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That day, the human race remembered…
The terror of their domination
And the shame of being held cucked


“All personnel…” A muscular man announced, as he approached the forest on horseback. “Prepare for intercourse!!” He was in a larger group of people, all on horseback as they galloped through the forest. Their chests all exposed to the cool, rainy forest atmosphere. They were on a mission, outside the walls. One that would determine wether or not humanity would be able to fight back against the might of the Titans that oppressed them.
“There’s one target!!” He and his men began rushing further into the forest, cloaks waving in the breeze. “Service it without fail!!”

“…!! 400 meters to target!!” A blond soldier caught view of their target, an incredibly large humanoid creature. It’s bulbous belly stuck out infront of it as it stumbled towards the humans, long arms swaying back and forth. But what was most noticeable, besides it’s incredible height, was the huge cock that hung between it’s legs, reaching it’s knees. The large, bulbous head was leaking a thick and constant stream semen from it’s tip, and it’s smooth, packed balls seemed ready to burst. It was when the creature noticed the men that it’s penis began to twitch and harden, its foreskin peeling back slightly as its pre-cum leaked out even more profusely. 

“Just as we practiced, split into five groups!!” The commander ordered, as the men broke up into smaller sections. “We’ll be the decoys!!”

Another soldier announced. “100 meters to target!!”
“Assault squads, switch to the 3-Dimensional Coitus Gear!!” Their commander shouted, prompting the men to leap from their horses and activate their hip mounted devices. The shirtless man blasted through the air, raindrops bouncing off of his rock hard abs and pectorals. He hooked one anchor into the left leg of the beast, and swung around it, positioning himself behind the creature. Using his handheld triggers, he unsheathed two long dildos from a boxes fastened to each hip. He hooked onto both rear-ends of the beast and blasted upwards, teeth gritted and dildos poised for penetration.
“Behold the power of mankind!!”

Chapter 1: In You, 2000 Years Later

Purple flowers were splashed with blood.
A man screamed out in agony.
A woman’s unconscious body was lifted off the ground.
A serene hillside windmill was suddenly overrun by lewd, massive beings.
More marched through a forest clearing.
A man lay dead, eyes stuck open in horror.
A wicked toothy smile flashed for a second, and a woman was picked up off the ground, screaming.

Eren awoke from his dream, beads of sweat pouring down his face.
He looked down to see his friend Mikasa standing at his feet.
Eren was still confused, he sat up and rubbed his head and groaned. “Why am I here?”
Mikasa stood up. “You were sleeping that soundly.”
He regained a bit of his composure. “No, it just felt like I was having a really long dream. What was it again…?” He strained himself to think back. “No… I don’t remember a thing.”
Mikasa, now with a bundle of sticks tied onto her back, turned and asked him. “Eren? Why do you have a boner??”
He touched his the crotch of his pants and felt a wetnesss. “Huh?”


/////Shinganshina District. 845\\


“Listen up!” A man shouted to the public, attempting to convert any and as many as he could. “The walls were made with the wisdom of God! The walls are the works of God!” He continued, despite the public’s general disinterest of his preachings. “No matter the person, none may desecrate the walls!”

Meanwhile, Eren and Mikasa approached the northern Shinganshina gate.
“Don’t tell anyone. About my boner.” Eren told his friend.
“I won’t.” she responded. “But for you to start having wet dreams… Why not ask Uncle to take a look at you?” She suggested.
Eren spoke back, slightly defensively. “Don’t  be stupid! As if I could tell Dad that!”
A man’s voice broke them out of their conversion. “Having wet dreams already, Eren?” A tall figure stepped into the view, wearing a jacket with a rose emblem on the back. Under it he wore only the strappings for his 3DCG and his pants and boots. His chest was sweaty and strained under the gear strappings that rubbed against his nipples and around the rest of his body.
“Haannes-san.” Eren said, surprised.
“Puberty and Mikasa giving you problems?” He leaned in closer to the boy.
“Huh? What makes you think I’d get a boner over for her?!” Eren answered back. He noticed the aggressive bulge in the man’s pants, his erection straining under his tight pants. “And your dick’s poking out!”
A couple men laughed a few meters away. “Come on, it’s cool.” One of them said, as they all sat in a circle, drinking and reading adult magazines.
“You’re masturbating again?” Eren asked, sounding disappointed.
“Why don’t you two join us?” Hannes suggested.
Eren looked up at him, a bit taken back. “Well, uh… what about work?”
“Ah, we’re wall guards today.” Hannes responded. “Having been here all day, horniness and thirst were bound to catch up to us. The fact that alcohol and some porn happened to be in our rations is but a trivial matter.” He added, in a matter-of-fact like tone.

