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Disclaimer: I do not own Attack on Titan or any character in this fanfic. You know, the standard disclaimer. I also don't make any profit from this story. You know, the rest of the disclaimer.

Still shaking off the rust on my writing, so bare with me and this short story.


Eren’s eyes opened slowly to a dimly lit room. Aside from a few lit candles on a desk in the corner, there was no light. He began to speak, but quickly noticed a gag was placed in his mouth. A round ball was in his mouth. The ball held in place by soft leather straps against his cheeks and wrapping around behind his head. “How did I get here...and where am I?” he wondered to himself. Trying to recall what happened, his memory came back to him. Walking down a quite street after dinning with his friends. It was late and he was growing tired. A gentle tap against his neck and a faint pin prick against the exposed skin. Grabbing at his neck, he expected to have swatted a bug. Instead, he found a small empty cylinder with a tiny needle on the tip. Whatever contents it contained had now been injected into this body. Quickly looking around, he saw nobody in sight. The sound of cables from a 3d maneuvering gear extending from above caught his attention. Before he could look up, he felt the impact of a body landing on his back. A hand quickly covering his mouth as his attacker’s limbs wrapped around him. Eren grabbed at his attacker’s wrist, trying to free his mouth and call for help as the maneuvering gear lifted them up to the roof tops. Eren’s vision blurs as the unknown drug began to take effect. As he slips out of consciousness, he hears an unknown female voice next to his ear “Sssshhh.”


Eren comes to the realization that he’s been kidnapped. A gag in his mouth to keep him from calling for help. Leather straps attached to his wrists to keep him freeing himself. He looks down at the blanket covering his body. Leather straps around his ankles further decrease his movements. He even feels some straps around his knees, but not under much tension. It’s then that he sees the blanked near his feet moving. This unknown person slowly slides towards him, concealed under the blanket. Eren instinctively pulls at his restraints, not knowing the intentions of his captor. The blanket slides down his body as his captor sits upright between his legs. The cool air washes over his exposed skin. As the blanket rises, he sees his captor partially revealed. A feminine body dressed in a scouts uniform, the blanket just concealing her identity. It’s then that he notices the cool night air reaching his thighs. Eren panics as he realizes his captor has stripped him of all his cloths.


Seeing his face blush as he pulls against his restraints with renewed vigor, she smiles warmly. “Sssshh, it’s okay” she says softly to Eren. Her hands rest gently against his knees “I won’t harm you.” Her hands slowly slide up his inner thighs. Eren tenses under her gentle touch as she continues “Quite the opposite really.” Eren’s hips shift left and right, trying to find a way to break free from his bindings. His futile attempts only causes her smile to grow. Her hands quickly slide up along his thighs, causing Eren to inhale sharply as her hands grasp at his hips. With a firm pull, she slides his body down towards her. Her hips pressed firmly against him as she holds him against her body “Don’t resist, you’ll like this in the end Eren.” Her face shadowed by the blanket, revealing only her mouth as she smiles warmly “I need to collect a sample...” Eren’s eyes widen as he feels her hand roughly fondling his limp penis “and I’m going to milk it out of you.” Her hand slowly and gently massages his slowly growing erection “Be thankful I didn’t follow through with our leader’s plan.” She smiles wickedly as she leans in closer and speaks softly “I was to take you there on the roof top, quickly. Putting on a latex glove and violate your unconscious body with my fingers as I assaulted your prostate.” She leans back, enjoying the feeling of Eren’s cock slowly throbbing in her hand as his arousal grew. She smiles and moans with satisfaction “While that would have gotten the sample I need quickly, it’s not as...intimate as this.” Her thumb rubs against the sensitive tip, causing Eren to groan into his gag “Who knows, I may still have to resort to that method.”


Pulling against his restraints, Eren tests it for vulnerabilities. The restraints are secured tightly. The headboard is well made and won’t break easy. Her hand gently caresses his now fully erect penis. Her hand releases him and gently presses his rigid cock against his stomach. Her fingertips gently tracing up his length before slowly sliding down “It’s okay Eren, I know it feels good.” Her hand squeezes firmly around the base of his cock as she slowly strokes him “Your body likes it, so just go with it.” Eren looks up towards her. Her cherry red lips slightly parted as her breath quickens. Eren comes to the realization that he won’t be able to stop her. He closes his eyes “It’’s not so bad...right?” Her slow deliberate strokes gradually pick up in speed. Eren’s breathing becomes more labored. A pearl of precum emerges from the tip of his swollen cock before her hand uses it as lubricant. Eren turns his head away from her, trying to resist how good her hand feels. The room is silent, save the wet sounds of her hand vigorously pumping his precum-coated cock. It’s then that he hears a soft whimper and realizes it came from himself. A satisfied smile grows across her face “Yeeessss, just give in and enjoy it.”


