Unwilling Service: Jimmy's Quest

BY : McKnight
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Full summary: Upon beginning their respective journeys through Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, Ellen (known as Blue/Green in Adventures), Jimmy (from The Legend of Thunder!), and May are each visited by one of Sinnoh's lake guardians, after having certain body parts of their's enlarged, and are appointed to help them fight against Teams Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and eventually Team Galactic in Sinnoh. However, the three Trainers don't "own" these legendary Pokemon; it's actually the other way around, although they are still free to participate in the Pokemon Leagues and any side events they come across. Despite the pixies' legendary status, they are normally very weak, and require energy that their partners can only collect while naked, and that they can only use when said partner is thoroughly embarrassed.

Before I begin: This chapter, along with Ellen's first and May's first two (to be uploaded soon), was originally written by me, and then beta-written by a then-friend of mine calling himself Jake.  Since then, he had left the project, citing "half-measures" as the bane of any enjoyment he could get out of it and refusing to negotiate any more favorable terms (apparently, he expected me just to keep things simple, agree to his terms verbatim, and let him do whatever he wanted, including giving Jimmy muscles that he wasn't supposed to have) a year after I revived the project following a year-and-a-half-long discontinuation.  I have tried for months to find people on Upwork (and now Freelancer) to replace him, but only ever found two who did anything meaningful (the first of whom wrote the current version, since I went on to scrap Jake's due to remaining references to the aforementioned muscles), and even they're now out of touch.

To show you what I mean, I will also host the alpha drafts of each chapter as separate fics once I'm done hosting these beta versions of each fic.  Anyone interested can contact me if they would like to take over for Jake and the others.

Chapter 1: Bad news, big news


Tuesday, February 27, 1996

Wake up. Get off bed. Go to bathroom. Get in shower. Turn on water.

This sequence of thoughts was all Jimmy had in mind, as he slumped off his bed and made his way through the morning duties, eyes closed throughout the whole event. He didn't even notice that the time – 5:30 A.M. – was far too early for these usual actions. The boy had woken up because he was no longer asleep, but that didn't actually mean he had much energy; far from it.

He only opened his eyes after a couple of seconds under the water, reaching around for the soap. He had reached for it twice now and yet, not found a single bar. It wasn't until he managed to look around that he realized the soap was lying on the floor, and so he bent over to grab it.

A sudden jolt on his leg, however, was enough to ruin his balance, and he began to fall. His hands slammed onto the floor, the water already there splashing in all direction, nearly getting to his face. He flinched from the impact, feeling the jolt progress through his leg and up his body; he suddenly started to feel hot, his whole body burning up with something he couldn't tell. He rolled to face the ceiling, the sudden jolts too much for him to bear, the water falling on his face for a few more seconds.

Then, it passed, just as fast as it came. He remained down there for a few seconds, panting, just before he began to stand up once more. One of his hands rubbed his face, pushing the water away, and he kept himself sitting… because surprise had just overtaken him.

He remained wordless, simply examining himself, until he looked further down; his eyes stopped and widened, as his jaw hung low. He had an erection, something that was not unexpected (though this situation was very strange, because why would he have an erection from looking at himself?), but it wasn't just a small erection… no, it had grown bigger, longer, harder, practically fattening itself; the image of a hotdog came to mind, but he had to assume his organ was not the size of the sausage but the bun. Similarly, his sac had swelled up during the transformation, causing some sharp pains as the veins adjusted to the new mass and the blood flow adjusted itself.

He stared at himself for several seconds, before a verbal thought of any sort came to him.

'Huhhh… what the hell?' he thought, touching the erection with one hand, flinching right after; his length was fairly sensitive. Something in the back of his mind warned him not to touch it further, however, and he managed to keep himself from doing so further. 'I hope nobody else notices this… today's already the day I have to leave to be a Pokémon trainer and all, and this is going to just make things worse.'

He stood up carefully, continuing the shower from there. Despite the stranger feelings, it wasn't any harder than before; he just had to be careful with his crotch area. After washing the soap out, he twisted the handle, turning off the water.

Upon coming out, Jimmy proceeded to get dressed, where he ran into an unforeseen problem. His recent "growth spurt" was making the pair of gold shorts fit more snugly, but still comfortably, although it was more obvious that he was more… mature this morning than previously. He then threw on a long sleeved red shirt, and his black and gold baseball cap, then made his way downstairs.


