Unwilling Service: Jimmy's Quest (alpha chapters)

BY : McKnight
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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any of the characters due to appear in this ficseries. No profit is intended by posting this.

This is the second of two betas for this first chapter of Jimmy's fic, written by Jason Foley from Upwork to replace Jake's original beta that still contained leftover references to muscles that Jimmy was not supposed to have.

What Jake did originally:


"I wrote in an 'expansive' fashion. I took the stuff you did, and started by filling out paragraphs because yours seemed thin. Not every single one, but where it fit.

"By doing that, I also focused on adding 'character' to the characters. Expose their personalities. Add tics and traits. So on and so forth.

"And I sexed it up 1000%"

Tuesday, February 27, 1996

Today was a big day!  Jimmy got out of bed at the hour of 5:30 A.M., headed into the bathroom, got undressed, and turned the shower on.  At first, nothing unusual happened.  He just felt the running water until it got warm enough for him to step in, and then started cleansing his body with soap.

Suddenly, he could feel his penis becoming erect, and his scrotum swell up, even though he wasn’t thinking about any girls.  Even weirder, though, was that both body parts swelled up, until his cock was the length and thickness of a combined hot dog and bun, and his ballsack was large enough to contain two golf-ball-sized testicles.

Huhhh… That’s interesting, he thought to himself.

After that, things continued to proceed as normal.  He got out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around his waist, while holding his erection down through it, before returning to his room.


The boy came downstairs wearing a gold pair of shorts, a red longsleeve shirt, and a gold-and-black baseball cap, with a lock of his black hair reaching forward through the hole in his cap.  A bulge was noticeable in the front of his shorts, but his mother paid no heed to that.

 “Ready for your first day as a Pokemon Trainer, I’ll bet!” she said.

“Sure am!” the boy replied, before helping himself to some of the food that she prepared for him on the table.


The boy took his time to eat to his heart’s content, but was careful enough not to eat more than his stomach could handle.

“Thanks for all this,” he shouted, upon deciding he had enough.

“Before you go, I’ve got something to show you,” she replied.  He came up to her, and she handed him an electronic device of some sort, complete with a strap to go around his wrist.  She then handed him a set of instructions.

First function built into it was a clock, which he set for 5:54 A.M. on Sunday.  Other features included a map screen, a cell phone which could be taken out, and a radio function.  It didn’t take him long how to figure those out.

“Awesome!” said Jimmy.

"And, here's this."  She handed him a flat, PokeBall-like device with a screen for the button.  On the back were five small holes and a clip with which to attach to one's clothes.  "It's a PokeWalker.  Make sure it doesn't break, okay?"

“Don’t worry, it won’t.”

“Good.  So, wish you luck on your journey!  Be sure to come back alive!”

“I will,” he said, as he headed out the front door.

No sooner had he stepped outside did a pink light zip past him, before coming back to appear before him in the form of a floating Pokemon with a pink head and a silver body.  She had two tails, each ending in three points with a red gemstone where each tail divided itself.  Her face showed a mischievous smile, and she had another red gemstone on her forehead.  From the top of her head were four thick feelers bobbing up and down.

“Who are you?” the boy asked.

"Jimmy.  I am Mesprit, one of the guardian pixies of the Sinnoh region.”  She looked down to examine his crotch.  “Your transformation was successful."

“Wait, were you responsible for enlarging my cock and balls?”

"Since my brothers and I have each finally found a host, we can now proceed with our real mission.  Accept now, a task which will require…" she paused for a moment, and then:

“Get the fuck lost!” said Jimmy, as he knocked her out of midair with his fist, sending her sprawling a few feet on the ground.  He then stormed off and headed to someone’s house.

A few seconds went by as the pink-headed Pokemon reeled from the hit.  That guy’s got some serious balls, she thought to herself.


At a neighboring house, Jimmy was greeted by a girl wearing a red shirt, a tan longsleeved blouse coming only halfway down her torso, and a pair of tight, light-blue shorts.  Her blue hair was done into a pair of twin-tails each styled in a 90-degree angle, and she wore some kind of cap on top of her head.

Jimmy knew this girl as Marina, ever since they were kids.

“Why so pissed, Jimmy?” she asked.  “Today’s your big day.”

“Would you believe this?  Yes, this is my first day as a Pokemon Trainer, and of all the days it could have happened, it happened to be just now that I happen to meet this perverted Pokemon who stares at my crotch and spouts some bullshit that I failed to understand one bit.”

