Hot for Teacher

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“Hello, my name is Ami Mizuno, and I’m going to be your new math teacher.”

The whole class looked at the cute young woman who entered the class and took her place behind teacher’s desk. Ami wore a white, buttoned blouse and a black skirt, along with pantyhose and black garters. Her blue heels matched with her short, blue hair.

The boys in the class couldn’t take their eyes off her, watching her with drool practically hanging out of their mouths. She was surely the most beautiful teacher in the school, since most of the teachers were old ladies, and she was just in mid twenties. Ami, busy with papers, couldn’t see the lust in their eyes, it was her first day at work, so she was a bit unsure and confused. She was very eager to start it nicely and make a good impression upon her students. Years had passed since she was their age. She had been Sailor Mercury then. But it was about ten years ago. She finished high school, university and decided to become a teacher.

Of all boys in the class, one of them was especially interested in their new math teacher. Shiro, school delinquent, with a nasty scar on his right cheek, watched her with growing lust, he could feel himself getting a hard on just from looking at this cute chick. He was a person who always got what he wanted. And now he wanted her. Badly.

„Gotta make her my bitch“, he thought, undressing her in his imagination. But for the rest of the class he kept his plans for himself, trying to cause no problems and not to get any attention. He mailed his two pals to meet him right after the classes. They did lot of things together, including bullying and stealing. He knew they’ll do anything he say.

Ami was quite happy after her first day of classes. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get a good contact with her students or make them listen to her, but everything seemed quite ok. She had always been a shy and rather silent girl, focused on books and lectures, with little social skills. But none of the students caused any problems, they were all polite and obedient.

She left the school, walking around the building and passing the gym. There she saw one of the boys standing there, leaning against the wall.

„Hello, miss Mizuno“, he said. She noticed a scar on his cheek and could remember that he was one of her students. But she couldn’t remember his name at all.

„Hello…“, she answered politely, quite unhappy that she couldn’t use his name. “I have to learn them quickly.”, she thought.

„Have to say you’re quite a hottie, miss Mizuno. Surely, the hottest slut in our school“

„That’s…“ Ami blushed, listening to such harsh words coming from the mouth of her student, „That’s not the way students should talk to their teacher, young man!“, she said, trying to sound serious and glaring at him with gravy look. It wasn’t easy since he wasn’t shorter than her.

„Oh, really?“, Shiro smiled, totally ignoring her rebuke, „But that’s true. You have a great body, miss Mizuno. Not a bombshell, yeah, but sexy too. Don’t tell you you never planned to tease us with this short skirt and those sexy legs?“

„Enough, young man! I’m gonna call your parents… What’s your name, anyway?“

„Oh yeah, we just met each other very shortly. Let us get to know each other better“, he smiled, because Ami focused her attention on him, just as he planned. At the same time his two pals approached her from behind. Looking around he noticed that there was none around, so he gave them a sign to attack.

They attacked just like snakes, suddenly and quickly, out of nowhere. Grabbing the surprised Ami by her arms, they forced her into the open doors of a nearby shed. She was about to scream for help, but then a hand closed over her mouth, cutting her screams effectively. Shiro followed them, closing the door as quick as possible.

Ami was pushed on the dusty mat, one of the many inside the room. Shiro locked the door and turned the light on. Before she could rise, two boys forced their teacher on her knees. Ami struggled, but they were strong enough to keep her like that. Shiro smiled and approached her. Without any warning he slapped her face. Ami let out a small shocked yelp and fought back the tears threatening to escape her wide eyes.

„Like I said before, we’re gonna get to know each other much better, miss Mizuno. Let’s start“, he grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, making buttons fall to the floor. Her bra was next to go, exposing her full, round breasts to the lusty eyes of the boys. She wanted to hide them with her hands, but the boys held her firmly, so her struggle made her tits to bounce freely.

„Nice boobies! Wonder if they’re full of milk!“, Shiro smiled. His pals couldn’t wait anymore, their big hands closed on her mammaries, massaging and squeezing her hot bags of flesh, making her feel uneasy. They pinched her big nipples painfully, making them hard quickly.

„Boys, listen to me… Stop it right now and we can forget…“, Ami tried to find any solution, but Shiro closed her mouth with another bitch slap, this time even harder than before.

„Shut up, you cunt! You belong to us and we’ll make sure you’ll never forget this lesson! Now it’s time to give your mouth the work it was made for“, he said, revealing his already stiff cock „Now suck! Or you’ll regret…“

Ami was shocked. She had heard that sometimes students could be be quite problematic, but she never expected that it might went this way. She had fought bad guys as Sailor Mercury numerous times before, but that was then. Seeing Shiro raising his palm, now clenched into fist, again, she opened her red lips wide, accepting his cock inside her mouth, desperate to aboid another humiliating hit from demanding boy.