Unfortunately, his mother was not very happy upon seeing him walk down the staircase. She was tapping her feet rapidly, glancing at the watch she had and at him in quick succession. "You are late," she said, and he gave her an apologetic smile. "Late by two minutes."

As Jimmy rubbed the back of his head, she released her arms.

"Two minutes out of your schedule means you have set a delay on your daily schedule," she ranted, giving him a serious look. "This delay means the food will be slightly colder by the time you arrive and begin eating, which can cause an unbalance in your eating process. This results in a reduced consumption of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals required for a child your age. In short, the later you wake up, the less healthy you become!"

The boy found himself laughing awkwardly at that, still giving her an apologetic smile. She glared at him for several moments, while he made his way down. It wasn't until he finally reached her that he found the words to respond. "Sorry, mom. I guess I was too excited about what happened yesterday that I just couldn't help it…" he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose now. "I really am sorry. Honest."

"I suppose there is no helping it," she said, taking out a small notepad and scribbling on it. "Today's schedule is now delayed by five minutes. However, you must make sure to arrive at Professor Elm's laboratory before ten o'clock; I did not raise a son so he could slack off during the most important days of his life."

Jimmy just smiled at her, eyes closed, before heading towards the dining room; breakfast was already set up, pretty much the necessities of an athlete. Not only was it just the right amount for a child his age, but it also was balanced out to be what he needed before this trip.

And, as a side note, it was also very delicious.


With a thumbs-up, the boy finished his meal. His mother clapped her hands, then.

"Ah, good to know it was tasty! For your last meal this year, I went all out and made sure to make something that would not only be nutritious, but also filling!"

A small laugh he let out in response made her blush a bit.

"Well, it is! Don't be so cheeky, either! You spent enough time eating and getting prepared, yourself!"

Jimmy adjusted the fork and knife on the plate, before standing back up.

"Thanks," he said, his voice quiet enough. He coughed a bit, giving her an apologetic look, but she was standing up as well.

"Now, before you leave… there was a delivery for you." His mother walked towards the counter, picking a small box with a transparent plastic cover. "The latest PokéGear model came out, and a certain someone made sure to get you a customized model. Isn't that wonderful of him?"

Jimmy scratched the back of his ear as he smiled, taking the box from her. The PokéGear was an experimental cellphone designed for quick communications, requiring little more than contact between the phone and an ear to be activated. Additionally, several memory cards could be installed within, adding programs to the system and improving its basic functions.

Of course, as he began to fiddle with it, it became clear that the cellphone and clock functions were the only ones available. At least it already listed the current time, so that was one less worry for him.

His mother smiled and gave him a gentle hug before handing him a second device. It was flat, and shaped like a PokeBall, only with a small screen instead of a button. On the reverse side was a small clip to attach it with and five small holes.

"Make sure you don't break anything." she said softly.

There were almost tears on his eyes, as he looked at her. His smile was wide, almost filling his entire face, and he swallowed hard to keep his body steady. He thought he could hear something like hiccups, and fought back to keep them away, even as his breathing sped up.

'M-Mom… I…'

He only thought those words, his voice too weak to manage anything sensible, and she smiled back. Her arms wrapped around him, gently, pulling him into a tight hug, which he quickly responded to. The tears were flowing out slowly but steadily, as his eyes closed and he rested his head against her body, the woman just saying peaceful words. The expected words, sure, but even as she kept him steady against her, there was something special about this that he didn't understand, exactly.

When he stopped his crying, she let go, smiling.

"Don't worry, dear. I'll be okay. You just make sure to knock'em out of the park, alright?" she told him, and Jimmy nodded, brushing the remaining tears away.

"…good-bye, mom…" he managed to say, before running off, trying not to cry again. She watched him with a smile, breathing deeply; her own tears were about to form, now.

The boy had just made his way out when something suddenly seemed to collide with him, right on the head; he fell to the ground, loudly. As he rubbed the sore spot on his face, he saw that there was a pink light right at the height of his head, which reformed into a strange Pokémon: some kind of purple feline possessing two tails with gemstones at their tips, as well as a gemstone in its forehead.

A surprising thing in such a surprising Pokémon was the face, however; it had a mischievous smile on, and the Pokémon floated down with a distinctly feminine grace, pausing right by his crotch. He just stared at her, eyes wide, jaw loose and unable to move fully.

