A Legend Is Born

BY : Ace1984
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A/N: Ash's Journey with a twist, this is a challenge set by storylover213. This will AU mix with canon.

Goals of the challenge are:

1. Smart Ash
2. Ash with canon and non-canon Pokemon
3. Ash with fully evolved Pokemon
4. Ash who has at least Two Legendary Pokemon Ash/Sabrina pairing because they're very very rare (mines added Cynthia as well as she is also a rare pairing)
5. Ash is placed higher in the League tournaments
6. Ash with either Psychic, Aura or Shape Shifting power (ex. Ash able to shapeshift into a Pokemon)
7. The Pokemon movies must be used with the Fic they can be changed however you want them to be

Age of the main characters in the first book

Ash: 13

Misty 15

Sabrina 13

Brock 16

Cynthia 13

A/N In this story all trainers begin their Journey at 13 not 

Somewhere in Viridian Forest

"Find her, she is a rare specimen for this region. We can not allow her to escape."

Several men in black uniforms, with a huge red R on their fronts, separated after being given orders from their commander, they were searching for an escaped Lucario, that they were supposed to bring to headquarters. However, during transit from the Sinnoh region, She had broken out of her cage and was now on the run in the forest. Several poke ball suddenly appeared from the group's hand. The balls opened revealing a dozen Zubats.

"Go search for Lucario."

The Zubats turned from their trainers and flew into the forest. Hoping to do their masters bidding.

Meanwhile somewhere in the forest

Lucario ran, as fast as she could, not looking back. Suddenly, she tripped over a branch, she fell to the floor, her ankle was in severe pain. She was Lucky to find herself by a lake. Struggling to get up, she made her way towards the river, the precious cargo still in her paws. She sat down and began to work, she could sense that the Zubats were looking for her. Thinking she did not have much time, she started to build a small basket from the branches and vines in the forest. Once it was done, she placed the small egg into the basket and allowed it to drift off downstream.

"Arceus, look after my little one, please. Allow him to find someone, who will protect him."

Lucario could swear she heard a reply "Do not fret my child, he will be taken care of by the chosen one, for both their fates are connected to each other."

Lucario smiled then fell forward, on to the grass exhausted.

Route 1

A young, raven hair trainer, by the name of Ash Ketchum, had just begun his Pokemon journey. He had just been forced to run from a group of angry Spearows, after he had attempted to catch one by throwing a rock at it. He had hoped to use his new partner Pikachu, however, he was finding his new friend to be rather stubborn and ignoring everything he was told. He discovered that the little Spearows was not alone, and the young trainer found himself surrounded by Spearows. Not knowing what to do, the boy placed his Pikachu, down on the ground and stood in front of him, holding his arms out trying to protect him.

Pikachu, looked on as this young trainer, that he had been stuck with, attempted to protect him, from the group of angry birds, without having second thoughts about his own safety. Pikachu watched as several gust attacks blew the trainer against a tree. He quickly ran over to him to see if he was okay. The trainer was faced down. Pikachu watched the young boy lift his head and looked towards him. Pikachu could not help but feel sorry and responsible for the trainers condition. Looking at the young trainer attempting to get up, Pikachu made up its mind. If this trainer was prepared to help him, then he would help his new trainer. Pikachu raced in front of the Spearows and allowed his cheeks to charge with electricity, he then released a thunder shock from his body, grounding several Spearows, and forcing the rest of them to retreat. Pikachu turned back to his new trainer and walked up to him, giving the trainers cheeks a little lick.

Ash slowly stood up, his back still in a little pain from the collision with the tree. He watched as the small mouse Pokemon, jumped up onto his shoulder and rubbed his cheeks next to his. Ash was happy to finally have Pikachu, listening to him. As he carried on walking, they came upon a lake. Ash looked into the water reflection his face had a few small cuts from where the Spearow had attacked. He removed his bag from his shoulder and put it down by the river edge. He then knelt and opened it. He removed the first aid kit that his mum had packed for him. He used the water from the river to clean his cuts. He then applied two plasters to his face. Just as he was packing away his supplies he noticed something drifting on the river current. It was a basket. He noticed the current changed and the basket was now drifting to the river edge. Cautiously he made his way down to the river edge and pulled it ashore. Ash looked to Pikachu who was sniffing the basket. Carefully he Opening it. He was surprised to find a small, blue Pokemon, with a black strip across its head. Ash noticed the small Pokemon was asleep. Carefully Ash took it out of the basket and held it to his chest. Ash noticed the little Pokemon opened its eyes and looked directly up into his own. Ash could swear he heard a small voice

"Who are you? Are you my daddy?"

