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Prologue Part One: The End of Infinity and a New Beginning

Tired... that was his most dominant emotion lately; Ash Ketchum Infinity was just so damn tired! He was tired of the pointless struggle of life, tired of losing everyone that mattered to him, of pursuing infinite knowledge, power, and supremacy as a Pokemon Master of totality. He was tired of watching everything in the Omega Omnisphere turn to dust. Most of all though, he was just tired of living forever in the intimate knowledge that he had no real reason left to live.

Lord Percy Jackson knew he'd seen it all, fought countless aspiring Pokemon masters across infinite alternate universes, won every battle, became a contest star across omni-dimensions, and won the greatest war ever fought in the Omega Omnisphere's collective, eternal history; save the war of Totality's Mightiest Heroes Vs Zeneptron, Ash had fought against an omni-dimensional, eternally evil entity with the whole of creation at stake, throughout infinite lifetimes and across endless realities and even within the realm of complete absurdity. He'd won, but the price of victory was high, and the entire Omega Omnisphere had to be rewritten and suspended at the Source so as to prevent the paradox of Omninoir Infinity's sudden nonexistence from wiping everything off the map of infinity.

Resetting something as vast as the Omega Omnisphere was not an easy feat, even for omnipotence, and Ash remained on guard in case some trace, some remnant of Omninoir Infinity's infinite existence was still intact. Nothing ever happened though, peace had reigned throughout the Ultra-Verse even with alternate versions of Omninoir wreaking havoc, but he wasn't too concerned about them because Omninoir's most dangerous, formidable, and primordial aspect was long since vanquished. The infinity version of Omninoir was easily the most dangerous and the most infinitely experienced at using his supreme omnipotence, and it was he who had manipulated the strings of the Ultra-Verse to create the entire UV's Pokemon Multi-Verse and with it every alternate version of himself, Arceus, and every other Pokemon, human, and Pokemon god throughout the entire Ultra-Verse itself.

The bitter irony was that despite how omnimalevolent Omninoir Infinity was, his existence was tied to that of the Ultra-Verse and when Ash erased him on a grand scale the resultant paradox would have wiped out the totality of existence in an instant, but Ash managed to suspend the paradox for the time being; until someone could take Omninoir Infinity's twisted golden throne in the UV's collective history and become as vile and as twisted as the monstrosity that Ash had spent an eternity trying to destroy.

Now though, it seemed as if his ancient nemesis was gone forever, and Ash would've opted to finally rest in peace were it not for the fact that he wasn't ready to call it quits... not yet. There was still one thing in his eternal, endlessly long life he had yet to do, and it was perhaps the most benign, simple, and yet human thing he could've aspired towards.

"Family," he breathed, his voice laced with endless longing and his golden eyes burning with almighty, irresistible desire. He had been a father and a husband before, a literal eternity ago, in a universe infinitely removed from Pokeearth Prime and even the 1 Millionth Pokemon world. He'd lost all that forever ago however, and only recently found within him the ability to fall in love again, now that the war was over.

"This is it Rai, the time has come for me to forge a new future for myself. Restart everything, my whole eternal life anew. This is the way out I've been searching for; the way that doesn't culminate in my own untimely death, I've finally developed the perfect means to defying eternity outright and living such an existence with meaning," Ash whispered with unspeakable levels of excitement, exuberance, and anticipation, the likes of which he hadn't felt even the faint stirrings of in forever.

Ash Ketchum Infinity was currently floating above the planet earth in space, in the 999th Pokemon universe to be precise, the scenic view below offering the opportunity of a new life. His trusty partner of infinite years was ever by his side and floating in the inky darkness of space with his 6 and a half foot avatar, his human form which was augmented to the absolute, supreme levels of conditioning due to his omnipotent apotheosis. Ash Ketchum Infinity was supernaturally attractive, with a boundless allure calling out for his soul mate across the vast expanse of the Omega Omnisphere itself, an allure that brought him here to this universe with the underlying promise of eternal happiness so long as he didn't give up on life.

He had been in this universe before of course, in the previous version of the Omega Omnisphere... long before he ever reset it to end the war with Omninoir Infinity once and for all and become more myth than reality to the Ultra-Verse. In the eternity spent in this universe Ash and his army of level infinity Pokemon not only regrouped they also helped train this universe's version of Serena and forge her into an all-powerful heiress who would go on to take up his mantle when and if he ever retired as the Omega Omnisphere's Pokemon champion and master. Now though, in this new and completely rewritten version of totality, there was a new Serena 999. Unfortunately, the previous totality's version of her, or Serena 9 by Infinity as he rechristened her, had vanished sometime during Ash's final battle with Omninoir; most likely to carry on his legacy and take up the fight against Omninoir should he fail to finish off his greatest enemy.

This was just one of the many infinite experiences Ash and his Pokemon had accumulated in their travels throughout totality, in their epic quest to not only avenge all of their deceased loved ones against Omninoir but also to become the best of the best like no one ever was on the ultimate scale. Their latest problem however, was one no omnipotent superpower could fix, or so Ash thought; but what if the key to attaining a fresh start was to literally start everything over, including himself and his supremely invincible existence? What if he were to set his power, knowledge, and experiences in various stages, all the while not knowing how to elevate himself to the next stage or remembering who he was? It was the perfect fresh start, hell nobody in this Omega Omnisphere remembered who he was anyways, (when he recreated it to erase Omninoir Infinity he also ensured there was no record of his existence or that of the Infinity universe, ergo he literally did not exist in sync with this version of totality at all and was an eternally fixed point in the Omniverse and all the realms beyond it, all the while existing completely outside of it at the same time!) so it wasn't like forgetting who he was going to impact anything significantly and even if it did, he didn't owe the Ultra-Verse or the Omega Omnisphere sweet piss all anymore. He had done his duty as a battle worn soldier, fighting an endless war against an invincible adversary, and now was the time for him to go the fuck home; to the one place in totality that was as much a home to him as the infinity universe was.

He was sure some of the UV's omnipotent beings would retain traces of the previous Omega Omnisphere. He figured the UV would retain some dusty record of his existence, but Ash was not keen on getting dragged into another war with another all-powerful and omniversal entity of destruction. Right now he knew the one thing in life he had yet to try again was family, having long since thought that part of him dead due to losing the love of his life during the first years of the war with Omninoir Infinity. The deaths of his children and his beloved took place infinite lifetimes ago in the unaltered version of totality, but Ash could still hear their screams; could still see his wife's eyes going glassy and staring into infinity as she died in his arms. The funny thing about total recall, nigh omniscience, and an infinite mindscape was that Ash could recall absolutely everything in his everlasting, endless life no matter how far back certain events in that life may have taken place, which was to say it wasn't very funny at all.

His Raichu could sense his emotions through the omni-empathic connection they maintained with each other, with Ash's all-powerful pantheon of level infinity Pokemon, and with everyone else in totality. His starter supported his decision despite thinking his idea crazy, but he could sense it was impossible to sway his trainer's mind at this point and Ash had already set his affairs in order. Deciding to try one last time to change his mind, Raichu spoke up for what seemed the umpteenth time.

"Well, on the one hand; we'll both get to start off fresh, our whole eternal lives anew. On the other though, why, WHY WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER DOING THIS?!" Raichu demanded desperately. Ash whirled around to face his starter, an almighty fire blazing in his golden eyes, "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHY RAICHU," he roared with pure, unadulterated force, the all-powerful sound of his Voice of God causing tremors the echo across all of creation on a metaphysical level, allowing everyone in totality to feel his pain for only the briefest of moments, but it was enough for countless lives to contemplate suicide for just that split second and to make a call to a councillor or a psychiatric advisor.