'Jimmy,' he heard in his mind, a female voice speaking to him gently, yet in a tone that implied demands. 'My name is Mesprit. I have traveled for many miles to reach you, and to speak with you.' She looked at him, but he noticed she was not looking at his face; no, her eyes were moving over his torso and arms, and then his waist and hips. The smile increased the further low she went, until it stopped on his crotch – the erection suddenly flaring into life, his shorts tightening further and showing off more of his outline, another moan coming out of him. 'I see the transformation was successful. I am glad to see that.'

"W…what?" he groaned, glaring at her. The female landed fully, right above the tent that had formed, and sniffed the air. Her smile widened.

'I approve of the results. I cannot wait for your duties to begin,' she told him, before looking at his face at last. 'My brothers and I have finally found a host. We can now proceed with our real mission. Accept now, a task that will require-'

To her surprise, Jimmy pushed himself up and away from her, the motion being sudden enough to force her off; the lack of claws meant Mesprit could not grasp him very well at all.

"What… what are you talking about?" he said, gasping for air; it almost felt like she had kept him down there through sheer pressure. "You… did this to me… didn't even ask… and you want to order me around?!"

The Pokémon simply flew in s swirl pattern for a moment before settling back into a lazy hover closer to Jimmy's face. He had to admit it was a beautiful sight to behold as her graceful movements reminded him of a lava lamp. His trance was broken by the gentle whispering of her voice as she spoke again.

'Now that my brothers and I have all found ourselves acceptable hosts, we will be able to proceed with our mission. You, Jimmy, are lucky enough to have been chosen for a special task requiring you to-'

"GET THE FUCK LOST!" yelled Jimmy as he punched the catlike creature violently through the air sending her flying into the bushes far across the street. "Why of all the stupid things, unbelievable!" he muttered as he stormed off down the street away from the tangle of brush where the Pokémon had been forced to crash land.

The Pokémon took a few seconds to recover, watching his departing form. She wasn't seriously injured at all, but the feeling of pain still could take a while to pass even in this state. Despite that, however, her smile slowly returned, as she faded into light again.

'…that guy's got some serious balls.'


As Jimmy approached a neighboring house, he heard the unmistakable sound of a girl's voice calling his name. He paused for a moment toying with the idea of pretending to not hear her, then quickly shook the idea aside and turned around.

"Hey Jimmy!" he heard her call again as he watched a girl wearing a red long-sleeved shirt that came halfway down her torso. His eyes locked when they came to the pair of tight blue shorts she was wearing, he felt the elastic band begin to shift as his eyes caressed every detail of her for a moment. The girl's blue twin tails bobbed and weaved underneath her blue cap as she lightly jogged to catch up to Jimmy. He shook off all of his daydreams and recollected his thoughts before he greeted the girl he had known since childhood.

"Oh, hey Marina," he said back.

As Marina caught up to Jimmy, her smile faded slightly as a look of concern replaced it. "Why so mad, Jimmy?" she asked. "Today's supposed to be your big day right? Did something happen? Oh no, you aren't sick are you? Please tell me you're not, that would mean you have to wait anoth-"

"Marina! If you give me a second I'll explain would you just can it for one minute so I can answer your questions?" he shouted. Marina instantly closed her mouth and began to pout. This was followed by her dramatically turning her back towards him in a fashion that he had become all too accustomed to over the course of his life.

"Well if you're gonna be like that, Jimmy, then forget I even asked! Excuse me for being concerned about something as stupid as your well being!" Jimmy clenched his fists and clenched his teeth, he could feel his blood begin to boil; this entire morning was becoming an absolute nightmare.

"Marina just cut it out for a second and I'll explain! Yes today's the first day, but I stepped outside of my house and was assaulted by this perverted pink cat Pokémon who was staring at my crotch and jabbering on about how I'm a massive success or some nonsense and I'm confused and a little freaked out and you're not helping!" Jimmy began panting for breath as he finished off his long rant. As he stood upright again he caught Marina's eyes staring directly at the bulge within his shorts. The attention did nothing to assist in his discretion as he felt it begin to stiffen and shift outwards stretching the elastic hairband.

