Dying for a life worth living

BY : Syndil
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Dying for a Life Worth Living - A Lady Syndil story

Chapter Summary: Set 3 years after the eve wars for those interested in timeline. Heero's been injured during on a mission for the Preventors. Our hero wakes up to find that life has taken a very interesting turn.

Main pairing 1X2, Side pairs 3x4 5xS

Warnings: Shonen Ai, Yaoi. Slight angst, Language, current rating is T but later chapters will change to M as the story and life progresses.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

The first thing the deep cobalt eyes saw when they finally opened was the sterile white of the hospital room. The first thing the acute hearing picked up was the steady, blip...blip... blip, of a monitor that was off to the right somewhere. The cobalt eyes blinked trying to clear the groggy fog still dulling the sharp mind behind them.

'Ooo? what happened? Did I OD on the pain meds or something? That was certainly one Hell of a vivid Dream. It's still so clear...The cobalt eyes closed while the mind behind them recalled the unusual and still very clear Dream(?) Or was it a vision perhaps, what with it being so clear and realistic, well, to a point. Soft lips turned up in a grin as the mind replayed the vision...


There had been a never ending grayness all around. But it had 'felt' like the person was moving to 'Somewhere'. A place where they were met by a young man. The young man's form was hazy, blurry, indistinct, yet it seemed very real. A spirit perhaps?

"Yes." replied the young man. "I need you. I can't stay, and be what they all want and need me to be. What he needs me to be. I long for peace and rebirth, I was never meant to live this long." The being that faced the young man was confused, what was he asking?

"What does this have to do with me? Why are you telling me this? Do I know you? Who are you?" And yet the being felt as if they should know who this other was. They felt so familiar.

'You are me. In another world, another time, another life, my next life to be exact. One where you are currently no longer happy. I have a proposition for you, a chance to retrieve what was lost."

"Eh? Okay, go on I'm listening."

"I wish to pass on and wait for rebirth, to go to that new life, a chance for me to start over, to live the life you have and become what I can't do on my own here. But for that to happen I need for you to accept my place and return to my world."

"What's in it for me? Why would I accept this offer and what happens if I don't?"

'"If you don't accept then I will return to my life to complete its journey as I am. You will return to yours, where I believe you recently lost your True love, your soul bonded partner. In my world that one lives and desperately needs you/me. But I, I just can't be what he needs. But you, you can." The one listening breath hitched at those words.


"He has a different name there. He goes by Duo, Duo Maxwell."

"You would give me your love?"

'That's the problem. I cannot show or share with him love, my emotions have been suppressed by training and certain other things in my past. Also, as I said before he is also your love, just as you are me. Would you know all?”

"Yes, of course,"

'When I leave here I will be sent back in time to be born as you. I will live the life you have just lived, to become the person you are, you will pick up my life where I left it. If you don't accept this, time will remain in an endless painful loop of loss and suffering. Accept and our soul can finally move forward, from this point as it was meant to do."

Ahhhh, that was it, this is what I had always felt was wrong, as if my life or my very soul was stuck living the same thing repeatedly. Purpose flooded the being who faced the young man.

"Yes, yes I accept."

"I will give to you my memories, my knowledge and my skills, you will need them in that world. But I will also leave you yours as that is what makes us who we are now."

"Will you need mine, my memories?"

"No. I will begin as you did an innocent babe, I will move from that point, to where you/we are now."

"Ah, Okay I understand that. Hey wait just how old are, um 'we' anyway?" it seemed as if the hazy face smiled softly.


"Ah, okay just curious."

"When you wake you will have all my memories and knowledge. I 'd wish you well except that seems a little self-serving. The young man grew hazier and the grayness seemed heavier, darker, weightier.

"Wait! What is your I mean my name? Please."

"Heero, you are called Heero Yuy."

And then all was black.

(End flashback)

The cobalt blue eyes opened once again and glanced down at arm where the IV lead. The monitors in the room, blipped and beeped faster and faster as the eyes took in what little they could see from the prone position. A well toned muscular and tan arm lay there. The tapered fingers ended in well trimmed and short nails, the palms calloused from training and hard work.

This, this arm was NOT the one that had been there before, before the Dream. No, the Vision.

What the Fuck! It had been REAL! All of it. The person in the hospital bed had a sudden horrify thought. And the arm that was not attached to the IV went straight for the junction of their legs. Cobalt eyes popped open even farther at what they discovered there, and a scream ripped thru the room.

"No! That Bastard! Shit!" The person on the bed screamed and cursed, and wailed. Doctors, nurses and various other people rushed into the room at the shouts and screams. They had already been in route, responding to the increased signs of life showing on the monitors, signaling that the patient had awoken or was in the process of waking up.

"Damnit, damnit, damnit..." Screamed the thrashing patient. The doctors and nurses worried that the patient might harm themselves further, rushed to the side of the hospital bed.

"Heero? Heero calm down, it's okay the mission succeeded and your safe." The Doctor was a young woman in her mid-Twenties with honey blonde hair pulled forward in two thick ponytails. The memories left by the other one, supplied a name, Sally, Dr. Sally Po. Head medical doctor to the Preventors.

'Oh, god, oh god oh, god..." Cried the frantic patient called Heero. One voice reached thru the din of all the other voices, trying to calm the struggling young man.

"Heero? Heero, talk to me. Come on man, talk to me. Please." The patient calmed and the cobalt eyes searched for the owner of "THAT" voice, the owner of which was taking one of Heero's hands, the one with the IV into their own. Once found they met the most amazing amethyst, purple, no violet, damn the color was just indescribable, the color of those wonderful eyes. Worry was clearly etched in those expressive violet depths. Time stood still for a single instant, the world held its breath, just as it had done once before, in that other world during that other life. The cobalt eyes stared. This one. This was THE ONE. The reason 'SHE' had agreed to this.


Syn: I've been reading a ton and I mean a ton GW FF lately, and we authors have done a lot of things to the boys over the years. They've been dressed up as girls, been born as girls, changed them into girls, hermaphrodites, male but still ended up pregnant and the usual hot sexy Yaoi fare. Yum gotta love it. But I' haven't seen this particular scenario yet, not that it isn't out there as there are over 40K stories. So I decided to give it a shot.

Should be interesting Ne? ;)


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