Dangerous Way of Living

BY : NightLover145
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Meryl Stryfe was not expecting to be lusted over by some bandits. Nor was she expecting her childlike best friend, Milly Thompson to be leered at as well. Meryl felt the leers and she felt that she was being surrounded by wolves instead of fucking human fucking beings. Meryl resisted the urge to growl and she glanced up at Milly. Milly was faring no better, even though she felt fear more than anger. Actually, anger wasn't in her personality. Fear and the urge to be screaming her lungs out had overridden her usual cheerfulness. Despite being taller than the men surrounding her and Meryl, Milly felt small and defenseless. "Milly, it's alright." Meryl took it upon herself to try and calm Milly down. It didn't work as the leader of the bandits came forward and placed his hand on Milly's shoulder. Milly tensed while Meryl let a growl unleash from her throat. She didn't like this. She didn't like this at all, damn it!

"Hey, look, Boss, she's pissed." One of the men says, cackling at Meryl. She growled again and that was when Milly had squeaked. Meryl looked up at Milly quickly, only to see Milly's breasts being fondled roughly. The man holding Milly grinned at Milly's reaction and he sneered at Meryl.

"No matter, her friend is relly submissive." Milly didn't like the tone in his voice and her eyes fell on Meryl, who was trying so damn hard to not lose herself. Meryl was quickly losing to her protective instincts. Please don't lash out. Milly begged, even though she knew it was fruitless to beg Meryl now.

"Hey, you bastard!" Meryl shouted in pure rage. "Let her go! She has done nothing to you!" Meryl shouted, her eyes burning in rage. The man holding Milly put a cold, silver metal to her throat and that made both Meryl and Milly pause.

"True, but she will do something for me." The man snickered at his own words and Meryl felt her heart thumping against her chest. What does he mean by that? I need to protect Milly. Her thoughts were all over the place. "I'm surprised that you haven't even heard of us. I sell girls." This statement made Meryl gasped in both fear and shock. Milly was well, petrified. The only thing that showed on her face were tears that were steadily falling down her cheeks, turning her face red. 

Meryl cursed at herself. Of course, he sells women! I should have fucking expected that! She shouted at herself. Meryl smashed her head through the wood table, unable to erase Milly's extremely terrified face from her memory. Blood ran down her head, but she didn't care. "Hey, Boss, are you sure having her would make us even more richer? She's just a violent woman. However, the big girl you're holding can give us billions." One of the other men tells the leader of the bandits. 

"That's true, but I do want them in pairs and besides, the woman will not leave the girl's side." The man's statement made both Meryl and Milly tensed up.

"How did you know?" Meryl was still burning in anger. The man chuckled slightly and he removed the knife from Milly's throat, allowing her to breathe easy.

"It's quite simple. You're acting like a overprotective parent towards a child who doesn't know how the world works." He answered Meryl, who gritted her teeth in frustation. "Now, come along like a nice, little woman. If you come quietly, you can have your friend back." Meryl didn't want to get sold, but she would rather Milly not to die over her own being anyway. 

Meryl slowly walked forward. Milly shook her head, but Meryl smiled at her. I'm not letting you suffer alone. She thought, gazing at Milly's face. When Meryl got to the man, she glared at him. True to his word, he pushed Milly towards Meryl and Meryl caught her with both of her hands. Meryl put Milly on the floor and they was suddenly covered by a net. Meryl didn't fight them because she had who she wanted near her. "It's alright, Milly." Meryl was lying, Milly could see that, but nevertheless, she believed the lie. Milly huddled closer to Meryl and she felt exhausted. She's so damn exhausted and it's my fucking fault! She trusted me to save her and now, the both of us are going to get sold as sex slaves! Meryl didn't like the sound of being sold as a sex slave and she turned to gaze at Milly. Her childlike innocence will be destroyed if anyone that cruel gets his or her hands on her.

Meryl swore that she would protect Milly with her life.

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