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Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater or any of its settings, characters or content. This is a parody fanfiction for entertainment purposes, not for profit.

**Author's Note** Hello everyone, welcome to another new story that I am writing. I am a huge fan of the Soul Eater universe! I have always fantasized about being a Meister and what kind of weapon(s) I would have. So now that I'm writing fanfictions I decided to finally explore that fantasy here. And yes, as I do with most of my stories I will make it sexy. There will be characters from Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not but this story takes place after both of those tales already happened.

First off I will say that Death the Kidd and his weapons Liz/Patty have a lot of relation to how I would do things. So since there will be many similarities I will state that I am not trying to copy his character, we just have a lot in common. Maybe I'll play with that a bit in later chapters. Anyways, let's get this started!


Soul Cleaver

By Haunter Rayne

Chapter 1 - Difficult Beginnings


“Hey, that's not fair! You're not supposed to… URRKKK!” Cried a young blond boy before he suddenly dropped to his knees while holding his stomach. In front of him on the other side of the training mat was another boy standing with his fist held forward. He had long dark hair and a calm expression on his face. The delayed effect of his punch was now making the blond boy vomit onto the floor.


“EEWWWWW!!!” Cried several of the surrounding girls in the room and a few of the boys chuckled at how gross that looked. “How disgraceful!” Complained a young blonde girl in a long white dress. She then turned her back to face her other two friends.


Then a loud voice came from the adult in the room. “Rayne!!! That is NOT what we talked about! When I was alive, I had respect for instruction given to me by a teacher. That is just the kind of man I was.” He was tall and wore a tan tank top. His skin was a gray blue because he was a permanently animated zombie.


Now the blond boy spoke up again, choking while trying to spit the fluid from his lips. “This isn't fair, Sid! He cheats during sparring matches! Everybody knows it!” He called out to the zombie.


But the teacher raised his hand, “Now Michael, it isn't cheating to attack with your fists instead of your Weapon partner. It can be an excellent technique to help catch your opponent off guard… But on the other hand Rayne, we discussed this and you agreed that you would be training with your Weapon partner ONLY today!”


Now the dark haired boy pulled his arm back and stood up straight. He turned slowly as if he didn't have a lot of care about the current situation. “I'm sorry, I guess I forgot.” He lied. “I just get excited and want to move how it comes naturally to me.” In his other hand he held a long sword but it was now pointed back behind him.


“Professor! He isn't using technique, he is just ignore me!” The sword in his hand called out in a feminine but whining voice. “He only struck with me three times!”


At the sound of his assigned partner complaining, Rayne held her up and spoke to her in a very agitated tone. “Maybe I'd use you more if you moved how I want you to…. And if you weren't so heavy Katrina.”


Suddenly several of the other girls watching gasped in fright. The sword wiggled a bit as it started screaming. “HEAVY?! ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?! YOU… YOU INCOMPETENT REJECT!!!”


“Now, now, settle down everyone.” Sid announced while trying to calm the situation.


Although Michael suddenly snapped up to the defense of his opponents Weapon. “Hey, that isn't very nice. You shouldn't talk to Katrina that way. She isn't fat at all!” His voice has gotten a bit meek but he sounded like he was nervously fighting to be brave.


Rayne just chuckled and raised the blade above them. “Oh? Well if you like her then why don't YOU partner with her? That way you can tell for yourself if she's heavy.”


Sid gasped and tried to jump forward but couldn't close the distance fast enough. “Um, what are you doing?” Katrina asked as Rayne slowly started to open his fingers that were holding onto her handle.


“Like her?!” Michael stammered nervously. He looked down as he was fidgeting now. “I never said that I…” but the room went silent as all eyes watched it happen.


The blade of Katrina's weapon form tilted down from the weight of Rayne's open hand. “Hey! Wait! Stop it! Michael look out!” She yelled but she had gotten his attention too late. Suddenly there was a thudding noise as her point collided down onto the top of his hard skull.


“EEIIYYAAAHHH!!!” He screamed as a trail of blood ran down his face and he instantly began freaking out. The classroom started laughing as Michael started running around with Katrina stuck in his head and Sid struggled to catch him. “Get it out! Get it out!” He yelled.


“Michael I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!” The sword bounced a bit as nervous sweat poured off the handle.


