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BY : Hiro
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Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool of the Dead, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. The Original Character named "Raizen" Is my own however.

"Ngh, man... I can't sleep..." Raizen muttered, sitting up in his bed.  It was the night after he and Saeko had arrived at the Takagi estate. While the others were doing their own thing, he was having a bit of downtime; or at least trying to get a nap.  It wasn't working out that well though; as his mind was racing and far too active for him to doze off like he hoped. He laid back down- tossed, turned and was overall growing annoyed at his seeming inabiilty to doze.

But after a while; there was no way to tell when or how, but he was out like a light.  But Raizen was having a very pleasant but (to him) odd dream; though he wasn't complaining about it.  He was actually dreaming about Saya's mom Yuriko; and doing...naughty things with her because of how sexy she was.  It was just a bit strange to him because he hadn't thought about it before.

What he didn't realize just yet was that because of his dream, or maybe because of the woman in question actually slipping in around midnight.  Yuriko, for whatever reason, was just feeling ...very horny; turned on. It'd been months since her husband had wanted to do anything with her, far too busy with his right-wing politics.  She was a little lonely perhaps, or wanted to to scratch that itch she had. Either way, she was slowly running her hand up and down Raizen's rockhard dick under the covers of the bed.

Yuriko considered him to be handsome and attractive; his discipline with his actions in the previous day and how seriously he was taking the situation and making due the best he could imnpressed her.  Sure, everyone contributed to their survival as a group but she was still thankful for his role in protecting her daughter.  

What eventually woke Raizen up was over the mix of reality and dream; Yuriko was sucking his dick under the blanket. Drooling over it, slowly dragging her lips up and down his solid shaft and kissing the sensitive head of his dick before doing it all over again, stroking what she couldn't get inside with her hand.  Raizen jolted awake when he experienced a very intense cumshot, in reality; she'd been doing just that, giving him a rather sexily sloppy blowjob and he'd just cum into her mouth.

In that sudden awareness he sharply felt it and the vacuum of her repeated gulps as he poured his thick semen in.  "Ms Takagi!" he moaned.  She pulled of with a wet pop and finished her swallowing and looked up at him from under the covers with her orange eyes that were half-lidded in lust.  She'd react by crawling up his body until they were face to face in a very sexy way; her lingerie already removed so her tight breasts were rubbing/squishing faintly against him.  

"Call me Yuriko." she responded by kissing his neck and along up to the ear.  The whispered. "You really do have tasty cum...."

Raizen was totally redfaced at that and tried to shake it off but what she was doing had him turned on, but he could also feel her hips rubbing against his,  his erect dick  running between her thighs so the top side of it was rubbing against her pussy and clit.  It shocked him how wet she was, covering the top of his dick with her juices.  "Yuriko.." he breathed unevenly, trying hard not to thrust up at her.

"What's wrong? You don't have to hold back..." she whispered.  She encouraged him to touch her by guiding his hands along her sides and down over her rump.

Raizen wasn't surprised by how silky smooth her skin was, but by how she was softly moaning into her ear at the touch; how much she was flushing.  He couldn't take it anymore and thrust up at her, making Yuriko moan louder.
"Yes! Please... push it inside.... I want it so much." she breathed in a husky way and moved her hips as he did.
After a couple seconds of moving and grinding; his penis found her pussy and with one hard thrust; he penetrated her with one loud squishing sound.  Yuriko threw her head back, making her long red hair dance around and bit her lip not to scream in pleasure.  "Oh''s so big...." she panted, moving her hips up and down on his fat cock.  

Raizen couldn't help but mutter from how awesome it felt to have such a sexy older woman sliding her tight cunt up and down his dick.  She was surprisingly affectionate about it too, repeatedly kissing at his neck and lips as she pushed her hips down and gyrated them around.  He moved with her, thrusting up to meet her as she came down and raked his fingertips over her back and rear giving her a squeeze.  

Yuriko moaned, the lewd sounds growing louder and faster as she moved more urgently.  It was clear she was working up to her climax from how hard she was going.  Raizen was content to let her play herself out, understanding that in a base way she was just using him to get off; somethin she seemed to really need.  But he bucked up hard and picked up his pace of his in-out motion when she whispered to him that she was going to explode soon.  

When it happened, Yuriko threw her head back, sitting up straigth and pushing her hips down firmly so he was balls-deep inside of her. Feeling her pussy spasm and her juices coating his cock; Raizen felt like he did the same as his balls tightened then pulsed, blasting Yuriko's pussy with his thick seed.  She had no intent to pull off and moaned louder as she felt his sperm filling her womb.

The redhead pulled off slowly with a heavy pant, for a moment, a thick string of cum linking his dick with her pussy before breaking.  They rested up for a moment before she rolled over and pulled her knees under her, wiggling her butt in the air as her front half was pressed into the bed. " me from behing..." she panted. "I want to feel your seed in me like a bitch in heat." she moaned, winking at him.

Raizen got up and quickly mounted Yuriko, hotdogging her a little before lowering his cock and suddenly thrust into pussy again.  Burying his long, fat dick inside of her balls-deep again and pulled out then slammed it into her hard; makinmg Yuriko moan again loudly.  Raizen was surprised that nobody was coming to check out how loud she was getting; but she certainly wanted it as she was thrusting back at him.  

