Unwilling Service: Ellen's Quest (alpha chapters)

BY : McKnight
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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any of the characters due to appear in this ficseries. No profit is intended by posting this.

What Jake did originally:


"I wrote in an 'expansive' fashion. I took the stuff you did, and started by filling out paragraphs because yours seemed thin. Not every single one, but where it fit.

"By doing that, I also focused on adding 'character' to the characters. Expose their personalities. Add tics and traits. So on and so forth.

"And I sexed it up 1000%"

(And as it turns out, this was actually the first of two alphas I wrote up, before having Jake beta the second of those that I've since lost.  Ellen never caught a Mankey, only a Rattata, although I must have forgotten to rewrite the part where Ellen hands the GS Ball to Oak in the second alpha before assigning it to Jake to rewrite.)

Tuesday, February 27, 1996

Early on this bright morning, at the very minute of 7:00 A.M., a somewhat busty teenage girl with shoulder-length brown hair had just taken off her pajamas to take a shower while going through her usual routine.

For about a minute or so, she just went through the usual routine of shampooing her hair and rubbing soap all over various parts of her body.  And then, without explanation, she felt some weird sensation in her breasts and buttocks, like they were swelling up.  Her breasts had become spherical and stopped growing past the size of kickballs, and her buttocks had become as round as her shapely hips would allow, becoming the total size of half of a beach ball.

“Hmmmm…” thought Ellen, “this is interesting.  Kinda hurts having this big of a chest, though”

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off, before putting on her undergarments and a cute black dress.  Surprisingly, everything fit just as perfectly as they had the previous day.  Although she did have to keep her breasts lifted up with both her hands as she set foot outside the house.

“Ellen!” spoke a voice coming from the air above her, no sooner had she stepped outside.  She gazed up, and spied a yellow Pokemon almost resembling a fetus, with closed eyes and three narrow, foot-long tails.

“I’ve finally found a host,” the Pokemon said, without moving its mouth.

“Who are you?” asked the girl.  “Do you mean, me?”

“Right.  I’m Uxie, one of three sacred Pokemon from a region called Sinnoh.  And you have a special role to fulfill.”

“Wait.  Were you the one who made my breasts so big and heavy?”

“You better believe it!”

“Thanks!  I better go tell Professor Oak about you!”

“Wait, I wasn’t done yet!” said Uxie, as the girl ran off.  “Ah well, I guess it could wait until later.”

The girl was so excited that she missed a notice on the front door of the professor’s lab.  She made her way to an office at the other end of the lab.  The scientists were too busy with their own work to have noticed her.  No one was inside the office, but Ellen did find three red and white balls on a small table.

That’s strange, the girl thought.  The professor’s not here.  But lookey here, three Pokemon right here for the taking!

“Say, Uxie,” the girl said upon looking up.  “Make sure no one notices me while I take these Pokemon right here.  Okay?”

“Sure,” said the Pokemon, as Ellen stuffed the three balls into her chest.  She walked as silently as possible back out of the lab, and then ran for it until she made it out of Pallet Town.

Route 1 was teeming with wild Pidgey and Rattata, but these Pokemon were not the most aggressive species of any.  Ellen and Uxie did pass a few humans along the way, and one in particular stood out, wearing some special apron that only PokeMart employees wore.

“Hey, you!” the man said as the girl passed by.  “May I ask what your name is?”

“Ellen,” the girl replied.  “What’s up, hot stuff?”

“You must be a newbie Pokemon Trainer, aren’t you?”

“Yep!  Sure am!”

“In that case, be sure to visit the Pokemart when you make it to Viridian City!  Here, have a free Potion.”

“Thanks,” she said upon receiving a small, purple vial.

She continued north for about another half hour until she saw a small building with a red roof.  Next to the door was a plaque with a red plus sign and the word “Poke”.  She recognized this as a Pokemon Center; this had to be Viridian for sure.  She went inside.

“Nurse Joy,” said Ellen, coming up to the counter.

“This is Nurse Joy.  We can heal any wound with this machine.”

