Piano Lesson

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“Why do I have to take piano lessons?” Ami asked with a bit unsure voice, as her mother held open the studio door for her. “I want to be doctor, not a pianist”.

She was always a polite, obedient girl, so when her mother told her that she wants her daughter to have a piano lessons, Ami agreed, but with visible hesitation. Not that she was very happy because of that. She loved learning new things, but music wasn’t her hobby at all and one more extra course meany less time for her Sailor Scout duties.
“I know, darling, but young ladies have to know lot of things. I read that every young maiden at Europe knows how to play a piano, and as far as I remember, you told me once that you’d like to study overseas,” replied the teenage schoolgirl’s mother, stroking Ami’s short, blue hair while they walked the long corridor to the playing area. “It’ll be a lot of fun, I’m sure.”
Ami knew that when mother wanted something, there was a little to discuss. Ms. Also, if it was truth, than maybe it was making  some sense, after all. Her dream was to study at one of those prestigious European medical universities. So, with a little hesitation, she did what she was told.
Mr. Okuro, her piano teacher wasn’t so bad at the first sight. He was middle aged man, with short, dark hair and round glasses on his eyes. Noticing girl’s hesitation, he smiled warmly at Ami, before adjusting his glasses. He wore a turtleneck sweater and trousers. Ami quickly noticed that his fingers were very long and graceful when they cradled her small hand, lifting her  palm to his pursed lips for an old fashioned, brief kiss.
“I am honored to be your teacher, miss Mizuno. Have you ever played the piano before?”
“Only a few times,” answered Ami shyly. When her mother told her about this piano lessons idea, Ami read a book about it and used a school piano to try some playing, but it wasn’t much.
“Don’t worry,” he smiled encouragingly to her, “Your mother told me that you’re a very talented girl. I’m sure you’ll be playing Mozart or Chopin tunes perfectly in no time. I’ll take care of it personally,” he patted her blue hair. Ami wasn’t quite fond about his familiarity, but she never disobeyed nor argued with any teacher.
“I’ll let you two get to it, then,” nodded Ami’s mother, giving her daughter a departing kiss on her forehead before she walked out of the spacious piano studio, leaving Ami alone with her teacher.
“Well, how long has it been since you played, Ami?” asked the teacher, indicating the padded leather chair set before the black piano. It looked great and expansive, but Ami noticed one unusual thing – it’s legs were looking like a naked, kneeling women rising their hands up. She never seen anything like that, but she knew that art can be extravagant.
“Sorry, but… don’t you have a bench for playing?” asked Ami, being a bit surprised. She didn’t noticed that he started calling her by name.
“My girls play better in this,” smiled the instructor, his glasses flashing in the bright afternoon sunlight. “Now, just relax your body and start playing, show me what you can do, Ami. I need to examine your skills first before we’ll start our lessons.”
Ami nodded, then set her fingertips to the piano and played a simple melody she learned from the book. It wasn’t anything special, but she learned it quite well. Teacher nodded with approval and told her to repeat. While she played, getting a little better with each repetition, mr. Okuro stood behind her. He placed his right hand on Ami’s shoulder, his long fingers squeezed, his index finger trailing along the curve of the blue haired girl’s pale neck, making her shiver from this sudden touch.
Ami blushed at this surprising caress, she slowed her playing. Some dissonances were heard in her previously nicely played music.

“Ami, you need to understand something. To be a good player, you must focus on the piano, became one with your instrument. Piano is a very sensitive instrument. It’s not simply a tool, but a partner. You have to be gentle with it, caress it like someone who’s dear for you,” mr. Okuro lowered himself behind her and purred to her ear, reaching over her and placing his fingers over her palms, showing her how to play and guiding her fingers on the keys.
Ami let him to do what he wanted, but she felt a bit unaware when she felt his hands touching her palms. But it was all teaching, nothing more, she tried to persuade herself as instructor’s hands were guiding her fingers. But she almost jumped when mr. Okuro’s lips touched her white neck and planted a soft kiss on her skin. She did as she told her and focused on the piano, trying to ignore him nuzzling her blue hair and kissing nape of her neck.

