The Pros and Cons of Tutoring Your Crush

BY : CaptainParisStarr
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"Marcus are you even listening to me?" Thomas sighed as the temptation to fall backwards onto his pillows as exasperation overwhelmed him.


"Yeah sure I was you said to... uh... no sorry I guess I zoned out there." Marcus laughed sheepishly.


"You 'zone out' too easily; if you had just paid attention in class I wouldn't have to tutor you now. So pay attention!" Thomas moved closer to Marcus. "Once again you..."


Marcus nodded as Thomas explained once more how to solve the equation, but try as he might he couldn't focus on what his friend was saying. Not while he was so close that Marcus could smell the soap Thomas used when he showered at home.


"... Now you try." Swallowing his panic Marcus quickly looked at the notes Thomas had written out and started trying to figure out the equation.


"Like this?"


"Close; you missed the second step though."


"Who even uses math like this outside of school anyway, Nerdstein."


"Well, I do for one. The Digital Dive operates on algorithms that are more complex than these ones." Thomas turned away.


"Oh right. But no one who's not a computer genius would ever need this stuff, right?" Marcus flopped backwards.


"Get up. We're not done studying yet." Thomas nudged Marcus with his foot, annoyed that Marcus was lying on his bed when he couldn't lie down with him.


"How much more of this hell must I endure?" Marcus asked dramatically as he pushed himself upright again, some of his hair falling into his eyes as he leaned forward to read his textbook.


Thomas swallowed hard as he resisted the urge to brush that hair out of Marcus's eyes. His own eyes were drawn involuntarily to Marcus's lips just as they were unconsciously licked with the tip of a pink tongue.


A sudden image of that tongue caressing the tip of his cock rose in Thomas's mind and the traitorous organ twitched hard in his pants. This was why he had resisted the request from Commander Samson to tutor Marcus; not because he didn't like the other teen but because he liked him too much.


To take his mind off of his sudden urge to cum, Thomas glanced at his clock. "It's almost midnight; we should stop here for tonight. We have all day tomorrow to get you ready for your make-up exam on Monday." Thomas stood gracefully but was careful not to give Marcus a clear view of how tented his pants are. "Change into your pyjamas. I'll make sure that Agumon and Gaomon aren't fighting or anything."


"I still can't believe that Gaomon has his own bedroom." Marcus laughed.


"Yeah well I have a few to spare." Thomas left his bedroom to head down the hall, however he entered the guest bathroom instead of Gaomon's room.


As soon as the door was closed and locked behind him, Thomas unzipped his pants. Despite his genius, he had yet to master his body; maybe he should insist upon Marcus sleeping in a guest room after all. But no, it was too late to make up a guest room now; this whole ordeal had been so last minute that even pulling out the spare futon had been an unnecessary burden on his butler.


Leaning against the counter, Thomas started jacking himself off, slowly at first then faster as the warmth low in his body grew. Biting his tongue, he came hard, splattering the counter with his seed.


“Thomas? Are you okay?” Marcus asked suddenly through the door. “You said you'd be right back and Gaomon said he hadn't seen you. Are you sick?”


“I'm fine! My stomach was upset but it's settled down now.” Thomas called back, glad to be given such a good excuse for his behaviour.


Turning on the water, Thomas quickly washed up, being careful to wipe the counter down thoroughly before unlocking the door. As soon as the door was open, Marcus grabbed him.


“You look flushed. Are you sure you're feeling okay?” Thomas felt blood rush to his cheeks as Marcus placed a hand on his forehead. “Well, you don't have a fever but don't push yourself.”


“Marcus I'm fine. I'm sorry for having worried you.” Thomas pulled away, and headed towards Gaomon's room. “Go finish getting ready for bed, I'll be there in a minute.” Without waiting for a reply he entered the bedroom.


“Sir is everything alright?” Gaomon asked, concerned.


“Agumon, you'll be sleeping in here tonight so if you want to say goodnight to Marcus this is you're chance.” As soon as Agumon had left the room, Thomas turned back to Gaomon. “I'm fine I just...” He broke off, thinking hard.


“Is it Marcus?” Gaomon asked, seating himself beside his human partner.


“Yes. I know why he's here, why I have to tutor him but that doesn't make his presence any easier for me to bear.”