“Oh.  Not that.  Just, I was met by a Pokemon, and I need a ball for it.”

“Please let me see it.”

The girl glanced behind her, only to find that Uxie wasn’t there.

“Errrr…” said Ellen.  “That’s funny.  He was following me just a minute ago.

“I’m sorry, but we can only give free PokeBalls to anyone who shows us a ball-less Pokemon.”

The girl went back outside.

“Hey.  How come you went outside?” she asked the Pokemon.

“I can’t act as a regular Pokemon for your party,” he replied.


“If I do, then you’ll put me in a PC Box for reasons that will become obvious.”

“Except you’re a legendary Pokemon.  I can’t possibly lose a battle with you on the team, so why would I do that?”

“Well, umm…”

“Ah, whatever.  Let’s continue!”

She continued to walk around town for a short while, before finding a similar building with a blue roof and a plaque with a PokeBall symbol and the word “Mart.”

“Excuse me,” said a man wearing a green uniform, as soon as she entered the Pokemon Mart.  “Would you by any chance happen to know Professor Oak?”

“Yup!  What about him?”

“If you’d do me a favor, I need this package delivered to him.  I’m only allowed to stop at PokeMarts and department stores to make deliveries, so if you know where he is…”


With that all said and done, she headed back to Pallet Town, but stopped along the way.

“I wonder what this could be…”

She opened the package, and inside was… a gold and silver PokeBall.

“Oh, this has gotta be good!  What could possibly be inside this?”

She pressed the button, but it didn’t open.  Threw it, and it just landed on the ground without opening.  Picking it back up, she made haste and continued the trek back home.

Soon as she arrived back in Pallet, first stop she made was her neighbor’s house.  She knocked on the door, and was greeted by a slightly older girl with light-brown shoulder-length hair and a light-green dress.

“Oh, come on in, Ellen,” she said.

The two of them sat down at a table.

“So, how are things?”

“Couldn’t be better!  I was just visited by a legendary Pokemon who’s not even from this region!  How awesome is that!  By the way, would you happen to know where your grandpa is?”

“Where were you this whole time?” answered an boy who overheard.  His auburn hair was unkempt, and he wore a blue sweatshirt, black pants, and a necklace with a gold bling.  “Grandpa is in Johto right now.  We’re not supposed to become Trainers until he comes back.”

Ellen was too embarrassed to respond.


Wednesday, February 28, 1996

Professor Oak didn’t come home until about three in the afternoon.  Ellen and Uxie had patiently waited by his office until he and Gary arrived.

“Sure took you long enough,” she greeted them.

“Ah!  Ellen.  I’ll bet you’ve been looking forward to this day all these past years.”

He then noticed the yellow floating Pokemon that had been accompanying her.

“Oh, I see you’ve also been appointed by one of Sinnoh’s sacred Pokemon.  Funny.  I had met someone else who was appointed just yesterday in Johto.  But anyway, let’s come inside into my office.”

“As soon as they went inside, the professor and his grandson were both shocked, while Ellen remained calm.

“Somebody has stolen the Pokemon that were on this table,” exclaimed the professor.

“Ellen?” said Gary.

“I didn’t take them,” she responded.

“Really?  Why so calm, then?”

“No, really, I didn’t.”

No sooner had she said that had the three Pokemon that were stuffed into her bosom emerged.  Standing between them was a bipedal red salamander with a tiny flame on its tail, a bipedal blue tortoise with a red shell and a tail ending in a curl, and a four-legged animal with a plant bulb on its back.

“Aha!” shouted Gary.

“Ellen,” said Oak.  “You shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to you.  Now please give two of the balls back.”

The girl grimaced as her attempt to lie ended up in vain, and complied with the scientist.

“Well, then.  Bulbasaur is yours,” the man said, pointing to the one with the plant.

“In that case, I choose: Charmander!” said the boy, pointing swiftly to the amphibian.

“Very well, then,” said Oak.  “Squirtle, come back inside your ball, please.”  

