Somagical Girl Tomo

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Mafuyu couldn’t remember the last time she slept on her pillow. Her bed was just barely big enough for two people, and one of those people was voluptuous enough to take up much of Mafuyu’s side of the bed. Mafuyu rolled over in the morning, and found her head resting between two soft, sweaty pillows. She opened her eyes and looked into the still-sleeping face of her girlfriend, Tomo Yamanobe.

“Good morning, Mafuyu,” Tomo said, sleepily opening her eyes. Tomo’s nightgown had slipped off her body as she tossed and turned in her sleep, exposing her shapely breasts. While she was sleeping in her favorite pair of panties, Tomo had never bothered to wear a bra to bed. Under the covers, every inch of her chest rubbed against Mafuyu’s body during the night, and especially in the morning. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah. It was so warm and dreamy,” said Mafuyu. Her mouth instinctively wandered over to Tomo’s light pink nipples. Her nipples were inverted, but it had never bothered her. Tomo thought it made her unique. All it took was a little teasing, and the tips would pop up, hard and energetic. While her bosom was massive enough that she could suck her own nipples, to the point she could achieve orgasm by her nipples alone, her favorite method of drawing them out was having someone else suck on them. That was nearly always Mafuyu.

Mafuyu wrapped her lips around Tomo’s puffy nipples and sucked. Saliva drooled out of her mouth, staining Tomo’s breast with a clear line. Her tongue darted about the areola, pulling Tomo’s hidden nipple closer to the surface. Underneath the covers, Tomo’s legs fidgeted. The pleasure from her nipple spread to the rest of her body, making her loins numb from Mafuyu’s careful sucking. Her other nipple was starting to harden from the excess pleasure, waiting for its turn to be pushed around by Mafuyu’s tongue.

“When you make my nipples pop out, I feel ready for the day,” said Tomo. “I need to be perky, too.”

Tomo reached her hands around and grabbed Mafuyu’s butt. Mafuyu pressed her legs together between the sheets, and a faint squishing noise could be heard. A combination of sweat and wetness, the two of them were already becoming aroused early in the morning.

“Let’s get ready for school,” Mafuyu said, pulling her mouth from Tomo’s nipple, leaving a trail of saliva between them. “Mom’s going to be annoyed if she has to wash the sheets again.”

“Okay!” Tomo smiled.

Mafuyu and Tomo crawled out of bed, stripping off their nightgowns, leaving only their underwear. Tomo was trying to convince Mafuyu to shed even those, but she was taking awhile to come around to the idea. The two of them prepared their panties for the laundry room, and began looking for their school uniforms and underwear. For the brief moment while they were naked, the two took a longing look at each others’ bodies.

Mafuyu kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed. She was never bothered by having it seen through her loincloth and sarashi in the dojo, but in the locker room at school, its bright red tones drew attention from her fellow students. She was unsure if it was jealousy or curiosity, and so had taken to leaving no stray hair sticking out of her underwear. Tomo enjoyed running her hand over its smoothness, petting it like it was a cat’s fur.

Tomo was a lot more easygoing with her under hair. She let it grow wild, even up into her ass cheeks. Her special smell was incredibly potent. Once, when Tomo was watching Mafuyu in a kendo match, she had popped open her shirt buttons to let her cleavage air out. The two of them believed that the smell of the sweat lingering in Tomo’s breasts was enough to drive Mafuyu to certain victory.

“You’re going to need a whole new set of bras at this rate,” said Mafuyu, reaching out to Tomo’s breasts from behind, cupping them in her hands. She gently juggled them, letting the weight of each breast gently land in her hands. The last time Tomo had been measured, she was a G cup, but at the pace she was growing, she would easily outgrow that by the end of the school year.

“I know I eat a lot of your cooking, but I’m not getting fat,” Tomo said, “Just a muffin top.”

“You don’t do kendo anyway, it’s okay if you’re a little squishy,” said Mafuyu, pressing her average breasts into Tomo’s back.

Mafuyu’s hands pressed down into Tomo’s breasts. Her fingers sunk into Tomo’s bosom, inching closer towards her nipples. With the slightest bit of pressure, her nipples popped out once again. From the tip and around her areolae, light squirts of a white liquid shot from her nipples. A sugary smell mixed with the sweaty, dirty laundry gathering on the floor, diffusing into the air like perfume. Tomo panted, her face flushed bright red.

