An Artist Among Monsters

BY : ClanCrusher
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“You wanna run that by me again?”

Ranma sighed, but humored the lost boy. “I think you can teleport.”

“'re an idiot.”

“Wait! Hear me out! Your walking pace is about eight kilometers per hour, but you constantly make journeys from Tokyo to Nagano in less than a day. One time you ended up on Sado Island, but you didn't even swim or get wet. You're constantly lost, but eventually you always get to where you're going if you set your mind to it. If it's not teleportation, then what is it?”

Ryoga closed his eyes and glowered for a bit. Ranma could tell he was debating whether or not to throw a punch. “If I could teleport, I'd have used it to kick your ass a long time ago.”

“Yeah, but maybe you don't know you can do it, and that's why you keep getting lost,” insisted Ranma. “Well, that and being generally clueless when it comes to directions.”

The blow came out fast, but Ranma was faster, jumping back and landing a few paces away, not even breaking the flow of conversation. “Look, aren't you at least a little bit curious how you can do these things? Maybe you could actually solve the problem if you knew what was happening.”

Ranma waited, watching the internal struggle play out on Ryoga's face. Finally, he responded. “What's in it for you? You'd never help me if you didn't have something to gain from it.”

“Um...because teleportation would be awesome. Duh.”

“It's not teleportation! When I travel I out a little bit, and then suddenly I'm in another place entirely and some time has passed. There's nothing special about it I just...don't know what happens.”

“Sounds like-”

“It's not teleportation!”

“Alright, how about we test it then?” challenged Ranma.

“Test it how? I can't just get lost on command.”

“Ryoga, you're always lost. The only thing that changes is how lost you are,” retorted Ranma.

“That's it, you're dead!” The umbrella was out in an instant, the razor sharp parasol unfurling before it was flung in Ranma's direction.

Raising his hands up in the air, Ranma winced slightly as he caught it by the handle, the force of the fling and the weight of it making him slide back a foot before he stopped its momentum. Instead of tossing it aside though, Ranma folded it and casually tossed it back toward the charging Ryoga, halting him mid-stride as he caught it on reflex.

“Will you give it a rest, P-chan? Look, if I find out anything about your 'getting lost' technique, I promise to let you know, okay? Martial Aritst's honor and all that.”

Ryoga's expression shifted to one of contemplation before he slowly took the umbrella and strapped it back to his bag. “Fine...but you also have to tell me how to get back to Nerima.”

Ranma's eye twitched. “Ryoga, you're in the middle of the field at Furinkan High.”

The lost boy blinked, and slowly looked around, taking in his surroundings. Lines were painted on the grass and just off to his left was the large, unmistakable school building he had been looking for. “Huh...that's odd, I thought this was Hokkaido.”

“Unbelievable,” muttered Ranma beneath his breath. “Look, you want to visit Akane, right? Just try to go to the Tendo Dojo from here, and I'll follow along using this.” Reaching into his pocket, Ranma uncoiled a length of rope. “I'll just tie this to your bag and follow along behind you. Just pretend I'm not here.”

“If only it were that easy,” grumbled Ryoga.

Ranma ignored the jab and tied himself securely to his rival's pack, giving himself enough slack to follow along behind at a distance while also making sure to tie the other end around his waist, just to be sure. “Ready when you are.”

“Right,” said Ryoga with a nod. “Um...which way should I go?”

“Just pick out the route you think is right,” said Ranma with a roll of his eyes. “The point is to try and see what happens when you get lost.”

Ryoga grumbled but hefted his pack and started off, walking steadily across the field. The direction seemed promising enough and the general route he was taking was the correct one, but it didn't take long for things to go downhill. Abruptly, and without warning, Ryoga took a ninety-degree turn down a side-street, moving so fast that Ranma had to jog to make the turn before Ryoga was completely lost from sight. A few streets later it happened again, the lost boy keeping his stride even as he made the sharp course corrections.

Stranger still, as Ranma looked up at a passing street sign to see where they were located, he realized that they were in fact two streets to the right of where they needed to be rather than left, yet he hadn't noticed anything amiss. Narrowing his eyes, Ranma focused in on Ryoga, watching for any sign of ki or magic. That sudden turn had to be a part of it, and yet as it happened once again, Ranma couldn't feel a thing...and yet they were even further away from the goal than last time.

Debating internally on whether or not to say something, Ranma ultimately chose to stay silent. There was something going on here, but he had no idea how or why it was happening. He needed to see it again to be sure. Closing his eyes for a moment, Ranma extended his senses, trying to see if there was anything in the air that changed, letting the rope be his guide for a moment and then...


