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Act One~ A Cup of Coffee

Mamoru fidgets with a napkin in his hands as he sits alone in a café. After letting out a deep breath he places the napkin back down and smooths it out on the table in front of him. He examines the two cups of coffee in front of him; one is black with no cream and only one tea spoon of sugar. The other is a white chocolate mocha with whip cream and cinnamon. For a moment he considers taking a sip of his coffee, but decides to wait until Usagi arrives even though it is already starting to get cold. He takes a moment to make sure his clothes are still straight. With his palms flat he smooths out the wrinkles in his black shirt and purple dress pants.

                “Mamoru!” Yells Usagi as she enters the café. He immediately stands up straight to greet her. She rushes over and hugs him. Staying ridged he refuses to give to her advances even as she puckers her lips and leans in for a kiss.

                “Mmmmm, you got a kiss for your Usagi?” She makes kissing sounds.

                “Please not in front of all of these people.” Mamoru pushes her off of him.

She turns around, folds her arms across her chest, and pouts as she says, “Hmph, you never want to kiss me in public… and not enough when we are alone either.”

                “Please sit down, I need to talk to you.” He pulls out a chair for her to sit in before he goes over to the other side of the table to sit himself down.

Usagi takes a sip of her coffee and the whip cream leaves a little mustache on her upper lip. “Yummy this coffee is so good and this café is so quaint. Thank you so much for inviting me here.”

                “Your welcome,” says Mamoru as he scratches the back of his neck. “Like I said there uh is something important that I need to tell you.”

                “What is it? Does it have to do with the moon kingdom? Are we in danger again?”           

Looking down at his feet he sees Luna looking back at him. With a swift leap she climbs atop of Usagi’s lap and makes herself comfortable.

                “Luna?! What are you doing here?” asks Mamoru.

                “What is wrong? You know I am always at Usagi’s side,” says Luna.

                “I’m sorry, but I was hoping that Usagi and I could be alone for a moment.”

                “Oh yes alone! That is so sweet,” exclaims Usagi. “Luna, please go outside and leave the future king and queen of Crystal Tokyo alone to share their secret feelings for each other.”

Luna rolls her eyes, jumps down, and walks to the door. Then turns back to say, “Alright I’ll leave you two alone, but if any large dogs bark at me, I’m going to blame you.”

Now alone Usagi gazes into Mamoru’s eyes awaiting his words.

                “Sooooo, you had something to tell me?” she says.

                “Well I… um” He begins to fidgets with his napkin again.

                “Are you okay? You’re acting strange. Have you still not fully recovered from when Galaxia kidnapped you?”     

                “No I am recovered. However um… this does sort of um… have to do with her.”

                “What? Really her?” She slowly starts to realize what is happening and begins to cry. “Oh no, I see what is going on. The coffee, resisting to kiss me, wanting to talk alone… You’re breaking up with me.”

Feeling sad himself Mamoru lowers his head and says, “Yes, I’m sorry.”

                “Oh it’s so clear now. First Queen Beryl, then Dark Lady, and now Galaxia. You weren’t kidnapped or brainwashed, you were cheating on me.”

                “Yes it is all true, but I never meant to hurt you. I like you Usagi. I really do, but I could never love you.”

“WWWAAAAHHHH!” She slams her hands on the table causing the cups of coffee to spill over. She yells and cries waterfalls of tears creating a scene. Mamoru could feel the eyes of everyone in the café on him.

“Usagi, please calm down.”

“Why?! What is it that they have that I don’t?”


She suddenly becomes calm blinking her eyes in confusion. “What?”

                “I’m a… I’m submissive,” he says. “I need someone to take control in the bed. Those women tied me up, tortured me, and made me do things I have never done before. And I enjoyed it. It excited me. I felt things that I never felt before and never could with normal sex.”

                “Oh is that it?” She blushes. “It is just the sex? Or is it me personally?”

                “Usagi, you’re a great girl, very sweet, and pretty. I like you, I truly do and would very much enjoy spending the rest of my life with you, but I have needs and you could never be dominating.”

                “Yes I can!” She says as she stands up and slams her fist on the table again. “For you I would be the dominatrix that you always wanted!”

                “What? Really I um…” Mamoru feels unsure of how to react, but before he can Usagi wraps her arms around him and smiles largely.

                “Yay, I got my prince back!” She yells.

Luna pokes her head back in the Café, “What is going on in here? You two are making so much noise.”

                “I will tie you up, spank you, and make you beg for mercy, and then give it to you hard!” Yells Usagi.

