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Disclaimer: I don't own highschool dxd or it's characters.the oc is created by me.i dont make any money from this fic.

Lucius asmodeus is the last incubus of his family.during the war his family stood for the old satans,but after the revolution evryone in his family is either assassinated or slaughtered during the war.the new devils where afraid of them because his family has recieved special blessing from lilith herself.she said that her powera will truly awaken to a specified child if he experiences enough trauma.for lucius he has suffered enough after watching his family slaughtered by new devil faction.after escaping from underworld he came in contact with ophis.she is impressed by the sleeping power inside of him and decided to train him unlocking his power.she said that his power almost equals to herself and the great red.lucius explaned his plan on revenge and told her that he will be going to human world for experience.before going ophis handed him a evil piece set which she obtained from the devils in her group.

Recalling the past lucius vowed to help ophis to get rid of great red but the problem is that he has no experience.after training harshly for years he was informed that the heirs of both gremory and sitri and residing in kuoh town,so he began journey to the town.



Its been months since he arrived in kuoh town,after researching the town and controlling every stray devil in the area,he recruited some peerage members for him.

Speaking of peerage his both pawns are currently busy in giving him a blowjob.he put his hands on both of them began to cum.due to his lineage the amount of cum is abnormal.after cumming he finally looked at his two new servants who are in their angel forms.Raynare and Kalawarnar .

Raynare is a attractive woman with violet eyes.she has long blackhair upto her hips.combining her bust size and her alluring body.she is one of the sexiest fallen angels in gregory.

Kalawanar is also a attractive woman with long blue hair covering her right eye and has a amazing buxom figure.she is also a fallen angel.

After entreing kuoh he sensed the fallen angels in the town and decided to pay a visit.upon entering the church he saw three females and one male.the male attacked him suddenly but was cut down immediately.the three females sensed his power amd are scared of him.after releasing his lust power it was easier to gather information from them but the short one milett tried to backstab.he lifted her up and summoned some stray devils in the area.after the devils are gathered around he said " i brought you people a gift for obeying me".he tossed milett to the ring of devils and said " ahe is a fallen angel they are supposed to be lust creatures so enjoy yourself with her body,i dont care how you people break her just dont kill her.without short of kiling you can do anything you want".

Aftrr saying that the devils pouncex on the fallen angel strippingher clothes and began enjoying themselves with her body.you pointed that out to the girls and said " this is only minor.if you ever tried yo backstab or betray me the punishment will be so cruel that you wish you were dead understand " .the two girls nodded quickly after seeing milett fucked by a devil thrice her size.thay can easily see the outline of the cock from this distance,rather than arguing they decidex to follow.happy on the decision he flared his lust power among the stray devils so that they will be horny for a long time to enjoy the fallen angel.the three of them left the church which is fiilled with moans and groans of sex.the last thing they saw is milett gangbanged by the devils with a stomach full of cum.

Lucius is amazed that the two fallen angela consumed theee pawns each considering he thought that they were useless.upon reaching home he pounced on the two fallen angels and began to break their minds using sex.after days and hours of sex they two became his loyal sluts and cumdumps.

In present you see raynare lowering herself on your dick and began ridin it.you flipped her over to kalawanar.you see that they are on top of each other pressing their pussies together.you pressedyour dick inside kalawanar and began fucking.she moaned like a slut kissing raynare.after cumming you began ti fuck raynare too.after fucking them to unconscious you beganto get ready for school.

After exiting the shower wearing school clothes,you see both your sluts making breakfast in kitchen wearing nothing but naked apron.its your rule on not wearing anything whilein the house.during eating you turned to them and asked for updates. 

Raynare : yes master we are searching the city for possible sacred gears.

Kalawarnar : but the thing is aside from devils and weak ass gears nothing is powerful.

You turned to them and said " search the north side of town.because last night i sensed a dragon.the power is so low that it is pathetic but considered the gear it must be boosted gear because albion is at gregory.so i want you two to investigate today no matter how small the energy is".

After saying ok and kissing you on lips both of them began to fly into the city.you decided to go to school.its rather easy to manipulate information. This is your firsr day so you intend to find both peerages today.


Ulon reaching the school lucius sensed the presence of only one  high devil.strange condidering that there must be two devils according to him .after the school you began to investigate the clubs for possible devils.in your way you came across two perverts,after rescuing them from girls you became friends with them.they introduced themselves as motohama and  matsuda.you slowly passed some power into them making them sexually stronger than regular humans without them knowing.after am saying bye to them you arrived at occult club laughing to yourself at how dumb the devils are using supernatural name to hide themselves. You only sensed ine devil inside and flared your lust power inside,after a min you entered the room and saw a girl masturbating on floor.

