Kobayashi-san's Dragon Wife

BY : Lady_Tyrannica
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Only a fool would say what we always wanted was right in front of us.




After all they’d been through together, weren’t things supposed to be easier? That’s about what Kobayashi half-expected, but from dawn till dusk that night, her anxious energy never left. She ran a finger up and down her shirt's collar, irritably venting her stuffiness. It didn’t work anymore this time than it did the last five. Kicking back on the dining table chair, she balanced on its two wooden legs. Kobayashi rocked in place, doing all she could to keep the jitter in her legs under control. Maybe this isn’t such a great idea, she thought, brow furrowed. Damn, now her fingers were clicking together. We haven’t left the apartment and I’m already so …


All sorts of funny words like 'nervous' or 'agitated' sat at the tip of her tongue. Kobayashi's wandering eyes crawled upward and she squinted from the glare of the fluorescent ceiling light. I should cancel. Say something came up with work, and just do some projects. Takiya was still around, right? She’d mooch his work off him again.


The more she built her well-formed excuse to ditch at the last minute, the farther her mind wandered. A memory not even a week old pointedly jarred itself into her awareness, one of golden eyes and smiles. Her heart tightened at the image of Tohru’s beaming face, the happiest she’d seen the dragon-woman in … forever.


Her conscience was quick to imagine how truly heartbroken her cute maid might be, and Kobayashi shook her head violently. She sat forward and grabbed fistfuls of her light pink hair, a pointed bang of chair meeting floor accompanying her. No, no, I can’t do that, not to Tohru.


The fear of guilt proved much stronger than apprehension.


Plus, Kanna was at a sleepover, and the others had absconded for the night. It would be the two of them for the evening, and for once she might be able to go out without worrying. Kobayashi hurriedly caught her glasses as they tried slipping off her nose, sitting up straighter in the process. I started all this, she reasoned with herself, it’s only right. I need to … I need to do this.


Surging with confidence, Kobayashi's soul almost jumped out of her chair as the bedroom door banged opened.


"Nee, Kobayashi-san,” Tohru’s familiar voice sang out. “I’m ready!”


Emerging from the small hallway and into the apartment’s living/dining room, Tohru stood with a proud radiance. A tastefully low-cut blouse snuggly held the maid’s inordinately large breasts, and indeed, the frills around her neckline beckoned the eye inward. Kobayashi pursed her lips together the longer her gaze lingered–a conflicting storm of emotions in her heart–and she looked up approvingly into Tohru's expectant eyes. The dragon maid then spun around, lifting the apron and black, pleated skirt enough Kobayashi caught a solid, second-long look at the stockings underneath. The whole ensemble was a step up from Tohru’s traditional attire, a sort of magnificence she’d expect from a head or boss maid without the stuffiness. A touch of ulterior motives in some places, certainly. “Does Kobayashi-san like it?”


“Y-yeah,” Kobayashi croaked out, barely polite. Her finger twitched on the table, all too ready to reach for her collar again. A war waged in the programmer’s mind, one fighting with the artistic sneer of a maid connoisseur, and the other on how stunningly attractive Tohru was wearing it. Perhaps in being so different from her usual attire, it added even more allure?


“I’m glad!” The dragon giggled, beaming a wide and earnest smile. “I picked it out just for Kobayashi-san!”


She still dresses at a cosplay-level though? Kobayashi kept the thought to herself as she scratched her cheek. It is kind of advanced—


A brief lapse in awareness meant she never saw Tohru approaching until the dragon’s heavenly bosom squished against her face. Kobayashi sputtered and pulled away, her straight-rimmed glasses lopsided. “Ey, ey, Tohru?!” she sputtered, only to be drawn back in sideways.


“Kobayashi-san looks so happy,” Tohru said, her huge tail twitching back and forth behind her.


“Ehh?” Kobayashi flushed and wormed her way out of the dragon’s embrace. The scent of vanilla and Tohru–itself sharp and sense awakening–hung about her nose, faint, yet distinct as a perfume might be. She fished in her pocket for the cloth she kept for her glasses and cleaned them, even though they were fine. “I’m just excited, that’s all.”


“Me too!” Tohru enthused with a bounce, her breasts defying gravity in their own hypnotic motion. “I’ve never been on a date before!”


Despite looking away, the programmer still found Tohru’s chest in the corner of her short-sighted eye. “Yeah,” she muttered under her breath. “Are you ready to go?”


Tohru stepped beside her and gently grabbed onto her arm. She smiled and made that tiny excited noise she usually made, eyes wide and warm. “Yes!”


In all her life, Kobayashi never knew what lead feet felt like until that very moment. Taking even a single step was a herculean effort, her eye having as much trouble looking away. She was already sweating by the time they got to the front door and slipping on their footwear.


Tohru was … beautiful? Pretty? Alluring? Kobayashi wasn’t sure what to use. Those were words other people used to talk about the rich or celebrities. Trying to apply them to Tohru felt surreal in a strange, almost scarily, captivating way. Tohru was Tohru, her lovely dragon maid.


They stepped outside, and Kobayashi got out her keys to lock the door. It took a few seconds with how her hand shook. “Ah, well,” she said, stuffing them into her pocket. “Shall we?”


Arm and arm, the two of them walked down and out of their apartment and to the restaurant Kobayashi had in mind.




“Please enjoy yourselves,” the front-house attendant said, bowing politely.


Kobayashi and Tohru slid into the black leather booth, sitting opposite of each other. The privacy flap fell as the front-house attendant departed, leaving two menus on the table.


“Oh wow,” the dragon maid breathed, tracing a gloved finger across the table. A camphor-wood outer frame contained an inner strip of glued-together rock and pebble, which itself surrounded a black-granite surface. Kobayashi, knowing she shouldn’t encourage it, also couldn’t help touching the table top. Every inch of it was perfectly smooth thanks to a glossy, see-through sealant. “It’s different from all the others!”


“Yeah, it is,” Kobayashi answered absent mindedly. Ehh? The website said it was high class, but this is kinda much? The black stone and wood frame motif felt a bit like modern-versus-traditional. Maybe it was a kind of new, trendy fashion, though she wasn’t certain if it was working. If nothing else, it was definitely a step up from the bar she and Takiya drank at.


“The seats are cushiony too!” Tohru remarked, bouncing up and down.


“Hey, don’t … uhh—“ Kobayashi’s eyes, more of their own accord than hers, followed the bounce of Tohru’s chest.


“Oh! Right, sorry.” The maid stopped and smiled sheepishly, scratching at her cheek.


Kobayashi looked to the single page, overly large menus for safety. She–not hurriedly but faster than needed–retrieved hers and handed the other to Tohru. “Let’s take a look before the waiter arrives.”


The slick, smooth paper menu proved easy on the eyes, with its clear, black font almost looking hand-painted rather than printed. Yet, as its comfortable not-Tohru’s-chest settled on her mind, a different sort of anxiety arose. One that made the small wallet in her back-pocket throb instead of her heart.


T-there’s nothing under 4,000¥ except drinks …


She knew, at least in theory, how pricey this dinner was going to be, but damned if the menu wasn’t all the more terrifying to look at.


“Eeehhh? Kobayashi-san?” Tohru’s hesitant voice made the programmer lower her menu. “Are you sure we should eat here? It’s kind of … expensive.”


Whatever second thoughts Kobayashi had on the matter vanished when she saw Tohru’s face. It was true; they both knew it, but still, she had planned for this. “That’s fine. Just order what you like, ok?”




“H-hey, what’s with that skepticism?”


“How much can we spend?”


Ahh, there’s no need to be so straight forward about it … And yet, the longer she waited to answer, the more Kobayashi sweated from Tohru’s scary gaze. “About 25,000¥.”


“That’s our whole month’s grocery shopping!” the maid screeched and reached over with her menu. She tried smacking Kobayashi with it, though the flimsy sheet did little but mess up her neatly tied-back hair. “We can’t spend that on dinner!”


“Hey, knock it off! I saved up for this, okay?!”


“Huh?” Tohru blinked, taken aback.


“Yeah,” Kobayashi grunted, fixing her glasses. “I just saved up my beer money for a month or two, is all.”


“Oh.” The dragon maid slid down and behind her menu until only the very top of her horns were all that could be seen. “I was wondering why you were home so much more.”


“It was good timing, too, Takiya wanted to work more with Fafnir on something. Ah, but it feels a little weird, not having gone out for drinks in so long.” Kobayashi heard Tohru mumble something, but before she could ask what, the privacy flap lifted up.


“Hello!” a young, pretty waitress greeted, setting out plates and chopsticks. "Welcome to the restaurant, I’ll be taking your order tonight.”


The two of them hurried to put an early order in, caught up talking as they were. Tohru selected a brewery soda, whereas Kobayashi settled on a tall, alcoholic drink. A light order of dumplings followed for an appetizer, but as the waitress left, Kobayashi saw a disapproving glint in Tohru’s eye.


She wasn’t sure if it was really there, or something inscrutable had come across the dragon’s mind. These days she had a pretty good guess when it came by, as Tohru’s aura often took on a darker tone like it was right then. “Is there something on my face?” the programmer asked, scratching her cheek nervously.


“No,” Tohru answered easily, though her tone left a heavy weight in the air.


“What’s with that evil look, then?”


“Hm?” The dragon maid sat upright, a cheery smile plastering over her face. “Nothing wrong here.” She patted her skirt, staring off to nowhere in particular.


Squinting at her maid, Kobayashi’s glasses glinted under the ceiling lamp. The programmer sat back, her hands folded together on the table, and stared. Silence fell between them, yet in mere moments Tohru was already fidgeting, a trickling of sweat settling on her brow. The seconds dragged by, the only reprieve coming when the waitress arrived with their drinks. Perhaps sensing the atmosphere, she left quickly, not taking their order quite yet.


“Umm …” Tohru poked her fingers together. “It’s just, I don’t want to ruin the night.”


Succe—eh? Kobayashi blinked, breaking the death stare at last. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right, Tohru?”


She thought it would be reassuring, but the dragon's agitation worsened.


Tohru sucked in a breath and sat up straight, the stone cold serious air not even letting Kobayashi’s wandering eyes go to her chest. The dragon set her hands on the table, and said, “I think it’s best if Kobayashi-san didn’t drink so much.”


The booths quieted around them, even though they didn’t hear anything themselves. What was that awful chill that went down their spines?


“Ehh? I don’t think I drink that much?” Kobayashi wondered aloud, brows furrowed.


“Well, no, but, I read some things on the internet, and—“ Tohru never really stopped fidgeting, nor did she meet Kobayashi’s gaze. “—it can get worse and ruin your life afterward.”


“Tohru, I’m not an alcoholic.”


“Are you sure?”


Kobayashi blinked, stunned more by how strongly Tohru asked than the question itself.


“You go out four or six nights a week to the bar, come home stinking drunk, and you still drink beer by the six pack when you aren’t out. I’m quiet in the mornings so your hangover doesn’t hurt so badly, but Kanna and I don’t see you much until you come home late and …”


It all came out in a downpour the likes of which Kobayashi never expected in her life. She tried following along, looking for some kind of counterpoint or flaw in Tohru's reasoning. Obviously Tohru had misunderstood what was going on, but, the longer she listened, the more she couldn’t find an answer. “But, I don’t?” Kobayashi offered weakly. “I haven’t all the time, have I?”


“No, you started a few months ago, and it’s … ehm, that’s, why I’m worried.”


Did it really start that easily?


Kobayashi sat beside herself, staring down at the table. Nothing more was said between them, and the rumble of the restaurant slipped in. Such an idea felt utterly alien to her the longer she thought on it, for nothing about it truly seemed off to her. She and Takiya went out, had their fun and maid talk, then go home. Waking up always left her sluggish like it did, but nothing a quick … drink … didn’t fix?


Was she really having beer at breakfast?


No, that couldn’t be right.


Sitting forward, her elbows fell onto the table as Kobayashi clutched her head. I wasn’t drinking that much, right? I don’t have any at work, that’d be stupid …


“Hello! Here are your drinks!” the waitress announced, startling them both. She set down each glass, then the dumplings, and smiled. “Have you decided on the rest of your meal?”


“E-eh, yeah, uhm, I’ll have …”


They filled in their orders: Kobayashi with steak and lobster, and Tohru on an interesting selection of salmon and eel. The waitress thanked them, but as she turned to leave, Kobayashi called for her attention.


“Ah, excuse me? Could I get this exchanged for some water with lemon? My stomach started acting up all of a sudden.”


“Of course, of course! I hope you feel better, miss.”


She’ll probably still be charged for the drink still; Kobayashi wasn’t certain if this restaurant refunded or not. It didn’t really matter, in the end. Tohru’s surprised gaze at her was worth more than it. “Hey, what’s with that look now?”


“Wasn’t that expensive?”


“Yeah, I don’t want to think about that right now …” Kobayashi sighed, rubbing her eyes. “But, if you’re saying I’m drinking too much, maybe I am.”


Tohru seemed caught between a smile and a frown, both equally worried looking. “It scared me, Kobayashi-san, the things I read about. I don’t want them to happen to you.”


The programmer scratched the back of her head, a rosy red tint to her cheeks. She tried not thinking about it, but that sweet, caring tone of Tohru’s went right to her head. A pleasant tingle settled in her belly, one that made her blush all the harder. “Yeah, me too,” she coughed out behind a fist.