Sid yelled at the two students, “Michael stop running around so I can help you! Katrina, just transform out of weapon mode already!” He lunged and swiped for Katrina but Michael frantically changed directions at the last second.


“What?! NO!!! What if I hurt him more? What if I need to stay inside to stop the bleeding until a doctor gets here?!” Katrina wailed, afraid that she was going to kill her friend even though she had hardly pierced more than his skin.


Sid just sat up sounding annoyed. “It's his head Katrina, there aren't any arteries. You can't bleed to death from your scalp.”


“Oh yeah.” She stated and started to shimmer. With a swirling light the long sword turned into a tall brunette girl in a sequined peach dress with a long flowing braid. Every eye in the room watched as she marched right toward the dark haired boy. He didn't even move as she slapped him right across the face. “You jerk! How could you do that? Why are you like this?! First you ignore me, like you do to EVERY Weapon that partners with you, and then you drop me on Michael when he wasn't looking!”


“Tch,” He scoffed. “I didn't drop you. You fell out of my hand because you aren't balanced… You're too heavy.” He said simply but allowed the innuendo to follow through as she was indeed very large breasted for her age.


“Ooh you pervert!” She went to slap him again but now Sid had caught up and stopped her.


“Alright now, I said that's enough! Katrina, please take Michael to the nurse's office. Rayne, you head to Lord Death’s room and I will meet you there after class. Now for the rest of you, let's get back to our NON CONTACT drills!” The instructor yelled at the rest of the group.


They all nodded as Katrina scowled toward Rayne. “Come on Michael, let's go.” She said, wrapping her arm around the smaller boy and escorting him out.


“Whatever…” Rayne said as he went down the other hallway to the Death Room.


“Freak. What's his problem?” He heard a few students whisper behind his back as he left. Both of which were Weapon students he had partnered with and rejected.


Standing next to the blonde in the white dress seemed to be another weapon girl in dark brown pigtails. “I wonder why he's having such a hard time finding a partner?”


- Ten Minutes Later in the Death Room -


“This walkway is ridiculous.” Rayne grumbled as he strolled beneath row after row of guillotines over head. Rayne tossed his hair back over his shoulder which flowed down to the middle of his back. It was so dark it almost looked black, which would have matched with the signature outfit he always wore. His button up shirt held tight to his chest with vertical lines designed into the material. His black jeans were loose so as to not obstruct his mobility and he had sturdy boots on his feet. We would have appeared nicely dressed if his coat did not make him look so ominous. Draped over his shoulders he wore a lightweight leather trench which cut off just below his knees. His pale skin brought out his bright brown eyes. He had a sullen look on his face as he entered the Death Room. While he wasn't bothered by the other students, he still didn't care for getting into trouble.


“Oh dear, not again. What happened this time?” Called a silly voice from a dark figure with a rounded skull face.


Rayne looked up at Lord Death. “A Weapon fell onto another student's head and instructor Sid sent me here because of it.”


“Hmm?” Death said vaguely.


Rayne was used to this routine by now and continued. “Well it fell because I let go of it…. On purpose.”


“Hmm?” Death called again.


Rayne sank his head. “And that happened after I ignored my Weapon partner again and started fighting my opponent myself.


“Reaper Chop!” Death yelled before Rayne suddenly felt a splitting pain on his skull.


He fell to one knee as a trickle of blood flowed behind his ear. “OWW! THAT FREAKING HURTS YOU CRAZY PSYCHO!” He yelled out.


“Well that is what you get when we both know that you know better.” Death said in his silly voice but now speaking much more sternly.


“We know that I know?” Rayne asked. “Come on, that's just lazy writing from a tired author.”


“Be quiet! The protagonist of the story does not get to also be the comical wall breaker relief!” Death scowled. “Now back to the more important issue, you have got to stop rejecting every Weapon partner that gives you a chance! Pretty soon we are going to run out of partners for you and a Meister without a Weapon is NOT how we do things at the DWMA.”


“I know.” Rayne said as he was still holding his head where he had been hit.


“I don't understand why you are having so much trouble. You are an excellent student who should be in the EAT classes already. But without an official Weapon partner you cannot advance!”


“I know.” He repeated again as he stood back up.


“You are a brilliant fighter Rayne but you are too picky. What happened between you and Damien I will never understand. You were the best I've ever seen with a Bow and Arrow Weapon.”


“Ranged Combat isn't my style.” Rayne said shortly.