“You hate him that much?” Gaomon asked, confused.

“I don't hate him at all, Gaomon, I like him. As more than just a friend. You're lucky; Digimon don't need sex to reproduce the way humans do. Sometimes human desire goes... well, haywire. Sometimes males find themselves attracted to other males instead of to females.” Thomas looked away.


“Are you attracted to Marcus like that?” Thomas nodded. “You should tell him.”


“I can't! He won't understand; he might even hate me for it.”


“Why would he hate you for liking him?”


“Humans as a whole think that it's wrong for males to like other males.” Thomas shrugged. “Maybe he will understand but I'm scared that he'll.. freak out.” Thomas whispered.


Gaomon was trying to think of what he could say to help Thomas when Thomas stood. “Gaomon this is between us, no one else needs to know.”


“Understood, sir. I still don't get why you won't just tell him but I'll keep this secret.”


“Thank you.” Thomas left and returned to his room to find Marcus and Agumon wrestling on his bed.


“Marcus! Agumon!” Thomas groaned. “What are you two doing?”


“Oh uh... hi Thomas.” Marcus gave him a sheepish grin that made his heart skip a beat. “We just always unwind by wrestling before bed, and well... do you mind?”


“Yes I mind. My bed is custom made; one of a kind. If you broke it...” Thomas shrugged and turned away. “You don't always know your own strength, either of you.”


“Agumon, you'd better get to bed. Goodnight.” Agumon reluctantly slipped out of bed and left the room as Marcus rolled over onto his back. “Sorry 'bout that; he's used to sleeping in the same bed as me.”


Thomas glanced away, his cock twitching again at the sight of Marcus lying on his bed wearing nothing but boxers and a t-shirt that framed more than they hid.


“Is that what you sleep in?” Thomas found himself asking against his better judgment as he pulled a pair of silk pyjamas out of a drawer.


“Yeah, you got a problem with that? I feel smothered wearing more to bed.” Marcus shot back defensively.


“No I just... you keep on surprising me.” Thomas swallowed hard and headed into his en-suite to change hoping against hope that his erection wouldn't be obvious as he had no time to jack off again. Not without making Marcus even more suspicious than he already was.


“Hey, Tommy, do I have to sleep on the floor?” Marcus sighed as Thomas left the bathroom again.


“Thomas, not Tommy.” The sound of the name Tommy rolling off of Marcus's tongue made Thomas's heart hurt as only his sister called him that. His dying sister who needed him to find her a cure and yet he was wasting time tutoring idiots. “I don't share my bed with boys.”


Marcus's eyes widened. “I'm not... I didn't mean it like that.” Marcus swallowed hard, his eyes flicking south to the tent in Thomas's pants. “We've showered together but you won't let me share your bed?”


“Out.” Thomas ordered, ignoring the last comment, and waited until Marcus reluctantly settled himself onto the futon before turning off the overhead light and getting into bed.


The darkness hiding what he was doing, Thomas slipped a hand silently under the waistband of his pyjama pants, a forefinger rubbing his tip as he languidly prepared to jack off a second time that day. As his fingers massaged his shaft, Thomas let his mind wander back to the shower he had indeed shared with Marcus.


It had been the day he'd disobeyed orders and used the Digital Dive to follow Drimogemon back to the Digital World.


He still remembered the offer Marcus had made when he'd realized how badly hurt Thomas's ankle had been. Whispered softly, Marcus had offered to sexually stimulate Thomas to help relieve the pain; he remembered how red Marcus's cheeks had been, how cute he'd looked.


But before Thomas could decide whether to accept or not, Marcus had taking back the offer, had reconsidered. Thomas still didn't know if it had been out of fear of ruining what little respect they had for each other or if he'd simply realized that he'd be touching another boy sexually and gotten cold feet, or for another reason entirely. Whatever the reason, Marcus had acted like he'd never made such an offer for the rest of the hunt, even though he'd allowed Thomas to lean on his shoulder.


Not until Thomas had walked in on Marcus in the shower room of the DATS headquarters had Thomas even gotten an inkling of what Marcus might have been thinking.


Marcus had freaked when Thomas had walked into the room to see him naked in the shower stall, rinsing shampoo out of his long hair. For a long moment, Thomas had been allowed to look at every Marcus's body, until Marcus had noticed his presence and covered himself up with his hands.


