Unwilling Service: May's Quest (alpha chapters)

BY : McKnight
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What Jake did originally:


"I wrote in an 'expansive' fashion. I took the stuff you did, and started by filling out paragraphs because yours seemed thin. Not every single one, but where it fit.

"By doing that, I also focused on adding 'character' to the characters. Expose their personalities. Add tics and traits. So on and so forth.

"And I sexed it up 1000%"

Sunday, February 25, 1996

A moving truck was on its way to the small Hoenn town of Littleroot.  Inside the back, huddled among various boxes, was a teenage girl wearing a red-and-white bandanna, a tight red shirt, an equally tight pair of shorts with a white waist and dark blue legs, a fanny pack around her waist, and a dark blue and silver pair of gloves.  Her shoulder-length brown hair was divided into two flat pieces, one coming down diagonally next to each side of her head.

While May did previously manage to stick with her family on the ship heading from Johto to Hoenn, certain things happened to cause her to get separated from her family, forcing her to hitch a ride from one of the movers.  It wasn’t like her parents could have backtracked to find her, since they were already on their way to their new home, so this was a backup plan of sorts for in case this kind of thing were to happen.

Eventually, the vehicle stopped, and the girl opened up the door, hopping out into the fresh air and sunlight before her.  She then noticed her mother emerge from the front door of the nearest house and greeting her

“May,” she said, as the two of them walked inside.  “You did exactly as we planned on for if any of us got separated.  Good job!  Welcome to our new home.  Come on inside.  Your father’s already at his gym in Petalburg City, but I’m sure your brother will be glad to see you’ve made it here safely.”

Soon as they were inside, May noticed a few Machamp moving stuff around as someone gave them directions as to where to move what.

“Wow!” the girl said.  “They’re using Pokemon to move stuff around for us!”

“That’s right!” said Carolyne.  “This is just one of many purposes that Pokemon serve for us, aside from battling.  Isn’t it convenient?  Say, why don’t you head upstairs and see your bedroom, and say hi to your brother while you’re at it?”

Upstairs, an adolescent boy with glasses, dark teal hair, and wearing a green t-shirt and dark brown shorts was on his bed, reading stuff about Hoenn, and especially about the kinds of Pokemon inhabiting the region.

“Hi, Max!” said May.

“May!” the boy responded.  “How was it getting here?”

“Pretty uncomfortable, having hitched a ride from one of the moving trucks.  Sure feeling achey and sweaty right now, so maybe I’ll go shower off and have a nap.”

With that, she got herself a change of clothes, and headed for the bathroom.  Nothing unusual happened; she just got undressed, started the water up, got in after it got warm enough, and proceeded to cleanse herself.  But then…

“Max!  May!” Caroline called out.  “You’re father’s on TV!  Hurry and come see!”

May didn’t even bother to turn the water off, simply throwing on a towel before rushing downstairs.  Too bad for her and Max, the footage in question already ended.

“Damn!” said May.

“Oh, were you in the shower?” asked Caroline.  “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.  Not like any of us were in control of it.”

“Say, after May gets dressed, why don’t the two of you go pay our neighbors a visit?”


Among the various people the two siblings visited, someone in particular stood out.  And that someone was no one else but the son of the local scientist Professor Birch.  His hair was white and unkempt, and he wore a black-and-red shirt, black shorts, a thick green band around his forehead, and a pair of fingerless gloves.

“Haven’t seen you two around before,” he started.  “I’m Brendan.  And you are?”

“Max,” answered the younger boy.

“May,” the girl answered.  “We just arrived here from Goldenrod City in Johto.”

“Olivine?  So, you lived in the capital city of Johto!  What’s it like there?”

“We used to live near the sea, and there was even a seaport and a lighthouse.  Sure is nice to live in such a less developed place like here, with houses and grass instead.  Y’know, more in tune with nature, with a lot less traffic and noise.”

“I bet it would be!  Anyway, my dad’s out doing research in the field.  How about the three of us go and see if we can find him anywhere?”