“Indeed. We all became aware of that when you grabbed an arrow and jabbed it into an opponent's leg. What about Hillary? A heavy mace is about as up close and personal as you can get.”


“She was too unwieldy. I couldn't move around while carrying her and I prefer sharp weapons.”


“Ahh, so is that why you threw her as a distraction to sucker punch your sparring partner last week?” Death asked and the boy nodded. “Rayne, you cannot be a Weapon!” Death yelled in frustration. “And when you do find one you must work TOGETHER as a TEAM with that Weapon!”


“I know! I KNOW THAT!” Rayne yelled. “I'm trying to find a Weapon that I'm compatible with but I just haven't found the right style yet. I've tried swords, bows, maxes, spears and even a chain! But I keep feeling like I'm wanting to fight using my own hands. I need a Weapon that caters to that.”


Lord Death sighed and patted the top of his own head while trying to think. “What about the special training that I assigned for you? Black Star is an assassin who can fight with spirit energy but he also values the use of a Weapon that even has many forms. Has he been any help in convincing you to take a partner?”


“Actually, I told him I thought he was great and he taught me how to train in spirit fighting like he does.” All of a sudden Death looked like he was going to Reaper Chop Rayne again but he stopped as he saw someone approaching. Rayne backed away from Death to run right into Sid who had now caught up. “Oh no, here comes round two.” He grumbled.


“You're darn right you little miscreant!” Sid yelled.


- Later at Deathbucks Cafe -


“It isn't funny, Black Star!” Tsubaki scolded her partner angrily.


“HA HA HA HA HA HA!” The blue haired boy laughed as he sat in the cafe booth pointing across the table. “You told a zombie to bite you?!” He asked, still stricken with disbelief.


In front of them Rayne sat with his head laid down upon the table. “Ironic. I know.” He commented lifelessly. He was still holding his head from where he had been Reaper Chopped earlier.


Tsubaki wasn't amused by the situation at all though. “Rayne! Telling a teacher, ‘bite me,’ is never an appropriate response when you are asked to explain yourself! Especially not while in front of Lord Death!” She slammed her hands on the table. “Pick your head up, this is serious!” She commanded. Rayne looked up and saw that she was upset but she wasn't really mad. Tsubaki never got truly angry. Although not wanting her concern to go unappreciated, Rayne sat up and raised his hand, “I hear you Tsubaki. Don't worry, I know it was wrong. It won't happen again.”


She leaned back starting to return to her calmer self. Nevertheless she still had a stern look on her face as she instructed him. “Listen, I like you Rayne. You are a good student! You're strong, you work hard, you could make an excellent meister one day! I don't want to see you get expelled! But you have GOT to settle on a Weapon!”


Suddenly they were all distracted as a tea plate and cup were set onto the table especially hard. “Here you go you little loser! Ugh! Why do you make me make that for you every time you come in?!” Remarked a tall, large breasted girl with straight strawberry blonde hair. Rayne grinned up to her as he took his cup but she felt his eyes on her so she quickly turned her back to him. “Seriously, who drinks milk tea?! If you want to order black tea why not have it with water like everybody else?! You're so weird!” She huffed agitatedly in her maid uniform.


He sneered as he took a sip and looked at her. “Maybe I just like things creamy. Just like those lovely legs of yours Liz.”


She looked back at him curiously as she saw his gaze had dropped to her exposed thighs. She growled but decided it wasn't worth it and stomped off. “I swear one of these days I'm going to tell Kidd about you and let him kick… your… ass…!”


“Uh, Rayne?” Tsubaki asked nervously. “Why do you always torment the Thompson Sisters like that?”


“Heh, who knows? Maybe I'm just jealous of Kidd. Maybe the reason why I'm having so much trouble is because I need a pair of Weapons instead of just one?” He tried to sound reasonable but Tsubaki scowled knowing that he was still enjoying it as he saw Liz looking frustrated from across the cafe.


Blackstar slammed his fist down and said, “Don't you worry! A big star like me is sure to help you pick an awesome partner! But two Weapons might not be your thing if you can't even pair with one. Remember, you did already try those shield and sword brothers.”


This particular memory seemed to sour Rayne's mood. “Well yeah… but that's because blocking is stupid!” He spat bitterly.


Tsubaki leaned forward yelling with desperation for him to understand. “I've told you before Rayne, blocking isn't stupid! It is an important aspect of keeping you safe while in combat!”