Raichu was astounded by the level of passion his trainer was exuding in palpable waves, knowing Ash was just sick and tired of everything and unable to recall the last time he'd seen his most trusted human partner this zealous or passionate about something. Ash Ketchum Infinity was a man of unlimited means and infinite experiences, but the one thing he wanted was the one thing no amount of power could recreate artificially without it being totally fake and falsified. His eyes were set with an almighty, inextinguishable fire, one he hadn't had in forever and which could practically set the Omega Omnisphere ablaze. (Or literally, depending on his mood, Lord knows a combination of Omni-Combustion and Almighty Blaze was sufficient enough to burn totality into complete nonexistence. Having to restore the Omega Omnisphere itself to what it was prior to said burning had been an interesting endeavor for Ash and his Pokemon but at least any mass omnicide they committed unintentionally could just be undone when need be, and Ash could blow off some steam without causing any permanent damage. Besides, none of the mortal beings even remembered being killed and unlike Omninoir Ash wasn't out for innocent blood nor was he content with ensuring the Omega Omnisphere stayed boundlessly eliminated)

Despite knowing that his trainer had his heart set on this one endeavor, Raichu opted to ensure that Ash had gone over every avenue, planned every minute detail of this resetting of himself in case everything went to shit. In simpler terms, Raichu Infinity knew it was up to up to him to play the Devil God's Advocate. "Okay Ash, if this is truly what you want then you know I support you fully, but are you sure this is wise? You doing this to yourself would not only severely limit your unlimited powers and resources but it would also leave you vulnerable to any cosmic tier being who wished to succeed where Omninoir Infinity failed and do you in, have you come up with a counter-measure to ensure you live to see your new life through till the end?" Raichu started, and Ash sighed in defeat when he realized his omni-colored lightning pal wasn't going to let the matter drop so easily. Luckily for both of them Ash did indeed have counter-measures in place in case of just that, but wasn't intent on letting his little buddy in on all of the finer details.

"Yes I do have countermeasures in place and have designed my supreme invincibility, powers, and experiences to come to me in stages, with my boundless inner world acting as the dormant conduit through which all of my omnipotence and Supreme Godhood flows. I've also manifested my inner God as an avatar within this inner world to protect me in situations where my current level of power is not enough, to act in my best interests as an omnipotent, omniscient, omni-dimensional, and omni-locked Deity and an extension of my innermost essence. Now tell me, do you still think I haven't thought this through?" Ash chortled somewhat smugly in response. Raichu had to admit that was a pretty interesting way of going about it, but if Ash had the means to regaining everything he lost deep inside him then doesn't that defeat the purpose of limiting himself in the first place?

Sensing Raichu's thoughts, Ash's smirk broadened in amusement. "You really think it would be that easy for me to unlock my hidden potential in my... amnesiac state. I'm not going to make it that easy for myself Rai, nor am I keen on remaining in my higher stages of powers once I do unlock them. I think for the most part I'll remain in stage one with nary a trace of my infinite powers, knowledge, and experiences," Ash further explained as Raichu nodded in accord while contemplating something truly unsettling. He hated to bring this up given Ash's long lost history with his greatest nemesis but it needed to be said.

"And what about Omninoir Infinity Ash? If even the tiniest, most infinitesimal remnant of him survived the rewrite of totality and his absolute erasure then we'll be right back to square one. How do we know for sure that he's been truly vanquished? I'm not so certain such an all-encompassing, all-powerful Anti-God can be permanently defeated, are you?" Raichu hesitantly suggested as Ash sighed tiredly in loathing anticipation of this question, knowing it was Raichu's trump card in this devil's advocate role he was playing.

"Then I guess I can leave our successor Serena 9 by Infinity to deal with him. I did tell her this is what the UV would expect from her when she took up my mantel and she still accepted without hesitation. Honestly though Rai I've stopped caring, at this point I only want to settle down and start a family, maybe find that infinite capacity for romantic love I lost endless eternities ago. No matter what though, I'm confident Serena's got this," Ash whispered reassuringly as Raichu quirked an eyebrow at him. "You really think it wise, trusting her with this much responsibility and power? We don't even know for sure that she made it out of the Omega Omnisphere's rewrite, she may not have survived the erasure of totality and Omninoir Infinity," the all-powerful lightning mouse replied.

Ash smiled fondly upon thinking of his oldest and most trusted ally in the war efforts, having taught her everything he knew and forged her into an all-powerful, inexhaustible soldier of war against the supreme forces of oppression, darkness, and malevolence across the Omega Omnisphere. He was tempted to find her and give her the love she always deserved, but if he knew her as well as he thought he did then it wouldn't be long before she found him, and with his new lease on life he was fairly certain he could grow to love Serena again, because even if Serena 9 by Infinity wasn't the Serena he lost in the war she was as good as and maybe even better. This was his chance to finally live a happy life with limits and to start off completely fresh. Ironic that having unlimited power and eternal life permitted him to brainwash himself into being happy, but if that was the only way for him to find eternal love and happiness then so be it.

"Raichu, I would trust Serena 9 by Infinity with my life and so much more. She can handle it; I know she can, maybe even better than my old friends one million and 9 by 6. Oh yeah, I guess I'll need to reforge my connections to those guys and Rey to of course, since I not only reset the Omega Omnisphere but also myself and all," Ash smiled fondly with eternal wistfulness. Raichu couldn't help but squeal inwardly with excitement, glad to know his trainer had at least had the foresight to give this matter a lot of thought and anticipate every major thing that could go wrong. Truth be told Raichu was sick and tired of eternity to, and if Ash had found a way for them to look eternity in the eye and say 'I reject you,' then who was he to question it? This was their chance not just his, and like it or not when they emerged from the crater as new man and Pokemon they'd be amnesiacs together.

Bracing themselves for the forever change in their eternal lives, Ash and Raichu Infinity, who were dead to the Omega Omnisphere, became enveloped in a blinding dome of boundlessly brilliant light that shone in every color in the visible and invisible spectrum, the same endless array of colors that mottled and checkered the infinity symbol on Ash's shirt, or crackled in the air through Raichu's electricity. They were like Hyper Sonic and Shadow on boundlessly enhancing steroids, blindingly colorful enough to put the entire Omnisphere's population in a never-ending, ceaseless state of epilepsy. The light suddenly grew brighter than the most intense quasars and exploded with the force of an Omni-nova, catapulting Ash and Raichu at near invariant speeds, plummeting from the highest heavens towards the earth below like two almightily deified angels.

The last thing they remembered in this life was each other, the feeling of moving at near infinite motions, the intense sensation of absolute power rushing past their faces, and the state of absolute euphoria at the prospect of finally having a chance to be free. Such was their bliss and ignorance that they failed to consider the opinions of all of Ash's other Pokemon, but maybe it was for the best that they didn't find out. Ash and Raichu's faster than light trajectory rapidly approached near the forested Route 1 between the towns of Vaniville and Aquacorde just as they planned. They hit the ground with meteoric impact, and despite their ultimate invincibility they knew no more as Ash's power limiters set in and Raichu's memory removal required him to be knocked out. Now at long last, their grand plan for a new start had finally been set in motion.


All was quiet, tranquil, and peaceful in the small town known as Vaniville; in fact the entire Kalos region was slightly overcast with white, fluffy clouds and generous sunshine. It was the kind of autumn day that was crisp and sunny, cool and refreshing but not bone-chilling like some of the past years have been during the winter. This kind of weather was perhaps the most preferable to a certain 18 year old girl asleep in her bedroom, her honey blonde hair dishevelled from a good night sleep and sticking out all over the place, her pink pajamas like a skin tight corset that accentuated all of her perfect curves and double d-cup breasts. She was pretty no doubt, beautiful in fact, akin to a sleeping angel in some people's minds; but despite her ball dropping good looks she'd never once had a boyfriend, and never really ventured outside of town unless it was to hang with her best friend Calem in Aquacorde town or something.

The trees of Route 1 had already started turning an array of colors such as red, yellow, orange, and even the occasional purple and blue; yet Serena had rarely gotten an opportunity to really appreciate the true power and beauty of nature simply because she had no reason to leave her hometown. It wasn't that she didn't want to travel, of course she did, she just didn't know what she wanted to do with her life and quite frankly despite her plethora of talents, despite her unnatural smarts and prodigious skill level in countless fields; she just didn't have much motivation or inspiration to aspire towards something.