Professor Birch's laboratory was small but spacious, with bookshelves and computers here and there.  Several assistant scientists were present and doing various kinds of research, but not Birch himself.

"Joshua.  I guess Dad's out doing fieldwork, right?" Brendan asked an assistant with glasses and short green hair.

"Oh!  Brendan!" he said.  "I hear you're supposed to start your journey today, aren't you?  It seems you also made a couple of friends."

"I'm May," said the girl," and this is my brother Max.  We just moved here all the way from Goldenrod City in Johto.  Our own dad is a Gym Leader, who now works in Petalburg City."

"I heard about him.  You two must be proud to have a father like him.  Bet you can't wait to start your journeys and challenge him at his gym."

"Say, let's go see where Birch is," said Max.  "I've been looking forward to meeting him even before we got here."


Not far away from Littleroot, a short, lanky scientist had wound up in a bad encounter with a small gray dog with a black face and paws and a snaggletooth pointing upwards from the corner of its mouth.  Running with all his might as he , he eventually found a tree to climb up and escape its reach.Brendan, May, and Max arrived not a moment too soon, to see Professor Birch up on a branch that was already failing under his weight.

"Thank god you're all here," shouted the scientist.  "I really could use your help."

He tossed the bag he was carrying over to the three kids.  Putting two and two together, they didn't need to be told how to help.  Opening the bag, they each took one of three PokeBalls contained within, and released the creatures within.

From the ball that Brendan picked up, upon being thrown, emerged a blue, quadrupedal amphibian with a flat tail, a fin on its head, and some orange whiskers on each side of its face.  The area covering the lower half of its mouth through its entire underside was a more whitish shade of blue, as opposed to the rest of its navy-blue body.

Max happened to release a bipedal gecko with two large tails, both a darker shade of green than the rest of its body.
From May came a small red bird resembling a chicken chick, with three tiny yellow feathers on top of its head.
"Mudkip, Tackle!" shouted Brendan.

"Treecko, use Pound!" Max commanded.

The blue salamander rammed up against the Poochyena, while the gecko ran up to it and smacked it.

May simply froze up, having no knowledge of either the Pokemon she happened to unleash or the one they were up against.  Didn't matter.  The other two Pokemon's attacks were enough to drive it away.  And just in time, right before the branch holding Birch gave way.

"Dad, are you okay?" asked Brendan, as his father moaned painfully.

"Thanks, you guys," said the scientist.

"Y'know, you're a scientist.  How could it not occur to you to hit that Pokemon back for threatening you?  Don't you know that Poochyena only chase after anything that doesn't fit back?"


"So, you two are Max and May, the son and daughter of Petalburg's new Gym Leader?" asked Birch, once they were all back in his lab.  The two siblings confirmed it.

"I see.  Well, as of this season, my son was the only person here eligible to become a Pokemon Trainer, so in return for your help, I'd like you to have Torchic and begin your journey."

"Thanks," said May.

"Max, I understand you're still too young to become a Trainer, but you may keep Treecko for yourself.  Please take good care of it."

"Thanks, I will," said the younger boy."

And, before the two of you leave, please take these empty PokeBalls," Birch said to May and Brendan.  Both of the newly appointed Trainers received five metal red-and-white balls each.  "And, of course, your Pokedexes.

"The two of them each received a flat, red, rectangular electronic device that could open up like a book.  Inside was a small screen and numerous buttons.

"Make sure you use these to identify what kinds of Pokemon inhabit wherever you go, among other things.  Before you go, May, I might suggest you spend one more night with your family.  You weren't officially registered to become a Pokemon Trainer yet, so you wouldn't want your family wondering why you mysteriously disappeared."

"Well," said May, to Brendan.  "Guess I'll be seeing you.""Let's meet up in Oldale Town tomorrow, okay?

Monday, February 26, 1996

Back on Route 101, May tried out her Pokedex for the first time.