Now it was Blackstar’s turn for a smart alec remark. “You'd think for a guy who can't heal worth a damn that blocking would be more important to you.” Then he reached over and poked his finger right where Lord Death had chopped Rayne.


He yelled and batted away Blackstar angrily. But then Rayne put down his tea getting a little fired up about the topic. “Why should you ever have to block when you can dodge, or at least parry the attack?”


“Okay, okay. Let's not get into this again.” Blackstar said, feeling tired of hearing these same points be argued. “Rayne, let's start with the basics. What do you want to be able to DO with a Weapon? Don't think about the item itself, imagine how you want to be able to wield it.”


Rayne took a breath to calm down and then closed his eyes. “Nothing heavy or two handed. I want to be agile. Running around my opponent, dodging their attacks faster than they can hit me until I close in to slice through them. Ah, that sounds exciting.” He said while feeling his thirst for combat rising.


Tsubaki happily dropped a closed hand into her other palm. “Okay then, so you've decided on a short blade style then!”


But she was interrupted by Blackstar who was now scratching his chin. “Yeah but he has already tried a short blade. He has a Dagger in his class but they couldn't sink wavelengths together. And we just heard how it went with him trying an long blade today.”


“Tch.” Rayne scowled and took a sip of his tea.


“Oh I know!” Tsubaki shouted loudly, almost making Rayne spill his drink. “Rayne, you're not the usual student here at the DWMA so of course you aren't going to pair with a normal set of weaponry. You need an Exotic Weapon to help match wavelengths with someone as unique as you are!”


Blackstar screamed out next, “Tsubaki, you're brilliant!” Then he reached out giving her a tight hug which she blushed at.


“Geeze, how did I end up with such loud friends?” Rayne asked as he finished his tea. Ignoring the fact that Tsubaki was now trying to pry Blackstar away, he paused to consider the suggestion. “Hmm, an exotic weapon type huh?”


“Y-yes, that's right!” She said but then scowled. “Let go of me Blackstar! You're starting to hurt and you're embarrassing me!” She whined.


Moving back to his seat he quickly said, “I'm sorry about that Tsubaki. I'm not the type to ignore when a lady says to stop, I'm way too big for that!”


“Heh, yeah okay.” She took a moment to adjust herself and then turned back to Rayne. “So you said you want a fast and agile weapon? Something that you can slice with but you keep getting in trouble because you want to attack with your hands instead of something you're holding?” Rayne nodded and saw a determined look in her eyes. “You know, there are martial arts tools for all kinds of fighting styles. From what it sounds like, maybe you should try using katars?”


“Katars?” Blackstar asked.


Tsubaki nodded explaining, “Yes, they are a form of hand weapon that is strapped to the forearm. They aren't held in the traditional sense because the wearer attacks with them more as an extension of their own arms.”


“That sounds great!” Rayne said, leaning forward over the table now. “That sounds like just what I have been looking for.”


But Blackstar raised a finger stopping him. “I'm sorry but there is a problem. I know what katars are but there is no such Weapon enrolled at the DWMA.”


Tsubaki then looked to him curiously. “Oh really? I didn't know that. How can you be sure?”


He just grinned proudly of himself. “Oh I always pay attention to all of the Weapons in the freshman class. Right now you are the top Exotic Weapon in the DWMA. I wouldn't stand for some newbie to take that away from you. You are far too big for that Tsubaki!”


Suddenly she looked deeply moved and threw her arms around him now. “Oh Blackstar! That's so sweet of you! It's things like this that remind me how much you care about me!” Then quite to Rayne's surprise Tsubaki leaned up and placed a petite kiss onto her partner's lips. When she pulled away she was blushing heavily.


“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Blackstar just laughed proudly.


Now Rayne had an eyebrow raised. “Oh my, and what's this? Tsubaki taking the lead? Or is there something going on between you two that I don't know about?” Rayne made no attempt to hide his blatant smirk.


Blackstar was the one to respond saying, “It only happened last week, we haven't told a lot of people yet because we're usually not too big on public displays of affection."


“Blackstar!” Tsubaki scolded. “Don't say things like, ‘it happened.’ You'll give people the wrong idea!” But he was still just smiling and looked oblivious. Now she turned to Rayne explaining, “Well if you must know, the two of us became much closer after the Kishin Asura attacked. I realized that I am never going to feel as close to anyone as I do to Blackstar and he has touched my heart in ways I never expected anyone to. So after delaying for far too long,” she took a deep breath, “I finally told him that I had feelings for him.”