Eren groaned in anger. “But will you be able to fuck when you need to?”

Hannes was confused. “And when would that be?”
“Isn’t that obvious?!” Eren shouted. “When they break down the wall and storm the city!”

“Oh, damn.” Hannes groaned. “Hey, Eren, don’t start yelling so suddenly.”
A soldier laughed and stood to his feet. “You’re real lively, doctor’s son.” He walked up to the two children. “If they ever manage to do that, you bet we’ll get the job done.” He continued his spiel. “Then again, it’s been nothing but peace and quiet these past 100 years.”

“Even so!” Eren yelled back. “My dad said it’s the most dangerous when everyone let’s their guard down like that!”

“Dr. Jaeger, huh?” Hannes spoke up. “Come to think of it, Doc was the one who saved this town from an STD and we’re all greatly indebted to him. However,” He continued. “they’re an entirely different matter. If you’re a soldier, there’ll be times when you see them wandering outside while reinforcing the wall. Still, I can’t imagine them being able to do anything about this fifty meter tall fortress.”
“Wait…” Eren began. “so you’re saying you don’t even have the resolve to fuck them in the first place?!”
“Pretty much.” Hannes answered.
“Seriously?!” Eren shouted at the complacent soldier. “Quit calling yourselves the Glory Hole Regiment, and go by the Wall Construction Corps, then!”
“That doesn’t sound half bad.” Hannes mused. “But you know, Eren, to see soldiers working wouldn’t bode well for us all. It’s when we’re criticized by people who call us useless freeloaders that everyone’s living in peace.” 

Eren clenched his fist in anger. “Even if we’re confined within these walls, we can keep on living, just eating and sleeping. But… that would be as if… As if we’re just cattle.”

His remark took the Hannes back, but his comrades just laughed at him. “What a valiant little brat!” One said. “Even though he can’t do anything himself, right, Hannes?” Another asked.
“Huh? Y-yeah.” Hannes answered, trying to laugh it off. Eren and Mikasa walked past him, further into the district. “Hey, Eren!” Hannes called after him, but the two just walked away, ignoring him.
“What a faggot.” A soldier said.
“Don’t tell me…” Hannes said to himself. “Does he want to join the Slut Corps?”

The two children walked up a cobblestone pathway, and Mikasa turned to Eren to speak.
“Eren, you should reconsider joining the Slut Corps.”
“What?” Eren said. “You’re going to look down on them too?”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with how I see them—“ Mikasa began, but was cut off by the ringing of a bell.
“The Slut Corps are back!” Eren exclaimed. “The front gate’s gonna open! Let’s go, Mikasa! The heroes are back!”

The duo arrived at the scene, where the people had gathered to see the Sluts pass through.
“Shoot, I can’t see anything.” Eren said, finding a crate to climb on top of. Upon getting a higher vantage point, he made eye contact with a blond soldier, who then looked away from his gaze in disgrace. Confused, he turned to the right to see the cause of the man’s shame. A parade of soldiers marched through the crowd. Most of their rears were sore and gaping slightly, as they walked in silence. Some taken in on wagons, their buttholes too sore and used up to allow walking.

“Only this many of them made it back?” One man asked.
“They must’ve all been raped.” Another answered, and continued. “This is what happens when lust takes you outside the walls.”

“Moses? Moses?” An old woman came through the crowd, and ran up to the commander standing in front of the line. “Excuse me, I don’t see my son, Moses…”
The man stopped and stared at her, his mouth agape. “It’s Moses’ mother.” He told one of his subordinates. “Bring it over.”
The woman stepped back in shock as a small parcel was placed in her hand. Her face was one of horror and futile denial as she frantically unwrapped the cloth to reveal a severed penis. She immediately covered it back up and began to weep into her hands.
“That’s all we were able to recover.” The commander told the woman, now kneeling on the floor and crying even more profusely.
“But…” the woman said, choking back tears. “…my son… carried out his duty, right?”
The commander was taken back. “Although it may not have been anything significant, he contributed to mankind’s retaliation somehow, didn’t he?!” The woman screamed.
“Of course!” He answered back, unsure of himself. “No…” He then admitted. “Through this mission, we… No, through all of our missions. We’ve failed to achieve anything!!” He screamed, head lowered in disgrace as the crowd looked on. “Because of my impotence. I’ve gotten soldiers killed for nothing, and failed to learn even the slightest thing about them!!
The ashamed commander, slowly rose to his feet, and continued on down the road. Leaving an atmosphere of inadequacy and disgrace.
“What a real mess.” A commoner complained. “Tell me about it.” Replied the man next to him.

