Spin Serve

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“Move faster! Jump higher!” Kageyama snapped impatiently at the short orange-haired boy. Hinata’s eyes flashed with anger, the boy’s face and shirt drenched with sweat after a long practice. The boy bent over, his hands resting on his knees as he panted in exhaustion.

“That’s...the...best I can do....” Hinata panted at the setter, looking angrily at the black haired boy. “Why are you so mean, I’m so tired!”

“You can’t be tired during a match!” Kageyama retorted. Hinata huffed.

“You’re so mean, Kageyama, I’m done for today. I can’t do anymore.” Hinata said, stripping his shirt off and throwing it to the ground in anger before stomping off to the showers. Kageyama watched the boy, transfixed. The short boy’s hairless chest, tanned from his active lifestyle, and fit from volleyball, entranced the setter. He felt himself hardening a little in his shorts watching the boy’s toned back as Hinata went to the locker room, his ass moving back and forth...

Kageyama cursed himself, his erection now at its full length in his boxers as he pictured Hinata taking off his shorts, and his underwear, the shower water cascading down his body. They had stayed much later than everyone else, like usual, so Hinata would be alone in the showers. Will he jack off in there? Does he even know how? Kageyama found his right hand rubbing his tent as he held the ball in the other hand. He took his hand off his bulge as he regarded the ball. His natural talent was there, sure, but it was his secret weapon that made him truly scary to his opposition. Hypnosis. He had studied it in junior high, wanting to give himself every advantage he could. And he found quickly that it wasn’t fake. It might not have been easy, especially since Kageyama was hypnotizing himself, but his years of aimlessly spinning a volleyball in his hand when he was bored in his room paid off, the boy able to focus completely on the ball’s rotation, letting it calm him, and ultimately sharpening his reflexes and accuracy to a superhuman degree. And it could help Hinata too...

Kageyama shook his head, knowing what he really wanted to use the hypnosis for. Nevertheless, his right hand was back to stroking his tent, and Kageyama let out a small moan. He looked at the ball, staring at it intensely. With one hand, he spun it, his trance setting in immediately, the product of inducting himself hundreds of times before. His eyes glazed over, part of his mind going fuzzy as his eyes didn’t leave the still ball.

“Hold.” the black-haired boy said to himself through his haze, knowing the fuzzy part of his brain would respond to the word. The setter blinked, coming out of his trance. Kageyama’s uses for hypnosis extended past volleyball; the boy also used the ball to control his hair trigger erection. The black-haired teen smiled, knowing he wouldn’t cum now until he spun the ball and said “Release.” But Hinata was in still in the shower, and Kageyama needed to occupy himself until the boy was done. Kageyama gave his bulge another rub, letting out another moan before dropping the ball and heading to the bathroom.

The first-year setter’s 5.5 inch dick was free and rock hard as he arched his back in the bathroom stall, his hand slowly stroking his needy dick as he edged himself, his orgasm safely locked away behind his hypnotism. His shorts and boxers were around his ankles, his shirt forgotten on the ground as he continued pleasuring himself in the bathroom, his eyes shut in pleasure as he enjoyed his time-killing activity. The setter slumped against the toilet, figuring Hinata would be out of the shower by now. Grabbing his discarded shirt, the horny boy pulled his shorts up, hiding his erection the best he could as he straightened himself out, his cheeks still a little flushed. He left the bathroom, finding a newly clean Hinata waiting for him.

“I’m sorry about that Kageyama. I know you’re trying your best, I just can’t do more than I’m doing. I cleaned up the gym for you so you don’t have to.” Hinata said, looking apologetic. Kageyama’s face fell, seeing the volleyballs locked away. He knew Hinata was truly sorry, and judging by the spotless nature of the gym, worked super hard to make up for it. There wouldn’t be a loose ball in the whole building--but a loose ball was what the dark-haired boy needed for his release.

“That’s...ok...” Kageyama said, his face still flushed and his erection throbbing in his shorts as he looked at his crush. “I should shower...” the setter said awkwardly, fighting a war with his arousal not to suggest what Kageyama truly wanted.