But then in a loud Blackstar fashion he jumped onto the table shouting, “And of course I accepted! Tsubaki is a total babe and I wouldn't be a very big star at all if I couldn't see how great she is!” All the while he yelled this while pointing at her making every other patron glance over.


“Blackstar! You're embarrassing me!” She hissed, really losing her composure now. Then he leapt back into his seat and leaned forward giving her a passionate kiss on her lips. “MMpht! BL-akstrrr! Not in publ-MM!” She again complained feeling that her modesty was not being respected. Despite all this Rayne really could see that their feelings were sincere in how she eventually relented and melted into his kiss in return.


“Hey, get a room you two!” Patty called from the bar disapprovingly.


Liz then stomped her foot. “I WILL march over there and break you two up!”


Being quick to react before anyone else, Rayne chuckled out, “I dunno, I could stand to see a little more.” He smirked at how Liz seemed grossed out. “They're busy but I'm sitting here alone. If you want to come over and change that…” Instantly she turned away after his perverted comment. Patty looked like she wanted to step over and say something but her sister stopped her.


“Um, heh, excuse us. I'm terribly sorry about that.” Tsubaki said to Rayne feeling that her and Blackstar had been impolite to embrace in front of him. Clearly she had missed what was just said in the cafe but Rayne decided Tsubaki deserved a break from embarrassment. Quickly changing the conversation he asked, “So Katars huh?” She nodded at him appreciatively while Blackstar was sitting in the seat looking blissed out with a nose bleed. “I might have a pretty hard time finding someone who is born as a Weapon like that.”


She paused for a moment before sighing. “Yes, sadly I agree. But it might help if you could visit the sites of older martial arts clans. Maybe someone could direct you to a katar specialist and if they have ever had children then you might have a chance.”


Rayne thought for a moment. “Tsubaki… you have a bunch of…”


“I'm sorry Rayne, no one in my clan has passed down a katar speciality. Plus, I am already partnered with Blackstar.”


Suddenly the assassin snapped out of his daze and raised a fist toward Rayne. “Hey wait a minute! Are you trying to move in on my partner?!”


But before Rayne could respond Tsubaki reached forward and held Blackstar’s face in both hands. She kissed him but also pushed her tongue forward into his mouth which clearly surprised him. The teen boy’s nose exploded with blood and he instantly fell back into a pleasure coma. “There we go. Maybe you should just stay quiet for awhile.” She giggled, finding that she enjoyed having this new seductive power over her partner. “That was our first kiss like that.” A serene smile spread on her lips. Eventually she turned back to Rayne to continue as if there had been no interruption. “Maybe you should check the mission board? If any jobs are posted that involve going to a martial arts clan, wait for someone stronger than you to take the job and then ask if you can tag along with them?”


Rayne gave her an approving smile. “Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea. Thank you Tsubaki.” She nodded graciously. Rayne then stood from the table. “Alright well I'm off. Don't go burning down the cafe now with how hot you two are for each other!” He yelled as he walked laughing out the door.


“Ah, Rayne!” Tsubaki blushed and tried to hide her blushing face.


Rayne just snickered as he walked down the street. He didn't have far to go but he slowed his pace as the pain on his head returned. “Geeze, my head still hurts!”


**Author's Ending Note** So in case you're wondering… yes, I did totally fourth wall break with Rayne in the Death Room… I make no apologies for my actions.

Alright so there is a lot of information in this chapter, some of it being subtle and some not. There are several characters I created myself. A young meister named Michael, a long sword named Katrina, a bow & arrow named Damien, a mace named Hillary, and a pair of brothers who are a shield and sword pair. Also Anya, Tsugumi and Meme from Soul Eater Not made a short appearance. I would assume everyone would recognize Sid, Death, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki and Blackstar.

We have a few parrying so far. There's an unrequited love with Michael to Katrina. I've made Tsubaki and Blackstar now a starting couple. Rayne isn't seriously interested in the Thompson sisters despite his flirting with Liz.

What do you think of Rayne's weapon struggle? I have been capitalizing Weapon when it refers to a person but not when it refers to an item. Also it will be a character flaw in Rayne that he heals slowly from any injury. 

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