One might question why she was sticking around when there was next to nothing to do here, Arceus knows her mother had tried asking her to try going on a Pokemon journey many times but had never been able to persuade her. But Serena just couldn't muster up a vested interest in anything anymore and was kind of indifferent to all things nowadays. Recently though, she had started expressing a vast interest in Pokemon showcasing and performing; having seen the Kalos Queen Aria perform live on television and unable to keep from showing interest in the field. Serena had been considered a prodigy for as long as she could remember, and according to the IQ testers she had demonstrated the same seemingly infinite level of intelligence as certain psychic type Pokemon like Alakazam; such was her talent and her skill level in all fields that they wondered if Grace had mated with a legendary Pokemon or something to give birth to her.

All and all, Serena Yvonne had all the natural talent in the world but no interest in using it, no constructive outlet to channel that talent in a way that interested her... until now. Despite her expertise in all fields of Pokemonology and her innate understanding of all theoretical scientific fields and Pokemon battling, Serena wasn't sure she'd want to master the art of Pokemon battling on the same infinite level as the likes of the Kalos Region Pokemon Champion Diantha, who was also a famous actor and who was one of Serena's role models. Now though it seemed she had finally found a goal for herself to aspire towards, one that piqued her interest thoroughly and one which would hopefully one day allow her to bask in the glory and grandeur of being the Kalos Queen. Serena loved design and fashion and she liked to think she was pretty good at them, having already come up with some pretty interesting performances that she herself would like to try out; now all she needed to do was get her first Pokemon and explore the Kalos region for the best possible performance team.

Things were looking up for Serena as she realized she had finally found her reason to go on a Pokemon journey, Lord knows her mom had been trying to get her to go on one for ages now and at 18 years old; she knew she couldn't stay here and be bored forever. She'd already read every book at the Vaniville town library, had ordered every book, every encyclopedia she could get her hands on regarding Pokemon; including her personal favorite the Pokemon Legends and Legendary Pokemon of the World, which was written by Eusine the world's leading expert on the subject.

Right now she was currently in the middle of a very pleasant dream about her entering her first Pokemon showcase with none other than an exceedingly rare Pokemon called Mew, a legendary psychic type whose powers knew no bounds and that according to legends was capable of becoming truly omnipotent, once it reached a level of infinity of course but it was debated by scientists everywhere whether or not Mew was truly as powerful as the legends of old claimed. It was a nice fantasy for Serena though even now in her half-asleep, half-awake state, as she teetered on the abyss between dreams and reality. She was a lucid dreamer and could control her dreams on an infinite level, becoming anything she wanted to be no matter how ludicrous, in her dream world she was Arceus the Almighty.

Her expertise on the legendary Pokemon throughout the world and her ability to perfectly control her own mindscape and dream realm was really handy in creating some pretty amazing fantasies; such as her becoming the Kalos queen by performing alongside a Delphox like the one Aria had as her signature Pokemon and a level infinity Arceus. Again though these were merely absurd dreams, and such dreams gave her neither knowledge nor truth about what might go down in the real world. Even now in her asleep state she was perfectly aware of the fact that what she dreamed up was not truly real, and she could always tell the difference between her dream world and the real world. Still though, she wanted to delay her awakening just a little bit longer because right now she had much time to think about her dream and to play out her most desperate fantasies and heart's deepest desires.

The mere thought of being able to perform with Pokemon who were almighty examples of their species or capable of absolutely anything made for a very absurd dream, but as Ash told her so many years ago, dream big and never give until the end. His aspirations for becoming a Pokemon master and his determination to see his goals through till the bitter end had been a big inspiration to her in their childhood. Everything he had done in their time together was aimed towards one day achieving his greatest ambition, and he had a truly one track mind when it came to fulfilling his dreams. The day he helped her out in that forest back at professor Oak's summer camp had been one of the most iconic moments of her life, it was the day she found her first real friend and learned that she didn't have to dumb her unnatural intelligence down in order for a normal person to like her.

Ash was as nice as a person could be, and had never been mean to her in spite of her seemingly infinite intellect; he had been considerate of her when she hurt her knee that day and had helped her out of the forest when she needed help the most. He wasn't the sharpest guy around, but he was definitely the sweetest, and in all honesty Serena had been positively love struck with the boy since she was 6 years old. Looking back on everything she'd managed to achieve at that camp with Ash's help, Serena knew that the only thing standing in the way of her achieving every goal that she set for herself... was her. There was... no limit to how strong she could get, how high she could soar, and how dazzling and awe inspiring her performances could become. As a mysterious man once said to her, everything she would ever need to accomplish unlimited miracles and wonders, to take the Pokemon universe by storm, she already had within her.

She had never seen the face of the man who told her this, the mysterious godlike figure who had protected her and Ash from an entity of absolute darkness; but she knew that ultimately he was right and hoped he was still out there somewhere. In truth she hadn't thought about that day at camp in years, the one where she and Ash had wandered off for the tiniest bit and had gotten attacked by some malevolent force of pure evil. It had been absolutely terrifying to behold, and whatever it was it was hell bent on killing her and her new friend. It would've succeeded to, where it not for her mysterious and all-powerful guardian angel appearing and dispelling the darkness from existence, his features blurred and his body vibrating at virtually limitless speeds causing his cells to ionize and leave trails of omni-colored lightning streaking behind him as he super sped away, but only after he made sure the two of them were alright. Serena had spent many years trying to research people with superpowers and had countless different explanations and theories for how someone like him could exist, including but not limited to anything from a moonlighting aura master or psychic human of unimaginable power, to things as crazy and absurd as omnipotent beings in human form who came from beyond the highest heavens and the omniverse themselves.

Being a heavy believer in the Omniverse theory was just one of the many things that ostracized Serena from the teeming masses of omninescient, unimaginative people who had teased her day in and day out. She had even gone so far as to conceptualize and imagine an unambiguous, all-encompassing totality she called the Omega Omnisphere; which took the Omniverse theory and stretched it beyond the imagination of any and all minds and into the realm of complete absurdity. Such was her theorizing of the Omega Omnisphere idea that she had even presented some of her initial theories and papers to some of the many scientific communities throughout Kalos, and only a small margin of them had the imagination to look through them without laughing their asses off at her.

All and all though, she knew that there so much more of what people didn't know than what they did know, and she truly believed that there was so much more to reality than anyone could imagine; Arceus only knew what else was out there besides Pokemon, but most people were content with the belief that the Pokemon universe was... everything. After all, why did there even need to be a Multiverse or an Omniverse when the Pokemon universe they lived in was Utopian by design? She scoffed at the lack of imagination humanity had as a collective whole and opted to simply have fun with the theory whether it was real or not. It had been one of the few things she was majorly passionate about yet she knew that her theorizing wouldn't get her very far in life and she'd most likely spend the rest of her life living at her mother's house if she tried to apply her theories to some sort of real life application.

It was conceivable that the legendary Pokemon of the world knew about life's deepest mysteries, and Serena had beheld some very startling things in the last few years or so. Ash Ketchum himself had been living up to his father's name as the son of the world champion; mastering the art of Pokemon battling on an infinite level and becoming an all-powerful battling champion through pure instincts and unorthodox training and battling methods. His Pokemon were all somehow perfect examples of their species and based on what she had learned recently he was currently in the Unova region sailing towards the Decolore Islands. She had been keeping tabs on Ash's ventures and Pokemon journey for years now, and his battles in the various Pokemon leagues across the world always had her on the edge of her seat. His come from behind victories against trainers with level infinity Pokemon like his were always able to practically stop Serena's heart.

Seeing him beat the Sinnoh League and even the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia last year had been the most riveting match that Serena had ever seen him partake in. It was truly a cataclysmic fight and an impenetrable, infinite energy and shock-wave absorbing barriers had been erected around the Lilly of the Valley Coliseum as a precaution, preventing the match from detonating the entire planet as so many level infinity or champion level matches had the capacity to do. As Serena knew Ash wasn't the brightest guy around, but his unorthodox battling styles brought out his true ingenuity and made him almost totally unpredictable, and that made him very hard to beat for even the regional champions, who not only had full rosters of thirty level infinity Pokemon but had also spent years mastering all the possible applications of said Pokemon's almighty powers.