In the end, dinner went pleasantly, though Kobayashi ended up sharing a lot of Tohru’s soda with her. Neither of them really minded.




“Quickly, Kobayashi-san!”


“Hey, hey! I’m trying, just, stay still.”


“Ah, put it in already! I’m about to fall over.”


The key slid into the lock and turned. Kobayashi and Tohru, balancing against each other, stumbled inside, breathing a collective sigh of relief. They shuffled their shoes off, bumping into each other and giggling.


“I don’t act like that!” Kobayashi said with a touch of mock offence.


“You do! It’s like this.” Tohru slouched forward, her eyelids drooped, and she started scratching her back. “Nnnghghg,” she grumbled, “morning Tohru, Kanna.” The dragon maid lumbered forward, waving at imaginary phantoms as she made her way to the kitchen. “What’s for breakfast?”


“I’m not some hag!” Kobayashi yelled, setting their shoes away. She eyed the dragon’s behind, and with a devilish glint, hurried after her. The pitter-patter of her sock covered feet made Tohru look around, just in time to yell as Kobayashi smacked into her. “’Nee, Kobayashi-san, what would you like for dinner tonight?’” she echoed in a poor imitation of Tohru’s voice.


It was the perfect way to get her revenge in this game!


Why was Tohru beaming so much?


“Ahh, Kobayashi-san is hugging me so fiercely!” the dragon said dreamily. Twisting around in the hold, she wrapped her arms around Kobayashi and squeezed the human against her.


Wait this isn't ... Kobayashi sighed into Tohru’s bosom, deflating in defeat. Try and try again, her own efforts always backfired this way, but she couldn’t truly mind. Her maid’s soft, cushiony body molded to her invitingly, tempting to be touched and snuggled. She reluctantly pulled away and adjusted her glasses guiltily.


“Kobayashi-san has become a lot more friendly recently,” Tohru teased, smiling with those sunset gold eyes of hers.


The programmer stood upright, coughing into her fist. “Have I?” she said with faux-wonder. Acting absorbed in such a thought, Kobayashi walked into the living room proper, beelining for the couch. When she sat down, a relieved sigh escaped, free of the burden of standing and her overly tight belt. Maybe undoing that so quickly was improper, but she didn’t care.


“Going out to eat is nice, but—“ A cutesy squeak inadvertently slipped out as she stretched her whole body “—staying in is nice too.”


"It's different!” Tohru affirmed with an energetic tone, followed by the sound of pouring drinks.


Kobayashi, her head firmly laid backwards on the couch, didn’t see what precisely. “Ahh, restaurants are so noisy, though. That big group came in and I could barely hear myself think …” Just being able to sit still and hear her own body throb again proved relieving. Tohru’s presence hovered nearby, and she heard a glass cup be placed on the table. “Eh?” She sat upright, staring at the offering confusedly as Tohru sat down next to her. “Water?”


“Kobayashi-san is always so thirsty when she comes home,” Tohru remarked with a sidelong glance. “I’m just making sure.”


Making … sure?


Kobayashi stared at the glass for a long minute, then turning her head slowly to regard Tohru. Proper sitting, if a little disheveled from their night out, but beaming that loving smile at her all the same. The very smile that put her so at ease now stroked her breast, a feeling of tightness rising in her heart. She scratched at her head and adjusted her glasses, but it didn’t help.


“Eh? Kobayashi-san?” Tohru’s large, expressive eyes blinked, and creased with a worry Kobayashi didn’t want her to have. “Are you okay?”


Am I?


It was hard to tell—the two of them alone, so close together that Tohru's natural heat washed over her. She’d ask about that once and got some crack about ‘dragons are so superior to never be cold’ or something. All she knew for certain was how dangerously comfortable Tohru's presence could be. More than once her mind had wandered to planting face first into that snuggly, bosom chest of hers.


Kobayashi swallowed her dry mouth and looked away. “Yeah, I’m fine.” A hand laid on her forehead gently. She jolted a little, her eyes whipping to the side to find Tohru’s concern had only grown.


“Are you tired? I can prepare the bed.”


It’s not fair when you care this much so freely.


Tohru always did. She just made things the way she wanted them, no matter how ridiculous. Maybe a little overboard once or twice, but she learned. Kobayashi swallowed again, her fingers clenching at her knees. The thing she wanted to say hung there, just within reach, but the words wouldn't come out. Her mouth opened and close, barely a whisper of air coming out. “Tohru,” Kobayashi said, calling upon how she did so thousands of times before.




It wasn’t fair how that captivating dragon looked at her like she was the best thing in the world. How could she ever tell Tohru that, too? How can you put into words what's in the heart and not have it sound lame? “I … I’m not good at explaining things.”


Tohru grinned knowingly. “Kobayashi-san likes being quiet.”


“Yeah. Please try to understand, for me, okay?”


“Understand what—“


Kobayashi reached for Tohru’s face, just like she imagined doing for months now. She cupped that smooth, cushiony cheek and a tingle of excitement raced up her arm. Tohru stared back in wide-eyed confusion, but Kobayashi steeled her resolve and leaned in. Their noses touched first, and goosebumps shot down her neck. A little bit further, and a soft warmth met her lips in a kiss that didn't taste sweet or inordinate, yet Kobayashi relished it all the same. Tohru stiffened beneath her and some small part of her worried she had overstepped. A single, long heartbeat, and a dreadful fear crept upon her. Then, it vanished just as quick when Tohru's head tilted, and her earnest kissed enveloped Kobayashi.


Full, warm, and the scent of Tohru flooded in her nose as much as the pleasurable pressure did her lips. Kobayashi’s heart thundered with a rush of adrenaline and she clung tighter to the dragon. She tilted her head, seeking even more closeness, but her glasses bumped against Tohru, jarring her into jerking away. The spell broke from that, and she huffed through her mouth, her face tingly, and everything under her collar scorching hot. Tohru stared at her wide eyed, her mouth parted invitingly, eyes wondrously wide.


“K-kobayashi-san,” she breathed out. “K-kissed me?”


“Yeah,” Kobayashi returned, her hand fixing her glasses out of habit. “Yeah. I did.”


Was her heart going to explode? Kobayashi rubbed her chest, her lips twitchy. Her eyes widened when Tohru leaned in, and she scooted away on instinct, only to fall over backward onto the couch. Seemingly unimpeded, Tohru climbed on top of her, staring down with frighteningly wide, slitted eyes. Utterly inhuman in both color and shape, and somehow, they calmed her nervous heart when she stared into them.


Tiny sounds slipped from Tohru’s mouth as if she meant to speak, but the words didn't form properly. A smile overcame her after a few tries, trembling with an emotion Kobayashi couldn’t place–one possessed of energy far past 'excited'. Leaning down, the dragon brushed their noses together, rubbing them gently together with great hesitance. Kobayashi, uncertain of how to continue but wanting to try, set a hand on Tohru’s back and rubbed encouragingly. To her, almost nothing changed with how close Tohru already was, but she felt the shift in the air. An ineffable aura pressed in, laying a weight as heavy as the soft kiss of Tohru's lips on her.


Kobayashi’s toes curled, indecent shivers shooting down her whole body. Tohru’s lips moved slowly against hers, squeezing and rubbing almost like a tender massage. She wanted to return it, but every time she tried, Tohru usurped her, finding some new angle to press in a little more, driving their kiss a touch more passionately. Was it skill, or simple hunger? Her maid might be all that and more, for all she truly knew. Kobayashi clung harder to Tohru, squeezing them both together tightly.


Even in spite of their clothes, she felt the dragon's hefty bosom squeeze against her flat chest; the heft of Tohru's legs planted on either side of her hips; the futility of trying to escape something so much more powerful. Squirming on the couch, Kobayashi shifted, and an unfortunate angle stabbed its way into her lower back. A sharp, pained gasp ripped out of her, breaking their kiss again.


Tohru shot backward in an instant, eyes wide and gleaming with fear.


“Ow, ow, my back,” Kobayashi hissed, eyes shut as she hurriedly reached around to rub the sore spot.


“I’m sorry!” Tohru squeaked out.


“It’s—it’s fine, I just moved wrong.”


Damnit. They should be kissing still, not stopping. Tohru helped her up and they sat next to one another, close as could be without falling over again. Kobayashi smiled despite the fading pain, absently sucking on her tingling lips. It almost embarrassed her how much she really wanted to just stare at Tohru’s smile, those flushed lips, and the twinkle in her gold eyes. “Yeah,” she said simply.


“Yeah,” Tohru returned softly. Her hand lifted hesitantly, but the more it rose, the greater confidence took to her gaze. A hot, rosy red blush crept in her cheeks when her hand laid gently on Kobayashi’s face, a sensual firmness to it. Her eyes widened when the programmer leaned into it, smiling in her demure way.


“I’ve never told you how much I enjoy your hands, have I?” Kobayashi muttered, snuggling just a touch closer. The soft fabric of the hand gloves really did complement Tohru’s gracefully lithe fingers.


“Eh? N-no …”


“That was forward of me, sorry.”


“It’s okay if it’s Kobayashi-san.”


“I’m glad.” Kobayashi wasn’t a courageous person, but the need to do what she wanted filled her whole being. Any notion of propriety took a backseat when she sat up straighter, and using her leverage, swung a leg over Tohru’s lap. She pushed her dragon maid against the couch’s backing, a thrill rising in her heart. Comfortably sat on Tohru's legs, the heat and softness of the dragon became all too apparent, somehow the perfect place for her to be sitting. “Because,” she said slowly, fixing her glasses again. “I want to be forward with Tohru.”


“How forward?” Tohru asked and swallowed lightly when Kobayashi’s hand came to her neck. The tips of her fingers walked their way down the maid’s sensitive skin and tiny goosebumps rose to meet them. Slowly, they inched around and came to softly rest on the back of her neck, Kobayashi leaning closer and closer all the while.


“Very, uhm—“ the programmer licked her dry feeling lips, the frantic beat of Tohru’s pulse clear under her fingers. Her cheeks burned, and a lightness rose in her chest as welcoming as it was anxious. “Very forward.”


She couldn’t muster up anything like what she heard on TV or read online at all. Squeezing out just those two words alone embarrassed her. It couldn’t have sounded terribly romantic, either, with her dry, scratchy throat. Tohru, however, smiled at her and then all the tension in her just melted away; almost as if a wave of pure relaxation rolled through. A hand crept its way onto Kobayashi's back, making her jump a little at the sudden touch.


“Okay,” Tohru said simply.


It was a simple word, and a simple thing to be told, but with Tohru looking and smiling at her, everything became easier. She was almost a little angry, herself, at just how easily Tohru accepted things. Really. I'm trying hard, you know?


Kobayashi crossed the gap, planting a kiss on the dragon’s waiting lips. She didn’t know if her own tight lips was bad, but Tohru pressed back, locking them together. A taste of tense skin and warmth mixed with a wonderful, pleasing flavor that made her mouth move and dance to find more. Yet, something else arose, a ticklish giggle deep within that broke apart their kiss. Kobayashi didn’t know why she was making such an awkward, choked sound, nor why she couldn’t stop smiling. She kissed again, lighter this time, Tohru’s warmth washing over the cold that had snuck in. Yet, her ticklish giggles continued, and for each one, their kissing broke and returned. Tohru’s arms intertwined around Kobayashi, hugging the programmer tighter, her fingers rubbing in little circles.


“Tohru,” Kobayashi muttered, glasses lopsided on her nose. She shakily reached up and plucked them off, almost carelessly dropping them to the couch. Free of their unforgiving hardiness, Kobayashi sunk into Tohru, burying her face into the dragon’s neck. A stiff inhale tickled her ear, and Tohru tensed in a way that betrayed her ticklish nerves. The programmer’s sniffling breaths turned into a small laugh. “Oh, sorry …”


A soft coo answered back as Tohru hugged her. “Kobayashi-san found my weakness, how devious.”


E-eh? It seemed to her she overstepped, yet Tohru’s tone carried a teasing air about it. Emboldened just a tiny bit by how inviting her maid was being, Kobayashi sank her lips upon Tohru’s neck in a throaty kiss. Tohru shuddered beneath her, the dragon’s movement all too clear; her very gasp of air passed by Kobayashi’s lips as if she herself had breathed it. A thrill jolted through Kobayashi and she daringly extended her tongue, laying the flat of it on Tohru’s neck. The unremarkable taste of skin, and a hint of sweat, tingled her tongue with her maid’s delightful flavor. She kissed and licked gently, crawling up Tohru’s neck to have more of her to taste.


“Ko-o-bayaa-shi-saan,” Tohru moaned out in a tiny voice, the excitement within audibly straining. To Kobayashi, the words breathed right into her ear, and the pleasurable knot in her belly tightened wonderfully at it.


She met the bottom of Tohru’s jaw in her upward kissing, and Kobayashi broke free just enough to move eye-to-eye with her maid. Tohru’s little, heated breaths blew over her lips, a beautiful accent to the wide-eyed, blushing stare mere inches away. It occurred to her to, perhaps, take a moment, but every breath they shared stirred such compelling desire in her. Kobayashi leaned in and kissed her lightly, but as Tohru went to return it, she licked at her maid's mouth, probing for a way inside. Those fine, plump lips parted for her with eager ease, and Kobayashi sank inside, a velvety sleeve enveloping her before the firmness of Tohru's tongue came. The weirdness of such an intimate gesture perturbed her, but at the same time, she wanted more of the wet and the heat accompanying it.


