Rise of the Demons

BY : NightCreeper
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By Night Creeper:
I started working on this story as a “thank you” to Sethite. I still don’t know that much about Sailor Moon, but Sethite was more than willing to share. In fact, Sethite helped write this story.

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By Sethite:
I always admired Night Creeper works, during all these years I enjoyed reading his stories, so it was both honor and great fun to write something with him. Sailor Moon was probably first japanese animated series I've ever seen and during those years it still keeps it's place in my memory. It also made me look for hentai stuff for the first time :) So, when Night Creeper asked about a subject for a story, I was sure that it have to be Sailor Moon.
If you'd like to make some feedback, be sure to write him first, but you can also catch me at sethite_20@yahoo.com
Have fun and enjoy!

Sailor Moon - The Rise of the Demons
By: Night Creeper and Sethite

Demons had flooded the Earth. The Sailor Scouts fought valiantly and destroyed hordes of demons, but there were simply too many. Eventually, the Sailor Scouts were separated. They tried to regroup, but the hordes kept them separated and forced them to retreat. Some continued to fight while others were captured. One captured Sailor Scout was Sailor Mars. She struggled as much as she could, kicking with her red heels and slamming her fists around. But she couldn’t do much against such number of enemies.
“Let me go! I’ll kill you call, you bastard!” she screamed in fury, but the demons laughed at her empty threats. One of the beasts grabbed handful of her raven black hair and pulled her up, spitting on her face and slapping her with open palm, leaving red bruises on her pretty face.
“Shut up, you Sailor Slut! Less talking, more fucking!” a demon growled as his claws ripped the lower part of her uniform, revealing her womanhood with small bush of black hair above.
“Aaaaggghhhh!” Sailor Mars moaned miserably as a fat demon pumped his member in and out of her pussy. The Sailor Scout’s sailor suit was ripped open. A large demon stood behind her and held her arms behind her back while the fat demon fucked her.
“So good!” the fat demon growled as he kept the woman’s legs apart and elevated off the floor.
“So much better,” the demon behind Sailor Mars laughed as his cock started to slide against the woman’s ass.
“What . . . are . . . you . . . doing?” the woman panted as she felt the cock slide against her ass.
“This!” the demon roared as he thrust his hard cock into the woman’s ass.
“NOOOOO!” Sailor Mars screamed as the demons fucked both her holes, sandwiching her between them. She felt the cocks fucking her in unison, both pushing and retracting at the same time. Sailor Mars was unable to fight them off or resist them. Instead, she felt her tits bounce with each thrust as she was used like a ragdoll.
Sailor Mars was always proud of her skills and power. She used to be fierce and brave. Now, she could not do anything to prevent her brutal rape. Shocked and humiliated, she tried to keep her spirt, but it wasn’t easy with two big dicks penetrating her holes. She felt the unwanted pleasure building inside her sexy body. Most of her uniform was torn into pieces, only things left were her red heels, her gloves, and her tiara.
More and more demons surrounded the trio and watched. All of them patiently waiting for their turn. They watched their brethren fuck the woman for several minutes before the say the pair shoot their load into the woman. The pair then pulled out as buckets of cum poured out of the scout’s body.
She gasped, feeling rivers of warm, thick semen running down her legs. Noone ever did such a thing to her, let alone touch her, and managed to escape from her fury. She swore that she would slay those demons. But she was weak and battered, surrounded by lots of huge, horny beasts. Flames of anger flickered in her eyes.
Sailor Mars was unceremoniously dropped to the ground. Her ordeal had not ended though. Another demon raised his both hand as all his fingers became long tentacles that circled the woman’s body. Within seconds, Sailor Mars had tentacles wrap around her tits. They squeezed them as three other tentacles wrapped around each of her thighs and kept her legs spread apart. The demon then forced Sailor Mars to impale her ass on his cock while he drove his tentacles into her pussy. Multiple tentacles thrust in and out of Sailor Mars, who was unable to stop the demon from fucking her.
A fourth demon not wanting to wait, simply walked up to Sailor Mars and rammed his hard cock into the woman’s mouth. Sailor Mars screamed against the demon’s cock that was pumping in and out of her mouth. The demon’s talons buried themselves in her hair and forced her head to bob on his cock. After several minutes, he held her head still so his cock could cut off her air supply. He loved watching the woman’s eyes open wide with terror as she fought for breath. The sight was too much for him as he shot his seed into her mouth. The demon pulled out of the woman’s mouth.
Sailor Mars spat out his spunk. Thick globs of spunk dangled from the woman’s chin as the woman panted for breath. She didn’t think about the fact that the demon had ejaculated into her mouth. It was even worse then what happened to her before. Ugly, disgusting taste filled her mouth and throat. Her pride was hurt in the most painful way. She just wanted to escape or hide somewhere. At least she could breathe again, but her respite was short lived though as a fourth demon walked over.
“So this Sailor Slut likes to drink demon’s cum?” he grinned and gripped the woman’s sweaty hair and pushed her mouth over his cock. As he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, a fifth demon began to jerk his cock as the head of his member was just mere inches from her right cheek. The fourth demon wasn’t able to hold back his spunk. He immediately shot his load into the scout’s mouth and stumbled backwards.
Sailor Mars spat the spunk out like before, but the another hot wave of spunk splattered against her face as the fifth shot his load all over her face. The woman coughed and panted for breath as the spunk slowly dribbled down her face while the demon who was fucking her pussy shot his load into her and pulled out.