Marina couldn't pull her eyes away from Jimmy's pants. Her mind became clouded with thoughts of Jimmy and what he was hiding underneath those shorts. She wanted to touch it, feel it, she wanted to…

She averted her eyes upon feeling her tongue running across her lips. What was she thinking? She had to stop staring and get her mind back on track. Yet as much as she tried to recollect her train of thought she kept derailing towards the mystery Jimmy held in his trousers. Trying to break the uncomfortable silence, she turned away and started stammering.

"It-it must've been a Psychic-type Pokémon for sure," she said, yet the lack of conviction in her voice betrayed that her thoughts were elsewhere. "What did the Pokémon look like?"

Jimmy began to describe the catlike Pokémon, the red jewels, the tails, the way it floated and spoke in full sentences.

"Maybe she did something to, um, change your body?" she murmured, shrugging. Jimmy saw her gaze was once again fixated on his shorts and he could feel his face growing hot once again.

"Err, yeah, I'm thinking that might be the case," he muttered, embarrassed.

Aware that her incessant staring was making Jimmy uncomfortable, Marina quickly changed the subject.

"Maybe we should ask Professor Elm? Maybe he might have some insight as to what's going on?"

Jimmy nodded in agreement, too embarrassed to speak aloud. He sighed as he followed Marina towards Professor Elm's laboratory.


"Ah, if it isn't my two young friends, Jimmy and Marina!" the professor called from the inside, as soon as he saw them. "I'm just finishing this bit, you can come inside, and…"

Jimmy's stare at the mountain of paper on his table was enough to shut him up.

"Professor," Marina started then took a deep breath, "Jimmy just told me he was visited by a pink feline looking psychic type Pokémon with two tails and a forehead gem, who introduced herself as 'Mesprit'." Professor Elm looked over at Jimmy who nodded in agreement.

"That thing said something about coming from Sinnoh, said something about some kind of mission or something?" Jimmy interjected. "She kept staring at my dick!"

Marina's thoughts were snapped back into reality as she realized she had been doing the same thing just then.

"Do you have any idea what might possibly be going on Professor?" she asked.

There was a long pause as Professor Elm studied the pair intensely. The two could feel his eyes burning into every last detail of them. Professor Elm sighed as he remembered something in particular. Something he did not like remembering.

"Jimmy…" he began, catching the attention of both of them, his words coming out slowly because of the worries he felt at this moment. "You are in for… something… unthinkable."

There was a long period of silence, as Marina looked back and forth between them, Jimmy stared at the scientist with concern and said scientist seemed uncertain of what he should do or say anymore.

The silence was broken before any of them opened their mouth, however.

'You need not explain anything. I will do so once we set foot on our journey.' Mesprit's voice echoed through the office, as the pink-headed Pokémon floated in through a window. She then turned to face Jimmy, her odd expression becoming a frown. 'Though I must say, Jimmy, that what you did out there was not exactly necessary.'

"Er, Ethan… what did you do?" Marina asked, worried, and the boy looked away. He didn't really know how to respond to this, and just tried to avoid looking at her.

"I, um," he began awkwardly " I kind of punched her across the street."

'He punched me very hard, simply because I found the transformation to have been successful,' Mesprit answered for him, floating nearby. One of her tails began to move towards his crotch, teasing it with the tip. 'He's so handsome… I couldn't help but like it.'

"Wait, what?" the blue-haired girl asked, feeling something rise up her throat. "B-but… but you're a Pokémon!"

'I am the Legendary Pokémon of Emotions, silly girl. Feelings such as these are things I experience all the time,' the Pokémon said, turning to face her at last. Her tail was still in place, however. 'You feel something similar towards him, no? Then why would my feeling such be wrong?'

"W-well…" Marina began, before shaking her head. "That's sick! If you think like that, then maybe you deserve it!"

'What did you just say?' Mesprit asked, clearly not happy with that. Ethan pulled on her tail, however, drawing her attention to him. 'Jimmy?'

"Just… stop fighting. You two." It was all he could do to make them stop arguing, but his eyes – in a sort of puppy look – were effective enough on that matter. Both of them simply turned to face away from each other, arrogantly.

"W-well, now that that's settled…" Elm decided to say, so the argument wouldn't start again. "I received a call from Mr. Pokémon a while back, about some kind of egg he found. He lives on Route 30, not too far from here, so I wanted you two to visit him and find out what he wants. As it happens, my teacher and colleague, Professor Oak, is also stopping by to visit him, so you might be in luck today. Would you be willing to go there?"

