Hellsing: Zealot of the Hunt

BY : Nero-Shadow-Wolf
Category: Hellsing > AU - Alternate Universe
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June, 2nd, 1998 London, England

"Jun, 2nd, 1998...I'll never forget that date for as long as I live."

It was midnight, and the rain was pouring down hard over me as I limped away from the building turned bonfire that I used to call home. The voices I hear just around the bend weren't from the tenants of the apartment building I had just narrowly escaped, but instead were mafia hired guns. I had been in London for a total of three years as a professional assassin...and I already had a price on my head worth sending twelve mediocre men after me. I would have blushed had I not lost so much blood. Deciding that I'd rather escape with my life than mince words with a couple of cut throats out to put my head on a sterling silver platter I slowly carried myself down an empty alleyway in the hopes of making it somewhere safe.

However, this just wasn't the case as one of the hired guns managed to spot me leaving down the alleyway. It didn't take long after that for them to finally corner me in another alley on the fringes of London. I looked at either end of the alleyway to see a blinding set of headlights on either exit. I stood there in the center of the alley with my Walther P99 clutched tightly in my right hand. I knew that I wasn't going to get out of this situation alive unless god himself deemed what was left of my life was worth saving, and considering the life I had led up till this point I wasn't holding my breath. I was prepared to take as many of the bastards with me before I died.

"We've got you cornered now you fucking rat!" A voice rang out among the men which I presumed to be the leader of this hit squad. I gritted my teeth with rage as I took the first shot. "I may be cornered like a rat but I'm not going to die like one!" I shouted with resounding defiance as I fired more shots into the crowd of men in front of me. The squad behind me responded with a hail of gunfire. By the end of the volley I had managed to take two of the men down before ultimately collapsing on the ground. My laboured breath drew in shallow air as I groaned in frustration and pain.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as the men adavnced towards me to finish the job a smug smile on most of their faces. Then...it went dark. At first I thought that this was another one of their mind games but it wasn't just the headlights of the cars, it was every source of light from the street lamps down to the smallest night light. I couldn't see a thing but neither could the mafia, and with the rain pouring down as hard as it was I bet they couldn't hear me either. But we all hear something other than the rain that night. A low and primal growl could be heard all around us it's presence taken as an ill omen among the mafia as they softly bickered among one another like children. A scream from within their ranks roused them from their infighting long enough to audibly shuffle close to one another.

It didn't take long after to that for the rest to start screaming this time accompanied by the sounds of what I can only descirbe as visceral slaughter. The whole ordeal lasted all of 30 seconds before the little alleyway was once again delivered unto silence by whatever unseen force had come through there. The heavy coppery smell of blood was mixed with rain water made itself known to my senses. the lights in the alleyway suddenly flickered back to life, and illuminated the literal blood bath that had unfolded in the dark. I grunted audibly as I struggled to adjust myself into a sitting position to get a better look at the scene.

I looked down at the nearby pile of gore that I assumed to be one of the men sent to kill me a shudder of disgust escaped me as I struggled to get to my feet and away from the horrid sight. At first it seemed as if I was actually going to get away. Until I hear that same low growl only a few feet behind me. A large silhouette stood before me with eyes of furious yellow that pierced through my dark brown eyes and into my very soul. I turned to face the ominous presence, trying to hide the fear in my heart with a wall of bravado. It proved fruitless as the silhouette advanced towards me with a low snarl. The silhouette was revealed to be a man of pale complextion with short hair of snow.

I raised my Walther as I returned my own snarl to the man in hopes to keep up my already shattered bravado. Within an instance the man closed the gap between us and hand my arm within his grasp with an inhuman amount of strength. With his face so close to mine I could see his lupine face beared a muzzle filled with rows of jagged, razor sharp fangs that were ready to tear me apart. Summoning all the reserves of courage I could, I went for a swift left hook. Before I knew it, my entire forearm was trapped in the powerful jaws of the beast. Every one of his teeth glided through my flesh like a scalding knife through butter, all the way down to the bone. Within seconds my body was coursing with the most excruciating pain that I had ever felt in my entire life.

I threw my head back in response to the overwhelming pain, my screams of agony echoed through the empty London streets from a failed attempt to stifle my pain. I took what I thought to be my last look into the eyes of the beast before I joined the corpses around me... Thats when it happened. A deafining crack of thunder caused the beast to go wided eyed with surprise. His jaws had loosened enough for me to free my arm from it's confines and fall to the ground once more, it's cold embrace not at all comfortable, but more welcome than the jaws of the fleeing beast.

My broken body convulsed on the stony pavement as the cold rain poured over me. It did little to comfort my pain, but it did help me to know that I was still clinging to life even if by the thinest of threads. As I lay on the pavement, my eyes shifting to the pale moon in the night sky a few faint footsteps could be heard making their way to my side before another man revealed himself to me. The man was draped in clothing of ink and crimson with gloves as white as his chalky skin. He slowly knealt down by my side his wide brimmed hat offer me some respite from the rain. A smirk slowly spread across his face before a chuckle escaped his fanged maw. "You're quite the resiliant one aren't you?" He uttered with a menacing yet alluring tone in his voice.

All I could do was nod as I was left unable to speak do to the immense pain I was in. He took pity on me as he lifted me into his arms and began to carry me off. "I don't usually bring strays home with me... but I have a good feeling about you... don't disapoint me." Were the last words he spoke to me before the world around me was engulfed in a jet black haze.

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