                “Wait… whu?”

Act Two~ Moonstone

“Lick my toes dweasal,” demands Usagi and with a stiff whip she slaps the top of her foot. Obeying his mistress Mamoru inches forward using his chin. He is unable crawl due to the restraints on his wrists and ankles. Satin ropes tie him like a pig about to be roasted. Also like a pig he is completely naked except for his mask and bow tie. As he finally reaches her feet he slides his tongue out and licks between her toes.

“Oh wow, wow that tickles,” she giggles. Her skin becomes covered in goosebumps under her latex corset and black stockings.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to displease you, my queen,” says Mamoru as his face turns red and he smiles a little.

“Don’t call me a queen, that is my mother, I’m a princess.”

“I am sorry I have been a naughty boy.” He feels a warm grow inside of him and rush of excitement as he is finally able to live out his deepest fantasy.

“Then in the name of the moon I shall punish you,” she says as she spanks his ass with the whip.

He bites his lower lip and cries out, “Ow yes, my princess!”

                “Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Usagi pauses his punishment to check to see if her slave boy is still okay.

Breaking character and looking up at her Mamoru says, “When inflicting pain on someone, you shouldn’t think about whether or not they are okay. Just hurt them and don’t hold back. That is the best thing you can do for a true sub.”

                “Yeah, uh that is right. It’s just I thought that maybe you forgot the safe word.  It’s Moonstone, remember?”

                “I know the safeword, just try to stay dominate okay.” He returns to his submissive state. “Now burn a candle on my back.”

                “Oh right the candle, but remember moonstone. We can stop at any time just say the word.”

With a flick of the lighter she lights the candle and lets the hot wax pour onto his back. At first the burning hot wax causes his muscles to tense up and sweat to form at his pours. Then the wax hardens and becomes a warm caress. More droplets of wax fall on him filling the cracks between his rippling muscles and slides down his spine to his butt. He shudders and for moment considers giving in, but preservers and prolongs his pleasure.

                “You’re making me hard,” he says.

                “Oh wow, I must be really getting good at this,” she says while admiring his large erection.

                “I feel so ashamed of myself.”

                “Oh yeah, that’s right,” she says as she suddenly realizes that she has broken character. “You’re not allowed to get hard unless I say that you can have a stiffy.”

She steps over his head, straddling him, and demands, “Now eat out my cootchy, Tuxedo Masochist!”

First he slides his tongue over her clit then he probes the folds of her vagina. She returns the favor by licking the palm of her hand and sliding it down his long shaft. As she reaches the base she grabs his balls and squeezes them digging her nails into his skin. His toes curl up and he begins lapping with his tongue more vigorously like a hungry dog.

                “Oh yes, lick my pink twat harder!”

Concerned by the noise, Luna pokes her head through the bedroom door. Shocked by what she sees, she quickly retreats back behind the door.

                “Oh dear, it appears that Sailor Moon has been transformed by a youma and is smothering Tuxedo Mask with her fat thighs! I must alert the other scouts!”

Back in the bedroom Usagi rocks her hips back and forth on Mamoru’s moist mouth. She also continues slowly stoke his thick cock and teases his pleasure points.

Wiggling out from between her legs he screams out in lust, “I’m about to cum, quickly stick a rose up my ass!”

“Whoa no, moonstone, moonstone!” She stands up and puts her hands flat out in front of her. “I am not doing that!”

                “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he apologies. “How about you choke me until I cum?”

                “Nnnnnnooooo, I am not doing that either. Uh how about you um…” she struggles to find something dominate to say. “Slave boy, go to the corner and jerk off until you burst. Then clean up your mess with your tongue!”

                “Yes, my princess.”

After snipping off the ropes he runs off to the corner and starts vigorously masturbating.

                “No, no wait don’t eat your cum. That is disgusting and gross. Please don’t do that. Here use my handkerchief.”

Act 3~ Aftercare

After they cleaning up and showering together they dress in pajamas and meet in the living room.

                “What are we doing now?” Usagi asks.

                “After such an intense sexual session we need to unwind,” Mamoru answers. “Now it is time for aftercare.”

                “Aftercare, what’s that?”

                “We play video games and eat ice cream.”

                “Yay! I think I might end up liking this BDSM thing after all!”

With excitement she runs over to the game system and inserts the latest Sailor V game cartridge in the slot.

                “Alright, I’ve been trying forever to beat the dragon on level sixteen,” she says. “Be a good slave boy and help me beat this game.”