The fact that anyone could train their Pokemon to have infinite raw power and become monsters capable of razing the entire universe has been a subject of controversy among Pokemon League officials and scientists for centuries, and it was bloody terrifying to think about especially when one considered the fact that the legendary Pokemon of the world were all either fully trained or capable of becoming level infinity with a ridiculous level of ease. The invariance of the infinite stat spread was constant among all Pokemon, legendary or otherwise. But any stat value that wasn't infinite varied from Pokemon to Pokemon depending on their natural power levels compared to other species. For example if Deoxys had 50 thousand speed in its speed form and Snorlax had 50 thousand speed, the maximum speed they could run or fly at would range from 50 thousand feet per hour or miles per day for Snorlax to the completely absurd speed of 50 thousand mega parsecs per Planck time for Deoxys.

Knowing all this as well as she did, Serena knew that she understood the mechanics that were built into her version of the Pokemon world better than most, and knew that what her mysterious Guardian Angel God told her must have been true. The problem was that for so many years Serena had lived life in the intimate knowledge that she was capable of anything, while at the same time aspiring towards nothing in particular and not knowing what she wanted. Funny how a limitless capacity to take the world by storm in ways unimaginable could result in eternal indecisiveness on how exactly she would go about doing that. She no longer had a problem believing in herself thanks to this faceless, almighty Spectre and Ash of course, and now it seemed she had finally found the one goal she wanted to aspire towards more than anything. Kalos royalty was hers for the taking, and if she ever discovered the secrets of the Omniverse and how to travel its vast expanse, maybe someday she could even become the Omniarch of infinite Kalos regions across the endless possible alternatives to what she had here in her world. Or maybe that was wishful thinking, either way; she had found herself a dream and was intent on living it for as long as she could.

"Serena time to get up, breakfast is ready," her mother called from downstairs in the kitchen, rousing her from her half-asleep state completely and effectively ending her thoughtful musing. Opening her cerulean eyes, Serena rubbed the sleep out of them and yawned before getting up out of bed slowly and doing a couple of stretches. A few years back her mom used to get her up at the crack of dawn so they could practice Rhyhorn racing together, but Serena had expressed zero interest to follow in her mother's footsteps and Grace had respected that enough to stop drilling Serena every morning on how to mount a Rhyhorn and be one with him as she put it.

"Okay coming, be down in a sec," Serena bellowed in response, before hastening to change into a clean set of clothes and getting ready to face another day of hanging out with her mother or Calem, or just having another of her many lazy days. There was very little to do in town after all and frankly Serena was just content with watching a few movies with her mom or hanging out in the next town with Calem, who was a boy around three years younger than her and who aspired to be a Pokemon master like Ash had been the times they watched his battles on TV together. Serena had been surprised and pleased to know that Calem hadn't been overly interested in her in the romantic sense and actually had a crush on a girl named Shauna he knew a couple of years back. It was reassuring because in all fairness Serena could only imagine a life with one guy, but whether or not Ash was the one had been weighing heavily on her mind as of late.

He didn't seem to deepen his bond with any of the girls he traveled with beyond a platonic friendship, which presented one of two possible scenarios, either he had his heart set on someone already and hopefully it was her, or number two and sadly she thought this one more likely; he just wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with anybody, at least until he fulfilled his ultimate goal to usurp his father Red as the All-powerful Pokemon Champion of the world and the strongest trainer in the universe. Serena had been crushing heavily on him for a long time now, and given the pattern he followed when traveling to each new region then the next region he'd be hitting up would have to be Kalos, since it was the last region on Pokeearth from Kanto and the furthest one from it aside from Unova; it only made sense that Ash's next journey would be in Kalos and Serena longed for the day when she could finally see him again.

She had been indecisive about what goal she wished to pursue for far too long now, and had spent far too much time living with her mother. Quite frankly she was ready to see the world now and at 18 years old, she was considered a legal adult in any of the main regions of Pokeearth, giving her all the rights and privileges of an adult. At least the time she spent here in Vaniville town wasn't wasted, she knew everything she would need to know in order to succeed at whatever endeavor she undertook, and had saved up enough money with her allowance and the cheques her father sent her and her mom while he journeyed to buy a Golden trainer card. Her father's title as a top contender for the world championship afforded him near limitless funds though it kept him very busy. He was only able to visit them on holidays and during Serena's birthdays, but they both understood that he was an extremely busy, wealthy, powerful, and famous man. The name Richard Yvonne was known all over the world which meant that by extension she and her mother were made famous to, just on sheer principle.

Stripping down to her bra and panties while getting changed, Serena found a clean pair of her favorite outfit hanging in her closet as she pulled a pair of her black over the knee socks over top her nimble feet, her pink toenails glittering in the light of her lamp as she wiggled into her red plaid skirt next and brushed her hair once before sliding into her black tank top and brushing it once more. Clipping her hair in a loose pony tail and allowing it to fall down to her waist, Serena gazed at her reflection in the mirror as she searched the drawers of her desk for her favorite keepsake from her time with Ash. She never did get a chance to give it back to him but the blue handkerchief he used to bandage her knee was now a psychological memento, a souvenir from that fateful day when she became best friends with the nicest boy in the world and the son of the world champion Red.

Tying the hankie around her left wrist as tightly as it could go without blocking her circulation, Serena deemed herself ready to face the day just as Fletchling came fluttering into her slightly ajar bedroom door and landed deftly on her head, making a small nest in her hair and greeting her in the typical fashion as Serena giggled and gently took hold of the nimble little bird Pokemon, holding her to her chest and asking her how she looked.

"Do I look okay Fletchling, you know I always want to look my best no matter what kind of day it is but right now I keep having this feeling that something really interesting is going to happen," Serena commented airily as Fletchling stared at her reflection and chirped in obvious approval, earning a smile from her trainer's daughter. Truth be told Serena had been having a strange premonition as of late, and she couldn't shake the inexplicable feeling that some life altering event was impending, one that would change her life forever and probably for the better. Still though despite her strange premonition, there was no real way to know for sure that anything truly life changing was going to take place anytime soon, but one could hope couldn't they?

"Serena, are you coming?" her mom called up insistently, and Serena laughed before letting Fletchling fly off and following behind her before heading down the stairs. She had showered last night and could still smell her favorite deodorant and perfume hanging in the room. She liked to think she smelt good but would need a second opinion outside of herself in order to know for sure. 'Maybe Ash's,' she thought giddily with a goofy smile as she made her way downstairs and to a glorious home cooked breakfast of Oran berry Pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, and home fries.

Her mother Grace was cooking up a storm over the hot element and had made enough of everything to practically feed a third world country. This was a good thing though because Serena's appetite was ridiculously large; she may have inherited her mother's good looks but she had gotten her father's height, insatiable appetite, and hyperactive metabolism. She was already a head taller than her mom, five feet ten inches tall and still growing. Her dad was two meters high so it was scary to think how much taller Serena herself would eventually grow, and how tall she would be when she finally stopped.

Her height wasn't the only thing that was continually increasing however, her bust size was already starting to get to the point where she was feeling uncomfortable in double d-cup bras and that was truly impressive in her opinion. She knew that if she ever found a boyfriend she'd definitely have the looks and the personality to keep him keenly interested in her and her alone, which was a good thing because Serena was a very selfish, territorial, and monogamous lover and would not ever condone the idea of her boyfriend having a harem of any kind.

She had a clear idea of what she wanted in a boyfriend, but had yet to truly put herself out there and figured now that she knew what she wanted to pursue in life she could work on all the other aspects of her life including who she dated and what she wanted from a potential romantic partner. In all honesty she had her heart set on Ash but was prepared to expand her horizons beyond him if it turned out he wasn't interested in anything but achieving his goals and ambitions. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, that was her motto.