"Pokemon found in this area: 1) Zigzagoon.  Type: Normal.  The hair on its back is bristly. It rubs the hard back hair against trees to leave its territorial markings. This Pokémon may play dead to fool foes in battle.  2) Wurmple.  Type: Bug.  It sticks to tree branches and eats leaves. The thread it spits from its mouth, which becomes gooey when it touches air, slows the movement of its foes.  3) Poochyena.  Type: Dark.  Poochyena is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out.

The first two of those were quite abundant, but there weren't that many Poochyena in view.  It was obvious that Dark-type Pokemon were typically nocturnal, but May wondered what the deal was with the one that attacked Birch.  Didn't matter too much.  There were so many Zigzagoon and Wurmple up for the taking; no point passing them up, was there?

"Go!  Torchic!" she shouted, as she threw the bird's ball forward and released her, pitting her up against a brown-striped raccoon with jagged fur and tail.

"Use Tackle!"

The chick ran forward in an attempt to ram her head into her target.  The raccoon, however, moved in a zigzag pattern that made it hard to hit.

"Guess I should catch a Wurmple first," said the girl.Such a Pokemon as a red, stinger-tailed caterpillar feeding off of tree bark and fallen leaves would surely be an easy target.

"PokeBall!  Go!" shouted the girl, as she flung one of the empty balls at one of the bugs.  Ordering her Torchic to tackle that thing would be both dangerous and redundant.  When it moved, it did not move fast at all.

The ball, after containing its prey, wiggled a few times while the button on its front glowed red.  It didn't take long for the glow to subside, confirming a successful capture.  May knew exactly what to do from here."Go!  Wurmple!"

Out came the red, spiky worm, ready for battle."Use String Shot!"The bug shot out a stream of white, sticky fluid on an unsuspecting Zigzagoon.

"Torchic!  Use Tackle!"The bird Pokemon charged at the immobilized Zigzagoon, landing a hard enough blow to knock it down, but not out.

"PokeBall!  Go!"

An empty ball sailed forth, trapping the Pokemon inside it.  Already immobilized and hurt, it had no chance to escape its grip.

Aaaaaaand… check.
Oldale Town was nothing too special.  Just a suburban village consisting of some wooden cottages and the usual PokeMart and PokeCenter.  May took about an hour and a half to arrive from Littleroot Town, and made bringing her newly captured Zigzagoon to the local PokeCenter her first priority.  After that, it was just as ready as her other two Pokemon for an upcoming battle in the middle of town.

"Morning, May!" said Brendan, upon meeting up with his new friend and rival.  "Catch anything?"

"Yep!  Ready?" said the girl.

"Let's see what you got!  Go, Mudkip!"

"Torchic, I choose you!"

"Tackle!" both Trainers shouted.Both Pokemon charged at each other.  Torchic was slightly faster, but Mudkip's impact on her was slightly more powerful than vice versa.With no more room to tackle again, and no other moves besides Growl, both Pokemon simple Struggled with each other.  Mudkip prevailed, forcing May to recall Torchic before she'd faint.

"Go!  Zigzagoon!" shouted the girl.

Out came the brown raccoon that May caught this morning.

"Use Tackle!" both Trainers commanded.Both Pokemon rammed each other, and dealt each other enough of a blow that they nearly fainted.  Given the kind of shape they were in now, their Trainers both decided to call it a draw, and withdrew their Pokemon.

"Not bad, Brendan," said May.  "But, what other kinds of Pokemon did you capture?"

"None, yet," said Brendan.  "I'm saving my balls to get something awesome!"

"That's a good strategy.  But as for me, I'm gonna catch every one I can find.  Especially the cute ones."

"Be sure to visit the PokeMart after you get your Pokemon fixed up.  You're gonna need a lot of balls if you wanna pull that off!"


May went back to the Pokemon Center for a second time so far, before heading to the PokeMart.  There, she was greeted by an apron-wearing representative, who gave her a solid white PokeBall with a brown seam for arriving at the time of the store's grand opening.  Needless to say, she was really happy about receiving such a novelty item as that.

