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*This was originally on Quotev, that I posted but I moved a copy here since this will a lot darker than the previous one. A rewrite is nessicary.

    "Good morning!" You say, beaming with pride at the woman before you, you handed her her cup of fruit. She smiled graciously. 

        "Nice to see you [Y/N] how are you today?" The other woman asked.

        "I'm pretty good myself Mrs. Shaw." You say. 

You had been working in the kitchen of the Ackerman company for almost a year now. You got the job as a part-time chef and server. The company was huge, over thirty floors and half the time you got lost in them because of how much they looked the same. There seemed to be a lot of workers, and half the time they viewed you as something less than human, that or they never really paid much attention to you or the others because of how exhausted they looked. You wondered what kinda boss Levi was in order for them to look like the dead. 

        "Alright, I'm heading out." The day went by pretty normal, you were the last one there as your two co-workers, Ymir and Historia left for the night. 

        "Don't get into any trouble!" The blonde called, putting on her jacket. 

        "Get into lots of trouble, and if you fuck any rich guys get the money first." Ymir yelled making you blush with embarrassment. 

      "Ymir!" Historia called making you laugh. 

        "Not happening! Bye!" You wave, before turning around to work on cleaning the place. They had gotten done early and you said you would finish the dishes, it gave you some alone time before you went back to your roommates. Sasha and Mikasa had been your college roommates since freshman year, now you were going into your third year together. Sasha had probably destroyed the kitchen and Mikasa probably had Eren over. You sighed, you loved them to death but you needed some quiet time. 

        Plugging your phone into the speaker on the shelf you started playing some of your favorite music, it was calming enough but it would be quiet just in case some late night employee came by for food. Sometimes that happened, but very rarely. You rolled your sleeves up and started the dishes, humming along to the music you got into cleaning away. About thirty minutes had passed when you realized someone had entered the kitchen. 

        You heard a knock on the door and you stopped. 

        "Hold on! Just a minute!" You turned around to face a complete and total stranger. 

He was leaning against the doorway and his intense gray eyes fucking devoured your soul. He was noticeably short, roughly your height, but clearly shorter than most of the people you work with and seen here. His hair was cut neatly and was black, making his bright eyes stand out even more. He looked exhausted, bags under his eyes and way he stared at you with a blank and stoic face made you question this guy even further. The other thing you noticed was how intently he watched you, almost as if he had been there for awhile.

        "Can I help you?" Was all you said. 

        "Are you closing up for the night?" His voice, however, caught you off guard. It was soft and almost gentle, a complete contrast to his expression, or lack of. 

        "Uh I am, but I can make you something if you want, I haven't cleaned off the grill yet." You stopped washing and pulled off your gloves. "Anything you want in particular?" 

        "Just tea would be nice." He said, still not moving from the door. It looked as if he was stepping into some unknown territory. People weren't allowed in the back if they didn't work there but it didn't stop some people from bursting through the entrance. An employee named Hanji was one of them. She would just kick open the back door, eyes wide, happy to see everyone and declare something new she had worked on. She was one of the few higher-ups who were more than willing to shoot the shit with. 

        "You can sit if you want." You gestured to a chair by the small radio. That was where you all kept your stuff for the day. "What kinda tea do you want?" You had already grabbed a teapot and put in boiling hot water. There was a machine near the drinks that would boil water at the ready for things like this. 

        While you were getting things for this stranger he had taken your offer on the seat. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, he seemed even more tired than before. But he still stared at you with his steely gaze. It made you shiver.

        "Black tea." He murmured, you had barely caught his response due to how quiet his voice was, though alluring and arousing.

        "Anything else?" You say, grabbing the leaves and placing them in the pot, stirring it around a bit and watching the tea leaves open and soak the water. 

        "No, that will be all." He said something else but it was too soft to hear. 

        "No offense but you have to speak up, I can't hear you when you mumble." You smile setting down the pot and a grabbing a cup for him. 

        "I asked for your name." He shifted his gaze, almost nervous.

        "Oh, it's [Y/N] [L/N]." You smile, "Though most people call me Teaman." You laugh.

        All he did was raise a brow, questioning the nickname. You smile and shake your head, "I used to make tea for my school, I would give out random tea bags or have it on me. That and I was always in a tea shop somewhere." You say. "So that's where Teaman came to be." 

        He nodded, already pouring a drink. His gaze still on you.

        "So uh, who are you?" You ask. 

He shrugged, "Teawoman." Taking a sip nonchalantly.

It took you a moment to realize he was making a joke on your nickname, earning a laugh from you. 

        "Oh okay, I see how it is." You rolled your eyes, a smile on your lips. "Not gonna tell me huh?" 

He played with his cup a little bit, staring at it intently. He didn't reply, however, but he did smile, briefly.

        The next few nights seemed to go like that. This unnamed "teawoman" as he dubbed himself would show up out of the blue at the exact same time every night just to sit and talk with you. It had been at least three days and you would make him tea before he showed up and would continue cleaning until he arrived. Though after only three days of talking you noticed he would only ask about you, if you wanted to get to know him his answers were vague or brief, or he would even become uncomfortable. 

        You did notice, as you were making his preferred drink for the fourth night now, and you realized you knew nothing about this man. You wanted to get to know him, as he seemed generally interested in you, almost a little too interested. You know that he is an odd person, to say the least. He was alluring in a way, youfound yourself dreaming on him some nights, sometimes they were sexual and sometimes not. He was somewhat emotionless in a sense, but when you would answer whatever question he threw at you he seemed to respond as if it was a quiz. It was almost as if he was expecting that exact answer and it was confusing for you. 