The Sailor Scout then found herself forced to her knees as a new demon pulled her arms behind her and fucked her ass while one of his tentacles pumped in and out of her pussy. And like the others, he only lasted a few minutes before he shot his load.
A new demon quickly took his place, but he had several tentacles wrap around the woman’s body. He had tentacles around her tits while the head of the tentacles flicked and pushed her nipples from side to side. Sailor Mars was still penetrated in both her holes as she moaned miserably. But the demon quickly filled her mouth with a tentacle, stifling her audible moans.
She heard the demons commenting on what happened, saying what a sexy slave she’d make and what other humiliating and disgusting things they’d planned to do. She hoped to become deaf. It would have been better than having to listen to what those cruel beasts were calling her.
“Fuckslut! Cumdump! Sailor Cunt! Anal Whore! Sperm Drinker!” and more. She couldn’t even answer because of the tentacle filling her mouth.
Soon, Sailor Mars found herself on her back. A demon was licking her pussy while his hands reached up and squashed her tits. The woman cried out in pain as her eyes slammed shut, sending streams of tears down her face. Her world was slowly turning into panic and despair. She felt the demon pull and push her tits in all directions while his tongue lapped against her clit, forcing to moan and her body to gyrate. The woman then felt the demon move his head out from between her legs. She didn’t know what the demon was doing until she felt his mouth sucking on her right breast. The demon then released her right breast and bit down on her left nipple. He pulled on her nipple and stretched the woman’s breast before he released it. Sailor Mars screamed in pain as she slammed her head against the floor.
Sailor Mars was knocked loopy as the demon sat down on her stomach. He inserted his cock between her tits.
“Let’s make those big udders work!” he said and gripped the sides of the woman’s tits and squashed them together. The demon started to pump his cock between her tits and rammed it into her mouth. Another demon quickly held the woman’s head so she couldn’t pull away. Now, Sailor Mars was giving the demon a tit-fuck and blowjob.
She hated every minute of that but once again, she was powerless. Tip of the enormous, smelly cock was pushing to her mouth, gagging her every time she tried to say something.
After several minutes, Sailor Mars found herself in a new position. She was now hanging upside down. Her legs were spread as a demon licked her pussy. The demon’s saliva mixed and dripped all the way down to the woman’s face. Sailor Mars could taste the demon’s hot saliva as it mixed with her own juices. The woman couldn’t move her head since the demon wrapped tentacles around her neck, tits, waist, and legs, forcing Sailor Mars to endure it all. It was probably the most painful position. She begged them to stop it, but it only made them laugh at her.
Next Sailor Mars found herself on all fours. Her tits were squashed against the cum covered floor as a demon fucked her pussy with his cock and her ass with a tentacle. Sailor Mars groaned miserably as she balled up her fists. The demon shot his spunk into her body and pulled it as even more spunk pooled beneath Sailor Mars. The woman didn’t care. Her fury, her anger, her pride, all of them gone. She only wanted her ordeal to end. She didn’t cared how. She just wanted it to end.
A man with tentacles coming out of his waist. The tentacles slid up the left side of his body and covered his left arm until his shoulder and left arm was nothing more than one long tentacle. The man looked down at her and pulled her up by the hair. Sailor Mars opened her eyes and looked at the smiling man.
“Be a good girl and suck me. If you do a good job, I might just tell the other demons to stop fucking you,” he said.
Normally, Sailor Mars would kick him or spit at his face, saying something heroic and brave. But not this time. The long, painful rape broke most of her spirit. Her dignity was literally fucked out of her body. Sailor Mars nodded as she squatted before the man. She wrapped her lips around his cock and licked the head of his member as she slowly bobbed her head up and down the length of the man’s cock. Gradually, the woman increased her speed. In a matter of minutes, she eventually reached a breakneck pace.
“Good job. Go faster and I just keep you for myself away from the others,” the man smiled.
The words were enough for Sailor Mars. She kept her speed and wrapped her lips even tighter around the man’s cock until the man pried her head mouth off his cock. Sailor Mars was confused as she stared at the man. She didn’t have to look at him long as his cock pulsated and shot his load all over her face. The blast of his shot sent Sailor Mars crashing to the ground. The woman then laid in a pool of spunk while cum dribbled out of all her holes. Her chest heaved up and down as the woman slowly panted and whimpered.
The man used his left arm and shot five tentacles into the woman’s pussy. The tentacles wiggled and pumped in and out her pussy as Sailor Mars screamed in pain.
Sailor Mars opened her eyes and stared at the man. The woman wanted it to stop. She begged him with her eyes. She just wanted it to stop and was willing to do anything that he wanted her to. There were no signs of resistance or anger in her eyes. The red heeled Sailor Scout was broken. She already knew it. She just gave head almost willingly - something that would never happened normally. Her tormentor noticed signs of her submission. Finally, the most fierce of all Sailor Scouts was turning into an obedient sex slave. He smiled. It was the sweetest victory he could imagine. All he needed was proof of her fall.
“Do you want me to keep you as my fucktoy?” he asked.
“Yes what?” the man asked as he looked into her eyes with shades of cruelty.
“Yes master. Do with me as you please,” she quickly corrected herself. Woman moaned as she forced her exhausted legs to stand herself up. She then pressed her body against the man.