He held the ball and pointed the button at the reptile.  A narrow, fluorescent-red beam shot out, the Pokemon’s body uniformly turned the same color as it, and then it converted into a plasma-like substance before being sucked inside the ball.  

“Say, Professor.  You ordered this, didn’t you?” asked Ellen, pulling out the GS Ball from the previous day, while the professor retrieved some stuff from his belongings.

“Ah, right,” said Oak.  “Thank you, and here are your Pokedexes.”  He took the ball and handed both Trainers each an electronic red device.  “With these, you can look up all kinds of information about Pokemon, what kinds of Pokemon reside in each area, useful stuff for Pokemon, and so on and so forth.  You can also use it to send or retrieve Pokemon to and from a PC Box.  

“And, here are some empty PokeBalls,”  He handed both Trainers five Balls each.  “Use these to capture wild Pokemon.  You can buy more of them at a PokeMart.”

Both Trainers thanked him.

“So, what’s with that ball?”

“I ordered it from the Orange Island archipelago.  It’s supposed to contain a legendary Pokemon, but no one has ever been able to open it to this day.”

“Hm.” Said Gary.  “A legendary Pokemon, huh?”

“Now, be on your way, you two.  Each of my assistants have something special for you if you collect enough Pokemon.”

“Right!” Ellen and Gary both said, before heading out of the lab.

“Alright, missy!” said the boy.  “You and I have a score to settle once we’re outside!”

The minute they stepped outside, he continued.  “Get ready to die, bitch!  Go!  Charmander!”

“I’m gonna mop the floor with you!” said the girl.  “Go!  Uxie!”

“Sorry.  No can do.”

“What?  But you’re a legendary Pokemon!  What do you mean, no?”

“I’ll explain later.  Now, go fight.”

“And you call yourself a legend?  Ah, hell.  Go!  Bulbasaur!”

“Charmander!  Scratch!”  The boy commanded.

“Bulbasaur!  Seed Bomb!” shouted the girl.  The Grass-type Pokemon was unable to do anything as the Fire-type ran up to him and gave him a swipe.

“Again!” shouted the boy.

“Poison Powder!” shouted the girl.  

Bulbasaur couldn’t do as commanded as Charmander gave him another swipe across the face.

“One more time!” shouted Gary, seeing Ellen’s Pokemon unable to take much more.  Another blow finished him off.

“Bulbasaur!  Get back on your feet!” shouted Ellen.  Too late.  Gary pointed the PokeBall at his own Pokemon and drew her back inside, before shrinking the ball down to the size of a marble and placing it in his pocket.

“How pathetic!  You just got your very first Pokemon, and already you’re telling it to use moves too advanced for it.”

“What’s with this?  Two Pokemon, and they both refused to fight.”

“Your Bulbasaur didn’t refuse to.  He couldn’t do what you were telling him to.  He doesn’t know how yet.  Geez, did you spend any time training him?  Especially since you’ve had him for a whole day now?”


“You didn’t, did you.  What have you been doing up until now?”

“I dunno.”

“Bet you were training yourself how to steal things, weren’t you.  Did you do any studying at all to become a Trainer?”

Ellen remained silent, blushing.

“Didn’t think so.  Well, you better go get your Pokemon healed inside the lab.  See you in Viridian.”

She stomped back inside the lab and spoke to Professor Oak.

“Ellen,” said the professor.  “Don’t tell me you’re giving up already, are you?”

“Stupid Pokemon,” said the girl.  “Both of them.  Won’t do so much as Poison Powder when I tell Bulbasaur to.”

“How much did you train it?”

She couldn’t answer.

“And to think you had it before I came back?  There’s a reason why people like you are called Trainers.  This Pokemon is at level 5, or at least he was until you took it.  You gotta pit them against other Pokemon if you want them to learn anything useful.”

“Gary just told me to get this healed.”

“I take it you battled him?  Here, let me fix up your Pokemon.”

He took the ball from her and placed it in some kind of machine.  A jingle played as some weird light flashed over it a few times.

