Queening Blade

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“Melona, could you be a dear and drain the bath for me?” asked Menace. 

The Amaran Queen was reclining on her lounge chair, completely naked. Today was just a day for herself and her guests. Her tanned brown skin caught the rays of sunlight coming in through the windows on the roof. The tingling sensation of the sun made her brown nipples grow erect before her eyes. Watching the skin at the tips of her luscious breasts begin to shake and rise up, hardening as the blood flowed through her body, made Menace proud. She knew that everything was right in the world when she could be relaxed and aroused.

She ran her hands down her body, gently grazing her navel before reaching her thick bush of black pubic hair. Menace specifically had a pubic hair trimmer among her servants who kept it short and neatly arranged, to show her fertility to all the other rulers of this world she had found herself in. The hair didn’t conceal her clitoris, which Menace was currently stroking with her finger, gently coating her labia in a thin layer of secretions. She licked the juices off her lips, savoring her flavor as she watched Melona enter the room.

Melona, the Protean Assassin, owed her a favor after a recent battle, and this was how Menace had chosen to have her repay. The most important thing for a slime was being kept moist, and if Menace gave her total control over her lavish swimming pool, she would have enough liquid to last for a while.

“On one condition,” Menace said.

“We went over this. Do you seriously think I’d do this for anyone?” Melona said. The pink slime girl snapped her fingers, and her clothing vanished. Her clothes were as much a construct as the rest of her body, but it was unusual for her to be completely nude like this. Her skin had a faint pink hue to it, standing in stark contrast to Menace’s toned, brown skin.

“It would be a pleasure. Do it for your queen,” said Menace.

“I don’t recognize you as my queen. It’s because you’re a friend,” Melona said. “Stand back, I’ve never held this much water before.”

Melona stepped into the water, wading in until she was waist deep. She took a deep breath, and the water swirled around her like it was being drained. All of her pores opened, and the used pool water began to flow inside her body. Melona focused most of the water towards her breasts. Her nipples shook and became erect. The water dribbled across her body before being absorbed wherever there was an opening.

It went in through her pussy, her nipples and her mouth. Mence let out a surprised gasp as Melona bent over and absorbed a large gulp of the water through her pink, twitching asshole. The folds of her anus sucked in the water fiercely, and Melona’s belly grew outward until it looked like she was pregnant. This image of Melona lasted for a brief moment until she grew her height once more.

In the end, Melona had gained about 300mm in height, and had the proportions of a pregnant Cattleya. Her breasts were almost too big for her body, with nipples that had grown proportionately to match, and her belly was only as large as it was so she could support her massive breasts. Her nipples, pink and stiff, were at just the right height for Menace to tweak them with her fingers.

“You look so erotic. What a cute little servant,” said Menace, twisting her fingers as she reached out towards Melona’s engorged bosom.

“Don’t touch me. I’m still synthesizing,” said Melona. “Not all of this stuff is water. When I was sucking that up, a lot of it was your body oil. And your pussy juice. And sweat. And your piss.”

“It’s my pool. As long as it’s my bodily fluids that are in there, it’ll be perfectly sanitary. The Queen of Amara would never be vulgar, no matter what she excretes.”

“There was even some jizz in there. What have you been doing?”

“That’s my semen. You know I like to grow a scepter sometimes. It’s much easier than having to let Setra go inside me. What’s the point of masturbating if I can’t decide the terms of it?” asked Menace.

“Yeah, yeah, I could grow a cock right now if I wanted. This’ll take like an hour...”

Menace’s face lit up with excitement. “Make sure the acidity is right. I want this to be perfect for our skin. Royalty can’t look bad when she’s having company over.”

“If you get all uptight with me, I may just jerk off into your pool,” said Melona.

“That would be lovely,” said Menace. “A bath of milk and semen, just fit for royalty.”

“You’re a real pain in the ass,” said Melona. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to go get a massage. The weight of these new boobs is a real pain in the back. “

As Melona departed, Menace was left alone in the pool room with her thoughts. Once the pool was finished being refilled, if Melona had enough moisture left in her body to produce slimy, sticky sperm, would she be kind enough to perhaps paint the walls of Menace’s pussy with it, possibly impregnating her? The Amaran Kingdom had revived not too long ago, and any child born of Melona would surely have her amazing powers. That would be a wonderful way for her to create an heir. Her pussy started to get excited at that thought, and so, Menace sat down in the middle of the empty pool, the last drops of water drying out in the sunlight, and began to masturbate.