There! That was something! Opening his eyes, Ranma fought back the urge to gasp as the surrounding city had been replaced by large, lush trees. His head twisted, taking in the sight while trying to recall what he had been hearing a moment before. There hadn't been a cut off of sound, just a gradual fading as the new environment set in, but the city wasn't even visible through the gaps in the trees.

“Hey Ryoga, stop. I think we...” Ranma paused, realizing quite suddenly that the tug from the lost boy's pace was gone. Pulling the rope back toward him, Ranma's eyes widened as he saw that the cord had been neatly severed with razor sharp precision. “Okay...that's not normal.”

And nothing was normal about his surroundings, either. Forests weren't uncommon in Tokyo, but this was something else entirely. No path, no noise from the city, no sounds of humans or cars, and from the elevation, it didn't seem like he was close to a mountain, either.

“Okay Ranma...relax, you're not Ryoga, you have a sense of direction. Just find a place high up and-”


The sound of an explosion ripped through the quiet woods, followed by an intense shockwave that bent the trees backward and nearly knocked Ranma off his feet. The air, which had been still moments before, was now saturated with an alien energy that made his skin tingle and his senses go haywire. “God dammit Ryoga, where the hell are we?”

Taking to the trees, Ranma kicked off the branches and quickly closed in on the source. The energy was dissipating as quickly as it had arrived, but something was still there at the point of origin. Either the cause or the recipient. Breaking into the clearing and pushing through the cloud of dust, Ranma skidded to a halt on the damp grass and saw a woman in the middle of the crater that had formed.

“Hey! You okay?” he shouted out, stepping closer, only to recoil in surprise at the sight. The woman on the ground was only partially one. As the dust cleared, more of her features were revealed, and suddenly Ryoga's potential teleportation powers weren't the strangest thing he'd seen today.

Her skin was a soft violet color and outrageously long silver hair was splayed out on the ground beneath. Strange markings covered her body, decorating her side like a series of intricate tattoos, and her clothing, such that it was, left almost everything on display.

All of that, however, was a side show compared to what was below her waist. In the place of human legs was a long, thick, two-toned red tail covered in scales and stretching out at least a dozen feet, giving her a very serpentine appearance. Ranma's mind raced, trying to think of any explanation as to her presence. Was this another Jusenkyo victim?

His gut was telling him no, but his senses were telling him that this was the source of the explosion. It looked like she'd been on the losing end of a fight, but oddly enough, there wasn't a mark or blemish on her body to be seen. Pushing his sense of foreboding to the side, Ranma knelt down next to her and placed two fingers on her neck. A pulse. That was good. She looked to be breathing normally, too.

“Hey, are you okay?” he repeated, softer this time.

The flower in her hair, which Ranma had initially dismissed as a decoration, suddenly moved, green vines sliding out and wrapping tight around his wrist. “What the-” A second later, golden eyes opened and a hand snapped towards his throat, powerful fingers squeezing down hard. “Gurk!”

“You...what were you about to do?” she demanded, tightening her grip as Ranma grabbed at her wrist and tried to alleviate some of the pressure. “Are you just a thief, or were you hoping to take advantage of a helpless monster?”

Unable to speak, Ranma responded with action instead, abandoning the hold on her wrist and striking hard at the elbow. The fingers went slack and Ranma moved, yanking hard at the vines and jumping to his feet, right before having to quickly duck underneath a wide-sweeping blow from her tail. “Gah...what the hell was that for?”

Slowly, almost lazily, the snake-woman pulled herself into an upright position, settling her human body back just a bit to make it seem like she was lounging on her own coils. Her arms crossed beneath her breasts and her golden eyes narrowed in on him. For all intents and purposes, the pose looked relaxed and almost serene, but Ranma could feel the immense power building. “I traveled here to see if humans were worth the hassle of living with. I'm thankful to have my question answered so succinctly.”

“I was only checking your pulse!”

“The sheer cold will destroy your body!”

Ranma's vision went white for a moment as a ball of concentrated...something manifested in the snake-woman's hands, drawing in energy from the air around it before she almost casually tossed it in front of her. The temperature in the air suddenly dropped several degrees, and a moment later the ball exploded.

The martial artist had been moving even as she spoke, diving behind one of the stronger looking trees in the area before the ground shook with the force of the detonation. Frost blanketed the area in an instant and countless shards of ice erupted from the point of impact, surging forward with enough force to penetrate the tree Ranma was hiding behind, narrowly missing his legs and head.

“Perish in an icy hell!”