Shiro wasted no time shoving his big dick between her glistening lips. It was actually the first time an adult woman sucked his cock and he found it amazing. Ami was surely a great head doctor. She sucked him hard, caressing his shaft with her skilled tongue. He groaned, placing his hand on her blue hair, like a master rewarding his property. Having his teacher giving him head was like a dream. Her head bobbed as she was serving him. Ami closed her eyes to avoid looking at him. His hairy ball sack slapped against her chin.

The picture of miss Mizuno sucking their leader’s cock made both the other guys horny as hell. The one of her left revealed his hard-on and lead her palm to it, making her stroke his dick with her fingers. Reluctantly, Ami started giving him a handjob in the same time as she was blowing other guy’s dick like a vacuum. Wet sounds of jerking and slurping, accompanied with moans, filled the shed. Drool dripped down Ami’s chin, right onto her tits.

„Shit, this bitch is a nympho!“, grunted Shiro, fucking her face with a glowing lust in his eyes. Pushing his dick further, he made her accept the entire shaft inside her mouth, with the tip of his cock sliding down the bottom of her esophagus, almost choking her. Ami couldn’t resist it, she had to deep throat her student, despite finding it not only disgusting but also offending. She couldn’t believe that she submitted such easily. She was Sailor Scout in the past, she looked in the death’s eyes with brave. And now she was sucking the ordinary bully.

The last one of the guys couldn’t wait either. Revealing his fat prick, he started to rub it against her full, round right breast, leaving the milky, wet trails of his pre-cum over her tit. He made it move all over her puffy nipple and aureola. Ami found it disgusting, but no one asked her about her opinion, of course. They only heard meek, muffled protests between the gagging noises that escaped her drooling mouth.

The boy she had to jerk was the first to cum, shooting his load all over her palm and then on her left breast. Milky goo dripped all over her boob, down on her legs. Her fingers were all wet and sticky with his semen. The guy used her dark blue hair to wipe his dick clean off the cum, making her hair messy and sticky as well. His pal shot his load on her right tit, covering the entire mound of flesh with his sperm. He rose quickly, shooting one last time on the back of her head, aiming to her ear and making his semen strings dangle grotesquely from her right ear and falling onto her arm.

Ami was forced down on all fours while she kept sucking Shiro’s big cock as best as she could, hoping she would make him cum. She just wanted it to finish and stop. Maybe they’d let her go after that? Her round, semen covered tits dangled freely and saliva, mixed with semen, dropped off her chin in long strands. She could imagine how humiliating the scenario looked. Thanks to her closed eyes she couldn’t see that the two underlings took their cell phones and made some pictures of the cum covered Ami serving Shiro’s dick like a slut in heat.

The guy that had made her jerk his cock moved back and hiked up the skirt of their cock sucking teacher. His pal helped him to lower her panties and pantyhose, revealing her round ass in its full glory. Wasting no time, they started to spank her cheeks. Her eyes went wide with shock and surprise. Ami wanted to protest, but her mouth was effectively gagged with a cock, so she could only moan with discomfort, as her ass cheeks were slapped alternately by the two horny and naughty schoolboys.

„You need to learn your place, cumdump“, said Shiro, giving his boys a sign to continue the spanking. He grabbed Ami’s head by her hair, keeping her focused on her task. The guys gave her few more solid slaps and started to caress her ass and legs, licking her luscious rump and smearing their saliva all over it.

„That ass is begging to be fucked“, said one of them.
„She’s all one big sex machine. I wonder if that’s why they sent her to our school“, added his pal.
„Gotta take her to my friend, he’s a tattoo master. He’ll mark her as our property for good!“
„Great idea. Can’t wait to see a tramp stamp above this ass“
„How about „School Slut“ above her pussy?“
„Sounds cool. And „Fuck bags“ on her tits“.

Their ideas terrified Ami even more. This was getting totally out of control, those boys were absolute monsters! She had to do something to stop this madness, before it was too late. But it was already too late, since in the same moment Shiro gasped and emptied his balls, breaking the teacher’s train of thought by filling her mouth and throat with his cum.

Ami coughed as she did her best to swallow his entire load. Her throat worked as she gulped salty goo while kneeling on her fours and swallowing more and more of her student’s sperm. Strings of cum dripped from her chin, like half transparent, slimy threads. Shiro held her head, keeping her in place and making sure she didn’t waste a single drop. Finally he removed his cock from her mouth and looked at her face with contempt and evil satisfaction.

„You sucked my dick like a cheap, hungry slut, miss Mizuno“, he said, „I can see you’re a natural born cumdump, aren’t you? Come on, answer me, bitch! Aren’t you natural born cumdump?“

Ami was way too shocked to say anything. With Shiro’s and the other boyd’s cum hanging from her face and tits, heaving from just having had her throat pumped with cock, she just starred in confusion at the leering boy. All the pride as had as Sailor Scout was shattered.

„Ori! Kei! Punish the slut!“, commanded Shiro and his both comrades instantly started to spank Ami again, this time much harder than before. Their slaps were like wooden bars striking against her round ass, leaving cherry marks on her cheeks and making her cry from pain.

