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BY : HannibalPorter213
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Disclaimer: I do not own Poke'mon, or the Poke'Girls concept, nor the creatures or characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Note: Welcome to my Alternate Universe!  As is typical of an alternate universe, there are several big differences between this "branch" universe and the "root" universe.


1. This world abandons the idea of normal Poke'mon, in favor of something closer to the anthropomorphic "Poke'girls" vision, though I've abandoned most of their highly restrictive world.

2. Unlike the rather... extensive history and mythology given to the world by the Official Poke'girls website, let alone the world created by the official Nintendo canon, I'm going to operate on a much looser, transitive storytelling fashion. Certain fragments of history will remain intact; those given fragments will become apparent to you, the audience, as they become apparent to our protagonist(s).

3. In this world, Team Rocket has mostly, but not completely, stopped stealing Poke'girls (though they still traffic in captured Poke'girls, gambling, and sex shows, which are legal, of the aforementioned Poke'Girls. Information to follow in a later chapter.)

4. There's a gender/species breakdown for Poke'girls(and boys). 50% Female. 20% Male. 30% Dick-girl.

5. In this world, Tamers [e.g. Trainers] use Poke'girls for several purposes. As an aside, people must be eighteen before they become Tamers, since there is so much responsibility involved. 5b. The most common are: Pets (be my friend, carry stuff, sweep the floor), Warriors (Just like regular Poke'mon, though those "regular" species don't exist), Models (Look pretty, be talented), even Sexual Partners and/or Romantic Relationships (Love knows no species). Some Poke'girls, if they can prove humanoid-level intelligence and morality, may even become Tamers themselves!

6. Further notes, such as these, that explain the specifics of this world, will be included before chapters that revolve around them. The author is likely to use a more "narrative method" for future notes, instead of this "list method". The list was only necessary this time because of the amount of information present.


We'll be following a young man in this world, who has yet to realize his destiny...


Ash was sitting up, stuck in that horrible place between being awake and being asleep. He'd been told to wake up early, to get to Professor Oak's house as early as possible, but he couldn't drag himself out of bed. Today was the day he'd leave home. Yesterday, he'd wished his half-brother luck, and watched as Gary drove away. Everyone in town had thrown a party, lavished the boy with gifts, and handed him a Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Ash remembered well what Professor Oak had been keeping, and he was sure there weren't any Poke'girls left. 


In retrospect, it seemed almost cruel how he gave Gary a leg up all the time, but Ash always had to work for things. Gary lived in the Professor's house, the building attached to the lab. Meanwhile, Ash lived with his mother, several blocks away. After all, the Professor was systematic about how he'd sired the boys. People were told that the Professor was Gary's Grandfather, but that was a lie; Ash was sure that Gary was sired on the young human woman who everyone assumed was his sister. Ash tried not to think about the math. It was more important why everyone so readily accepted the Professor's disregard for him. His mother being a very intelligent Poke'girl, she'd done more than mate with her master. Afterward, when testing showed she was pregnant with a fully-human male, she strove to raise this newborn.


Ash wasn't sure what all the questing and journeys were for, he just knew that most people came back somehow... different. His mother stood there, her arms crossed, staring down at him. "How are you feeling, sweetie?" she asked, stepping forward as she twirled a finger around the tuft of fur that sat upon her neck. "Tired? Wanna stay in bed?"


"That'd be great." Ash admitted, yawning big. "Just five more--"


"Too bad!" She pulled the comforter away with her strong brown paws, her son rolling in the air as he fell to the floor. "Wake up. It's your day to leave, Professor Oak's orders. I've got everything all packed up for you downstairs."


"I hate Professor Oak..." Ash seethed.


"No you don't. You don't even know him." She scolded. "I put a few Poke'balls in your bag. Go catch someone amazing." She said with a wink.


"And if I turn into a Poke'girl while I'm in the wild?" Ash asked.


"Then make your Tamer happy. Either way, I want plenty of grandchildren to brag about whenever you visit." She kissed the boy on the forehead. "Now get dressed and meet me downstairs to get your luggage."


Ash grabbed his luggage. A hiking backpack, a survival and first aid kit to go inside of it, a city-by-city map of the Kanto region, and a little red computer. "Hey, Mom!" He yelled up the stairs. "What's this?"


"No idea! Professor Oak's little paramour dropped it off. You know, Gary's 'sister'?" Ash's mother teased. It was nice to know that someone else in town saw what was going on.