“Good as new,” the scientist said, letting the Pokemon out of its ball.  The scratches that it received from Gary’s Charmander had disappeared almost like magic.

“And, since you mentioned Poison Powder, why don’t you look into your Pokedex to see what it will learn in the future?

The girl took her dex out and opened it up.  Pressing a certain button brought up a list, in which only the first and fourth items were filled.  She selected the former, Bulbasaur, and something appeared on a screen filling up the top-left corner.  A voice programmed into the device read everything from the screen.

“A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon.”

Several options were also displayed.  Of them, the first she selected was “Stats”.

“Level: 5. Hit Points: 21/21.  Attack power: 10.  Defensive power: 11.  Special Attack power: 13.  Special Defensive power: 12.  Speed: 10.

Next option on the main menu was “Moves”.

“This Pokemon currently knows: 1. Tackle.  A simple charging attack.  Type: Normal.  Power: 35.”  

She moved the curser down, and selected the move there.

 “2. Growl.  Growls at a Pokemon to reduce its attack power.

“Moves it will learn: 1. Leech Seed, level 7.  Releases a seed which sprouts into several vines upon hitting the target, and gradually drains its bodily fluids.  Type: Grass.  2. Vine Whip, level 9.  Extends a vine to lash at an opponent.  Type: Grass.  Power 35.  3. Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, and Stun Spore, level 13.  These moves release a powdered substance into the air, which respectively induce poison, sleepiness, or paralysis on anyone caught in it.”

She continued reading down the list, and it ended with Seed Bomb at level 37.

“Hurls seeds which explode upon landing.  Type: Grass.  Power: 80.”

Another option that interested her was Abilities.

“Overgrow: When this Pokemon has only one-third of its will to fight remaining, it’s Grass-type moves will become 50% more powerful.”

And finally, Evolution.

“This Pokemon evolves into Ivysaur through battle experience, and then into Venusaur by battling even more.”

“Well, Bulbasaur!  We got work to do!” said Ellen, before starting her journey for real.

“Bulba-saur!” replied the Pokemon.

Back on Route 1, Ellen was raring to catch herself a Pidgey and Rattata each.

“Pokeball, go!!!” as she pitched her arm and threw the ball at a Pidgey.  It missed by a good few feet as the brown and white bird took flight and started kicking up sand with its wings.

“Maybe you should have Bulbasaur try to weaken them?” Uxie advised her.

“Shut up!  Why don’t you do that for me as long as you’re hovering around here, Mr. So-called Legendary Pokemon?”

“I’ll explain tonight.”

“Whatever,” she responded while drawing out another ball.

“Go!!!”  she threw the ball at it.  And then another, and another, and her last one before retrieving all five of them and deciding to go with Uxie’s advice.

“Go!  Bulbasaur!”  She held the ball forward, and out came the Pokemon inside.  “Tackle on that Rattata!”

The quadruped charged at the purple rat, but the latter ran away.

She spent at least the next half hour commanding the Pokemon to Tackle other wild Pokemon, which either ran away or took flight.  Finally, he became tired and unable to move.

“Bulbasaur!  Tackle that Pidgey!”

All he could do was drop onto his underside.

“You’re Pokemon looks tired,” said Uxie.  “You should probably recall him and bring ‘em to the PokeCenter in Viridian at this point.”

The girl sighed and said nothing.  She and the yellow Pokemon continued on their way, went inside the Center, and had Nurse Joy revitalize the bluish-green Pokemon.

“Well, Uxie,” said Ellen after she stepped back outside.  “So far, you’ve managed to both appoint and disappoint me.  If you want me to serve whatever purpose you chose me for, why don’t you make yourself useful and take something from that guy over there.”  She pointed to someone sleeping by a pond while finishing that sentence.

The Pokemon floated over to the man’s backpack, and took a peek inside it.  With his tail, he picked up some kind of disk and brought it back to the girl.  On it said “TM 42-K: Dream Eater.”