Inside, the girl looked around at the store's various merchandise.  On a special shelf hung six disks with different numbers on them.  May knew these as TMs, or Technical Move.  Appealing as they were, though, she knew that gearing up for adventure was more important than trying out the fun stuff.  She also knew that the number of TMs a Pokemon could learn and which ones were quite limited.  Therefore, she decided that 4200 Poken worth of PokeBalls and medicinal items was quite enough for the time being.  Maybe another time she would buy some to try out.


May used her Pokedex to scan the Pokemon populations on Route 102.  There were quite a handful more species around than on Route 101, particularly near a pond to her right.  Unfortunately, she would have to bypass the Pokemon at said pond for now.  Wurmple was not yet ready to be fighting, and her other two Pokemon only knew how to Tackle, which was only good on land.  And that said nothing about Torchic being a Fire-type, weak to water.  If only she had gotten Mudkip from Professor Birch's bag instead…

The remaining few that she didn't already have one of were Poochyena, Seedot, and Ralts.  Those first two were active mainly at night, and Ralts tended to hide in the grass from people most of the time.  Not to mention that Seedot tended to fall from their trees mostly during autumn.  May had nothing that could snuff a Ralts out from hiding or knock a Seedot down by force.
Disappointed, she pressed on forward for about an hour through the treeless part of the path, before being confronted by a young boy wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue shorts and baseball cap.

"If you have Pokemon on you, then you're an official Pokemon Trainer," said the youngster.  "You can't say no to my challenge.""Sure you wanna challenge a teenager like me?"

"Go, Zigzagoon!"

"I choose you, Zigzagoon!"

"Tackle!" both Trainers shouted.Both Zigzagoon charged each other, and the youngster's was slightly more powerful than May's.

"Tail Whip!" shouted the boy.His respective Zigzagoon made a 360-degree motion, smacking her's with its tail.  At this point, May could clearly see that her Pokemon was losing.

"Zigzagoon!  Return!" she commanded, holding the ball up and firing a thin red beam at her, converting her into a matching-colored plasma and drawing her back inside."Good job, Zigzagoon!" said the boy, doing the same with his own Pokemon.

"I guess I should have trained my Pokemon more," said May, disappointedly, as she let her Pokemon back out to treat her wounds.  "Well, at least we gained some experience from this."


Half an hour and another battle later, May spied a pair of small trees each sporting berries of some sort.  The tree on the left had berries that resembled heart-shaped pink peaches, while the one on the right featured small blue oranges.  "Well, these look delicious," she said, gleefully.  "Let's see what they are."
May drew out her Pokedex to identify them, and the screen inside displayed the pink peach-like variety.

"Pecha Berry.  Cures poison when eaten by a Pokemon."And then the blue fruit."Oran Berry.  Recovers 10 HP when eaten by a Pokemon."

"All right!" she said.  Having just used several Potions and an Antidote within just the past half hour, she really could have used some of those for her Pokemon.  She wasted no time wiggling both trees for what she could get.

As it turned out, nothing on either tree was ripe yet, much to her disappointment.  She moved on ahead, another hour or so and two more battles, before eventually reaching Petalburg City.


May was glad to have finally reached Petalburg City after yet two more battles.  She was already down to just one Potion at this point.  One, which she found laying around on her way.

At the local PokeMart, she  saw a bigger variety of merchandise than at the one in Oldale.  Things like bug repellant, ropes, and colored capsules with the letter X.  Still having most of the status ailment medicine that she bought previously, she gladly invested most of the money she earned from battling on stuff she didn't have yet.

Next, of course, was to meet her father at the local Gym. On her way there, she was greeted by a short, portly man wearing a turquoise Hawaiian t-shirt, tan khaki shorts, and sunglasses.

"Excuse me," said the man.  "I take it you're a Pokemon Trainer, right?"

"I was actually just heading to the Gym right now," said May.  "My name's May, and my father just moved here as the new Gym Leader."

"Ah!  So you're Norman's daughter!  You must be real proud, hey!  I'm Scott, by the way.  Hope to see you around sometime.
"With that, they both went their separate ways.


The Gym was actually a dojo of sorts, with a floor and walls of wooden boards, two stone stands with PokeBall statues just inside the entrance, and a handful of trainers battling one another to strengthen their Pokemon.

