back.

“So you're finally up? Ami said you feel asleep.” Usagi said.

“Where is she?” Shingo asked quickly.

“She had to leave. But she said since you didn't finish she'd have to come back tomorrow. You must be dumb to not get it.” Usage teased but was surprised when Shingo smiled.

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