Hearing that, Marina couldn’t help but notice the large bulge on the front of his shorts.  Lustful thoughts started running through her mind, but she kept them to herself.

“What did the Pokemon look like?”

“Floating in midair, purple body, two tails ending each in three points, pink head with a red gemstone on its forehead…”

“Sounds like some kind of Psychic-type.  Maybe she did something to your body, now that I’ve noticed.”

Hearing this made the boy blush.  “Err, yeah… I’m thinking so, too.”

Clearly seeing him self-conscious like this made her realize a mistake she just made, and she took the opportunity to back off while she was still ahead.

A few moments went by, before she continued.

“Maybe we should as Professor Elm if he’d have any insight on this.”

“I’m thinking what you are.”


Professor Elm was hard at work in his laboratory while awaiting Jimmy and Marina.  It wasn’t long until they did arrive.

“Ah, you two have arrived,” the professor said.

“Professor,” Marina started.  “Jimmy just told me he was visited by a pink Pokemon with two tails and a forehead gem, which introduced herself as ‘Mesprit’.”

“That thing told me she came from Sinnoh, and said something about some kind of ‘real mission’ while staring at my dick,” said Jimmy.  “Have any idea what’s going on here?”

There was a pause, before Elm began to explain the situation.

“Jimmy… You are in for… something… unthinkable.”

All three of them were silent, while Jimmy and Marina wondered what could possibly be about to happen involving the floating Pokemon.  And then the Pokemon in question entered through an opened window.

"You need not explain anything.  I will do so once we set foot on our journey.  Though I must say, Jimmy, that what you did out there was not exactly necessary."

“What did you do, Jimmy?” the girl asked.

“Punched her aside,” he answered.

“Can’t say I blame you, actually.  I would’ve given anyone a good kick in the face if they stared at me in such an intimate way.”

“Well, since Mesprit has offered to take the hard part off of me,” said Elm, “let’s get down to business.  First thing’s first: I have received a call from Mr. Pokemon about some kind of egg he found.  My colleague, Professor Oak, is paying him a visit on Route 30, and I would suggest you do so as well.  Before you go, though, here are your Pokedexes, and you may each choose one of the three Pokemon on this table.”

The scientist gave each of the Trainers a red, rectangular, electronic device, which opened up like a book.  The first function they made use of was to record the basic data of each Pokemon available for the taking.

"Chikorita," spoke a computerized voice from Jimmy’s Pokedex.  "Type: Grass.  A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays."

He then analyzed the other two.

"Cyndaquil.  Type: Fire.  It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection."

"Totodile.  Type: Water.  Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful."

“Well,” said Jimmy.  “I think I’ll take a chance with… Totodile!”

“You sure?” asked Marina.  “Your Pokedex just said that that thing is a double-edged sword.”

“Well, we also got Mesprit here, who as a Psychic-type, should be able to keep her in her place.”  The boy then faced the floating Pokemon, glaring at her.  “Right, Mes?”

“Well, err…”

“Well,” Marina picked up.  “In any case, Cyndaquil sure looks cute, so I guess I’ll start with her.”

“Very good, then,” said Elm.  “With that all said and done, here are five PokeBalls each, and I wish both of you the best of luck.”

The Trainers took the empty balls, and headed out the door before heading out of New Bark Town.


Route 29 was a long trek from New Bark Town all the way to Cherrygrove City.  Having an important task at hand, neither of the Trainers stopped to capture any Pokemon, although they did have to stop halfway to eat lunch.  It was at that point that Mesprit began to explain everything that led up to her and Jimmy’s encounter from this morning, what her and her brothers’ mission was, and not least of all, what it would involve on Jimmy’s part.

“And what if I refuse!?!” the boy shouted.

"You mustn’t," Mesprit communicated.  "If you do... there will be no future for anyone… least of all, you."

“So far, I’m not feeling all that convinced.  If anything, I think that might actually for the better, so that I have nothing to live down, and no one will remember anything.”

"Jimmy… The well-being of other people, and not least of all, the world and beyond, is made possible by the sacrifices of others.  You have been given a responsibility.  Please accept it."

“I'd consent to, but not if it involves that!  Go find someone with less face to lose than me.”

"I’m afraid that won’t be possible now.  Asking for our hosts’ permission was not part of the linking process, and if it was, everything would have gone to dust long before we could begin our mission."

“Whatever.  The answer is no!”


As soon as they reached Cherrygrove, Jimmy looked at his PokeWalker, and activated a digital map screen, scrolling it to determine how much longer it would take him and Marina to reach their destination.

