Vox Hieme

BY : Umari
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For those curious, Vox Hieme is Latin for 'The Voice of Winter'.

Enjoy! :3

*I can't believe you're gone.*

*It doesn't feel real..*

*Why couldn't it have been me instead?*

Warmth.. comfort.. that's what Ness felt. He felt so comfortable where he was. Eyes opening slowly, Ness was confused where he found himself. Looking down, he saw he was in a bed, covered lightly by a sheet. This confused him, for the last he remembered, he was outside. So why was he now in a bed? "Where am I…" He mumbled to himself.

"Ness?! Oh my Arceus!" He heard a familiar voice exclaim. Looking to the side of his bed, he saw Winter, a worried look on her face, "I'm so glad you're okay!" She said, quickly climbing over to him and hugging him tightly. As she did, a pain made itself known deep inside his head, causing him to hiss in pain.

"Winter! Please, headache. Don't be so loud…" He groaned. Instantly, she recoiled,

"Sorry.. it's just.. we didn't know what happened.. I was so worried." She said. Again, this confused him, and what confused him more was that his best friend Digger was nowhere to be found.

"Don't know what happened? What are you talking about? Where am I Winter? And more importantly.. where's Digger?" Ness asked, worried about his friend. As he did, Winter got a sad expression on her face,

"Hold on, Ness.. I need to go get Nurse Joy. She needs to know you're awake now. I'll be right back!" She said, hurrying out of the room and leaving Ness to himself.

This is so confusing.. If she's getting Nurse Joy, then I must be in a Pokémon Center.. But why? What happened? Why can't I remember anything…? Where in the hell is Digger? Did he get hurt or something?

Those were only a few of the thoughts going through Ness's head. None of this made sense.. "And why the fuck does my head hurt so much?!" He groaned, rubbing his temples lightly. As he did, Winter and Nurse Joy walked in, where Nurse Joy visibly sighed a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank goodness, you're finally awake!" She exclaimed. "You gave us quite the scare there!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure I'm did." Ness said, "Can someone PLEASE explain to me where Digger is and why I have such a splitting headache? And why I'm even here in the first place? Last I remember, I was on my way here, having a nice day. So, seriously, what happened to me?!" Both Nurse Joy and Winter looked to each other,

"You seem to be a friend of his, Ms. Avron, would you like to explain?" Joy asked.

"If I must.. but please.. cut in where possible." She said. With a nod from her, Winter turned her attention back to Ness, "Well.. as of now, we're not entirely sure what had happened. You've been out for two days. Nobody knew what had happened.

"When I never got a call from you saying you made it here to Aldora, I got worried and thought something had happened. So I tried calling you, and you never picked up. When you didn't, I knew something was wrong, you always answer, and if you miss it, you call right back. So I rode Torva back to Route 1 and we looked for you." Winter explained. "Eventually, we found you and Digger." She said, the same sad face showing.

"Seriously, Winter, where's Digger?"

"He's.. umm.." She began, looking like she was holding back tears.

"Mr. Wontolla, I regret to inform you your friend was critically injured." Nurse Joy cut in. "When Ms. Avron found you both, and brought you here, you seemed to be in stable condition but your friend wasn't. It appeared his neck had been broken by an unknown force, but whatever it was, was strong. Along with his broken neck, he had ice formed around, what appeared to be, a bite wound on his neck." She explained.

"He.. what? Please tell me you're joking.. this isn't funny.." Ness said, a tear beginning to roll down his cheek. "Is he alive?"

"When you two were brought here, it appeared he wasn't. He had no sign of life when we began examination. Miraculously, we did happen to find a pulse." She explained. Instantly, Ness's demeanour changed, from sad to hopeful,

"So he's alive?!" He asked.

"Well.. he's breathing, but only on life support." Nurse Joy informed him. "There's no easy way to say this, Mr. Wontolla, but your friend is brain dead from the damage caused and how long it was left untreated." She said, a sad look on her face. Instantly, Ness's mood changed, but to much worse.

