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Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool of the dead abd i do not create a profit from this fic.

AN: Morning boys, D.S here. So you're probably wondering where this fic has gone and what I'm doing with it. Well basically this fic went against the tos of the site. I can't figure out what I did wrong but now it's gone. So my new solution is to break this story up into individual fics that I'll tell you the chronology of. This means that I'm going to have to change the story to fit the new format but it'll be just as good. If you’re knew to this fic let me give you the basic rundown of what’s going to happen. This story will centre around Yame Sensei, a 36 year old man who works at an all girls school. Each chapter will consist of one or more anime girl/s joining his harem. Girls with supernatural powers will not be featured in this story, however, girls in supernatural settings such as high school of the dead are accepted. I hope you enjoy, D.S out 


1. High school of the dead (this fic)

2. Girls und panzer 

3. Food wars 

4. K-on 

5. Love live

6. Prison school

7. Ikkitousen

8. Galko-chan

9. Haganai

10. Hamaru chan

I do not plan to use any more of stories then this.

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