He took her tiara off her forehead, raising it up as a sign of victory.
“Kiss my foot, Sailor Mars,” he commanded and she instantly knelt in front of him, placing soft kisses on his dirty foot. None of her friends would believe that she’d ever degrade herself so low. Sailor Mars known for her contempt of men was kissing a man’s foot, accepting her slavery. Finally he pulled her up, looking into her eyes.
“Would you fuck my friends?”
“If that makes you happy, master,” the woman moaned weakly.
The man laughed as the demons cheered.


An exhausted Sailor Jupiter groaned pitifully as demon fucked her pussy. Several tentacles held her hands above her head while others forcefully parted her legs. Other tentacles wrapped around her body while others squirmed all over her body. Two tentacles had several mouths, which were busy licking, biting, and pulling on her nipples. The woman was lifted off the ground and unable to resist as the demon to fucked her pussy.
“Feels so good,” the demon hissed.
The demon wasn’t the first one to fuck Sailor Jupiter and she knew he wouldn’t be the last. The young woman lost count after twenty or so. All she knew was that the demon was the one fucking her now and that was all that mattered since she would rather fuck one than multiple demons at the same time. However, she could see a huge circle forming around her and knew that she wasn’t going to like the aftermath once her current demon was sated.
She was the strongest of all the Sailor Scouts. Always ready to fight and blast enemies with her thunders or even bare fists. When demons managed t surround her, she was defending bravely, biting, kicking, smashing, and killing.
“Takes this! And that!” she cried, sending her thunders around.
But even the strongest Sailor Scout couldn’t fight with such numbers of demons. One of those horny beasts managed to grab her from behind, squeezing her right in its arms. Instantly other demons grabbed her legs, another one immobilized her hands. She was still furious and angry, but she couldn’t do much when her legs were parted and sharp claws tore her uniform, revealing her bare pussy and her round, big breasts. She was always proud of them since she had bigger boobies than the other scouts.
“Stop it, bastards! Don’t you dare . . . ARRRRGGGHHH!” she cried helplessly as her words were cut down as the first cock rammed its way into her pussy; first but not last.
“GGGGGGRRRRR!!” the demon growled as he shot his seed into the woman’s pussy before he staggered backwards.
Sailor Jupiter would have landed on the ground if it wasn’t for the fact that five demons grabbed her. One demon immediately lifted her left leg and pressed it against his chest as he rammed his cock into her pussy and held her legs while he pumped into her. A second demon grabbed the woman by the sides of her head and held it just inches from his cock. Two other demons were on her right. One demon grabbed her hips while the other played with her tits. The fifth demon squatted beneath her and pressed his head into her stomach.
“The woman’s pussy feels better than the whores we fucked earlier tonight,” the demon hissed as his tongue snaked all the way onto her ass, causing her to moan even louder as a snake-shaped tentacle made its way into her anus.
“Hurry up! I want to fuck this Sailor Slut too!” the demon beneath the woman growled.
“Wait your turn,” the demon holding her head snarled as he rammed his dick into the woman’s mouth. The demon watched as Jupiter’s eyes grew wide as her mouth formed a perfect O. The woman pressed both her hands against his legs in order to brace herself.
“How is she?” another demon asked.
“Her mouth is so warm! I hope she doesn’t choke on it!”
“Forget that! She has such lovely tits!” the demon holding her breasts laughed as his hands turned into tentacles that continuously licked her puffy, big nipples.
Sailor Jupiter heard all the lewd comments. She didn’t care anymore. She cared a few hours ago, but she no longer did. Previously she was promising bloody, cruel revenge to those horny freaks. She was crying that she will kill them, cut their dicks and smash their bones. She hoped that help would come. But all those things were now past. Countless rapes stretched her holes to painful extremes. Her mouth ached from the constant blowjobs she had to give. In fact, her eyes began to dull as she serviced the cock in her mouth. The woman didn’t even protest as two other demons grabbed her hands and placed them on their cocks. The demons forced her hands to slide up and down on their shafts.
From that moment on, Sailor Jupiter never served less than five demons. One was always using her pussy, one was always using her mouth, one was always using her right hand, one was always using her left hand, and one was always playing with her tits. Every now and then, the one playing with her tit would allow another demon to play with one tit while another demon slide a tentacle between her tits. Regardless, the demons never changed position until they shot their load over the woman.
It was too much, even for a brave, strong girl like herself. Noone could endure such a long, intensive, and brutal gangbang. She could only sob silently and beg them for mercy from time to time. But no mercy was given to her. Instead, they just laughed and took their turns, using the captured Sailor Scout as their cumpdump. Her body was already covered and filled with their sperm. Her long, brown hair was all sticky and messy, along with her ponytail. Her pretty face was literally covered with a mask of semi-dried cum. She was barely recognizable thanks to that. Semen trickled even from her ears, where one of those beasts shot its load accidentally.
However, the demons eventually flipped her over. Sailor Jupiter now laid on the hard concrete as demons took their turns fucking her. Her pussy, her mouth, her hands, and her breasts were all being abused by their big dicks, tentacles, and strong hands. She had bruises all over her body. As more and more demons fucked her, the woman eventually was lifted off the ground again while other demons used their tentacles to slither all over her ass.