“It’s getting stronger,” Mafuyu said, squeezing Tomo’s bosom twice more, drawing out more milk from inside her.

“It’s going to be okay. As long as you can help me,” Tomo said. “My milk is yours.”

Tomo placed pads inside of her bra. While their school was easy going about her circumstances, she still had to focus on her studies. She had remembered her father telling her something about her body before he left, and figured this must have been it. It was a pleasant feeling, as long as she didn’t get it on her clothes or have it leak out during class.

Tomo’s father had passed away while exploring the world. Her mother was unable to maintain their expensive mansion, and so they moved into the middle class house attached to the dojo of the Oribe family. Tomo and her mother had been living alongside Mafuyu since middle school, and couldn’t think of things any other way. Mafuyu had been her friend long before she moved out of her first home, but they had grown even closer when they started living together.

“Good morning, Tomo! Breakfast is almost ready,” said a voice from the kitchen.

That was Tomo’s mother, Akari. Tomo resembled her mother in many ways. Her mother’s hair was tied in a bun, but otherwise she resembled Tomo strongly. Especially in the chest. Her breasts easily exceeded 100cm in bustline. Like Tomo, her nipples were inverted. Her areolae were hardly tiny, and her nipples were a deep reddish-brown that stood out against the pillowy white expanse of her bosom.

When Mafuyu’s mother had been busy working in the dojo, Akari had served as a wet nurse for her friends’ daughter. Tomo and Mafuyu would suckle from the same pair of breasts, sharing in each others’ company. After they grew up and entered school, Akari had continued to lactate. As Tomo found out, she had been lactating since she hit puberty, long before she gave birth to Tomo. She wasn’t certain why, but took it in stride as part of her body.

So she had turned to cooking with it. The secret of Akari’s cooking was only revealed to close friends of the Oribe-Yamanobe house, but there had been few scandals. The local neighborhood council trusted Akari, to the point where she was seriously considering a run for mayor. In the meantime, she sold her pastries on a mail order basis.

“Tomo, dear, there’s a drop of milk. Could you get that for me?” asked Akari, leaning over the counter. She pulled aside her apron, the only thing she was wearing, to expose her chest. Tomo extended her tongue and licked the line of milk from her mother’s breast, trailing up the curvature until her lips wrapped around the nipple. She sucked with a happy smile on her face. Milk overflowed from her lips, and with a satisfying gulp, splashed in her growling stomach.

“You’re in high school, should you really be breastfeeding at this age?” asked Mafuyu.

“You’re free to drink anytime, Mafuyu,” said Akari.

“No thanks. I only drink... Tomo’s milk,” said Mafuyu sheepishly. Tomo hugged Mafuyu, pushing her face into her breasts. Mafuyu took a deep breath of the scent of soap and milk, and her body felt at ease. She was ready for breakfast.

Akari watched happily as Mafuyu sucked from her daughter’s breast during breakfast. The table was full of milk and pastries, and by the end of the meal Mafuyu and Tomo’s stomachs were full enough that the waistlines of their school uniform skirts had begun to bulge. Mafuyu hoped she could run it off by the time she and Tomo made it to school.

Before he had left, Tomo’s father established St. Vasilisa Academy. It was a religious school, to an extent. There was a church on campus. What was different was the primary text. The one book the school believed in, above all else, was the Gospel of Eve. It was apocrypha, and Tomo’s father had somehow discovered a copy that was entrusted to the school. The environment this created was a liberating one. The girls behaved like they were in an all-girls’ school, and the boys were being taught to ensure that level of respect amongst themselves. Tomo had made a point of saying she didn’t want special treatment, but the school still looked out for her.

For the most part.

The Tsujido family had taken over running the school in his place. Their daughter, Miyuri, was in Tomo and Mafuyu’s class. At least, in theory. She had been spending a lot of time in the nurse’s office lately, and rumors had begun to spread. Some tried to blame Tomo for it, but because Tomo spent her lunch breaks and study periods at Mafuyu’s side, she was never caught doing anything. Miyuri had never given any signs of being sick before now, and so the rumor mill continued to grind.