Tohru’s hands rubbed at her backside, a soothing touch to the fevered pace of their slippery lips kissing and sucking each other's breaths away. Neither of them really noticed their own lower halves dancing together, hips rolling in feminine invitation for the other. The lust in their passion stirred such desire that their clothes became hotly confining, gripping them as if to restrain what they did. But, it only drove them closer together, arms squeezing tighter, their own softness tempting the other in more. A thumping sound soon punctuated the quiet apartment filled with their wet gasps and succulent suckling lips.


Reluctantly pulling away, though her lips were starting to become gleefully numb, Kobayashi looked around confusedly. She pushed her glasses up on her eyes, only to discover she’d taken them off at some point. “Is someone at the door?” she wondered aloud, a hint out of breath. Tohru grumbled irritably, but as Kobayashi narrowed in on the noise's source, the two of them looked down to the maid’s large, scaly tail. Hung off the edge, a good half of it dipped toward the floor, but its rapid, heavy beating knocked against the couch they were on.


Kobayashi’s gaze slid back to Tohru, who seemed very interested in the ceiling all of a sudden. She exhaled and smiled, which drew Tohru’s attention back. “It was that good, huh?” she asked, grinning cheekily.


“Y-yeah!” Tohru said, straightening up in an instant. “Kobayashi-san is—is the best!” An earnest energy filled her words, even when her own flushed embarrassment brought out a stutter. Such a heartfelt compliment eased Kobayashi from a nervousness she hadn't realized was there.


“I’m glad, but …” Kobayashi hung on the word for a moment and worry overcame the dragon’s face. “I was thinking Tohru was the best.” An airy giggle escaped the maid, and with a blushing face, she buried her head into Kobayashi’s flat chest. Grunting at the strength of the hug, Kobayashi’s small smile stayed nonetheless. She laid her cheek on top of Tohru’s head, a faint hint of a flowery-nature sort of shampoo tickling her nose. The familiarity of being so close comforted her that despite everything that might’ve changed, this was still the same.


No, the more Kobayashi considered it, the better it had somehow become.


A terrible indecision arose within her from two desires: to hold Tohru close, or to seek more of her.


The heat of their closeness offered itself a suitable compromise; enough at least she couldn’t feel bad about dodging the problem. Regret still filled her as Kobayashi got off of Tohru, climbing up to her own two feet. A reprieve followed, the cold air oddly comforting in the empty space between them. Kobayashi could scarcely enjoy it, for the moment she saw Tohru’s wide eyes, uncertain and perhaps even anxious, she herself became stricken with worry. “Ahh, I just need to stand up and uhh—get a drink. Yeah.”


The ice in the water glass behind her shifted uneasily with a soft ‘clink-clink’.


“Ah,” Tohru hummed back knowingly.




Kobayashi turned toward their kitchen and took a good step forward before stopping. She felt up her nose even as her brain recognized her glasses were still off. Blinking, she turned around and squinted, spying for where she set them down. Tohru stood up while she did so, and a glint in her hand caught Kobayashi’s eye. For an instinctual split second, a flight of fear went through her as another person held her glasses. Frozen where she stood, Kobayashi watched Tohru’s movements with an exacting gaze. The dragon, with a delicate touch of her fingers Kobayashi had trouble believing, unfolded the temples.


“Honestly, how do these things not break?” Tohru muttered under her breath, brow creased in concentration. “They’re so thin.”


Slower than Kobayashi thought possible, Tohru slid the glasses right onto her face. Her maid managed to set the pads in the right, comfortable spot. But, on the other nose, having someone else put them on her face made it feel itchy. A vague, almost embarrassed warmth crept up her neck and into her cheeks.


“There!” Tohru said with a smile.


“Hm, thank you,” Kobayashi squeezed out with all the skill of a conversational automaton. The brief respite she sought vanished into a pouf of smoke, leaving her looking up slightly at her lovely maid. One who was very, very close; their chests nearly touched, in fact. She wanted to get a little closer just to hug Tohru some more, but she needed her space, too. This was all too much, much too much.


“Right, drink,” the programmer muttered under her breath, turning and hurriedly shuffling off to the kitchen. These steps were easy ones to remember: open the cabinet, get the glass, go to the sink, fill the glass. Ingrained routine could be her infallible fortress, for however long it lasted.


While Kobayashi filled her glass, Tohru came over to the counter that separated the sink from the living room. She leaned against it, setting her bosomy chest on top and pumping her butt outward. The length of her tail swayed back and forth with a visible, thoughtful energy in it beyond mere idleness. It wouldn't be far away from a cat's mannerism when it was on the hunt. Curling a hand under her chin, she watched Kobayashi, who drank from her glass faster and faster. “Nee, Kobayashi-san, shouldn’t I be fetching your water?”


The glass of water on the table behind her began to sweat nervously.


“Mmm,” Kobayashi mumbled in her throat, her eyes cast elsewhere. She finished sipping. “No, it’s already night, I can’t have you keep working …”


An old line, one she and Tohru went back and forth on constantly. In fact, she knew the very next response to be—


“But I am here to serve your every need.”


A tone undercut the maid’s words, one that made Kobayashi’s eyes crawl back onto her. Tohru’s posture wasn’t so different from every other attempt at flirting with her, but tonight cast it in a different light. The sultry smile, the loving eyes, and that way her behind swayed; all of it familiar. The fine hairs on Kobayashi’s neck stood up from goosebumps, an undeniable tingle shooting down her back. Old answers hung at the tip of her tongue, words like ‘not tonight’ or ‘don’t work yourself too hard’. She earnestly didn’t want Tohru to work around the clock like her.


Yet, Tohru’s promise alluringly hung in her ears.


… Doesn’t this make me a hypocrite? Kobayashi wondered, her finger tapping on the glass idly. There really wasn’t a good answer for her to that kind of question. Tohru’s smile made it easier to put that whole problem aside. Pushing herself forward with a strength she earnestly didn’t feel, Kobayashi stepped out of the kitchen. She paused next to the counter Tohru leaned on, her eyes and posture toward her bedroom door. “Well, um—“ she daintily rubbed her nose, the words hanging in her throat “—ahem. Well, if you, really want to. You can, that is—the thing, yeah.”


She headed to her bedroom. A part of her really hoped Tohru couldn’t see the red burning flame in her cheeks at all. Honestly, Kobayashi just wanted to lay down and take off her glasses; breathe some nice cool air, and not keep thinking about Tohru’s sweet smile or hot kiss.


Fiddling with her door knob, she thought she heard a click and pushed, only to bump into the still shut door. The sudden rattle of being stopped kicked her back to reality and Kobayashi blinked confusedly. Her other hand still occupied with her glass drink, she was stuck with her uneven glasses and opened the door properly this time. A small trail of steam burned its way off her head, her face glowing red.


The bedroom door left open ever so slightly ajar, she stepped in and pressed the light switch. The left-side glass door had its curtains closed, leaving just the overhead lamp and its soft night-light orange glow. Kobayashi shuffled her way across the wooden floor, reaching the nightstand in record shuffle time and set her glass down. She took her glasses off and turned around, rubbing her eyes. There, in the hazy blur of her nearsighted problems, she saw Tohru’s figure emerging through the door. The door the maid kept well oiled—all of the doors, actually. For such a busty, big-tailed beauty, she could be terrifyingly quiet when she walked.


Their eyes didn’t quite meet for Tohru kept her head bowed, gaze at the floor, and arms locked behind her back. Her large scaled tail waved out from behind her, curling around the door like a large, meaty hand. In a single, gentle push, the door closed with a click that resounded through the quiet bedroom. Tohru approached with a bounce to her step and Kobayashi grew flustered once again. Her smile was the first thing that came into focus, the dragon maid’s cheeks rosy red. Was it creepy to be so captivated by that smile? She hoped it wasn’t.


It’d be really hard to look away if it was.


“Hmm, Kobayashi-san?”


“Oh, yes?”


Tohru’s hands shifted to her front, still clasped, as she twisted back and forth on the spot. “Shall I take care of your clothes for you?”


That … that is something. Kobayashi swallowed uneasily. Tohru never explicitly helped her in that sort of way. Maids did do it, historically. They also did it for other, ulterior reasons, sometimes; like right now, for example. Silently breathing in, she slowly raised her arms, presenting herself for Tohru. “If you, uh, would, please.”


She didn’t spring for anything complicated during their night out, just a finer button-up dress shirt and pants than her work clothes. A rush shot through her when Tohru stepped closer, their toes almost touching. The dragon maid’s gloved hands rose up to Kobayashi’s chest, and unbuttoned the shirt one-by-one; not enough to be teasing, but not fast, either. A certain care went into each one, and Tohru crouched when she reached half-way down. Kobayashi peered down her nose, catching sight of Tohru gazing up. Half-hidden, she still saw those sunset-speckled eyes smouldering with great intent. Kobayashi's chest tightened a little, for being so close brokered a sense of thrilling intimidation.


What could she call the look Tohru gave her? Was it lust? That word didn’t fit exactly right in her mind. Yet, how else could be described this excitement and nervous energy it gave her? I know she's a, uh, pervert, but … this is really ...


Tohru, however, turned her attention to the last few buttons, slipping through their fitted holes easily. Her hands flew up, finger tips tracing along the fabric straight to the shoulders. There, with a bit of tugging, she slipped off the dress shirt one arm at a time, leaving Kobayashi standing in her thin undershirt. Gathering the dress shirt into her hands, Tohru gently turned to the side and, with a soft flick of her wrists, hurled the thing into the clothes hamper at the other end of the room.


Kobayashi blinked owlishly at the buttery smooth disposal.


“Now, then–ehehe,” Tohru breathed out under her breath, the corners of her lips curling up with devious intent. Her eyes crawled over Kobayashi, staring through the thin veneer keeping the programmer covered.


Oh, there she is, Kobayashi thought with a mixed feeling. On the one hand, she’d contended with Tohru’s perverted tendencies for a long while now. On the other, she didn’t … she didn’t want to put it off as much anymore. Part of her did, but she wasn’t sure about trusting it. When Tohru’s fingers began to edge toward her inner shirt, she said, “Pants, Tohru.”


“Eh? Pants?” The dragon stopped in an instant, her eyes blinking confusedly. “But, you still have a shirt on?”


“Outer shirt, then pants—or pants, then outer shirt, if there’s a belt. Inner is last, because underwear doesn’t normally come off.”


“Oh … humans do it with underwear on still?”


‘Do it’. Kobayashi shifted her feet nervously. “Pants, Tohru.”


The dragon maid nodded and fell to her knees in a smooth, practiced drop. Kobayashi jumped a little, suddenly finding herself staring down at the top of Tohru’s head, and her snuggly tight cleavage on clear display. Her mouth dried a little and her throat tightened as she watched the gentle, flowing sway those big breasts made with every little move. The worst part of it was, she knew what they felt like. Not properly, not in the way like those who went to bed together. She got handsy herself when Tohru became uppity sometimes. It had been mostly envious anger, then.




Her pants came down way, way too fast for her. Knees clamping together, Kobayashi instinctively shoved her shirt down, covering her loins. “Ahh, aha,” she sputtered out.


“A-are you sure this is the right order?” Tohru asked, looking up.


Their eyes met, and Kobayashi saw her maid as red faced as she felt. “Yes,” she squeaked out, her clamped thighs rubbing together. “It is, it was just too fast.”


“Oh,” Tohru said, understanding dawning in her face. Slowly, her gaze fell, pointedly resting where Kobayashi embarrassedly covered up for a moment, then to the bundle on the floor. “Uhm, can you lift your feet?"


While Kobayashi did so, she took keen note of Tohru's little movements: fingertips rubbing together, the tip of her tail twitching, and bashful, fleeting glances toward her, just to turn away sharply. Unlike her shirt, Tohru merely pushed her pants out of the way, but Kobayashi’s mind hovered somewhere else entirely. With one hand still covering herself, the programmer reached out hesitantly. The moment her hand met Tohru’s head, the dragon maid jolted a little and keenly focused on her with wide, questioning eyes. Kobayashi smiled a little—as much as her burning cheeks allowed, anyway. “It’s okay, Tohru,” she said, rubbing the dragon’s colorful head. “Don’t, ah, push yourself.”


“Eh?” Tohru twitched, a flustered look overcoming her quickly. She seemed to want to turn away as much as let the petting continue. Her fingers tips poked together. “No, it’s not that. I understand undressing but … well.” She scratched the back of her head quickly. “I don’t know that much about how humans do it. The internet said I couldn’t look it up for some reason,” her voice trailed off then, dripping with annoyance.


Kobayashi bit her tongue from laughing. Really, that child filter actually worked? Chorogon … Still, she found herself enjoying Tohru’s cute, frustrated face. A touch of guilt followed after just as quick. Tohru was trying, after all. “How do dragons do it?” she asked with all of the professionalism she could muster. It crumbled apart when her maid looked up at her with a blooming blush. Kobayashi didn’t know if this was the butterflies other people talked about—it just left her anxious and feeling hot.