For the most part the demons were constantly waiting to use Sailor Jupiter’s body. However that soon changed. Most of the demons were now amusing themselves with other captured women as they waited. Unlike the times they used Sailor Jupiter, they did not shoot their loads into them. Instead, they waited until the moment they were going to shoot their load. That’s when they quickly changed places with the demon fucking her mouth or pussy.
The steady stream of loads being shot into the woman was simply too much for her. Jupiter’s cheeks expanded as she was forced to swallow. The woman no longer had the luxury of spitting since the cock was always quickly replaced before she could spit. Luckily for her, there wasn’t a mirror above her to show her swelling stomach. Even though she couldn’t see it, she could feel it. The realization of having her stomach full of sperm was simply too much for her as her mind completely blanked.
When the demons were finally done with, the last two demons looked at each other and pulled out simultaneously. Sailor Jupiter crashed onto the ground as her pussy exploded. An incredibly deluge of cum burst from her pussy while her head flopped to the right and a steady stream of cum poured out of her mouth like a waterfall. However, her stomach didn’t go down at all. That is until a demon stepped on her stomach. Sailor Jupiter screamed as she arched her back while cum exploded from her mouth and nose.
Once the bulk of the cum had left her stomach, the demon removed his foot from her stomach. The demon peered down at Sailor Jupiter’s face. The woman had a blank stare in her eyes as she panted for breath. The demon extended his long tongue and flicked her clit with it. The mere touch sent Sailor Scout into a tizzy as she climaxed again. She moaned wantonly, feeling ruined and empty. Her costume was totally ripped from her, but the demons left her green boots. One of the beasts removed them, poured some cum inside them and forced them back onto her feet. Sticky liquid sloshed inside them, making her boots glue to her skin for good.
All the demons laughed as they prepared for another round with the broken Sailor Scout.


Hours Later

“Ah. Ah. Ah,” Sailor Mars moaned. The most fierce and headstrong member of the Sailor Scouts, obediently bounced on her master’s cock while he laid in the middle of a large pentagram. Her raven black hair was wet with sweat just like her body. The woman was nude except for her red heels. Her hands gripped the man’s shoulders while her master, squeezed and played with her bouncy tits.
Surrounding the pentagram were numerous demons. Some were watching the pair, but most of them were hard at work. Several demons were smelting. Sailor Mars wasn’t sure what the were making, but before she impaled herself on her master’s cock, she saw him hand her tiara to them. All she could smell was sex and sulfur.
The man stared into the eyes of Sailor Mars. There was no look or sign of defiance in her eyes. Tentacles emerged from his body yet again as his left arm no longer looked human. Instead, it was nothing more than a series of tentacles. The tentacles quickly circled the woman’s tits, throat, and waist. A tentacle made its way into the woman’s mouth, where she licked it, kissed it, and then sucked it into her mouth. Another tentacle forced its way into her ass and began to pump as the woman moaned against the tentacle in her mouth.
“Who do you belong to, Sailor Bitch?” the man asked as the tentacle escaped her mouth.
“You master. I belong to you,” the woman panted.
The man used the tentacles wrapped around her throat to pull her towards him. Within seconds, his eyes were just millimeters from hers. Two tentacles wrapped around the woman’s ears and brought her face even closer. The man then kissed the woman.
Sailor Mars did nothing to resist. The woman who held all men in contempt, allowed her master to have free reign with her mouth. She allowed the man’s tongue to stretch all the way down her throat, where he cutoff her air supply. Sailor Mars could feel her eyes rolling into the back of her head as the lack of oxygen was taking a toll on her. Yet, the woman did nothing to stop the man.
“Good slave,” the man spoke as he pulled his tongue out of the woman’s mouth.
“Ahhhh,” Sailor Mars panted for breath. Her tongue was hanging from her mouth as she tried to collect herself.
“Who do you belong to?” the man asked.
“I belong to you, master,” the broken woman replied.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes master, I belong to you.”
The man smiled evilly as his tentacles grew thin sharp nails. The nails dug into the skin on her arms. Sailor Mars wanted to cry out in pain, but she resisted. It took every fiber of her being, but she was able to stifle it. Instead, she simply whimpered as she tried put on a brave face. The nails dug into her arm for a good ten minutes before the man retracted his long sharp nails. And even though his nails were no longer on her arms, they still throbbed with pain.
“I have a gift for you,” the man spoke as one of his tentacles held a large branding iron, which had a red hot pentagram on the end.
Sailor Mars followed the iron in front of her face with her eyes. The woman didn’t try to run as she continued to fuck the man even when the iron left her eyesight. Tentacles gripped her legs and slowed her down right before the hot branding iron pressed down on her soft skin, right above her ass. Sailor Mars gritted her teeth and slammed her eyes shut as she heard the sizzle and felt the burning of her skin. The Sailor Scout didn’t know why, but her body suddenly shook violently as she climaxed.
Suddenly, large demons appeared at the edges of the pentagram. They were larger than the bunch that had raped her earlier. Not only were they larger, but they were even more hideous.
“Go out my brethren. Find your own slaves!” the man laughed as he removed the iron from the raven black haired woman.
“Ahhhhh,” Sailor Mars groaned as she felt the removal of iron.
“You have helped me open this gate, which allows for maximum entry for my brothers. In order to keep it open indefinitely, I need to make you my bride,” the man spoke as his tentacles presented Sailor Mars with a golden collar and two golden rings.
“And so you shall, master,” the woman spoke as she took the collar and secured it around her throat. The collar felt familiar.