The shards embedded in the trees and the ground shuddered as a chilling wind whipped up around him, gale force winds battering at his body as a full-blown tornado formed, picking up all the icy shards and turning them into numerous, lethal projectiles, spinning around him with increasing intensity. Ranma's hands flashed out at amaguriken speeds, catching and deflecting the shards that came near him, but his footing was slipping on the icy ground and the winds were only getting stronger. There was only one place the magic wasn't touching, and that was directly in front of him.

“Will you just listen to me for a second?” shouted Ranma, ignoring the chill as best he could before making a mad dash towards the edge of the chilling vortex, ducking and dodging around the blades of ice as he moved, but the projectiles were simply too numerous. Cuts opened up on his legs and arms as ran before he finally broke through the edge of the tornado, directly on top of the caster.

“I'm not trying to steal from you!” His words were accompanied with a hard kick toward her human body, his foot bounding off of her snake-body to give him the air he needed to strike out at her human half. To his surprise, she didn't even try to block, letting the foot impact her neck with barely a flinch.

Twisting through the air and landing at her back, Ranma sprung toward her a second time. “And I'd never attack a sleeping opponent!” His fists blurred and blows rained down upon her, striking repeatedly in the same spot. Her skin was soft and flawlessly smooth, and yet his punches landed with little visible impact before she shifted and twisted around in her coils to face him once more, her hand sweeping out, forcing him to retreat in the face of several more lethal looking ice spikes that were formed in the air and shot towards him point blank.

“Why do I always encounter the crazy ones?” lamented Ranma as he formulated his next plan of attack. Her magic was easy enough to read, but covered such a wide swath of destruction that dodging was only going to get him so far, and that same strange magic almost seemed like it was protecting her from all but the most superficial harm.

“Your flesh will be seared from your bones! Say hello to Ilias once I send you to her!”

“Who the hell is Ilias?!”

The magic in the air shifted again, and suddenly sweat was dripping from Ranma's brow. He didn't need to see the energy forming in her hands or feel the shift of temperature in the air to know what was coming next, and he was already on the move by the time the firestorm was unleashed. In the blink of an eye, a wide swath of trees at his back were vaporized and a multitude of fireballs were soon dogging his path, detonating into large pillars of fire that rose above the tops of the trees.

Ranma poured on the speed, his body becoming a blur as he dodged, slipping into the Soul of Ice and cooling his aura to quell the errant cinders striking him. This power was insane. The creature hadn't even moved from her spot since the battle started, and the huge expenditure of magical energy didn't even seem to phase her.

Skidding to a stop on the wet grass, Ranma brought his palms outward and took aim, building up his confidence and shouting out his attack to give it form. “Moko Takabisha!” The blue missile of ki streaked through the trees towards his target, only for that long tail to suddenly move and smack it skyward to burst harmlessly in the air. Ranma was already moving though, circling around her and letting loose with several more ki blasts, some of them aimed at her, others aimed at the dirt, kicking up clouds of dust to obstruct his follow up shots.

Or at least, that was his plan, right before his opponent brought her tail down and struck out at the air, a potent gust of wind following behind it and dissipating the dust cloud immediately. Even so, some of his shots managed to slip through, but just like his punches, the bursts of energy didn't even make her flinch.

“Your ignorance will not spare your demise. You're clearly one of Ilias' so-called heroes just waiting to destroy any monster you come across.”

Ice again. Forming at his feet this time. A least a hundred meters in every direction. There was only one safe place. Forward. Ice spires as big as his body burst from the ground right as his foot left the grass, but Ranma barely noticed the near miss. Ki was channeling into his arms and fists, building up for an all-or-nothing attack.

“Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken!”

The snake-woman hadn't put up a defense and Ranma was quick to exploit it, raining blows down upon her human half faster than the eye could see, striking everywhere from her face to her stomach, hoping to find some vulnerable point in her defenses. From the way her snake body recoiled, it seemed like she was surprised at least, but soon she was striking back, her hands moving at appreciable speeds as she began to steadily deflect and counter attack, forcing Ranma to twist in the air and kick off her snake body to continue the assault from another angle.

It was right at that point that Ranma was reminded that her tail wasn't for show, as the lamia twisted and struck out with dizzying speed, smacking him right out of the air and sending him crashing through the forest of icicles.

“The fires of hell shall purge you!”

The cold disappeared and the heat returned. He didn't need to see through the mass of ice to know what was coming, only that he needed to move. He'd barely gotten to his feet before the fire hit, instantly melting the ice around him as the inferno raged through the forest. With nothing to hide behind that the fire couldn't consume, Ranma flung himself to the side, the ice melting and the wave of water passing over him.