“Very good, Ami, you’re starting to understand the basics of the piano playing. Your mom was right, you’re brilliant student,” he said, licking Ami’s left cheek. Music was filling the room. Ami hardly noticed when his fingers left her hands, letting her play alone. She was indeed playing better than before, but she still trembled. His free fingers caught the top button of her blouse, twisting and turning a bit, to finally unbutton it.
“That’s it, Ami, that’s it. Focus on the music, make yourself one with a piano,” he murmured to her ear. Ami continued playing, but her cheeks were getting red as his fingers opened her navy blue blouse, peeling away her shirt to finally reveal her round breasts cradled in her white bra.
“You’re dressing in very elegant way, Ami, just like piano players should. Piano isn’t an instrument for a girls, it’s for women. And I can see you’re a woman, Ami,” he said, unhooking the front of her bra, removing the cups from the blushing girl’s breasts. If it’d be anyone else, Ami would probably scream or struggle, but Ami always had a great respect for a teachers and it was very hard for her to resist the teacher.
Confused and surprised, Ami made a mistake when mr. Okuro squeezed her warm, round mammaries. He pinched her dark, cherry nipples and kissed her cheek. Ami was doing her best to keep playing, but it was getting harder when her instructor nibbled on her earlobes while milking her young, firm breasts. She was wondering if he was doing all these to test her concentration, but it was going too far…

She was just about to say something, but suddenly he finished playing with her tits and his hands returned to hers, once again guiding her. Music became clear and perfect again. Ami breathed with relief, although her breasts were bare and her nipples were hard. They were moving up and down with each breath. Melody was bit more complicated now, but she found that she manages to play it. So, was he right when he said that he just teaches her? Even if his methods were unconventional, she had to agreed that they were effacious.
“You’re talented girl, Ami, but I can feel you’re not fully harmonized with yourself, your body and your mind are working differently. To make you a perfect player, we have to change it. Now, try to play it by yourself, but remember, concentrate on the music only. Forget about everything around you, pay no attention on what’s goind on, make your body and mind work together”, he said with a serious tone and grinned, returning his hand to her trembling breasts, than moving his right hand underneath the waistband of Ami’s blue skirt.
Ami made a soft moan as she felt his fingers slipping into her white panties, caressing her virgin pussy, scratching her womanhood and making her moist between her legs. Her fingers were running through the keys, playing the complicated piece of music. He was right, she was able to play it quite easily now.
“That’s right, you’re fully into it, Ami. Continue, just like that!” he urged her, moving his fingers in her wet pussy, probing her love hole even faster than before. But when he did it, her music became messy again.
“Stop, Ami. You still have some problems”, he removed hand from her wet pussy and quickly pulled off her blouse. Then he made her sat on the chair again. He peeled down her skirt and finally, her wet panties, leaving trembling, blue haired girl naked, save to her white socks and shoes. His finger run down her spin, causing another shiver running through. Ami had no idea why he undressed her. Her mom told her to trust him absolutely and do what he’ll tell her, but there was something wrong with all that thing. What undressing had to do with playing a piano. He seemed to notice her doubts.
“It will be much easy to play unencumbered, Ami. Trust me, I know it’s probably not easy for you, but I promised your mom that I’ll make you great piano player. When you’ll learn everything, it will be no difference for you, but for now we have to make sure nothing will disturb your play. Now, let’s continue where we stopped,” once again he guided her hands to the keys and made her play a different, faster and harder music. Ami was about to say something, but he interrupted her.
“Have you ever seen ugly pianist, Ami? No, because only beautiful women can play the piano. Beautiful women, just like you,” he purred into her ear, squeezing her firm breast while his other hand returned between her legs, parting them and playing with her moist, warm pussy. Music echoed in the walls of the room with an accompaniment of Ami’s moans.

Ami’s fingers pressed more and more on the keys as mr. Okuro fingered her pussy. Finally his fingers clenched tightly on her dark nipple and in the same moment Ami came. She could feel the pleasure running up and down her naked body and cum leaking down her wide spread legs as she was doing her best to keep playing. Instructor caressed her body, letting Ami relax a bit after intensive climax.
“It seems that you reached the point when your mind and body can unite,” he smiled to her, patting her blue hair. Then he seized her chair and spun her around, making her sitting face to him now. Ami still breathed hard. Her cheeks were intensive red because she was sitting naked next in front to the adult man. Her clothes were on the other chair, out of her reach.