Sensing what the woman was thinking, the man looked deep into her eyes. “The collar and rings were made from your tiara, slave. I thought I return it to you as a wedding gift,” the man spoke as he held up a ring.
Sailor Mars nodded and held up her finger and allowed the man to slip the ring onto her finger. “I love you, master,” the woman purred. The most unlikely member of the Sailor Scouts to get married turned out to be the first. And her mate would be the leader of the demons that would forever seal the planet in total darkness.


Hours Later

Sailor Mars stared at her reflection in the mirror. The woman was now wearing red six inched heels with three straps in order to keep the heels on her feet. She also wore red thigh-high fishnet stockings with four red straps connected to her red garter-belt. Wrapped around her torso was a red waist-cincher, pulled as tight as possible, which shrank her waist. Her breasts were bare and her gold collar was clearly visible. The woman also had red fishnet fingerless elbow-length gloves. Since nothing covered her pussy, she could see a small pentagram tattooed just above her shaved pussy. The woman slowly turned and saw the pentagram branded onto her skin. Sailor Mars then glanced at her arms. When the man fucked her and had needles dig into her skin, he was actually tattooing her arms. Now, the woman’s arms were covered with tattoos of tentacles fucking women in various positions. The tattoos covered the parts of her arm above the elbow all the way to her shoulder. Sailor Mars wasn’t repulsed by them. Instead, she picked up her red laced veil and placed it on her head. Every time she looked at those tattoos, she felt a shiver running down her spine. All those things tattooed on her arms actually happened to her. The woman took one last look at herself in the mirror and walked the room.
Sailor Mars walked slowly on her high heels. She took careful steps in order to prevent herself from falling. She entered the same room, where she had used for hours on end. The woman saw the original pentagram, which now had a stone alter with several candles on it. The man was standing next to it, waiting for her. Not so far ago, she’d welcome him with a rain of fire arrows. But not now. She wasn’t a fierce and brave warrior anymore. She was his willing concubine.
The broken Sailor Scout continued to walk and surveyed the room. It looked the same and there were certainly more demons in the room. She didn’t understand why some demons were still making items. She remembered how they melted her tiara. The broken woman wasn’t sure what they were making, but she hoped that it wasn’t for her. The smell of sulfur filled the air, but she was now used to it. She was also used to the smell of demon spunk.
As she continued to walk, she heard a female, who was groaning. She was obviously in great discomfort. Sailor Mars wasn’t sure what was going on, but from the corner of her eye, she saw at least twenty demons entering the room. The woman didn’t want to be used by the demons and walked slightly faster toward her master. At least, she was safer with him and then with the numerous demons.
“Welcome,” the man spoke as he took her hand.
“Thank you for making me yours, master,” Sailor Mars replied.
“I have a gift for you,” the man spoke as he pointed to side.
Sailor Mars didn’t gasp, but she was shocked to see Sailor Jupiter standing in the middle of a large group of demons. The taller Sailor Scout was dressed almost like Sailor Mars except hers was green and she had boots, but the woman was missing a veil. Her collar wasn’t gold either. It was simply a black dog collar. She also had clamps on her nipples and clit. A chain was connected to each clamp and collar. The chains then connected to a ring, which was connected to a leash that one of the demons held as he pulled the Sailor Scout toward the alter. The woman also didn’t have any tattoos or brands. And unlike, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter was still sobbing as tears streamed down her face.
“Rei,” Sailor Jupiter gasped as she was brought next to Sailor Mars.
“Master?” Sailor Mars turned and looked at her master with a worried look.
“She is your maid of honor. I couldn’t have my wife’s wedding without a maid of honor,” the man replied as his left arm began to turn into tentacles again.
Sailor Mars relaxed as the worried look on her face disappeared. She had feared that the man had changed his mind and was going to toss her to the demons instead. But once she heard that he was still intent on marrying her, she relaxed. The woman felt nothing for her former teammate though.
“Married? NO! You can’t! These are monsters!” Sailor Jupiter wailed as Sailor Mars didn’t even acknowledge the woman.
“He is my master,” Sailor Mars spoke as she stared coldly at Sailor Jupiter.
“Excellent. Let us begin,” the man laughed as he positioned Sailor Mars for the ceremony.
“NOO!” another woman shouted as everyone in the room turned and saw another Sailor Scout enter the room. Before the demons could attack, the new entrant blasted the closet to her and froze them in a wall of ice.
“Sailor Mercury,” Sailor Mars growled.
“Sailor Mercury!” Sailor Jupiter cheered as she started to struggle. The demons surrounding her started to back up as they saw their comrades being turned to ice.
“Get away from them!” Sailor Mercury yelled as she charged toward the pentagram, freezing any demons that came close her. She was a soldier of wisdom. Aware that there were too many demons to simply just fight them. She hid herself during the previous battle. She saw what happened to Sailor Jupiter and fought the urge to help her. Instead, se waited till the demons finished with Makoto and followed them, hoping to free all of the captured friends. She waited for the optimal moment before she attacked.
“We have to complete the ceremony,” the man urged right before Sailor Jupiter pushed the man away from Sailor Mars.
“Master!” Sailor Mars wailed.
“Get back here!” one of the demons yelled as he pulled on Sailor Jupiter’s chain. He pulled her away from Sailor Mars, but was frozen in place by Sailor Mercury.