Her stomach roared in earnest as Grace piled a heaping helping of everything onto Serena's plate, the older woman grateful at least that her daughter had not inherited her father's table manners on top of his appetite. Tucking into her bacon, which Serena was convinced was the one food in all the world that could never be done wrong, her stomach roared in approval as she continually ate like it was her last meal.

"So Serena, any plans for today?" Grace commented during one of the intervals between Serena's mouthfuls, watching as Serena took her time in answering and in putting the next forkful in her mouth, her full pink lips parting slightly as she contemplated her mother's question. "Not really sure to be honest, I was thinking of just watching a couple of movies or TV with you or something, but there is something I've been meaning to talk to you about," Serena replied after several moments.

Silently urging her daughter to continue, Grace was happily surprised by what Serena said next. "I've been thinking about what you said about getting out and seeing the world, and I realize that you were right. I finally know what I want to do and I've decided I'm going to become a Pokemon performer, and hopefully someday earn my spot into Kalos Royalty as the Kalos Queen. I've been thinking about this for a long while and only put off going on my journey so that I could save up enough money for a golden trainer card," Serena continued as Grace smiled in approval.

"Serena, I am so happy for and proud of you for finally finding a dream, rest assured you have my approval; but if you wanted to buy the more expensive trainer card for when you went to professor Sycamore to choose your first Pokemon and begin your journey, why didn't you just ask for a raise in your allowance? I'm sure I could've helped you more but you never said anything," Grace wondered and Serena grinned cheekily at her, having anticipated all of these questions and more.

"Because I wanted to make damn sure I was fully prepared for my journey, and only recently deemed myself ready to start; I've been reading like a fiend studying all the aspects and fields of Pokemonology, amassing as much knowledge as I could about Pokemon physiology, Pokemon breeding and breeding groups, competitive battling and contest coordinating, all the different types of Pokemon, the moves they could learn, and how a Pokemon's powers, abilities, and move pools are affected when they reach that absurd level of infinity. I wanted to take the Pokemon showcasing community by complete and epic storm mom, and I needed to make sure I had the means and the knowledge to do so. So saving up money to buy a trainer card which will allow me to automatically attain the same privileges as a champion level trainer was the first step, studying all fields of Pokemonology was the second since they won't allow you to automatically become a champion level trainer and attain the best Pokemon without sufficient knowledge about all things Pokemon. But now that I'm ready, I would like to ask for your help in arranging for everything to start my journey as soon as possible," Serena requested analytically, having had a lot of time to prepare for everything and come up with ways to take her dream in directions no other performer has ever done before.

Grace couldn't help but marvel at the sheer depth of her daughter's brilliance sometimes, Serena hid it well due to people ostracizing her but they both knew that her daughter was the smartest person on earth, with the highest IQ score in all of human history and one that was given a value of infinity. As a small child, Grace had taken Serena to every IQ testing facility she could find and they all said the same thing, that her daughter's intellect was without bounds and that it was impossible for them to assign a finite number or score to her IQ results when she displayed a level of brilliance as boundless as that of a level infinity psychic type Alakazam.

Serena's unnatural intelligence and skill level in any and all fields had been an interesting topic of discussion between Grace and her husband Richard, who was a masterfully skilled trainer and whom was just as dumbfounded by their daughter's uncanny intellect and hyper-competence as she was. Grace had come to terms with it by now, and was pleased to say that Serena's maturity, seemingly infinite wisdom, and her creativity were some of her best traits. The level of thought, planning, and preparation her daughter had put into her impending Pokemon journey was unbelievable, and it was just one of the many things she admired about Serena.

"Sweetheart, I am in awe of the woman you've become, and I can only imagine the kinds of amazing things you'll get up to especially with a father like yours being such a powerful and influential role model. Whatever you decide to do with your life, know that I will always be here to support you. I love you Serena and whether or not you follow in mine or your father's footsteps is not important, you have a destiny all on your own and I couldn't be prouder of you," Grace found herself tearing up at her admission as Serena smiled before walking across the kitchen and throwing her arms around her.

"I'm proud of you to mom, and I promise I won't disappoint you," Serena murmured as her mother held her close. It seemed as though nothing could possibly ruin the moment between mother and daughter, but they were abruptly shaken apart by a massive and sudden tremor that shook the foundations of their entire house and caused both of them to shriek in absolute terror. Serena held onto her mother for dear life as an light brighter than anything she'd ever seen lit up the house and the entire world, causing everything to white out in a whirl of colors and pure cosmic energy, almost causing her to spasmodically go into a state of seizures. Just as soon as it appeared it was gone, and one final, tumultuous tremor quaked the entirety of planet earth as if a giant meteor had just slammed into it and broke the world forever more. Waiting on baited breath as the massive earthquake ceased and the world still seemed to be in one piece, Serena slowly opened her eyes and prayed to herself that their family's house was still in one piece. Letting go of her mother she could see that the kitchen table was tipped over and their breakfast dishes lay shattered on the floor, some of the pictures had fallen sideways on their respective walls and some had crashed to the carpeted floor altogether, but apart from that there wasn't any sign that just moments ago a giant earthquake had practically shaken apart the entire globe.

"What the hell was that?!" Serena exclaimed emphatically once she remembered how to speak, think, or even breathe for that matter. "I don't know," Grace admitted, just as much at a loss to explain what happened as Serena was. They were startled once again when a loud knock came to their door and Serena shakily got up to answer it, knowing it was probably Calem checking up on them to make sure they were okay. Sure enough, she came face to face with her friend's worried expression, his blue eyes widening with obvious relief when he saw her and her mother behind her, and his tense posture visibly slackened when he realized that they both were okay.

"So I take it we weren't the only ones who felt that right?" Serena idly commented matter-of-factually, as though it weren't already obvious, surprising herself with the level of nonchalance she was displaying. All around the neighborhood people were coming out of their houses to investigate whatever had caused the disturbance, and Calem rolled his eyes at Serena's proclamation. "Does anybody know what happened?" Grace asked worriedly. Calem shrugged at this, "Nope, not a clue, and what was with that strange light? I've never seen such a blinding glow in all my life; I wouldn't be surprised if some of the old folks went into total epilepsy after that and ended up in the hospital in Lumiose, hell I'm still seeing stars and for all I know I could've suffered some injuries to my retinal cortex. Still I guess we should count our blessings and be thankful that nobody died or was permanently hurt or injured. Strange though, how something like that can happen isn't it?" Calem informed them of the town's status as Serena and Grace sighed in relief.

"It is strange, Calem do you think we can go for a walk, my eyes need time to heal and adjust after that light show," Serena suggested as her and Calem looked to Grace for approval. She nodded in affirmation, "Very well, but be back soon and don't go too far. Oh and stay together, I don't know what could've caused all of that to happen but whatever it is might not be friendly, or it could even be a legendary Pokemon so stay safe," Grace called after them as Calem and Serena nodded back at her reassuringly before silently agreeing to head to Aquacorde town for a much needed milkshake.

Calem walked briskly beside her, the both of them deeply entrenched in their own thoughts, before Serena finally spoke. "Do you think it could be a legendary Pokemon that caused this Calem," she wondered as the younger, 15 year old boy scratched his chin in deep thought. "I wouldn't be too surprised; Arceus knows it's been happening a lot the last few years, all of these legendary sightings and end of the world situations. Ever since your boyfriend Ash started his Pokemon journey, there have been at least a dozen of these end of the world scenarios and I can't help thinking it's not a coincidence," Calem admitted, and Serena had to admit that this seemed like yet another possible one of those scenarios and would have gladly skipped town to try and escape it if she were a coward. But Serena Yvonne was the daughter of a world champion runner-up, a Pokemon trainer who mastered the art of Pokemon battling on a nigh omnipotent level, and though she wasn't overly interested in competitive battling herself she was still Richard Yvonne's daughter, and if there was a legendary Pokemon involved she was hell bent on checking it out.