Ash flipped the little red thing open, and it contained a little video-screen. On it, Professor Oak popped up. "Ash, this is my gift to you. While most, my little Gary included, begin their journey with a blank Poke'dex, yours is full of knowledge on every known species native to Kanto... except for that of you and your mother. As a research project, I want you to carry this Poke'dex. It will automatically record any information on you, and any other new information you may find. I've also included a wrist-mounted Poke'gear. I know that most folks in Pallet won't be seeing you off, so consider these my little gifts."


Ash's mother had come downstairs to hear most of that. "That's my Samuel... turning even his son into an experiment." She said, eyes downcast. "You can throw it out." She offered, holding up a wastebasket filled with crumpled papers.


"No. I think I'll keep it. If nothing else, this feels like progress. Like...  maybe he's not ashamed of us." Ash thought aloud, stuffing the little device into a vest pocket.


Ash walked up to one of the nearest roads. Usually, it was just used for shipping things in and out of Pallet town. There was no way to expedite his trip. Not really. The road was just narrow, with crops lining either side. Going straight down the middle meant risking running into a truck, probably having to back-track all the way to Pallet. 


Walking through the tall grass would probably mean coming across something dangerous. The Pidgeys would descend like harpies from up above while the Rattata-girls would probably leave him surrounded. Still, he just smiled to himself. "I can't become great if I don't take that first step." And he pushed himself, arm-first, through these thickened crops. Marching forward, his small salvation came in the form of a clearing where he tumbled out, seeing another Tamer, in a much worse situation.


Between the three of them, two already looked horribly mauled by a combination of buck-toothed purple rat-girls of varying size and age; and women-with-wings, any one of who looked big enough to tear a few nasty holes in them all.


The three being attacked were dressed, which meant that someone out of the bunch was a Tamer, not that Ash could tell which; and there wasn't even enough time to break out the Poke'gear and apply some potions to these poor creatures. There was a Meowth, sitting furthest back from the fight, then a heavily injured purple snake-woman covered in dirt and plants along with her own blood. At the forefront stood a very doubtful-looking grayish-purple woman, with a yellow cross-bones marking on her navel.


"Jamie, use smokescreen!" The snake-woman ordered from her place on the ground, then turning to face this young boy. "Thank Arceus! With another Tamer here, we can fight the swarm. I'd kill for a Jolteon right now..." She trailed off.


"No such luck. I'm a newbie. There's nothing in any of these poke'balls." Ash explained, motioning to the red and white spheres adorning his belt.


The birds threw the purple-gray woman down just as hard as they could, and everyone heard a nasty slam into the dirt. "Jamie!" The snake-woman yelled as the rats came toward her, stumbling over each other as they rushed toward their likely next meal. 


Ash ran between all of this, screaming the only things that would come to his mind. His name, and the stupid ancestry that made him so reviled by his neighbors. "My name is Ash Ketchum, son of Delia Ketchum and Samuel Oak." He didn't want to watch these people die just because they'd stumbled into a swarm. He stood there, got bitten, and punched, and tackled by these purple nezumi women. He tried to fight with his elbows, and his head, and even his own teeth. 


His enemies here were getting hurt; in some cases, even losing consciousness; but the Rattata kept shoving forward, and the Pidgeys were flying in their own spiral, creating winds that were just carving through Ash's vest, and sweater, and even his jacket. With so much pushing him down, Ash fell backward onto the snake-woman, and her luggage.


"You're really that Ketchum kid from Pallet Town?" she asked.


"Yeah." Ash managed to say.


The snake-woman reached into her bag, and pulled out an aqua-green gem with a yellow jagged line running through its middle. "I was sent to steal you. Sorry about that." She said as she handed him the rock. "It's a thunder stone."


Ash took it, and looked up at the storm clouds above the birds. He'd read about power in the blood, and it usually destroyed whatever fuel source it found. Including the user. "Thun--!" And his world went dark. His world went cold. He saw the light, and went toward it, opening his eyes to an emergency room. There was the cat-girl, the snake-girl, even the grayish-purple girl. And a pair of nurses, both wearing a lot of pink, actually looking almost identical, but one of whom had an egg with her.


"What you did was either very kind, or very stupid." Officer Jenny announced. It was obviously Officer Jenny, since that was the law-dog family that controlled most of Kanto. Also, she was still wearing her badge. "You risked your life to save two people who are actually admitting to having intent to kidnap both you and your mother."


