Maze of Desire

BY : WyoRanger
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Sailor Jupiter cursed her luck as she wandered through the maze as she searched for the other Sailor Scouts. Their most recent encounter with one of Queen Beryl’s minions had left the group separated, and to make things worse last time she’d seen Sailor Mercury her gaze had been locked on that hypnotic bastard’s eyes. Just thinking about what might have happened after they were all separated made Jupiter’s blood boil. So caught up in what might be was she that Jupiter failed to react in time as she turned a corner and slammed into a slender figure causing both of them to tumble to the ground. 


Reacting instinctively, Jupiter rolled and pinned the individual to the ground, straddling them to hold them in place. It wasn’t until she noticed the color blue that Jupiter calmed and let up on the pressure. 


“M-Mercury?!” She stammered. “It... It is you!  Are you okay? What did that creep of a monster do to you?  I swear I’ll kill him if he harmed a single hair on your head!”


“Relax,” Sailor Mercury replied coolly, her eyes soft and... vacant? Jupiter shook the thought from her head as she helped Mercury to her feet. Dusting herself off, Sailor Mercury added, “I fended him off and escaped into this maze. I haven’t been able to locate anyone other than you, though.”


Jupiter was about to open her mouth to speak when a shrill scream sounded somewhere up ahead. 


“That sounded like Mars!” Jupiter groaned, grabbing Mercury’s gloved hand and pulling the shy girl with her towards the source of the scream. 


They took turn after turn, unsure of which direction to try but desperate to locate their friend and render aid. Coming up to a T-junction, Jupiter froze as she debated which path to take. 


“No, Venus, not there!  Gaaah!” Screamed Sailor Moon from the other side of the wall. 


Jupiter cursed and nearly went left before Mercury caught her attention. 


“It’s this way!  Come on, Jupiter!” Mercury cried out as she took the path on the right before disappearing around a corner. 


“Wait!” Jupiter took off after her friend desperate not to be separated again. As she rounded the corner she found herself at an opening into a large area where Sailors Venus, Mars, and Moon all were on their hands and knees performing lewd acts on each other and Queen Beryl’s creature. 


“Ah, good, you brought me the final scout,” the creature congratulated. 


Confused, Jupiter glanced behind her as she followed his gaze. Mercury stood behind her now, her eyes glazed over and a wicked grin spread across her face. 


“I promised you I could complete my task, master,” Sailor Mercury replied sweetly. 


“That you did. As a reward for being a good little hypnotic puppet I’ll let you have that one to play with while I finish up with these three.”


Jupiter looked back at the creature, confusion slowly turning to understanding. She realized too late what had happened. Turning back to defend herself, she found herself caught off guard as Mercury shoved her against the nearest wall with surprising strength. 


“Gah!  Mercury, snap out of it!  And let me go!  We’ve got to help the-.”


Jupiter’s words were cut off as Mercury’s lips pressed against her own, a tongue snaking between her lips and wrestling with her own. Mercury pressed her body closer to Jupiter’s, squishing her breasts against Jupiter’s own and making the green defender’s pulse flutter uncontrollably. Raising Jupiter’s arms above her head Mercury held both wrists together with a single, slender hand, freeing up her other hand to trace down Jupiter’s body. Down her vulnerable neck and onto the thin fabric that failed to hide Jupiter’s hardening nipples as Mercury traced down between the breasts and over the navel. Pushing the green skirt down, she brushed a finger over her friend’s barely concealed womanhood, eliciting a shudder and faint moan from the brunette’s lips. 


“Mercury...,” Jupiter groaned softly as she tried to fight of the growing desire within her. 


“Shhh, don’t say a word. You’re all mine until his spell wears off. So let me enjoy myself until then.”


Mercury’s lips trailed from Jupiter’s ear and down her neck, nibbling lower and lower while her fingers pushed Jupiter’s bottoms aside and began toying with her clit. Fire burned at her insides as she bit her lip to keep from moaning like a desperate whore. But the pain could only do so much as Mercury’s fingers slipped inside of her, working and wiggling as they quickly found that one spot that made everything melt away. 


“Oooohhhhhh fuckkkkk!” Jupiter moaned, her voice trembling and legs shaking as the wet slurping noise between her legs filled her ears and revealed her pleasure. “P-Please... stop... you’re going to... oh shit!... I’m going to cuuuummmm!”


“Are you sure?” Mercury whispered in her ear, her breath hot on her skin as her fingers froze in place. She slowly began to pull them out, careful to hit every nerve as inch by inch teasingly withdrew. “All you have to do is say the word and I’ll stop teasing you. I’ll leave you a desperate, horny mess here while I go play with one of the others. Maybe with Venus. I’ll make you watch every moment as I extract every ounce of pleasure from her body.”


“N-No,” Jupiter groaned as she felt fingers gently pinch her clit, sending fireworks shooting off within her. “Ffffffuck... me!”


“I’m sorry, what was that?” Mercury gave a sly smile as she gently teased her friend even more. “You need to speak clearly.”


“Use me... abuse me... I don’t care, just make me cum, please!”


Three finger dig into her cunt, pumping hard and fast as Jupiter groaned loudly. Barely able to open her eyes, she looked her hypnotized friend in the eyes before their lips locked together once more. She moaned into Mercury’s lips as her body tensed up and her legs shook as her orgasm shot electricity through her nerves. 


As her eyes rolled back into her head from the pleasure she barely felt herself be lowered to the ground. When she was able to properly see once more she found herself looking up at Mercury who was straddling her head, her friend’s dripping wet pussy mere inches from from her lips. Dropping down completely Mercury let out a sigh of relief as Jupiter’s tongue lapped at the juices eagerly. 


“Good girl. You know what to do. It’s my turn to feel good after all. Let’s just hope that this spell lasts for a little while longer.”


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