They were on the pathway to Aquacorde town now, walking silently along Route 1 and heavily immersed in their respective trains of thoughts. Serena was beside herself with joy and anticipation at the prospect of being able to possibly encounter a legendary Pokemon few humans ever got to see; wondering what she would see when she saw the source of the commotion from earlier and praying that somehow she and Calem would be the first ones to find the point of impact where that meteor hit, assuming it was just a meteor and not a Deoxys. She could only imagine how awesome it would to see something like that in the flesh rather than in her story books or on the news when she heard of Ash's latest heroic escapades. Honestly, that boy was like a magnet for these things and she hoped that someway somehow she would be to. The scientific input she could attain from these legendary Pokemon, along with the possible applications for her performances and every other goal she aspired towards, was essentially limitless.

"By the way Calem," Serena began as they walked side by side on the dirt road, her eyebrow quirking as her friend awaited whatever it was she was going to say. "Ash was not and is not my boyfriend, I haven't even heard from the guy in years. He's got his own life now and I've moved past that silly little crush... at least I think I have," Serena concluded her afterthought with uncertainty in the last few words. Calem nodded in understanding, having only ever thought of Serena as a friend and nothing more and perfectly happy with the way things were now. He hadn't seen or heard from Shauna in a long time either but knowing her she was probably back in Johto or something taking the Johto contest circuits by storm. It was a funny thing he and Serena had in common, and although Serena insisted that she was over her childhood crush on Ash Ketchum he could still see the painful longing in her eyes, not to mention the way her lips pursed whenever he brought the guy up.

"So um, any chance we'll find out what caused that blinding flash of light and those tremors?" Calem commented, deciding it best to change the topic of conversation and discombobulated when Serena didn't immediately respond and in a highly intelligent manner like she sometimes did. "Um Serena, Pokemon world to Serena, you in there," Calem insistently urged her, getting ready to snap a finger in front of her face when she suddenly found her voice, her zoning out alarmingly frequent the last few days as she pointed somewhere further down Route 1. "Calem look over there, there's smoke coming out from above those treetops," she whispered dreamily.

Following her dazed expression and her finger Calem noticed there were indeed plumes of smoke rising above the small forest environment that separated Vaniville town from Aquacorde. Route 1 wasn't all that big, around 10 acres of woodlands or so; but it was definitely big enough to hide something like a meteor, or Arceus forbid a dangerously hostile Deoxys. Opting to distance himself from this phenomena, Calem was quite taken aback when Serena grabbed him by the hand and started directing him towards the rising pillar of grey smoke, the both of them somehow knowing that wherever this hazy cloud came from was what had caused that massive tremor a mere half hour ago.

Serena's heart was banging inside her chest, but not from fear or anxiety but rater anticipation, the mere thought of befriending a legendary Pokemon or even getting attacked by one the most interesting thought she'd had in years and making her gleefully excited that her prediction about something interesting happening was bang on. This was undoubtedly going to break the endless monotony she'd been battling with day in and day out, the pointless struggle of adding a sense of daring, danger, and adventure to her unremarkable, mundane, generic life. Truth was she was just so damn tired of spending her days here in Vaniville town, whiling away the rest of her life in endless boredom and becoming a mere shell of a human being.

The potentially unprecedented phenomena she was facing now could be her ticket to a better tomorrow, a much more fun and meaningful tomorrow, where her life could actually mean something and matter for once in the grand scheme of things. She supposed she was just too free spirited to spend her life living in a small town, and she wanted so badly to get out there and see the world, to take the Pokemon performing community by storm in ways no other Pokemon showcase performer ever has before. She'd become Kalos queen for sure, and maybe someday the Omniarch of infinite Kalos regions across the Omega Omnisphere she hypothesized the existence of, though that was a pretty big if and she'd have to be able to capture a Palkia or another Pokemon able to traverse infinite universes, realities, and dimensions. This could be everything she was hoping for, or it could be just a meteor, either way she felt inspired to go out and see what the world had to offer and maybe find the one thing in life she enjoyed doing, the one thing worth living for.

"Serena, are you sure this is such a good... ouch," Calem stumbled over a tree root as Serena continued pulling him along, surprised by just how much strength she seemed to possess in her overzealous, indefatigable zeal. They were fast approaching the source of the mushroom cloud of smoke and smog that continually wisped into the air. Time seemed to slow to an endless crawl as Serena got her first good look at the massive crater that had shot up a maelstrom of light, energy, and apparently no small amount of rocks, dirt, dust, and debris.

There was still a good deal of it rising up off of the massive, mile wide crater that bored a hole deep into the crust of the earth, making it maddeningly hard to observe what lurked within it. Serena strained her sapphire eyes in an effort to see as the dust slowly cleared, taking a small, agonizing eternity to grant her line of sight access to its hidden interior. Finally after what felt like forever the dust finally settled and Serena got her first idea of just how big this thing really was.

It was easily a mile wide in diameter, taking up half of the western side of Route 1's forest environment. Its sheer size was only matched by its depth, which grew deeper and deeper the closer to the center one got, and move to the center Serena did. Sliding gracefully down the side of the crater on her feet, Serena slowly made the rather unsafe journey onward and downward, towards the heart of this massive indent in the world, her curiosity outweighing any caution she may have had with practically infinite mass.

"Serena, wait up! Are you insane, it's not safe down there, you could get seriously hurt," Calem called after her half-heartedly, but gave up soon after and grunted before slowly following her. The mountain of dirt and uprooted trees grew ever steeper the closer to the center Serena got, but she would not be deterred especially when she came this far already, and for some weird reason she couldn't shake the feeling that this situation wasn't dangerous. If it had been a legendary Pokemon of some kind, it may have already started going on a rampage at this point, angered by the confusion of being in a strange and unfamiliar environment or afraid for its life while running from another legendary. Either way, Serena knew this time was different; things were quiet right now, eerily so in fact.

Serena was heralded by many in Vaniville town as fearless, but something she learned from her time with Ash was that you could die tomorrow and that your next breath was never certain, that one was always on borrowed time and that death came for everybody in the end. Yet despite the certainty of her eventual death either at the hands of another, some accident, or the slow degeneration of her body and her cells as they died from a buildup of toxins, she knew she would never waste her life living it in fear. That isn't to say she'd be needlessly reckless or engage in some potentially suicidal activity, but she was a girl of action and who got shit done and she certainly wasn't about to let an opportunity like this pass her by. Ash had helped teach her all this; and she applied the lessons she learned from her time with him to her everyday life as much as she possibly could.

Finally after almost ten minutes of nothing but climbing down into massive hole in the earth, Serena could see something phasing into existence from the depths of the earth itself, or so it looked to her untrained eyes. The moment she was almost upon the figure her eyes widened in horrified disbelief as she took in the sight of the boy and Pokemon lying unconscious and covered from head to foot in mud, ashes, and soot.

"OH MY GOD, CALEM, CALEM, COME QUICK. I FOUND SOMEONE IN THE CRATER AND HE NEEDS OUR HELP RIGHT AWAY!" Serena screamed, unable to remember the last time she felt this horrified on someone else's behalf as she immediately rushed over to the boy's side, her heart nearly stopping dead cold in her chest when she realized he was still alive. The Pokemon was still conscious and was staring around it in obvious confusion and disorientation until it spotted her rushing towards them. It sparked its cheeks with volts of strange looking electricity, causing Serena to halt in her tracks as she recognized the Pokemon as a Raichu, its defensive stance and obvious tense posture enough to convey a message to her. It was scared and rightfully so, whatever had lead to it and its trainer ending up in this state must have been truly horrifying she reckoned.

Deciding to try a different approach to simply barrelling in and helping, Serena heard Calem's response from far off as she got down on her knees, eye level with the nervous mouse-like Pokemon and not caring that she was dirty at the moment as she spoke in the softest voice she could muster. "It's okay little guy, I promise I'm not going to hurt you. I just need to make sure you and your trainer are alright. I have to say though I'm amazed the two of you are still alive after a fall like that," Serena cooed gently as Raichu stared at her questioningly, then at the unconscious boy lying face down beside them.

