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 TK had always hated being through of as the innocent one, the pure one. Just because he was the youngest, because he was “hopeful”. None of the other Children were stuck with their labels – they had all grown into “people”. Why couldn't they see he was a person, too? Someone who stumbled and fell, someone who walked in the darkness, and got just as dirty as everyone else?

It was when his thoughts got like this, the he would wonder if he had been talked into doing this, or if he had begged for it.

He caught the eye of another man, a sweaty salaryman who probably had a little wife as fat as him and a daughter TK's age. He gave that same smile he always used, one that told the men, “despite the crowd, I'm looking for you”, and walked to the far bathroom, the one with the “out of order” sign hanging on it. It was never long before his men would follow him, ducking in as though they expected their family to be in there, crying and asking why. But they would only find TK, already bent over the sink, looking at him in the mirror. None of them ever asked if it was ok, none of them ever questioned it. They just grabbed him roughly, barely dropping their pants before shoving inside.

TK would moan and whimper, clutching the sink as he was pounded with all of life's measly irritants. Some of them would grumbled about their wives, some of them would curse their bosses, and some would even get lost in the act and talk about how dirty it all was. And they would give in, fill TK with their wanton lust and scurry away like rats. And the one still known as a “child” would collect himself, wipe away the drool, fix his hair, and wander back into the subway station, looking for his next man. He never stayed for too long ,still nervous about running into anyone he knew, or even the same man twice. Luckily, in such a busy place, and with how rarely he had the courage to do something like this, he didn't have to worry too much.

It was another three men before he couldn't take it any more (take what? The men? Or the feeling?) and he boarded the next shuttle to Odaiba. Though he'd spent the afternoon there, seducing all the men he could into sex with a young boy, he had felt a pair of eyes on him the whole time. Never once had they approached, but they saw every time he vanished into the bathroom, and he knew they would be waiting to see who followed. TK could turn his eyes to them, give the same sexy pout he gave all others, and he knew they wouldn't approach. They would only watch as he stood in the busiest carriage on the way home. They would watch as he bumped and stumbled against the men wanting to go back to their dull homes, their plain wives. They would watch as he grabbed one of the men, rubbing and groping eagerly. And they would watch without surprise as TK pulled the men from their pants, jerking them into a blissfully real fantasy.

TK blushed as he quickly exited his stop, licking the last bits of the man from his hand. Usually he wasn't caught so close to home like that, but the man had such stamina, and was able to go for much longer. He wanted to find the owner of those eyes that were on him, but knew that even if he approached, they wouldn't interact. No, this was all part of the game. The fetish.

So he walked home. Not to his home, no. There was still one more act until he could be satisfied that he wasn't what the others saw when they looked at him.

The cold apartment was large, and soundproof. Whether that was because the owner of those eyes made it that way, or because that was just how the building was, TK didn't care. It just made it so much easier. He removed his shirt, his pants, all his clothes except the collar that was once hanging from the keyring. He debated pulling it as tight as it could go, but left it loose. He wouldn't be able to breathe soon, anyway.

His insides ached as he walked into what was usually a bedroom, kneeling on the floor. The owner of those eyes, his owner, stood over him, and petted back his hair like he was an animal. A beast. A creature of lust and passion.

His owner fought the same stereotyping that TK did. Just because he was the oldest, he was the most caring, the most gentle. He would watch over the youngest because that just what he did.

Well, now he had a reason to.

Joe listened to TK's heavy breathing, watched him quiver. He was tired now, but he wasn't exhausted yet. That was coming soon. He reached down, lifting TK's chin and gave the young boy a soft, parting kiss. He fingered the collar, specially chosen for the thick leather, and tugged roughly. TK whined as he fell, collapsing to his chest and shoulders, and leaving his ass in the air. His poor body, crisscrossed with scars from old games they played, was shaking with need. Between his eager cheeks was the glinting of a jeweled plug. The stainless steel toy kept the multitudes of men trapped within the boy, and TK knew he'd taken more than usual. He'd never felt so full in his life.

Joe ran a finger over the toy, pushing roughly against the jewel. “Do you remember how many men you took?”

It was part of their game. TK never kept track, and Joe knew it. “F-Four?”

Joe spanked him roughly, the boy's flesh reddening quickly. “'Four' what?”

“Four, sir!” TK yelped into the floor. It stung lightly, and he knew Joe was being gentle with him.

“Wrong.” Joe grabbed his inner thigh roughly, nails piercing the skin. “Try again.”

“It was...” TK was trying to ignore the ache in his body. He couldn't give into it now. “It was... seven, sir?”

Joe dragged his nails down the soft skin, scratching it open. “Sill wrong. How can my little slut not realize he took ten men? Are you just that much of a whore?”