"So.. there's no hope of his survival?" Ness asked. Nurse Joy shook her head sadly.

"No there is not, unless kept on life support." Ness's heart dropped. His friend was basically dead, emotionless.. gone forever. He looked to Winter, and saw she also had an extremely heartbroken look on her face. "I'm sorry you had to hear this." Nurse Joy said.

"How did he live with a broken neck? Shouldn't that kill someone?" Ness asked, barely able to speak.

"That's where we're confused. We believe it was of how his was broken and the fact that there was, what appeared to be, some frost bite by the.." As Ness heard that, it all came flooding back to him.

The attack, the big guy.. why they were attacked.. "I remember.." Ness said quietly, sadness and pure anger becoming known.

"Huh?" Winter and Joy both said in unison.

"I remember what happened now.." He said, another tear coming down. He then looked to Winter, "If I ever see those people again, I will kill them." He said.

"Hold on Ness, what happened? What do you mean 'those people'?" Winter asked.

"Hold that thought, Mr. Wontolla. We need to get Officer Jenny here so you can tell what happened, since you said it was people and not any Pokémon. One moment, please!" Nurse Joy said before swiftly turning around and leaving. As she did, Winter proceeded to sit on the bed with Ness.

"I don't know how you feel Ness.. I can't imagine how you are right now. But I need to ask if it would be alright if I release my Pokémon.. they need to hear what happened.. seeing as they are also your friends and as well as Digger's." She said.

"Yeah. It's fine.." Ness said, wiping the tears from his face. Even with how he felt, the most he could do right now was wipe the tears away. He knew Digger wouldn't want him to cry, he would want him to move on. He even said to continue his journey.. but how could he without his best friend?

With a nod, Winter released her team. They all simultaneously shook their heads a moment, trying to get their bearings and trying to figure out where they were. Turning their heads towards the two humans, they saw they both had tears and hurt looks on their faces. "Winter? Ness? What's going on?" Asked a Gardevoir. "I can feel the sadness from you both.. it's overwhelming.. what happened?" She asked.

Just as they were about to speak up, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny returned and, upon entering the room, they saw all the Pokémon there. "More friends I assume?" Nurse Joy asked. Getting a nod from Ness, she continued, "I see. Well, Officer Jenny, I'll let him explain what happened." She said. Getting a nod from both Jenny and Ness, he began his tale of previous events.

"I can remember it with no problem now.. It was my first day as a trainer. I had just left home.. I was ready.. or.. I thought I was ready. But ready or not, I left to start my journey and Winter here was teaching me some basics about being a trainer." He began.

"After my first successful battle, Winter had left, telling me that any more information she had would be best if learned myself. And I agreed. So fast forward a few hours to around midday. Me and Digger, my Sandshrew, had multiple battles throughout the day on the way here to Aldora. We won some.. and we lost some. It was so fun.." Ness smiled. He looked around the room and saw all were intently listening, and seeing they were, he continued.

"But after some time, a group of trainers approached me." He said.

"How many people?" Officer Jenny asked, taking out a pen and paper to write down notes.

"There were three of them." Ness answered. As she scribbled more notes onto her paper, she asked another question,

"What did they look like?"

"There was a big guy. He had muscles, big ones, and a beard. I didn't really pay attention to details, as I was in fear of my life, as well as Digger's. The other two were significantly smaller than him, much more frail looking but they were still stronger than I was." He explained, watching as she continued to jot down notes, most likely for her investigation, "They all had relatively matching outfits."

"Can you describe what they were wearing?"

"They all had on matching jackets, bright blue ones that had 'FrostBite' written on the front. Around the word FrostBite, on the top and bottom of the word, were what looked to be fangs or something, I don't know how to explain it. If you saw it, you'd understand. The two smaller ones had on sunglasses, hiding their eyes. Other than that, I can't really remember.. I was too scared.." He said.

"I understand.. you may continue on Mr. Wontolla," She said with a nod.