“Rei! What is going on here?” Sailor Mercury asked as she stood next to Sailor Mars. The demons had collected themselves and started to approach the women.
“I can’t break fee!” Sailor Jupiter screamed as she pulled on the frozen chain that was still connected to the frozen demon. The woman wanted to join the fight, but was unable to.
“No! Not again!” Sailor Mars yelled hysterically.
“You . . . ruined it . . . no . . . not going back . . . NOT GOING BACK!” Sailor Mars yelled.
“Rei! Get a hold of yourself!” Sailor Mercury hollered back as she froze two more charging demons.
“I fought them . . . they kept coming . . . they raped me . . . they came inside me . . . so much cum . . . so much abuse . . . no way out . . . except . . . except marriage . . .”
“What are you babbling about?” an annoyed Sailor Mercury asked as she froze more demons.
“STOP!” the man shouted as she charged Sailor Mercury.
“FREEZE!” Sailor Mercury shouted back as she prepared to blast him.
“NOOO!” Sailor Mars growled furiously as she chopped Sailor Mercury in the back of her neck. The woman followed it up by a knee to the stomach before she smashed both of her fists onto the woman’s neck.
“REI! ARE YOU CRAZY?” Sailor Jupiter shouted.
“No. I’m not crazy. I thought I could beat them. I destroyed countless demons, but they kept coming. Every time it seemed like I had won, more demons would join the fight. They raped me for hours. He stopped them,” Sailor Mars spoke as she looked loving at the man.
“The portal is open. They’re bigger now. We can’t beat them. My master has already marked me as his. Must save myself,” Sailor Mars spoke as she took the man’s hand.
“You have proven your loyalty, slave. I will not allow my fellow demons to fuck you want them to,” the man spoke.
“Thank you, master,” Sailor Mars curtsied and bowed to the man.
“Rei,” mouthed Sailor Jupiter as her head almost exploded. The woman just saw something that she thought she would see in her life.
“I only have one request master.”
“What is it?”
“Let them fuck Sailor Mercury before we start. That way, she won’t be able to stop the ceremony.”
“Done,” the man laughed as he snapped his finger.


“Mmmmppphhhh,” Sailor Mercury groaned miserably as she laid on the floor.. The Sailor Scout was naked except for heels. Demons wasted no time in undressing her. They simply ripped her clothes into pieces, leaving lots of bruises and red marks on her skin. She frozen lots of their comrades so mercy was the last thing she could expect. A large tentacle wrapped around her throat, almost strangling her. MHer hands were completely useless as tentacles encircled her arms and pulled them away from her body, holding them and the points of breaking. The woman’s chest was thrust forward as two tentacles with mouths licked and sucked on her engorged nipples while other tentacles rubbed and stabbed at her tits, causing more pain to the tormented Sailor Scout. Her breasts were all red. One was even pumping up and down between her tits. Almost every inch of her body was covered by slime and spunk as tentacles of various sizes moved all over her writhing body.
“Not so tough is she now,” a demon chuckled as a huge tree trunk-sized shot out of his gut and toward Sailor Mercury’s face.
The Sailor Scout shook her head as she saw a smaller tentacles emerge from the large one. The tentacle shot toward her mouth, but the woman closed her mouth in an effort keep it from attacking her. That didn’t stop the tentacle as she rubbed against her lips and tried to force its way in. Sailor Mercury slammed her lips shut and moved her head to the side. Even though she bound by the tentacles the woman was still able to roll to her side and eventually on her chest. She wasn’t able to get away from the tentacles however as they all remained in place.
The tentacle on her lips was tenacious. It kept on pressing until the it finally burst through the Sailor Scout’s lips. The woman screamed around the tentacle the head of the tentacle. The scream would have filled the room if it wasn’t muffled by the tentacle. The woman shook her head as the tentacle pumped in and out of her mouth. Sailor Mercury turned her head, but the tentacle continued to work over mouth. With her head on it’s side, it now looked that the tentacle was trying to brush her teeth.
“Ack . . . ack . . . glob . . . cooouuukkk,” Sailor Mercury gagged as the tentacle pulled out of her mouth and a large glop of spunk burst from her mouth. She gagged, being forced to swallow a solid portion the disgusting stuff, but some escapaed, mixed with her saliva and covered the lower part of her face, dripping down her tormented breasts. Fat globs of the demon’s cum glued to her short, blue hair.
The tentacles pulled her upper body off the ground. The tentacle started fucking her mouth again as Sailor Scout struggled to breathe. Once again, she turned her head. This time, the tentacle went deeper and deeper as Sailor Mercury’s left cheek started to puff out. The woman started to look like a chipmunk storing nuts in its mouth as the tentacle pumped in and out. Strands of cum started to drip from her lips.
“Ack . . .glob,” Sailor Mercury gagged as long strands of spunk slowly dribbled from her chin as the tentacle pulled out of her mouth.
“Don’t hog her mouth,” two other demons spoke as they shot out smaller tentacles.
“Argghh,” the woman groaned miserably as two small tentacles started to rub against her front teeth like a toothbrush while two thicker tentacles rubbed against her tongue. The tentacles on her teeth quickly retracted as the two tentacles on her tongue snaked into her mouth and began to pump.
While the two tentacles pumped in and out of her mouth, another demon eyed the woman lustfully. The demon had noticed that during the whole time that his brethren had only fucked her mouth and had left the two other holes completely unused. His lips curled as he released a snarl. He was about to charge when the man stopped him.