“All this shows is that our taxes are being spent fattening up those dumb whores for nothing.” For his remark he received a swift whack to the back of the head by Eren, who stood there, ready to fight. “What’s your problem, you damn brat?!” The man yelled at the young boy, who was then promptly grabbed by Mikasa and pulled into an alleyway.
“Get back here you little shit!” The man yelled after the two, rubbing his head.
“C’mon Mikasa, isn’t this far enough?!” Eren yelled, squirming uselessly as the girl pulled him across the alleyway. She responded by stopping, and throwing him across the alleyway, causing him to slam against a wall and fall to his back.  

“What was that for?!” He whined, getting back onto his feet. “The wood’s all over the place now!”

“Eren,” Mikasa began. “have you reconsidered joining the Slut Corps?” Eren was at a loss for words, unable to defend his position.
“Help me pick them up.” He said, changing the subject. “There aren’t much to begin with.” Mikasa responded, bending down to help him.


 The two approached their modest home and opened the door to see their mother bent over the dining room table with her skirt lifted up to expose her supple rear end, and their father standing behind her, hands on her hips and pounding away.
“We’re back.” Eren announced to the duo.
“Y-you’re late!” His mother, Carla moaned, lost in ecstasy. Grisha’s cock was wedged deep in her cunt, his balls slapping against her clit has he cored her out from inside. The mother had her elbows propped on the table, her breasts swaying with every thrust. Their breath was ragged and their foreheads were drenched with sweat, indicating they had been at this for a while. Carla looked over her shoulder to Eren putting away his bundle of firewood. “M-my, Eren, I see you’ve w-worked harder than usual!”
“Y-yeah.” Eren responded, avoiding eye contact with his mother. Carla, now sitting on Mr. Jaeger’s lap and facing him pulled on Eren’s ear. “Your ear i-is warm. I can tell you’re lying.” She explained, wrapping her arms back around her husbands neck and leaning into him. He picked up his pace, stretching her out with his massive dick. He groaned in pleasure, and used his hands to spread her plump ass and slipped a finger in her asshole.
“Ooh!” Carla cried out, “Mikasa helped y-you out, didn’t she?”
Eren took a seat at the table, and dug into his meal right next to his parent’s sexual display. Changing the subject, he began a conversation with his father. “Oh, are you heading out, Dad? Work?” His father, still focused on fucking Carla as hard as he could, answered him. “Y-yes. Medical examinations within -hnng!- the inner walls!” He washed Carla’s neck in hot breath as he leaned into her a nibbled gently on her neck. “It should take around two to three days.”
“Oh…” Eren responded, slurping down the rest of his soup.
Grisha had picked up his pace by now, and began to pump with more fervor than before. Carla dug her nails into his back, almost breaking the skin. His balls set to blow, radiating warmth and bouncing against the chair seat with their extreme fullness. “C-Carla, I’m coming!!” He yelled, feeling his release approaching rapidly. “Me too, d-darling!!” His wife responded, pulling him in as tightly as possible. “H-hurry up and finish!!”
With a strained groan, Grisha stood up, holding his wife up by her buttocks and dropped her on the table, stomach-up, with his cock still in her. Firmly grabbing her by her wide hips, he began thrusting into her with almost inhuman speed, his large cock filling her cunt and stretching her insides out. With a few more aggressive thrusts, he buried all x centimeters of his cock into her and blasted six, thick, hot strands of cum into her. He pulled his softening member out of her and dropped back down into his seat, breathing heavily from the rigorous exercise. Carla lay on her back with her hand on her stomach, feeling the intense warmth of her husband’s semen and letting the porridge-thick sludge drip slowly from her vagina. “Hmmm… so… warm.”
Mikasa, staring into her bowl of soup, spoke up. “Eren says he wants to join the Slut Corps.”
Grisha and Carla both shot their heads around, intrigued and shocked, respectively.
“Mikasa!” Eren started. “I told you to keep that a secret!”
Pushing her skirt back down, Carla got up to Eren and grabbed him by his shoulders. “Eren! What are you thinking?!” She leaned in to be eye-to-eye with the boy, inadvertently giving him a view of her cleavage. “Don’t you know how many people have died going outside the walls?”
“I do!” Eren shot back.
“Then why—” She began to scold him, but was cut off by her husband.