“Well, I know how to start it. But that’s dragons! I don’t think humans do it that way!” Tohru remarked hurriedly, her hands waving in some half-formed gesture. The sway of her breasts followed along, inadvertently calling Kobayashi’s eye to them.


“But what is it?”


The dragon maid muttered under her breath, fingers poking together, “Smell, sniffing, that sort of thing.”


“That doesn’t sound too unusual.”


“Down there, you know?” Tohru said, her eyes angling back and forth at Kobayashi’s loins.


“Oh.” Kobayashi shifted on her heels, her other hand still quite pointedly covering herself. In its own way, maybe the idea was a bit strange. It certainly wasn’t something she found very much, even tangentially, when she looked around. But, she didn’t mind so much if it was Tohru who wanted to do it. The tight feeling in her belly crept up her throat the longer she considered. “That should be okay. Let’s, uh, go on the bed, okay? I don’t want your knees to hurt.”


“R-really?!” Tohru squeaked out, caught off guard, yet hurriedly standing up anyway.


“Yeah, sure. Here, I’ll, uhm—“ Kobayashi tried to fix the glasses on her nose that didn’t exist there anymore “—help take your dress off.”


She’d barely finished offering before Tohru bent down, and in a single motion, hurled her entire outfit off. The mass of it flew toward the clothes hamper, leaving the dragon maid in her stockings, gloves, and under garments. Kobayashi froze up immediately, her unprepared heart thunderously gleeful at the sight of Tohru's captivating beauty. While she’d taken glimpses here and there, especially when they bathed, she’d never simply stare. To be invited in, and look at the shapely curves, or the ungodly strain Tohru’s lacy bra suffered containing that wonderful, snuggle-ready bosom. She swallowed her dry mouth, physically resisting her eyes’ desire to dip lower. The hint of white panty strings tickled her sight, and Kobayashi feared her heart giving out at any moment.


“I’m ready!” Tohru proclaimed, thrusting her arms into the air, face beet red with a blush. Kobayashi, ever trapped by her breasts, couldn’t help watching them bounce up and down with her happy motion.


"Hold on, let me see your hands,” Kobayashi asked.


Tohru, perplexed, held them out together at her front, almost bowing. “Do you not like them?”


“They’re fine,” Kobayashi answered lightly. With some reluctance, she eased up from holding her own shirt down and took hold of Tohru’s hands. She carefully peeled one fine glove off and set it on the nightstand before doing the other. The whole idea felt silly, but she couldn’t help intertwining her fingers with Tohru’s, naked skin and all. She'd never really had a meaningful chance to try before like this.


“Is this a human thing too?”


“Maybe a little,” Kobayashi returned, a touch amused at the innocent curiosity she heard. A touch of hesitance lingered in her heart, only to become a speed bump to the desire bubbling over it. Lifting Tohru’s hands up, Kobayashi slowly brought them to her face, gradually leading Tohru’s fingers onto her cheeks. Smooth, yet hardy, with a texture to the skin Kobayashi found strangely alluring to have on her cheeks. She held Tohru’s hands to her face, basking in how new and comfortable it really was. This is why they do it so much on TV, hm? Oh, Tohru is getting closer …


The other half of her brain kicked in just as the dragon’s lips met hers. Tohru’s fingers tightened, softly grasping her whole face and making her realize how very different someone else holding her truly was. Kobayashi’s knees squeezed together while her whole body tightened, overcome with an acute awareness of their height difference. The tender, wet kiss on her lips accentuated it all, and a tiny, girlish sound squeaked out in her throat on its own. Tohru pulled away, their mouths still clinging to one another for a moment. “Ah,” Kobayashi breathed out slowly, surprised and flustered.


“I’m sorry, was that not right?” Tohru asked in a worried whisper. “You made me hold you and—“


“Do it again,” Kobayashi commanded in a soft but firm tone. Tohru blinked at that, her sunset gold eyes shifting from worry to relieved elation—all smiles. In her heart, Kobayashi knew she’d have to be bold about some things. If she didn’t, Tohru would probably get a strange idea. Or worry too much. She didn’t like the idea of either, in all honesty. A great, green scaly tail from the corner of her eye caught her attention, flicking back and forth with devious energy. Such a distraction made her completely miss Tohru's face closing in. When their lips met, she let out a surprised noise, and two hands wrapped around her hips, pulling them flush together.


A thin veneer of cloth separated them, a flimsy but stubborn barrier. Tohru’s plush, comfortable body swallowed her front side, and a heavy pressure weighed on her chest. Twin points poked into her, moving with the sway of Tohru’s little movements. The realization of what they were stirred a shiver down her back, and a little gasp followed, breaking their slow kiss. “B-bed?” she asked airily, her cheeks burning and thighs squeezing together.


In much the same breath, Tohru said back, “Okay.”


The husky heaviness of that one word hung in Kobayashi’s ears as they shuffled over and onto the bed. It felt surprisingly normal, in its own way; no different than any other night. However, she found herself climbing on top of Tohru rather than under her bedsheets now. The dragon maid easily laid down, her hands clutched to the front of her chest, eyes wide. Is it really supposed to go this way? Kobayashi mused, finding herself straddling Tohru's plush and provocatively warm thighs.


The reality of having a living person between her legs proved far more intense than she was ready for. Kobayashi swallowed while an aimless excitement restlessly twisted her belly, urging her to do something. Amidst her turmoil, Kobayashi found Tohru's lovely fingers slipping under her loose t-shirt, brushing along her skin. What confidence the programmer worked up all but slid off with the thin cloth, leaving her just in her bra and panties. Hot little trails tingled where Tohru's phantom touches flew over, leaving her wanting a more proper touch.


“Kobayashi-san,” Tohru purred with a pleased note, her fingers falling to Kobayashi’s panty-covered hips. “I can’t get to your bra.”


“Mmm, yeah,” Kobayashi mumbled back, her lead-heavy arms reaching behind herself. It’s not so different from bathing, right? Right? Unhooking the clasp, the sudden slacking of the bands shot her nervousness through the roof. She grabbed the almost non-existent cups of the bra, pinning them with one arm.


“What’s wrong?” Tohru asked, her eyes keen on Kobayashi’s scrunched face.


“I … well, they’re, y’know, not that exciting,” Kobayashi muttered under her breath. “I should keep—”


“Kobayashi-saaaan,” Tohru groaned impatiently, bucking her hips. A surprised squeak came out of the human as her slender self bounced with terrifying ease on Tohru's lap. “Pleeease show me! I want to see who Kobayashi-san is when we’re not bathing.” A lecherous twinkle shined in the dragon’s eye.


Well, yeah, but … Kobayashi hesitantly lowered her arm, taking her bra off as slow as possible. The more it fell, the more lewdly wide Tohru’s smile became, and the hotter her own skin started to burn. With bunched up shoulders to be as small as possible and squeezed shut eyes, she let the bra fall off to the side, her breasts utterly naked. She always thought them pitiful, smaller than the word ‘small’ meant. Were it not for the slightest curve—the only hint of a woman’s breast—and her large nipples, she might’ve not been any different than a man, really.


Honestly, what was there to like about that? That sort of thought tormented her long ago, and now, more than ever, it resurfaced. Kobayashi squeaked when she felt hands grabbing her flat chest, and her eyes popped open. An electric jolt of skin against her sensitive nipples shot through her, only to be drowned out by the warmth of Tohru’s palms.


“So pretty,” Tohru said, her gaze raptly fixed on Kobayashi’s chest. Her fingers splayed across the flat expanse, possessive yet probing. They groped what little existed, her supple breasts disappearing and bulging out between Tohru's fingers. Kobayashi sucked in air, her breath heavy, and where those hands went, she leaned in, trying to offer more of herself. It felt nice having her whole demure chest handled, swallowed up by lithe, perfect fingers and smooth palms.


“T-they’re not tha-at great,” Kobayashi said, not quite a grumble, but still bitter. An angry, offended sound came out of Tohru at that, and the hands on her chest shot to her shoulders. In a smooth pull, Tohru hugged her, their two faces close and eye-to-eye.


“No!” Tohru hissed sharply. “Kobayashi-san is beautiful! And the best, okay?!”


Her mouth half-way open to retort on reflex, Kobayashi froze at Tohru’s look. It wasn't simple anger, really, there was a certain sadness to it as well, chastising her with terrible guilt. Kobayashi awkwardly averted her eyes, but her maid's glower prevented her from hiding completely. Then, her world rolled sideways, and a flush coldness swept across her back when she landed onto the bed. Tohru, now towering over her, stared down with her blistering draconic gaze.


“I’ll show Kobayashi-san how beautiful she is,” Tohru mumbled, a perverted leer sweeping across her face. Kobayashi shrank into the bedding, her heart fluttering between guilt and a primal excitement that refused to give up. Sliding back and coming to sit on Kobayashi's legs, Tohru giggled, her gaze twinkling at the flat chest before her. Then, with little ceremony, she bent down, her mouth opening wide and her incredibly large, lewdly squirming tongue slithered out.


Kobayashi’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. Humid breath billowed across her chest while Tohru hovered just above it, breathing in and out. A smacking of lips and an audible gulp of spit came just before Tohru’s wet mouth swallowed her nipple in a kiss. Then, ever so smoothly, she opened wider, sucking all of Kobayashi’s little breast into her maw. A girlish squeak escaped the quivering programmer at the first long, tasting swipe of a tongue across her areola.


Tohru’s whole tongue lazily licked back and forth, tasting her household mistress like a piece of meat. Spittle and drool followed, coating Kobayashi’s breast with a sheen of liquid heat. Driven by insidious desire, it slathered up and curled around Kobayashi’s nipple. In a motion far too impossible for humans, she rolled, stretched, and squeezed her tongue, massaging the sensitive areola. Kobayashi, unprepared, squeaked out her quiet, breathy moans.


The flat of her tongue on Kobayashi’s chest, Tohru licked her way across, leaving a trail of glistening spit. A lowly, satisfied moan rumbled out of her, going all the way into her very tongue. “Dehlisous,” she slurred with a happy—almost delirious—glint in her eyes. She sank upon the other nipple, bathing it in her hungry, sloppy kiss.


Kobayashi, without a moment to recover, jolted and shuddered underneath Tohru, her legs rubbing against her maid. Truly, she had nowhere to escape to, her demure breasts left open and exposed. She thought to raise her arms, but they just wouldn't listen to her.


“T-Tohru,” she panted out between breaths. The dragon’s head tilted enough for her eyes to look up through her bangs. Her lovely, beautiful, and sometimes dorky maid stared back, a smoldering hunger far beyond human in her eyes. Kobayashi’s heart skipped a beat. She licked her lips to help quell the sudden dryness on them. “You, uh-unh—” Kobayashi’s eyes squeezed shut when Tohru’s lips squeezed her nipple directly “—wanted to smell me?” she said, the words hurrying out.


With a wet pop, Tohru lifted up. “Ohh.” The maid chuckled, her tone anything but innocent. “Kobayashi-san wants me to do that … okay …!” She sucked her tongue into her mouth, gulping down spit. Her head lowered once again, but now her sloppy kisses descended down, painting a trail as she went.


Dazed, but pleasantly buzzing, Kobayashi gently touched her chest. For being her own skin, the soft sensitivity and sticky wetness felt surreal. She dragged her fingertips through Tohru’s spittle and brought them up, staring at the sloppy strings and glistening skin. The longer she stared, a greater, queer sense of impropriety came over her. Kobayashi, knowing how unbecoming it might be, really, really liked the mess. A deep, hard-to-discern but palpable satisfaction welled up in her belly the more she warmed up to the idea.


Then, Tohru’s face slipped between her legs.


“Ehh?!” Kobayashi jumped, her daze sharply broken, and she sat up on her elbows. On pure reflex she tried to close her legs, only to squeeze her thighs around Tohru’s head. The dragon let out a pleased, throaty ‘oh’, her attention solely on the soft panties nearly touching her face. A shiver crept down Kobayashi’s back from the new, surreal sensation of someone being between her legs. That, itself, was a new experience: the soft skin of another and their hair brushing against her own sensitive spots. She couldn’t resist moving her legs a little against Tohru’s face, much to the dragon’s purring delight. Clenching her shaky thighs tighter, she fell back on the bed, her back protesting at sitting up at such an angle. “Ah, Tohru?”


A pressure sank into her loins, as oddly angular as it was soft. The distinct sound of Tohru’s airy inhale matched the fleeting air she felt drawn across her, and Kobayashi seized up. Her panties pressed in with a certain familiarity made alien from Tohru’s face jutting into her. Two hands slid along the outsides of her thighs, their long-fingered grips sending her hair standing on end in an instant.


“Kobayashi-saaan,” Tohru said, her voice muffled. “I can’t smell properly if you squeeze my head!”


“I-I can’t open my legs!” Kobayashi hissed back, almost shouting, and her face glowing red.


“Why not?”


“Because I can’t!”


“Oh? I’ll help, then.”


The hands on the outsides of her legs crawled up to her knees, grabbing with purpose. Kobayashi’s eyes popped open, and she found her legs being pried open with an exacting, heart-pounding slowness. She tried to clench them shut again, but her maid’s draconic strength made it laughably impossible. In mere seconds she laid on her bed with a humbling, naked vulnerability. Her knees were locked opened in place, exposing her most private place to Tohru’s lecherous gaze.