TK whined, jerking away from the pain that was quickly warping into pleasure. That was the wrong move as Joe brought his hand down again, right overtop of the jewel settled in him. He cried out as his insides jerked, and he fought not to let it go. Despite its weight, he wasn't as tight as he used to be. Again and again, he was spanked, punished for not knowing the answer. Ten hits for the men he'd taken, and eleven more for the wrong answers. He could feel his ass bruising, and knew he wouldn't be able to sit for a few days.

Joe was breathing heavily above him, fighting the urge to just begin fucking the boy. There was still more to their game. On the twenty-first strike, he paused, letting his tingling hand rest. He could hear TK crying softly below him and, deep inside, he felt a twinge of regret. He'd have to make sure to cuddle the boy extra gently that night. But he quickly shoved that thought away, finding the swollen balls that quivered between bloody thighs. Even the lightest touch made TK squirm in pain, and Joe made sure to grab them roughly.

“At least you were a good boy about this,” he said as TK gave a sudden sob. The blonde jerked, almost coming out of his kneeling position and Joe brought his hand down again, directly on the deep red globes. “How many times do I have to tell you? A good toy never moves until his master tells him to.”

“I'm sorry, sir,” TK whimpered. He clenched his shaking hands into fists, and rubbed his nose against the carpet. “I'll be a good toy for you, sir.”

“Shut up,” Joe growled, grabbing the aching, caged length under him. The chastity device, made of the same stainless steel as the plug had been put on earlier that day, when TK was still flaccid. It was the only way to make sure he wasn't hurt in a way unrelated to their games. TK whimpered and moaned as he was touched, feeling the blood pulsing around his groin, but unable to make him stiff. Despite the men, despite the arousal, he hadn't been allowed to ejaculate. Not until Joe said he could. “You're too fucking loud, you know that?”

Joe grabbed the blonde by his hair, dragging him to his knees by the sensitive strands. TK cried out as his body shifted once again. He needed release of some kind desperately.

“What am I going to do with you?” Joe was saying, walking over to grab some things off his dresser. “I keep telling you, I like my things to be quiet, but you just keep making those damn noises. So let's try this, and maybe you'll fucking learn for once.”

TK felt his jaw get forced open and something hard and cold was placed in his mouth and over his cheeks. It was a gag, but not his usual one. This one had a hard ring of plastic that Joe set just behind his teeth instead of a soft ball, and the straps were made of thick leather, just like his collar. His hair was tugged on, as it was fastened behind his head, tight enough that he was sure to have interesting bruises to explain away on his cheeks. His nose was squished uncomfortably against the overly large frontpiece, and he could hear his own breath coming, harsh and loud, and, unable to close his mouth, he already began to drool on the carpet.

Joe was eagerly eying the open orifice only to sigh in disappointment. “Sometimes I hate being so big. That tiny little hole would never fit my whole cock.” TK wondered if he was talking about him or the gag.

The tall man stood over his toy, using the silken straps he'd also grabbed to bind TK's arms tightly behind his back, pushing his chest out awkwardly, and used the final one to cover those teary blue eyes. The young boy was still on his knees, trying desperately to be good, to keep still and quiet for his master, but he couldn't stop the desperate whines that escaped, or still the quivering of his dusky, soft loins. Joe reached down, to pet his hair and give him a warning slap on the cheek, digging his gag into his flesh further.

“I have to admit,” Joe said, running his hands up and down TK's chest. “I didn't expect you to stay out so long. You've gotten bolder than you used to be.” He pressed against TK's stomach and the boy whimpered. He was still so full. “What would the others think if they could see what a filthy whore you turned into?”

TK gave a gurgling groan, feeling himself drool down his chest. Joe always knew what to say to drive him crazy. He shifted his aching hands, knowing Joe wouldn't tie them tight enough to loose feeling, just enough to make him uncomfortable. Just like the pressure he was still putting on his stomach, grabbing his waist as though he forgot how many times he'd watched TK be filled.

“I have something I want to try with you,” Joe purred into his ear, and TK shuddered at the heat. Something new was always good. “So you just stay right there.”

He felt Joe stand and take a step away before pausing. “Let me just take this first – you won't need it.”

There was a burning hot touch on his ass, and Joe pulled the plug harshly from it's place. TK whimpered, clenching desperately to keep everything inside. Last time he'd let go without permission, Matt had thought he'd been mugged.

“I'll be back,” Joe laughed and TK heard him leave the room, door clicking shut behind him. He whined and shook with the effort to stay still. When his master had done this before, he'd left TK alone in the room for five minutes, unable to release. But he'd had nowhere near this much in him before. Was Joe hoping to punish him again?