“Eren.” He said, buttoning his trousers. “Why do you wish to go venture beyond the walls?”
His son turned to him to answer. “Because I don’t want to be confined behind these walls all my life… ignorant the world outside! Besides… if there’s no one to follow in their footsteps… all of the sacrifices made by those in the Corps who lost their lives would be in for nothing!”  

“I see.” Grisha said, standing up and grabbing his briefcase. “The ferry’s leaving soon. I’ll be off for now.”
“Darling!” Carla called after him. “Scold the boy, atleast!”
“Carla,” Grisha responded, putting on his hat. “A human’s spirit of inquiry isn’t something that can be simply talked down by words.” He reached into his shirt pocket and took out a key.
“Eren. When I return, I’ll show you what’s in the basement I’ve kept secret for so long.”


“Have a safe trip!” Eren called after his father as the man walked down the steps of their house and off to work.
“I’m still against it.” His mother reprimanded him. “Only stupid whores would join the Slut Corps.”
“What?” Eren shouted. “Stupid?! To me, the only stupid ones are those who chose to live in these walls, getting cucked by the Titans everyday!” He ran away, and disappeared around the bend.
“Mikasa,” Carla said, squatting to talk to the young girl. “Eren is foolhardy, so when something happens, I want you to protect him.”
“Okay.” Mikasa said, nodding to the older woman.


“What’s wrong, faggot?”
A  young, blond boy was pushed against the wall, his pants discarded to the other side of the alleyway. He had been bent over facing the side of a house, his face pressed agains the cool brick wall while his hands were secured behind him by an older boy. To the sides of his face, two boys stood too, their cocks pressing against his cheeks, trying to gain entry into his mouth.
“If you don’t like it, why don’t you just fight back?!” The molesting bully teased.
“As if I’d ever do that!” The cute blond spat back. “The last thing I’d do is stoop to your level.”
“What was that?!” The bully growled, pressing his his twitching member against the soft ring that was the boy’s anus.rd
“You’re only resorting to physical abuse-” The blond started, having to close his mouth of avoid getting a mouthful of cock from the bully to his left. “-because you can’t prove that I’m wrong! And that’s just the same, as admitting defeat.”
The bully was stumped and angered by the blond’s solid logic, so he just grabbed the boy’s supple hips and pulled back, ready to fuck him in his cute, tight ass.
“Shut your mouth, you talkative bitch!”
“Stop right there!!”
The gang turned to see Eren, further down the alleyway dashing towards them, ready for a fight.
“It’s Eren!” One of them announced, raising his fists.
“What an idiot!” The chubby one said. “He came back for more!”
“Itching for another hard fucking?!” The final one joked. “We’ll make you our cum dumpster!”
Suddenly his eye caught another figure behind Eren, one that had them all screaming in agony before. “Mi-Mikasa’s right behind him!” A lanky bully screamed. “W-we’re screwed! Cover your balls!” He told his friends, before the three of them ran away as fast as they could, leaving the abused blond sitting on the ground.
“Ha! Look at that!” Eren boasted. “Just the site of me sends them running like a bunch of faggots!”
“No, it was probably because of Mikasa.” The blond stood to his feet, knees trembling and he fell down again. “Ow!”
“Armin!” Eren said, picking up his friend’s pants while Mikasa helped him to his feet. “Are you okay?”

Armin took the pants from his friend, and pulled them on, his head downcast. “I can take care of  myself…”


Later as the sun began to dip over the horizon, the trio sat on a ledge, overlooking a small river, conversing.
“So, when I said humanity would eventually need to go outside, they groped me, saying I was a faggot.”

“Damn it.” Eren said, sending a rock skipping against the river. “Why does simply wanting to go outside turn everyone against us?”
“Well, it’s because it’s been peaceful within the walls for the past century.” Armin answered. “In order to prevent them in through a reckless attempt to go outside, the crown created policies that prevent interest in the outside world.”
“We’re risking our own asses.” Eren said, defiantly. “It’s our choice to make.”
“I won’t let you.” Mikasa answered harshly. “You can’t.”
“Oh yeah,” Eren said, remembering. “thanks for ratting me out to my parents, by the way!”
“I don’t recall agreeing to keep it a secret.” She responded.
“Wh-What’d they say?” Armin inquired.

