Chain of Resurrection

BY : Carpentaria
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Disclaimer: I take no credit for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, the anime or manga. The characters do not belong to me. I do not make any sort of profit from this story.

A/N: Some parts of the story will contain direct quotations from the anime/manga. I take no credit for these. The story takes place after Tenma is nearly killed by Hades/Alone but before Albafica is killed by Minos. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Hades stood gazing down on the Forest of Death, a small smile grazing his features. He had to admit that this vessel was one of the most beautiful ones he had possessed so far. What made it even sweeter was the boy’s relationship with the Pegasus Saint, or Tenma as his vessel knew him. He could still feel the echoes of Alone’s memories and feelings within his mind. He had expelled Alone’s soul and sealed him away as soon as he had taken over the boy’s body, not wanting anything to interfere with the Holy War, especially not Alone’s feeling for Pegasus.

He turned away from the view and glided from the room and down one of the many hallways of his castle. He felt his Specters move about and smiled. Soon, Griffon Minos, one of the three judges of hell, would reach the outer edge of Sanctuary. He had no doubt the powerful Specter would encounter resistance in the form of Saints, but he knew that Minos would crush anyone in his way. He suddenly sensed a presence behind him.

“Pandora,” he said and continued on, knowing his loyal servant would follow. Pandora, the one who unleashed evil into the world of mortals, fell into step behind her lord. The beautiful woman remained silent for a time, content to simply walk in his presence.

“I apologies for disturbing your moments of enjoyment, my Lord, but I have news. Lord Minos is almost upon Sanctuary, my Lord Hades. Soon, he will destroy that filthy place and all within it,” Pandora said, her voice deep and sensual. Hades simply smiled, knowing she had not approached him simply for this. He stopped in front ill of a set of large, wooden doors and pushed them open. Inside stood a black easel holding a painting. He stepped forward and ran his fingers down the blood-soaked image of a young Pegasus. He still remembered the look of horror and on the young Saint’s face as he killed him, wearing the face of his beloved friend Alone. Pandora frowned slightly as she watched him, worrying whether her lord was still being affected by Alone’s soul, even if it had been sealed away in the Underworld. As if sensing her thoughts, Hades turned his head sharply and sent her a slightly annoyed glare. Pandora quickly lowered her eyes, not wanting to displease him in any way.

“Was there something else?” he asked, turning back to the painting. He still did not understand fully why he had brought it with him after killing Pegasus. It shouldn’t hold any form of value to him, yet here it stood.

“We have just received news that Specter Mandrake Fyodor was defeated by an unknown enemy within our territories at the Banks of Hell. He managed to contact us, saying he had captured a stray Saint looking like Pegasus,” Pandora said. Despite the fear of angering her lord with the news, she shook her head at the mere suggestion that a Saint, let alone Pegasus, would have escaped an attack by Hades himself.

“It must be a mistake, of course. Pegasus is dead, killed by your Lord. There is no chance of him surviving,” she continued. She was started by a dark chuckle and looked up. Hades was still gazing at the painting, but his Cosmos seemed to expand and wrap around the entire castle. Pegasus’ possible survival did not surprise him; he felt rather pleased by it. It meant that he would meet his enemy once more and that made his Cosmos sing with energy. Only Pegasus was able to arouse such emotion in him.

“My Lord?” Pandora carefully asked. She could feel his Cosmos reaching out, searching and probing. Whatever he found seemed to please him for he turned away from the painting and strode out of the room.

“Continue to oversee the invasion of Sanctuary, Pandora. I will return shortly,” Hades said and disappeared in a flash of dark light. Pandora remained frozen, suddenly fearful that Pegasus had survived and what this would mean for her lord. She clenched her hands, nails digging into her palms before stalking down the corridor. If Pegasus had indeed survived she would make sure he did not stay alive long enough to interfere with the Holy War or Lord Hades.

Lord Hades appeared in front of a dark veil concealing a dark hallway made of stone. This was where his Specters slept until he called them forth once more. He raised his hand and blew lightly over his open palm. A small cloud of sparkling dust blew from his palm down the hallway, making the walls glow.