“Hm.  I wonder what this could be,” said the girl.  She opened her Pokedex, and got the following message:

“TM 42-K: Dream Eater.  If another Pokemon is asleep, the user can drain its mental energy to heal itself with.”

 “Why don’t you go back into the Center and check it out?” Uxie suggested.

Ellen did so, and asked Nurse Joy what to do with it.

“Oh, that?  Come on over to the PC.  I’ll show you what to do with it.”

The two of them walked over, and at Joy’s instructions, Ellen placed her Bulbasaur’s PokeBall into an electronic tray and inserted the disk into the hard drive.  A program opened up by itself and displayed six slots, one of which showed her Bulbasaur and was marked “Incompatible”.

“Oh,” said Joy.  “I’m sorry.  But you can shop for different ones if you’d like.  PokeMarts receive one each of all fifty each day.”

“I think I’ll go do that.  Thanks,” said Ellen.

“And to think that Bulbasaur learns Sleep Powder at level 13,” she said, as she and Uxie headed to the PokeMart.

Inside the Mart, she gathered some supplies, and then took a look at the TMs that were available.  There were only one or two copies of each disk, but there were about fourteen different TMs available.  She didn’t have enough money for some of them, but having to decide between those she could afford was still disorienting.  She decided just to pick up the one on the far end, was TM 50-K, Substitute.

Next stop in town was the local gym.  Ellen was eager to get her very first Badge as a Trainer, but disappointment hit her when she arrived only to find that it was locked.

“Well, not like you’re anywhere near ready for a gym anyway,” said Uxie, as Ellen headed west onto Route 22.

“Shut up!” replied Ellen.  “You call yourself a legendary Pokemon, and yet you’re afraid to do so much as Tackle for whatever reason.”

“The reason behind it will shock the fuck out of you.”

“Oh?  Wanna just tell me right now and get it over with?”

“I’ll tell you tonight when we find a hotel to stay at.  Anyway, don’t you know that you can’t enter the Pokemon League without all eight badges, let alone with none of them?”

“Duh!  I’m off to complain to whoever’s in charge of everything.  What am I gonna do if I already have the other seven, or at least those from whichever ones actually are open, and it’s still closed?”

The two of them continued arguing while moving on.  From where Route 22 began, Rattata and several other species of Pokemon became increasingly abundant.  One of the other species populating the area were white furballs with pig-like noses and extremely thin arms and legs.  Not nearly all over the place were small birds with red wings, tan undersides, brown heads, and a much sharper facial design than the Pidgey back at Route 1.  The former was a much larger target than any Rattata or Pidgey, and Ellen drew out a PokeBall with which to capture one.

“I think you might want to weaken that one first,” said Uxie.  “If it escapes the ball—“

Too late.  Ellen threw the ball, and it landed on target and opened itself up.  No sooner had it popped open had the animal changed into a plasma-like substance which got sucked inside.  The ball snapped shut with the button glowing a bright red, wiggled, wiggled again, wiggled one more time, and finally, the button stopped glowing.

“Yeah!” the girl said while raising her fist in the air in excitement, before bringing the flats of both fists to her chin and swishing her butt side to side while bent forwards.  “I got a Pokemon!  Something’s finally gone right today!”

“Next time, you might want to try knocking out the Pokemon first,” said the yellow Pokemon as it brought the newly filled ball to her.  “Notice how it rocked from side to side?  That’s the Pokemon thrashing about trying to escape.  Pokemon don’t like to be ripped out of their natural habitat, even though they are pretty quick to get used to their new lives once they are.  Stronger ones won’t succumb without a fight and if this one got out, it would’ve given you the beating of your life!”

“Thanks for the advice, I guess.  Say, let’s see what this bad boy knows!”

“Mankey.  Extremely quick to anger. It could be docile one moment then thrashing away the next instant.”

“Oh, and by the way, this one is female,” said Uxie.

“Okay, whatever,” said Ellen, before continuing to browse its data.

“Level: 7. Hit Points: 20/20.  Attack power: 14.  Defensive power: 8. Special Attack power: 9. Special Defensive power: 9. Speed: 12.