Thomas had never been as aroused as he had been at that moment; when Marcus had covered his cock with his hands, the spell holding Thomas frozen in place had broken and he'd blushed and turned around until a splash had told him that Marcus had fled to the bathtub.


Thomas had stripped down and turned on the shower like his hard-on was normal, until Marcus had commented on it...


His eyes opened at that imagined detail; Marcus hadn't commented, he'd just soaked until he was sure that Thomas didn't need help, then he'd gotten out of the bath and dressed in his street clothes to head home. Neither of them had brought up Marcus offer in the Digital World; things had gone back to normal between them. Except for the fact that Thomas was increasingly aware of how attractive Marcus was. Marcus, for his part, showed no signs of attraction to Thomas; none that Thomas could see at any rate.


Thomas groaned as he allowed his fantasy to continue, visualizing Marcus slipping into the shower stall behind him, soap slicked hands rubbing over Thomas's chest before sliding south, over his hard-on.


A small sound escaped Thomas and he froze, wondering if Marcus was still awake to hear him. The seconds ticked on with no sounds other than deep, even breathing and Thomas relaxed again.


He resumed stroking himself but didn't fall back into his fantasy, instead focusing on the fact that he was jacking off with Marcus in the same room and arousal flooded through his system and his lips formed the name he longed to moan out as he came hard. Rolling over to avoid the wet spot he grabbed the box of tissues to clean himself up before settling down to sleep.


Suddenly his bed dipped and he sat up. “Marcus?”


“Yeah, it's just me.” The bed moved gently underneath Thomas as Marcus moved closer.


“What are you doing?”


“You called out my name, called out for me. Thomas I know what you were doing just now.” Thomas shivered at the way his name rolled silkily of off Marcus's tongue. “Back in the Digital World... I wanted to touch you so badly but you tensed up when I offered and... I... I thought you were going to say no.”


“So that's why you took back the offer.” Thomas breathed the words out, aware of nothing but how close the other teen was.


“Yeah. Were you planning to say no? I... I'm scared that I-” Marcus broke off as warm hands grabbed his shoulders and soft lips brushed over his. “Thomas?”


“I don't know. Marcus, I've liked you ever since I first laid eyes on you.” The darkness hide the faint blush coloring his cheeks while simultaneously giving him courage. “I tried to push you away so that no one would know that I like boys. That I'm different from the others. I never dreamed that someone like you could like me back.”


“Someone like me?” Marcus was so close now that Thomas could feel his smile as their lips touched again, too softly to be considered as a kiss.


Thomas could only nod, his mind blank for once as he lay back pulling Marcus down on top of him. “In the shower room, why did you hide yourself from me? We're both male, Marcus. You don't have anything I haven't seen before.


“Because I was scared you'd see me react to you.” Marcus lowered himself gently until his body was touching Thomas's and Thomas could feel the press of Marcus's erection.


Any fear that Thomas might have had about becoming sexually active with another boy fled. This felt so right that there was no room for fear, as Marcus kissed him. One of Thomas's hands found the elastic tying back Marcus's hair and pulled it out, dropping it onto a spare pillow before feathering his hands through silken hair. His lips parted eagerly as a tongue caressed them, allowing said tongue to penetrate his mouth and caress his own tongue.


His hips moved unconsciously, rubbing against Marcus's and Marcus cried out softly, breaking the kiss to nibble Thomas's earlobe.


“Fuck me.” The words were whispered softly as Marcus moved in for yet another kiss.


Jerking back, Marcus looked down at the boy he could barely see in the dark. “What?”


“Fuck me, Marcus. Fill me with your beautiful cock.” Reaching up, Thomas tried to pull Marcus down again but the other teen moved away.


“Are you sure? Sex is... is sex even possible between two boys?” Thomas blinked as the light was turned on suddenly, and he realized that Marcus was standing beside his door.


“Come here, Marcus.” Thomas stood up, no longer shy about Marcus seeing his arousal as he crossed the room to his desk and turned on his computer.


“Thomas?” Soft footsteps told Thomas that Marcus was indeed approaching his desk, but he didn't look up from inputting his password and opening an internet browser. “What are you doing?”


“Answering your question. Well, showing you really.” He looked up into wide green eyes as he clicked onto a porn site.