“Rise again, my Specters, Come back from the tranquility of death, the eternal peace. Fight for me once more!”

A blinding light lit up the hallway before fading away. From the walls, dead Specters appeared, alive once more and ready to do battle against Athena and her Saints. One of the Specters stepped forward and kneeled, keeping his head bowed.

“My Lord, I have failed you,” he said. Hades gazed down on his kneeling soldier with a blank face.

“Mandrake Fyodor, explain yourself,” he commanded in a cold voice. He signaled to the other Specters to leave them. They quickly left, glad that they were not the ones having to face Lord Hades’ wrath. Mandrake waited until they were alone before looking up.

“The Pegasus Saint is alive, my Lord. Something is keeping him from descending into the Underworld. I was not able to discover what before a pair of filthy intruders interrupted and was able to free Pegasus.” Mandrake did not dare look up, knowing fully well that he had failed his Lord by letting the Pegasus Saint escape. A cold hand took hold of his chin and gently pushed his head up. A pair of ice-cold blue eyes gazed into his, a faint trace of a miniature Cosmos swirling within them.

“I do not tolerate failure, Mandrake Fyodor. I will find a way for you to redeem yourself in the near future. For now, remain here and continue to guard the Banks of Hell. Should anymore “intruders” find their way around, you will be severely punished.” With those words, Hades released him and turned away.

“I will not fail you again, Lord Hades!” Mandrake promised and quickly made his way to the Banks of Hell, his minds filled with darks thoughts of a particular Bronze Saint who had dared to crack his Surplice. He would make the Saint pay dearly when he got a hold of him.  

Hades strode down the hallways, the small puppy happily following him. He had sensed Pegasus moving about in the Land of Spirits along with two unknown Cosmos. It would seem Mandrake had not lied to him. A dark smile crossed his features; he would teach Pegasus once more what happened to those close to him before destroying him fully. He was just about to teleport to where Pegasus was when a voice called out.

“Lord Hades. We bring news.”

The ruler of the Underworld stopped and turned around slowly. Behind him stood the Fates, the three sisters who determined the fate of mortals and sometimes even gods. The Fates, also known as Clotho, Lachesis and Antropos, moved closer. The one to the left raised a hand clutching an eye that moved about frantically. The other two let their hands move over Hades body. The god allowed this, knowing that the three deities were not to be denied.

“Long have we been unable to understand or break the Chain of Resurrection that continues to fuel the Holy War. Souls that should have passed into the Underworld continues to be resurrected; in particular one soul has defied Fate for millennia,” one of them spoke.

Hades knew immediately of whom they spoke.

“Pegasus,” he whispered. The sister holding the eye stepped forward with frightening speed, the eye in her hand staring directly into Hades’. The other two sisters stopped their movements and seemed to be listening to a voice far away.

“Yes, the soul of Pegasus has defied Fate since his creation and we did not know how, until now. We followed his Thread of Life back several eons until we found a single thread that had separated and joined with another; yours, Lord Hades.”

Hades eyes widened slightly. He had not expected this. Then a smile suddenly broke out across his face and a cold laughter echoed throughout the castle. This explained everything!

“We do not know when his Thread of Life intertwined with yours, Lord Hades, but it may have happened during your first battle, when Pegasus was able to injure you. Somehow, his Thread of Life intertwined with yours, thereby binding his soul to yours. The Chain of Resurrection will continue so long as one of your souls survive.”

Hades already knew what they would say next: because his soul was immortal and could not be destroyed, only sealed away or scattered, Pegasus’ soul was also immortal and so they would be able to resurrect one another for all eternity. However, this also meant that the Holy War would continue indefinitely, seeing as one of them would always resurrect the other and start the whole event over again. This did not please him; he was tired of Athena and her Saints always interfering with his plans. He needed a way to put a stop to the Chain of Resurrection without killing Pegasus.

“There is one more thing, Lord Hades. We suspect that Athena shared a small part of her soul with her Saints, thus binding them to her in much the same way that the Pegasus Saint is bound to you. Her Saints will continue to resurrect for eternity unless something is done to stop the Chain of Resurrection.” With those words, the Fates withdrew and disappeared.