Not much of a tactical thinker...the ice got in the way of her fire...

“No more games. This last strike will finish...” The words on the her lips stalled and then died out completely. “You...who are you? You're not a human at all!”

Ranma blinked and then looked down. Oh right, the water. His curse had triggered and he hadn't even noticed it in the chaos. “Er...”

“Right through here! Douse those fires! Protect the village at all costs!”

Voices began to echo through the trees along with the heavy clank of metal. Twenty-two from the ki signatures she was reading, but none of them seemed to be anywhere close to the power that the monster was giving off, and given what she'd just said about humans minutes before...

“Hmph. What a waste of time. You should flee, monster. These Ilias-blinded fools aren't nearly as merciful as I.”

“You call that-” she began, only for the lamia to fade right before her eyes. “-merciful?”

The overwhelming energy dissipated, leaving Ranma alone in the devastated clearing. “What in the hell just happened?” she said aloud, slumping to a sitting position on the wet and charred ground. Even Saffron hadn't pulled out this level destruction so casually, and his own attacks hadn't done a damn thing.

“Where in the hell am I?”

If there was any more evidence Ranma needed that she wasn't anywhere near Japan, the sight of the group of humans clad in full-on metal armor as though they'd walked out of the set of a medieval European era was the final nail in the coffin. That wasn't the only surprise though, as several more humans behind them dressed in long robes were tending to the fires, conjuring water out of the air to quell the blazes that had been left behind. “Huh...that looks useful.”

“Miss, are you okay? What happened to the monster who did this?”

Several of the soldiers were quick to come to her side, along with another of the robed humans whose hands were already glowing a soft white color.

“Don't know...she threw a ton of energy around and vanished when she heard you coming,” said Ranko honestly, a soothing feeling passing over her body as that white energy made contact with her. The question was why? Even she could have taken this group on, and the snake woman could have obliterated them with a casual gesture of her hand.

“Can you stand? Do you need to be carried?”

Ranma shook her head, taking a breath and getting to her feet. Aside from the cuts she'd taken from the ice tornado, she was relatively uninjured, and the soft white energy being employed by the robed figure was already closing her wounds. Her clothing was more than a little tattered though, burned in several places where she hadn't been fast enough to dodge the fire. “No, I'm fine...somehow.”

The mage standing next to her nodded to the soldier. “No serious injuries. You're lucky to be alive, miss...”

“Saotome. Ranma Saotome,” she filled in for him. “I'm uh...not from around here. I come from pretty far away, actually.”

“Sentora? Which region?”

“Um...the forest one?” provided Ranma hesitantly.

“You mean Grand Noah?”

“Yeah, that place. Sorry, my mind is a little fuzzy right now. Something that monster did kinda...” She waved a hand around her head as if to indicate some sort of amnesiac like state, hoping that the soldiers and mages surrounding her would fill in the blanks.

“Must have been a mental technique,” said the mage immediately, his head tilting downward slightly to look her in the eyes. “Do you remember anything about the monster? What she looked like, perhaps?”

“Half snake, half human,” provided Ranma, making a show of rubbing her head and groaning slightly. “So um...this might sound like a stupid question but...where am I?”

An hour later, Ranma's head was spinning for reasons entirely unrelated to her 'mental condition'. A map was laid out before her, and no matter which way she looked at it, there was nothing even remotely akin to Earth on there. Instead, there were a grand total of four different continents, with most of the world's land mass in a centralized location, and from what she'd been told, she was on the continent furthest south. From what she was reading, it also seemed as though this Ilias was a rather big deal here.

“Blessings of Ilias be upon you, child. You have my deepest sympathies for what you've had to endure. Monsters have only been causing more problems recently, even in a place so wholly devoted to Ilias,” said the nurse as she came back around to Ranma's bed. “Has the goddess blessed you with any insight into your forgotten memories?”

“No, no goddess yet,” said Ranma, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. “Pretty sure my memories are going to have to come back the old fashioned way.”

Ilias Continent, Iliasville, Iliasburg, Ilias Port, Ilias Temple...was this entire continent really that devoted, or did this Ilias goddess have a superiority complex? It was tempting to ask the priest looking after her, but she had a feeling that would have been pushing the amnesia thing a little too far.

“Well, be sure to be dutiful in your prayers to Ilias and I'm sure she will bless you with a swift recovery,” the priest reminded her. “In fact, I can pray with you right now if you'd like.”

Ranma hesitated. “That won't be necessary. I uh...already did that a couple times.”