“Did you hear?” The backgroud chatter in the class was starting up again. “She appeared last night!”

“The magical girl, Lily Mask!”

“She foiled that bank robbery, and I heard she brought a wounded kitten back to life.”

“Nobody knows who she really is.”

“I hope I can meet her sometime.”

“Do you think she’s looking for a sidekick?”

Class went by with little activity. Tomo didn’t bother taking notes. She knew that Mafuyu would be diligent in her studies, which Tomo could later copy. At the end of lecture, Tomo was asked to deliver a few printouts to the infirmary. Miyuri couldn’t afford to miss schoolwork. Tomo knew the halls of the school well. When she entered the office, the nurse turned her chair around and greeted Tomo with a warm smile.

Nurse Oikawa had been at the school for as long as Tomo could remember. Just before Tomo entered her second year, the rumor had spread that Nurse Oikawa was pregnant. She didn’t have a boyfriend, and the idea that she was in the water trade had never been confirmed. She did her job, and in accordance with the Gospel of Eve, the school agreed to support her. Everyone would be sad to see her go in a couple months’ time, but her spot in the nurse’s office would always be reserved.

“Tomo! You’re looking cute today,” said Oikawa. “How’s your chest? Do you need to be fitted for a new bra?”

“I’m in good health,” said Tomo. “I’m here to deliver printouts to Tsujido.”

“If you’re looking for her, she’s in the bed over there,” said Oikawa, pointing towards the center of the nurse’s office. “I keep telling her that it’s an easy fix, but the girl won’t listen to me. She’s so stubborn.”

Tomo pulled back the curtain and saw Miyuri Tsujido lying in bed. Her pink hair was tied into its distinctive twintails. Miyuri had pulled the sheet up to her chest. She was wincing, and when Tomo reached down, she could feel a surprising amount of heat coming from Miyuri’s direction. Miyuri looked up, giving Tomo a look halfway between a friendly acknowledgement and a sharp glare.

“Yamanobe,” said Miyuri. “More schoolwork?”

“The dean’s daughter can’t fail,” said Tomo.

“Of course I won’t fail! I’m doing things that you can’t even fathom,” said Miyuri. As Miyuri struggled in the hospital bed, two damp spots began to appear. The nurse’s room had air conditioning, and Nurse Oikawa had said that she didn’t have a fever. Yet the front of her sheet was being stained.

Tomo sniffed the air. There was a familiar, sugary scent. She almost didn’t notice it because it was an undercurrent in the perfume of Mafuyu’s home. So close to normal for her that the fresh air outside of the school made its absence all the more noticeable. Tomo looked on the other side of the curtain and called out.

“Nurse Oikawa! Are you expressing milk?” Tomo had noticed the milk pumps around her desk. When Tomo had transferred to school, Oikawa had given her one of her own. Tomo thought it was cute, and treated it like her personal flask.

“Not yet,” said Oikawa, lounging back in her chair. Her shirt rolled upward, exposing her large belly. Tomo was almost taken aback by the glow coming from Oikawa, but then her nose caught a whiff coming from Miyuri again, and turned back. “If you want to help milk me, I might give you extra credit.”

“That’s not necessary,” said Tomo. “Tsujido, is there something you’re not telling everyone? I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m also-”

“Shut up, Yamanobe,” said Miyuri. “This is none of your business. Leave the papers here and let me be.”

“You don’t have to be so mean,” said Tomo, closing the curtain. She returned to class, where a free study period had already begun.

When classes wrapped, Tomo and Mafuyu went to their club activities. Mafuyu was originally in the kendo club, while Tomo was undecided. Miyuri had used her influence to paint Tomo as a liability to any potential club, barring her entry from nearly all of them. The only one that would accept both of them was the Cooking Club, which was meeting today after school. Tomo and Mafuyu slid their aprons on over their uniforms, and waited for the club president to decide what they were making today.

“I want to make pastries again,” said Tomo.

“You always want to make pastries,” said the club president. “We’re the only ones who end up eating these unless it’s time for the school festival.”

“So we’re not really a cooking club, but an eating club,” said Mafuyu.