Hades remained in the same spot for long moments before kneeling down and lifting the puppy into his arms. He then strode down the hallway, calling for his counsellors, Thanatos and Hypnos, to join him in his private quarters. He had some planning to do before confronting Pegasus. He felt the two gods moving, sensing their eagerness and slight intrigue. He knew it would please them immensely to figure out a way to finally put a stop to Athena’s interference.


Specter Griffon Minos couldn’t hold back an amused smile as he broke the Silver Saints’ bones. They fell to the ground like broken puppets, useless and dead. He turned to the remaining Saints, smirking as they declared their intention to defend Sanctuary from him and his men.

“It’s good to be passionate about your work,” he said before releasing his Cosmic Marionettion, creating invisible strings made of his own Cosmos to ensnare and capture his prey, bending and twisting their bodies as he wished. The two Saints let out screams of pain.

“But you are too weak,” he continued, watching with sadistic glee as arms and legs were forced to bend in unnatural directions. “If that’s the extent of your powers, then you’re nothing but mere puppets to be manipulated, not only by your beloved Athena, but also by enemies like me. Cosmis Marionettion!”

With a final push of his Cosmos, the Saints caught in his strings were broken, their bodies twisted into terrifying shapes. Minos released the strings and watched as the bodies dumped to the ground, unmoving. He had to admit he was somewhat disappointed. He had looked forward to a proper fight, but the Saints that kept turning up had proven to be weak. Was this all Sanctuary had to offer? As he mentioned for his men to follow, a gentle breeze blew past them, bringing with it dark rose petals. When they arrived at the top of the cliff, the source of the petals spread out before them like a red sea. They all gazed down, wondering why their path was covered in roses. Two of his men jumped down, intend on destroying the flowers, angry that Athena and her Saints dared believe something as fragile as roses would stop their invasion.

Minos narrowed his eyes as the men below suddenly froze before crumbling to the ground, unmoving. Could the roses have something to do with it?

“This is…” he whispered, before a voice to his right spoke up.

“We shouldn’t get any closer, Lord Minos. These are demon roses, and especially powerful ones at that. Just one breath of its scent can take anyone’s life away.” A Spectre wearing a dark green Surplice stepped forward. Minos narrowed his eyes at him, wondering why a Specter from a different Star would be with his own group.

“You’re one of Rhadamanthys’ men, aren’t you? Why are you here, Deep Niobe of the Terrestrial Darkness Star?” he demanded to know. The Specter simply gave him a cheeky grin and shrugged his shoulders. 

“It doesn’t really matter, does it? More importantly, the one who concerted this stage seems to have shown himself,” he said and pointed to the right. Minos followed the direction and immediately spotted a young, beautiful man in golden armour sitting on top of a small ruin amidst the roses, watching them. The young man introduced himself as Albafica, the Pisces Gold Saint. Minos allowed his eyes to roam over the Saint, taking in his physical appearance and his Cosmos. He was pleased by what he found.

“One of the 12 peerless Gold Saints,” he said. “So, you came all the way from the 12 Zodiac Houses for a fight?” The Gold Saint simply stared back, not intimidated in the least by the appearance of Specters so close to Sanctuary. Minos chuckled darkly.

“But, that man,” he whispered to himself, “he is indeed very beautiful.” Minos felt his Cosmos swell and expand, anticipating a fight. He could not wait to get his hands on the Saint and bend him to his will. He was sure that the Gold Saint would sing beautifully once he started to remodel his body. He watched impassively as more men jumped forward, thinking they were safe as long as they didn’t touch the thorns. With a single strike, the Gold Saint defeated them without raising his Cosmos even a bit. For some reason he seemed unaffected by the poisonous flowers.

Deep Niobe let out a laugh. “We’re safe thanks to your loyal men, Lord Minos,” he said. “Don’t be deceived by his pretty looks. He is a poisonous rose, just like the roses in his garden.”