She teased her clitoris gently, imagining her belly swarming with Melona’s sperm. The warmth would spread through her stomach as it grew over the next few months, and the heir to Amara would begin to form inside of her cursed womb. That would be a way to keep Melona employed at her place of residence forever, and that thought turned her on even more than the idea of getting creampied by the slimy pink girl.

Menace removed her sticky fingers from her pussy and smeared the transparent juice across her nipples. Her body glistened in the afternoon light, and she continued to push her fingers against her sensitive spot, rocking back and forth in the empty pool until she squirted. Her juices arced across the room with a splooshing noise, gushing directly into the drain as Menace collapsed from the sheer pleasure running through her brown, nude body.

“I’d better tell the servants Luna’s coming,” she said.

The Calibara Kingdom had met a similar fate, and in that dancer, Menace had found a friend. Though Luna Luna could change the pigment of her skin, Menace insisted that she remain dark-skinned around her at all times. There weren’t very many girls that looked like them on the continent. While their countries may have been rivals back in the old days, now they could talk like old friends.

There was another reason why Menace wanted to have Luna Luna over, but she had kept that a secret even from her servants. Only Melona, another entrant in the Queen’s Blade tournament, was aware of Luna Luna’s secret. Though it was a very open secret, and one that most magically-adept users could perform.

Menace never even bothered to get dressed, instead preferring to bask under the waterfall she used as a shower in the pool room. The clear crystal water washed over her body, removing all but a lingering scent of her intense masturbation session. Drops of water fell from her pubic hair onto the stone floor like the morning dew off the grass, and she returned to her lounge chair once again.

Melona returned from her massage. She patted her swollen belly, and transferred all the liquid that had built up into her breasts. They were so large that all Melona could do was lean over the edge of the pool. They were at the upper limit of what a human could naturally develop, being pulled down by gravity and the sheer weight of the liquid inside them, which now surely made up most of Melona’s slime.

The slime girl rearranged the end of her hair into a pair of pink, goopy hands. She enlarged the hands a bit, and placed them on the sides of her breasts.

“I feel like I’m going to burst. My body wasn’t meant to hold this much water,” said Melona, her voice straining as she leaned over the edge of the pool. “Should I do it now?”

“Your nipples are twitching. It’s making me horny just looking at them,” said Menace.

“You can rub off all you want later,” said Melona. “I converted all of your filthy water into pure breast milk. Not the acidic stuff, but the rejuvenating kind. Let me squeeze my nipples already, the pressure is starting to hurt.”

“Not just yet,” said Menace teasingly. “This milk is for more than bathing in. I want to taste it.”

“You haughty ex-queen!” Melona said, holding her slime hands over her nipples, lines of white liquid dripping between the fingers. “Stop playing coy! You’ve sucked me dry before, you know damn well what my breast milk tastes like.”

“Every day is different, and the milk of a friend doing a favor tastes even better,” said Menace. “You’re welcome to join us, if you’re not feeling exhausted.”

Melona winced. Menace stood up from her chair and strode nude across the stone pool. Melona noticed a trail of sticky secretions running down her pussy, leaving a trail behind her as she walked. The inside of her thighs was stained with the potent, intoxicating scent of her arousal. It was starting to get to Melona too. She wanted to start fiddling with her lower lips with one of her slimy hands, but the pressure on her nipples was distracting her from focusing on anything else.

Menace softly grabbed one of Melona’s engorged breasts. Even with both of her hands, the size and weight were enormous. Menace bent down to her knees and extended her tongue. She licked across Melona’s pink-hued breast flesh, leaving a trail of saliva across her body. Menace’s tongue crossed onto Melona’s areola.

Melona’s bright pink nipple twitched, and a tiny spurt of milk dripped from her nipple. It was silky and smooth on Menace’s tongue, with the thick texture of cream. The milk gathered into blobs on her breasts like freshly squeezed semen. Melona nearly burst from Menace’s tongue gently teasing her nipples, but continued holding it in. Menace wrapped her lips around the tip of the nipple, absorbing a long gulp of the assassin’s breast milk before popping off her lips, letting an off-white trail of saliva and breast milk dangle from Melona’s sensitive nipple.