"Alright.. when they got my attention, they asked if I was a new trainer. When I said I was, they asked if I would like for them to teach me the ropes and get started. I declined, saying I would like to learn on my own or have my friend here, Winter, teach me anything I need advice on. They didn't take that too kindly.. especially the bigger guy.." He explained, "When I said no, he persisted, almost trying to force me to. The two others said I should just do as he says. Again, I said no. When he wouldn't leave alone.. Digger spoke up, hoping to scare him off.

"Well.. the guy didn't take that too lightly. He called out a Glaceon and said if I joined his group, he'd spare me and Digger.. from suffering. I was so confused. I had no idea what he was talking about. I told him I didn't want to be a part of whatever he was talking about and, as you can guess, he didn't like that."

"You said he said to join this 'group'? What was it called?" She asked.

"...FrostBite.." He said, a bitter look on his face. Winter saw the look on his face and wrapped an arm around him, trying to comfort him, even if only a little.

"That name is familiar. I believe they've been on our watch list for a while. Did they say anything about why they want you to join them or any kind of 'dream' they have?" Officer Jenny asked. Ness shook his head no,

"They did not. However, I did catch the name of the leader, or at least, someone important to them before they knocked me out. His name is Drist. The other two, I'm not sure of." He told her. Nodding to him, Jenny continued writing all the notes she could.

"Drist.. not much to go on but any amount of information can help." She said. "Continue on, please."

"Well.. after he said something about sparing us, I knew something bad was about to happen. The big guy, Drist, picked me up and started threatening me. When he did, Digger acted in response and charged at him, trying to save me. He stood no chance.." Ness said, trying his best not to cry.

"Ness.. what did they do to you?" Winter asked.

"When Digger tried protecting me, Drist told his Glaceon to get Digger off him. I've never seen such an evil look on a Pokémon before. It happened so quick. The Glaceon grabbed him by the neck and flung him off him, then used a Headbutt on him. Then it charged him with an Ice Fang.. and wouldn't let go. I watched with my own eyes as my friend was being killed in front me.. And I couldn't do a thing to stop them!" Ness cried out, a tear rolling down his face.

Seeing this, the Gardevoir walked over to him silently and sat on the bed, next to him like Winter was, then grabbed his hand sadly. "I couldn't save him!" He continued to cry out to them all. He looked around and saw Winter had tears of her own and Vox, Winter's Lucario, had one of the most heartbroken and pissed off looks he'd ever seen.

Vox and Digger had been friends ever since Ness could remember.. even before Vox evolved into a Lucario. Digger was one of the only people Vox had ever openly spoken to, one of the only people he could trust. He helped Vox come out of his shell.. bringing out some faith to speak to others. In a way, Digger was one of Vox's only friends.. and he had him taken away without even getting to say good-bye.

"I sat there, helpless, as my own friend was being frozen to death by that fucking Glaceon! I struggled to get free of their hold on me.. but I couldn't. The screams of pain.. the amount of begging for it all to just end.. I'd never seen Digger that way. And no matter what I asked, they wouldn't stop." Ness explained, looking to Ahria, the Gardevoir next to him, and gripping her hand tighter, happy to have someone who cared.

"When Drist said to kill him, I couldn't believe it. It had to be a joke. I begged for him not to.. but the Glaceon.. it had a look I could only describe as one of being from a nightmare. I tried so hard to save him but Digger knew I wouldn't have been able to, that it was too late. In his last dying breaths.. he said he had failed me.. that he had failed us.

"As tears were running from both our faces, he told me to remember the good times we both had. He said he wanted me to continue the journey I had just started, and to not end it because he was going to die. But, even as death was staring him in the face, he held a smile. He would accept his death if it meant I would be alive.. It hurt so much."

"So.. they killed your friend for not joining their group?" Officer Jenny asked.

"They tried to. According to Nurse Joy, when I was found, they thought he was dead. But he had a pulse, although barely and is, as of now, pronounced brain dead from the damage and for being left untreated." He explained to her.