"Sure thing, Professor!" Marina said, very cheerfully, before looking at Jimmy. He hesitated, but nodded as well. Mesprit frowned at that, but said nothing just yet.

"Alright. Now, here is one Pokédex for each of you, and you may also pick one Pokémon each from the table," the scientist said, offering them two red, rectangular electronic devices – the Pokédex. After inputting their personal data within, they decided to try out the scanning system to find out what each Pokémon was.

As she pointed at the Pokéballs, a computerized voices suddenly spoke out, cheerfully.

"Chikorita! Type: Grass. A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays." This kind of description, along with the images that appeared of a cute-looking green Pokémon, was enough to impress the girl.

"Wow! That's so cute!" she said, smiling widely, before he pointed at the next one.

"Cyndaquil! Type: Fire. It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection," the Pokédex said, just as he moved towards the next one. "Totodile. Type: Water. Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful."

"Wow, these look so amazing! Jimmy, which one will you pick?" she said, suddenly turning towards the boy.

"Well," said Jimmy, going over a list of advantages and disadvantages in his head. Comparing each type, cross matching it with his personality and training style. He saw Marina watching him with anticipation, the suspense looked as if it were going to cause her to pop like a balloon. "I think I'll take my chances with… Totodile!"

"Are you sure?" the girl asked, as he walked towards the table and took the Pokéball. "Your Pokédex just said that that thing is so dangerous it could even hurt you!"

He turned towards Mesprit.

"You are traveling with me, right?" he asked, trying to figure out what she wanted.

There was a nod.

"Even if I say no?"

Another nod. He glared at her.

"Then keep me alive." The sudden, cold words he said were enough to surprise everyone. "If that thing is too dangerous, then stop it. Protect me."

The Pokémon felt a sweatdrop while being stared at like that.

'Well, err…' she tried to say, but was interrupted by Marina speaking up just then.

"Well," Marina chided, "In any case, this Cyndaquil sure looks cute, so I guess I'll start with that!"

"That's good, that's good!" Elm replied, desperate to fix the mood. "Now, now… I guess you should get going, then! Your five Pokéballs are here, so you can catch any Pokémon you want, and I wish the best of luck to the both of you!"

The pair scooped up the empty balls, and began packing their gear for travel. At the door they exchanged farewells and thanked Professor Elm for all of his help before heading out the door.


The trek to Route 29 from New Bark Town was a long and very hazardous one. They had to go by way of Cherrygrove City. Due to the severity of their mission, the two trainers had to pass up their opportunities for catching any wild Pokémon along the way. Whilst they traveled, Mesprit slowly recounted the details of the mission that was entrusted to her brothers and herself. It was at around the halfway marker that the group decided to stop and rest.

It was nearly noon when they arrived at a local guard post, a connection between Route 29 and Route 45. Jamie was about to go inside to discuss some rest and eating arrangements when Mesprit tugged on his arm with her tails, pulling him away. He awkwardly indicated for Marina to go inside, and the girl stared at him, somewhat confused.

"What's wrong, Jimmy?" she asked, before noticing the tails attached to his arms. "Hey! Mesprit, what are you doing?"

'I need to speak with him. Alone.' Her tone was not very friendly.

"Hey! I'm his friend too! I have a right to know what you want with him!" She glared at the purple Pokémon. Said Pokémon just tugged at Jimmy, trying to pull him away. "Come on, Jimmy, say something!"

"Just let me talk to her," was all he managed to say, unhappy. Marina scowled, but turned away.

"Fine! I'll be right back, once I have lunch ready!" she said, going inside in a huff and not watching the other two head a bit further back, away from the main door. She decided to focus on just getting some food and a bed to lie upon or something.

The noises coming from the side of the building as she came out, however, were enough to keep her from intruding just yet. The most she did was look at him, from the corner she was hiding behind.

"Well, what if I refuse?" he practically shouted, his voice hoarse.

'You mustn't,' Mesprit told him, in a cold tone. 'It is your destiny, Jimmy, to fulfill. None other can do this. If you don't, then… there will be no future for anyone… least of all, you.'