The priest nodded, giving her a kind smile. “Well, you're welcome to stay here for as long as you need to recover. Perhaps the church can help you find someone who knows you. If there's anything I can personally help with, do let me know.”

Whatever the deal with their goddess was, the priests did seem nice enough. “Actually, I could use some warm water if you don't mind. Goes down a bit easier than cold.”

With a nod, the priest departed, leaving her alone with the map and the various books at her bedside. For the tenth time that hour, Ranma cursed Ryoga. “I told that idiot it was teleportation,” she grumbled. Come to think of it, hadn't that snake-woman used something similar when she fled from the fight? And why had she fled from the fight to begin with? She'd said something about Ilias too, hadn't she?

Lost in thought, the redhead barely noticed the warm water being delivered to her bedside. Maybe this Ilias was the only one protecting them from monsters like the one she'd just encountered. Clearly it must have been needed if the ki signatures of the warriors and priests in the temple were anything to go on.

If there was one small saving grace, it seemed that everyone at least read and spoke Japanese. That in and of itself raised even more questions, but Ranma wasn't going to complain about the convenience, as the inconveniences had already piled up to a rather dizzying height. It was tempting to see just how much he could use the temple to his benefit, but he couldn't quite shake the uncomfortable feeling he got from simply being here. As if every one of his actions were being watched and scrutinized.

Grabbing the warm glass of water from the stand, Ranma splashed it over his head, shifting back into his male form before promptly opening the window at his bedside and leaping out, hitting the ground with barely a sound. The map was already fully memorized, but he only had an inkling of where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do.

“Took you long enough. I didn't think I'd hit you that hard.”

The hairs on Ranma's neck rose slightly as he heard a familiar voice. He hadn't even sensed her presence. Turning slowly, Ranma came face to face with the snake woman he had been fighting just hours earlier except...

“That's a terrible disguise,” he said bluntly.

The snake woman did indeed look 'human' in the sense that she'd gotten the general body shape and skin tone right, but that only seemed to make her stand out all the more. The intricate markings on her body remained and now extended to her bare thigh, and the only clothing she'd seemed to have added was a pair of thigh high boots. Not even Shampoo's most risque outfits had ever been quite so...exotic.

“Maybe. But humans are idiots,” said the disguised snake-woman.

“Good morning, lovely day we're having here, isn't it?” said a passing guard with a nod towards the pair.

“Praise Ilias for such a beautiful, monster free day! I feel entirely secure within her great temple,” said a priest a moment later, walking the opposite direction.

“Wasn't there just a huge monster attack an hour ago?”

“Yes, but it wasn't attacking the temple itself now, was it?”

Ranma resisted the urge to sigh at that. How could she possibly be...

“It's not just a physical disguise, is it?” he said suddenly, peering closer. “You're doing something with your aura. Making people look past you instead of at you.”

“Perceptive,” said the 'human' with a nod. “Though I doubt these Ilias-worshiping idiots would notice even without it. You're clearly not one of them, though. In fact, I don't even think you're fully human, which is odd since I can't sense any monster blood in you.”

“Hate to break it to you, but I'm entirely human,” said Ranma simply. “Why did you follow me here, anyways?”

“Curiosity. I've never seen a human change into a full female before. What's your secret?”

“It's a curse I'm trying to get rid of. I picked it up in a strange place.”

“Who are you?”

The flash of her eyes was the only warning Ranma had before a sudden feeling of euphoria washed over him. His mouth was moving before his mind could catch up and words came spilling out of his mouth. “I'm Ranma Saotome, Miss Monster. Nothing more than a lowly human with a shape changing curse activated by hot and cold water.”

As quickly as it had come, the daze was gone, leaving Ranma feeling slightly dizzy in the aftermath. “Nnhh...what the heck was that?”

“A high level monster technique,” said the woman simply. “My eyes can do many things.”

“You could have just asked me my name!”

“I could have,” she agreed. “Where are you from?”

“That's...” Ranma hesitated. “...hard to explain.”

Her eyes flashed again. “Where are you from?”

“Nnhh...f-from...Nerima, Tokyo Miss Mon-will you cut that out?!”

“You broke it,” observed the monster idly as she rather suddenly pulled out a book and flipped it open, a frown forming on her face. “Interesting. I don't see any mention of that in the traveler's guide.”

“I told you it was complicated,” grumbled Ranma, shaking off the dizzy feeling. He'd managed to push enough of his aura in the way to interfere with the second eye-attack, but he had a feeling she was only partially trying. “So...are we fighting, or what?”

“As amusing as it would be to destroy this temple, that's not why I'm here. I was curious about the one who was so brazen to approach a powerful youma and try to steal from her.”