Ash was shocked, he carried on looking down at the small Pokemon in his arms, he carefully put him down, and knelt down so he could be at eye level with him.

"Sorry, but did you just talk to me?"

The little Pokemon, turned to the trainer then looked at him. "Yes, I can sense a very strange power coming from you, however, it's sleeping at the minute. It seems I have the same power. By the way my names Riolu. Will you look after me from now on?"

Ash looked down on the small Riolu, he slowly pulled a poke ball from his belt and held it out to the little Pokemon.

"If you want me to, then I will. This is a poke ball, all my new friends will have one. The one I am holding will be yours, if you want to be my new friend then just walk up to it, and touch it with your paws."

Riolu looked up at Ash, sensing no danger or ill intent the small Pokemon walked towards the trainer's hand and placed his paw on the small ball. Suddenly the ball opened and a red light surrounded him. It felt strange, but not in a bad way, but a good way. Riolu could feel its body turn into some weird red energy and be sucked into the ball.

Ash held the ball and noticed the small ball shake. A small light was flickering off and on. After three shakes the light flicked off and a small click could be heard. Ash grinned then brought the ball up to Pikachu so he could have a sniff. Once Pikachu had picked up its scent, ash threw the poke ball up and watched as little Riolu appeared in front of him. Ash took out Dexter his small pokedex and scanned Riolu. Ash heard the small device talk

"Riolu, the small aura Pokemon. Riolu is a fighting type. Little is known about this Pokemon as it is the first that as been seen in the Kanto region. Riolu attacks Bullet punch, blaze kick, agility and iron defense.

Ash was impressed, four moves. "Welcome to the team Riolu this is my other friend Pikachu. We are going to stay the night here guys. We still have a little way to go till we reach Viridian." Ash went to his pack and pulled out a one man pop up tent, and sleeping bag. He then found some dry wood near a fence. He began to start a small fire. Ash retrieved a small cooking stove from his bag and opened a can of beans. He poured the tin into a small pot and began to cook them. He then removed a small pouch of Pokemon food and a small bowl.

"Sorry guys you will have to share the bowl, but soon as we reach the city I will buy some more supplies."

Riolu and Pikachu made their way over to the small bowl and shared the food with each other. They decided to have a small conversation between themselves

Pikachu: So Riolu, where are you from? Its clear you're not from this part of the world.

Riolu: I'm not sure, all I remember is waking up in that basket. Soon as I was awake I heard a small voice. Telling me that I would be okay and that a boy would find me and look after me. So how long have you known him our trainer?"

Pikachu: I only met him this morning. I was stuck in some lab, and he took me with him, when he left. At first, I did not want to go with him, I proved that by giving him a nasty shock. However, when we were attacked by a group of wild Spearows, he protected me, without thinking about his own safety. It was then that I decided to trust him.

Riolu: Wow, we are lucky to have someone who cares for both of us. By the way, what's his name, as I hate calling him master, or sir.

Pikachu: Its name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet town, and I can sense he will be very important when he is older for this world.

Riolu: I agree, somehow I can sense aura. His is extremely strong, however, he is too young to wield his hidden power. Hopefully, we can help him when he gets older.

Both Pokemon carried on talking until they heard their trainers voice.

"Okay, guys bedtime. Pikachu, Riolu come in the tent. You don't have to sleep in your poke balls if you don't want to."

Both Pokemon raced into Ash's tent. After Ash had put out the campfire and put away all his tools. He climbed into his sleeping bag and zipped the tent up. He laid down with both Riolu and Pikachu curled up next to him.

Meanwhile outside the tent

A Pokemon spirit appeared just outside the tent. "Sleep well my chosen, you will be the greatest of them all."

A/N:  Next chapter Ash meets a certain orange haired girl.

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