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Disclaimer: You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while I make this story.

Note: Hello, and welcome to my first story here on Adult Fanfiction.Org. I recently discovered this site and decided to join. I became a member of Fan-Fiction.net on March 30th, 2017. I have a bunch of stories there, and I plan on transferring those stories to here over the course of this year. If you know who I am from Fan-Fiction.net, it's good to see you here, if not, I hope you will give me a chance for my stories.

So what is this story about?  Well, in Fanfiction.net, this story is an original story but based on the show/manga To Love Ru, and other anime shows that I like watching. This story is most likely not for everybody as it focuses on mature themes. This story is most likely not for everybody as it focuses on mature themes. Please note that Miss-You-Know-Who will not come to the story right away, as I do not want to be rushing to her appearance. 

Also, I would like to point out that all characters in the story are at least eight-teen years old and older to avoid troubles with the law. I understand that most mature rating fanfictions don't alter the ages of the characters of To Love Ru, since most characters are at least twelve to sixteen years of age, and doing mature things. But I'm just trying to play it safe by having everyone in my story into young adults instead of teenagers.

Also, I would also like to stress, (I know that you know this already but still) that this story is NOT for readers that are under the age of eight-teen. The story will have coarse language, violence, nudity, (including the private parts) and sexual scenes. (Including sex scenes). The story will explain in great detail of a character's surroundings, especially with a person's body. If you are not over the age of eight-teen, or you do not like these things in a story, please do not read this story. You have been warned.

P.S: I do not own To-Love Ru or any of the animes that will be referenced in this story, nor do I own any of the characters that will be referenced in this story, nor do I make any money/profits while making this story. 

With that said, please enjoy.

Chapter One:
Year One: Day One:
September 11th:

Chapter One:

Year One: Day One:
September 11th:

Ah, Christale City, a well-respected city in all of Ontario Canada. A great city to raise your kids and start a new business. However, there is one thing that shuns this great city that makes it be great, and that is its college, Vincent College. Now what is wrong with the college you may be asking, well my dear readers, allow me, the narrator of this story to explain. In the year 1999, a man named Adam Vincent decided that he would make college in Christale City. In the year 2000, the three stories school was built and named it Vincent College, Adam himself became the Chief Executive of the school. The school was praised and well respected.

However, in the year of 2005, Adam Vincent tragically died due to a car accident. Needing a Chief Executive right away and after finding out that Adam Vincent had a younger brother named Tommy Vincent, the Government made Tommy Vincent the Chief Executive, even though he had no experience of being one in the first place. Making Tommy Vincent Chief Executive of Vincent College turned out being a huge mistake on the Government's part, why? Because Tommy is a pervert, that's why. How bad of a pervert is he that you may be asking, hmm, what's a good example, sometimes he likes to sneak into the girl's changing room and steal the girls' panties while they aren't looking and goes back to his office to smell them. Its because of this that girls have been reporting that their panties having been stolen daily.

Because of Tommy's influence, almost all the boys at the school have become perverts, and parents don't want their kids to go to that school because they fear that their son will become a pervert, or that their daughters will become a target for perverts. It's because of Tommy that the school now has a bad reputation, and its all thanks to the Government. And it's not like that they can undo their mistake, believe me, they've tried. They've tried to replace Tommy, but because of the college's lousy reputation, nobody wants to even go near the school, so yeah, they're stuck with him. Maybe if the Government weren't in a big fat hurry of finding a new Chief Executive, they wouldn't be in this situation.

Ever since Tommy's power was giving to him, he has given the rule that all students to wear uniforms. Male students must wear brown suits and tan dress pants, and girls must wear tan suits and green mini skirts. Now here's the kicker, for the girls, Tommy has made the skirts so short, that simply bending down would show the girl's panties, (that is if they're wearing panties at all) no doubt that he made them that short so that he can chase after his sexual fantasies. Anyways, now that I have caught you up on what's going on let's get started on the story.

Our story begins with a boy about 5'0 feet tall hanging around near the girls' bathroom. He seems to be waiting for someone. The boy had short brown hair, had brown eyes, wearing glasses, and was very skinny, like... 130 pounds skinny. He also had a childish voice. But don't let that fool you, he's older than you think.

Kyle: Geeze, why do girls take such a long time in the bathroom?

The boy began to doze off, once he closed in eyes, he notices that he was in a wasteland, it was dark and raining. There were dead bodies all over the area, and in the center of all of it, was a woman with long gold hair, right down to her hips, red eyes, and wearing a long black leather dress down to her hips, and wearing black leather boots. She had no emotion in her face at all and seemed to be staring right at the boy's soul. Shortly after, the boy opens his eyes with a gasp, and with a cold sweat.

?: Hey Kyle.

Kyle: Huh? (He looks up to the man) "Oh, hi Brad.

Brad Jackal is a second-year student at Vincent College. He has light brown hair and golden-brown eyes, and is about 5'8 ft and weighs about 160 pounds, most of it is muscle, but because of the clothes he wears, you can't see any of his body, not even his arms, so it makes him look very skinny.

Brad: Why are you standing near the girls' bathroom?