“I don’t see the problem with that,” said Tomo. “Eating among friends is fun! Maybe we’d get more members if we were an eating club.”

Another club member ran up behind Tomo and grabbed her belly through her school uniform. “You just want an excuse to slack off in PE,” she said. “Thinking you can’t burn it all off because of the club.”

“That’s...” Tomo said, laughing from the tickling sensation. “That’s not the case at all!”

“There is another club that’s about to be disbanded,” said the club president. “The occult club has seen better days. They’re saying that it’s redundant. If the campus church is making miracles happen, why even have an occult club?”

“That’s it!” Mafuyu said. “We can bring some cookies to the occult club and convince them to merge with us. The Occult Cooking Club sounds like a great idea.”

“Then let’s get baking!” said Tomo, putting on her apron.

The bell on the oven dinged. A batch of cupcakes, with plenty to share between the occult club and the cooking club, had been prepared. A variety of frostings and icings were laid out along the counter. The other club members told Tomo and Mafuyu they would handle the decorating, leaving it up to them to make the first move on the occult club.

The occult club was at the end of the hallway, in a room with covered windows and a variety of strange flyers posted to the door. Mafuyu knocked. The door was open, but no response came from within. Tomo tried next.

“We heard you might be disbanding soon, so we wanted to ask if you’d join us. We’re the cooking club. I know we don’t have a lot in common, but I think we could be friends,” Tomo said, opening the door. “What kinds of things do you do in an occult club?”

The door opened to reveal a bog-standard school occult club. The room was decorated like a fortuneteller's’ tent, draped in black and purple curtains. Things borrowed from the astronomy club’s planetarium projected an image of the stars across the walls, several books on magic sat upon a shelf, and a crystal ball, dusty and unused, sat in the center of the room. There was someone sitting, resting their elbows on the table, near the crystal ball. A cloak was draped over the heir heads, preventing Tomo from seeing anything but their eyes.

“I’m Tomo Yamanobe, and I was wondering if you wanted to share a plate of cupcakes with us...” Tomo said. “Maybe you don’t like cupcakes?”

A distorted voice whispered from the speakers in the room. “Go away.”

“We’re here to save your club,” said Mafuyu, opening the door and unsheathing her kendo sword.

“That was a mistake. You should have saved... yourselves,” said the voice.

The hooded figure at the table roared to life, revealing a humanoid figure, but one distinctly not human. It looked like a wooden mannequin. Its limbs moved in an unnatural fashion, held in place only by the strings that ran through its body, making up its joints. Mafuyu tried to swat at it with her shinai, but the mannequin repelled her attacks.

She grabbed Tomo by the hand and ran towards the school courtyard. The doll chased after them, wobbling its arms in an unearthly fashion. The wind blew through its joints, creating a ghostly sound in the hallway. As they neared the exit to the courtyard, Tomo held her arm across her chest. She winced, looking towards Mafuyu with teary eyes.

“Are you scared?” asked Mafuyu. “I’m scared, too. That’s...”

“It’s not the doll,” said Tomo. “My chest hurts! It’s hot and my nipples are itching.”

“Did you...” Mafuyu asked.

“I haven’t forgotten. It’s stronger than usual,” said Tomo.

Mafuyu turned back for a brief moment and gave Tomo a kiss on the cheek. “Endure it. Once this is over, I’ll relieve your breasts. That’s a promise.”

“Thanks, Mafuyu! I love you!” Tomo said.

They reached the courtyard. Everyone was still in their clubs, and the sports teams were practicing away from the main field. The campus felt quiet, except for the rustling of the wind in the trees and the creepy doll’s limbs struggling to walk. It was enchanted by some kind of magic, yet it could not walk with the same dexterity as a human. It approached the two of them, lumbering forward and emitting a distorted growl.

“Lily Flash!” a voice called out.

A stray blast of pink energy launched from the roof of the school. The doll turned its head upward. Standing there, accentuated by the sun, was a young woman with long, pink hair and a great figure. She wore an outfit that looked like a superhero from American comics, decked out in shades of blue, white and red. A gold emblem of the Eastern Cross was on her stomach, and she wore a pair of red glasses that concealed her identity.

