Haikyuu!! - The Omega's Call

BY : DigitalAlice
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‘Can we stop talking about this?’ Kageyama muttered as another one of his tosses flopped two inches short of Hinata’s spike. It wasn’t his fault he was so distracted. This was not a practice-suitable discussion. Not to mention the fact that their training shouldn’t even really be this lazy just because they were unsupervised. But here they were, hardly doing anything, and even he and Hinata were barely making an effort. Daichi and Sugawara were half-heartedly receiving serves and pretending not to listen to the conversation. Asahi had given up on practicing altogether and sat cross-legged on the floor with a volleyball on his lap as he spoke, and Nishinoya was crouched next to him, hanging on to every word.

‘But if you’re an Alpha,’ Nishinoya asked, ‘like Tsukishima… and Yamaguchi is an Omega, then what does that make the rest of us? The ones not… like that?’

‘Betas,’ Asahi said with a chuckle. ‘You’re a Beta. And the name for what we are is Echo. Echoes are either Alphas or Omegas, and anyone who isn’t an Echo is a Beta.’

‘That’s confusing,’ Hinata said, motioning for Kageyama to toss him another ball.

‘It can be,’ Asahi agreed. ‘There are a lot of unwritten rules to follow as an Echo.’

Nishinoya tilted his head.

‘So when Yamaguchi… you know…’ he gestured with his hand.

‘Goes into heat?’ Asahi finished, and Nishinoya nodded. ‘It happens once a year, usually around spring, and as far as I know, lasts for about three days, or until a soul-bond is made with an Alpha.’

‘But when he does,’ Nishinoya pressed, ‘doesn’t that mean you and Tsukishima like… compete?’

Asahi laughed, twirling the volleyball. He may be Tsukishima’s elder but he didn’t like the idea of taking him on.

‘No, it’s not like that. You still have to have feelings for someone to want to mate with them. In the heat season I can certainly sense and smell the Omega, and it’s…’ Asahi paused, inhaling slowly, ‘overpowering. Exhilarating. But it’s still my choice whether or not to pursue that Omega, and their choice to accept me.’

‘Here’s a question,’ Kageyama said, missing another toss. ‘When can we stop talking about this?’

‘Kageyama is grossed out,’ Sugawara grinned at Daichi, who tried to hide his own smile.

‘It’s weird.’

‘It’s not,’ Hinata argued.

‘It is.’

‘Is not.’

Nishinoya ignored them and shuffled closer to Asahi, lowering his voice.

‘So what happens if they choose each other? An Alpha and an Omega?’

Asahi tilted his head to the side to expose his neck, running a finger along the tender skin near the shoulder.

‘One of the scent glands every Echo has is right here. And during the mating process, the skin becomes fragile and easy to scar. The Alpha bites the Omega to mark them, and if the Omega accepts, then they will mark the Alpha back. I don’t know the science behind it, but if the Omega doesn’t accept, then the scarring doesn’t occur, and they’re able to pursue a mate again next time.’

‘So an Alpha can get rejected by someone lower than them?’ Nishinoya muttered more to himself than to Asahi.

‘Omegas aren’t lower,’ Asahi corrected. ‘They’re submissive, but they’re equal. A good Alpha remembers that. But yes, we can get rejected. And I know Echoes of both types who aren’t ready for a mate yet, and will use the time of being in heat to get laid, but will deliberately avoid initiating a soul-bond. Hell, some Echoes just end up dating Betas.’

‘Really?’ Nishinoya looked hopeful, and turned away from Asahi’s sideways glance.

‘Yeah. Really.’

‘I can’t imagine Yamaguchi being in heat like that,’ Nishinoya mused, leaning against Asahi’s arm. ‘Or Tsukishima being even remotely into romance or sex, for that matter.’

‘They’re young,’ Asahi said. ‘This year - or maybe next year - will probably be Yamaguchi’s first year in heat, and Tsukishima’s first year being awake to the smell of it.’ He gave an almost sadistic laugh, twirling the ball between his fingers again. ‘Good luck to him.’

Asahi glanced down at Nishinoya, whose face was knitted with deep concentration.

‘Another question?’ Asahi asked, enjoying the warmth of Nishinoya’s head against his shoulder.

‘Well, a few days ago, you mentioned something about a knot,’ he said and Asahi tensed up at an alarming velocity. ‘What’s a knot, Asahi-san?’

‘Uh… aha… well…’

Hinata and Kageyama shared a confused glance. Daichi turned away before his face flushed, and Sugawara stifled a laugh behind his hand.

‘I’ll…’ Asahi gave a nervous laugh. ‘I’ll explain that one to you another time. Privately,’ he added quickly.

Much to Asahi’s relief, Nishinoya didn’t press that topic any further.

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