Falling into Queen Beryl's Trap

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This story was inspired off of this image: https://danbooru.donmai.us/data/sample/__sailor_moon_and_tsukino_usagi_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon_drawn_by_tsuyuta_kome__sample-40bfdf8450f9e9e5b246ebe0646c5e21.jpg)

Usagi Tsukino was just a normal, every day, schoolgirl. One day, however, she ran into a talking cat named Luna who charged her with protecting the world from the Dark Kingdom as the mighty warrior Sailor Moon! Soon after, she met Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, and Minako Aino, who were actually Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. Sailor Moon also met Mamoru Chiba, aka Tuxedo Mask, who was her lover in a previous life, but Queen Beryl, ruler of the Dark Kingdom, kidnapped him. The Sailor Guardians found out where Beryl and her forces were hiding and stormed the fortress to stop them and save Mamoru.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. Usagi, in her usual clumsiness, sprung a trap set up by Queen Beryl, transporting them underground. Sailor Mercury tried to use her computer to find out where they were, but she couldn’t get any readings or lock onto any spacial coordinates. Sailor Moon was frightened as Sailor Mars, Jupiter, and Venus prepared for battle. Suddenly, their foe came into focus and all five of them became terrified.

A large, bloated mass of tentacles appeared out of the darkness and surrounded the Sailor Guardians. Mars, Jupiter, and Venus used their powers to attack the enemy vines, but none of their attacks had any effect. In fact, the attacks seemed to make the tentacles stronger, if anything. The Guardians began to panic as Sailor Mercury tried to scan it, but even she couldn’t find a weak spot. Sailor Moon attempted to use her tiara, charging it up with power, however before she could zap the enemy, the power drained out of the accessory. The tentacles had drained the energy from the attack, hinting at a hive mind.

Then, the mass of tentacles attacked. The Guardians split up to try and avoid the speedy tendrils shooting after them, but with the mass surrounding them, there wasn’t much room to maneuver. Because of the limited amount of space, Sailor Moon ended up clumsily running into Sailor Jupiter and Mercury, causing them to fall down on the ground. The tentacles seized the opportunity and shot out towards the girls, capturing the three of them immediately. Mars and Venus diverted to try and rescue their friends, but their predictable trajectory caused the tentacles to ensnare them as well. All five Sailor Guardians had been captured.

As the girls began to struggle to be free, the tentacles started their true, sinister purpose. They separated the girls from one another and bound them in different positions. Sailor Moon had her legs bound together with her arms separated. Sailor Jupiter was bound spread eagle. Sailor Mercury had her arms bound behind her with her legs splayed apart. Sailor Mars had her arms pinned to her side and her legs spread apart. Sailor Venus had her legs bent up and tied with her arms. This caused the girls to struggle even more, but once their intentions were made clear, their worry turned into panic.

The Guardians’ uniforms were already damaged and shredded from the battle beforehand, but the tentacles weren’t done yet. They tore off the girls’ leotard bottoms, exposing their ass and pussy for everyone to see. Realizing what was going to happen, the helpless girls protested and shouted for the mass to stop, but the unfeeling evil creature ignored their pleas. Several tentacles shot up from the mass with specific rounded tips, looking almost like dildos. They all ran up and rubbed against the girls’ pussies and assholes, lining up their aim before slamming home, taking all five of their virginities in one fell swoop.

All five girls screamed at the top of their lungs in unison as the tentacles began to invade their bodies. The thick appendages stretched their tight holes to their limit, causing the heroines unimaginable pain as their bodies were brutally violated. Sailor Moon struggled mightily to escape and help her friends, but the invaders reaming her holes were taking all of her concentration. She gritted her teeth as her holes were stretched farther than she ever thought it could go. Of course, she had wet fantasies about fucking a guy, but she never thought it would be as painful as this was.