The heroine jumped from the rooftops and struck a three-point landing. She stood up and adjusted the bustline of her uniform, turning towards the doll with a look of confidence.

“The angels call, the bosoms cry out, the student body roars! They call on me to discipline evil! Listen closely, Doll Empire! I am the beautiful heroine of sisterliness and justice! Lily Mask!” She struck a dramatic pose that left her nearly rubbing her butt against Mafuyu’s arm.

“Lily Mask?” asked Mafuyu.

“Miyu-” Tomo started. Lily Mask placed a finger over her lips.

“Shh. None must know who I really am. Now, Doll Empire, what evil tricks are you up to this time?” asked Lily Mask.

“That is none of your concern. We would have taken over this school if not for your meddling, Lily Mask!” said the voice coming through the doll. “Your days are numbered!”

The doll wrapped itself in its cloak once again. It rode the wind on the cloak, soaring around the campus like a deformed bird. Lily Mask jumped into the air and slammed into the doll’s chest with her butt. It fell to the ground, this time hiding itself among the shadow of the main school building.

“Then you leave me no choice,” said Lily Mask. “For I’ll have you know, I am a Somagical Girl!”

Lily Mask grabbed the edge of her outfit. Much of her cleavage was already exposed, and the material was flexible. She pulled down, exposing her breasts to the courtyard. Her nipples were a lovely shade of coral pink, and completely erect. Tomo had noticed them through her outfit before now. The way the sweat on her bosom reflected the afternoon sunlight was gorgeous.

“You can’t purify even one of our dolls like that, Lily Mask,” said the voice from the wooden doll. “Admit it. You’re not worthy of these powers.”

“As long as I can defend my classmates, I know I’m worthy!” said Lily Mask. “Lily Spray!”

Lily Mask rubbed her hands across her breasts. She massaged them, sliding her hands from her torso down to her nipples. Her flesh, caressed between her fingers, began to glow with the same faint, pink shine from before. Drops of white liquid appeared on her nipples. They spiraled out like a showerhead into a sticky net, held together by milk and magic. The nets wound themselves around the doll’s arms, holding it down.

With a pinch of her nipples, Lily Mask freed the lines of milk from her body, leaving her an opening to run up and punch the doll across its face. The doll rolled backwards before standing up, moving around on its four limbs, scuttling forward like a crab.

“Lily Slick!” shouted Lily Mask.

Lily Mask pressed down on her chest once more. Milk sprayed from her nipples like a faucet, coating the ground with a sticky layer of milk. The doll, in crossing it, tripped over its limbs and collapsed onto the ground.

“I’ve only got enough energy for one more shot,” Lily Mask said. “I’m going to have to make this count.”

She reached for a golden Eastern Cross on a necklace. It rested comfortably between her cleavage. Lily Mask kissed the cross, and let it rest upon her skin. She rubbed her nipples with her fingers, gently rotating them in a circular motion. She lightly moaned as a pink energy built up around her body, concentrating itself at the source of her power.


Her breasts became coated in milk. The milk started to glow, turning into a wave of pink energy that shot forth from her chest, covering the doll.


The doll detached an arm from the rest of its body. As everything but the hood was disintegrated in the blast, that one arm curled itself into a fist and slammed into Lily Mask’s stomach. The golden cross’ string broke. It flew from her neck onto the shaft of Mafuyu’s bamboo sword.

The energy from Lily Mask’s attack dissolved and her outfit faded, being replaced by the distinct school uniform, and face, of Miyuri Tsujido. Mafuyu rushed to Miyuri’s side. The arm scuttled off, the voice coming from it leaving a single message as it departed.

“With Lily Mask out of commission, we’ll win the day for sure! This school doesn’t stand a chance now!”

The arm disappeared into the trees. Mafuyu passed the golden cross over to Tomo, who placed it around her neck. The pain in her chest vanished, being replaced only the comforting warmth of the milk flowing through her breasts.

“We have to get her to the infirmary,” said Mafuyu. “She’s been injured.”

“It’s just a blow to the stomach, I’ve had worse than this,” said Miyuri.

The three of them walked towards the library. They found a study room and locked themselves behind the soundproof glass windows. Once everyone was seated around the table, Mafuyu demanded an explanation.