Yuriko didn't care if anyone came in to see them having sex like this.  She didn't want him to stop either and was clamping down with all the muscle she had in her cunt to hold him inside of her.  But it was amazing, it made her so tight it was driving him nuts and Raizen couldn't stop pumping himself in and out of her. He pushed in deep everytime, smacking his balls against her clit as he hammered in.  Eventually Yuriko orgasmed again, shaking her hips wildly and flexing her abs to buck against him.  "Ohhhhhh~" she moaned loudly. "I want more of it.... cum inside again..." she moaned.

Raizen shuddered hard and fucked her more and more vigorously before pushing in all the way again.  He grunted in deep pleasure, spasmatically thrusting in as he shot his load.  Trying to fill her tight milf body with his virile seed. 

"Ahh wow...damn it's alot..." he muttered and pulled back out of her as the weakness ran through his legs.  "I can't believe it's still so hard..." he panted and laid on his side.  

Yuriko smiled a little and turned to face him, reaching down and grasped his cock; slowly stroking him, not caring if she was getting her hand coated in his cum. "Oooh it's thick. I might end up pregnant from all this...." she smiled and licked her fingers slowly.  She turned around again and backed up some, snuggling her back against his chest and wiggled her rump against his dick.  She reached back and pulled his arm around her and squeezed her breast with his hand.  "Go ahead..." Yuriko encouraged him.

Raizen chuckled a bit and continued to fondle and squeeze her breasts, teasing her nipples then reached down.  He lifted up her leg and moved a bit more prodding her cumfilled pussy and thrust up some, sliding into her again. This time he kissed her neck and nibbled at her, teasing her ear; which was making her moan gently as he slowly spooned her.  

"Ah~ oh god..." she moaned, matching his gentle movements by rolling her hips back to swallow more of his dick.  
He made her yelp suddenly by reaching down and rubbing her clit between two of of his fingers. RAizen could tell it was making her more excited, judging by how more needfully she was rolling her hips back against him.  
"Mmmm this is so good..." she breathed out with a soft moan and reached won herself and cupped his balls, giving them a little squeeze. "You're still so swollen. I bet there's alot of backed up sperm for me in here."

"I suppose there is..." He agreed with her feeling a little worn out but goddamn her body... her pussy felt so good he didn't want to stop fucking her.  After a little while longer of this spooning Raizen shot Yuriko full with another round of his jizz.  He panted in relief despite still being as hard as a rock and as a result he didn't pull out; but remained there holding her. "Oh Geez Yuriko...I just came so hard..." He panted.

Yuriko couldn't help but giggle lightly and reached down running her fingers over his cock and gave his balls a little squeeze as if to get the most sperm out of them. "Naughty boy...fucking a married woman then inseminating her with your thick cum..." she moaned, gyrating her hips around on his dick.

Raizen just flushed and pulled back some, sliding himself out of her with a sucking pop sound, spilling out some of the overflowing fluids, soaking into the sheets.  Yuriko sighed, shuddering at the feel of the pull and rolled over onto her back and kept her long legs open, using her fingers to butterfly her pussy out.  Dipping a fingertip inside and drawing out a thick string of the gooey white fluid.

"I still can't get over just how thick your stuff is..." she was flushed, impulsively thrusting her hips still.   She stopped trying to push it in further but held her pussy open.  "Once more Raizen-sama~" Yuriko moaned, giving him a wink. "I want...need to feel that fat dick of yours in me one more time.." she panted.  "I need to feel more of your cum sloshing around in my womb... bathing my eggs in it.."

Though what Yuriko didn't know was that inside of her body, one of his earlier cumshots had already found the egg she'd released when her period cycle began.  Millions of sperm warming it, breaking down the protective lining until a particularly powerful swimmer bypassed it and fertilized the ovum.  That wasn't all, She'd released two eggs and the other were being viciously battered by his vigorous sperm.

Raizen blushed at that and moved to sit between her legs again and pushed his penis down and slowly pushed it into her.  Which sent Yuriko int a minor orgasm, trembling and flexing; growing progressively louder until he was balls-deep inside of her again.   He braced over her looking down at her breasts and tilted himself down to play and tease them, licking her nipples-suckling on them- biting them lightly.  Every tease made her pussy spasm and tighten like a vice, one desperate for more.

Yuriko wrapped her legs around his waist and flexed, pinning him wher ehe was and thrust up at him, meetin ghis own pumping motion and rolled her head fromn side-to-side moaning loudly.  "Nnghhh! Oh...oh god... it's so big.... and deep..." she panted between her other sounds of pleasure.

It was between them, and fucking such a sexy milf in the missionary position like that was just so hot.  Raizen felt like his dick was going to explode with as far inside of her as he was; like he was building up the biggest cumshot of his life.  And She wasn't going to let him go anywhere- at all; her legs were locked where they were and weren't coming unwrapped until she was satisifed with theamount of semen inside of her.

Forty-Five minutes later, Raizen grunted; having held it back fo rso long but her screams and moans were driving him insane.  He was hammering her now, fucking her straight into the matress so hard he swore there'd be an imprint afterward.  Then she orgasmed, clawin ghard enough as his shoulder to draw blood and her legs squeezing with all the force she had.  All of it together triggerd him to cum so hard he was actually bodily spasming from it.

He poured every ounce of his seed into her before he was finished and after a few moments, he was actually fading.  Finishing off by slidding out of her cunt- fully spent but still oozing cum.

Yuriko panted and rug herself around and leaned over him, tenderly licking the head of his cock and his balls.  Catching every drop of his cum she could before she cuddled up to his side, actaully hugging him close to her and dozed off with her head on his shoulder.   That last spurt of his stuff was enough to fertilize her secondary egg.  
Saya officially had TWO siblings on the way...if they survived the fucked up world.

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