She saw you and quickly covered herself an used mind control in you not knowing that it won't work since your family invented it.shw decided to introduce herself" hello good evening..,my name is akeno himejima,vice president of the occult research club " 

Akeno is a beautiful girl with long black hair reaching upti her legs with a orange ribbon.she has one the biggest pair of boobs he has seen.she also has a amazing figure.you instantly notices that she is half breed dallen angel from her features.you slowly increased increased your power and asked " where is the president i want to talk to her ".

Akeno : sorry but our president rias is absent due to family reasons.if you want something you can ask me.

Lucius saw that even though she is talking straight there is a trail of precum running down her legs.you decided to stop the lust eyes and switched to control eyes and said " come on why dont you strip for me".

Akeno obeys your command and began to remove her school dress even the bra and panty.she stood infrint of naked.you told her to remive your pants.she obeys and drops in her knees and began to remove your pants.she finally removed the underwear revealling your 9 inch cock standing straight.she seemed to moan at the mere site of your cock because many females can just become horny after seeing your dick due ti the incubus lineage.she tried to give you a blowjob but you stopped her and said " first go to the opposite sofa and masturbate infront me like a slut" 

She seemed to obey your command and sat on the opposite sofa revealing her dripping pussy to you.she slowly inserts her fingers and began ti masturbate infront of you.she added more fingers fastly due to her incresing lust,after cumming she said "please master fuck me,i cant wait ".you said " no you have to to beg for me to use my cock on a slut like you" .

She opens her legs fully witj a ahegao face and said " please master fuck me.i dont care the consequences just put your dick in me.i want your hard cock to fuck me".you said ok and suddenly teleported to her slaming you whole length in one go.akeno scremed loudly at pain and pleasure of having such bug cock inside her.you didnt give her chance to rest as you began ti thrust wildly unto her pussy enjoying the slut.

Akeno  :  ahhh master yesss fuck me.fuck me harder.

Lucius : damn do you sell your body to everyone you met.i think you are a slut trying to seduce me ti fuck you.

Akeno  :  yes master iam a whore who wants to be fucked .i dont care as long as a dick is inside my pussy.please fuck me like a cumslut.

Lucius : ok slut iam cumming take it all.

Akeno  : yesss master cum in me.i want your cum.please cum inside this slutty pussy.i will do anything just cum in me.

You began to fuck her even harder and began to cum inside her fillimg her insides.she almost popped her eyes at the amount of cum and has fallen unconscious.you see her pathetic state and begin to fuck her unconscious body.


After sometime it is night at school.moaning is heard from inside occult club.insude akeno is currently giving a blowjob to lucius.lucius us currently going through the list of members in gremort and their powers.he began cumming.akeno tried to swallow it but mist of it is spilled on her showering her with cum.you take a good look at her state.currently akeno is panting in lust as her body is covered in your cum from tip to bottom.she looked like a heavy pregnany due the sheer amoun of cum you pumped while she is unconscious.the cum is very slowly exiting her pussy firming a pudle below her.she finally exhausted and fell on the pile of both people cum.

You notice someone entering and saw raynare at window.she looked at akeno and said " wow she is completly broken isn't she,where are you adding her master master group 1 or group 2 " .she is refering to the groups you want to divide after fucking them.

Lucius : she will be kept at group 2.

Group 1 means that the fucked girls belong to him as personal harem.group 2 refers to the fucked girls whom he will use their bodies for futher purposes like prostitutuon,relief for his army and cum sluts.currently both the fallen angels are in group 1 but tbey are ready to fuck other people if he says so.you look at akeno and tosses a paper stating " bring rias to this location saying that you found a powerful sacred gear and the user wants to meet personally before deciding to join the peerage or not.and bring her alone ".you left her writhing bidy and began to go with raynare.

Lucius : what is the status raynare .

Raynare : kala and i found the boosted gear user.kala is currently trailing him .

Lucius said good job and transported to kalawarner.upon seeing you she began to kiss you moaning in heat.

Kalawanar : that is the house of the user master.

You three go to the house and opened the door revealing the parents of the subject.you activated your lust powerz and told them to fuck each other untill he come downstairs.they obeyed you and began ti fuck eachother in living room . upon going up you entered the room and saw the person masturbating to porn.he notices the girls and cums instantly. He said " damn those are sexy " .deciding to amuse him you told raynare to start the plan2.