"Is this true, Joy?" Joy nodded,

"Yes, that is correct. We believe the ice from the attack had somehow stopped some of the damage and helped not kill him. But the damage is never going to heal, and he is now pronounced brain dead." She explained. Jenny nodded and scribbled onto her notepad then turned to Ness,

"Mr. Wontolla, after they attempted to murder you friend, what happened?"

"After I watched that Glaceon break his neck, I lost it. I begged for them to kill me just as he did. But they wouldn't. The Glaceon taunted me and threw his body in front of me. I was sure he was dead. When it did, it sat mere inches away from me. After a couple moments, it walked over his body, literally stepping on it and said that if it found me, it would kill me but much worse than what happened to Digger. It promised I'd suffer.." He said.

"After it threatened me, Drist yelled something about if anybody get in his way of whatever he was planning, he'd kill them, whether it was man, woman, or child. He didn't care. He then ordered his Glaceon to knock me out. The rest, about them finding me, is for them to tell." He said, pointing to Joy and Winter.

"So Drist has some plan with FrostBite and won't stop at anything to achieve said goal? This may need to be looked into.." She mumbled to herself as she scribbled. "And you're sure nothing about this 'goal' was mentioned?" Ness nodded, "Alright. If you we discover anything about this, I'll personally contact you via your PokéDex." She said. "And.. I'm sorry about your friend." Jenny then turned towards Winter and Joy, "I have some questions for you both. If you could please come with me," She said. Both nodding to her, Winter looked to Ness and hugged him once lightly then got up, Joy and Winter following her.

"Oh, and Officer?" Ness called out,


"I am giving you this warning now." He said, a serious look on his face. "Just as I said to Winter, if I ever see those people again, or any of this 'FrostBite', I will personally kill them myself. So I suggest you find them quickly." He said, pure hatred of that name in his voice.

"I'd advise against that, Mr. Wontolla. Leave it to us, we'll find them." She said before turning around, walking out with Winter and Joy.

"Oh and, Mr. Wontolla, I'll bring you your medicine in a moment." Joy said. He nodded, completely forgetting about his headache. With that, he was alone, except for Winter's team of Pokémon. He looked to them all and they wore sad looks, but Vox's was more of anger.. a look of sadness, anger, hatred, disbelief his friend was basically gone..

"I'm.. umm.. so sorry about what you're going through, Ness." Ahria spoke up. "I can't even begin to imagine how you feel.." She said, hugging tightly onto him.

"Do not be sorry, Ahria," He said, "as you are not the reason for his death. I am to blame, I could not protect him."

"You are not at fault, it is those bastard FrostBite's fault," Torva spoke up. "There is nothing you could have done. I'm sorry you lost your friend, but you said he would not want you to be sad over his death. Easier said than done, but that's all you can do." He said.

"I could have ran! I could have recalled Digger and ran away, but I didn't." Ness exclaimed. "I didn't know what to do. And now he's gone…" Ness wiped a tear from his face and looked to Ahria, "It's all my fault.." He said, grabbing onto her and pulling her close, before finally breaking down and crying.

For the next three days, Ness was instructed to stay in bed to ensure he suffered no major damage from the attack on him. Joy expected nothing major but they had to be sure, especially if the attacker killed another Pokémon with ease, so they didn't allow him to leave. They monitored his vitals, made sure he wasn't getting sick and that his headaches were getting better, which they were.

Around the two day mark, a bruise began to form. Joy had said that the bruise should go away after a while but Ness didn't really care about it. He just wanted to leave. But he couldn't, so he had to continue to deal with the check-ups Joy had scheduled for him every six hours to make sure he was fine.

Along with the bruise that had formed, Ness had heard back from Jenny. She had told him that they are still looking for the people mentioned and that no leads were found. They will continue searching and will notify him of any possible information found.

The third day had been the hardest for Ness. On this day, Joy had said it is best if they take Digger off his life support. They had kept him on in hopes they were wrong and he would make a recovery, but he never did. As hard as it was for him, Ness agreed. He couldn't let his best friend suffer anymore. He did not know if he was conscious and aware or not, and if he was, he did not want him to feel pain anymore.