TK was drooling, sweating with the effort of staying tight, shifting aching shoulders. He tried to concentrate on the seconds that passed by, tried to strain to listen to see if Joe was coming back or if he was going to take a break again. He wished he'd been let free, at least so the painful buildup of blood could stop aching. He wished he could close his jaws, or blink his eyes, but before he could feel too human again, the door opened and Joe was once again standing over him. There was a noise below him and he made a soft whine, a desperate noise that made his master coo.

“How precious,” Joe laughed. “I think it's begging me. Well, not quite yet, my pet. I still need to do one more thing.”

TK's stomach gave a warning noise, and the blonde knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer. Joe pat him on the head like he was a dog and walked away, rustling with something that sounded like he was pulling it out of a drawer. Normally, he kept everything under his bed, so this must have been very new. Then, there was a weight on his gag, and he felt Joe click something into place with a proud noise. He reached out and snatched the blindfold off, taking a few golden hairs with it.

TK blinked in the sudden light, looking at what had happened. There was now a plastic bowl attached to his gag and he could feel the air coming in through an opening in it that attached to the plastic in his mouth. He groaned and shook his head, testing out the new weight. At least he wasn't drooling all over himself anymore. He looked to Joe with wondering eyes, but the taller man just smiled darkly.

“Well?” he asked, grabbing TK's collar and pulling it tight across his throat. The blonde was beginning to wheeze wonderfully. “Are you going to make me wait?”

TK just choked in response and Joe let him go only to press against his stomach harshly.

“I thought you wanted release? Or is my slave lying to me?”

TK shook his head desperately, the new weight almost making him fall over. He looked up, blushing when he realized Joe wasn't about to look away. He wanted to make sure the boy was feeling as humiliated as possible. TK tried to swallow harshly, slowly and unsurely relaxing bit by bit. He could feel it in him moving, shifting, and Joe just continued to watch him with an eager light in his eyes.

At first it was a drip, then a squirt, and then he couldn't stop himself. Thick and white it flowed from him, splashing into the container below him. He whined and moaned, the pressure slowly being relived and he felt his own orgasm take hold. Normally he would be punished, feeling the whip or the riding crop strike across his chest, but with the device in place, all he could do was whine and squeal, begging wordlessly for a different release.

He was finally empty, gloriously and wonderfully empty. His insides ached, still, and he wondered if he would feel normal by the time he made it home, or if it would take a day or so again. He could feel Joe, stiff and finally free from its own confines, rubbing eagerly against his bound hands, and he twitched his fingers. Surely Joe was ready, too.

“Did I say you could touch me yet?” Joe growled, and then he felt the riding crop on his back. TK yelped, the noise echoing in the plastic, and Joe hit him again and again, until the blonde learned silence. “Besides, we're not done yet.”

TK shivered as Joe reached down. He held the bowl up, showing the young boy everything he'd collected that afternoon. “You almost filled it up. I can't wait to see you beat this record.” Then he grabbed TK by the throat, and he suddenly understood.

TK whined and whimpered, trying to jerk out of his master's grasp, but Joe just laughed and poured the contents of the bowl into the plastic funnel. It was sticky and warm from his insides, and TK desperately tried to block the opening with his tongue. He could only think of where it had been, and he was suddenly glad he could barely breathe through his nose. But it still seeped into his mouth, flowing over his teeth and down his throat, and he could see the more he struggled against swallowing it, the more excited Joe was becoming.

“Don't you dare fucking waste it,” Joe laughed at him. “You didn't spend all day gathering it for nothing.” TK blinked through his tears, watching as Joe stood over him. “Fine, I'll give you a little treat this time, but don't get used to it.”

The semen in the funnel was cooling quickly, and he could taste it against his will, giving a strangled yelp as Joe grabbed his hair roughly with one hand, and his own cock with the other. The taller man groaned, tugging on himself desperately. He ran up and down his length with one hand, eyes locked with TK's with an animalistic dominance that shocked the blonde into taking a loathsome gulp. He snorted in disgust, but the sight of the white swill vanishing slowly pushed Joe over the edge and he ejaculated, adding his own thickness to the funnel.

“There,” Joe panted with a grin. “Now it's not all bad, is it?”

TK closed his eyes against the humiliated tears gathering, and took a shuddering, stilted breath through his nose. Joe's hand was still tight in his hair and he slowly relaxed his tongue, letting his mouth fill with the combined juices of eleven men. He swallowed as best he could without being able to close his mouth, and he could feel it leaking past his cheeks, despite his master's warning not to waste anything.

Joe watched as TK drank the mixture, his little tongue darting past the gag to find all the last traces he could. His blue eyes were dark with lust, and Joe smiled. He knew he could always push the boy to his brink, no matter how far that kept getting.

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