Raynare said ok and seductively walks to the personand asks his name.he said that his name is issei while staring at her breasts.

Raynare : boy do you want to touch them.

Raynare removes her top showing her naked breasts to him.due to your lust power issei began to suck on the boobs.

Issei : thank you sir for giving me these boobs i will enjoy them to the fullest.

Issei began to suck on both tits as raynare shoves him on bed and began kissing hiim and starts removing his clothes.after removing isseiz 5 inch dick raynare began to rid him.

Issei : oh gid i think iam in heaven.a sexy girl is having sex with me.

Raynare starts to rid him faster and the looks of it he i ready to cum.iseei said " iam cumming " filling raynare with his cum.suddenly issei seems ti shrink as his life force was taken by raynare.removing his shruken dick she goes to lucius and says " master i dont understand why you want me to fuck him,he si pathetic in bed" .you asked her for his soul and began to remove the soul signature and dragon traces in his soul.he goes to the dead body and mixes the energy to his left hand.suddenly a dragonic arm appeared and was immediately absorbed into lucius.lucius activated the gear in glee knowing that he gained more power.he returned the remaing the soul into iseei reincarnarting the dead body.since you removed the signature its just a body waiting for your command.you signaled him to follow you.

Lucuis  : raynare i asked you to fuck him to completly absorb his essence into you.you have no experience to fully absorb just by kiss or blowjob as a succumbus.

Lucius turned both the fallen angels into semi sucumbus after fucking them but they cant completly activate the powers yet.

Lucius : i removed his soul because then it is easier to remove the sacred gear than being alive.also while fucking i awakened the dragon traces in him temporarily so his cum which is inside you will give you a massive power boost.althougg iam sex demon.dragon cum is second in place to mine for recieving power.

Raynare : ok i understand but why are you keeping him alive.

Lucius merely said her to follow him downstairs.upon reaching they saw Kalawarnar sucking isseis mother pussy while his father is sucking her pussy .the people noticed you and stopped standing for your order.after absorbing some power from them without killing them Kalawarnar comez to your side.he activates his control eyes and said.

Lucius : from now onwardz tbe only things you people do ate eating and having sex.the moment i step outside the house the family will fuck wach other dwelling in debauchery.i made sure mrs hyoudou cant get pregnant so fuck your wife/mom as you like.

Lucius exits the house seeing that the father and son began fucking the mother as rabbits in heat.you turned to house and activated a barrier and said " SEX TILL DEATH " .suddenly the house vanishes leaving a empty space where the house.

Raynare : master what is the barrier just now.

Lucius : you know that i recieve energy released during sex right.right now the house is in my personal dimension.sex till death us a curse where the people subjected by it will continue to have sex until they die everyday and everytime.since u asked them to eat they will be having sex till they die.i also increased their sexual powers such that they can fuck for days and also are 10 timez horny than normal.imagine the taboo energy of having a son/mom,mom/son/dad,dad/son and funally having his wife cheat on him for bus son.every bit of energy is being transferred to me while they fuck.

Raynare turns yi Kalawarnar ans says " master is scary right ".

Kalawarnar  " yes but it turns me on at how evil he is" 

Lucius suddenly grabs both girls in his shoulders and began to finger " you girls are having a night.be ready to be fucked all night with gallons of cum.you know i can change my dick as i like with boosted gear be ready to get fucked by the mist biggest cock you every seen ".

Lucius begam to laugh uncontrollably as he teleports to his bedroom and started destroying both the pussies all night untill they are reduced to a mess of cum and sweat.he looks at his gear and says " a incubus life is the best " .he again began to fuck the unconscious forms as he thought of tomorrow's plan.


Yeah he will have a fun time making a slut out of sirzechs sister.she will be the first step to revenge. Lucius began to laugh loudly imagining the face of sirzechs as he sees his little sister begging for cock like a whore on street.yes he cant really wait fir tomorrow.





I hoped you enjoyed the plot and sex.he will have a harem of girls but the other girls will be nothing more than sluts ready for fucking.i will be breaking rias next,after konekos turn.i will be skipping sonas peerage for a while before fucking some more girls.

Please review the story if you people want to get the sexy girls of dxd turned into sluts.my main choice for harem are mainly sona,kuroka and koneko,raynare and Kalawarnar,yasaka,akasha ....

If you want any girl to add into harem please tell me.





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