“What’s there to explain? I’m the heroine of the academy, Lily Mask!” said Miyuri.

“You could’ve chosen a better alias,” said Mafuyu. “How did you come into this power?”

“My father purchased that golden cross for me at an auction. It was a birthday present. When I tried it on, I could hear a voice calling out to me, telling me that I was a Somagical Girl. I found out what it was before long,” said Miyuri. She opened her top and exposed her breasts. With only a slight squeeze, a line of milk ran down her nipples.

“You’re just like Tomo...” said Mafuyu.

“I thought I smelled something sweet,” said Tomo.

“I’m not even pregnant. If the school found out, it would be a scandal,” said Miyuri. “I can’t even milk myself because the voice says it’s the source of my power. I can’t empty my breast during the morning or I’ll lose my fights, and I can’t empty my power during fights or I’ll lose my life. It’s a problem. Though my chest weirdly feels lighter, now.”

“Do you need help getting it out? I do this with Tomo all the time,” said Mafuyu.

“There’s no need,” said Miyuri. She produced two wine glasses from a nearby cabinet and began milking her breasts into the cups. Once she had squeezed all she could, she slumped back in the chair. Her chest felt the lightest it had this whole semester. “A reward for my new friends. Drink of my soma.”

“Soma?” asked Tomo and Mafuyu. While Mafuyu hesitated, Tomo had already swallowed all of Miyuri’s milk. Some of it was dribbling down her lips, which Mafuyu rushed to wipe up her handkerchief.

“It tastes really good,” said Tomo.

“This is no ordinary breast milk,” said Miyuri. “It’s mentioned in old religious texts, including one chapter of the Book of Eve. The very text our school is founded upon! The drink of the gods, said to make one immortal.”

“Then why is it coming out of your breasts?” asked Mafuyu.

“It’s not my position to answer that,” said Miyuri. “All I know is what the voice told me. It said that there are people who wish to corrupt this world, and it’s my duty as a Somagical Girl to stand against them.”

The air in the study room began to change. The drinks on the table vibrated, and the necklace began to shake. A ball of golden light metamorphosed into the shape of a small manatee hovering in the air. The manatee had one red eye and one blue eye, in addition to a pair of cherubic wings on its back.

“I’m finally in the presence of someone who can see me,” said the manatee fairy.

“You’re the voice,” said Miyuri.

“Miyuri, thank you for holding onto the Somagical powers until the true host was found. You are relieved of your duty,” said the manatee.

“I haven’t even scored a decisive victory yet!” said Miyuri, reaching for the manatee. It fluttered away from her, and rested its head on Tomo’s bosom.

“What is your name, young maiden?” it asked.

“Tomo,” she replied.

“I can feel it in you, Tomo. You are the vessel that carries the spirit of Saint Olja. Patron saint of motherhood and healing. Your entire family line has been carrying her since the turn of the century. Now is the time for you to put it to use. The awakening of the true Somagical Girl is here!” said the manatee.

“Why should we trust you?” asked Mafuyu.

“Because I am a cherubim, entrusted with this holy mission. My true name would be too complicated to pronounce, but you may call me Sasha,” said the manatee.

“You’re so cute!” said Tomo.

“We cannot rest for long,” said Sasha. “I fear that the Doll Empire may be about to make another move. They’ll want revenge after their last strike failed. Tomo, now is your time to shine.”

“Understood,” Tomo nodded.

The doll was waiting for them in the auditorium. It had reconfigured itself, replacing its head with the crystal ball from the occult club. Two light sources that looked like eyes shining from underneath the hood were visible. The doll spoke with the same distorted voice. Mafuyu instantly drew her sword upon approach.

“Something that simple can’t defeat the Doll Empire’s magic,” said Sasha. “Only the power of the Somagical Girl can stand against it. Tomo, draw out the power within you!”

“Within... me...” Tomo said.

“The Soma produced in your breasts is filled with an unlimited magical power. Spread it across your body, and transform!” said Sasha.