“Well, they weren’t happy about it.” Eren answered. “You know how they are.”
Armin looked down. “Yeah, I figured.” He started a speaking even more, his blue eyes staring off into nothing. “I think those who believe they’ll be safe within the walls forever need a reality check. Just because the wall’s done it’s job for the past 100 years… doesn’t guarantee it won’t be destroyed today. Not in the slightest.”


A deafening explosion rocked the entire town, knocking people off of their feet and shaking buildings. The children were launched into the air, and signs and trees swung back and forth. The people looked to the source of the explosion, something had happened behind the front gate, as a trail of smoke was beginning to rise from the ground outside the wall.
“Wh-what the?” Armin said, getting back onto his feet. “An explosion?”
“It came from over there!” The people had begun to clamor, and talk amongst themselves. “Sounds like something fell!”
“I have no idea!”

Armin ran towards a street to get a better view, with Eren and Mikasa running after him.

“Armin, wait!” Eren said, catching up to the boy. “What’re you staring at?”
His throat went dry and his heart nearly stopped as he caught view of the paralyzing sight.
A giant hand had gripped the top of wall, and squeezed, sending splinters of the wall to the ground.
“No way…” Armin said, shocked. “That wall is fifty meters tall!” 

 Eren’s eyes widened in the horror of the moment, face to face with one of the beings that plagued him and the rest of humanity so. “It’s them.”

A large, skinless head rose to view, steam shooting out of the side of it’s head, and it’s sunken eyes gazed upon the terrified citizens.
“A Titan.”
The behemoth lifted it’s enormous leg, and swung it back forward, blasting a hole into Shinganshina’s gate. Rubble, and people were sent flying. Those who were in the immediate area were blasted away immediately, and some those who weren’t were crushed by the stray debris that landed on them. The streets were filled with chaos as people ran here and there in blind panic. And as the town was turned on their collective heads, the Titan sunk down, disappearing behind the wall.
“Th-They kicked a h-hole in the wall.” Armin said, paralyzed by fear.
As soon as he had spoken, the first Titans had begun to enter the city. They marched into the streets, giant feet shaking the ground and their hungry eyes scanned the area for any humans they could find, their massive cocks twitching in anticipation.
“The Titans are coming!” A man screamed, as everyone began running to the safety of the north gate.
“We need to-“ Started Armin, slightly more collected when he caught sight of Eren walking in the opposite direction. Frightened people ran past the young boy, who marched silently forward, mouth agape. “Eren!”
“Our house is…” He said, stumbling forward from the fear. “Mom is…”
Mikasa, now understanding what Eren was trying to do, ran through the crowd to catch up with him.
“Mikasa!” Armin called out for his friend, arm stretched out. He clasped it with his other hand, bringing it down as he shook with fear. “It’s all over. Everyone here… will be raped by Titans!”

Eren and Mikasa ran down the streets, past screaming people, corpses and ruins. In a few short moments, their home had been destroyed, and taken away from them.
‘There’s no way our house got hit.” Eren thought to himself, trying to keep hope alive. “Once I turn this corner… our house will, like always…”
The thought were cut short and his hopes dashed as he turned the corner and saw his home in ruins. A giant boulder lay on top of the crushed roof, and rubble surrounded the area.
“Mom!” Eren screamed, doubling up. “Mom!!” He dashed up the small hill leading to their home and immediately got down to his knees to begin lifting rubble.
“Eren.” His mom called out weakly.
“Mikasa, hold that side!” Eren said, pulling at a crushed piece of wood laying on top of his mother. “We’ll lift the pillar off of her!”