"Yup." Ash admitted.


"Alright. They're trying to turn themselves in, which is good. It saves me leg-work. Do you want to press charges, mister Ketchum?" Jenny asked.


"No. They were in trouble, I saved them, everything past that doesn't matter." Ash argued.


"You sure? They were going to use a modified poke'ball to catch you, then probably turn you into a breeding stud for the Tamers that want all-Eevee teams!" Jenny yelled.


"And? I'm not a poke'girl. I'm a guy; which means I would've just gotten a nice hotel room and an endless stream of Eevee girls to bang. Are you telling me I should prosecute them for trying to give me free room and board?" Ash glared at Jenny until she walked out, and the nurses followed suit, really disgusted by what Ash had just said.


"There's no way you actually believe what you just said." the serpentine woman said. "What's the deal? You feel sssorry for us?"


"Nope. I'm in a hospital. If you really wanted to trap me, you had me unconscious for hours, maybe days. Where are we, by the way?" Ash asked.


"Viridian City." The purple-gray woman said, only to be elbowed in the arm by her larger friend.


"Don't tell the twerp where we are. He wants usss to think he's not a threat." The snake ordered.


"What are your names?" Ash asked. The other two were about to respond, but the snake-woman put both her hands over their mouths. "I guess you're all shy." Ash shrugged.


Officer Jenny stormed back in, pulling a little device out from between the mattress and the bed frame. "If you won't talk about anything interesting, then I'll take my bug back." She stuffed the little pill-shaped metal thing in her cleavage. Pulling out a pad of paper, she scribbled something on it. "Here. you don't want to prosecute, fine, but Viridian is claiming malicious intent when they attacked the Rattatas. Which means these three are now your problem, Ash."


"What are you saying?" The snake-girl demanded.


"As of right now, you are no longer a Tamer, nor are you a citizen. You are a Poke'girl, under Ash's control. He now has full control of your assets, which were apparently considerable. If you have further questions, please take it up with either the Indigo League, or your Tamer." Jenny said all of that very swiftly, then stormed out, just like before.


Slithering her way onto the bed, the snake started sobbing into Ash's shoulder. "I tried so hard to be a Tamer... now, they're not just taking it away, they're taking it away for something they know I didn't do."


The grayish-purple one walked up, started stroking his companion's hair, and announced: "My name is Jamie, I'm a Koffing. This ray of sunshine is Jesse, she's--"


"She's an Ekans, and the kitty-cat in the corner is a Meowth. Name?" Ash ordered.


"Meowth. The other two became what they are after being born human. Me? I was born in a breeding mill. Meowth six-thirteen is my serial number. They gave me to Jesse as a starter."


"What about Jamie?" Ash asked. "No starter?"


"When I heard that my friend was leaving to join Team Rocket, I went with her. Not all Poke'girls need to stay in balls to be tamed." Jamie explained.


"That's sweet." Ash admitted, and proceeded to start tearing out IV tubes and unhooking monitors. "Jenny said you had assets. Let's get a room that's not here. That Officer really has it in for you guys." He suggested, standing up from the bed. "Say, Meowth, which one do you find less offensive: being referred to by a species-designation meant to degrade your whole species, or by an individual serial number?" Ash asked, getting his pants on and strapping his poke'gear to his forearm.


"The second one sounds better, but it still sounds mean." Meowth pouted.


"Alright. Here's a nice deal." Ash offered as he pulled on his boots. "I'm going to rename you as soon as you evolve into your next stage. If you impress me, I'll even let you pick out your own name. Until then, you'll be Six-Thirteen." Ash didn't leave any room for argument, just picked up his backpack and started marching his way out of the Pokemon Center / Hospital.


The hotel was just across the street, and actually attached to the Viridian City Gym. Currently, the Gym was closed for some event, but Ash didn't really care. He paid for the adjoining rooms with Jamie's credit card, and all four of them went up to that lovely tenth-floor. Jamie spoke up as they got partially unpacked. "You know, my family initially thought they'd be auctioning me off when my skin started turning purple."


"Well, clearly, they didn't. Which is a lucky break for both of us, since I've got you and you've got a tamer." Ash said.


"I know you may not realize it, but some people might get hurt when you talk to them like furniture." Jesse scolded.


"That only matters if I'm trying to make you guys comfortable. Which I'm not." Ash argued. "The bottom line is that we're stuck together, whether we all like it or not. What we want to do about that is a separate issue entirely."