Menace sloshed it around on her tongue and swallowed, letting it flow down her throat and into her stomach. “It’s delicious, and perfect for bathing,” Menace said. “Once I exit the pool, feel free to fill it up with everything you’ve got.”

“Most of my body is breast milk,” said Menace. “I can’t hold it in.”

“I know, I know. Go wild. Just make sure you keep it in the pool,” Menace said. “Most of the milk in there is going to be yours. Thanks for doing me this favor.”

“Whatever,” Melona grumbled. Her hair-hands wrapped around her breasts. Melona squeezed herself, starting from the back. With just the tiniest bit of pressure, every pore of her nipples burst forth with fountains of freshly produced breast milk, flowing into the swimming pool.

It began as a tiny puddle, but quickly began to envelope the entire bottom of the pool. Menace watched with excitement as Melona’s hands went from applying enough pressure to get the milk out of her breasts to trying to force the powerful streams to go where they were meant to. The marble pool became filled with a mostly opaque, sweet-smelling milk that could have only come from Melona.

Melona’s face blushed bright red. Her body was feeling hot. The high-pressure release of her milk was like her breasts having an orgasm, a dam bursting from within her chest. She panted, every nerve of her body tingling with excitement as her nipples kept on pumping out milk. Slowly, the size of her breasts began to shrink, and with it, the rest of her body. Melona soon reached a size where she could stand up. She forced her body upward with her arms while her hair-hands continued squeezing down on her rapidly shrinking chest.

Menace had a keen eye for Melona’s body.

“Your breasts are still several sizes larger than normal. Do you need my help getting the last drops out? Your queen would love to assist you,” Menace coyly intoned.

“Only if you drink it,” said Melona.

“This isn’t for drinking, it’s for bathing,” said Menace.

“Then I’ll put my nipple in your asshole and give you a milk enema,” said Melona. “Imagine your servants coming in to see that. The Queen of Amara, her belly swollen with milk so much she looks like she’s knocked up.” Melona laughed at the thought. Her breasts swayed with her laughing, the milk making ripples in the pool as it splashed around.

“If you were going to impregnate me, at least have the decency to do it with your member like a proper member of the harem,” said Menace. “Melona, it’s not like I don’t want to be impregnated by you... but you have to treat me with the proper courtesy before you go thrusting it inside me!”

“You want me to knock you up?” asked Melona, taken aback by the thought. “I’d just treat you as a toy. Do you know how many other girls in the kingdom I’ve spunked inside?”

“That just means you’re experienced,” Menace said, striding into the milk bath. “What’s the point of me producing another heir if there’s no love in it? We’ve worked under the Swamp Witch for so long that I’ve grown to love you, Melona. You’re so flexible and lustful, with connections all over the kingdom. Why wouldn’t I want you to produce my heir?”

Melona wasn’t sure how to take the compliment. Her body instantly reacted. The slime around her groin began to shake, and instantly took the form of a thick, erect cock protruding above her slimy pussy. Two semen-engorged balls dangled beneath the shaft. Melona eagerly massaged her balls in her hand, while teasing the head of her dick with her other hand, until it was as hard as it could get.

“You’re a horny little rabbit,” said Menace coyly.

“I can make these balls even bigger if you want. Come over here and give it to me, my Queen,” said Melona with only the slightest hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Very well,” Menace said. “I did want to squeeze the last of that silky milk out of your bosom. But you should submit to me before I allow you inside. So I’ll stimulate the last of it outward from inside you.”

Menace placed her hand over her body. A faint aura of dark magic was gently massaged into her skin from her fingertips. The spot between her pubic hair and her clitoris began to rumble, as the magic expanded her skin and gave it a new, familiar form. There were very few natural hermaphrodites on the continent, but almost every entrant in the Queen’s Blade contest could transform into one.

The Amarn queen’s phallus was longer than Melona’s, with a more pronounced head. Its skin was the same dark tan as the rest of her body, leaving the glans with a purple tint that went well with her black hair. Her balls were fairly hefty, and her foreskin gave it the look of a preserved royal staff.