"Me? And… no future?" he repeated, before shaking his head. "That… that's nonsense! You make me like this, and… ugh…" His breathing had sped up too fast. "If… this ends like that, at least… nobody would care… nobody would worry… I wouldn't make anyone unhappy…"

Mesprit was clearly unhappy by this. 'Jimmy… the well-being of other people, and not least of all, the world and beyond, is made possible by the sacrifices of others,' she told him, her tails flickering very fast now. 'You have been given a responsibility from more than just myself. The Legendaries depend on you… Humans depend on you… The world depends on you. Please accept it.'

"It, it's not that I don't want to help, I mean, I would, I totally would. I just, don't think I can if it involves that!" Jimmy ran through everything in his head once more then shook his head no furiously and gripped his hat pulling it tightly downward as he let out an angry growl. "Can't you just go out and find someone else? Someone who's willing to do that? Someone less, conservative than me?"

'I'm afraid that won't be possible now.' Her tone was one of decisiveness, as Mesprit's jewel glowed faintly. 'Asking for our hosts' permission was not part of the linking process. I needed you to be my host, to give me power and strength. And, if asking for your permission was a requirement… we would never be able to join forces, before all is lost.'

With one last grunt, Jimmy turned away, stomping towards the guard station. Marina had barely managed to hide back inside when he came in, looking at her very unhappily.

"…ah! Lunch's here!" she said, trying to make him not think about what had just happened for now.


There was a constant, uncomfortable silence for a while, until they finally reached Cherrygrove City.

"There it is Jimmy! Right there!" Marina pointed and declared loudly.

Jimmy looked at his PokéGear, and activated a digital map screen. He began scrolling through the projected images, comparing it to their surroundings. He began calculation the amount of travel time they had left when he realized it was nearly seven hours before they were within the city's limits. He let out an exasperated breath and glanced at the time. It read 3:30 PM. At the rate they were going it would be dark before they even came close.

"Well," Jimmy started, feeling a dull ache in his legs already. We've still got about another six and a half hour walk ahead of us." He could feel Marina's spirits sink as she let out a sigh of defeat. Mesprit simply stretched and shifted on his shoulders then resumed her soft snoring that had been droning on for the last couple of hours. Marina stopped and dropped to her knees.

"I'm pooped, Jimmy! Can we at least rest for a few minutes? Please?" she scooted off to the side of the road and plopped down onto her back panting heavily. "I'm not moving another inch until I get a breather!"

Jimmy sat down next to her and opened up his canteen. He took a small swig before passing it to Marina. She gulped his water down greedily and then wiped her mouth, smiling at him.

"Thanks!" she said, and averted her gaze from him. He had caught her staring at his shorts multiple times along the journey. Each time he could feel his face growing red and hot.

"We can always set up a tent later Marina, but for now we should probably keep going if we want to stay on schedule. Professor Oak left before us which means he'll most likely have arrived by now. Who knows how long he plans on staying?" Marina sighed again and stretched her body moaning lightly at the light pops that occurred in some of her joints.

"You're right." She said as she slowly rose to her feet, swatting the dirt off of her backside.

As she brushed her hands along her body Jimmy felt a shifting near his leg again. He quickly turned away and readjusted himself. This new growth spurt was starting to become a problem.

"We've been making really good time so far, no sense in stopping now right Jimmy?" Marina winked at him and began skipping along down the road. Jimmy re-secured his backpack and rushed to catch up, wishing he had two or even three new Pokémon instead of just the one. He then followed as Marina called back.

"Hurry up, slowpoke! You don't wanna keep the Professor waiting now do ya?"

They proceeded to make their way through town, and onto Route 29 the pair set up camp while Mesprit continued to nap. The legendary Pokémon seems to do very little despite supposedly holding some of the greatest power in the known universe. To Jimmy, it looked and acted like a spoiled cat. He proceeded to set up the tent, while Marina gathered wood for a fire. As he was setting up, he caught her staring at him, not at his crotch or with that look from before, but this was a different look. Not one filled with hormones and embarrassment, but more like the look someone has when they watch you spill a drink on yourself in public.

"Is something wrong, Marina?" He asked as he finished with the last of the tie downs to the tent. He stood back to admire his handiwork before glancing back at the girl by the fire.

"I was just, you know, thinking." She poked at the small flames, the sudden rush of air causing the flames to grow with a tiny whoosh, almost unperceivable. He sat down next to his childhood friend as she took a deep breath and sighed. "It was supposed to be your first day as a Pokémon trainer. You were supposed to collect your started Pokémon from Professor Elm, and then start capturing wild Pokémon to train for competition.