“I wasn't trying to steal from you!”

“Was it something perverted then?”

“What? No! I was...look, if you don't believe me, use that eye thing again,” said Ranma quickly, desperate to clear his name.

The disguised monster considered it for a moment, then her eyes flashed. This time Ranma didn't resist, letting his body relax and his eyes unfocus. “Why did you approach me in the forest?”

“Because I wanted to make sure you were alright,” came his immediate reply. “I heard an explosion and I saw you lying unconscious in the middle of the woods, so I ran over to see if I could help, Miss Monster.” Internally, Ranma grumbled as the technique seemed to force him to speak with exceeding politeness.

The monster regarded him for a few seconds before closing her eyes and sighing. “Alipheese Fateburn.”

Blinking, Ranma felt the hypnotic like state vanish abruptly. “What?”

“My name. Alipheese Fateburn. Or Alice for short. I...suppose I owe you an apology for jumping to conclusions and attacking you. I didn't think there were any monster sympathizers this far south in the world.”

“I...” Ranma hesitated. The number of times he'd actually been given an apology for someone jumping to conclusions and attacking him could be counted on one hand...with plenty of fingers left over. “It's alright. I'm used to it.”

Alice frowned. “You're used to monsters attacking you over misunderstandings?”

“Well...not monsters specifically but...” He shrugged. “Misunderstandings? Yeah, those happen all the time. Almost all of my first meetings start off with a fight.”

Alice frowned, folding her arms beneath her breasts. On the edge of his senses, Ranma could just barely detect her aura extending to include him as a crowd of priests left the temple with a retinue of guards in tow. The level of control was impressive, which briefly made him wonder why she'd been so wasteful with her abilities in their fight.

“'re from somewhere that I've never even heard of and isn't marked on any map, you have abilities far beyond what should be normal for a human, a curse that turns you female, and a habit of fighting everyone you meet for the first time. Clearly if I leave you on your own, you're going to be beating up helpless monsters left and right.”

“Hey, it's not like I go looking for fights! They just...find me. A lot,” protested Ranma. “Besides, if they're anything like you-”

“I'm one of the most powerful monsters in the world right now,” said Alice shortly. “Probably even the most powerful. But you're still dangerous to everyone else.”

“What? No I'm not!”

“What would you do if a weak, hungry slime girl came up to you, desperate for some food?”

“I...would try to feed her?” said Ranma uncertainly. What the hell was a slime girl?

For the first time since their conversation started, Alice smiled. Ranma began to get a sinking feeling in his stomach as he felt a trap closing around him. “Would you now? Care to prove it?”

“Wait so...that's a slime girl?” asked Ranma, eyes wide as he peeked out from behind the bush.

“Yes. What were you expecting?”

“Something a little less...literal,” said the martial artist hesitantly. Indeed, the female figure seemed to very much be living up to her species name. In place of a normal body, an opaque gooey substance had been shaped into something approximating a humanoid female, though near her feet, the 'body' seemed to dissolve into a pool of slime.

Yet, for however alien she looked to him, her expressions and emotions were clear. She was frightened, and from the sound of it, sniffling a bit and trying not to cry as she sat in a pool of water. “What scared her?”

“She was searching for some food when some loud explosions scared her off. Then she was forced to hide from a bunch of guards from Ilias Temple,” explained Alice.

“'s your fault she's like this then-hey!”

The martial artist stumbled forward as Alice's tail suddenly struck out at his back and pushed him forward. “No time to be pointing fingers, she's hungry.”

Whirling around, Ranma was about to deliver a retort, but Alice had already vanished from his sight and his senses. A moment later he had more pressing concerns as a shriek of surprise reached his ears. “A human! G-go away! I'm a vicious monster!”

Turning back, Ranma quickly held up his hands in a warding gesture. “No, it's okay, I'm not here to hurt you! I um...I heard you crying and I was worried.”

The slime girl sniffed, wiping a gooey hand against her face. If it weren't for the sounds she was making, the martial artist never would have been able to tell if she'd been crying or not. “I wasn't crying,” she said defiantly. “A-and I wasn't scared of all the humans around, either!”

“They're not around anymore, it's just me right now.” And an obnoxious snake-woman, but that was neither here nor there. “Are you sure you're okay? Do you need any help?”

The slime girl sniffed again. “N-no...I'm just a little emotional because it's been so long since I've eaten.”