Minos turned his attention back to the Saint as he called out, daring the next one to enter his garden. He even challenged Minos himself to enter. The Specter smirked and was just about to jump down when Deep Niobe interrupted, stating that he would fight the Saint. Not waiting for permission, the Specter jumped down and faced the Gold Saint. Minos watched, mildly impressed that the Specter was not affected by the roses. The Gold Saint noticed too, a slightly raised eyebrow the only indication of his surprise.

Minos watched carefully as the fight between the Gold Saint and the Specter began. While the Saint may be beautiful, he was quite capable of holding his own against Niobe. At one point, the Specter seemed to gain the upper hand, but Minos could tell that Albafica was simply waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

A red mist suddenly appeared and engulfed the Specter and the Saint. Niobe’s poisonous attack had been ineffective against someone who had spent their life living among these roses. Before Niobe could attack again or retreat, the Saint raised his Cosmos and let loose a furious attack, using his own blood in the mist to turn it into needles that pierced the Specter’s body. Niobe let out a chocked gasp, stumbling forward before collapsing, wondering how the Saint had survived his attack.

A dark smile appeared on Minos’ face, full of promises of pain and death. He had finally found a worthy opponent. He jumped down just as the Saint turned to face him.

“You look happy, Griffon Minos,” Albafica said. Minos chuckled and spread out his arms as he approached.

“You are such a perfect puppet. You’ll be a perfect puppet, Pisces Albafica!” With those words, Minos released his Gigantic Feathers Flap, blowing the destroyed and remaining roses away. He desire for battle and pain grew as he released his Cosmos. He would make the Gold Saint scream.

Albafica kept a close eye on the approaching Specter. While the other Specters has been easy to defeat, Griffon Minos was completely different. He could sense the Specter’s wild and dark desire for battle and pain. The attack that had blown away the demon roses had been powerful, and he could still feel the faint vibrations of the attack in the air. He had never seen such a technique and he quickly moved his body into a defensive positon. He couldn’t hold back a slight gasp, however, when Minos suddenly appeared in front of him. The Specter was only inches away, eyes glowing with power and ferocity. He smirked darkly.

“Even without Niobe’s help, the demon roses were never a problem to begin with,” he said. Albafica’s eyes widened in surprise. The Specter before him seemed to grow taller as he towered over him.

“How does it feel to have lost the poisonous roses you were so dependent on?” the Specter taunted. He leaned in closer and continued his taunts. “You are the only poisonous rose left stading.”

Albafica’s eyes hardened when the Specter accused him of being weak. He would not allow this servant of Hades to mock him. He pulled his arm back, a black rose in hand and released his Cosmos.

“Piranhian Rose!” Hundreds of black roses tore through the air, heading for the Specter. Minos let out a gleeful laugh, skilfully dodging the attack. Albafica was about to attack again when something invisible wrapped itself around his wrist and fingers, pulling his arm back painfully. He let out a surprised gasp and struggled to free himself. More strings wrapped around him. He could barely move; his body caught in a vicious grip of invisible strings. The more he tried to break free, the more the strings tightened. He could feel his Cloth struggling to resist the awesome Cosmos of the Specter holding him captive.

Minos watched, his delight and thirst for blood and pain growing, as the beautiful Gold Saint struggled to free himself. He could feel Albafica’s Cosmos pushing against his own in an attempt to fight back. He moved his fingers slightly and the strings binding the Saint tightened even more. He studied that beautiful face closely, smirking as lines of pain danced across Albafica’s features. He couldn’t wait to etch them permanently unto that pale skin.

He was just about to order his men to head to Sanctuary when a cold and ominous voice suddenly filled the air.

“Griffon Minos.”

Minos’ eyes widened slightly in surprise. He would recognise that voice everywhere.

“Lord Hades,” he acknowledge respectfully. “The attack on Sanctuary is moving ahead as planned. We have destroyed every Saint we have come across and I have even captured a Gold Saint. His name is Albafica of the Pisces.”

“I am pleased with your progress, Griffon Minos,” Hades said, his voice wrapping around him. “However, news have been brought to me that changes things. You are not to kill any more Saints, especially not Gold Saints. Instead, they are to be brought to my castle in the Forest of the Dead where I will judge them.”