"Rai, Raichu, Rai, Rai," it squeaked in obvious confusion, gesturing between itself and the mud caked trainer in the dirt as Serena continued to look at the pair of them in utter befuddlement. "You mean to tell me he's not your trainer? Do you know who he is at all though?" Serena questioned the mouse as Raichu shook its head at her. He was giving her a completely blank stare and appeared desperate to convey something to her as it used its little paw to hit itself on the noggin, then did a sort of teeter dance to indicate a feeling of daze and disorientation. It knocked itself on its own head several more times before Serena finally got the message.

"Oh my God, you lost your memory didn't you? You poor thing, you've got amnesia don't you? Well let me just get my phone out okay, I'm going to call for some special people to help you and that boy over there. Some special people who are trained for memory loss and a whole bunch of other problems both people and Pokemon face every day across the world," Serena explained to the confused mouse, and she refrained from face palming as she realized something rather inconvenient.

"Oh man, I bet you don't even know what people and Pokemon are do you?" Serena questioned, remembering something she read about true amnesia and total lack of memory being extremely rare and sometimes even a topic of controversy among famed doctors everywhere, but still she wasn't sure just how deep this Raichu's memory loss ran and was quite relieved when the lightning mouse nodded reassuringly at her, giving her the indication that he did indeed have a general idea of what a person and a Pokemon were.

Grabbing her Holo caster out of her beg, Serena placed a non holographic phone call to the Kalos emergency number, explaining her locale to the best of her ability, what she found, the boy and amnesiac Raichu who wound up unconscious in the forest, and other such details to the best of her ability. She left out the part where she found the two of them in a crater, and refrained from mentioning that they could have been the cause of the earthquake and the blinding flash of light from moments ago, knowing how unimaginative people could be even with the massive outbreak of level infinity Pokemon and champion level trainers in recent years.

Once she finished her call she placed a call to her mom, and was just in the middle of listening to the phone dial when Calem finally caught up to her, going over the scene before them with widened eyes. Raichu looked to Serena for confirmation that he could trust her friend, and Serena nodded quickly with a fond smile as her mother finally picked up, touched that the lightning mouse had been able to trust her so easily and wanting to do her best to ensure that trust wasn't misplaced.

"Serena oh my goodness, you're all covered in dirt! Are you alright, are you hurt?!" Grace coddled her in a mothering tone of voice. Serena nodded reassuringly though couldn't stop herself from tearing up for some reason, "I'm fine mom but I think Calem and I found what caused that commotion earlier. There is a boy and a Raichu here in the center of a massive crater, the boy is unconscious and the Raichu has amnesia but they're both alive... somehow. I placed a call to the Kalos Emergency Response Unit and they're sending some paramedics from Lumiose city. They should be here in about an hour or so but I want to stay with these guys until they get here. My God I can only imagine what could've lead to the two of them ending up in this state," Serena briskly informed Grace with nary a single breath taken between sentences.

"Oh my God Serena, make sure both of them are okay until the paramedics show up, check the Raichu for any major head injuries and do your best to keep him calm until help arrives. Calem do you think you can help Serena get the boy up and somewhere a bit more dignified. I don't want to imagine what could have lead to this situation either but we need to make sure they're both fine. I'll come and join you two as soon as I can," Grace instructed them as Serena nodded determinedly and Calem threw her a salute to try and lighten the mood a bit. Raichu seemed a bit startled by the holographic projection of Serena's mother as it backed away at first but then relaxed upon seeing how much concern the strange woman harbored on his and that boy's behalf.

"Okay mom, I'll do what I can. Goodbye for now, see you in a bit," Serena promised her, listening to the beep to ensure her mother had hung up before turning around to help Calem lift the boy up into a position where he could be somewhat comfortable. She didn't know what else to do for him as she propped him up and leaned him across her lap so that his head was no longer in the dirt, but she figured this beat the alternative. Turning to Calem once again, Serena spoke once more and figured it would give her friend something to do which would help channel all the nervous energy she could feel coming off of him. The poor guy was fidgeting like crazy, apparently overwhelmed by the intensity of this situation and forcing Serena to step up and take control.

"Um Calem, do you think you could go look around for anything else that might have fallen into this crater?" Serena requested sensitively, and Calem nodded bleakly as her simple request and left without a word, determined to take his mind off of this horrible scenario as best he could. "Hey Raichu, do you think you can trust me enough to come up close so I can do some examination to see if you have any major head injuries. I promise it won't hurt one bit okay?" Serena reassured him, smiling sweetly with her eyes shining as Raichu nodded and tentatively walked up towards her, crawling right up into her outstretched arms as she cradled him and soothed him with comforting words all the while examining the little guy from head to foot.

Raichu didn't know what she was doing or how he ended up in this amnesiac state but he was starting to like this girl. For some reason he couldn't put a finger on, she felt familiar to him, and given his current lack of memory any familiarity was welcome to him at this point. Serena was astonished to see that no head injuries had made themselves known on this Raichu's head, and his body was a tapestry of solid muscles and impossibly tough skin. She could feel the very air ionizing all around her in response to this Raichu's mere presence, her hair frizzing slightly with an intense static discharge.

After giving him the petting of a lifetime and examining every inch of his human child sized body, Serena was unable to find any injuries of any kind whatsoever to indicate memory loss and was dumbfounded by his findings, or lack thereof. Still, no matter how smart she was she wasn't a doctor and would leave this matter to the experts when and if they came for them. "I hate to say this little guy but it looks like your healing factor was able to heal whatever injuries could have lead to your memory loss. You see high level Pokemon, from what I understand, are able to self heal at astonishing rates and you my friend are in excellent health otherwise from what I can determine," Serena informed the Raichu as she continued to pet him and he cooed with her every touch, evidently enjoying the tactile contact immensely and making Serena wonder if he was re-experiencing this sort of thing completely anew. Was this amnesia enough to make him forget if he'd ever been petted like this before, and if so was the boy currently unconscious in her lap an amnesiac as well? She supposed there was no way to know for sure until he regained consciousness and that could take hours or even days.

"Cha, Raicha," he squealed in delight as Serena brushed her hand over his tail, making her smile as well upon realizing she'd found his sweet spot and petting him there again, eliciting the same reaction as before. Serena had always loved Pokemon and this one was just so sweet and lovable, even if he lost his memory once you got to know him it seemed you were in his good graces for eternity. "Aw, you're such a little cutie," Serena gushed fondly as she continued to alternate between shifting the boy's position in her lap and pet the Raichu and keep him feeling safe and happy until the medical team showed up.

Finally after an hour or so of talking with Raichu and waiting for the boy's regained consciousness three things happened at the same time. For starters sirens began sounding in the distance, and drawing ever closer as Serena's Holo caster gave them an exact detail of her location. Around the same time Calem had returned and was holding an old backpack in his arms that appeared perfectly clean even despite lying in the crater for Arceus knows how long. It had a strange insignia on the front of it, a great big infinity symbol mottled and checkered in tiny kaleidoscopic cubes of every color Serena had ever seen and then some, including colors she didn't even know were possible. It was a really neat design once one looked past the fact that it was an epileptic fit waiting to happen, but right now Serena was too busy thinking of it as an eyesore to really appreciate the coloration and precise detail that had been put into every square nanometer of the insignia she was looking at.

"I found this further down, on the other side of the crater closer to Aquacorde town. Sounds like the paramedics are almost here to," Calem informed her as another voice broke the companionable silence from only moments before. "Serena, Calem, oh thank heavens you're both alright!" she heard her mother call as Grace Yvonne came rushing onto the scene, followed immediately by an ambulance big enough for a human and a Raichu, which is what Serena told them was hurt alongside the boy. It was at this moment as the paramedic people got out of their truck and she looked down at the boy in her lap that she got her first proper look at him, and she blanched when she realized who she was looking at.