His last layer of resistance slowly crumbling away. Eren’s hips buck with a will of their own. His captor gasps with satisfaction as Eren’s hips thrust upwards into her hand. Giving in, Eren looks up into her eyes. His eyes, filling with need and defeat, connect with her shadowed gaze. She bites her lower lip as she feels his rigid cock pulse and twitch in her hand as his orgasm builds up. She moans softly “It feels good right? To just give up and surrender such an intimate part of your body to another?”


A wicked smile creeps across her face as her hand slows down. Eren whimpers in frustration, his eyes pleading for her to continue. She licks her lips and speaks seductively “Your going to have to help out Eren.” She pouts sarcastically “My arm is getting tired.” Her free hand leaves his hips and slides up his body. Her fingertips trace his defined abdominal muscles “Your young...and vigorous...” Her fingernails slowly drag across his stomach as she continues “Use your hips Eren...fuck my hand like a horny little boy.”


Eren’s hips thrust upwards against her hand. Trying to finally reach the peak of his orgasm, he thrusts faster. Eren can only whimper as his hips thrust against his captor’s hand. Her hand held firmly in place as he thrusts into her firm grip. “Yeeessss” she cooes softly, enjoying the sight of Eren desperately thrusting into her hand. The occasional drop of precum dripping on his stomach as his hips leave the bed. Eren closes his eyes and turns away as his hips vigorously try to reach an orgasm. He feels a gentle hand rest on his cheek, slowly turning his face towards her. His eyes open to find her face inches from his own. A mask covers the upper half of her face as she speaks softly “You want to cum, right Eren?” Her hand squeezes firmly on the base of his throbbing cock as she pushes his hips down against the bed. His hips thrust desperately against her hand, but to no avail.


Her thumb leaves his cheek and rests on his chin, holding his face in place as she looms over him “I asked you a you want to come?” Eren’s breathing is more labored now, his chest rising and falling with each breath as he nods a defeated yes. She moans in approval as she slowly kisses up his cheek, stopping at his ear lobe. Her warm breath, hot against his skin as she whispers “...then cum.”


Eren groans in surprise and shock as her hand suddenly and aggressively resumed stroking his cock. Her hips pressing down against his, holding him in place as she forcefully milks his erection. She nibbles on his ear “Cum for me like an obedient boy. Give me my sample.” She smiles as she feels his erection begin to pulse as his orgasm washes over him. An almost pained groan is muffled by the ball gag in his mouth as Eren’s cock erupts. Ropes of cum plasters his stomach with each pulse of his cock.


Eren looks up at his captor with exhausted and pleading eyes. He pulls against the restraints as she slowly scraps the opening of a vial across his skin. Collecting semen in the vial before capping it off and placing it into a pouch. She licks her fingers, savoring is taste as she cleans what she got of his cum on her fingers. Her other hand reaches into her pocket, producing a small square sheet of soft silk. She holds it in front of Eren, revealing the name “Eren Yeager” embroidered in the bottom corner of the sheet. Taking the square in her hand, she slowly wipes it across his stomach, collecting his spilled semen into the cloth and on it’s surface. She looks at the cloth as she folds it, smiles, and places it into a pouch. She smirks “My trophy to remember this night by.”


She looks down at the still restrained and vulnerable Eren. She contemplates to herself “Mission Accomplished, time to go...right?” Her nipples are growing hard from all the excitement. Her panties are already getting soaked. She sighs and thinks to herself “No way I’m going to fall asleep tonight until I masturbate.” Mental images flash in her mind’s eye. Eren nuzzling her neck as he pounds her needing sex. Eren still restrained and whimpering as she holds his knees to his chest as she aggressively rides his cock. Herself face down and restrained with a pillow under her hips. Eren obtaining his revenge by gently sodomizing her helpless body. Kinky and naughty scenarios play out in her mind as she comes to the realization...She was never given a time-frame on when to return with the sample.


...It’s going to be a long night...

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