                “Yes, my mistress,” he smiles and sits on the couch next to her with his arm around her shoulder. 

After loading the level she starts feverishly mashing the buttons as Mamoru spoon feeds her ice cream. The Sailor V figure bounces around on the screen trying to dodge and attack the dragon at the same time, but instead gets fried.  

                “Here let me show you,” he says as he wraps his strong arms around her. He places his hands over her tiny hands.

                “See when the dragon is breathing fire you need to hide behind the rock and charge up your attack. Then when he stops release the A button and attack,” his warm breath feels gentle on her check and his check brushes her ear. For a moment she feels completely at peace, but it doesn’t last long.

                “No this is unfair!” She screams standing up straight and slamming the controller on the ground.

                “Are you okay?” He says feeling startled.

                “No, I’m not okay. This is what I want. I don’t want that stuff we were doing in the bedroom. I want for us to play video games and share ice cream together. I don’t want to hurt you and stick things up your butt.”

She turns away and covers her face as she starts to cry. He comes up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders trying to comfort her, but she refuses his embrace and pushes him away saying, “No don’t touch me.”

                “I understand, two subs can’t work out in a relationship together,” he says as he starts feeling sad too.

                “But we must find a way to make this work. We’re supposed to be destiny lovers and we have already met our future daughter. What is it that brings us together?”

Remembering from long ago, he brings up a pleasant memory, “Well I do enjoy rescuing you. Especially back when we were at the masquerade ball. I don’t know if you remember this, but after the battle I held you and you looked so beautiful that I couldn’t resist kissing you.”

                “Yes I do remember, well I was unconscious when you kissed me, but when I awoke I could still feel the warmth from your kiss. It felt good, I liked that. I also like it when you show up at the right time and rescue me or when I rescue you and we hold each other in our arms looking into each other’s eyes. Those moments are so perfect and I want them to last forever, but they end too soon and can’t be recreated in the bedroom.”

                “You are right, we are just to subs that must constantly rescue each other, does this mean that we should just go back to the way things were. Me getting kidnapped and you rescuing me, but does that mean that I have to…”

Usagi gets a mean look in her eye and grabs him by his collar. Pulling him close to her she says, “No you don’t. You are not allowed to have an erection unless I say you can. You are my property and no other woman can touch you.”

Aggressively she pulls him forward and gives him a hard passionate kiss on the lips. His knees become weak as she slides her tongue into his mouth.

Then suddenly they here loud crash and someone yelling, “Don’t worry Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask we will save you.”

The Sailor Scouts and Luna stand together in big hole in the wall of the apartment.

Feeling embarrassed Usagi address them, “Hey guys, what’s going on? And why did you have to smash a big hole in the wall.”

                “We thought you and Mamoru where in trouble,” says Sailor Mercury.

Luna steps forth and says, “I could have sworn that I saw you possessed and torturing Tuxedo Mask.”

                “No, that wasn’t what was happening. We were just spicing up our relationship in the bedroom,” Usagi says with a glowing red face.

                “Wait so you two were… Oh, oh wow gross,” says Sailor Jupiter as she realizes what was going on.

                “Well I feel like taking a long cold shower. Let’s all leave and pretend that this never happened,” says Sailor Mars as she turns to leave.

                “Wait, Sailor Venus don’t leave,” Usagi calls after her. “Can I barrow you belt?”

                “My belt? But why?” Sailor Venus asks.

                “Because you know, it has little balls that are like beads.”

                “Oh, oh nnnnooooo, stay the fuck away from my belt. I am going to leave now, good bye.”

The End

Sailor Moon says:

Sailor Moon: “Whenever someone asks you to do things that you are not confrontable with remember it is okay to say no. Even if you love someone, you don’t have to do everything they say to please them.”

Sailor Mercury: “That’s right, it is important to set boundaries and talk to you partner when you don’t feel comfortable.”

Sailor Mars: “Having a safeword is essential to every BDSM experience and never push you your partner to far and be sure to let them know that you love them during aftercare.”

Sailor Jupiter: “Trust is important in BDSM relationships. Never go into the bedroom with someone you do not know well enough to trust.”

Sailor Venus: “Sometimes it is best to talk things out first and create a sexual experience that you both can agree on and stick to it.”

Sailor Moon: “Also don’t eat your own cum or tell someone else to eat cum, that is gross. That’s what Sailor Moon says.”

Luna: “Wow, we’ve all learned too much today. This is supposed to be a children’s show. Let’s never talk about this again.”

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