“Why?” the demon asked.
“Ask her?” the man replied.
“Why?” the demon asked again.
“She tried to stop the ceremony. She would have protested. I want her silenced first. Let them enjoy her mouth. Once they are done, you can have her holes,” Sailor Mars replied coldly as she pressed her body against the man.
The demon didn’t want to heed the words of Sailor Mars. Instead, he charged Sailor Mercury, but stopped after a few inches. The demon dropped to the ground and struggled for life as the man had wrapped his own tentacles tightly around the demon’s neck.
“You should let him live. The other Sailor Scouts are still out there.”
“I do not like insolence.”
“He can be fodder,” Sailor Mars whispered into the man’s ear as a smile appeared on his face before he released the demon.
“I can only hope that our first son will be like you,” the man smiled back.
“Our son?”
“Of course. Our first son will be born shortly after the completion of our ceremony. The others will come when there is time. Our sons will assist us create stronger demons.”
“Then we need other brides,” Sailor Mars spoke as she glanced at Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Mercury had no idea what was going on or said. Instead, she struggled to breathe as the tentacle around her throat pulled tight and started to strangle her. The woman’s eyes almost rolled into the back of her head as cum started to spurt from her lips. Sailor Mercury could feel the darkness start to engulf her. And she was more than happy to embrace it. At least, it was better than her current predicament. Another demon used his tentacles to spank her ass. They were hitting her vulnerable body hard, leaving red marks on her butt. She’d probably cry from pain, but the tentacle in her mouth was gagging her. Cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth. It wasn’t clear if they were gonna beat her to death or just strangle her.
“They shouldn’t kill her.”
“Why not?”
“I’ll tell you later.”
“DON’T KILL HER!” the man proclaimed.
“But feel free to break her,” Sailor Mars spoke as the demons cheered. The Sailor Scout didn’t even look back as the demon started to rush toward Sailor Mercury. Instead, she turned and faced the man. She took both his hands and stared directly into his eyes. She was deaf to the muffled moans of Sailor Mercury.
“Don’t do it,” Sailor Jupiter begged meekly right as the demon pulled on the chain and tugged on the clamps. Makoto still hoped to see Sailor Mars awaken and burn the filthy beasts with her flames. She was their only hope
“Just say the words,” the man spoke softly.
“I, Rei Hino, take you to be my master. I will always obey and serve, without limits, no matter how perverse, obscene, degrading, or demanding, for as long as I shall live,” the Sailor Scout spoke as the man smiled and bent her over the stone altar.
Sailor Jupiter watched as the man spread Rei’s legs. She then watched as the man rammed his cock into the woman’s pussy. Sailor Mars moaned in ecstasy as Sailor Jupiter watched as the man’s balls slapped against her skin. Tentacles wrapped around Rei’s body, pulling her close to the man. Sailor Jupiter knew they were not needed since Sailor Mars had no intention of pulling away.
Sailor Jupiter turned and saw Sailor Mercury being abused by at least nine demons. She was parallel to the floor. Every one of her holes were being abused. Her head tilted to the side as three tentacles pumped in and out of her mouth. Her tits were fairing much better as several tentacles with mouths were abusing her boobs, biting into her dark nipples. She could see her dull eyes as the demons fucked her like a ragdoll. She couldn’t believe it. Sailor Mercury was the wisest of them all and now she was merely a cumdump for the horde of horny beasts. Fat tentacles crawled all over her body and penetrated her in the worst possible ways. She saw small, think tentacles thrusting inside Mercury’s noseholes. Demons removed her blue and white boots and rubbed their dicks against her feet, making them all sticky with their cum. Memories of her own rape and how the demons used her flooded Jupiter’s mind. The woman cringed as her body shuddered in fear. She wanted it to be just a bad dream.
Sailor Jupiter turned her head and looked at Sailor Mars again. The broken Sailor Scout was no longer bent over the altar. Instead, the man now laid on his back while Sailor Mars impaled herself on his cock. The man’s tentacles were abusing her tits, but she wasn’t crying out in pain or fear. Instead, she was enjoying it. Part of Sailor Jupiter was disgusted, but then other part was envious.
“OH YES! I CAN FEEL IT! MORE! MORE CUM!” Sailor Mars screamed as the man rolled her onto her back and laid on top of her, pumping more and more of his spunk into her womb.
“ARGGGGGGHHHH!” Sailor Mercury screamed painfully as the demons continued to abuse her. Semen shot out of her mouth as she vomited the thick cum. But within seconds, three more tentacles forced their way into her mouth, gagging her again. Sailor Jupiter had a feeling that what happened to Sailor Mercury was even worse than her own gang rape. Demons squeezed their hands all over her body, their claws were occasionally cutting the skin of the blue haired woman. Their tentacles and fists never missed a chance to smack her. None could endure such brutal humiliation, not even the wisest of all Sailor Scouts.
Sailor Jupiter shook her head as she felt a demon’s tongue slide across her throat. The woman didn’t fight or struggle. Instead her eyes darted back and forth between Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. Sailor Jupiter then closed her eyes. She could still see the two scouts in her mind. One was happy, the other was not. The woman then opened her eyes and saw a very pregnant Sailor Mars kneeling in front of the man. She understood her situation. It wasn’t a nightmare, She wouldn’t wake up and forget it. It was a cruel, brutal reality and she had to survive, despite everything. Looking at Rei with her big belly and Ami, being tormented in the most cruel ways, she made her decision.