“Ehehe …” Tohru’s heavy giggle filled the bedroom, and she lovingly squished her face into the fluffy, wholesome white panties before her.


S-she’s soft? Kobayashi wondered. The cushiony softness of cheeks and lips melded in the hardpoints of a nose and jaw, both coming in equal measure. Tohru's face pressed in deeper, her lips flush against the panty-covered labia, and her nose digging in just above it. To Kobayashi's surprise, the actual sniffing part felt oddly demure to her. Tiny tufts of air sucked in, then puffed out, sometimes quickly, other times long, drawn out inhales bordering the absurd. Slowly, her frayed nerves eased up, the alluring sensation of Tohru's undivided, perverted attention oddly relaxing. Her loins warmed in a mixture of arousal and breathing, punctuated by the soft, pleased noised her dragon made.


A movement caught her eye, indistinctly blurry and difficult in the dim bedroom light. Kobayashi squinted, bringing it ever slightly into focus. The green color, whipping back and forth, gave it away. Tohru’s tail wagged around in the air, near silent, but betraying her maid’s excitement. Smiling at the sight, she went back to staring at the ceiling. Tohru’s tail only whipped around that much when she was bursting at the seams. She hadn’t thought about it, but seeing it happen now of all times soothed her.


“Kobayashi-san’s scent … Kobayashi’s-san scent …”


The near inaudible mantra reached her ears. “Hmm? Do you like it, Tohru?”


“Ahh, I love it, I love it …” The maid mumbled back, her tone reaching a feverishly hot pitch.


Kobayashi’s fine hairs stood up just hearing her. Something wet and heavy pressed into her panties, firm against her pussy, and dragged upward. Kobayashi’s hips jolted as a flash of that wonderful thing teased her sensitive nerves. “E-eh?! Tohru?!” she hissed out. That wet, hot tongue pressed in against her panties again. She sat up to see Tohru greedily kissing her panties, but one deeper, pointed lick wrought a shudder all the way up her back. Kobayashi fell onto her back again and tensed when she felt that damn tongue writhing around, probing her. Tohru sucked and licked, purring with a mix of pleased, throaty sounds and grunts, seemingly undaunted.


A shrill noise escaped Kobayashi’s throat when Tohru’s tongue found a way. Peeling around the edge of her panties, she felt it–this living thing–squirm over her outer lips in a long, tasting swipe. The tip of it probed between her folds, flicking up and down like it'd been eager to find that spot. A delighted sound came from between her legs, and Tohru’s hands slid down from her knees. Kobayashi blinked and found her legs being lifted while Tohru stole her panties off her.


“Heee, Kobayashi-san,” Tohru purred, clutching the white panties to her mouth. “I’ll clean your delicious scent, okay?”


I took a shower before we left?! Kobayashi wanted to refute, but something in Tohru’s piercing leer gave her pause. She gulped and nodded, which shot Tohru off into an excitable squirming fit. The dragon maid sunk down between her legs again, and Kobayashi tried to brace herself.


The first long lick, from the very bottom of her slit to the tip of her clitoris, shattered her flimsy resolve. Kobayashi shuddered, suddenly all too aware of the great difference in sizes between them. Tohru's tongue and its widely flat surface covered half of her easily in its hot, undulating flesh and odd texture. Again and again it traveled up and down, and whatever spot Tohru missed before, she paid even greater attention to. From the very corners of where her thigh met her loins, the dragon left nowhere unexplored or untasted. Slimy spittle slathered everywhere, coating Kobayashi in a surreal wetness that wasn’t her own.


Kobayashi gulped for air after every lick, clutching at her chest. She tried to stay quiet, but each of her moans slipped out in tiny, half-formed noises; the awkward sounds of a woman unused to making them. Her hips rose and fell to the rhythm of Tohru’s licking, rolling with an invitation she couldn’t voice. One swipe after another that leisurely rolled over her clitoris left her shaking on the bedding, keenly aware of every little inch Tohru worked on. On the downward lick, her nether lips parted ever-so-slightly, nudged open but vexingly unexplored. That wet, warm mass of teasing flesh nestled there comfortably before going upward again, her hips futilely chasing after it.


“Nngh, Tohru, yo-you’re missing a spot,” Kobayashi bit out between her teeth. Please don't ask me to say where. That sort of embarrassment might truly be the end of her. The maid rose up, her sudden departure leaving Kobayashi’s loins throbbing with remorseful emptiness.


“H-huh? Where?” Tohru asked, indignant despite her full sounding mouth. Wet, lip-sucking squelches and throaty swallowing followed, and Kobayashi didn’t dare look at whatever was actually going on.


"Down there, you know?”


“Mmm … oh! Your butt! I’ll—“


“NOT there!” Kobayashi refuted in an instant, her belly tight with anxious energy. She had to, without a doubt, guide her alluring maid into what to do. The words to tell her would never come, and so, she very slowly reached down to her spittle-drenched pussy. Very few times in her life did she ever feel ‘wet’ in her private moments, and now, her skin was so slippery she had trouble touching herself. A shiver crept up her back at the sensations, begging her to finger herself in that one way she liked. “Here—in here,” she muttered, pulling herself open by a small, fraction of an inch. It still felt far too exposing.


“Eh? Inside?” Tohru returned, curious.




Kobayashi felt those piercing eyes drinking in all the secret details no one else had ever seen. The seconds ticked by, her heart thumping in her chest as her pussy quivered and twitched. Not all the wet mess down there was just Tohru’s handiwork after all. What’s with that look? she wanted to say, but her strength had already left. Kobayashi trembled, her nerves fired with a need that her fingers itched to solve. Tohru’s hands slowly left her legs, letting her relax at last. She wasn’t at all certain what to do in this kind of situation, but nonetheless, she shifted a little by stretching her legs out and angling her hips. This is what they do in those kinds of videos, right?


She could die from embarrassment. How did those big, busty women ever not feel like this? Pathetically naked, exposing herself not only to Tohru, but trying to invite her in, tempt her—tempt her maid. Tohru sank down, her heated but slow breaths billowing over Kobayashi’s loins. Those sunset eyes looked up at her, and Kobayashi’s breath hitched.


‘Are you okay?’ is what that look meant, in its own way. Tohru used it sometimes when their guests were over and being rowdy.


Now, Kobayashi felt a little silly.


Slowly extending her hand, she laced her fingers through Tohru's hair. Rubbing in an encouraging way, Kobayashi laid back on the bedding, and her eyes shut uneasily. She waited while Tohru shifted around on the bedding, keenly aware of her presence. Hot breathing warned her moments before soft, wet lips kissed into skin, suckling with the gentlest of loving tastes. An airy, pleased sigh escaped her on its own, and a shiver crept up her back.


One of Tohru’s hands crept up underneath her thigh. Those lovely fingers snuck into her hand with a tender grasp. A conflicted sort of feeling arose in her chest, but Kobayashi returned the gesture. Honestly, holding hands now of all times is kind of … She wasn't sure which words to put to it, and settled for the contentment it brought.


A single long, labia-spreading lick shocked her into letting out a gasping moan, the latent arousal between her legs becoming quite suddenly sharp and defined. She clenched at Tohru’s hand, and her thighs tightened around the maid’s head. Nerve-tingling pressure increased, pushed in by the hot, wet mass of Tohru’s obscene tongue. It delved deeper, sliding over her very nerves and stretching her wider and wider. Her hips quivered, and she clenched her pussy, trying to hold the writhing thing in place.


She hides this in her mouth?! Kobayashi marveled, panting in tiny, hurried breaths. She knew her own fingers well, and on occasion, a thin handle of a hair brush when an adventurous air took her. Tohru, however, was far larger than she even imagined. Its descent into her soon stopped, some of it already disappeared into her deepest reaches.


Kobayashi jumped a little at the sucking pull of Tohru's tongue withdrawing. An emptiness followed in its wake, staggeringly clear in the mind at how much she'd been filled prior. The tip of it hung between her folds, wetly sliding up and down, and Kobayashi panted, feeling oddly exerted. She humped her hips, the acute emptiness wanting to be filled, a feeling she utterly agreed with.


A gulping swallow reached her ears, followed by a pleased, throaty giggle. Tohru muttered something in words she didn’t recognize, but the happy tone stood out all the same. The flat of her maid’s tongue pressed against her labia, slithering up the outside in a slow taste. Kobayashi squeaked as it roamed over her clit, washing it in the tantalizing mix of spittle-drenched flesh. She tightened her hand on Tohru’s head, and she found her maid’s hungry mouth venturing onto her pussy again.


“J-just like that, okay?” Kobayashi said, her voice wispy and only half-awake. An acknowledging sound answered back, the vibrations of it tickling her sensitive skin. “Ah, please, Tohru …”


With a sucking inhale that surprised even her, Tohru kissed into her pussy harder, her mouth wide and hungry. Kobayashi let out a small ‘eep’ as the maid’s other hand looped around and planted on her belly. Five fingers splayed out over her skin, grabbing onto her firmly. A long, hard lick of Tohru’s tongue crept up between her labia lips, all but dragging her hips with it. Then, at the top of her clit, it swept downward, parting her again in a queerly different manner. Kobayashi’s eyes shot open when that deliciously devilish thing plunged inside her once more.


Grabbing Tohru’s head for dear life, Kobayashi clamped a hand over her mouth, desperate to stop her awkward noises, but every swipe and delve of Tohru’s tongue made her a little less coherent in the head. It wasn’t that bad of her, was it? The way she wanted it, how Tohru worked on her, or how it all felt so very, very wonderful. Her hips tired quickly trying to move at Tohru's pace, leaving her lying there, snuggly wrapped in her maid’s hold.


“Mmmhmm,” Kobayashi hummed, pleasantly buzzing. A tiny, euphoric smile spread across her face, and she let herself go on the flow. Where Tohru licked or kissed, her nerves sang, hot and flush with spit and arousal. A gentle caress near her clit, or a deep, long reaching plunge of the tongue; all of it from Tohru’s loving, attentive handiwork. Tohru … she dimly thought, giddy at the vibrant image of the dragon in her mind and the punctually real heat and skin of her between her legs.


Lost in the moment, she wasn’t all certain how long she laid there, happy with that tongue filling her deep inside, wriggling all the way out, tasting her, and going in again and again. A shudder rippled through her every so often, deliriously tight in her belly only to ever gently ease up into harmless tremors down her legs. Kobayashi slowly blinked, her blurry vision sharpening as an uncomfortable feeling welled up. Her head, she realized, was sideways, and her slack mouth smacked together, a trickle of her own drool cold on her lip. Tohru’s invasively deep, energetic movements had slowed down into long, slow licks not at all different from kisses. “Ah, Tohru … Tohru?” Kobayashi asked slowly, nudging the maid.


A questioning sound answered back.


“T-Tohru …” Kobayashi scrunched up for a second, shuddering as that wonderfully thick tongue left her throbbing, overly sensitive pussy once again. “S-stop real quick, please.”


Tohru grumbled a drawn out, insufferable groan that clearly meant she didn’t want to.


“Tohru,” Kobayashi said, a bit sterner. The dragon tepidly withdrew, relief and distress coming at once when her heated presence vanished. Kobayashi weakly opened her legs, breathing heavily, her nerves still buzzing with the phantom of the aggressive licking she’d received. Any second now she expected a heavy, deep plunge into her, and it disappointed her deeply when it didn’t come. Tohru, her face a splattered mess and hair clinging wildly to it, sat up over her.


Chest tightening, Kobayashi felt an earnest, embarrassed blush overcome her at the sight. Tohru stared back with her wide, warm eyes, and her flushed lips peeled in a messy smile. It was, in every way, something she’d never imagined seeing nor wanting so terribly much. She made to sit up, but a spasm from her lower body put her right back down again, an airy gasp escaping. The numbing raw heat and pleasure smoldered, angrily reminding her of its presence with any movement she made.


“Ah!” Tohru chirped and hurriedly moved up, holding herself over the programmer. “Kobayashi-san? Is it your back again?”


“N-no,” Kobayashi sputtered out, her hyperactive nerves making her acutely aware of everything. Tohru’s mere presence above her swallowed up the world, and her eyes couldn’t keep from venturing down. Her maid’s breasts hung with their plump, firmly erect and flush nipples, flagrantly inviting her to try them. A small part of her wanted to, in its own way, and a tingle of anticipation wet her mouth. “It’s … your tongue felt really—uhm, woah.” Covering her face slowly, Kobayashi couldn’t bear being seen anymore. All at once, she felt so tired and so energized, a compulsive need to get closer and love Tohru but also crawl under her own sheets.


“Oh? Was it good?” Tohru asked, sounding pleased but confused. “You stopped moving after a little and—” Kobayashi slung her arms around her and pulled the two of them together. They both, in their own little ways, pressed their bodies closer, molding together in a sweat-slicked and Tohru-spittle-covered skin embrace.


Hugging her enticingly soft maid, Kobayashi nuzzled against her head. “It was great,” she breathed out in a soft whisper into Tohru’s ear. A vibrant, hearty shudder passed through her maid, accompanied by a tiny, girlish keen of need. Slowly walking her hand down Tohru’s back, Kobayashi passed over the beginning of that fat tail of hers, and groped one rounded, full butt cheek. Tohru jolted and soundlessly raised her rear in an awkward, backward hump. “You’re the best, Tohru.”