Tomo kissed the golden cross, and let it dangle between her cleavage. She took a deep breath, and rubbed her breasts. She pressed down on her breasts, running from the back to the front, wrapping her fingers around her nipples. She felt her nipples begin to stimulate, slowly rising beneath her uniform. The pressure building at her tips was strong. With a tight squeeze, a spray of milk, sparkling with an unnatural shine, coated the chest of her school uniform, permeating through her pads, her bra and the fabric of her clothes.

“That’s good,” Sasha said. “Keep going.”

Tomo kept blotting more of her breast milk, increasing the size of the wet spot on her uniform. Her body felt sticky, but the temperature was consistent, and a sweet smell was building up around her. Her uniform was starting to glow with a faint sheen of blue energy, bright enough to be seen even in the daylight. The glow spread across her uniform until all of her clothes were enveloped in the warm, blue glow. Tomo felt herself slightly hovering off the ground, propelled by the force of magic in her body.

“Somagical Transformation!” Tomo called out.

A golden light enveloped Tomo as she was protected by the Holy Barrier. Her outfit turned into light and exploded off her body in shards of magic, leaving her naked in the middle of a swirling storm of shards of light and drops of milk. Soma was flowing down her body, from her chest to her feet, converging at her navel and filling her with magical power. The spirit of St. Olja, a woman who strongly resembled her with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, approached her.

The spirit of the saint embraced her. She could feel the warmth of Olja’s breasts pressing into her own. Olja’s spirit turned into a shower of milk that fell upon Tomo’s head, covering her in magical power. The rain became viscous, solidifying into the shape of a new outfit. It resembled a nun’s outfit in the shades of blue of her school uniform, except allowing for greater freedom of movement. The Eastern Cross appeared on Tomo’s habit. Cloth wrapped itself around her breasts, and she broke from the Holy Barrier and returned to the gym.

“Tomo, that outfit...” Mafuyu said.

“This is the shape of her power! A new heroine is born!” said Sasha, flitting about the gym happily.

Tomo landed on the auditorium’s stage, beneath a spotlight that had turned itself on unprompted.

“Who are you?” asked the doll.

Tomo’s voice echoed majestically. It sounded as though the voice of St. Olja was speaking in unison with her own convictions.

“Motherhood is the beginning of eros! The patron saint of love, Somagical Girl Tomo is here!” She struck a pose, looking both cute and strong.

Mafuyu couldn’t take her eyes off her. The magical glow radiating from Tomo’s body made her look more alluring than ever, and made her realize the relative strength of her wooden sword.

“We’ve dealt with Somagical Girls. What’s one more?” said the doll.

“You haven’t dealt with me,” Tomo said confidently. She pulled down the front of her outfit, exposing her breasts. They flopped out, jiggling for a few moments before coming to a rest above the soft fabric of her dress. Her nipples were half-erect, already poking out from the depths of her areolae.

“I sense great power within you. This will only make your defeat sweeter,” said the doll.

The doll clenched its arm into a fist, and propelled itself towards Tomo. She did not move from her spot on the stage. Tomo placed one hand under her breast, letting it bounce. A loud clap, from the point where her palm met her flesh, echoed. Tomo raised her breast, bringing her nipple close to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around her nipple, and sucked. A slurping sound filled the auditorium. Lines of milk ran down her lips. She swallowed, and let her breast fall back into place.

“Soma Shield!” Tomo shouted.

Two lines of magical energy, tethered to her nipples, ballooned out around her and created a light blue magical barrier shaped like her bosom. The doll bounced off it like rubber, flying into the rafters. It tried to readjust itself, with little space to do so.

“What was that?” Tomo asked.

“Not only does her body produce Soma, when she swallows her own, it strengthens, increasing her magical power!’ said Sasha. “There are precious few maidens blessed enough to perform this feat.”

Tomo did not jump. She floated. Two faint angelic wings, constructed of the same blue energy that surrounded her body, appeared on her back. She flew up to the rafters, creating a small rain of soma as she flew. She reached the doll, and held out her hand for a palm thrust. With a single, forceful push, the doll fell into the center of the auditorium. Mafuyu dodged it just in time, clearing the way for Tomo to hover to the ground once more.

“Such power. Where is this coming from?” asked the doll.