Again, Ranma couldn't help but feel like Alice had closed a trap of some kind around him, yet for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what it was. The slime girl didn't seem especially powerful, and from what he was sensing, a good portion of her body was a mixture of water and that strange magic that Alice had used. “Maybe I can help with that,” he offered, cursing internally. Even if Alice was setting up a trap, it was difficult to turn away from a crying girl, monster or human.

“ would?” asked the slime girl, her eyes turning hopeful...or at least he was pretty sure they were hopeful. The more subtle expressions were hard to read given the single solid color her face was.

“Yeah...what do slime girls eat, anyways?”

The girl tilted her head. “You...don't know?”

“Nope. You're the first slime girl I've ever seen,” he replied honestly. “My name is Ranma, by the way.”

“Lime,” said the girl distractedly, still giving him a curious look. “Are you sure you're okay with feeding me?”

“Positive. I may not look like it, but I'm a pretty good cook,” insisted Ranma.

“Oh...okay. Could you take off your pants then?”

Ranma blinked. And then blinked again. Slowly, he brought a finger to his ear and swirled it around a couple of times. “I'm...sorry did you just say...”

“Well I could work with them on, but then they'd get all sticky,” said Lime matter-of-fact. Slowly, her slime started to quiver again. “ don't want to feed me, do you? It's okay...I'll survive, somehow.”

“W-wait! No! I!” Fumbling slightly, Ranma pulled the drawstring on his pants and let them fall to his ankles, avoiding looking in Lime's direction, his instinctive desire to avoid a crying girl quickly outstripping his common sense as it so often did in these situations.

“Yaaay! Thank you!” Like a switch had been flipped, Lime's tears vanished and her mouth perked up into a bright smile. Ranma only had a moment to realize that Alice might not have been the only one in on this trap, but it was too late to back out now.

Sliding across the ground, Lime practically tackled his exposed, lower body. Arms wrapped tightly around his waist and those slick, slightly sticky breasts pushed right up against his groin where his manhood was already starting to perk up. His first instinct was to jump away, but the pool had already formed around his ankles, keeping him stuck there while slowly enveloping his shins. “Am I your first monster, too?” said Lime cutely, a gooey tongue coming out to lick her lips. “Don't worry, I'll make it feel really good!”

And she was quick to make good on her word, too. Her body was just firm enough to give it weight, yet malleable enough that her breasts could squeeze and envelop him from every side, the tip of his shaft peeking up between towards her mouth where her tongue was waiting and ready to coil around it and give it a thorough lick. Even Shampoo had never been so brazen and that, more than the gooey embrace and slowly encroaching slime, was what kept him rooted to the spot.

A surprised moan left him, the martial artist nearly falling to his rear, but Lime's body was supporting him now, her tongue and lips getting more aggressive as she leaned in and took in the entirety of his tip, a powerful suckling sensation soon following that made his entire body tremble with pleasure. Stranger yet, he could see his shaft through her body, only partially obscured by her gooey form.

“'re tasty! I want more!” Her voice came out perfectly clear despite her 'mouth' being obstructed, and yet as she spoke, Ranma could feel the vibrations of her slime. Her head moved, and suddenly the entirety of his shaft was buried inside of her, the goo caressing, squeezing, and gently shaking around his length. His body threatened to pitch forward and his hands reflexively came out to Lime's shoulders to steady himself, only for his fingers to sink into her body and become trapped there. Already he could feel his manhood twitching and pulsing at the wholly unique sensations.

Soul of ice...soul of ice. Dammit, he couldn't be this close already!

“'s pointless to resist! Have a taste of Slime Heaven!”

Ranma's lower body was almost entirely enveloped now, the girl's breasts pressed firmly against his thighs while her head bobbed up and down rapidly along his length, her tongue swirling around him relentlessly while her arms clenched tight around his rear. Shuddering gasps and increasingly loud moans left the martial artist's lips as Lime worked his body over, culminating in a delicate wrapping of her goo around his balls and a firm squeeze that almost immediately pushed him over the edge.

The sight of his seed coming out in spurts into her gooey body was a surreal and somewhat humiliating sight. Ranma couldn't stop himself now though, made to watch as he surrendered to the slime girl's exotic body and potent technique. By the time he'd subsided, a cloud of his seed was floating almost aimlessly in the center of her mass, gradually dissolving, and Ranma could feel the slime girl's energy increasing as she absorbed his seed.

“ actually feed...from that?” gasped Ranma.

“Every monster does, silly!” said Lime with a giggle, her once shy and nervous persona entirely gone now. “, you taste really good. Like...really good! And you're still hard, too! I want more. Can I have more? Pleeeeease?”