Before Kyle could answer, someone else came to the scene, and that was Josh Bradston. Josh Bradston is also a second-year student at Vincent College. He has dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes, and is about 5'8 ft and weighs about 140 pounds. He doesn't work out as Brad does.

Josh: Its probably because he's trying to take a peek at the ladies.

Kyle: WHAT?! No that's not it.

Josh: Oh really, then why are you hanging around the girls' washroom? Only girls and perverts hang around in the girls' washroom.

Brad: Now Josh, I'm sure Kyle has a good reason why he's hanging around in the girls' washroom, (he looks at Kyle) "You do have a good reason, right Kyle?" (He was hoping that Kyle had a good reason and not being a pervert).

Just then, a girl with shoulder-length black hair, golden brown eyes came out of the bathroom. She was 5'6 ft and seems to weigh about 120 pounds, but that's because the clothes she wears makes her look like that like, but she's really 135 pounds, most of that is muscle, and seemed to have a size A cup breast size.

?: Yeah, he's been waiting for me.

Bullies and slackers beware, Shelley Livings is the student president of Vincent College, and she does not take bullying very lightly. Shelley has taken the role as Chief Executive since the actual Chief Executive is always... "unavailable." Many bullies fear Shelley because she happens to know martial arts, and her skills have defeated many bullies. Heck, even Tommy Vincent fears her, why? Because at one point, Shelley blackmailed him by showing him pictures of his dirty deeds and told him that if he doesn't do what she tells him, or if he expels her, she will show the pictures to her father and because her father is the chief of the police force... well... I'm sure to can figure out what would happen. So ever since that day, Shelley has had Tommy in her pocket, much to his dismay. Also, if we look up at her mini skirt, we see that she is wearing white panties.

Shelley: I can't believe that you people would think that Kyle would be trying to take a peek in the girls' bathroom, he's not that kind of man, unlike you two.

Brad: No, no, no, you got the wrong idea, I didn't think that it was Josh.

As Brad tried to explain things to Shelley, Josh sneaked up on Brad and pushed him towards Shelley, making him fall on her, and having face-first into her breast, once Brad just realized what just happened, his face turned bright red, and quickly gets back up.

Brad: No, no, no, it's not what it looks like.


Josh: (Came to Brad's aid) Okay, okay, message revived, we're out of here. (Picked up Brad and made a run for it in the hallway)

Shelly: Oh jeez, I can't believe those pigs, promise me that you won't become like them, will you Kyle?"

Kyle: (Confused) Um... yeah... sure.

Because Kyle was Shelley's assistant, she would always have to protect him from bullies.

Later, Josh and Brad are walking in the hallway, with Brad holding his face.

Brad: (Holding his face) Uh man, I can't believe that she punched me in the face, I always thought that girls slapped men, not punch them.

Josh: Of course she did, you were rubbing your face all over her tits, we could've gotten out of there unharmed if your perverted desires didn't start kicking in.

Brad: Okay, one, you were the one that pushed me, making me collide with Shelle, and making me... fall on her... and two, I wasn't rubbing my face all over her breast. The whole thing was an accident, and furthermore, why did you push me?"

Josh: Because you told Shelle that I said that Kyle was trying to take a peek in the girls' washroom.

Brad: Well it's true.

Josh: It doesn't mean that you can tell her that, like seriously, whatever happened to take one for the team?

Brad: Look, Josh, I'll always help you out whenever you're in a jam, but anything that is perverted, count me out.

Brad: Oh come, man, you need to grow a backbone, you need to enjoy the fruits of women, how do you think that you can have a girlfriend or a wife someday if you can't even look at a woman's chest, let alone touch them?

Brad: Well, I hate to disappoint you, but unlike you and all the other men here in this school, I'm not that kind of man.

Josh: Little goodie two shoes huh, maybe you should kick your sister out and teach yourself how to be a real man.

Brad: Keep my sister out of this.

Brad and Josh continued to walk down the hall, but little did the two friends know, was that someone was watching them, someone tall with red-colored eyes.

Later, after school was finished, Kyle is seen in the science classroom packing his stuff and beginning to leave for home. As Kyle is walking down the stairs, a pile of books falls on Kyle's head, making him fall down the stairs. As Kyle tries to pick himself up, a man with a well-fit body grabs Kyle by the hair and picks him up.

?: Hey guys, look who I just pulled up, its little Kyle.

The well-fit man was Ron Dox, a second-year student at Vincent College. He is 6'2 feet tall and weighs 235 pounds. He is the most feared bully in the school, even other bullies fear him. Ron Dox is well known for murdering a first-year student in the halls because he didn't have any lunch money. Ron Dox was convicted of his crimes. However, due to his parents being very wealthy, they hired an excellent lawyer. Ron's lawyer was able to keep Ron from serving time in jail, with no charges. There was no justice for Ron's crimes. Shortly after his release, Ron got full protection from his parents. Basically, he can get away with murder. Because of his murder, he has been using his murder to intimidate students and instructors into getting what he wants. He even intimidated the instructors of his classes to give him a passing grade so that he wouldn't have to do them again. Most students try to stay away from him if all possible, or won't try to stand up to him because they all know that three other students have died to Ron because they tried to stand up against him.