        You started to question it a bit more but shook it off after he knocked on the side of the wall once again. 

        "Hey there." You smile, this time you were going to get to know him, but this time you were going to test him. 

        "Hi [Y/N]." He said, sitting down in his usual spot as you put some dishes away. 

        "So whaddya want to know about me today?" You tease, getting no response out of him. Typical. 

        "You said last night you were in school, where do you go?" He asked after taking a sip of his usual tea.

        "Uh, the Art University nearby, why?" You say, looking over. "Interested in art school?" You smile.

        "What are you majoring in?" 

Here was your chance, you were going to test him and see if this strange feeling would go away. Did he really know a lot about you? Or were you just being paranoid? 

        "Photography." You lied, you were actually an Animation major. 

        "Photography?" He was questioning you now. 

        "Yeah, I'm a sophomore in photography." You say, wiping a glass with a rag. You lied again. 

        "Hmm." This man was now contemplating something. You could see it on his face, which was starting to make your suspicions even worse. 

Before the conversation could continue you got a phone call. It was Sasha.

        "Heyyyyy [Y/N] can you like, please come home? I was making pizza and I kinda forgot about the mash potatoes on the stove?" She said, sounding innocent. Mikasa and Eren were heard in the background, then there was the smoke detector going off. 

        "Jesus Christ Sasha what did you do?" You groan. 

        "What the hell is that?!" Eren shouted. 

        "Why is it on fire?" Historia was heard in the background. 

        "Holy Shit Fuck!" Ymir screamed, "Fucking put it out!" 

        "What the hell is going on?!" You became even more worried than you were before.

        Then there seemed to be a number of screams and something falling. All you did was sigh, frustrated and upset that no one was answering you. Which was making your visitor stare at you confused. 

        "I'm coming home, give me Mikasa." You stated.

        "You don't need to-" Sasha was cut off, "Hi [Y/N]." She greeted, sounding highly annoyed as you were becoming.

        "What happened?" 

        "Sasha was cooking that's what happened, but now there's fire involved." 

        "Is it like the one last week?" You were used to Sasha fucking up the kitchen in some way, one time she even set water on fire. How the hell did that happen?

        "Yeah, but Eren's got it." Mikasa added, "Don't worry we got it, it's not as bad as everyone's saying.But uh, can you get some pizza on your way home?" 

        "Yeah let me clock out." You shake your head, now relieved. 

You hung up and looked at your unnamed friend. "Hi." You say, taking off the apron and throwing it in the sink. 

        "I'm sorry but I need to go, which means you should too." You say, feeling bad for ending your night early. 

        He only nodded, standing up he put both the pot and the cup into the sink. He started cleaning it which made you tilt your head. 

        "Hey, dude, we need to go, I can't have you back here." 

        "This isn't clean." He retorted, making you fold your arms. 

        "Please? It can wait until tomorrow, I'll be in early anyway. Ymir is off for the day." You say, pouting making the older man's face turn crimson, though he was still pissed.

        "I would prefer things to be clean, I can handle it if you would wait. I'll walk you out." He sounded agitated, almost like a parent scolding a child, which made you even more frustrated. He still stared at you, eyes narrowing and it sent chills down your spine.

        "Fine." You say, grabbing your coat and bag walking out the kitchen to the elevator. The kitchen area was on the third floor, they had a cafe on the first and a couple other floors farther up but the main kitchen was where you worked at. 

        Going to the elevator you pressed the button and waited, as the door opened you walked in and before it could close he placed his hand on the door, making it open. 

        "I told you to wait." He said through gritted teeth.

        "I need to leave!" You say, "I'm sorry but I can't wait for you to clean a fucking teapot." You say.

        "I told you to wait." He said again, pushing you against the wall, face close to yours. Your breath caught in your throat as you tried to not make the situation seem sexual. 

        "Like hell! My kitchen is on fire! Fuck that." You hit the down button several times. 

        He sighed, rolling his eyes he pulled out what you assumed was an ID card. You needed them to get to certain floors, depending upon your job or where you were going. He then slammed his fist on the row of buttons, purposely hitting the emergency stop button. The elevator halted. 

        "I need to leave now!" You were pissed at this point. 


        "Excuse me?!" You scream, "I need to go home now asshole!" 

        "You're a junior animation major." He turned to face you, this wasn't the same person you befriended. His eyes that were once emotionless held not anger, but something else entirely. He was staring at you, studying you, looking at you as if you were a possession. Almost, obsessive. No. He was obsessive. 

        "What?" You were worried, no more than that, you were slowly sinking into terror. 

        "You lied to me. I really don't like that." He said, he turned to you, voice dark and he ran his hands through his hair. The look on his face screamed lust. He was going to take you somewhere and you were going to pay. 

        "Let me go, now. I need to go home." Your voice quivered, in fear and arousal. 

        "You want to go home?" He mused the idea, then looking at the rows of numbers he pressed the thirty-first floor, which was known to be the home of the owner. No one was allowed to go there unless you had an id, which he used when he stopped the elevator. Only someone higher up could do that, that or security. 

        You were panicking as the numbers climbed higher as you climbed higher in the small space with the strange man. The elevator was going up, farther and farther away from freedom. You started putting pieces together. Why he never said his name, why he never talked about himself, why he only asked about you. He was beyond obsessed with you. He knew everything about you, and he just wanted to hear you say what he knew with your own voice. You played right into his little game, you thought that he was generally interested in you, like a normal person. You realized he wasn't a normal person, he was obsessed with you.

        The elevator stopped and the door opened to the thirty-first floor, the home to the owner. The home to Levi Ackerman. 

        Welcome Home

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