Minos frowned in bewilderment. Not kill the Saints?

“My Lord, I don’t understand,” he said. The air around them suddenly grew colder, frosting their breath.

“Do not question me, Griffon Minos! Bring the Saints to me and everything will be explained.”

“Yes, my Lord Hades,” Minos said, not wanting to anger his lord further. He felt Hades’ presence leave them, but not before his lord gave him a final instruction.

“I do not mind broken bones, Minos. I only require that they are brought to me alive and without missing limbs.” With those parting words, Hades’ presence left them completely and so did the cold.

Albafica had been startled by the sudden presence of the Ruler of the Underworld, but Hades’ orders had sent a cold shiver down his spine. What in the world had happened to make Hades act in such a way? He let out a pained gasp when the strings holding him captive jerked harshly, bending his arm further back. He turned his full attention back to Minos when the powerful Specter let out a dark laugh.

“Well, well, it would seem that the Fates have decided on a different course for you, Albafica,” Minos said. A smile promising pain suddenly broke out on his face. He pulled Albafica closer.

“I’ve heard there’s a small village near Sanctuary…” he whispered, his smile widening when Albafica let out a small gasp.

“Interesting. We’ll raise our morale a bit before heading to Sanctuary.” He turned slightly to address his men. “Kill everyone in the village, and make sure to capture any stray Saint you may come upon. I will keep this one busy for a while.”

The men yelled out a “yes, Sir” before jumping past Minos and Albafica. Albafica watched in horror as they headed straight for the small village.

“W-wait!” he called out and attempted to break free once more to stop them.

“Like I told you, it’s useless,” Minos said and jerked his arms backwards. Albafica felt the strings move his body, turning him around and throwing him into the air before slamming him into the ground. He let out a pained gasp as he struggled to get up. He glared hatefully at Minos, but the Specter simply grinned back, enjoying his obvious distress.

“The strong have the privilege of preying on the helpless weak,” he stated arrogantly, smirking down at the Saint at his feet. He couldn’t help but admire the image of the Saint spread out so helplessly before him.

His eyes took on a slightly insane look when Albafica continued to struggle.

“If you resist, I’ll break your bones,” he whispered, hoping that Albafica would do just that. He wasn’t disappointed when the Gold Saint let out a hiss and forced his body into a sitting position.

“I’ll turn you into a beautiful puppet, that I promise!” He snapped his fingers and Albafica felt something in his arm break. A gasp of pain escaped his lips as the bone in his upper arm was forced into an unnatural angle before giving away to the pressure and breaking.

“Come now, you can do better than that,” Minos said and jerked his hand back. This time, Albafica did cry out when he felt his left shoulder dislocate, the bone pulled out of its joint and nerves and muscles torn in the process.

Minos grinned widely and let out a delightful laugh. The Saint did have a beautiful voice, just as he had imagined. He couldn’t wait to hear him sing even louder.

Albafica glared, using his anger to fight through the pain. He would not allow his own body to be used against him, and just as Minos curled his hand into a fist and prepared to attack, Albafica turned his Cosmos inwards, directing it at his good shoulder.

He did not cry out or even wince when he broke his own shoulder. Blood ran in red rivers down his arm and splattered unto the ground. He felt the strings connected to his arm break, no longer useful. He pain made him sway slightly and he stumbled slightly before regaining his footing.

“Minos… Minos!” he whispered. “I don’t feel like playing with you, and I won’t be toyed with.” He shifted his stance and straighten his back, before raising his head, blue eyes glowing with defiance.

“Face, arm, legs; destroy whatever you like. However, I won’t let you through here!” Despite the pain coursing through his body, Albafica still felt a thrill run through him as he faced the powerful Specter. He knew then that he would have fought to the death if Hades had not instructed his men to bring any Saint back alive.

Minos chuckled, both impressed and amused with Albafica. To think that the Saint would go so far as to break his own body just to escape his Cosmic Marionettion.