Jimmy shrugged again at all of this. He knew what today was supposed to be, he ad been waiting for it his entire life. Every kid in his town spends their childhood counting down the days where they would be able to set out on training missions. Take a long journey to challenge the gyms. Some of them were even good enough to end up in the Pokémon league.

"Well," continued Marina, "It's like showing up at the first day of school and being told instead of learning and sitting in class you have to go and fix the boiler room or else the school will explode killing everyone with it. It's a lot of responsibility you weren't really prepared for."

With this she shrugged. "I just kind of feel bad for you that's all. Your big day was pretty much ruined and now we're traveling around trying to get information about an ultra important mission to save the world? Or maybe even the known universe?"

It was at this point Mesprit woke up and stretched her long, slender body. She shook all over and yawned before addressing the young woman.

"Marina, you worry too much, Jimmy is lucky to have been chosen. The odds of being an acceptable host are slimmer than winning any raffle; being the perfect host like our mutual boy friend here is more rare than even the legendary Pokémon themselves."

Marina turned red and hid her face.

"Jimmy is not my boyfriend!" She cried then stormed into the tent, furiously zipping up the flap as she did. Mesprit chuckled and then started to call after, but realizing she had a moment of peace for once she left it alone and curled up on Jimmy's lap.

"You should probably get some rest as well," the Pokémon glanced at the tent wearily for a moment then added, "You might want to wait a few minutes before going in there though, she seems a little distraught."

Jimmy shook his head. "I'm gonna just make due out here instead. It's less…"

Mesprit chuckled again then nuzzled the boy with her forehead before walking in a small circle on his lap. She made three laps, no more, no less, then settled in slowly lowering herself before curling up and purring her day away.

Jimmy sat outside lost in his thoughts. The day's events on a continuous loop replaying through his mind. He dwelled on the words Mesprit spoke. The fate of the world rested all in his ability to… He shook the thoughts out of his head and stretched his arms. Careful not to disturb Mesprit, he leaned back against a tree and drifted off to sleep.


Wednesday, February 28, 1996

'Wake up.' A pause. 'Wake up.' Another pause. 'Wake up.'

Jimmy groaned as the sun finally reached their small clearing. They had nearly made it through Route 30, despite the threat of wild Pokémon hounding them throughout the rest of the day, before they had been forced to make a stop to sleep.

Of course, now morning had returned, and with it their trip had to continue. The boy just groaned again, getting out of his sleeping bag, and made his way to a few nearby bushes to put on his normal clothes.

At first, Jimmy thought to wake Marina up as well as he finished dressing up; however, as he took a look to the other side, he saw a cabin not too far from his location. There was a sign nearby indicating the owner of the house, one 'Mr. Pokémon'.

Well… it wouldn't hurt to check up on him already. It wasn't as if Marina would be too bothered by this…

After knocking on the door, a tall man with a top hat on and thick glasses opened it.

"Hello there!" he said. "May I know what you've come to do here?"

Jimmy stared, in response. Not just at him, but at the rest of the house; that cabin might have been small, but it was filled with computers and machines and lots of things he had never seen before, so stocked that it was hard to believe anyone could live there sensibly.

'We have come here to retrieve your important object,' Mesprit interrupted, having followed Ethan. 'Professor Elm has sent us here to do so.'

"Oh, why didn't you say so? Come in, come in," the man said, dragging Jimmy inside and closing the door on Mesprit. "Now, let's see, where did I left that thing…"

'Thing?' Jimmy thought as he looked around with wonder. There were so many gadgets, and computers, and things, and… and… some old guy?

The boy just stared at him, while the man stood up. He seemed to be waiting for something, but Jimmy didn't say a word to him.

"Well then!" he decided, then. "Greetings, young boy. I am the Professor Oak, the Pokemon expert! You're Elm's envoy, correct? I remember when he used to study under me, always going on errands just like that one…"

'So you are Professor Oak…' they both heard coming from the side, as the door opened again. Mesprit floated inside, slowly. 'I am pleased to meet such a great scientist as yourself. Surely your knowledge will be of great use to my charge, wise sir.'

"Are you…?" Oak began, staring at the Pokémon in utter shock. Mesprit simply nodded, before saying something directly to him. Their mental conversation was brief, but very fast, given how many times he seemed to be shocked at what she had to tell him.