“Moves this Pokemon knows: 1. Covet.  Steals something which an enemy Pokemon is holding.  Type: Dark.”

“Hmmmm… That sounds like fun!” said Ellen, before continuing to read her Dex.

“2. Scratch.  Rakes the enemy with sharp claws.  Type: Normal.  Power: 40.  3. Low Kick.  Drops down to kick in a sweeping motion and trip the enemy.  Damage potential is directly proportionate to the target’s weight.  Type: Fighting.  4. Leer.  Squints at the enemy and lowers its defensive power.  5. Focus energy.  Concentrates energy in order to increase the strength of its next attack by 50%.

She then stood through quite a handful of move descriptions which the Pokemon had the potential to learn, before browsing the rest of its data.

Abilities: 1. Vital Spirit.  Prevents the Pokemon from falling asleep under any circumstances. 2. Anger Point.  Maximizes the Pokemon’s attack power if it receives a severe blow.

Just then, a familiar spiky-haired boy headed towards the two of them from the opposite direction.

“Were you also going to complain about the gym?” said Gary.

“You mean you already took care of that for me?” said Ellen.


“What did they tell you?”

“That they’re looking for a new gym leader.  That’s all.”

“Well, thanks.  I guess.”

“Whatever.  In the meantime, how about I pound you again and make my Pokemon stronger for when the gym does open up?”

“I’ll be the one to pound you this time!”

The two of them each held a ball forth, and Gary’s Charmander and Ellen’s Bulbasaur materialized in front of their respective Trainers.

“Tackle!” Ellen commanded.

“Ember!” shouted Gary.

The plant Pokemon charged towards the fire Pokemon as she spat a small fireball from her mouth.  The former quickly caught fire, but managed to ram into the latter before succumbing to the flames.

“Leech Seed!” shouted Ellen, but he couldn’t do anything.

“Good job, Charmander!” shouted Gary, quicker than Ellen to notice Bulbasaur’s state of unconsciousness and flames.  The girl huffed while drawing her Pokemon back into his ball.

“This one will kick your ass for sure!  Go!  Mankey!”

“Ember!” shouted Gary.

“Covet!” shouted Ellen.

One fireball was enough to do the monkey in before it could get close enough to steal anything.

“Good work!” said Gary to his Pokemon, before facing Ellen.  “Not to you, of course.  Seriously, Covet?  Couldn’t you see it was already holding something?”

“Oh?” she said, as she drew Mankey back inside her ball.

“Well, duh!  Why don’t you go frisk it once you get both your Pokemon fixed up?  Got anything else to throw at me?

The girl shook her head.

“Well, congratulations.  I’ve got two words for you: Epic.  Fail.  Charmander, return!”  The boy drew his Pokemon back into her ball.  “You better hurry back to the Pokemon Center.  Your balls aren’t gonna sustain what little life your Pokemon still have forever.  Have a nice day!”

With that, he walked on towards the Viridian Forest.  Ellen was pissed.  Why did Gary have to be right all the time?  In any case, she wisely took his advice and hurried back to the PokeCenter.


Doo-doo-doodle-dee…  Three seconds inside the healing machine had completely erased all third-degree burns from both of Ellen’s Pokemon like magic.  After receiving both Pokemon from Nurse Joy, she went over to the PC and placed them inside the ball tray there.  She logged in and inserted TM 50-K.  This time, the slots for both Pokemon were blue, obviously indicating that the TM was compatible with Substitute.  She flipped a coin, and it came up tails.  From that, she decided to let Mankey learn the move.

At this point, it was already dusk.  She had gone to find a hotel, deciding that Viridian Forest could wait until tomorrow morning.

“So, ready to tell me now why you can’t do a damn thing all day?” the girl asked Uxie while taking her clothes off before turning the shower on.  Uxie began his explanation once and for all as the girl stepped in.


“Are you fucking kidding me!?!?!” she shrieked, loud enough for anyone outside the inn to hear her.

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