“I am?” the dragon asked quietly, her voice sharp with a teary-cry.




A pleased noise answered back as Tohru buried herself closer to Kobayashi, clinging with an almost backbreaking amount of force. An unpleasing gurgle of escaping air followed Kobayashi's wheeze at the hug.


“I’m sorry,” Tohru mumbled, not quite miserable, but down enough it made Kobayashi pause.


“About what?”


“I thought you weren’t liking it so I tried really hard …”


Kobayashi blinked. Was I that dull? She couldn’t tell, the whole experience blurred together in one long, erotic burn in her memory. “I should be the one saying I’m sorry, then.”


“Huh? Why?”


Oh, she had to explain it. Kobayashi cleared her throat lightly. “Because it was great. I’d never felt like that … ever,” she said, starting out strong, but her bravado deflated into a quiet mutter. “Even if I'm, uhh–well, I don't show it.”


“We could ask Lucoa-san on how to, the internet doesn’t seem to tell us anything.”


The mere thought of asking that big-titted ex-goddess confirmed one absolute thing in Kobayashi’s mind: she’d die from embarrassment. “Ahem. No, this is … rather, won’t you help me, Tohru?”


“Eh?! Me?” Tohru rose up, a lively energy returning to her. Some of her face had cleaned up rubbing into the bedding, but her hair messily stuck in odd places. “How could I?”


Kobayashi pulled up her hand idly wiped at Tohru’s face, pushing the slick strands out of the way. “It’s something people do in this kind of situation. We, uh, talk. About what we want.”


Tohru, thoughtful in look, nuzzled into Kobayashi’s hand, turning the cleaning into a holding. “We do? But doesn’t it just happen?”


“It can. But talking is good, too. I think. Maybe. I’ve read it helps, anyway.”


“Oh. Okay. What do I say?”


“… Whatever you want? Or what you feel is in your heart?”


“Well, I love you, Kobayashi-san.” Shot right in the heart, Kobayashi could only stare with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Tohru giggled, her eyes bashfully looking away. “And I really like it when Kobayashi-san looks at me.”


“R-really?” Kobayashi croaked out.


“Yeah. Those dead fish eyes are the best.”


Is–is that really a compliment? I mean ...


Tohru licked her lips, her unfocused eyes sharpening suddenly. Kobayashi's instincts flared up and she the fine hairs of her neck standing up. The great length of Tohru’s tail started swaying in the air again, wagging back and forth. “And, I really like being touched …” Languidly pulling herself up a bit—just enough their skin peeled apart with a gasp-inducing shock—Tohru squared herself over Kobayashi. With both arms planted beside her head, and both knees locked onto those waifish hips, the dragon licked her swollen, flush lips with a familiar hunger. “Hey, Kobayashi-san, will you touch me?”


A proverbial crossroads in her life appeared in that moment, and Kobayashi knew she had to make a choice. If she didn’t, Tohru would undoubtedly make one for her. Her nascent pride as the lady of the house wouldn’t abide such an affront. Kobayashi reached up and grabbed Tohru’s back gently, smiling. “Okay,” she said sweetly.


Pulling the dragon maid to her, a squeak of surprise came at the sudden movement. Then, without hesitation, she rolled over in the bed, planting Tohru firmly underneath her. Wide, golden eyes stared back, bewildered. Kobayashi, for the life of her, grit her teeth and bore through the very sudden reminder of her legs existing and how sensitive she still was. Fully vertical and straddling Tohru’s squishy, silky thighs, Kobayashi found herself treated to a wonderful view. Her maid laying on her bed, very much naked, sweaty, and feminine.


Kobayashi pushed up her non-existent glasses on her nose and swallowed uneasily. A crystallization of understanding dawned on her, snapping into place with a sudden, real sense she didn’t know how to put a word to. Desire was a mystifying idea until Tohru butted into her life. She’d been envious at first, but now, that same busty, nosy, busy-body dragon was the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen. Giddiness rose up in her, a hard-to-suppress giggle turning into a lopsided smile.


Tohru was beautiful.


It would be okay for her to think that; say it, even. Tohru was a beautiful, charming dragon who cleaned her house and lived with her and helped her and was friends—


“Kobayashi-san has a scary look on her face,” Tohru muttered, eying her household mistress with coy suspicion.


“Eh? I’m not … what?” Kobayashi blinked, her own thoughts derailing cleanly.


“Like when Kobayashi-san is on the computer doing that work from home thing.”


“Ah. No, I was just, well, thinking.”


“But … we’re in bed together?” Tohru asked quietly. “What about?”


“How beautiful you are.”






They stared at each other for a long, solid moment. Kobayashi, realizing how her thought slipped right out, choked on her tongue. More than anywhere else, she really wanted to bury herself into the bed and not crawl out for a month. Tohru, all the while, laid beneath her, slowly but steadily squirming with increasing excitement. A wide smile bloomed on her face, all but capturing Kobayashi’s attention in the dim bedroom light.


“Kobayashi-san thinks I’m pretty?” Tohru asked slyly, twirling a finger around a lock of hair. She watched with rapt attention as Kobayashi leaned down, their faces coming close together. Each one’s breath blew into the other gently, warm caresses that left them a bit ticklish.


“Yeah,” Kobayashi mumbled back, leaning in closer. “You’re the prettiest.” The round, plush squish of Tohru’s breasts molded against her chest, a welcomingly exciting kiss of skin. The two large, plump points of Tohru’s own nipples pressed back, pointedly demanding attention. “I, uh, like that a lot. A lot, a lot. How pretty you are, that is.”


She’d only ever seen Tohru ‘girlishly’ squeal a handful of times. A hearty, heavy thump of what only had to be her tail against the bedding filled the bedroom. Two long, impossibly strong arms wove around her back, and Kobayashi gurgled again from the fierce, spine-popping hug. A leg snaked its way behind her, pressing her in closer still, and an exceedingly warm, slippery wetness welcomed her groin.


Tohru, firmly hugging her, kept rolling from side-to-side on the bed. If asking her out on a date had made Tohru incomprehensibly happy, this was a step beyond even that. Every part of her really is honest, huh? Kobayashi mused with a fluttery excitement in her heart and the twirling whirl of gravity in her head.


“Tohru … Tohru?” Kobayashi said, trying to gently pry the dragon back to reality. Little by little, her maid calmed down, her face flushed and her breathing heavy with a deep, unfathomable energy. Drawn in by such a wonderful sight, Kobayashi scooted a few inches closer, and gently kissed her maid’s plump lips. A heavy, repeating thump from behind answered back, and she couldn’t help imagining that big tail going wild again. Pulling away with a grin and her mouth pleasantly tingling, she found all her dragon maid’s attention quite happily fixed on her. “I can’t touch you if you’re rolling everywhere, you know.”


She got that sentence out without choking on a word. A small victory in her book.


“But it’s so hard not to!” Tohru whined, her whole body squirming in blatant protest.


Kobayashi’s eye glinted with a stern look, and she sat upward. In a swift, certain motion, she grabbed Tohru’s hefty breasts. A familiarly soft, but warm sensation filled her hands, something she only ever stole fleeting gropes from before. Her fingers easily sank in just a bit, and Tohru’s fast heart beat faintly throbbed away deep inside them. All at once, her maid stilled, sucking in air through her nose and her body tense.


Okay, I can do this. It’s not too tricky. Just be gentle. Kobayashi flexed her fingers, testing a long, rolling wave-like motion through Tohru’s breasts. A lowly moan answered immediately, sweet and pure to her ears. She gulped, barely suppressing the lustful shiver that rolled down her back. Just be gentle with your very, very sexy maid. Easy, right?


She couldn’t resist playing around a little bit. Gently pushing Tohru’s breasts upward, Kobayashi gave them a stiff, deep rub, a pointedly strong move she liked herself. Tohru’s face scrunched up, a gasping, half-formed ‘ah’ escaping, and Kobayashi eased her down, letting those big breasts rest in their natural, vexingly perky-like spot. Then, slipping her hands free, she ran her finger tips out from under, and over on top. Not firm enough to even indent, she teased her way around Tohru’s engorged nipples, just barely touching the areola. She felt Tohru stiffen beneath her and freeze every odd second, anticipating that final touch that never came.


Kobayashi knew that frustratingly enticing feeling all too well. Her years of self-taught training of growth inducing massages were finally paying off. She wasn’t certain whether to laugh or cry at the idea.


“Haa, Kobayashi-san,” Tohru squeezed the words out in a heavy voice. “It’s so good. Those long fingers—they’re sooo good.”


Kobayashi had to pause for a second to focus her thoughts. “Oh, yeah? You like this, then?”


“Mmhmm.” Tohru’s eyes shut, her lips clenched shut when Kobayashi slowly walked her index fingers around her nipples. Not quite touching the firmly stiff part sticking straight up, she rubbed the darker areola, and Tohru’s chest shook with her muffled moan. Her teasing lover retreated away, and a gasp broke out of Tohru’s mouth. “I love it! It’s so—it’s better than I imagined. Oh, keep going; please, touch me!”


“You imagined, huh?” Kobayashi grinned, her cheeks reddening from such sultry begging. It’d only ever sounded awful when she turned her speakers on during ‘private time’. Tohru transformed the whole idea into this warmly liquid sound that sent a shiver right down between her legs. She clenched her thighs, hugging the sides of Tohru’s hips tighter. Her womanhood quivered between her tight muscles, flushed and wet for attention.


“Yeah, I—I, ah!” Tohru chirped, cutting herself off when Kobayashi’s thumbs squarely pressed into her nipples. She sank backwards into the bedding, pushing her chest up into her mistress’ hands all the more eagerly. “When I’m working, or cleaning, Kobayashi-san comes up and—” Tohru slapped her hands to her face, the rest of her words dying in a mumble of nonsense and flustered noises.


“And I what?” Kobayashi inquired in her ‘business’ voice. Tohru’s beautiful eyes shot back at her, star struck with a look that made her almost shrink beneath its intensity. An airy giggle bubbled out of her maid, anything but innocent sounding.


“Kobayashi-san grabs me!” Tohru sang out. “’Oh, Tohru, I need you’, Kobayashi-san says, taking my breasts, mauling them as she pleases, right there on the dinner table and I, oooh …” A throaty moan accompanies a delirious shiver through her body, even though Kobayashi hasn’t moved her hands at all. “I let her take everything she wants, because I’m hers to use however she waaants!” Tohru’s voice peaked as her whole body seized up at once in a trembling shudder.


Utterly lost on what to do at so sudden a turn, Kobayashi kept gently massaging Tohru's chest, trying to help her along. The more she did, the more Tohru’s lewd fantasy hung in her thoughts. She gulped nervously, watching the raw, erotic sight beneath her stirring emotions the likes of which she’d never truly experienced before. Fuck, Kobayashi thought to herself, a creeping realization setting in. I like it. Oh, shit, I’m into it?!


If it truly made Tohru so happy, she could entertain it a little, right?


It wasn’t entirely because she wanted to help herself to Tohru whenever, after all.


Tohru would just love having attention that way.


Kobayashi hadn’t noticed she started breathing heavier herself at all. An excitable energy crawled in her, the rare sort that demanded she seclude herself in the bedroom. But, she didn’t have to be alone for it—Tohru was here now, ready and oh so very, very beautiful with that hair spread across her pillow, and her sweaty, heavy panting. Tohru’s half-lidded eyes radiated bashfulness, and an unusual quiet air hung about her, punctuated by her heavy breathing.


“Are you okay?” the programmer asked.


“Mhm,” Tohru hummed back, hiding her face behind her hands.


Feeling unconvinced, Kobayashi lifted a leg up and slid-sideways off Tohru. The maid cracked her fingers open to watch, a displeased rumble in her throat coming at the motion. Ignoring such a queer, inhuman sound, Kobayashi made herself comfortable lying next to Tohru, snuggly fit in beside her shapely body. She gave a small smile and laid her head on Tohru's shoulder. “Hey,” Kobayashi said quietly.


“Hi,” Tohru returned, her hands slowly easing away from her face.


Kobayashi snuck in when the opening came, kissing Tohru gently. Neither moving nor stirring the pot for more, she just wanted Tohru to be comfortable. The lips she was increasingly familiar with molded against her own, and they sat there, unmoving but for tiny, small twitches that caressed the other. Their breathing blew against the other gently, an odd, if enjoyable closeness in itself. On the occasion, one of them broke the kiss to run their tongue across their lips—or the other’s—leaving a refreshing slickness behind.


Mmm … Tohru, are you really ok?


That quick, shuddering release of hers couldn’t have been satisfying. Not like how hers was, earlier.


Kobayashi, miffed at such an idea, flexed her fingers and reached downward. She crept across Tohru’s belly, the iron-like abs underneath twitching and contracting. An airy, muffled ‘huh?’ sounded in her maid’s throat, their kiss yet unbroken. Kobayashi smirked, watching how Tohru’s unfocused eyes opened wide-awake. The lower her hand went, the warmer the air became, and she found the soft, flushed loins between Tohru’s legs. A slippery wetness far different than any other graced her hand, slickening her fingers almost instantly. A hint of familiarity, yet everything felt different and new, a prospect that excited her a little.