Then, after he seemed to finally take a resolute face, he turned towards Jimmy.

"Jimmy… that is your name, right?" he asked, and the boy nodded. "I understand how unfair this must be to you, to be transformed like this without permission and being forced to obey her demands… but I must ask you to accept your destiny as her chosen host. Do it for the world… not for this one Pokémon."

Jimmy said nothing, simply looking at him in the eye without as much as a nod. Oak groaned, but said nothing either, and instead gave him an exasperated look.

"If it is any consolation, you will not have to face this humiliation alone," said Mesprit. "There are two others, both female, around the same age and body mass as yourself. You'll be meeting with them eventually. I know this seems unfair to you, and I promise you if we could find any other way, we would pursue it rather than the current course. Sadly, there is simply no other way, I ask you not to like, or enjoy your fate, but merely accept it, that is all." Jimmy locked his gaze with Mesprit for a moment, then nodded. "Remember, you're not doing this for me, or even for yourself, but for the good of all living beings on this planet."

As Jimmy contemplated his future, and the actions required of him, the man in the top hat approached him, carrying some sort of egg with him.

"Ah, here you go," the man said. "This here is a very mysterious egg that was found by a couple of friends of mine. I'm not very sure where it came from, but I'm sure it's worth studying!"

Jimmy looked at the egg for several moments, examining it carefully. It felt really strange in his hands, like he could actually feel the creature inside. That had never happened with any of the other eggs he had ever touched before, the ones they used to eat before.

'There is a life inside this,' Mesprit said to him, telepathically. He turned to face her. 'You should bring it to your scientist friend.'

Jimmy did not respond at first, simply looking back at the egg, when suddenly his PokéGear started to ring. He adjusted his grip and brought his arm to the side of his head, having activated the phone function.

"Hello? Professor Elm? Is everything okay?" he asked. The voice on the other line was shaky and frantic, barely recognizable when compared to the voice of the man who had sent them to this facility.

"Jimmy! Yes, it's me Professor Elm. Where are you and Marina right now?" Jimmy could hear the concern in his voice. Marina poked her head over his shoulder

"I'm right here!" Marina shouted in a tone that was far too cheerful given the tone of the phone call. "Hi, Professor!" Jimmy nudged her away and continued on.

"We're still at Mr. Pokémon's home on Route 29, is something wrong, Professor? You're not hurt are you?"

Professor Elm shook his head no, then started again.

"The remaining pokéball has been stolen from my laboratory this very morning. I tried to catch him, but alas, his speed and my age, I was unable to apprehend him."

"Professor, can you tell me what the thief looked like?" He began to construct a mental list of everyone in town who had the ability and or motive to steal a Pokémon from the Professor's laboratory. Professor Elm shook his head, looking almost defeated. "He had red hair, he was wearing all black, and I think he might have been about your age? I'm sorry, Jimmy, I'm just not quite sure, it all happened so quickly, and he was so fast that I, well, I guess I just didn't get that good a look at him."

Jimmy closed his eyes and clenched his fist, "Don't worry, Professor, I'll get your Pokémon back, I swear."

Professor Elm's face lit up almost immediately. "Oh wonderful! Thank you Jimmy, I knew I could count on you."

And with that the transmission ended.

"Marina, you go on ahead; I'll take care of everything!" said Jimmy, before running back out, still carrying the egg with him. Mesprit followed him in pursuit, watching him as they went past their campsite.

As he reached the door, Mr. Pokémon stopped him.

"Before you leave, give some of the trees in the front yard a good kick or two. You might knock some berries loose. Feed them to your Pokémon, it helps with the training."

Jimmy smiled and thanked him for the advice.

"Those berry trees can be found all about. If you know to look for them."

And with a wink the old man wished them luck on their travels.


The road to Cherrygrove was much easier for them to take, as he could just hop over the short hills that had been hard to cross before, the path being particularly downhill. Keeping the egg steady in his hands was difficult, but Jimmy did his best, managing not to trip either.

He didn't know how he was running so fast, really; normally he'd be worn out already. However, as he entered town and crossed the streets, it was just as easy as walking had been. Was that a side-effect of the transformation? It might not be that bad, but… those were thoughts he didn't want to have, right now.

It wasn't until they neared the other town exit that Jimmy saw someone approaching.

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