“From the strength of love!” Tomo said. She kissed the cross. Golden light spread from the center of the cross, covering Tomo’s fully erect nipples with a magnificent golden energy. Tomo massaged her breasts, coaxing the soma power to gather at the tips of her body. “In the name of Eve, return to paradise!”

Tomo pressed down on her breasts, spraying out soma. The sprinkles increased in pressure, becoming two cannons perched upon Tomo’s chest.

“Holy Healing!”

The doll was wiped away in a sticky, golden wave of soma, destroying the body of the doll and leaving only the crystal ball and cloak in its place. The light faded from Tomo’s body. She collapsed onto the floor. Her outfit dissolved into strands of magic, unraveling itself and leaving Tomo naked in the middle of the gym. A burst of golden light appeared above her head, and her uniform came fluttering down on top of her, creating a blanket as she fell asleep.

“You did a good job,” Mafuyu said, reaching down and kissing Tomo on the cheek.

“This isn’t the last we’ll see of the Doll Empire,” said Sasha. “Who knows what they want Tomo for?”

Tomo was dragged back to the infirmary. Nurse Oikawa didn’t question why. This wasn’t the first time Tomo had been dragged here, and it wouldn’t be the last. Mafuyu asked where Miyuri had gone off to. Tsujido had gone in the direction of the Occult Club without telling anyone. Before leaving, Oikawa asked Mafuyu if she wanted to rub her belly, but Mafuyu put that offer on hold until another time.

As she ran through the halls, Sasha appeared beside her, flapping his oddly incongruous wings on top of his manatee body.

“Why are you following me?” asked Mafuyu.

“I trust you,” said Sasha. Mafuyu wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

She turned the corner, making her way towards the Occult Club. Miyuri was sitting in the middle of the table, dressed in a pink bedlah she had found in the closet. It fit her perfectly. Miyuri was poring over the crystal ball, alternately trying to gaze into it and trying to sniff it. The smell of Tomo’s purification still lingered over it. It was a pleasant smell, like the kitchen of a charming bakery.

“Tsujido, what are you doing?” asked Mafuyu.

“I am not Miyuri Tsujido,” she said, treating the clubroom as a one-person show, “I am the great foreteller of all, Madame Lily! Come, show me your breasts and I will divine your future.”

“You can’t predict anything with that!” said Mafuyu.

“Some of her Somagical Power remains,” said Sasha, flying down and curling up in Miyuri’s cleavage. “I don’t know how long it will last, but what’s the harm in having one more person who knows our secret? We must do what we can to keep the school safe.”

“Fine,” said Mafuyu. “Does this mean you’re joining the Occult Cooking Club?”

“Joined? I made myself club president!” said Miyuri, laughing in the way a debutante always does.

“Yay, we’re saved,” said Mafuyu with a deadpan expression.

Later that evening, Tomo was taking a bath. Her breast milk slowly mixed with the water, creating a kind of bubble bath that couldn’t be found elsewhere. She had wanted Mafuyu to milk her once again, but Sasha insisted that she save up her Somagical Power for when the next threat arrived. Sasha was sleeping in a basket by the windowsill, while Mafuyu was sitting naked on the toilet beside the bathroom, talking with Tomo.

“Don’t fall asleep while you’re in there,” said Mafuyu through the door.

“So mom’s had this same thing. Did she fight the Doll Empire too? Or was it something else?” Tomo asked, looking down at her breasts. They were heavy, and floating on the water. The heat and warmth took the weight off her back, and put her at ease. “When I was fighting, I felt like I wasn’t entirely myself. Like someone was guiding me.”

“Every hero needs to be guided by someone,” said Mafuyu. “I want to let you know, you can always ask me for help. I love you, Tomo.”

“I love you too, Mafuyu,” said Tomo.

They fell asleep that night, Mafuyu resting her head in Tomo’s cleavage as before. When they were asleep, Sasha woke up from his nap and looked out towards the church campus. He could see the tallest point of the steeple in the distance, shining with the same magical light as the golden cross.

“You’re not fully ready to be a magical girl yet, Tomo,” said Sasha. “You also need a wand.”

Tomo dreamed of a world without fighting. She wanted to know if her newfound powers could be used in a way that brought peace to the world without conflict, but until such a day came, she wanted to use her abilities to the fullest.

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