Their kiss broke from Tohru’s sharp inhale, her whole body stiffening. “Oh?! Kobayashi-san, that’s so fast, isn’t it?” she asked with a dreaminess to her voice.


“You want more, don’t you?” Kobayashi said, tepidly trying to tease. She had an inclination of an idea, and Tohru melted beneath her words, turning giddy and squirmy in the bedding.


“Mmm, please? I want Kobayashi-san to be satisfied with me …”


You’re like that, huh? the programmer mused, a thrill in her belly she wasn’t ready to acknowledge just yet. Her hand between Tohru’s thighs reminded her of her own private moments, but with her other hand and completely reversed in direction. Still, the rest made sense, and she tentatively stroked the tips of her fingers over Tohru’s labia. The soft, slick skin yielded easier than she expected, and a muscular quiver under her fingers accompanied the gasp that escaped Tohru.


“Oh, oh …!”


Strong thighs clamped tightly around Kobayashi’s hand, pinning it in place. She hummed disapprovingly before smiling at her maid’s unfocused look, then said slowly, “Tohru, open your legs.”


The dragon gulped, her face tightening with an excited awe. The seconds ticked by, and those thighs remained shut tight.


An evil smirk crept across her mouth, and Kobayashi carefully wiggled her fingers up and down. In all, barely an inch—maybe two—of room but that was enough.


“I can’t!” Tohru chirped out, rolling her hips into those devilish digits. “It’s way too good!”


Leaning in, the programmer stared into her eyes with an evil glint. “It’s not so easy to do, is it, Tohru?!”


A pathetic ‘ahh’ answered back, a strange mixture of being chastised and aroused. The tone of it struck a chord, and Kobayashi forcefully reined in her overbearing attitude. Lifting her free leg up, she wrapped it around closest of Tohru's legs to her. In this way, all of Tohru’s little twitches and squirms started rolling into her, too. Kobayashi swallowed, and quite tentatively, nuzzled her head into the crook of her maid’s neck. “It’s okay,” she said quietly. “Just enjoy it, alright?” Tohru nuzzled into the top of her head, and she felt one of her maid’s arms loop around to her back.




Drawing in a breath, Kobayashi closed her eyes, and all her attention went to her finger work. She angled her hand, mindful to not carelessly hit Tohru’s sensitive clit, and crept her fingers along the outer folds. Unlike her, and her own times she’d shaved herself, there wasn’t a hint of hair—not even a vestigial bump. In turn, Tohru’s pussy felt far smoother than it had any right to be, such that her juices made it surprisingly difficult to work. I … does this even feel good? she wondered with worry, her maid’s breathing heavy but unchanged. Honestly, she’s slippier than me when I use lotion. Befuddled, Kobayashi pushed her fingers lower, then angled her middle and ring finger inward. A flush heat enveloped them, and the very first time she’d ever penetrated Tohru seared its way across her mind. Her maid jerked, and a slight, constrained moan eased out. Kobayashi frowned at how Tohru’s thighs clenched even tighter, all but squeezing her hand in place.


“I can’t—I can’t …” Tohru mumbled under her breath, strained.


This really isn’t working. Pursing her lips, Kobayashi sighed. Wiggling her hand free, she sat up on the bed and pulled her messy hair back into place. She gazed at Tohru’s naked body with her shoddy eyes, and hummed thoughtfully. A hand quickly grabbed onto her arm, startling her with its speed and strength.


“No, it’s okay! It’s good, right?” Tohru said, pleading and her eyes blurry with tears. “Kobayashi-san, please …”


Her heart really couldn’t take that tone at all. Kobayashi laid a hand over Tohru’s and rubbed. “It’s okay, I have an idea. Can you turn over onto your belly?”


“My belly?” the maid returned with confusion. “Uhh, yes?”


"Well, hurry then."


Kobayashi watched, and when Tohru flipped over and was about to lay down, spoke up. “Ah, sit up on your knees, but keep your chest on the bed.” In an all too predictable fashion, Tohru did so, but her legs were still shut tight together while her fat tail hung down across her butt. The whole of that green appendage really could conceal her lovely behind, though she found the idea of lifting it to see oddly erotic. Kobayashi tentatively put her hand on Tohru’s butt cheek, squeezing with a feathery soft touch. “This isn’t that comfortable, is it?”




“Then, get comfortable. For me, okay?”




Tohru shifted back and forth, moving her front and rear ends. A pillow found its way between her arms, comfortably supporting her. To Kobayashi’s smug satisfaction, her maid’s legs finally did part open, inching their separate ways. Hidden behind her tail and the voluminous softness of her butt, Kobayashi spied her glistening womanhood, already dripping strands of slick juices. The whole of it was such a mess to behold; a wet, sexy mess she had trouble looking away from. “Like this?”


“Yeah,” Kobayashi said, trying to be encouraging. “Now, I’m going to touch you, Tohru. Stay like that, okay?”


“… Touch me, Kobayashi-san’s going to touch me …” Tohru muttered, already in her own little world.


In her own half-sitting, half-lying position, Kobayashi sat beside Tohru’s rear, reaching with her hand once more. The whole of the position and angle were completely different now, and she frankly didn’t trust her experience anymore. But, driven with determination, she wanted nothing more than to make sure Tohru got what she deserved. Her hand upside down to match Tohru’s wet pussy, she slid it over the outer folds once more, stopping just short of the clit. A shudder ripped through her maid, and she felt the clench of her thighs, but they didn’t budge an inch inward. Kobayashi’s heart settled from its frantic beat, safe that her hand wouldn’t be smushed again.


“Howse that?” she asked with a smirk despite no one seeing it. Tohru only answered with a drawn out ‘mhmm’, her butt rocking back and forth in tune to the stroking. Back and forth the two of them went, a leisurely slow pace, and Kobayashi heard a heavier, staggered breathing. She carefully ventured to the height of Tohru’s pussy, using two fingers to play around her clitoral hood, and the dragon shuddered heavily, sucking in air through her nose. Thus the pattern went again and again, with Kobayashi sparingly reaching around the clit but not quite touching it properly. Her hand, drenched in love juices, slipped and slide with remarkable ease, but she found it fun with this new angle. Boldness crept in her heart now that she knew Tohru was really enjoying herself.


“I’m a little surprised, though,” she said softly, and Tohru’s head angled a bit on the pillow—enough that her ear really pointed toward Kobayashi. “You’re very soft, Tohru.”


“Mmm … is that bad?” Tohru mumbled.


“No, I like it.”


“Kobayashi-san likes my softness …” A giggle, not an earnest laugh and more a cover for an unsoundly lewd noise, escaped the maid. Her tail, at the same time, twitched in a wave-like motion, as if it wanted to raise but stopped. Such a motion did not go unnoticed.


“Tohru, lift your tail for me?”


“Ehh?!” Tohru chirped out, her head jerking up, but she still clung to the pillow for dear life. “L-lift my tail?!”


“Oh, is that bad?” Kobayashi asked all-too-innocently, her pussy-rubbing hand slowing to a halt and cupping Tohru’s sensitive loins.


“Me, lifting her tail for some lowly human!” Tohru hissed into the pillow without a hint of anger in her voice. A splash of red bloomed across her cheeks, already strained and sweating as they were.


Kobayashi’s brow ticked at the patronizing line, and with a stern upper lip, used her other hand to smack Tohru’s wonderful butt painlessly. The sound reverberated in the bedroom, along with Tohru’s indignant noise from being startled. “Mind your manners,” she rebuked immediately.


“B-but if it’s Kobayashi-san … oh, I’m her sex slave, after all, I have to …” Tohru continued on, almost entirely talking to herself.


This dragon, Kobayashi thought with a sigh. To her surprise, however, that great, fat green tail started lifting up. It ended in a C-shaped curve, the tip of which dipped toward Tohru’s head. A raw curiosity took her over then, and Kobayashi gently shifted across the bed, moving to sit behind Tohru’s rear properly. What greeted her was a sight that gave her great pause, a sort of stupefied awe she’d only experienced a few times before. Her maid’s butt was beautifully rounded, though not necessarily perfect—tense muscles, defined yet supple underneath, gave it distinct character. Each succulent globe cleanly stood out without being obscene, inviting her to touch them. A dip at the top showed where butt-kissed-tail in an oddly cute depression that she briefly wondered it’d be like to explore. Kobayashi’s eyes dragged toward what lay between, and fixated on the enticing view of Tohru’s womanly loins on complete display.


In a way that her brain couldn’t help noticing, Tohru was offering herself completely in this position, and the mere idea left her throat a little dry.


“Is that what you wanted, mistress?” Tohru asked slowly.


“Yes,” the programmer answered in kind, almost entirely automatic. She swallowed her dry mouth and focused again. “Keep yourself open for me, okay?”


“… Okay,” Tohru answered, her voice in a certain range of quiet, but punctual; subservient, yet not ‘meek’. The whole of it sounded wondrously queer in Kobayashi’s ears, who never once imagined such a thing from Tohru.


Her hands hovered mere inches away from her maid, and Kobayashi shivered a little bit. An excitement she couldn’t name made her fingers itch, and earnestly, she just wanted to touch Tohru. She wanted to touch her so much her hands shook, and for the life of her, she didn’t know how to start. Tohru’s rear swayed in place, and her excited pussy twitched every so often, a renewed slickness wetly dripping out. A heady aroma of sweat, skin, and love filled ever breath Kobayashi took, comforting in its stuffiness. Slowly, she set her hands on Tohru’s wonderfully round butt cheeks, the heat in them hotly clear on her palms. A tiny inhale came from ahead, and Tohru tightened underneath her. How … how does one do this?


She knew there was a secret art to it; all that came to Kobayashi’s mind was massaging shoulders. Pressing in with her thumbs and gripping with her fingers, she got her first full handfuls of dragon butt. In as much as she expected, there was a soft, malleable layer set atop an iron-like weave of muscles that twitched and danced at her touch. Sometimes they became tight, other moments they were lax, letting her squeeze in just a bit deeper. Tohru’s great tail shuddered, and a throaty, long pleased exhale accompanied it; soft on the ears while still being loud in their silent bedroom.


“You really are pretty, Tohru,” Kobayashi muttered, the words coming out easy. Her face, however, disagreed in a bright blooming blush.


“Ehehe … Kobayashi-san is being more hon—honest,” Tohru said back, skipping a beat in excitement. She pushed back ever so slightly, giving an inviting pump to her hips. The reward she wondrously received was being pried open just a bit, leaving her even more exposed than before for just a couple seconds. “I was, uhm, really worried, though.”


“What about?”


“That Kobayashi-san might not like it. I tried really hard, but …”


“A woman’s heart needs to be prepared, you know?” Kobayashi remarked, a touch bemused. “Rushing into it is really, well, too much.”


“Ohh. Dragons don’t mind so much, they’re either ready or not.”


“Is that so?” Kobayashi’s gaze slid toward Tohru’s wet womanhood, and her brow ticked upward. Reaching with one hand, she extended her index finger, and slowly slid it up between the dragon’s twitching, wet outer folds. Right before her eyes, Tohru tensed up, her butt wobbling a little from the sudden motion. Kobayashi kept going on with her finger, not quite delving inside fully, but sneaking up right beneath the clitoris. Holding it there, she couldn’t help marveling at the hearty but faint pulse thrumming away, and the wet warmth so diligently trying to pull her in deeper. All of it rang a familiar tone to her, but knowing it was Tohru herself turned it into something entirely new and fun. Her mouth twitched, and a devious desire crept to the fore.


“So which are you, then, Tohru?”




“Are you always ready—“ Kobayashi dipped her finger inward, probing the inner passage up to the first digit. It twitched and contracted, desperate to hold her or draw her in deeper, which ever could be done. “—or not?”


“R-ready! I’m always ready!” Tohru chirped, her butt shaking excitedly. “For Kobayashi-san, I’m always ready.”


“Hmm.” Flexing her hand, Kobayashi set index and pinky finger on either side of Tohru’s heated vulva, leaving her middle and ring finger nestled amongst the soft, pink inner folds. She gently slid her hand back and forth, letting her middle fingers lay ‘at rest’ while her outer fingers worked along the small dips that lay between pussy and thigh. Satisfied with her reach, Kobayashi smiled in a way that lifted her lips just a little bit. When her hand sat at the bottom of Tohru’s flushed lips, she angled her middle fingers inward, and slowly inserted them together as she traveled upward again. A low, keening moan accompanied the motion, and every joint deeper her fingers went, Tohru became a little louder. “How about when you’re in the kitchen?”


An unintelligible noise tried answering back, trapped as it was between clenched teeth and a shut mouth.


“Maybe when you’re in the living room?” Kobayashi offered in a helpful tone, drawing her hand back down again. Her fingers nearly left Tohru completely, leaving just their neatly trimmed tips spreading open those soft pink folds.


“Yes, yes!” Tohru declared, her voice cleanly loud in their quiet bedroom. “There, anywhere—I want Kobayashi-san to … to …”


“To …” Kobayashi echoed with an encouraging tone. She drove it home by sliding her hand forward, delving into that heated passage once again. She watched with pleasure how Tohru tensed and her butt perked upward a little bit. A little push backward of her hips helped draw the eye to this primal presentation, an earnest desire her body spoke freely with.