Soon, Sailor Moon began to adjust to the ravishment and she was able to get her senses around her. She looked and saw that all her friends were suffering just as much as she was, which brought fresh tears to her eyes. She begged and pleaded for her friends to be released and for them to take out their torment on her, but there was no response. Sailor Moon wailed yet again, asking for mercy for her friends, when suddenly a voice boomed into the room. It was Queen Beryl, who laughed and rejected Sailor Moon’s offer. The mighty queen bellowed that the Sailor Guardians would pay for ever standing up against her and for the sins of the Moon Kingdom. They would continue to be used and abused until they were of no value anymore and would watch as all they loved and cherished was obliterated.

Again, all Sailor Moon could do was wail and moan as the harsh reality of the situation dawned on her. She once again begged for her friends to be released, but still they fell on deaf ears. That was when Sailor Moon noticed her body growing more and more tired. She realized that the tentacles were doing more than merely raping her. They were siphoning off her energy to be used by the Dark Kingdom. And with their powers, it would take a long, long time for the Sailor Guardians to be completely drained. Sailor Moon attempted to struggle once again, but the grip was too strong. As if responding to the renewed struggle, the appendages invading her body quickened their pace, once again causing the girl pain and misery.

The brutal tentacle rape went on for hours. Sailor Moon helplessly watched as the other Sailor Guardians slowly began struggling less and less. All of them were moaning in pleasure now as they had stopped fighting against their tormentors and accepted their fates. She herself was struggling to keep her eyes open. Her strength had almost completely left her body as the two tentacles continued pumping in and out of her body. The pain had mostly left, but mostly because her limbs were numb. Sailor Moon no longer had the strength to struggle against the mass. The look on her face said it all, they were beaten and wouldn’t escape.

Suddenly, a hologram of Queen Beryl appeared before Sailor Moon. The brutalized heroine wearily looked up. Beryl couldn’t help but grin wildly at the completely defeated look on Sailor Moon’s face. Beryl then gave Sailor Moon one final offer. She and her fellow Guardians would swear fealty to the Dark Kingdom and hand over the Legendary Silver Crystal, and in return not only would they be allowed to live, but their families would live as well. Sailor Moon looked around. Her fellow Guardians were too drained to protest or even realize what was going on. Exhausted both physically and mentally, Sailor Moon tearfully agreed to Beryl’s demands. A tentacle rose up and tore the Crystal from Sailor Moon’s chest and slinked back into the mass. It was over. The sailor fuku glowed and began to change shape back into Usagi’s school uniform, but the dark powers in the chamber intervened and destroyed the energy ribbons, leaving Usagi completely nude as the pounding began again.

Without her powers to help enhance her stamina, the pain from the rape began to rise up in the young girl’s body once again. But for Usagi, she could only think of this as karma. It was her that the others were fighting for. It was her that sprung the trap. It was her that got all of the Guardians captured. Furthermore, it was her fault to begin with, as Queen Beryl attacked because Mamoru had fallen in love with Usagi instead of Beryl, which led to the collapse of the Silver Millennium. Usagi needed to atone for her sins, and handing over the Silver Crystal and being a rape toy was just the start of it. She was completely and utterly defeated.

Slowly, but surely, Usagi’s eyes began to close, the energy drain on her body increasing in speed. She knew that when she woke up, she and her friends would be slaves of the Dark Kingdom, forced to do endure whatever twisted desire Queen Beryl had. Earth would be swiftly taken over, its people taken over by the evil energies of the Dark Kingdom and be made to suffer for eternity. There was no way for them to stop Beryl from reneging on their deal, so her family would probably be tortured for giving birth to her. Love and justice would be wiped out, replaced by hate and evil as the Darkness would stand unchallenged upon the world.

As Sailor Moon’s eyes began to close, she knew what her defeat had meant.

She had failed her homeland.

She had failed her planet.

She had failed her family.

She had failed her friends.

She had failed her lover.

And they would all pay dearly for that failure.

With that, Usagi’s eyes closed.

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