At 2:32 P.M., on October 23rd, 2024, Digger was pulled off life support and pronounced dead, unable to support himself. At approximately 6 P.M. the same day, Ness had Digger's body cremated and his ashes released the same day into the wild, the hardest thing for Ness to ever do. He had spent the rest of the night crying, never stopping once, not even for sleep.

Winter was there for him the entire time, barely ever leaving his side. Ahria and Vox were there the entire time as well, protecting him if he was still in danger. When Winter was gone, they stayed and Ness would talk to them both, trying to get over his friend and accept that he was truly gone.

Although Vox hardly spoke, he did swear to avenge Digger if given the chance, just as Ness had. It made Ness happy to know someone agreed and would kill the ones who killed Digger, just as he wanted to.

During his time in the hospital, he had done a lot of thinking and about what he wanted to do. He wanted to give up his dream to be a Pokémon trainer, for his best friend wouldn't experience it with him. But each time he did consider this, he remembered Digger's last wish, which was to not give up and to continue on just as they had wanted. If he had not asked him to, he wouldn't do it. But he had reason to continue now, and he would just so Digger can be at rest peacefully.

But the problem with that was.. Ness had no Pokémon. He couldn't go to Professor Behmo for a starter as he already turned one down since he had Digger at the time. He couldn't go out and capture a Pokémon, for he had none to battle for him and Winter's team was too high of a level to battle the local Pokémon.. he didn't know what to do.

But as usual, Winter came to the rescue. About two weeks ago, Vox and Atlas, Winter's Absol, had befriended a rather.. flirty.. Ditto. An egg was created and nobody was sure what Pokémon would be inside said egg. She had offered the egg to him, as it was possibly a few days until hatching. He humbly accepted the offer. The only problem with this was that the egg was currently being incubated in a Pokémon Center in Kensett Town, which was one town over. They would have to travel there if he wanted it.

As said, he had accepted as long as Winter would travel with him to Kensett Town and back, incase anything were to happen. Naturally, she didn't decline to him asking that. Had he not asked, she would have even asked if she could go with him. She didn't want to be away from him right now.. or for a while, for that matter.

Now, five days later, giving a day for Ness to make sure he was better, the group is travelling an open field, known as Swift Lily, on the way to Kensett Town. It was a beautiful area to travel, with Lily's and many other flowers all planted throughout. Many wild Pokémon ran happily, all enjoying their beautiful day today.

It hurt Ness to know he wasn't able to enjoy it with Digger but everyone was right, he had to move on. Before they had left Aldora, Ness had Digger's PokéBall redone and made into a necklace so, even though Digger isn't physically here, he was still with Ness, able to enjoy and see what was happening.

Sighing, Ness looked to Winter, "Thank you Winter.."

"For what?" She asked curiously.

"For being there for me.. back in the Pokémon Center. It means a lot." He said, smiling lightly.

"You don't need to be thankful. I would have dropped anything and everything to be there for you. I'm just sad I wasn't there when it was going on. Maybe things could be different." She said, sighing to herself.

"Maybe they could be, but that doesn't matter. What's happened.. happened. And I will move on. For Digger's sake.." Ness said, reaching up and gripping the tiny PokéBall necklace lightly. The two said nothing for a few moments, not sure what else to say. Eventually Ness spoke up again, "So, this egg, any idea what it could be?" He asked.

"As far as I'm aware, it's two possibilities. It's either an Absol or a Riolu. Assuming they were the only two there, it looks like you're stuck with them." She said.

"I don't know why you say 'stuck with them'. I would be happy with either."

"Oh.. trust me. You'll see." She grinned.

Ness looked at her confusedly but said nothing more. Rather, he tried his best to enjoy the journey ahead of him with his friend. It would take another day before they arrived to Kensett Town, and then, possibly, another few days before Ness would find out who his new companion would be. All he hoped for was one that would like him. One he would be able to protect.

One he couldn't fail.. like he did Digger.

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