"Fine." Jesse snarled at him. "May Jamie and I go off to the other room, masssster?" She applied enough hiss to make her rage crystal clear.


"Go ahead. See if I care." Ash permitted, crossing his arms as he sat down on the bed. Jesse slithered out of the room, carrying Jamie's near-weightless form on her shoulder. Meowth waited until the door locked before speaking up.


"You know, if you really wanted to treat this like a coldly professional relationship, the way that almost every tamer in the world does, you do have the option of stuffing us into poke'balls. You have plenty of empty ones on your belt, and three sitting in your vest that are already designated to the three of us." She reminded.


"Come here." Ash ordered, pulling this beige cat-girl from in front of him, onto the bed. "For what it's worth, I'll stop whenever you tell me to stop." Ash offered, nuzzling this little kitty's just-barely-fuzzy neck. "It's all up to you, Six-Thirteen."


Meowth brought her paws in underneath Ash's clothes. Tossing them aside, and squirming her way out of her own clothes. The two started kissing, and fondling each other. Ash reached down, and heard the mewling of his little new-found companion as his fingers traced a path down between her thighs. Pressing his fingers to those lower lips, Ash watched Meowth arch her delightfully flexible spine, bending back, sticking out her tongue and licking Ash's cheek with her sandpaper-like tongue.


"Sorry about the texture. I don't think I'll be able to lick anything too far south..." Meowth smiled at Ash. Putting a hand on the side of her face, Ash repaid that lick, dragging his own tongue along her fuzzy jawline.


"Relax, my hot little number. I'm not about to rely on you for licking." He slipped his fingers inside of her generously moistened orifice.


"But I see you enjoy my tight little pussy." Meowth purred into Ash's ear.


"Well, you are quite the cute little pussy." Ash teased, "And this tight little pussy's pussy between your legs feels pretty cute, too." Ash smiled at her, the head of his young dick sliding into the hole held just barely open by Ash's fingers. Sliding inside Meowth, she kissed him, nearly licking inside his mouth. "No tongue, Kitty-cat. It's way too rough."


"I'll show you a thing or two about rough!" Meowth dragged her claws along Ash's shoulder blades. The pain just seemed to encourage him further, thrusting into this Meowth, the heels of her lower paws pulling him in for each thrust as his hips rocked up and down. "You feel so..." Meowth tried to think of a compliment, but couldn't manage anything past a near-involuntary opening and closing of her mouth.


Ash nuzzled this kitty, hugging her even tighter as every part of him tensed up, squirting deep inside of her. Meowth started laughing when Ash rolled off of her, still breathing heavily, she realized what had just happened. "So soon?" She mocked.


"You aren't going to start something about it, are you?" Ash asked. "You're hot, Six-Thirteen. It's a compliment."


"I get that part. Now we just have to make you last longer in bed." Meowth started tickling her new tamer.


He rolled back on top of her, his hands swiftly pinning her wrists in place. "I think I did pretty well for a first time."   "So do I, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still raring to go and you're about to fall asleep." Meowth whined.


"This is a problem, and we can work on it in the morning. In the meantime, I have a short-term solution." Ash promised with a smirk.


"Really?" Meowth beamed.




And just like that, Ash flipped his new friend over, and started spanking her, right at the base of her tail. With every slap, she pushed her beige chest and whiskered cheeks into the bed; and lifting her ass higher and higher, meeting his hand for each strike, until she finally dropped flat onto the bed. "Where-- where did you learn that?" Meowth asked.


"Library." Ash answered, as Meowth rolled over onto her back again. "When I was ten, I started looking into which Poke'girl would be the most fun. Meowths like spankings. The book included a chart."


"A chart? For spankings?" Meowth demanded. "For in case you forgot where my butt was?"


"Don't blame me. Professor Oak is the one who wrote it." Ash pulled the blanket up over both of them.


"You sure are getting cozy." Meowth teased.


"Well, you're warm and covered in fur." Ash smiled at her. "You don't have to stay in my bed, but I'd really appreciate it." He closed his eyes and started drifting off to sleep.


"Wait, Ash." Meowth nudged him. "Where are we going in the morning?"


"Viridian Gym. Then the Viridian Forest." Ash replied, poking his dear cat... right on the nipple. "I bet those Butterfree girls look amazing."


"I bet those Beedrill girls will murder all four of us." Meowth sniped, but Ash was already asleep and snoring.

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