„I’m gonna ask one last time: aren’t you a natural born cumdump?“, Shiro asked, noticing tears in the teacher’s eyes.
„Yes“, she said with resignation.
„What yes?“
„Yes, I’m… a natural born… cumdump“, she forced herself to make this humiliating confession. Shiro found it amusing and arousing as well.
„You are, teach. Now…“, he lowered herself and whispered something to her ear. Ami’s eyes went wide and she shook her head with protest.
„You’re gonna say it, cunt, or I’ll make you do it“, Shiro grinned sadistically and produced a knife. The reflection of Ami’s eyes, full of fear, shone in the blade. She struggled with herself, trying to find a way out. But there wasn’t any. Shiro took his cell phone and pointed at her.

„So, are you ready, cock slut?“
„My name is… Ami Mizuno“, she started reluctantly, „And I’m property of master Shiro and his gang. My… fuckholes belong to them and I’m always ready to be stuffed with cocks, because… I’m cock craving bim… bimbo… All I care is to have my daily round of fresh… semen… because I’m a perverted teacher who loves sucking her students… clean“.

This long confession of sexy teacher kneeling on her fours on the dirty mat aroused the guys as much as anything they did to her before. Shiro smiled to his pals, as they looked at him with admiration. He was truly a master of evil in their eyes. He made the hottest woman they had ever seen kneel in front of them and humiliate herself verbally for them. Ami trembled and the picture of her sexy body with marks of their cum on her face, tits and hair, her panties yanked down her knees was very erotic. There wasn’t a sign of teacher’s authority on her face. Who’d take seriously a slut with cum dripping down her chin, cheeks and hair?

„Ok, boys, if any of you wants, give the slut another mouthful of cum, I’m gonna fuck her now“.

He moved his pals aside and took his placed behind Ami, playing with her blue haired pussy with his finger a bit.

„You need to shave your cunt hair, bitch, I want my sluts nice and bald“, he said and then pushed his dick right into her unprotected pussy.

„Aaaaaaahhh!“, Ami couldn’t keep her mouth shut as she was nailed hard. One of the boys quickly moved to her mouth and stuffed it with his cock, making his teacher give him head. The blue haired woman was in hell, being on her fours and stuffed with two dicks at once. Shiro held her hips tightly, fucking her pussy with fury. Ami bucked on the cum stained mat, her big tits hung helplessly swaying back and forth in ryth with the merciless spitroast spit and cum still hanging down from them in strands. The third boy took his cellphone and started recording the scene, the best fap material he could dream about.

He saw her handbag tossed on the floor. Placing the phone to record the scene, he looked inside, checking her wallet, documents and other private belongings of Ami Mizuno. He saw something odd – a blue tube with a star on the top. It looked like a small wand or scepter. What was that? A toy? He had no idea that it was her transformation rod. Curious, he took it and hid it inside his pocket. It was hard to just stay and watch as his pals are fucking Ami, so he joined them, jerking his dick with her hair.

Three loads were shot at once. Ami’s cheeks ballooned as her mouth was suddenly filled with fresh load of sticky semen. It leaked down the corners of her mouth, but she managed to swallow most of the stuff. Another load landed on her hair and left side of her face, making her left eye partially blind as some sperm went inside it. Shiro pumped his semen inside her cunt, making sure that every drop went inside.

The boys surrounded her. They were all spent after intensive fun with their captured teacher. Shiro tossed Ami some tissues.

„Clean yourself, cunt. But first, give me your panties“, he said with commanding tone. Ami obediently handed him her dark panties with her trembling hand. He stuffed them into his pocket as a war trophy.
„Remember, it’s forbidden for you to wear panties at school from today. If you’ll be a good slut, maybe we’ll let you do it, but you have to deserve it. Your cunt should be always ready for our cocks. Now, tell me your address.“
Ami was too weak to resist his demands and gave him what he wanted.
„Very good. Guess we’ll pay you a visit someday. Now, dress up and begone!“

Ami cleaned herself as best as she could, trying to remove all the signs of the rape. She dressed herself quickly and was about to leave, but then Shiro grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back.

„Wait a moment, cock sucker! One more thing. You need to thank us for taking good care of you. Now, on your knees and show how much you’re grateful for a good fucking“.

Ami swallowed. She just hoped that it was all over. Kneeling in front of them, she looked at her three students. There was no mercy or sympathy in their eyes, only contempt. Was it really now other way? She couldn’t simply transform into Sailor Mercury and beat them, because it’d reveal her secret identity for them, making whole thing even worse.

„Thank you for a good fucking“, she said.
„Who says that?“, said Shiro and spit on her face. Fat glob of saliva landed on her cheek.
„Ami Mizuno…“, she said, but read in Shiro’s gaze that it was not enough, „your obedient cock sucking math teacher is grateful for being well fucked and fed with your delicious sperm“.

Their loud laughter echoed in the shed as Ami left the room, sobbing silently and wiping Shiro’s saliva from her cheek. She could guess that the hell was just about to start…

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