“Thanks, Kageyama!” Hinata said, giving the setter a bright smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” the orange-haired boy said, turning for the door, giving the hapless boy another view of his cute butt. A view that won the war in his mind.

“Hey Hinata, before you go...”


“I know a way that will help you go faster.” Hinata’s eyes widened as excitement filled his face.

“Really? What is it??”

“It’s sorta like a relaxation exercise....” Kageyama started, before guilt for what he wanted to do to the boy crept in. “I’ll show you some other time...” the black-haired boy finished weakly.

“Nooooooo, show me nooooooow!!!” Hinata whined, his eyes eager to learn this new technique.

“It’s alright...” Kageyama hedged. Hinata grabbed the setter’s wrist, the boy’s soft hand on his sweaty flesh nearly making Kageyama moaned, feeling the orange haired boy pull on his arm.

“Show meeeeeeee!” Hinata begged. Kageyama’s mind was made up.

“Well, I need a volleyball...” Kageyama started, hoping it would dissuade the boy. Desperately hoping. But the spiker rushed off, unlocking the equipment closet and tossing the horny setter a ball. Kageyama caught it, looking at it and sighing, but his horny mind was made up. He saw Hinata set himself up on the court, expecting a toss.

“Come over here, Hinata, it’s not a drill like that. For this, I really need you to do as I say and use all your focus, or it won’t work.” Kageyama warned. Hinata ran to the setter, and nodded eagerly. They both sat.

“Focus your eyes on the ball, let all your focus land right on the ball, watch it spin.” Kageyama said, spinning the ball in one hand for a second, stopping it, and spinning it again rhythmically. Hinata nodded, his strong legs crossed as he leaned forward slightly, his attention all on the ball, his body tense with concentration.

“Relax, Hinata, but keep watching the ball spin. After every spin, you feel yourself relax more and more.” Hinata leaned back a little as the setter spun the ball again and again, his muscles slowly untensing as he followed what the boy said.

“Don’t let other thoughts interfere with your focus, make sure you focusing on the ball and relaxing are the only thoughts in your mind.”

“Yes....” the orange haired boy drawled, relaxing even more.

“While you’re watching the ball, let my voice enter you. Make sure you follow what I say.” Kageyama said, quivering with anticipation as the fully relaxed boy followed the ball with his eyes.

“Yes....” Hinata said, and Kageyama spun the ball faster.

“Sleep!” the setter shouted, and Hinata’s eyes snapped closed, the boy sagging forward as his relaxed body followed Kageyama’s command. He was under.

Kageyama moaned, his hand reaching into his shorts to stroke his leaking cock as the cute spiker was his.

“Can you... hear me?” Kageyama said, moaning a bit as he continued his plan.

“Yes.” the hypnotized boy answered.

“I want you to forget anything...anything that happens in this trance. But you’ll still follow everything I say in it.” the setter said as he stroked faster.

“Yes.” the boy intoned.

“Ahhhh....” Kageyama moaned. “get....get....get...get hard....” the setter moaned, unable to stop himself as he pushed his shorts and underwear down, freeing his erection once again as he jacked himself off faster. The mind controlled boy’s lump started to shift, as arousal entered his body. Hinata’s cheeks flushed as his pants tented, reaching a full erection in his boxers.

“Yes.” the boy said simply, a bulge in his pants.

Kageyama was masturbating wildly now. “Push down your pants and underwear.”

“Yes.” Hinata said and stood, unzipping and unbuttoning his pants, revealing his orange boxers through the fly, before pushing both garments down. His 5-inch dick sprung free, bouncing up, making Kageyama moan loudly as the dick he had fantasized about was finally in front of him. He grabbed the ball, watching it and spinning it, shouting “Release!”

At the same time, his dick erupted, his seed shooting all over his shirt, rope after rope of spunk dirtying his gym clothes as he rode out his orgasm, the last dribbled spilling over his hand. Hinata stood there, his eyes vacant and his hard dick out. Kageyama panted heavily as he looked up to the entranced boy. After such an amazing orgasm, the setter knew this wouldn’t be the end of it.

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