“I see that you are prepared to be torn,” he hissed. “Very well, I’ll play with you a bit before taking you to Lord Hades. After all, he won’t mind a broken body.” He let his eyes travel the length of Albafica’s body, wondering where to begin next. When the Saint made no move to stop him, he frowned. He wanted Albafica to fight back, otherwise it would be no fun at all.

“I thought you were going to fight me, Pisces Albafica, or was that just talk? What about your beloved village? Soon, my men will be upon it and destroy everyone in it!” he taunted, hoping to get a rise of the Saint. He was slightly surprised when Albafica smirked.

“Fool,” Albafica mocked. Minos’ smile disappeared and he glared at the Saint.

“It is your men who will be destroyed instead,” Albafica continued, his smirk growing wider.


“Did you think there was only one Demon Rose trap?” Albafica asked. Minos stared at him while reaching out with his Cosmos, searching. He was slightly disappointed when he couldn’t sense any of his men’s Cosmos. Surely, a simple trap had not defeated them. Well, it didn’t really matter in the end. He turned his attention back to Albafica, whose face was shining with triumph.

“Indeed, the Cosmos of my men have faded away,” he said without feeling, before letting out a loud laugh. Albafica stared at him in surprise. Was Minos happy that his men had died?

“Why are you laughing!” he demanded to know. “I’ve just killed you men, yet you act as if it means nothing to you!” He knew Specters were ruthless, but he never expected this level of cruelty towards their own warriors.

Minos ran a hand across his face, still laughing slightly.

“Excuse my manners, but you see,” he said and that insane look appeared once more in his eyes. “It doesn’t really matter if they die, because Lord Hades will simply bring them back.”

“What?!” Albafica gasped. How was that possible?!

Minos grinned at him and raised his hands, the strings binding Albafica thrumming with power.

“That is the reward to those serving Lord Hades. We will never fear death!” With those words, he unleashed his Cosmic Marionettion once more, this time intend on breaking the Pisces Gold Saint. He heard and felt bones being crushed, joints pulled apart, and muscles and nerves torn to shreds. He was careful not to damage anything vital, but that did not mean he couldn’t inflict terrible pain upon the young Saint.

Albafica threw his head back, a scream caught in his throat as he felt his body being pulled apart. Just when he was certain that Minos would kill him, despite Hades orders, the Specter stopped his attack. The strings holding him captive disappeared and he crumbled to the ground, unable to keep his broken body standing.

“It would seem our little dance has come to an end, Pisces Albafica,” Minos whispered coldly and slowly approached the fallen Saint. He was somewhat disappointed that Albafca had not put up more of a fight. Perhaps the Saint was not as strong as he had thought.

Albafica watched him approach and then kneel down, keeping as still as possible. He forced himself to ignore the pain coursing through his body, and with an iron will managed to get his Cosmos under control. He remained where he was, waiting for Minos to come closer. When the Specter leaned down and reached for him, he focused all his Cosmos into his broken hand and lunged forward. Just inches from the Specter’s chest, Minos’ hand shot forward and grabbed his wrist with crushing force. For long moments, they stared at each other before Minos lowered his eyes and looked at Albafica’s hand. The Saint was clutching a red rose.

Minos stared at it before looking up, a smile spreading across his face.

“So, you still have some fight left in you,” he said. He tightened his grip and before Albafica could pull back, he grabbed his other wrist and slammed him into the ground with more far more force than necessary. He pulled Albafica’s broken arms over his head and pinned them there with one hand. He then straddled the Gold Saint and pressed down.

Albafica let out a pained gasp, his broken body protesting the rough treatment. He attempted to pull free, but the Specter above him used his Cosmos and body to press him further into the ground.

With his free hand, Minos grabbed Albafica’s jaw and gently pushed his head back. He leaned down until his lips almost touched Albafica’s ear.

“You did not disappoint, Pisces Albafica. Perhaps Lord Hades will let me play with you again.” He then placed a chaste kiss on the young man’s temple before slamming his head into the ground repeatedly until Albafica lost consciousness. Albafica’s last thoughts went to the village, hoping that Shion Aries would defend the people he had failed to protect.


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