Shadow Of Corruption

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1998, Mewteo had just escaped. Authorities began searching for members of Team Rocket with any science degrees.

Known members.

Doctor Carl Ansen Hays, a quiet partner in the M2 project. His early experiments were funded by Giovani and led to many breakthroughs. Though when people started to close in on the crimminal organization, Dr. Hays cut ties with Team Rocket.

Changing his name to Dr. Drake Meddles he moved to Johto. There he built his fortune and began his sinister practices again. 

Over six years he had married and adopted. Five children, all killed in horrific accidents. Except his youngest and first born. She disappeared the day her father murdered her mother and was ultimately killed by the police.

5, 5, 2009 

"Hey you little theif!" A vender soon held a boy by his arm. 

"He wasn't stealing." Came a shy voice. 

The man looked down to see a girl with black hair and a tattered dress picking up the spilled berries and the one remaining cup of icecream. A handfull of coins next to her.

"He got excited." She added. "The first time his sister would be having ice cream, and the first meal they would have had all week." She stood up and her stance reminded him of a well to do child standing with the confidence that money and good upbringing instills in someone. It didn't fit the waver in her voice or the clothes that she wore. "I had offered to buy for them." She indicated the coins at her feet with a slight motion of her hand. 

He waited, after a bit he realised that she was not going to pick them up. She held the icecream and berries after all. She moved aside and he bent to pick them up. He heard the sound of the boy's footprints retreating into the crowd. 

"He's no thief." The girl repeated as he counted the coins. 

"I know, you've told me." He stood and she was gone. Not a trace of her in sight. 

He huffed and returned to his cart. Half the berries were missing. A full tub of ice cream and, to top it all off, every coin he had posessed. The cash money still in place. A small note set under the icecream scoop. 

"Sorry!" It read. "We wanted icecream too." The rest of the note looked like Sneasle scratchings. He remembered his father saying that the Sneasle and Wevile had their own written language. He had also heard of dark types being good with trickery. He never believed either until now. 

"Well shit." He smiled. His boss wasn't going to be happy. He scooped himself a healthy cup of coffee icecream and pocketed the change. "I don't like this job anyway." 

By nightfall in the next town over a girl and a family of Wevile and Sneasle had their faces pressed against the glass of a television shop. They were a common sight around the town. They showed up with berries or recycled cans and bottles and rumor had it thay they even collected coins. The group would then get food and supplies before retreating back into the woods. 

The town folk would often drop change knowing they would gather it up. They liked to talk about how bad it was for her parents to not want to come into town. What a shame it must be to not be able to raise their child, to provide for the sweet girl and her pokemon.

She heard the talks. She ignored them. Her focus was on the trainer on the screen. 

Lindsay Miller! The first good contender against The Indigo League Elite Four in months. 

"I'm going to be her pokemon some day!" The tall Sneasle announced as she whollopped the last opponent for this round. 

"Hate to burst your bubble, sis, but this is a small town and nobody who is anybody comes here on purpose." 

"Shut up, Shade!" The tall one turned only to see an apologetic face staring back. "Sorry. I just like to have a dream, you know." She tall Sneasle girl nuzzled the hand that stroked her snout. 

"I'm sorry, too." The girl frowned when the shop window went dark amd the door chimed.

"Sorry, kiddo, but I need to close up for the night!" The shop owner gave each a pat on the head and a hard candy he had taken from his vending machine. "Be careful!" He chuckled when the bunch started to trade the treats. "I swear, girl, it's like you really understand them!" 

"Good night, Mr. Otaru, and thank you!"

As they walked home they quietly ate their treat. Well, for a bit. There was a loud crunch and Shade rolled her eyes. She slipped her own candy from her mouth and gave it to the youngest. 

"I don't know why you did that. It was his own fault for getting in a hurry." The taller male Sneasel mentioned.

"He's our little brother." Shade mentioned.

"Our little brother? Please, Mom and Dad found you!" He pointed to himself and then to the girl sneasel. "He's our little brother."

"Why do you have to be so mean?" Shade asked only to get silence in return.

"You four are late!" 

"Hello, Father!" They answered in chorus and slipped into the cave.

"Tell us about the battle at the Cianwood City Gym!" The youngest spoke up.

The Weavile ran his claws through his fur then sighed. "Fine." 

10, 5, 2009

The three eldest children of the family were sitting there, putting off chores. Gathering was busy work and they envied their younger brother for getting to stay with Mother. 

A frustrated yell called attention to the trio. They ran to the edge of the road to see a trainer picking up things and stuffing them in a pack.

The older sister got excited. "Guys! That's her!" She hugged both of her siblings. 

Shade and her older brother watched as their sister ran into the road. Happily dancing and posing, even showing off some attacks.

"She knows Ice Beam!" Came from shade's left. 

"I got her a TM." Shade shrugged. "Before you ask, I'll get you one."

"I am in no shape to battle, little one." Lindsay huffed as she watched in amusement. 

They watched their sister stop and pick up a few things, handing them to the trainer.

Then they saw it. As Lindsay turned to take the offered items. Lindsay had a swollen cheek. One of her eyes was puffy. 

When her claws were free, she reached out and stroked Lindsay's cheek. 

"Boyfriend." Lindsay looked to the ground. "Ex boyfriend." 

Shade stayed in the bushes, and followed closely, but her big sister was determined to guide the trainer to the pokecenter. 

The last time she would see her sister in person was a brief rush into the bushes for a hug before she happily got into the ball.

"Where's your sister?" 

"She went with the trainer." Shade hugged her father. "Where is Mother?" 

"I... I don't know." 


Building back story. Pieces anyway. Hopefully it goes better later.

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