When Kyle saw Ron's face, his face turned pale, he knew who this man was, and he was scared for his life.

Kyle: You're... you're... you're...

Ron: So, you know who I am, good for you, I take it that you're the new kid, Kyle right? You're a lot punier than I pictured.

Bill: So boss, how are you going to kill him?"

Ron: That's a good question," said Ron.

As Josh and Brad were passing by, they noticed that Ron was holding Kyle's by his hair, and Kyle begging for his life.

Josh: Hey, isn't that Kyle?

Brad: Oh shit, not him too, doesn't Ron know that Kyle already has problems of his own.

Josh: You think Ron cares, as long as he gets to kill a student, he can care less. Come on, let's get out of here before Ron sees us. (He turns around and attempts to leave)

Brad: You can go if you want, but I'm staying.

Josh: What?! Are you crazy, do you have any idea that Ron is capable of murder, and has no remorse for doing so?!

Brad: Yes I know, but I'm getting sick and tired of standing by and watching innocent students having their lives being cut short, somebody needs to put an end to this, and that someone is me. (He begins to walk forward to Ron)

Josh: Brad, I don't think you know what you're doing. (Starts following Brad)

Ron continues to hold Kyle by his hair and taking out his pocket knife.

Ron: Maybe I should slice his throat open, and watch him drown in his own blood.

Kyle: (Starts crying) Please, let me go, what have I done to you guys?

Ron: I love it when they start to cry. (His minions start laughing)

Brad: (Approaches Ron) Hey assholes!" (Everybody suddenly takes their attention to Brad and Josh) Let Kyle go, NOW!"

Ron: I'm sorry, do you not know who I am?"

Brad: Yeah, you're the school murdering psychopath, Ron Dox.

Ron: (Chuckles) Is that what everybody is calling me nowadays, how funny.

Brad: You won't be laughing at what I'm about to do to you. (Ron and his minions began to laugh)

Ron: (Chuckles) Don't make me laugh. You think that you can beat me?

Brad: I'm about to find out. (Takes a boxing position) (Thinks to himself) Time to test out my boxing training.

Brad and Ron began to have a standoff, Josh and Ron's minions stood there, wondering who was going to make the first move. Just when the two were about to make the first move, Shelley interferes, who was standing on the top of the stairway.

Shelley: What's going on here?"

Josh: Shelley?!

Ron: Stay out of this Shelley, a girl like you has no business to be here!

Shelley; In case you have forgotten Ron, I am the student president of this school, my job is to make sure that everybody has a safe work environment in this school, and not to let bullies have their way with the students, and if that means challenging the bullies myself, then so be it.

Ron: You have a lot of guts Shelley, I'll give you that, but you're an idiot to get in my way.

Shelley: Oh yeah, well how about we see about that. (She got into a fighting stance)

Ron looked deep into Shelley's eyes. He could see the seriousness in her eyes as if Shelley's was ready for a fight. Just then, Ron dropped Kyle, which he dropped on his butt. Everyone was shocked and confused at Ron when they saw Ron dropped Kyle.

Ron: Come on guys, let's get out of here, this bitch isn't worth our time. (Begins to leave)

Bill: Are you sure Ron?

Ron: Yes, I'm sure, now let's go. (Exits the building with his men following him)

After Ron and his minions left, everybody rushed to Kyle's aid. Kyle ended up hugging Shelley, bursting into tears.

Kyle: (Crying) Oh thank you, thank you so much, I thought he was going to kill me!

Shelley: (Trying to calm Kyle down) Its okay Kyle, it's over now.

While Shelley tries to calm Kyle down, Josh and Brad begin to take their leave, but then Kyle peeks out his head, covered in tears.

Kyle: Josh, Brad, (Josh and Brad stop and look at Kyle) thank you if you guys didn't show up when you did... I don't even want to think what would have happened.

Brad: No problem. (Both Brad and Josh exit the building)

As Josh and Brad continued to walk on their way home, they started to talk.

Brad: You know Josh, I've been thinking, maybe it's about time we stop picking on Kyle and start being friends with him.

Josh: Huh? Did I just hear you right? Did I hear you say that we should start being friends with Kyle?!

Brad: Yes, I did.

Josh: Brad, did you hit your head on your way out of the school, you're speaking nonsense.

Brad: I'm serious Josh, after what just happened today, Kyle needs a friend more than ever, Ron tried to kill Kyle and no doubt that he'll try again, and we need to be ready next time.

Josh: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Little did Jose and Brad know, was that a man that who was 6'0 FT, and weighing around 200 pounds, with red-colored eyes, wearing a black leather jacket, black leather boots, black leather pants, and a black cape with a hood, was watching them from the rooftops.

?: Maybe they're not so bad after all, especially with that Brad kid. (Turns around, and jumps off the building)


Note: I hope you liked the first chapter. There are more chapters to come. I will be updating this story once a day until we get to the current chapter on Fan-Fiction.net. I hope you liked this chapter and if you did, please let me know. With that said, see you tomorrow for the next chapter.

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