"Oh my God, it's Ash, Ash Ketchum," she whispered in a daze. If anyone had asked her what had happened after that moment, that startling realization, she would've simply drawn a blank on the whole scenario. Riding with her mom and Calem in her family's van, Serena was lost in her own world as Calem and Grace seemed to respect the fact that she was concerned for her old childhood friend. Hopefully when they arrived at the hospital to answer some of the doctor's inquiries to their best abilities, they'd be able to get some much needed answers. First and foremost on their minds however, was what in the hell lead to Ash Ketchum winding up in this state, and how had he gone from the middle of his journey in Unova to dropping in Serena's lap so out of the blue like this? They all needed answers for their own reasons; and they all knew with equal certainty that they wouldn't find them in Vaniville town; so they followed the paramedics to Lumiose city, and probably broke the speed limit in doing so...


A void... that's all his entire life up until this point was now, one big, giant void; an infinite expanse of nothingness and intangibility; undefined, raw, pure, and immutable in its endless entirety. His mindscape was an endless labyrinth of questions, questions without answers, and he himself was beginning to rouse back to consciousness as even his unconscious mind refused to yield the answers he sought. He had no idea how he got here or how he ended up in this... incorporeal, bodiless state inside his own unconscious mind; yet he still retained a sense of self, retained a form of total awareness even in this perpetual darkness, he could think so he had to be living right? He had to be more than what this entombment of almighty darkness indicated him to be didn't he?

It seemed like he'd known this darkness forever before he finally begin to feel the pull of the outer-verse beyond; the realm of new, unprecedented phenomena and infinite possibilities beyond this all-encompassing, omni-dimensional expanse of shadows. Now he understood it was only in this intervening period after his total loss of memory and identity that new and limitless possibilities could sprout, only in the interval after his forever sleep that a new and boundless awakening could occur. All he needed to do now was reach for the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel, the light so blinding, so brilliant it burned his retinas just to look at it. He no longer remembered who he was prior to losing his memories and ending up in this place of eternal solitude, but he knew now that he longed for something more than what this place could offer him. Funny how the moment he wanted something more was the moment an escape avenue made itself available to him, almost like this wretched darkness was sick of his presence as well.

He reached the light at long last, after endless lifetimes of wallowing in the darkness and the bitter cold, the silence, loneliness, and the Source Anti-God; he was finally free to forge the next chapter in his life. He felt the warmth of the blinding white light engulf him, and he opened his fresh eyes at long last to take in whatever foreign and alien settings awaited him outside his totality of darkness. He didn't know or remember who he was prior to winding up in this place, but as he drunk in the sites before him with immeasurable awe and wonder, like a newborn child seeing everything for the first time, he knew he no longer cared who he'd been and only cared about who he could be now, right here and now, in this moment and place. Whatever he'd been before, had died within that darkness, and now he was reborn, vibrant, fresh, his whole life anew and power beyond measure surging through this body of his.

He felt such strength inside of him yet could immediately sense that he wasn't anywhere close to unleashing all of it. Intense sensations wracked his entire body and his senses were kicking in at overdrive, allowing him to immediately become aware of the fact that he was somewhere with lots of other life forms like him. His mind was inundated with an inrush of information, seemingly endless in its depth and magnitude. Now that the floodgates were opened to him he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to get enough of all the new and incredible things he was currently perceiving; this whole new world of infinite possibilities. So it was with great enthusiasm that he stood up from the surface upon which he had lain for endless eternities to explore the vastness of this new realm, and with great surprise that he found his progress impeded by a strange man in a white coat who looked positively alarmed to see him out of bed.

"Oh my God, you're finally awake," he said, and the nameless person stared down at him in pure, unlimited wonder. "I know isn't it wonderful? I'm finally free of that wretched prison, the recesses of my own mind, that impenetrable darkness I've lived with for endless lifetimes. I have no idea who I am or who I was before falling into that eternal sleep, but I do know I'm ready to find out who I can be now, in this who new world of unbelievable possibilities. I need to see it all, everything this world has to offer!" the young, nameless man spoke to him in a monologue of over enthusiasm.

"I'm sure we can arrange for that, but first there are some things I wish to ask from you," the doctor insisted as the Ash Ketchum lookalike sat back down on his bed, frowning in confusion as he wondered what this man wished to know, and how much information he'd be able to provide for him. Evidently this man was a caretaker of sorts, a person who looked out for him while he was in his eternal sleep, and he did give off a trustworthy vibe so the nameless person decided to trust his gut and trust this man to.

"What do you wish to know?" the young man wondered as the doctor went over the clipboard containing this strange anomaly's vitals and all the physiological details they could gather about him, he and his peers equally alarmed by what they did and did not find. "I want to inform you young man that you have a very serious case of amnesia, stemming from when you hit your head in a crater that apparently you made.

You and one other individual were found at the scene and brought straight here to recuperate, but aside from the loss of memory we were unable to diagnose any other major problems, though what we did find was... astonishing, your features do not seem to indicate any trouble for you whatsoever. In fact I'd say your super fast heartbeat, super dense molecular structure, and infinite cellular energies are normal for someone like you, even if they are so far beyond the human norm. So tell me young man, is there anything you can remember, a name, a face, anything? True amnesia is very rare and a lot of the time people like you who go through this are able to retain some small traces of the life they lost, so take your time and try and think back to before this darkness you described. Was there anything that predated the forever sleep you mentioned, anything at all?" the doctor urged him encouragingly, maintaining a friendly smile throughout his entire inquiry as the young man who didn't even know his own name thought long and hard to remember anything from before his entombment in that dark, desolate place.

It was kind of hard to imagine there being anything before that endless silence and lonely solitude, but the more he thought about the more he remembered something... just a name nothing more. He didn't even know if it was real or if it was his own name, but it was the only thing he could remember from before the kingdom of eternal blackness. "Now that you mention it, I do remember one tiny detail about my past. Nothing coherent, just a name, I reckon it might even be my name but I can't be sure," the boy admitted, feeling the first stab of longing for some kind of memory since this whole situation began.

The doctor clapped his hands jovially, "that's wonderful, the fact that you remembered anything at all is a huge relief to my old heart, believe me. Now, if you could be so kind as to tell me the name you remembered so I can get this questionnaire out of the way. There are some people who would very much like to see you. Nobody else came by so I'm sorry to say but it looks like you might not have a family young man, at least one who knows or cares enough to come by. It's been twenty four hours since we found you in that crater and your rescuers would like to meet you, as well as that darling Raichu we found in that crater with you," the doctor informed him passionately as the boy confirmed his caretaker's words, sensing three other people waiting just outside of his room.

He could sense their eagerness to see that he was alright, and one individual in particular felt particularly warm and friendly towards him, seeming the most eager out of all of them. As he told the doctor his name, he couldn't help but feel that the person behind this warm, loving presence felt strangely familiar yet completely unfamiliar at the same time. He felt like he should know her yet no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't place where he might have seen her before. For that matter how did he even know it was a female; how was he able to sense all of this and be somehow aware of everything including his own fathomless inner powers without even knowing who the hell he was? "My name is... Alexander Pennington," He concluded his thoughts aloud, and with that he awaited the arrival of the first people he would see in this new life aside from his caretaker and at least now he'd have a name to go by whenever they spoke to him. This was it he supposed, the end of one life and the start of something new. Still he had to wonder if it was even possible to look forward to a new future if he couldn't even remember whatever past he left behind?

An endless well of questions without answers continued to plague him, and no matter what new wonders he experienced or perhaps relived anew, there'd always be that nagging feeling at the back of his mind? What if he'd done this all before and just didn't remember it? What if he had a clean slate to start over with and made all the same decisions? What would he do then, go back to forgetting everything and reliving everything once more, again and again until he got sick of that to? Was this how he would spend his days, looking forward to a new future while always wondering if he experienced something similar in the past, wondering if he could ever build a new life when every aspect of his old one remained unclear. Had he even set his affairs in order? So many questions riddled and puzzled him without mercy, and he knew this new life he set for himself may have been a massive rewrite of fate, a second chance as it were, but fate has often two sides and could be considered a double edged knife; at least that was his opinion.

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