Ranma hesitated, his body trembling. This seemed like a bad idea. His body was feeling a fair bit weaker than he expected, all of his energy seeming to be drawn between his legs and his still hard shaft. Another strange monster ability? His mouth opened to reply, but another voice cut in first.

“You get one more meal, and that's it.” Alice had appeared behind him once again in her human form without so much as a ripple of wind, though that was secondary to the embarrassment of being seen with his pants down like this.

Lime seemed less surprised by the snake monster's presence. “Aww...but-”

“No buts. Any more food and you're likely to divide.”

“H-hey, a little privacy please?” snapped Ranma, his cheeks red as he looked between Lime and Alice.

“If you wanted privacy, you should have fed her somewhere else than the open woods,” said Alice, unsympathetic as she looked over Ranma's shoulder from behind.

“You were the one who-mmph!”

In a smooth motion, Alice's hand slipped around to his front and covered his mouth, her warm latex fingers silencing his protests. “Don't mind him, he says strange things sometimes,” said Alice to Lime. “Please, continue.”

“Okay!” said Lime happily, wasting little time in doing just that. With Alice and Lime both restraining him now, Ranma had little hope of escape, and the slime girl was far more energetic and aggressive than before, pushing herself to the hilt of his shaft and wracking his body with increasingly intense vibrations and powerful suckling sensations. In a sense, Ranma was almost grateful for Alice covering his mouth, as he was certain his cries would have reached the temple otherwise.

Alice wasn't idle though. He could feel her full breasts pressing against his back, and the strange substance on her fingers, which he had initially thought were gloves, were proving to be anything but as they flexed and moved like a second skin, one finger even going as far as to push into his mouth to gently stroke his tongue.

Focusing on his soul of ice technique was helping a bit more after his first climax, but the longer he held on, the more the monsters seemed to get excited, until Alice suddenly plunged her other hand downward and slipped into Lime's body, fingers moving easily through the slime as they coiled around Ranma's manhood.


“Hey! That's rude!” pouted Lime, shifting her body so that Ranma's shaft was sliding into her chest between her breasts instead of her mouth.

“I'm on a timetable and I need my subordinate,” said Alice simply. “Just be thankful for your meal.”

Lime pouted again, but didn't protest, and soon both monsters were starting to work him over in an utterly surreal experience that he could barely put words to. Those slim, latex fingers felt like they had coiled him from base to tip, the disguised monster stroking and teasing him with careful squeezes, gentle strokes, and some fine-tuned caresses at his most sensitive spots. The effortlessness in which she switched from one technique to the next left him gasping for breath, unconsciously sucking on the finger she'd left in his mouth.

At the same time, Lime was redoubling her efforts, sliding around Alice's fingers to massage every inch of Ranma's shaft that she could not, focusing a lot of attention on his sensitive sack and sending constant, mind-numbing vibrations throughout his whole body. Effortlessly, the two of them broke through his soul of ice, his moans spilling out unrestrained as the two monsters worked him over, the warm, smooth feeling of Alice's fingers combining with the enveloping coolness of Lime's slime to stimulate him past the point of reason.

In less time than the first, Ranma's hips began to buck, and a moment later another fresh wave of seed was spilling into Lime's body, the slime girl eagerly absorbing the meal with a smile on her face. “ gooood,” she moaned out, licking her lips as she gave Ranma's sack one last squeeze to coax out whatever drops were left.

Her good mood faded slightly as her eyes turned toward the monster lord. “Hey, you took some!”

“Of course I did,” said Alice flatly. “You've had plenty. Overeating isn't good for you.” With a firm tug, Alice pulled Ranma back and uncovered his mouth as he slipped free of Lime's body. Even with his newfound freedom though, he was leaning against Alice more than not as he tried to catch his breath.

“But...but this is Ilias Continent! All the humans hate monsters here! I might not find another meal for days!”

Ranma let out a small groan as Alice seemed to seriously consider her argument. “Fine, one more meal for the road then.”

“Yaaay!” In a wave of slime, Lime practically leaped from her position to hug around Ranma's neck and place a kiss right on his lips, her slime turning out to be surprisingly tasty as he reflexively swallowed some of it. Wait, did he just swallow-

“Thank you, Ranma. I really appreciate it,” said Lime sincerely as she pulled back, her thighs already starting to envelop him below the waist once again.

The martial artist barely had a moment to acknowledge her thanks before Alice's hands were back, one arm wrapping around his neck and the other moving back to his groin as Lime spread out over the front of his body and begin to massage him anew.

A final thought slipped through his mind before a fresh wave of pleasure crashed into him, causing his eyes to roll back and his body to surrender to their embrace.

This is all your fault, Ryoga!

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