Menace walked around the pool. The milk splashed up against her tan body, coating her with a fine layer of white film. She stood behind Melona and gently aided the slime girl’s hair-hands in massaging her breasts.

“You’re so soft and sensual,” Menace said, tweaking Melona’s nipples and causing more milk to spurt out. “and you’ve got such a lovely cock. Not as magnificent as mine, of course.”

“My body’s so wet and slimy, just stick it in already,” said Melona.

“Aren’t you always?” asked Menace.

“Especially for you,” said Melona, turning around and kissing Menace on the lips.

Menace’s throbbing shaft was pointed directly at Melona’s backside. While from back here, the dripping lips of her pussy were enticing, the way her backside contracted in and out was also tempting. It twitched in the valley of Melona’s currently very plump backside, giving off the faint natural scent of the slime that made up Melona’s body.

“Your backside is already oiled up,” said Menace. “That’s what I love so much about slimes.”

The cockhead was placed up against Melona’s anus. At first it slowly wriggled its way into her back hole, before Menace grabbed onto Melona’s stomach and, with a single, forceful thrust, pushed the entire length of her stiff shaft into Melona’s asshole, slapping her tanned sack against Melona’s soft, jiggly flesh.

Melona was taken aback by the sudden hard stick entering her, and her hands squeezed down on her breasts, wringing out another gushing burst of breast milk. She kept squeezing with every thrust, returning her breasts to their preferred size. She didn’t want them as big as Cattleya’s all the time, but certainly on par with the bustier fighters on the continent.

“Urgh,” Menace moaned, her shaft being squeezed tight by Melona’s insides, “I think my scepter is hitting something.”

“That’s my prostate!” Melona said. “Keep rubbing.”

Menace’s hard dick scraped the inside of Melona’s bowels, pressing up against her body. Menace moved her hands, covered in Melona’s breast milk, and moved them down to her prick. With one hand cupping the milk and semen-covered balls, and another vigorously working its way across Melona’s hard length, she pushed Melona closer to the brink of climax. Melona’s sticky pink pussy juices stained her and Menace’s legs, and the both of them smelled of slime, sweat and breast milk, all mixing together in a potent-smelling cocktail of juices.

As Menace pushed her brown nipples into Melona’s back, a tiny dribble of milk fell out of her breasts. The warm, slimy sensation, different from her own, made Melona’s weighty balls tighten in Menace’s hands. Menace squeezed down on Melona’s sack, and their bodies became numb with pleasure. Melona felt all of her cells shaking as her nipples and glans spurted with white liquid, filling the rest of the pool with her juices. Her body returned to its normal proportions. She felt Menace’s cock spurt a rope of gooey cum into her anus, and collapsed into the pool of her own juices, falling backwards on top of Menace.

Melona remained stationary, exhausted by the intense orgasm she just had. Her nipples were hot and her cock was so sore she couldn’t transform it back. She stayed on top of Menace until Menace’s enchanted dick fell limp. The two girls lay on their sides in the shallow pool of breast milk, staring each other in the eyes lovingly.

The pink goopy hands stretched out with the last burst of Melona’s strength, and pinched Menace’s dark brown nipples, firing two small spurts of milk across the line of her cleavage. Melona licked it up, and deeply kissed Menace until the two of them didn’t have the energy to do it anymore.

“Are you trying to get me pregnant now? I don’t think the Swamp Witch would like that very much,” said Melona.

“Forget her. I love you, Melona,” said Menace.

“You’re not the worst,” said Melona. “But I can’t get pregnant in my ass.”

Setra floated into the room, barely even acknowledging what the girls had just been up to. “That’s a nice-looking pool,” he grinned. “The servants said they haven’t heard anything from Luna Luna. Any idea what could be the holdup?”

“If you’re going to have Luna Luna over, at least let me join in,” said Melona.

“The party’s not happening if we don’t know where she is,” said Menace. “This is an urgent matter.” She stared at Melona once again. “Though it can wait until after we’ve cleaned up.”

“What do we need to clean up for? We’re already in the bath,” said Melona, laughing in her usual smug way.

Melona was exhausted, and Menace felt like she had only just gotten started. The sun had yet to set on Amara.

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