“You made quite a progress Ami, it’s time for your reward now,” said mr. Okuro unzipping his fly and revealing his big, hard cock.
If Ami’s cheeks were red before, then they became scarlet now. She was about to withdraw, to rise and move back, but her piano teacher grabbed back of her head and forced ashamed girl down between his legs.
“Suck it! Remember what your mom told you – you have to do what your teacher says!”
Ami never disobeyed any teacher in her entire life. That’s why she instinctively opened her mouth and accepted veiny prick inside. Very soon she had her mouth full with his prick. Moaning, Ami started to suck his manhood with her small, red lips working back and forth along it. String of her drool dripped from the stiff cock.
“Very good, Ami. You’re gifted with lot of talents. Now, do your best and show me how talent you are with cock sucking, you little slut,” he gasped, holding the back of the Ami’s head, attacking her mouth with his dick. Ami barely noticed that he called her a slut, she was confused with everything that happened. She looked at her instructor with her big,blue eyes behind the glasses as she slid her tongue along his cock, lapping the precum oozing from it. She smeared her tongue with his juices before taking it deeper, sucking faster till finally mr. Okuro couldn’t hold himself back. He climaxed and came down Ami’s gulping throat.
Ami could feel her mouth being filled with warm, thick liquid. She had no choice but to swallow the entire load. It tasted strange, but her instructor still held her head, giving her no other chance. Finally, mr. Okuro withdrew his semi hard cock from her mouth. Ami gasped and breathed deeply, having no idea what everything she just did has to do with piano playing. She wanted to dress her back and leave this place.
In the same moment she could feel that something was placed on her neck. Mr. Okuro smiled as he fastened a collar around her neck. It was leather black with a silver engraved “Slut” on. He made Ami rise and sat on the stool again. Her fingers were back on the keys and she started to play the music, despite still having the taste of his semen in her mouth. He let her play alone, while his palms were caressing her breasts again, giving her nipples a hard squeeze, almost milking them. Ami felt something cold touching them and made a muffled cry when a metal clips closed on her dark nipples. She looked down to see two metal alligator clips painfully biting her flesh.
“During the play many things might happened, but a model pianist can’t be distracted by anything. Keep on playing, slut, you’re doing all right,” he hissed to her ear. Ami noticed that he didn’t used her name, calling her slut instead, but her submissive nature made her obey teacher’s command again, despite whole circumstances. She focused on her play, admitting to herself that she really gets better with a piano. Situation was more than complicated, while her music was clear and perfect, like never before. She was sitting there, in her socks and shoes only, wearing “slut” collar and metal clips, while her instructor moved his finger up and down her spine, to finally move it lower, between her round ass cheeks.
“That’s it, keep on playing!” he murmured, while his long finger slid between her ass cheeks, probing her ass. Ami did her best to play on, but it was getting hard to sit still when her ass was molested. Mr. Okuro caressed her round ass cheeks more, while his finger pushed itself even deeper.
Ami whimpered when her piano teacher poked her ass. Finally he moved his hands to her breasts again and closed his palms around her boobies, giving her chest a massage that quickly made her aroused. His fingers pinched her cherry nipples. Ami was quivering in her chair, her long legs quaking as juices squirted from her pussy again. She was so easy to arouse, she had to admit it. Music became chaotic and she really couldn’t play it any longer.

“Mr. Okuro, I…” she tried to say something, but moment later he moved in front of her, pinned her wrists to ther arms of the chair and kissed her. The kiss was rough and sloppy, but closed Ami’s mouth for good. Mr. Okuro wasn’t eager to listen to her pleas. His tongue penetrated her mouth for some time, giving Ami no chance to resist.
Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer. Mounting the blue haired girl, Mr. Okuro moved his hard dick deep into Ami’s soaking wet pussy. She sobbed and panted when he was pushing deeper between her spread wide legs. She was too weak to resist it. Her naked body trembled as she was penetrated with a long, hard thrusts. Sudden, sharp pain made her cry when her virginity was lost.
Ami pressed her hands against his chest, moaning loudly, her legs kicking out into the air every time his cock slammed through her pussy. It had nothing to do with a  piano playing, but Mr. Okuro cared not. Ami looked great with her “slut” collar on her neck and her pussy was very tight. She had sexy body and innocent face that no man could resist it. Getting faster, his dick rammed through her cunt, until the teacher arched his spine and came, filling her tight pussy with a big load of his sperm.
Ami was too confused, she let him clean her body and dress her back. Mr. Okuro made sure she put her clothes on.  He enjoyed the collar on her neck, but finally he unfastened it too and hid into his pocket. He sat Ami back on the chair and told her to play another melody. She did what she was told, like a model student. Rest of the lesson was normal. He made sure Ami learned few more melodies and she had to admit that it was easier than she expected. She still trembled when he touched her.
Ami’s mother returned after another hour. Mr. Okuro was waiting for her, with Ami beside him.
“How did she do?” asked Mrs. Mizuno, smiling to her daughter when she rushed up and cling to her.
“I believe she has a talent. Very raw talent, to be precise. But she’s also a great student. I think that if she’ll learn more, she might be a great pianist” Mr. Okuro smiled and patted Ami’s head.
“I’m happy then. She’ll come next week then.”
“I’ll be waiting” Mr. Okuro bowed with respect while Ami went with her mother down the stairs. His eyes were still focused on her, following blue haired girl with a hungry gaze. He was sure that Ami will be his favorite student.

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