"Mmm use me,” Tohru spat the words out, a proverbial dam breaking in her throat with the rush of air. “Push me against the counter, throw me on the ground, tear my skirt away,” she continued on, every word heated and airy in her spaced-out tone. “G-guh-grab my chest, and my horns, ohh, ohh yes my horns; with your little human hands!”


Leaning forward—almost to the point of hugging Tohru’s behind—Kobayashi listened keenly, every word pure and goosebumps inducing. She moved her hand faster, keeping at a steady and busy rhythm, but not unbearably so. Likened to a deep, active massage, she stroked along Tohru’s pussy, plunging her middle fingers in and out. A sort of quiet wet sound arose, the mating noise of a hand in a woman’s place that added a luscious quality to the bedroom. Tohru swayed in tune, pushing her hips back to meet the deepest penetration of those fingers, tiny, fast-pitched breaths and moans accompanying it.


With her other hand, Kobayashi laid it upon Tohru’s lower back, feeling the hot, slightly sweat-slicked skin there. A surprised noise came from ahead, peculiar to her ear, but enough to make her smile. Slowly, she slid it downward, coming to the point where that great green tail jutted out from Tohru's butt. While it was far too large for her to grab, her devious goal lay in that exact spot between tail and body. Kobayashi tentatively pressed her finger tips in that little divide, giving it a good fingertip massage.


“HHIIEE?!” Tohru squealed, and all at once her whole rear-end tightened up, pitching higher into the air and nearly taking her off her knees. Her pussy clamped hard on Kobayashi’s fingers, constricting them with a vice grip solid enough it couldn’t have been a true release just yet. A tremor shook through the dragon, her muscles shaking even in the dim light of the bedroom. “H-h-how? Kobayashi-san?” she stuttered out, her pitch nervously high. “M-my tail?”


“Tohru,” Kobayashi said clearly, and trying not to let her smugness out. “Did you forget who the mistress of the household is?”


“Ehh? No, but …”


Someone is quite protective of a certain spot when we’re bathing. Or when I’m washing you down.”


A strained giggle escaped the maid, her body still terribly tense. “Oh. Ohhh.


The lewd moan followed then, for Kobayashi found her pace. Her tail-massaging hand was quite simple in its back-and-forth, while all her attention went to the other, busier one. She shifted on the bed, and sort of kneeling-sat-down upon one of Tohru’s legs, giving her a comfortable reach to both parts. Another goal guided her, one she didn’t dare voice aloud. The heat of her maid and the sensual eroticism she exuded had stirred her own demure, but captivating arousal. She’d done so much to keep it out of mind, but the demanding need between her legs wanted something.


Kobayashi tentatively laid her own wet pussy on the back of Tohru’s calf, a queer sense of soft skin and steel-hard muscles coming up between her thighs. She sucked in a breath of air, tentatively rolling her hips just a tiny, tiny bit, and a relief of pure excitement crept up. It wouldn’t be enough, and she slowly increased her flow, humping her hips on Tohru’s leg back and forth. “H-hey, Tohru,” she muttered out loud, her deep breathing loud in her own ears. “I want you to feel good, okay?”


“Mhmm,” came the answer back, a throaty acknowledgement.


“Feel, feel really, really good …” Kobayashi panted, her own pussy slipping and sliding easier and easier. The thought barely crossed her mind on how much of a mess she’d might be making. Tohru was far, far different from the pillows she usually used, but that was okay in her book. Her beautiful maid, splayed out on her bed, butt up in the air, and moaning eclipsed her lewd fantasies by miles. Her fingers sped up a little bit more, inclined a touch more firmly, and her breathing deepened more.


Tohru's sweet voice grew louder and erratic, sharp cries jolting gentle moans. This time, Kobayashi could feel it coming, hear it become stronger, and her own heart-filled excitement grew alongside it. Tohru gripped the bedsheets, her long tongue unfolding out of her sideways-laying head. More and more girlish moans squeaked out of her, and spittle drooled freely, her eyes squinted in ecstatic concentration. A great contraction followed, and Tohru’s pussy tightened around Kobayashi's fingers in desperate spasms to draw her in deeper.


"Haa, Tohru,” Kobayashi breathed out, stroking her maid’s pussy and tail-spot unrelentingly. “C-cum for me, okay? Cum for me.”


Such dirty words, out of her own mouth no less. It thrilled her in a perverse way, the sheer thrill eclipsing the embarrassment. Squeaky little cries answered her, Tohru’s own animalistic moans broken by the shuddering release coursing through her. A splash of wetness squirted onto Kobayashi’s hand, coming in a rush that surprised her. She kept going, even as her fingers could only slide uselessly on such juice-stained skin. It kept coming and coming, settling into a sporadic, hip-shaking squirt every so often that left thin, glistening strands between Tohru’s thighs. Kobayashi gulped at the sight, the poignant memory of Tohru’s tongue inside her arising at the sight.


What did it taste like?


She could only lament there wasn’t a real chance for her to try right now. Watching her maid cum herself all over the bed sheet, Kobayashi humped away on her leg, trying to draw as much pleasure herself. In the minutes that followed, all that could be heard in the bedroom was their own heavy breathing, one coming down from a rush, the other feverishly working still. Tohru’s luscious juice had since finished, her soft pussy throbbing red and shiny, the lips slightly parted from Kobayashi’s vigorous fingering. The programmer pulled her hands away, her wrists starting to protest at such repetitious work. A dim whine came out of Tohru as soon as she left, a keening sadness that pierced the veil of her own heated arousal.


Kobayashi hurriedly got off Tohru's leg then, moving beside her maid on the bed. “Tohru?” she asked gently, her maid’s eyes shut tight, and the pillow drenched in drool. Wiping her wet hand on the bedding real quick, Kobayashi hurriedly brushed Tohru’s hair out of the way, mostly so she wouldn’t eat it on accident. She—uhh, I went too far, I think …


She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So, Kobayashi laid there, watching her maid calm down to a steady breathing, her skin still flush and red in her face. A satisfaction welled up in her the longer she watched, and she became more certain Tohru wasn’t really hurting. Did she really make her feel that good? “Tohru?”


“Mmm, Kobayashi-san,” her maid answered back, her voice not quite tired, but certainly dreamy. “Kobayashi-san, humans are scary.”


“Eh? Why?”


“They’re so weak and pathetic but they send you to heaven easily … so scary …”


Kobayashi blinked. Did she have an epiphany or something?


Tohru moved a little, and her raised butt finally fell onto the bed with a wet slap of skin-against-drenched-sheets. A tiny ‘oh’ moan escaped her at the abrupt motion, and her eyes crept open. Kobayashi’s breath caught at those beautiful eyes, wide and expressive amongst the sunset golds and reds in them. Their gazes met, and side-by-side on the bed, they laid there, looking at each other. Slowly, she reached out and cupped Tohru’s cheek. The dragon smiled a little and relaxed, her breathing gently long and slow now.


A peaceful sight she hadn’t quite ever imagined, and somehow, it made her hornier to look at it. Kobayashi clenched her thighs, the queer sensation of guilt and arousal warring with each other. Could she ask for more? Should she? Were they done? All sorts of uncertain questions, and she didn’t want to disturb Tohru in the slightest.


The maid, however, started to sniff; short, but pointed smelling. “Oh … Kobayashi-san isn’t done yet?”


“E-eh?” Kobayashi squeaked out nervously.


“I can smell it; your desires aren’t satisfied, are they?”


“I—“ Could she really just say it? The idea seemed ridiculous. “—wouldn’t mind. If you don’t.”


Giggling quietly, Tohru rolled onto her side away from Kobayashi, her face scrunching up. Her thighs noticeably clenched, and still slick, one’s eye couldn’t help seeing her flushed pussy hidden between them. Freed from their imprisonment in the bedding, her hefty breasts happily drooped together, invitingly displayed to be groped and loved. “Kobayashi-san is insatiable,” Tohru muttered, a sort of playful liveliness coming to her voice.




“But, that’s okay,” Tohru said, appeasing with a smile. She held a hand to her chest, swirling a fingertip around a perky, stiff nipple between trailing downward. Kobayashi’s gaze obediently followed, her mind blissfully empty as she watched Tohru reach for her own pussy. Lifting a leg just a tiny bit, she used the opening to spread her folds, rubbing around them in a tempting display. An offering, in pure, simple terms. “I’m Kobayashi-san’s sex slave, so I’ll always fill her desires.”


There it is again. Kobayashi rolled her eyes and a half-serious frown crept across her face. “You make me sound like a villain when you say that.”


Tohru bashfully poked two fingers together, not quite meeting Kobayashi’s eye anymore. “W-what sort of dragoness doesn’t want that, huh?”






“Ah, Kobayashi-san, I can’t wait anymore!” Tohru, with a renewed vigor, reached over and dragged Kobayashi into her arms. Skin-met-skin, and the warmth each had could be shared with the other again. A wet, sucking squelch filled the empty air as their kissing began again, and Kobayashi surrendered to the might of Tohru’s tongue.


She’d have her revenge later with her fingers, though.


Thus, the two were up all night, kissing and fucking with abandon.




The next Friday later …




In the week that followed, Kobayashi didn’t know up from down. The lustful tastes of sex and pleasure clouded her mind, even if it had been one night. Kanna and the others had returned the next day, and Tohru washed away their aftermath with all the excellent skills of a housemaid. The very next morning and her bedroom was no different than always had been.


But she knew.


She knew every time she looked at or thought about her bed.


It felt like everything had changed, but really, nothing much did.


The days passed by, and Tohru was no more different than usual.


If she had been drinking, she might’ve thought it all a drunken dream or hallucination.


Idleness is a terrible thing she hated, however, and a fear crept into her heart. A doubt that, perhaps, Tohru regretted what they did. Kobayashi, knowing too well the abuse of master and servant in the history of maids, grew guiltier by the day. Perhaps, as she thought on it, that would explain why she had apprehension entering her own apartment now. Staring down the dumb, boring brown door every other apartment had, her hand hovered in front the lock, key ready to insert.


We really have to talk about this, don’t we? Kobayashi thought in a detached, analytical sense. If she broke the problem down logically, that was the answer she came up with. They had to talk. There weren’t any mixed signals, were there? She’d confessed, Tohru wanted it, it should be fine. Logically, anyway.


Her heart didn’t agree, damnable thing it was.


Kobayashi opened the front door, closed it behind her, and took off her shoes. “I’m home,” she announced, and the patter of heavy feet followed. Around the corner that led to the kitchen, Tohru, in all her wholesome maid attire, burst outward. Kobayashi blinked and instinctively recoiled, half-expecting to get run down.


“Ah, Kobayashi-san, welcome home!” the maid greeted, stopping at the step that separated clean floor from entry floor. A smile beamed on her face, her hands behind her back, and her chest jutting forward. It looked to be an offering, screaming ‘grab me’ in Kobayashi’s mind, but she kept her hands back. Her eyes followed that bosomy bounce as they always did now, however.


“… What’s for dinner?” Kobayashi asked, falling back on polite decorum.


“A beef stew, I don’t remember the recipe name. It’s high in energy!” Tohru exclaimed, smiling excitedly.


“Is that really going to help me sleep?”


“W-well,” Tohru trailed off, and she poked her fingertips together. Making a ‘come hither’ curl of her hand, she summoned Kobayashi closer, and the confused programmer did so. Leaning down, Tohru brought their faces close, their noses almost touching, and whispered. “It’s Friday, so, it’s okay, right?”


Kobayashi’s Windows OS-like mind opened its calendar, and after referencing key details, discerned it was in fact, Friday. “Okay for what?” she asked slowly, uncertain of what detail was missing.


A smile spread across Tohru’s mouth, and her whole face contorted from a loving maid, to something that only belonged in the bedroom. Her fat, long tongue slipped out and licked across her own lips in a ravenous display of hunger. “Kobayashi-san wants to mate, right? It’s Friday so no work means lots of mating …” Tohru asked, her words heavy with a repressed panting. The very seams of decor and politeness were already cracking, perhaps from the great strain her restraint wrought.


“I …”


Her heart might’ve been prepared for this, Kobayashi dimly realized. Sanity, however, wasn’t. “The others will hear?” she offered up dumbly. Living with other dragons meant it was a certainty they’d know.


“I have a spell. They won’t ever know.”




Pushing up her glasses on her nose, Kobayashi digested the thought for all of five seconds. She looked back to Tohru, whose face had already reddened with a blush that wasn’t innocent at all. Reaching upward, she grabbed one of Tohru’s horns, and the dragon’s face broke into wide-eyed surprise. With a pull, she brought their lips together, and heartily kissed those lovely, plump lips silently. They stayed there for a moment, molded to one another, their lustful heartbeats speaking their own language.


Breaking away, they stood up, altogether no different than a few seconds ago.


“After dinner and Kanna is asleep, okay?”


“Yes, mistress,” Tohru whispered back, her sunset eyes wide and peeled in adoring love and desire.


Thus, the shadow that tried to worm into Kobayashi’s heart disappeared so thoroughly it would never return again.


On the table out in the living room, the glass of forgotten water sat, both existing and not. The ice had melted, and the water inside found equilibrium; thus the glass obtained absolute Zen. Kanna's bulbous tipped tail slapped it on accident, knocking it over.





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