“So,” he started.  “It’s taken us six and a half hours to get here, and it’s already 3:30.  If we find a hotel to stay at, it will be the middle of the day by the time we get to Mr. Pokemon’s house.”

“Hmmmm… Well, we still have the option to set up a tent somewhere.”

“You’re right.  We gotta make good time.  Let’s keep going.”

They proceeded to make their way through town, and onto Route 30, stopping at dusk to build a tent and campfire and eat dinner, before calling it a night.


Wednesday, February 28, 1996

The following morning, they got up at the crack of dawn, and took only a few more hours to reach the house.

“Hello, hello!  You two must be Jimmy and Marina!” greeted an man wearing a brown suit and hat.  “And, Mesprit, one of Sinnoh’s sacred guardians!  Come on inside, the three of you!”

They came inside, as the man retrieved something from a bookcase.

“Here!  I received this from someone!”  He handed Jimmy a foot-tall white egg with colored, triangular markings.

“Thanks,” said Jimmy.  “I’ll be sure to go right back to New Bark Town and show it to Professor Elm.”

“Ah, Jimmy, Marina” said an old, graying man in a lab coat, sitting near a computer.  “So good of you two to come.  I am Professor Oak, a colleague of Elm and a friend of Mr. Pokemon.”  He then faced Mesprit.  “And, you are one of Sinnoh’s legendary lake guardians, am I right?”

"Indeed", she replied.  "My name is Mesprit, and since only yesterday, I have chosen this boy to be my host, in order to avert a coming crisis."

“I’ve noticed… something unusual about this boy.  This will not involve…”

"I’m afraid it will."

“But why?  Why must the salvation of this world involve the degradation of a fifteen-year-old boy?  Of anyone, for that matter?”

"Even my brothers and I have contemplated that.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change it."

The professor was silent.  There was nothing he could say to argue.

"If it is any consolation to you, he and I will start at the Ruins of Alph, the least populated location for miles."

“Tell that to Jimmy, not me.”

He then faced the boy.

“Jimmy… I know this is unfair to you, and even I don’t agree with her, but please accept your destiny as a chosen host.  Do it for the world, not for this one Pokemon.”

The Trainer said nothing, simply looking the scientist in the eyes without so much as nodding.

“Two other Trainers, both presumably female, have also been enhanced and chosen for the same kind of humiliation.  If it’s any incentive, you will get to meet both of them, eventually.”

"Both female, indeed," Mesprit added.  "Plus, we know where there are other legendary Pokemon that few else have ever encountered."

He hesitated to answer, but suddenly received a call on his cell phone.

“Hello?  Elm?” he answered.

“Jimmy!  The other Pokemon has been stolen!  Where are you right now?”

“We’re still at Mr. Pokemon’s house.  Mind telling me what the perpetrator looked like?”

“Red hair, black clothes, looked about your age.”

“I’ll get your Pokemon back for you in no time!”

“Thanks.  I’m counting on you.”

Both parties hung up, before Jimmy faced Marina.

“You go on ahead.  I’ll bring the egg back.  Got business to take care of right along the way.”

“Let’s meet up again somewhere!” said Marina.

“Before you leave,” said Mr. Pokemon, “I just wanted to share another secret with you.  You did notice a few trees with round tops, right?”

“Oh, those?” said Marina.  “What about them?”

“Those are berry trees.  If you shake them, any berries that are ripe will fall down, and you can then give them to your Pokemon.”

“Right on!” said Jimmy.

“Thanks for the tip,” said Marina.

The two Trainers and Mesprit then went outside.  While Marina simply strode to the house that they passed on their way, Jimmy ran with all his might in hopes of intercepting the thief that Elm told him about.

“Mesprit!” he commanded.  “Take to the sky and look for a Trainer with red hair and a black clothes!  That’s who we’re after!”

"Your wish is my command," she communicated, before flying above.  Jimmy kept looking forward and to the side, so as to keep an eye on her while not risking crashing into anything, but at some point, she was too far away and high up for him to keep track of anymore, and he then focused on just making his way back to Cherrygrove.

By the time he did, he was all out of breath from running for several straight hours.  He simply walked from there for another couple of hours, clutching the side of his stomach while panting heavily.  

At some point, Mesprit came back into view in the sky, though still a good distance far away over Route 29.  Jimmy made sure to keep an eye on her until they finally reunited near the east exit of the town.

No sooner had they did Jimmy come face to face with his quarry.

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