The thudding of giant feet shook the ground, as the Titans marched further in, ready to sate their century long libido.
Now in even more panic and fear, Eren and Mikasa began pulling with as much strength as their prepubescent arms could muster. And despite Mikasa’s almost inhuman strength, nothing was achieved.
A nearby thud shook the ground and Eren turned his head to see a Titan approaching, a large 15-meter class with a lewd and toothy smile.
“Mikasa, hurry up!” Eren screamed franticly.
“I’m trying!” The scared girl responded.
“The Titans have entered, haven’t they?” Carlar asked, terrified. “Eren, you and Mikasa, run away! Hurry!”
“I want to run away!!” Eren screamed, his teeth gnashing against one another as the heavy pillar slipped slightly in his bloody and bruised hands. “So hurry and let’s go!!”
“My legs have been crushed, Eren.” His mother said, looking to the floor. “I couldn’t run away from here, even if you got me out.”
Eren’s eyes filled with tears as the situation worsened and Carla continued. “Don’t you understand?”
“Then I’ll carry you away!!” Eren screamed in denial.
“Why don’t you ever do what I tell you to!!” Carla retorted, furiously. Mikasa looked on, tears welling in her eyes. “Atleast listen to my final request!!”

The Titan marched ever closer to the trio as the children began to run out of time.
“Mikasa!” Carla tried to call out, but the girl just blocker her out, focusing on lifting the pillar.
“No, No!” She cried.
“At this rate,” Carla started. “The three of us will-“
Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of a blond man approaching on the ODMGear. He landed, stumbling a bit but ran up to the three.

“Hannes!” She cried out. “Take the children and run!”

Hannes chuckled at the trapped woman. “I can’t have you thinking I’m some limp dick, Carla.”
He stood up, facing the steadily approaching behemoth. “I’ll butcher that Titan and save all three of you!”

“Hannes, no!” Carla shouted after the man. “Don’t fight it!”
Her words fell on deaf ears, however, as Hannes ran towards the Titan, blade drawn.

‘She’s right.’ He thought to himself. ‘If it’s just the two of them, we can escape easily. But… it’s time I make good on my debt to them!’

However, his bravery was immediately squashed when he came face to face with the beast.
The fifteen meter abomination stood before him, a lewd, toothy grin stretched from ear to ear. Its eyes affixed on Hannes’ muscled, sweaty chest, and the inciting bulge in his uniform pants.

The blond Titan’s cock hung low, easily a meter and a half long, maybe even two. It’s engorged head was oozing an inhumanly thick stream of pre-cum, dripping to the ground in heavy, disgusting piles.

Hannes was terrified, and emasculated. Quickly sheathing his blades, he turned tail and ran back to Carla and the kids. Solemnly, he picked up Eren, then Mikasa, much to the boy’s disapproval. 
“Hey, Hannes!” Eren protesting, wiggling in the man’s arms. “What’re you doing?!”

Carla, happy that her children were escaping, gave a tearful smile. “Thank you.”
“Mom is…” Eren screamed, arms outstretched. “ She’s still…”
Carla too, outstretched her hand. “Eren, Mikasa! You two need to live on!”  Memories of her and her family flashed through her head one last time as she brought her hand to her mouth, trying to stifle her plea.  “Don’t go.”

The Titan’s foot shook the ground behind Carla, Eren watching in horror as it leaned over, pulled away the rubble and picked up his mother. The Titan’s cock had gotten completely erect at this point, and it stood at around three meters long. It’s balls were huge, and packed full with over a decade’s worth of cum. Holding Carla in its palm, it tore away her skirt, leaving her bottom bare. With the mother laying chest down on it’s palm, the Titan poked its hard cock against her soft, plump ass.
Mikasa, terrified by the display, quickly turned her gaze away, to avoid anymore childhood trauma than she was comfortable having.
“No!!” Carla shrieked. “Please! It won’t fi-!!”
The Titan ignored her, and pushed, the tip of its head ripping through her asshole, causing blood to begin to pour profusely into its palm. Pressing on even more, despite the woman going into convulsions, the Titan pushed the rest of its cock head in, and began to thrust.
Carla’s eyes crossed and her tongue hung out, making her look like a mentally challenged woman having a seizure.
“P-pleash… N-nuh… m-more…” She said, tears streaming down her face.
The Titan, like always, didn’t care. Carla’s tight body began to affect the Titan, as it began to thrust harder and harder, until finally it came. Gallons of searing hot semen was blasted into Carla, shooting out of her nostrils, mouth, and even out of the corners of her eyes. Her body went limp from the fatal fucking she received, cum and blood dripping from every orifice. Tired with the woman, the Titan brought her ragdoll-like body up to its open, drooling mouth and bit down into her, tearing her in two.


As he was taken away by Hannes, Eren stared at the spent creature, and for the once again, he received a grim reminder of the terror of being dominated by them.
And the shame of being cucked.


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