The Leader was a black-haired man wearing a dark-red zip-down sweater and black pants.  This was none other than May's father, Norman, whom she had come to challenge first.

"May," he said.  "You managed to make it here all the way from Littleroot Town all by yourself.  I'm impressed!  How was your trip from Johto?"

"Great," she said.  "A lot of stuff's been going on since then.  Made friends with Professor Birch's son, and also got my very first Pokemon!"

"So you've decided to become a Pokemon Trainer?  Good for you, but I would suggest you head to the Gym in Rustboro City first."

Just then, in came a boy with olive-green hair and pants and a white button-down shirt.

"Umm…" he said.  "I… I'd like to borrow a Pokemon… please."

Norman took a few seconds to recognize the boy.

"So, you're Wally.  Right?" said the man."I'm going to Verdanturf Town to stay with my relatives," said Wally.  "But I don't want to be there all by myself.  I'd like a Pokemon to keep me company."

"Here.  You may borrow my Zigzagoon."  The Gym Leader handed the boy a PokeBall, before turning to his daughter.  "May, would it be too much for me to ask that you go with Wally and make sure nothing happens to him while he catches a Pokemon?"

"I was planning to return to Route 102 for some Pokemon anyway, so let's go there," said the girl.


Back outside of town, May and Wally walked towards a patch of particularly tall grass.  Out from it emerged a short, white, doll-like Pokemon with green hair and a pair of flat, red horns lined up vertically on top of its head.

"A Ralts!" shouted May.  "Use Dad's Pokemon to weaken it."

"Go.  Zigzagoon," said Wally, simply opening the ball up to let the Pokemon out.  "Use Tackle.

"The raccoon charged at the wild Pokemon, knocking it down.

"Now, throw a PokeBall at it," said May.

"Like this?" asked Wally, as he lobbed one at the downed target.

The fairy was sucked inside the ball, which wiggled for a few moments before sitting still."Did I get it?" asked the boy.

"Way to go!" said the girl.  "You just got the hardest Pokemon to find here!  Let's go back and tell Dad about your new Pokemon!"


"So, you got yourself a Ralts?" asked Norman, after May and Wally had returned to the gym.  "Congratulations!"

"Thanks," said Wally, before handing the Gym Leader back his Zigzagoon.  "Here, thanks for letting me borrow this."


The olive-haired boy went on his way, but May returned to Route 101 once more.  She let her Pokemon out of their balls, and waited with them for the small grace of time between dusk and night.  Dark enough that Dark-type Pokemon would come out into the open, but light enough that they could still see things well enough without a flashlight.

As the Zigzagoon retreated into the grass and trees to sleep, out came the Poochyena to take their place.

"Wurmple!  Use String Shot!" she commanded.The spiky red worm unleashed a stream of white, sticky silk onto a Poochyena, so as to prevent it from running away.

"Zigzagoon!  Tackle!"

The brown raccoon rammed into the dog, knocking it over.

"PokeBall!  Go!"

A red and white ball sailed through the air and towards the wild Pokemon, sealed it inside, wiggled for a bit… and stopped.

"All right!  Great job, you two!" said the girl, as she went to retrieve the ball.
Back in Petalburg, May was able to heal her new Poochyena at a PokeCenter.  Try as she might, though, she was not able to book a hotel room anywhere in town.  Therefore, she decided to camp out instead near a pond near Route 104.

Tuesday, February 27, 1996

Upon waking up, May had herself some breakfast and took down the tent she was sleeping in.  She then took off all her clothes, and bathed in the pond.

High above her hovered a blue feline Pokemon.  It had two tails, each ending in three tips.  Most of its face was a darker shade of blue than the rest of its body, and it also spotted a red gem on its forehead.  It was evidently in the middle of a telepathic exchange with at least two other parties while eyeing the naked girl.

"Find anyone yet?"  

"Got my sights on someone"

"Everything is go."

"Perfect.  Now we can finally pull this off.  3… 2… 1… Now!"

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