“I, Rei Hino, the former Sailor Mars, hereby declare my allegiance to you, my master. I will always obey you for the rest of my life. And I will help you break the other Sailor Scouts so they can be used as breeding stock for our sons. Let the darkness engulf the Earth for it now belongs to you and your brethren,” Sailor Mars spoke as she kissed the head of the man’s cock. The pentagram then glowed bright red as both Sailor Mars and the man were engulfed by the light for a few seconds before it faded.
“Now you may live forever,” the man smiled.
“Then it will be my pleasure to serve you, my master.”
“Rei,” Sailor Jupiter spoke meekly. She wasn’t sure about her words. She had to betray everything she believed, but she had no other choice. She had to avoid poor Mercury’s fate.
“What?” Sailor Mars asked as she turned her head toward her.
“Please let me be the bride of your first son,” Sailor Jupiter begged.
Sailor Mars smiled and glanced up at her master, who patted her head in appreciation. The man then took Sailor Jupiter’s chain and pulled her towards them. Sailor Jupiter crawled over to the pair and looked up at them. She saw the man hand Sailor Mars the chain.
“Press yourself against my belly and talk to my son. Tell him who you are and what you’re going to do for him. If her agrees, I’ll agree to your proposal and you can be my son’s personal fucktoy. If not, you will have his first child and then be used by other demons,” Sailor Mars spoke as she tug on the chain. Sparkles of evil shone in Rei’s eyes. Sailor Jupiter couldn’t avoid them. Sailor Mars was truly an evil mistress. She wanted her former friend to disgrace herself verbally in front of her. Jupiter wondered if it wasn’t Rei’s real nature, secretly hidden during all those years. But she had no time to think about it. Fallen Sailor Mars looked at her with contempt and expectation. One word and Sailor Jupiter would join Sailor Mercury in tentacle rape hell.
Sailor Jupiter cringed in fear and as she moved in close to Rei’s round belly. The woman gripped Rei’s legs, took a deep breath, and said, “Hello future master . . . this is your personal fucktoy. My sole purpose in life is to please you. I will suck, lick, and fuck you whenever you like. I will never refuse any action that you require of me. I am always available for your use. I am the tallest Sailor Scout with the biggest tits. I’m sure you will enjoy my assets. Your mother has tattoos and brands on her body. If you wish, you can cover my body with tattoos and brands, but most importantly, cover me with your demonic cum. I want it to fill every one of my pores. I want it to leak from my holes . . . and I want it to constantly fill my womb. Please let me serve you, master.”
“Let’s see how he responds,” Sailor Mars replied as she saw Sailor Jupiter kiss her round belly.
The seconds ticked by, each one torturing Sailor Jupiter as her heart pumped so rapidly that it felt like it was going to burst from her chest. She knew she would never forget what she just said. It was final and the ultimate loss of her dignity and pride. She wasn’t able to be a proud warrior anymore, not after her confession. The woman glanced over at Sailor Mercury, who was no longer visible underneath the mass of tentacles using and abusing her body. Sometimes part of her skin flashed, part of a leg or hand, but no more. Huge puddles of sperm formed on the floor. Makoto saw something white and blue there - Sailor Mercury’s boots and gloves half sunk in thick semen. Sailor Jupiter cringed as she pictured herself inside the mass of tentacles. Yes, it was better to humiliate herself than to end up like Sailor Mercury. Her blue haired comrade didn’t have a chance to avoid such a fate. She tried to save them all and failed miserably. Secretly, Sailor Jupiter admired Mercury’s brave act, but she’d never do anything as rebellious against her new masters. No, the price was definitely too high.
“Any response yet?” the man asked Sailor Mars.
“He’s moving inside me,” Sailor Mars spoke as a small tentacle slowly descended from her pussy.
Sailor Jupiter didn’t hesitate as she gently caressed the tentacle and kissed the head like Rei did with the man’s dick. The woman lovingly gave light pecks on the head while her tongue gently licked it. Sailor Jupiter’s tongue caressed the small tentacle, trying to show her love and devotion to her future master. She licked, sucked, and kissed, doing the best she could with her red lips. She was aware that her fate depended on it. The tentacle allowed her to service it for several minutes before pulling away. Sailor Jupiter was scared that she had offended the tentacle, but she felt better when the tentacle patted her on the head before retracting back inside Rei’s body.
“I think he wants her as her bride,” Sailor Mars smiled.
“So be it,” the man replied.
“Thank you,” Sailor Jupiter gushed as she bowed to the man and Sailor Mars. She then kissed Rei’s stomach again and pressed her head against the woman’s belly, eagerly awaiting the appearance of her new master. Being a concubine to a demon was never in her plans, but in the new reality, it was the best she could ever hope for and it was all because Sailor Mars was broken by the demons. And Sailor Jupiter had no doubt that the other Sailor Scouts would opt for the same thing once they saw the alternative. If the Sailor Scouts had any doubts, the fate of Sailor Mercury would be the best lesson for them. She could already imagine Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Moon with their swollen bellies, nursing little demons. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune would make great demon brides too. Those two were lesbians, so they might need some ‘convincing’ first, but Sailor Jupiter knew that she would gladly do it if asked. She would do anything and everything her master ordered her to. Yes, the age of humankind was finished. It was time for demons to rule the planet . . .

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