“So you want to watch porn with me? I didn't think you were the type to watch this stuff at all.” Marcus laughed softly.


“Of course I watch porn, Marcus. I may be a genius, but I'm still a fifteen year old with a healthy sex drive. I'm sure you watch porn too.”


“Yeah, with girls in it.”


“Girls? Then what...?” Thomas was surprised as he gestured back towards the bed where they had just been making out.


“I think I'm bi. I mean, girls turn me on but so do you. Not just you; there's a few male upper-classmen in my school who also turn me on.” Marcus turned away. “But the only person I've ever wanted to actually ask out is you. How I feel about you... I've never felt this way before. It's beyond attraction, beyond lust.”


“Are you saying that you love me?”


“I don't know; I don't know what I feel for you.” Marcus shook his head, his eyes wide once more. “I've crushed on girls before but this feels different somehow. I can't explain it; all I know is that I always want you with me.”


“Sit down.” Thomas shifted in his seat as he searched for a good video. Something tame, just to show Marcus how gay sex worked.


“Where? There's only one chair.”


“Sit in my lap then.” Thomas clicked onto a video showing two twenty-year-old men kissing with their hands on each others cock in a public bathroom.


“Should we really have the sound on at this hour?” Marcus glanced at the closed door as he settled himself onto Thomas's lap.


Thomas shrugged. “I live alone, aside from my butler. His room is in the other wing and Gaomon's room is at the other end of the hall. No one will be able to hear this but us.” His hands encircled Marcus's waist, fingers slipping underneath the hem of the teens tee to trace over silky soft skin, one eye on the screen.


“Thomas....” Marcus groaned as he watched one guy drop to his knees and start sucking off the other. “Would you uh... like me to do that to you?”


“Fuck yeah.” Thomas breathed into his ear as Marcus wiggled against him.


“That's so hot.” Marcus groaned, twisting around to kiss Thomas roughly.


“Watching oral sex?”


“Hearing you swear. You're always too... too prim and proper to be someone who even knows about the word 'fuck'.”


“Watch the show, Marcus. Then you can fuck me or suck me or whatever you want to do to me.” Thomas was breathless with arousal. “And please sit still! I'm gonna cream my pants if you keep wiggling like that.”


“Really? Even though you just came in your bed? Do I really turn you on that much? I do don't I?” Realization dawned as Marcus looked into Thomas's eyes, their blue darkened almost to black with arousal. Thomas could only nod before kissing Marcus again.


Marcus slipped off of Thomas's lap. “What are you... oh!” Thomas had to grab himself hard through his pants to keep from cumming as Marcus pushed his boxers down and stepped out of them before sitting back down.


“Touch me, Tommy.” Marcus bit back a shout as Thomas grabbed him without hesitation, stroking him roughly from root to tip. He closed the video they'd been watching; “I've seen enough. You want my cock shoved up your ass huh? Are you sure you can handle it?”


“I'm sure, I've wanted this for so long now, ever since I saw you naked in the shower I've wanted this.” Thomas laughed.


“What's so funny?”


“I just remembered how scared I was about you finding out how I feel. Gaomon told me to just tell you; I see now that he was right.”


“Gaomon knows?”


“I told him earlier after jacking off in the bathroom.”

“So that's why you were flushed....” Marcus swallowed hard, causing Thomas to shiver in anticipation.


“You need to stand up if you want to move this to the bed.” Thomas changed the subject away from the number of times he'd already cum that night.


Marcus slid off of his lap and crossed the room, pausing only to strip off his shirt before lying down fully naked on his back. “Come here, Tommy.”


“Please, don't call me that.” Thomas looked away.

“Why not?” Marcus sat up, frowning.


“I don't like it.” Thomas lied easily.


“Oh. Sorry.” Marcus lay back as Thomas slid into bed beside him before kissing him passionately.


Thomas broke the kiss, his hands sliding all over Marcus's body, and he leaned down to suck on a beaded nipple. Arching up under him, Marcus's hands slid over Thomas's shoulders. “Fuck... I didn't know that nipples were sensitive for men...”


“They can be, or so I've read. This was my first chance to find out if my reading was accurate.”


“So you read gay porn too?” Thomas blushed as Marcus slipped out of bed to look underneath it. “Huh what's in here?”


“Marcus, it's not polite to snoop.” But Thomas made no move to stop him as Marcus opened the box he'd found under the bed.


“Yaoi manga and... woah!” Marcus pulled the dildo out of the box. “Do you use this on yourself? While thinking about me?”




Marcus grabbed a bottle of lube and climbed back into bed. “Hmm... why are you still dressed?” Marcus's hands fumbled with the buttons, but managed to remove the pyjama top from Thomas without damaging it, then he untied the bottoms and pulled them off, exposing all of his lover to his hungry eyes. Leaning over the side he grabbed a silk scarf from the box. “I want to tie you up, is that okay?”


Thomas nodded as he lay down on his back, happy that Marcus was going along with fantasies he knew nothing about.


“Is this too tight?” Marcus hesitated before tying the scarf to the headboard.


“No, its good! Perfect actually!” Thomas's voice was breathless with arousal, and Marcus gave a surprised chuckle.


“You wanted to be tied up, huh?” Thomas could only nod as the final knot was tied. “Lift your hips.”


“Like this?”


“Yeah.” Marcus pushed a pillow under Thomas, then he picked up the dildo and the lube.


“Marcus?” Thomas swallowed hard as some of the water-based lube was poured onto the dildo.




“What are you doing?”


“Teasing you. I thought you liked being fucked with this?” Marcus asked innocently.


“I...” Thomas nodded again, his mind blank.


Warm air ghosted over his cock and Thomas jumped. Chuckling, Marcus blew on the organ again. “Do you like that?”

“S-Stop teasing me! I... just do it already! Fuck me!” Later, Thomas would wince at how needy he had sounded, but at that moment, begging was all he could do. He was so hard that he couldn't even think; his entire world had narrowed down to just him and Marcus.


Warmth engulfed him, and he spurted precum into Marcus's mouth just as a slick finger probed his entrance. Time lost all meaning for him as he was stretched out, first with fingers then with his dildo. Sounds he hadn't known he could make escaped his lips as pleasure overwhelmed him.


“I can't wait any longer, I'm gonna cum and I want to do it inside you.” The dildo was roughly removed and Thomas's legs pulled apart and up and then...


“Fuck! Oh God Marcus!” Thomas strained at the scarf, wishing he could wrap his arms around the boy now balls deep inside of him and yet loving the fact that he was tied up. Instead he clung to Marcus with his legs and knees, holding him so tightly he almost couldn't move.


However, even with Thomas holding him tight, it was only moments before Marcus came, spraying his seed deep within Thomas.


Those moments felt like an eternity to Thomas, who tried in vain to hold back but the rush of warmth deep within him pushed him over the edge and he too came, spraying his release over his own stomach.


“Thomas I... I'm sorry...” Marcus blushed as he pulled out and reached for the box of tissues.


“What for?” Thomas tried to sit up but found that his hands were still tied.


“For cumming so fast. I wanted it to last longer. I wanted to make you cum first.”


“Marcus, don't worry about that. Next time I'm sure you will last longer.” Thomas blushed softly as he realized what he had said.


“Next time?”


“You don't want to have sex again?”


“No! I do! I just... I didn't think you'd want a boyfriend. Not now anyway.”


“Boyfriend?” Thomas pulled his hands free of the scarf Marcus had been untying and wrapped them around Marcus. “I love you. At least, I think I do, and I want you to be my boyfriend.”


“You do?” Marcus perked up.


“Well, I don't want everyone to know. Agumon and Gaomon we'll have to tell, and if you want to tell your family I won't stop you but I don't want DATS to know. There are strict rules against dating another agent.”


“I can't tell my family! What would they think of me?” Marcus collapsed against Thomas. “Are you going to tell your parents?”


“No. My mother's dead and I'm not on good terms with my father. Even if I was on good terms with him I can never tell him that I'm gay and dating a boy. He would disown me, and I'd lose the Norstein name and resources. That can't be allowed to happen!”


“Oh.” Marcus shifted until he could kiss his lovers cheek. “I'm sorry.”


“You didn't know.” Thomas pulled Marcus down on top of him. “Want to sleep in my bed tonight?”


“Yes!” Marcus cuddled up beside him, almost puppy like and it was with great reluctance that Thomas slipped out of bed to turn off the light.

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